Friday, December 31, 2004

The good, the bad...and the painfully sexy

What a great day today was! Virginia Lette is filling in for that idiot weather man on Prime and tonight Gabrielle Boyle was doing the weather on Win local news!! This is just the greatest day! For the planets to align like that and have two super babes on tv, was just the best. It also probably means that the world is going to collapse on itself right at midnight on NYE. Ahh I don't care!

I picked up the Blues scale, so I'm just having some fun with that. I wanna try to write a very bluesy song in the near future. Just gotta think of some lyrics. Woo today is the last day of 2k4! Have a nice day people!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

When Did You Know???

There are somethings that I can never decide on. I hate not knowing something, but then again at the sametime I know the unknowingness is what makes life interesting. As the year is come to a close (At record pace aswell) I am left still wondering about a few things and at the sametime it's not bothering me as much as it usually does. Haha people who live in other parts of the world sould listen up to this. What really happens on new years here in Dhaka. To be honest I dont really know myself, but I have a vague idea in my head. The last time I was here I just styed over at a friends place, and had a decent time. Honestly as long as there is one peoson there that you cant have fun with, then you dont really need much more. We had tickets to go to one of the clubs but decided against it for a few reason. Firstly since this is a muslim sate, its hard to get booze, so most people dont drink often. No one has a bloody clue about what their limit is. So come 31st, they all drink to the top while the booze is flowing, and then its flowing out of their system, out the wrong side. Then there is the issue of people acting like total idiots. All in all we thought going to the club would be a waste of time, and ended up at home. A year later I am in a similar situation. There are two major parites, and this time I actually want to go, and guess what its a bitch to get tickets this time, so I have no clue as to what the hell I am doing. I hope I land up where I want to go, not for the place, but the people. But it doesnt bother me, things seem have its own way of working itself out, I'll let it run its course a little while longer. Haha I am one of those retards who have work the next day. I'm not really bothered about that either, will I be sober, will I not, I just dont care.

There are a few tings that worry me. One of those is not having my passport with me. Yes, not that I up and go when I feel like it, but I feel more comfortable if I knwo that I can if i need to. My passport has been lying the Australian embassy for the last 2 weeks, and right about now I want it back. Wrote them a long email and I hope I get it back soon. Haha now that think of it, this is the last blog that I am gonna write for this year, or will I get a cance to write one tommo morining?? I have always wondered about this. If you know something, is it nessary to say it?? If people know exactly what you want, is it nessary to actually vocally tell them what you want?? Sometimes what you dont say means more.

The near future seems to be filled with things to do, so I am greatful for that. Haha I think all that time of doing nothing is finally paying off. Its like a buffer, all this time it was just storign things to do, and now there is lots to do. I am absolutely lovin' it. Yeah I've been in a pretty good mood recently, so I wont bitch about the tings I usually bitch about. Well I guess that all for now, I am hungry, hmmm whats open at this hour?? Have a good year folks...

Aww that's just lovely!

My guitar skills are getting much better, especially with the leads! It's all down to the other'll have to check it out (in my user info) to understand what's going on there. But damn, I need to cut my freakin' nails so I can get much better. But I have hit my stride, getting more ideas gradually for some songs. But I've actually started making melodies now and saving them so I can put some words to those later on.

My mother put some sort of room refreshener thing in my other room and when I went in there the other day to get my guitar, I almost passed out! I don't think that thing is good for you. It smells like mothballs and I swear I could feel my brain cells dying one by one while I was in the direct vicinity of that thing!

OHHH mega embarrassing moment today! I was watching Girl Tv and they were having a segment on periods, right at the exact time my Dad came up to talk to me!! How embarrassing!! Luckily I didn't let on, hopefully he didn't pick up on what was being said and I was watching a show for tweeny girls.

I watched Gattaca today and dare I say, it was bloody awesome!! GO SEE IT! I'm still debating whether to put it in my fave list, but it's all good. I'm gonna go watch some tv all night and download some songs so that's it. Damn I hope blogger update the details for the downtime when my profile isn't updating! Have a nice day folks.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

You smell like leet, don't eat those feet.

Haha that made no sense. Because of those damn evil tsunamis the weather pattern has changed in the vicinity and it is absolutely freezing here so I have to keep this short so I can go find some warm clothes to put on. What a crazy disaster that was! I heard that it shook Earth in it's axis and now the map of Asia has to be changed! That is crazy. People say were are living at the end of days here. I'm cheering. Are you? Have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Periods of time, being shot in the spine

Woohoo! The other blogged so you know everything is fine there!

Life is priceless you know, the best things in life are free (but not if you believe Filter's song "The Best Things"). Think about it. If you were suddenly paralyzed, you would pay ANY price in order to move again. Money is basically meaningless and what you're born with (usually), is more than enough as money simply cannot buy what that means.

Wow, so one of the worst natural diasters ever eh? That Earthquake was a shocker, as was the aftermath. Do you want to know why the death toll was so high? I had a discussion with my friends the other night and we reached a shocking realisation. Asian/sub continental people cannot swim! Isn't this funny? The part of the world where we are from floods basically 4-5 months out of the year, but yet everyone keeps dying in these floods and this new disaster! Then on Christmas Day, there was a shocking tragedy where four people from the same family died in a gorge (they drowned trying to save a little girl), and what's the special bit of trivia here? They were Pakistani and none of them could swim! It's an interesting thought.

YESH!! I got Unreal Tournament working again. Yesh, I do play the original and the best. For some strange reason, it stopped working for a long time and I was without my daily fix of rampant violence and loud music. But I just decided to give it a go today and it was just bliss!! I play online a lot, but the lag and the time adjustment is insane and you move and just get shot out of nowhere! I think I'm going to have to get a hell of a lot more gaming done in the new year!! Have a nice day folks.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Red eyes and dead flies

Woke up to some interesting stuff! The show Our Generation (known to our yankee friends as American Dreams) had it's final episode today. I feel bad, it was a decent show, but it just didn't last here because it's heavy on the American Pop Culture. Australia barely has any pop culture as it is, so of course they won't identify with any other. Hopefully they'll bring it back in a few years at a late night time slot so I can watch it. The only thing I didn't like about it was the insane amounts of drama in it. Does anything good happen to the characters?! It's like an episode of Party Of Five, everyone just faces one obstacle after another and it's just depressing!

Back to those evil bugs!! There are some strange ones coming out of the woodwork now! Insects and arachnids that I'm certain have yet to be discovered! I bet there are more undiscovered bugs in my house right now than in the remote regions of the Amazon.

So what is my dream entertainment related job? Coldplay's drummer! Will (is a) Champion! Haha, he has THE easiest beats ever, nothing complicated or flashy, but he is the backbone of the group. They make some of the best songs around at the moment, and a lot of moola, so it'd just be great! Ahh so lazy, hehe.

My nails are back in their evil force already! Because of some heavy abuse last time, they're coming in all cracked and at different lengths so that's a real bitch. It's starting to already interfere with my guitar handiwork.

Speaking of which, I'm really digging this "Daughters" track by John Mayer. The strumming is 3/4 as opposed to 4/4, so it's great to play along with, cause it's difficult for me and it's impossible for me to sing and play at the same time. However, out of nowhere, I am able to sing and play some tracks simultaneosly so I am sitting pretty!

I put on a kilo (one pound = .45 of a kilo) dammit! Given, I have had a lot of liquids today, but just seeing the extra kilo on my weight on the scales just pisses me off!! I hope I'm not putting on muscle mass because that'd mean my weight is going to go up and I'll have to stop exercising.

I watched Carnivale today. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! It's a great show!! Nick Stahl can act, baby!! It's the most disturbing 90 mins of tv ever, I can't wait till the next ep. I wish I didn't miss the first ep. That's it for today. There was enough to tide you over, so the intellectual talk shall be tomorrow. Nice day folks!

Ping??!!?? Pong??!!??

Well Well Well, No I did not forget about this, just didnt have an opportunity to write a blog. Life is quite strange down here in Dhaka. Well for starters the place where i used to go online is kinda out of bounds, so I dont get the opportunity to come online as much as usual. I dont know if i mentioned before, I am working here in Dhaka, and thats cutting my free time to a very thin slice. But I guess this way time flies by. I was actually hopeing time wouldn't this time around.

Today has been one of the most crazy days of my life. For starters, today was a "Hartal" its the bengali word for strike. Basically, on days like this there are no cars on the road, and a lot of violence out on the streets. Thank god none of the violence came by my way. I had to go to work early in the morning all dressed up (Thats just fucked up). After that there was the earthquake, and the tsunami that hit this part of the work. Quite crazy, haha, and I didnt even feel it. After that went and met madan N, who also happens to be here these days. Most evenings I end up playing pool at this little joint with a group of people who are much older than me, but still a great bunch of people. But today was one of the worst days ever!!! I was waiting for a call, and there was something in my head, and thus I couldnt concentrate on the game. I sould just stop playing pool. And to top all of that off, Bangladesh won a cricket game against India. Hahah how would have guessed that result. And this country has gone crazy!!!

Ok I know there was nothing interesting in my blog there, but I didnt have much time, and I have work tommo, so I am going to go to sleep soon, yeah I had to switch to a normal rutine inorder to make it to work every morning. And I am in a deilema, and its driving me insane, so I better clear my head!!! Ciao, and Cheers.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Cold shivers and cliches

Hehehe well I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas.

I was the recipient of a beefy leather Reebok wallet and a T3: Rise Of The Machines DVD, which is pretty good, considering we don't celebrate the holiday.

I think I'm going to have to start a full on starvation diet to stop feeling nauseous from the ludicrous amounts of food I've been having lately. I gotta see how much I weigh later on today.

It's been brought to my attention that the other and Madame N are getting up to no good in Bangers, and it's great to hear that they aren't wasting their time over there even if it is holidays. If the country suddenly disappears overnight, you know that we can place the blame on them.

This is a little side note for Madame N: the guy that died at university died from self-inflicted wounds, it turns out that he was an addict. So there you go!

I should retract a statement I made earlier about Soulseek. It is slow in some cases yes, but you can find absolutely ANYTHING you want to find. I have been able to knock off all but one of my songs from my wishlist, so I am sitting pretty (despite the bloated gut).

The song was completed and passed on to the other for his critical eye. I thought it was going to be a fun jaunt, but it turned into something a tad darker and more disturbing than it started out. I think I'll start something new tomorrow, cause I am just way too knackered to think of anything decent. I have not been sleeping much again, and I am about to pass out right here.

I have a little quest for you right now. Go do a push up right now. Yep, NOW! DO IT BITCH!! Haha hok, now when you come back, hold your hands up to the monitor as if you were about to do a pushup, but pivot your wrists, so that your fingers are facing each other and your hands are horizontal. Now go try a push up like that! Much harder isn't it?! Hehhee, I'm glad, because I'm quite adept at those pushups now.

I watched Sleepless In Seattle today and I was utterly disappointed. It's regarded as the best romantic comedy of all time but it was just so terribly shite!! Yesh, I know that romantic comedies aren't the best genre, but I can see the positive side of them. But THIS just pales in comparison to the pure genius that is Serendipity. Shame on Hollywood!!

I think I'm going to try for some constructive comments tomorrow so I shall see you then!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

I think I may be having contractions!

Ergh!!!! Damn I am stupid! It's the yuletide season so of course, things are cheap at the stores right now, so my parents have decided to go nuts with the food stuffs. Now I have eaten an absolute ton of candy and drinks and I feel like a child at the end of a Halloween candy eating rampage. What's even worse? That in 11 hours I have a Christmas lunch to attend where I know I shall be pumped full of food again. Sheeeit, I hope I don't put any weight on during this time or I'm going to be mega pissed.

Let me praise another product here. I was singing the praises of Natural Confectionary Company's lollies a few months back, and they have released soft drinks under the moniker Natural Beverage Company (no less)! The stuff has no artificial flavours or colours or preservatives, and it is gold. I think it is the best tasting soft drink on the planet, and on top of that, it's actually not THAT bad for you. How glam!!

I've been watching the house on the corner fairly closely today, and it seems that there are possibly two females of indeterminate age who are going to move in. I really need to get out more to see exactly what the hell is going on, but we're having 30C+ weather about now and that would just be insanely stupid.

Young people are taking over my neighbourhood!!! The same set of young people I saw last week or so was walking down the street (I live at the junction/connection point of a T-junction), with provisions for a party or something. I think I'm going to have to find them and just slap them. You know that wicked semi bitch slap? Where you flick your wrist right at the moment of contact?! It's the best kind of slap to humiliate someone. It has that perfect pitch noise of meaty flesh on flesh that I just love! Hehe I'm also a big fan of the backhand to the face, but that can actually cause serious damage, so use it sparingly!

Ahh Kaki King, what a genius. Even with my current finger problems, I am still playing some guitar but I am using some multi fingered staccato strumming to change things up and it is a sheer joy. Sounds weird, but I like it and I enjoy trying new things on the instrument.

I have severe writer's block at the moment! I wrote half a song last night, but it just seems so utterly stupid, like something Good Charlotte would write or something like that. But I'm gonna keep it that way, hopefully I'll be back to where I was at soon enough.

That's it for today folks. Have a nice day! Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and all that jazz too (hehe we don't celebrate it)!

Friday, December 24, 2004

I didn't know that was possible!

Yeah, I have actually done it! I hurt my right index finger doing absolutely nothing! I had been playing guitar in the arvo (getting some Blind Melon and At The Drive-In down) and then my finger just absolutely started killing me. So of course I cannot play fingerstyle or hold a pick in my usual fashion. Regardless, I shall try to write some more stuff tonight and get some guitar practice down (yes, I did drink some vanilla coke so I shall be up a while).

At the insistence of the other, I have also decided to get a nifty lil program called Soulseek. It's absolutely brilliant. You can find basically ANY sort of music on there. This is handy, as most other programs do not have new artists or alternative stuff. My only gripe with this is the freakin' queues!! The shortest one I have encountered so far has been 60!!! You'll be lucky to get a download within 10 mins!!!! Ahhh I wish Bitorrent wasn't so bad now!

Yesh the Joaquin rate list has been updated so go and have a look right now! Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Would you PLEASE stop slapping me?

Hahahaha! I have a mini blog going on, here is the address

You're going to have to go there to find out what it's about. I decided not to put it in this blog as this blog really belongs to the other and it's kinda holy and I wouldn't want to desecrate that with the stuff that's going to be in that blog. If you've seen the film 40 Days and 40 Nights, you'll know exactly what it's going to be about.

I was lucky enough to record Alicia Keys' 2003 performance for Sessions@AOL last night on tv. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE TALENT SHE IS! She is just freakin' amazing on piano and her voice is just so emotive. I don't think her lyrics are too crash hot, but with the instrument that is her voice, it just becomes so much better. I have to say that there is no better female performer in the world than the brilliant Miss Keys.

ANOTHER MOMENT OF FREAKINESS! I was watching Letterman last night and the musical act was Kaki King. I thought it was going to be some weird ass Indie band or some crap like that, but I was freaked out when this diminutive girl with a hollow body electo-acoustic Gretsch guitar (I think) just played the hell out of that instrument. Unconventional music, unconventional technique, she is in my opinion, THE greatest guitarist EVER. Go to her site and check out her video clips, she is just a bloody phenomenon and I want to meet this woman!

Has anybody out there heard of a kids show called Basil Brush? I was exercising today with the TV on mute, and they had all these guests on. What's the problem with that you ask? That EVERY female guest on there was super hot and in their mid 20's!! I don't think this is a kid's show at all! I think it's a brilliant disguise so that parents can watch the show with the kids and think about having more children! Let's face it, the male host is a bit of a looker so there's something in it for the mothers out there too! Haha whoever produces that show must be a damn genius!

BIG NEWS! Girl TV IS BACK!!! YEE-HAW!! Hehe of course it's repeats, but I'm enjoying it. Ahh the holidays are feeling better already. Still must go to Sydney and track them down! I'm thinking to do it on Jan 10th, when their CD is released and they'll most likely have to do some in-store stuff and I can use some of my investigative journalism skills.

Big gripe for the day: what the hell is with all these telephone survey people?! It wouldn't bother me so much if they called at appropriate times, made the survey shorter and didn't skew the data with how much they bloody help you out. But the biggest problem? How many ethnic people they employ to do this work! Now I don't want to come off as racist, but I like to think of myself as pretty attentive and tolerant and I can understand pretty much everyone. BUT DAMN, some of the people today were just freakin' ridiculous!! The THICKEST ethnic accents you have ever heard, it's like they were speaking in another language. And they were such rude bastards too! When I didn't understand what the hell was said, my mind filled in the gaps and answered something (incorrectly) and the guy just snapped at me and yelled "That's not what I asked"! Crazy son of a bitch, the next time it happens, I'm just going to go off at someone. Ahh such pent up rage and aggression, it'll be nice to take it out on someone.

Remember to check out my mini blog! It'll only last for a short time so keep up with it and tell your friends! Have no fear, this is my primary blog that relates to my life and everything to do with it. But that other stuff, yeah it belongs in THAT blog! Hehe OH and my Joaquin rate list will be updated tomorrow so remember to check back ASAP. Nice day folks

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


'Twas a good party. Showed up Les Femme Anomaly's boi, I feel proud! Muhahhaaha! Ate too much and now I feel ill so I am going to leave it here. Think I'll write a song tonight!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sit there and like it!

The links are back (hooray)! So let's hit it folks
- Haven't read this fully yet, but just read the first line of the person's profile and you know you're in for a good laugh.
- One of my all time fave sites. Basically all the stories which everyone has experienced in their lives, yet nobody is willing to admit to. Post your own stories or read them, it's priceless!
- Another goldmine here. This is Australian satire at it's very best. Please check out ALL the editions, there is not a bad segment in any edition (and I'd know, I've read every one of them).

Watched the MTV Europe Awards last night and I finally got to see Natasha Bedingfield. Damn the Bedingfield family, there's her and Daniel and there's meant to be another sister that also sings. What a good looking bunch of people! I'm marrying into that family I tell you.

I liked Maroon 5's performance of "This Love", but what bothers me is that the singer stole my idea!! I've always wanted to have the singer have a guitar tucked away and then at the end of the song, just get it out and slam a few power chords for the outro of the song (in key of course). I really like Maroon 5, they're a top class band bringing back real music with something new to the airwaves. But one thing that bothers me about them is how they re-master the tracks that accompany the videos as opposed to just using the track that's on the CD. The reason? The music that accompanies the videos is WAY better than the CD version and it is just stupid. Wouldn't you want your best music on there?!

Watched some kids game show called Go Go Stop and damn nation, what the hell has happened to these shows?! The questions have become much harder yet it's possible to get 100% just using a simple process of deduction technique! BUT HOLY CRAP! The prize JUST for the runner up was a freakin' home entertainment system and an awesome keyboard and DRUM KIT! What the hell?! These people are barely 13! I wanna go on one of these shows dammit!

Watched 8MM today and was heavily disappointed. It looked like it was going to be a good thriller but then degenerated into mindless bloodshed. There was so much more it could have been, especially with such star talent! Hehe and good ol' Joaquin! THEY KILLED HIM! THEY KILLED MY JOAQUIN! Another funny thing is that they were showing ads in the ad breaks for pornography stores!! Haha if you know how 8MM portrayed the world of porn, you'd realise what a bad move that'd be! So they're attracting sickos that actually liked the stuff in 8MM?! Hehe!

Les Femme Anomaly's birthday tomorrow. Decided to get her 17 Red Roses, a CD that I burnt for her (with accompanying playlist explaining why I chose the songs). Hehe some of the tracks are blatant "I have feelings for you but you are quite freakin' blind" in theme and a personalised card. Ahhh I'd better get my butt to bed so I can wake up to procure these items. Have a nice day folks. Her soiree better be good!

Monday, December 20, 2004

I'd like to thank the Academy

Must keep this damn short!

The other and Madame N caught up today and I can't wait to hear of their adventures soon.

My eyes are insanely bloodshot due to too much computer and not enough sleep. I look like a crackwhore, without the euphoria that doing crack would bring to the person EDIT: Kids, don't do drugs!

Had another look outside today and noticed that YESH, there are young girls dressing well in my suburb and I am very scared! Is it the influx of private school girls who have suddenly finished school and are now free to roam around the suburb they live in? You hardly ever see them during school time cause they leave early and come back late as all the private schools are in the city, but you KNOW they exist! I must approach them and find out more.

Attended a cultural function today, it was fun to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while. That's it for today!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

You causing a scene up here eh?!?!!?!?!?!

I'm going to make this a rather concise yet disjointed entry, for today has been one shocking day. I had no sleep last night (it seems to be a running theme in my blogs), and then it was freakin' hot all day and I was frying in my own sweat. On top of that, there was absolutely NOTHING to do, there is nothing on tv and I don't know where the hell everyone is.

Then I passed out in the evening for a couple of hours and now I'm wide awake at 12:23 which cannot be good. I think I shall get in a long round of some Driver 2 tonight as well as some guitar.

I've noticed that STC has a few things on heavy rotation and one song I noticed today that I have seen twice a day for the last three days is "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls. It reminds me of an awesome thing my sister said when we first saw the song on tv, when it first came out, which is absolutely hilarious in retrospect. "Oh them, they'll be one hit wonders"! HAHAHAHA how wrong she was! Perhaps the biggest pop phenomenon ever (I'll say even bigger than The Beatles cause these girls didn't write their own songs and they have no talent whatsoever). I still laugh over the comment.

Damn you Bittorrent!! I'm hooked! I think I'm even downloading stuff I don't even want to hear, but I am just doing it for the sake of it now. I'm averaging 150meg a day, it's way too much! Gotta love broadband though. I think I should slow down for a while.

Ahh the poor other, he's in a country where it takes almost 30 mins to check your e-mail, so I don't think he'll be blogging for a while, but have no fear, I'll step up to the plate and keep this thing going!!! He shall return!!

I just noticed a terrible trend in music today, the use of sex in video clips. Well obviously this isn't a new predicament but whenever there is gratuitous use of it, I just phase out and don't pay attention to the song or the clip. Case in point: Eric Prydz - Call On Me. This is the video clip of scantily clad women working out with the camera put in positions that would make pornography directors blush. This really sucks, cause it has NOTHING to do with the song, which is a shame. It did go to #1 here (for obvious reasons), but even for a dance/semi-techno song, it sounds really good and I like the song. Ahhh if only it had a decent clip, it'd still be at #1.

I think I'm gonna go have a cold shower, have a nice day folks!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Does that result in umm...good stuff?

Something for you to remember the next time you're at a wedding: there is an almost definite probability that the couple whose marriage you are witnessing will be getting it on (and off, and in and out) that very night. Like ewwww! Please, just make sure you think about it the next time you're at one of these things. That's all we're basically celebrating these days, the event of two people coming together to have "legitimate" sex that same night! Why bother with the fancy clothes and formal niceties? Why not just show up at the wedding wearing nothing and then as soon as they say "I now pronounce you husband and may now get BUSAAAAAAAAAAY" everyone just goes for a free for all?

Consumating a marriage hmm. Consumating, to conclude something in a perfect manner. Love, the greatest (supposedly) endeavour that humans can undertake, and in order to put the finishing touch on it, you have to have sex. So are we saying that it's implied that sex is perfection and could therefore be the meaning of life? To have sex? Hehehe I remember one time in High School when my friend turned to me out of nowhere and just asked "what's the meaning of life?" and I hadn't even had a chance to breathe when he added, "and don't say it's to have sex"! Haha what do people honestly think of me?!

I've noticed some scary shite lately. I've seen a lot of young girls (17 or so) around my suburb in awesome clothes! Stylish young girls in my suburb?! Did I go into a coma, wake up years later and nobody told me?! Go to hell! I must find out who they are!!

I also think that a family has moved in to that house that the young bogans recently vacated. I also think that there is a young female in their midst, but I am not sure as there is not much activity going on around that place. I need to get out one of these days and see exactly what's going on. It's just 20 metres from my front door, but I am too slack to do it.


Friday, December 17, 2004

If you are us, you and I are not the same

What is with blogger?! Ever since the start of November, our details have not been updating and it is annoying me!! Worse, there's nothing we can do about it!!

I figured that most people wouldn't understand what I meant by my Joaquin rate list so I decided to direct link it so you can go have a look.

I applied for that Commonwealth Bank position so it's nice to have my folks off my back for a lil while. It's good to hear that the other has busied himself with a job while he's waiting his last few months out before he arrives here. You know what's uncomfortable? Asking your referees if it's ok to list them as references! Ahh, but luckily it all went smoothly, so let's see how it goes.

You know what I'm digging on (apologies to Joss Stone) lately? The Dead Zone! I am just absolutely loving that show! Anthony Michael Hall's acting is absolutely brilliant, the man deserves a freakin' Emmy. I wanna see Sixteen Candles to see his earlier days (although I hear he was dodgy in his younger work).

Damn my guitar!! Damn you, that's right Mister Guitar, I'm talking to youuuu!! I can't tell what tuning it's in!! It could be standard, it could be Drop-D. I can play normal Power Chords and they sound fine, yet I can also play the Drop D variation (one finger) and it sounds in tune that way, what the hell is up with that?! Either way, I'm not complaining, what I don't know can't hurt me.

I haven't written anything in ages (in terms of songs) and now it's starting to freak me out!! What's even worse? I don't have a bloody idea to work with either!

I love this sleeping very late at night thing. The radio plays some absolutely awesome alternative stuff at odd hours, even the mainstream radio stations! It's stuff that you'd definitely never hear in the hours of daylight.

Damn the hot weather coming back to haunt me!!! The bugs are back! Case in point? Spider was walking across the floor right behind me, THE SAME KIND!! THERE IS A FREAKIN' FAMILY OF SPIDERS SOMEWHERE, I MUST KILL THEM BEFORE THEY BREED! But anyway, I just left it to walk, but then I left it too late and it got into my jacket which is on the corner of my bed and right next to all my clothes! I should have killed it when I had the chance cause now I have to shake my freakin' clothes before I put them on, lest I get a horrific shock.

Rest assured, I will find that bastard and kill it!!!

Right folks, if you have old music, you can and you MUST download re-mastered versions!! I did that with my Megadeth stuff the other day and I am telling you, it is absolute bliss!! Vocals re-done in some parts, even the drums in others!! It makes it sound new wave. Anyway, that's enough for tonight, have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hold the dioxin!!!

Ahhh I have been enjoying the music that I have gotten recently! If you enjoy your music in MP3 format, I'd advise you to get it at a bitrate of 192kbps or higher (preferably 256k). Then I'd tell you to and buy a cheap as chips sound system. Your music will sound just THAT much better. It's like a full freakin' dance party here I tells you.

The biggest problem with playing guitar for a long time is that your fingers tend to get a little demented after a while. While playing certain chords (G, Dsus2 or maybe it was sus 4, and Cadd9), you get this ugly lil imprint of the High E string in your pinky finger which was cutting off the circulation to the tip of the finger! Now, I have some retarded feeling at the tip of my index finger, like it's burned or that it's tingling, so I'm thinking it's time to stay away from the guitar for a lil while.

I think it's time to return to my music awards, it's nearing my final installment!

Most Improved

Scott Phillips - Alter Bridge. The drummer for Alter Bridge, formerly of Creed. While with Creed he was a beat recycler and was incredibly mediocre. However with Alter Bridge he uses all of his kit and uses it in imaginative ways, he has improved immensely.

Mark Tremonti - Alter Bridge. Hok he was always good, even in his Creed days, but with Alter Bridge he is just so much better and his playing now is just freakin' ridiculous. Listen to the flying triplets in the solo for open your eyes and you'll see what I'm talking about.

James Iha - A Perfect Circle. When he was with Smashing Pumpkins, I could never tell when the hell he was playing because Billy Corgan is fairly talented and bit of an ego maniac so he would insist on doing everything himself. But with his new band you can clearly hear how talented he is!

And besides that, not many people have improved!!

Hehe OHHHH and I have given a major update to the Joaquin rate list! It's huge, check it out people!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

You're gay!!!

What is it with that statement? "You're gay", "that's gay", it makes no sense. I say it all the time, yet I am fairly liberal and do not have anything against homosexuals. I think I have an explanation, since homosexuals are the minority (hehe well if they were the majority, our spawning days would be numbered), it is a deviation from the normal/standard form (or curve) of behaviour and or actions. That's why when I am rather annoyed at someone or something, instead of just yelling "that is not normal" or "that sucks", I say "that's gay", without meaning any offence to homosexuals anywhere.

The weather in my city is terrible at the moment!! After going through the worst drought on record, it has rained and stormed non stop for the last 2 weeks and it looks like it's going to continue for a few days yet. I don't mind though!! As long as it's good for the land. But warmer weather come soon already, I need to get out and do stuff damn it!!

Ohhh today's ep of Girls In Love was absolutely hilarious!! In the first episode, in the first scene, Ellie saw the guy who she thought was the man of her dreams, then after never referring to him again, she finally meets up with him today, and her friends and her fight over him. Then at the end of the episode they find out that he is gay!! Hahaha, I never saw it coming! Brilliant I say!

I just watched The Watcher. I saw it at the movies when it first came out, and thought it was absolutely terrible. Probably ranked among one of the absolute worst movies I've ever seen. The only redeeming part was my friend who came to watch it with me, had a sudden diarrhoea attack and had to sprint off to the toilet and I was laughing for about 10 mins! He didn't come back for 30 mins, and quite frankly, that was the only bit of the movie I remember. However, upon watching it for the second time with a more discerning eye, it wasn't that bad! Mediocre yesh, but still watchable. Keanu Reeves cannot act to save his life!! The movie was based on his performance and it just crumbled!!! Not even James Spader could save the damage done to the movie!

It also showed off bits of Chicago, which I think looks like a grand city and I would love to visit it someday. That's it for tonight folks!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Sniff, Sniff, I'm Leaving....

Alright I apologize for not blogging any sooner. I won’t lie, I’ve been busy, or when I sit down to write a blog, I get distracted. Well its my last day in Nepal, all of a sudden there is a million things I have to finish up. Procrastination will be my doom, yet I choose to do it. Hehe. Shite where’s my passport. BRB. Alright the world is safe, I found it. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, but at lest I thought of it now, and not on the airport!!!

Finally got a new belt after, a major belt malfunction. I feel so much safer, its amazing how much more secure you feel when you know your pants are safe!! These little things we take from granted!! My belt has a lot of respect from me after that incident. In high school one day I come back to the changing room and find that someone robbed my belt. Yeah, if ever find out who the hell did that, I’ll rip their heads off!! Spent the rest of the day walking with my hands in my pockets, which were working as pretty good suspenders. Hehehe. But then again, I’ve run around school in my boxers, so I guess I sould have no issues with my pants falling off. Hmmmm.

Back to the streets of Dhaka. Well this time I have a job (well sort off), so I am likely to be busy, and there fore less bored. Plus my friends are gonna be around, so it can be that bad. Hehe hopefully I wont contradict myself in a few days time. Since I’ll be in an office I think I’ll get around to blogging a bit more. This ones not gonna be too long, as I have a ton of things to do now. I need some music for my ears… So I’m off!!!

Government - Men that Govern to a T(ee)

I am in a decent mood today, which is the usual to say the least.

I am still going mad with this Azureus Bitorrent, still downloading like a psycho. Even stuff I already have, just getting it in much better quality, 'tis lovely.
I'm happy, I finally figured out the Live song I was looking out for a few weeks back! It's called "Selling The Drama". It's a good song, I'd have to say it's their best.

I just finished watching The Untouchables for the second time. What a good movie! Not much in the thinking department, but the acting is right up there and it's good, genuine entertainment. The way a movie should be! Not just to cash in on star power and special effects and trite like that.

I am utterly, utterly disappointed with Josh Kelley. I first noticed this guy when he gave a performance for Girl Tv, of his song "Amazing", which was quite good, he is a good axeman. Then I proceeded to download the original version song, which was slightly dodgy in quality but it sounded fabulous. However, I downloaded the CD version of the song, and it sounded like absolute crap!!! What the hell happened?!! Why is there a banjo playing in the background?! Where's the power of the drums?! What happened to the awesome acoustic guitar fills?!?! Sometimes people go too far in the recording studio I tell you...

Following the other's lead, I have decided to learn music theory to further my knowledge of guitar. OH MAN!! It's actually good fun, and what you learn can be applied straight away! If you are learning an instrument, do some basic theory as you do practical stuff. I'm having a grand time, learning notes, transposing them up the fretboard into solos and then into full major chords!

There hasn't been some serious discussion from me in quite a while so I shall give it a go. Recently, the Australian Government introduced a 3000 dollar incentive for people to have children. That's right people, get knocked up and the Gov will show up at your doorstep with a 3k wad of cash! We have all been reduced to a bunch of (high class) hookers (no offence to them if you're visiting the site)! BUT, that's not all...

I HAVE REALISED THAT THIS IS THE GREATEST MOTHER-FUCKING CONSPIRACY ON THE FUCKING PLANET!!! The Government that's in charge at the moment is a lot like the American Republican Party, meaning that conservative rich people who want to maintain the status quo of a semi visible class system of exploitation, as well as fucking stupid yokels (as well as poor scared folk who don't know any better) vote for this party. We have a decent literacy rate in this country, so people can't be that stupid. But then again knowledge is power, and there are now reported cases of teen pregnancies being planned JUST to gain the bloody money!! THIS IS ABSOLUTE POLITICAL GOLD, keep teens and stupid people out of school, throw some money at the problem and you will get some votes. It's not just that, they will be procreating so damn fast (and let's face it, birth rates are up in places where literacy rates are low, it's a direct correlation people!) that they will be in effect, CREATING A FUCKING GENERATION (hehe pun intended) of CONSERVATIVE VOTERS! This shit needs to stop, somebody help us, what is this country coming to??!! Damn this Government, I wish I was working for them, their advisers must be bloody geniuses!

How can nobody else see this coming?!?!?! And nobody can stop them, at least for another 3 years, ahhh mid 2k5, they will have total control of the country...we're doomed I tells ya! Have a nice day people.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Grace note bend and gliss!

Just a few observations here.

I try to avoid human contact usually, but lately there has been some physical contact between me and a few unknown (at least to me) males. And on these occasions, they have offered a handshake and have then proceeded to crush my freakin' hand!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?! Do they not watch Seinfeld?! A nice firm grip please, but a freakin' metalwork vice to damage my precious hands!! Do they not understand the pain responses in people??! Do they give the same grip to women? Do they not like me?! Quite frankly, I've had enough of this crap and the next time some freakin' stranger tries to squish my delicate hands, I am going to give them a backhand to the side of the face, regardless of who they are! It's self defence I say.

My brother took us out to a Turkish Restaurant today. It was funny, it was in an upmarket part of the city (PEOPLE DRESS UP TO HIRE AND RETURN MOVIES THERE!!) but this restaurant was far from upmarket. However, the food was damn good!! Appearances can be deceiving, don't forget that people. I also noticed something else. Whenever I have been to a restaurant, there has ALWAYS been at least one girl around my age there. However, this time there was none of that to speak of (even on a freakin' Saturday evening)! But when we were about to leave, there was a big group of them but they were seated on the opposite side of the restaurant where we couldn't see them, damn this city!

I am a happy chappy, yes siree Bob! I have discovered that Girl Tv may be planning a stage production!!! YEAHHH! I am going to be first in line to buy those tickets I tell you! And not just that, they have a DVD/CD combo coming out in early Jan!! This is awesome!! Hopefully there'll be a second series of the show!! Damn, I must go to Sydney and find Chrissie now!! Ahhh...I think I might go get some Incubus and Franz Ferdinand. Good day people!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Manifesto of a maniac!

ERghhhhhh!!! Just finished watching 40 days and 40 nights! Utterly CRAP CRAP movie. Please do not waste the precious hours of your life watching this utter crap fest. It was way too serious to be a comedy, and it was not funny enough to be a decent comedy! Josh Hartnett also cannot act, he is also terribly ugly. So why the hell is he in Hollywood and why do so many women love him?! Ahh the mysteries of life.

This one is gonna be a quick update. I have been downloading like a crazy fool pretty much all day. I am proud to say that I picked up all of the Alter Bridge album (One Day Remains) which I must say is probably the best full album I've ever heard. There is not a SINGLE bad moment in any song, it's just absolutely amazing. Damn that Myles Kennedy and his singing.

I've decided since I can sight read tabs now (although VERY badly), that I should learn some full solos. I've decided that Eric Clapton's Change The World and acoustic version of Layla are my best bets. It's going a lot better than I expected! I picked up Change The World in just 30 mins, although it's not note for note, there is some slight improvisation but it's almost impossible to tell it from the real thing.

This just in: It's Official, my parents are idiots!! After getting the other car, my parents have now decided to give their car to my brother, who just sold his car and is coming from out of town to pick it up tomorrow!! OH WHAT IDIOTS!!! This leaves us with the new car and the other car which doesn't work. How bloody retarded (no offence to the intellectually disabled). So this means I am now car-less for the holidays again it this whole situation is just so bloody stupid. My brother just got a promotion and is now making ludicrous amounts of money, therefore we should give him the car that doesn't work and he can pay for the repairs (as my dad is not willing to pay for it as he says it won't be used). So, now I have resigned myself to making life hell for my parents, using the car whenever possible and hopefully having a gigantic accident in it. It's a heavy car and very fast, it is almost impossible to drive in the wet, so I figured it's the only way to teach these morons a lesson. Sometimes, don't you wish it was legal to throw darts at people?

Anyway, I'm going to get back to downloading, so have a nice day people!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Making love in a redwood tree

I'd just like to take this opportunity to express my love for Azureus Bittorent. I finally got off my butt (well really stayed on it) and go the program today at the insistence of a friend. I think this has definitely got to be THE best p2p program I've ever used. Then again, it's not really p2p sharing, this is some crazy assed crap that I cannot possibly figure out for the life of me.

All I know is that I can get music, good quality, everything that I couldn't get on Kazaa and I am happy baby!! I'd advise you to get it right now, you will not be sorry!!!

Link for today is quite an interesting one
Kuwaiti girl who hopes to be the first muslim female in space and I wish her all the best! It's worth looking at for her research into Arabs in space.

No music awards for today, I need to watch some tv! Have a nice day people.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Suspicious of sin!

I think I'll keep this small in content for today.

The end of this month will see that "awesome" car festival Summernats returning to this fair city. Over this three day period, bogans, morons and sexual deviants from around the country converge in the city to look at cars, get drunk and sexually assault women.

Needless to say, this festival is not the peak of our cultural integrity. The streets are alive with the sound of car hoons racing and people yelling at each other. I thought my city had dignity. I do fancy our Chief Minister, he's the best one we've had yet. He seems to be on the ball and fairly with it, so why does he allow this abomination to continue? Surely it could not be bringing in THAT much revenue to the Government.

People should avoid the city while this festival is on. All the hallmarks for stupidity are there!! Muscle cars, uneducated idiots, alcohol and strippers! We need this thing out of our city!!! Or at least focus 90% of our police force just in that little area of the city where these morons congregate. It's advertised as a whole family outing, yeah it is if you don't mind being beaten up by yobbos and having your daughter raped. Let's get it out of here now!!

So I'm going to continue with my Music Awards.

Now we move on to best bass player.

Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers. Unbelievable skill with the bass. He's keeping the instrument alive in a time when the bass is used for about 3-4 notes per song. He uses the whole part of the instrument and can play many styles.

Les Claypool - Primus. This guy is without a doubt the best bass player who has ever lived. He can play any form of the bass (4 string, 5 string, 6 string, fretless). All primus songs are built around the bass and he can do stuff with the bass which will make you gasp, even if you don't understand the technical aspect of what he does.

Dirk Lance...?? - Ex Incubus. Well he was supposedly fired from the band because of "creative differences", which we all know is code for saying "yeah they do too many drugs". Not much in the way of technical skill (that I can tell), but he supports the rest of the band with his instrument. It's a good thing that he does, he doesn't outplay anyone and he also never underplays. This guy's style is just smooth. The new guy for Incubus seems tight, but his talents have yet to be shown off.

Live Bass Player. I don't know his name unfortunately. The guitarist is innovative yes, but the bass player is the true talent in this band. He's a bit of a bastard really, he stays just in the shadows, then out of nowhere he just makes variations of his basslines at every measure and then starts messing around and he's just an unfortunately underrated brilliant player.

John Enthwistle - The Who. This is the man you can credit with keeping the bass alive in rock and roll music. Picture it, the 60's, people are all into guitar and the bass is taking a back seat. Then comes the song My Generation, with a bass solo that rivals most guitar solos that I have heard. Then everyone wanted to pick up the instrument. Of course McCartney from The Beatles was also a bass player, but he was a bare bones player. This guy's style was very aggressive, and there hasn't been a player like him since.

Best guitarist

Dave Navarro - Jane's Addiction. This guy is the greatest new wave guitarist at the moment. He has technical skill and his riffs are just sublime. Unfortunately he is also underrated and most people don't know who the hell he is. I don't expect to hear too much more from this guy though, as he's married to Carmen Electra and Jane's Addiction just broke up again.

Slash - Ex Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver. Nobody in the world of rock music can match this man's improvisational skill and his raw feeling in his playing. Whether it's acoustic or electric mixed up in a wall of wah, this guy's playing is unique. It's made even better by the fact that this guy is entirely self taught, and every note he ever played was pure blues, just played at a frantic pace.

Kirk Hammett - Metallica. He has written some of THE best solos I have heard in my life. How this guy can get so many notes out of a chord is just ridiculous. He is a phenomenal talent in practical skill and theory, he was even taught by guitar master Joe Satriani. He can play complicated stuff at the most amazing speed, although I've heard that when he's playing live, he plays dumbed down versions of his solos and that he messes up regularly.

Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Alright, I'd be shot if I didn't include him. Greatest guitarist of all time. Can improvise to the nth degree, not a single stray note and a total mastery over his effects. How many songs he played while straight, I just do not know!

Eric Clapton - Ex Cream, Ex Derek & The Dominoes, Ex Yardbirds, Ex Bluesbreakers. Probably the most influential blues guitarist in the world. This guy cannot be pinned down. He used to play some of the heaviest rock in the 70's, wrote some of the craziest leads ever and is just a full on freak. What's even worse is that he's changed his style completely in the 90's, switching to a full on acoustic fingerstyle player and actually GAINING in skill capacity.

Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman - Megadeth. These guys are just ridiculous. I had to group them as one even though they are both distinct in their styles. The reason being that they play(ed) in the same band and they wrote their rhythm patterns very similar so you cannot tell who is playing what until one of them starts the solos. Mustaine was pure speed and aggression whereas Friedman was technically accomplished and could play absolutely anything. What puts them on this list though is the crazy riffs and verse guitar parts in their songs. How the hell they managed to play (let alone remember) the parts and play them WELL just amazes me.

The Edge - U2. The one and only reason this guy gets a mention is because he is innovative. No skill, no accuracy, he's got his style to match his skill level, it's quite brilliant and suits the band well.

That's it for this edition, but be aware that I am adding to the Joaquin rate list tonight so go check it out! Have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Shifting your paradigms since 1984!

I just read some very disheartening news.
After AOL purchased Nullsoft (the team that brought us the awesome Winamp), they got downsized, and now it seems that none of the original team behind Winamp are there anymore! Just another example of corporate power messing up the little guy (even if the little guys make the superior product)!

This obviously means that after the next mini-update, Winamp will no longer be upgraded!!
It doesn't matter to me anyway, I use the classic version 3!

Dropped off sister and her family off the the airport today so hopefully I'll never be woken up early in the morning ever again! I also got another parting gift! The upstairs phone has had some problems with the handset in jack and because of that, there has been some hideous buzzing that the person on the other end of the line and I could hear and it was bane on the conversation. Anyway, they gave me a cordless phone to overcome that problem! So I'm kicking it up with that! Hehe, there's also a speaker phone option and I hope to use that some time soon. I was also told that it has a 1km range so I gotta test it out someday.

I noticed a very funny thing while sitting in front of Airport security today. There's this massive thing now of people having to take off their shoes and put it through the x-ray machine. The big deal? Most of them are women in fancy high-heel shoes! Hahaha, I was thinking if one had a foot fetish, you should work in airport security!! Just imagine it "sorry're going to have to take off your shoes.....ohhh YEAH..umm just like that...OH baby...ummm..I'm going to have to sit down". It was a bloody good eye opener though. I've never seen the weird combos, like fat girls who have rake like legs and skinny girls who have absolute tree-trunks for legs!

Since we are now in posession of two cars (well three, but two that can be legally driven), I had to drive back from the airport in what I think was THE most horrendous conditions I've ever driven in. Peak time, thunderstorms, low visibility! It was awesome!! I made it back alive, no major problems but I think I need to perfect my hazardous driving technique. I think I'm going to get in the new car when the weather settles down and when I have the traction control system online because that car has way too much power and it's so freakin' high off the ground, I can barely see over the dash, or directly in front of the car.

The other came up with a brilliant idea of having a list of random things to do with music. So this is going to be the start of my list.

Best In Music Awards:

Best Drummers
Lars Ulrich - Metallica. Say what you will about his personality and attitude. This guy is a talented drummer. He hardly ever repeats a rhythm across songs, and he is a near master of the double bass pedals.

Joey Jordison - Slipknot. Yesh, they are mallcore and appeal to depressed tweens. However, this guy is the heart and soul of that band. He doesn't really have any technical skill and he just usually improvises live (as I've read), but this guy is just DAMN fast on every element of the drums.

Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater. The other isn't too keen on this band, but even the extremely negative have to agree on the freakish skill of this guy. He taught himself how to drum and he uses a gigantic kit, of which he uses EVERY part. He plays stuff that many drummers simply cannot play. My only gripe with this guy is that he uses a lot of irregular time signatures at random times and it makes it look like he doesn't really know what he's doing.

Keith Moon - The Who. Ahh the late Mister Moon. Easily the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time. He never really knew what he was doing, but he was just a natural prodigy. This guy amazes me. Just watch the video clip of The Who singing My Generation and you'll see this guy's flamboyant drumming style. Even when he's messing around and throwing his sticks in the air, he never misses a beat.

Ringo Starr - The Beatles. I think you can blame this guy for all the generic beats that you hear on the radio today. Of course, when he did it, it was innovative and he looked so damn cool while doing it. I also enjoy a great quote from one of the other three members (whoever they were..hehe) when asked if they thought Ringo was the best drummer in the world and they replied "Ha! He's not even the best drummer in the band"! Haha isn't that just gold?!

Fear Factory Drummer - I don't know his name unfortunately but this guy scares me. Just listen to Cyberwaste by this band and you would think that there's a bloody drum machine going on. Relentless drumming style, I don't know how the hell he has the stamina or the co-ordination to drum so fast and all over the place!!!

Best Singer:

Bono - U2. This guy just has so much feeling in his voice. I've never heard him sing badly in any of the songs I've heard.

Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam. This band has been around for about 15 years now and this guy's voice has never changed. It's so powerful. It's a demented and restrained troubled man kind of wailing. Just listen to Jeremy, his voice is haunting, he's singing as well as weaving a story.

Alter Bridge Singer - I don't know why I do not know this guys name! The other was familiar with him even before he was in Alter Bridge. I think he is probably the best singer I have ever heard in my life. He can get loud and angry, but also sweet and can change the pitch in his voice to match the melody of the song, yet at all times having emotion in his delivery. I hope they get somewhere so I can hear more of his voice.

Chris Cornell - Ex Soundgarden/Audioslave. One of the most distinctive voices in rock history. This guy is such a mofo. He can scream like a man posessed and can also croon like Sinatra. His voice is versatile and can match any style of music today.

Noteable mention:
Opeth Singer - Insert some long Nordish name here. This guy scares me. He has THE best voice in death metal. If the Devil had a voice, it would be this guys. And what's even scarier? He can change it instantly to a pop sounding voice. It's like Justin Timberlake undergoing an exorcism!

That's it for THIS installment, there shall be more to come tomorrow!! Have a nice day folks.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Enjoy the air in your lungs

Ahhhh...feel soooo damn full! Had dinner at my sister's in-laws' place. I have discovered that Turkish food is probably my fave all time food. It's just so damn good and so damn plentiful. I've figured that I must have two quests in life!

1. To go to Sydney and track down Chrissie from Girl Tv.

2. To go to Turkey, eat a lot of food and track down Sinem Kobal.

I absolutely pigged out and overate. I can now hardly move, even though this meal ended 5 hours ago!

My sister's family also gave us their second car which means I actually now have a registered and roadworthy car! Hooray!!! Hopefully I can now get back into the swing of late night drives and random skill building. They also left their awesome digital camera, which wipes the floor with the one I bought. Of course, they told me to give it to my bro, but I won't be seeing him for a while. I just gotta hawk myself a multimedia card and I'll be sitting pretty, with some high quality pics baby! Mine sucks cause the quality isn't that good and the pic size is huge. Luckily the other cam is awesome.

I'd now like to take the time to express my fondness for Lipton Ice Tea, Lemon Flavour. I am hooked on this stuff and I have to have at least one 500ml bottle a day. Everyone else says Ice Tea tastes like something akin to a foot, but if that is the case, you can call me a foot fetishist cause I cannot get enough of this stuff. If we are ever lucky to make it as a band someday, I am going to get those people at Lipton to sponsor me so I can just drink loads of the stuff!

I'd also like to express my disgust at every guitar company!! Has it dawned on any of them to make a freakin' guitar with no tuning nuts so that it's permanently tuned to standard?! NO?! Damn them!! Of course, my guitar has gone out of tune due to the hot weather and accidentally having a few nuts moved around. I've tuned it back by ear, but mine are very dodgy to do this with. I need to get myself a guitar with a locking tremolo so that the strings are freakishly hard to de-tune without unlocking both ends of the nut.

Before I get into my discussion of ethics and the law, I'd just like to talk about Ronan Keating. You may remember him from Irish Boyband Boyzone, who later went solo. This guy is the epitome of pop. Cheesy lyrics, decent voice, decent looks. BUT, there is something which makes a big difference - his band. Whether it's his studio musicians or his live musicians, they just up the freakin' ante and play so damn well. I'm quite tempted to say that his songs have some of THE best basslines ever! It also makes his songs sound so much better and I can listen to them on repeat for a long time.

Ahhh so now on to my discussion of ethics and the law. There was a point brought up in the other's fine blog about ethics and morals. I think this is where a definition of terms is needed.

The Law is the law (obviously) - the artificial bringing in of certain societal rules to adhere by, administered by those in power or those in the judicial system.

Now, as I see it:
Ethics - Morals and/or conventions used in a certain cultural institution in order to function without chaos, or to function with maximum fairness. These are usually learned.

Morals - The certain core beliefs of the INDIVIDUAL, which are innate and cannot be tampered with in any way by outside forces, but can be varied by the individual through interaction and learning.

Now, let's take this as a practical example. In Law, the idea of client/attorney privilege is absolute. Now let's assume that a client tells their lawyer that they are guilty. Lawyers are also officers of the court and must do their utmost to ensure justice is served. This brings up an ethical dilemma. Morally, you'd want to tell as many people as you can find that your client broke the law, because nobody would want to help scum! But ethically, you are not allowed to break this privilege, and what you're supposed to do is tell nobody, but stop representing the client.

Morals and ethics are somewhat separate, but it is true that morals and the law are intertwined. But this is where things get a little tough. Which does come first? I don't think there can possibly be a certain answer, it depends on the person's interpretation of what they consider the law and morals to be. Of course, no two people are ever going to have the exact same answer.

I don't believe the law tries to tell people what to do in terms of morals. It just keeps a generalised view of what is best for society (although this is not always the case) in order for it to function decently. The other is correct, it is people with weak morals who break the law.

What's a funny point to make, yet speaks volumes about the topic which the other raised, is that a compulsary class to take for Law is a class called Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility. What the fuck?! Do we not know what ethics are?!!! Hahaha, the other was right! Ethics are enforced, but morals are your own. Stick to them and you'll never stray from who you are or who you want to be.

I cannot possibly think of what else I can add to that topic so I shall end it there. There will be no update to the Joaquin rate list tonight as I could only think of one name, and I've decided to update it when I've reached a minimum of 5 names, per update! Have a nice day folks.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Clean as Grunge...

Firstly I would like to thank the other for filling in the gaps in my little thought on marriage. Its good to know that hes using his free time well. Unfortunately my free time is slipping fast, and I find a million things to do with this time. What am I doing you ask?? Well i've gone back to Photoshop, and doing some work with that, and some work with Dreamweaver. Yeah, I know there is no end to learning. Well, I'm quite enjoying myself so its all good. People seem to go ahead in time, in somethings I find myself going the other way. Its quite strange. I seem to be most interested in grunge art work these days. That’s kind of something that seems to have passed, but I still love it, and will continue working there. Not that I'm gonna rot away there, I still move on with the times...

A couple of months ago I had an interesting arguement with someone about ethics and law. Which comes first. For me this isn't even a question. According to me ethics is something the is innate, and by the time lear to think we already have these things built in. Morals are part of this, but morals seem to change a lot more in people after the learn the act of thinking. But this other person had a different view on ethics. She says that ethics are nothing other than the laws that exist in the community that we live in. Which is when this started me of thinking. I don't want to go over board with this, coz its 5:30 in the morning and I want to sleep, so I will just present you my argument. Yes, its true that most of the ethics that most of us have are the same as the laws. The basics of life, don't kill, don't lie, don't steal, etc. You get the drift. Does this meant that our ethics are nothing more than the laws?? I dont want to think of it like that, because I like to think that our ethics come from our understanding of the world, and human interaction, but not from the law, that just sound a little farfetched. A group of people decided what I should and shouldn’t do?? I won't have that. The reason why I think its not from the law, is because there are certain things in my ethics that are not part of the law. For this to happen there has to be something that’s there before the law, and I all the things that are covered in the laws come along with that. People who have weak ethics are the people who break the law. When there is no ethics, the law has no value. I hope the other elaborates on this topic, coz I would like to speak with a little more at a later time, right now I am as sleepy as an African sloth. Have a good day, Cheers.

And your eyes go clickity click

Sorry about missing yesterday's blog. I was at a friend's sleepover just watching Sci-Fi films. The movies on offer were: 2001 A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, I Robot and Event Horizon. 'Twasn't bad really. The fun with these kinds of things is in the food and the company, of which we had plenty (I still feel slightly nauseous)!

Didn't really sleep due to the insomnia and cause I had two freakin' drills going off near my head (IE two guys snoring freakishly loud).

Are you liking the new layout? I love it, I almost freaked out when I loaded the page after the change was made. I thought someone had hi-jacked it or something but everything is all good.

I'm rather happy! My bro in-law gave me his computer sound system. It's bloody evil I tells you, they look like a cross between an old school ghost and a UFO. But these tiny ass speakers and small sub-woofer pack a mean punch and put my previous gigantic looking system to shame. It's like a bloody nightclub in here! I can make my whole house shake with the new system, I'm loving it!

Quick side note, if you are Australian and do not know who the Baby Animals are, you must be shot. They're a band from the early - mid 90's who focused on rock. Their singer and rhythm guitarist was Suzi DeMarchi (who, if you follow your trivia, is married to Nuno Bettencourt - guitarist for Extreme *he's AWESOME*). Anyway, I think they are the epitome of what Australian gritty rock was all about. Sweet melodies, the band is tight, damn nice licks all over the place in their songs. Unfortunately they broke up and she went solo, but that stuff wasn't bad either. The songs lost their edge in terms of musical attack, but the lyrics became really good. Check it out!

I read the other's blog on marriage, which I found very interesting. But I think there are some differences to be made. If I'm allowed to split the world along cultural lines, the West has a divorce rate of 1 out of every 2 marriages (that's for newlyweds, the long term married couple ratio is slightly lower of course). In the East the figures are nowhere near as high as this. Why is this? Arranged marriages - the expectations are low. BUT, it is true, the divorce rate figures in the East are rising exponentially. Now why is that? I'm going to have a gander at this one.

The kids of today have been labelled Gen X-ers (the generation before ours), while we are the MTV and Computer Generation. We're used to living fast and wanting the quick fixes. The other was right, the general attitude towards marriage is waning, and this is a damn shame because it really is a sacred bond between two people. In this quick fix world, we think everything can be done without fully committing yourself. If in the back of you're mind thinking "oh if it doesn't work out, we can always get divorced", then what hope do you have of ever fully giving yourself over to a person in order to make it work in the first place?

On a second side note, were you aware that the guy Alanis Morrisette was singing about in her song "You Oughta Know" is comedian Dave Coulier? You'll remember him as the non cool uncle in Full House. What's demented is that she dated him when she was 16 and he was in his late 30's. If you heard the lyrics to the song you'd realise how SEVERELY fucked up that is. Why is this guy not in jail? Ahhh, damn you Good Charlotte, they were right in Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, you can get out of anything if you're rich and "famous".

Back to my main point. I think another huge problem with marriage in the 21st century in the East (at least..hehe love the rhyme) is the conundrum of love AND the factor of the parents. I'm willing to tell you now, 9 times out of 10, parents will NEVER approve of who you picked if marriage was totally left to us. This is regardless of whether you make a good couple or not. Love is also irrelevant here. They tend to think more of the practical, and dare I say shallow end of the spectrum. Attractive, money and family history. That's it. They don't care whether the two of you get along either.

With the recent cultural explosion in the East of the West taking infiltrating every facet of their lives, children want to fall in love. So of course, when the parents arrange a marriage, they are too shitscared to say no, get married, have a kid or two, realise they want it all (with no sacrifice...hehe damn you Sum 41) then just leave and mess everyone up.

I think if we left this paradigm of love behind, arranged marriages could be flawless. HOWEVER, I do agree with the other that love in an arranged marriage is impossible. It is definitely a settling, and I refuse utterly to do that.

Maybe that's why love marriages fail. Love is (as I think it is) a permanent thing, which is so strong, that nothing can diminish it. So when people THINK they fall in love, all may be lost. You have to know for sure. It's a big gamble, but then again aren't all matters of the heart a gamble?

That's it for tonight folks. Yes, I am updating the Joaquin rate list, head down to it for a fairly decent update!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Coz This Ship Was Made To Sink...

I never quite understood how arranged marriages worked. Maybe it’s just me, but my parents know very little about me, so how the hell are they supposed to pick someone who I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with?? Damn it, I wouldn’t even trust my friends to find someone that I would spend the rest of my life with. The truth is we can’t help who we like, it just happens. And to think that someone else can figure out what you want is absurd. But I do respect people who pretend that they have found love in an arranged marriage. In reality they have just settled. This in turn is causing another issue. Actually I just found out about this last night (Thank you Madam N for enlightening me). Ever heard of something called “Trial Marriages”?? I have been told that this is quite common in Bangladesh (Just happens to be where I come from). People go into marriages with thought that there’s always divorce. I personally think that marriage is a sacred bond, and this type of an attitude is ruining what marriage used to be. These days people even look at it as a money making strategy! What has the world come to?? Prenuptials have become very common these days. Marriage just isn’t what it used to be. And I believe the main reason is because people aren’t getting married to the write person. In the east, arranged marriages are to be blamed.

I love anything that has to do with law. Be it law movies or shows, or just studying law. It’s just bloody interesting. My friend Makster X, almost always whenever I bring it up, asks me why the hell I’m not studying law. The truth is, its never possible to be honest if you’re a lawyer. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think lawyers are bad people, just their profession requires them to do things from time to time that they would never do. There is this show on TV called “Philly”. You’ve probably never seen it, but it’s about the law scene in Philadelphia. Its constantly showing how DA’s and the Defendants always cut deals, and them defending and freeing guilty people. Unfortunately law has to be objective, and there for its possible to use the objectivity against the law itself. If that makes any sense. I’ll stop there, but later tonight I’m gonna write about Ethics vs Laws. Yeah I was supposed to write this one up last night. Have a good day.

Too young to know, too old to listen!

I am quite sore! Since I had to be up fairly early for shopping, I had to exercise like a maniac when I got home. So heavy regime all slotted into the two hours before dinner time was all rushed and it feels like my left leg has detached itself from my body. Oh well, it should be feeling much better tomorrow (I hope).

Ahh yesh, shopping with Les Femme Anomaly and her friend...who I shall name Bezzle hehe! Shopping with two girls oughta be outlawed because they just throw clothes at you until you collapse and then go "TRY IT ON NOW BITCH"! It wasn't too bad, spent just under 130 dollars on three tops. One is a t-shirt and two shirts (one long sleeve and one short sleeve). All I need now is some summer pants and I'll be sitting pretty thank you very much! They're all extremely fitted so I was absolutely freaking, but I took their word for it when they said it looked good, I don't own much fitted stuff. Bezzle is a champ, very funny and they're really just a bunch of sweet girls.

I think I'll have a bit of a throwback to the other's previous blog. I don't know if girls really do like frogs. But I think I can offer an explanation. Have you heard that wonderful tale of Prince Charming? The one who gets turned into a frog and the Princess has to kiss him in order to turn him back to his normal self. I think all girls at heart take this story into their subconscious and secretly want their frog to turn into a Prince Charming (in a fantasy like way anyway). It's all there folks!!

Still on the subject of the other's blog, I whole-heartedly agree. People are generally unreliable. The difference between a stranger and a friend is that you're willing to forgive a friend for being unreliable. I also look forward to the other's marriage blog!

I am just loving this show Arrested Development! Jason Bateman's acting is so subdued these days and I like it, it's more realistic and fits in with his character. My fave character relationship has to be George Michael Bluth's and Maeybe (I think that's how she spells it) Bluth Funke! They're cousins, but there is also a lot of misplaced sexual tension and it's just riotous the things that happen. One example, they were travelling in a packed car and she had to sit on his lap and he was already uncomfortable, then the driver goes "hold on, we've got a lotta bumpy road coming up" and that was just bloody hell-arious!

On a side note, I think every guitarist needs to learn how to confidently sweep pick across non chord formations. I can only do this on notes which don't exactly meld with each other so it sounds quite horrendous. The best example of this is Marty Friedman, former lead guitarist for Megadeth, on Hangar 18. In the second solo of that song (after the first chorus, there is a solo, then it stops and he plays an octave riff over Dave, then does the second solo), he sweep picks the entire thing, and added some pull offs so it sounds so damn fast. I'd also advise you to check out the video of that song on, as it's a live video and the second chorus is changed slightly. It's still a sweep picked solo but it's just so much faster and sounds so good.

Another side note. I've seen these promos for a show called One Tree Hill! What the hell is up with that? IN this show Chad Michael Murray (who was some guy in Dawson's Creek, and Hilary Duff's love interest in A Cinderella Story, even though he's practically 10 years older than her) plays an outcast. How the hell is this possible?! That's unrealistic! Think about it, if a guy as pretty (and yes, pretty is an effeminate term, and I use it for some males) as Chad Michael Murray was at your High School, would he be an outcast? NO! He'd be a regular popular jock boi.

Ahh I remember in my previous blog that I mentioned a friend that I hadn't seen in ages. He and I went to High School together as well as college. We were both in the same drama class, where we toured a rather good play to Adelaide for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. In fact, we even got better reviews than most of the high profile international acts! Anyway, I regard this time to be perhaps one of the happiest times of my life. Our drama group was close (about 4 guys and 16 girls), and we'd just talk about anything and everything and just have such grand memories. We'd walk around the city (which none of us had been to) at the oddest hours just exploring on our own. We were all minors at that time too, but due to our play, we were given Actor's passes and the assumption is that if you have the pass, you're over 18. So we were at the bar every night getting sloshed, dancing it up...and maybe doing copious amounts of other substances (hey we were drama students, sue me)! Ahh the memories!!!

We had all just become different people as soon as we were there. Haha it's like we were part of the cultural elite or something. Attending 3-4 plays a day, performing in 2 shows per day and wondering about the nightlife in a big city, it was truly joyful. What are some of my fave memories?

While there were many, I think I can narrow it down to 3 standouts.

1. Getting high after a show, and just improvising a two person play for 20 minutes while nobody else was in the room, then breakdancing at a nightclub when the floor was packed!

2. In the show, a scene required dog tags to be thrown over our heads from behind and land in front of us. After a cue, we were meant to rush forward and grab a tag and put it on. Of course, this was always a mad rush. One time, I realised I was too far away from any dog tags to reach them before someone else got to them. (Un)luckily a tag had been thrown very far and landed in the front row of a school crowd...right IN BETWEEN THE LEGS OF A GIRL WITH A SHORT SKIRT ON (don't worry she seemed to be 16)! Hahaha!! I was tempted to just run up, reach and grab around. This girl was bright though, and had reached in and pulled it out by the time I had gotten to her and she politely handed it back to me.

3. During free time we (as a group) decided we'd collectively try to see every show at the Fringe. So my friend and I were at the ticket office and he was saying everything was pretty much booked up. HAHHAA, but he didn't reckon on my friend and I absolutely charming him to death!! It was like we were old chums or something. As soon as we got AWESOME seats to a packed show, my friend walks out and goes "haha we charmed the pants off of that guy".

The reason I brought it up? I got feedback from Les Femme Anomaly that her parents thought I was quite the gentleman. Well, I'm scared of people's parents. ALL of them! So you can imagine me being placed in an unfamiliar situation like a freakin' semi-formal family dinner. Luckily I wielded the charm wisely and was able to come up with some friendly jests and some witty banter. Phew! Remember people, always be nice to other people's folks!

Damn, after being in the city today when it was bloody packed with Christmas shoppers, I TOTALLY need to take a notepad and pen everywhere I go so I can jot down song ideas!

Guess what? Yesh, I am adding to the Joaquin rate list tonight!! Remember, head down to the blog to check the updates. Have a nice day folks!

Friday, December 03, 2004

You Lie... And You're Not Fooling Anyone...

Why do most girls like frogs?? A couple of years back Fkn_rat (again another friend of mine) discusses how most girls the he knows loves frogs. And there is truth to that, most girls do like frogs. But why?? Are not the most ugly creatures around. What whatever it is, the little blobs really go down well with women. I would never give anyone a frog anything, just because I think they are hideous, but that’s not fkn_rat thought. Whenever he had to get a girl something, something frog like would be his best bet. Hey for some reason it worked for him. Strange but true…

There is one thing that really pisses the hell outta me, and that is when people say they will do something, and never get around to it. If your not going to do it, just say you wont. Why do people feel the need to make false promises?? It doesn’t build up your credibility it just ruins it. First time I like to think that its just an honest mistake. But once it repeats a few times, that’s when someone loses all trust. A friend of mine was supposed to come here, so I make my plans according to his plans. Guess what he makes up some reason why he can’t come now, even though he told me a month ago that he was gonna come here. A week ago he said he hadn’t had a chance to talk to his dad coz his grand mum was very sick, when I remember being at his grand mum’s funeral. And this is probably the 4 time this has happened. He’s a good friend, but I’ll never make another plan with him. Maybe I should learn faster…

I used to always think that staying together for the kids’ was thing to encourage. Yes, sure its better if the parents stay together for the kids sake, but sometimes its not an option. Its not fair to him/her to have to live with a man/woman that will just make them extremely miserable. Yes, kids become a big part of their lives, but their lives have meaning as well. And in any case if the parents are unhappy it will affect the kids to be in between that tension in any case, so if they can’t live in harmony, then they should just separate. So, I think the message that we should be sending out is, make a wise decision about who you’re getting married to. And this whole arranged marriage doesn’t help the situation. That’s something I feel strongly about, and will get to it in another blog. And if that’s not a acceptable, then get married, just don’t have any kids for a couple of years, by then you should know the true nature about your marriage. Damn, I sound like a therapist. Time for me to stop!!! Again, be wize…

I'd like to take this opportunity to blame you!

So I've picked my classes!
It's not TOO bad, but it's shoddy to say the least. I now have Tuesdays and Fridays off! Hooray! But then again my timetable is only tentative and it is subject to change.

So what am I going to do? Print Journalism, Administrative Law, Legal Theory and Advanced Legal Research And Writing.

Legal Theory is going to be evil! It's year long and the main requirement is a 5000 word essay which you need to gain at least a credit on in order to continue doing the LLB!

I decided to leave Criminal Law for next year, when I am more focused and ready to get down and dirty because I am gunning for their scholarship.

The other made a good point about how quick the media is to label whiny pop bands as punk! What scares me more is that Greenday (a well known and much respected real punk band) are touring Australia and guess who is supporting them? Simple Plan!!! Sheeeit, I can just tell the Greenday fans are going to absolutely destroy the SP fans!

I went to M-Biatch's formal arrival this evening. Good show, lots of people and lots of fun frocks and insanely beautiful girls as well as handsome dudes in flash suits. M-Biatch chose a lovely pink number with her hair wonderfully done so kudos to her.

Ran into an old friend who I hadn't seen since college who is dating a year 12 girl, so it was good to see him. He's an old school funk guitarist and he is sporting a new do, something akin to Alex from Franz Ferdinand!

Then it was off to Les Femme Anomaly's for some hang out time and to have dinner with her folks. It wasn't one of those typical things, it was a formal sit down freak Joaquin out dinner! Her parents are so freakin' funny and down to Earth that you'd think they were my age! It was a good time and had lots of yummy food!

I am also updating the Joaquin Rate List today so head down to that particular blog in order to see the new additions!

I'm going to have to make this a short one today, as I am going shopping with Les Femme Anomaly tomorrow. Have a nice day people!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Great fun to be around you!

This blog shall be appearing differently rather soon, with the brilliant and artistic eye of the other overseeing all! He sees everything you see, I see! Hehe!

Quick update on that evil spider. I like to use the American government definition of evil, being that since it's different, it automatically freaks me out hence, must be after me and therefore evil! After I finished last night's blog, I looked at my staircase and the spider was on the wall on the other side of the room! How the hell did it get there without me noticing it?! Anyway, I decided not to kill it, and that was the last I saw of it.

Speaking of spiders, I've noticed that every summer, bugs just totally infest the upper storey of my house! It's disturbing, I can't lay down on the floor anymore!

Grades came out today! I didn't do too crash hot but I didn't fail anything so I'm happy! A credit in Tax Law! Hahahahahaa how awesome!! I am the King!!! How the hell did that happen?! I don't know, but alas it's golden I tells you. I need to choose my classes and my timetable for next semester tomorrow, so I'll fill you in on how that goes.

It finally happened, I cut my nails! Had a good guitar session today! I just love the feel of my fingers on the fretboard after cutting them, it feels so natural. Unfortunately tomorrow will also see the end of my facial hair! It's a shame too, I look a little bit like Richard Patrick from Filter in their "Take A Picture" video clip.

The reason? Going with Les Femme Anomaly to M-Biatch's formal (prom) arrival. I'm taking my digicam to (obviously) take pics. I'll see if I can get any up here with the clearance of the other. I'm also pleased to announce that Les Femme Anomaly landed her man and they're going out!

I wish the world was like some sort of Orwellian Nightmare, where I was the head of some formidable death squad just executing people in the street. Why? I don't know! But it would be a fun thing to do methinks. As you can tell, I haven't been sleeping very much at all! I'm tired, but I just can't sleep!!!! What the hell is wrong with me?!

Ahhh I caught the first ep of Arrested Development last night. VERY funny! It's totally different, it's a non sitcom. Different to Scrubs in a way that instead of in your face humour, it's drawn out and very quirky! I think I could really get hooked on this show.

There is a growing trend in my city, the death of parents of young children. Examples? Two weeks ago, a mother of two was the passenger on her boyfriend's motorbike when two unlicensed drivers pulled out of nowhere and the rider had to take evasive action, which led to her death. That was a very sad instance. I think the drivers are due to appear in court some time soon so let's hope justice is done.

Another instance was just two days ago. We have a main lake in our city, where a man was killed in a jetskiing accident. Sad? Perhaps, in this case. But be aware that jetskiing on that lake is illegal and there were two people on that single seater jetski and they were not wearing life jackets! Sometimes you have nobody to blame in a person's death except the person themselves.

In fact, I've just been informed by a reliable source (the other), that the other will not be able to change our layout until January, but that's ok since it's coming up very soon.

I was going to put a critique in of every song that's in my CD player at the moment but I want to go watch some of the stuff that I recorded earlier today so I shall save that for tomorrow.

But I shall leave you with the greatest idea of all time!
THE definitive Joaquin rate list. This is going to be the all time list for girls that I rate (our U.S. friends would know this as 'dig'). I think in time, this blog is going to be very huge because I don't have a specific taste and I can't do it all at once so come back to this particular blog to check for the updates!

The List (In No Order)

Elisha Cuthbert - From 24 and The Girl Next Door. I'm not too keen on blondes, but damnnnnnnn! She makes me change my whole mind on that subject. This girl just oozes sex appeal to the point that even Madame N has a bit of a crush!  Just wish she would do some more work!  She's fallen out of the public eye lately.

Alia Shawkat - Plays the weird cousin in Arrested Development. She's a little bit TOO young (but not to the point of it being illegal or immoral, I didn't say anything of a sick nature!! I swear!), so keep an eye out for her in the future (well at least till she turns 18). But with that half middle eastern blood and her cute freckles, it makes for an exotic look and you can just tell she's going to grow up to be a beautiful woman.  She's even still good in Season 4!  I like how her look has changed!

Nigella Lawson - From Nigella Bites. British woman of aristocratic blood. Current Tv Chef but she's primarily a writer and journalist. Absolute Domestic Goddess! Dark hair, sophisticated, high class British accent, and those curves! They are just to die for!

Kristin Kreuk - From Smallville. OH my god! A halfie!! No comment required. If you don't know who she is, WATCH THE SHOW, you will definitely know which one she is.  Please be in more stuff!!

Chrissie Rose - Most won't know her but she's one of the hosts on Girl Tv. Very cute, and what I'd look for in a teen girlfriend. ANOTHER halfie! Got a mad school boy crush on this one.  Just wish she didn't fall off the bandwagon, because Casey Burgess got famous in hi-5, but nothing from any of the other girls.

Lacey Chabert - If you've seen Party Of Five, you'd remember her as the youngest daughter. Let me tell you, "SHE ALL GROWED UP CHUCK"! Go see Mean Girls, NOW! She's part Cajun and her looks are exotic, and for her age, she's so petite and just so damn fine.

Shonda Farr - You will most likely not know this girl. She has guest starred on Buffy and Smallville. In Buffy she played the nerdy dude's crazy robot girlfriend who beat the crap out of Buffy. In Smallville she played the Bee girl who had weird powers. Funny, cause I thought even when she was dressed up all dorky like that she was better than Kristin Kreuk.

Joss Stone - Another youngen this one. My first encounter with her was on The Late Show with Dave Letterman before she became a sensation. Absolutely amazing. If you hear her voice before you see her, you'll think she's a 30 year old overweight African-American diva, but it's exactly the opposite!

Rachael Stevens - From now defunct British Tween Pop group S Club 7. You'll know which one she is. There was the butch lesbian, the dark haired one, the tiny blonde one. This girl was the other one! The drop dead drool now, drown in your own drool one! The group wouldn't have done half as well without her, even though she rarely sung!

Sinem Kobal - The daughter off the Turkish version of The Nanny. I didn't know Turkish people were so freakin' white! So naturally beautiful and carries herself with so much grace.

Alicia Sacramone - American gymnast. Don't worry, she's not illegal, she's only a few years younger than me. Most will remember her from her less than stellar performance at the Olympics, which is really unfair, cause she was an absolutely brilliant gymnast. She's copped a lot of flack for that, but I think it's all really undeserved. Also, since she's given up gym, her body has filled out and she's looking HAWT. Check out her gatorade clips on youtube, she's spectacular!

Nadiya - French singer. Dark skinned woman. I think she's of Algerian descent. Incredibly beautiful, amazing body and she speaks French!!! Well BONJOUR MONSIEUR. Check her out at (I think)!

Ella Hooper - Singer for Australian band Killing Heidi. Some people are weirded out by this one but I don't see why! When she doesn't have her hair in dreadlocks she cleans up VERY nicely. True belle of the ball this one.

Katie Melua - British singer/songwriter. Another guitar playing girl. Her lyrics are more mature than Michelle Branch's and she seems to have more talent at the instrument. She has lovely eyes and I think she's the epitome of "pretty".

Sara Groen - Presenter on Saturday Morning Disney and occasionally freelances for Sydney Weekender. Tall and gawky, but VERY cute.

Erica Davis - Presenter on Sydney Weekender. On the show she seems like such a fun girl! She's also the unit manager for the show, so she must be skilled at something instead of just the regular stand in front of the camera bull. Amazing curves!!

Jessica Skarratt - Presenter on Totally Wild. This is your typical all Australian blonde surfer girl. I usually hate those kind of girls, but she just has an irresistable smile and she seems very bright and is incredibly sexy. But I did watch Totally Wild some time ago and she wasn't on anymore!  What happened to you??

Dana Kronental - Host of Backyard Science. She has THE most gorgeous smile which just lights up her whole face and her eyes are so pretty. It's a shame that she's always wearing the same top cause it just freaks me out! Is she like Superman with 50 million of the same piece of clothing?

Michelle Trachtenburg - Dawn from Buffy. I don't know what it is about this girl. Her face isn't all that pretty, but HAVE YOU SEEN THAT BODY?! Speak of evolution coming out of nowhere and surprising you!! Damn nation!! That's just evil I tells ya.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Douglas) - Star of the film Ocean's Twelve. Madame N believes she is the most beautiful woman in the world and I think I'm going to have to agree with that for now. Dark hair and gorgeous face *sigh*! She just seems so charming and graceful! She could be royalty! Oh why oh why did you have to marry a geriatric?!?! She is the epitome of style and substance and class. Even with all those factors, she oozes sexuality and sultriness. Did I mention she is brunette? Possibly one of the all time best that are included in this list. She's hardly even aged despite how long her career in show business is. Don't get me started on how the Michael Douglas thing works, cause it doesn't make sense! Joaquin = big fan.  Though with time, she is (obviously) starting to get a bit old looking.

Rachel Bilson - Summer from The OC. EVERYONE else thinks Mischa Barton is hot. I think she looks like a less skanky version of Paris Hilton. Rachel just seems so sweet and looks more "real" if you know what I mean.

Sameera Reddy - Star of only two Bollywood films. I've never seen a damn Bollywood movie in my life and I am certainly not about to start. Although I have seen pics of this woman and she is just hunka hunka burnin' love. SCORCHING HOT! This is where it starts to be illegal to be that kinda of good looking! Long straight black hair, fair face, awesome body, YEE-HAW!

Geri Halliwell - Former member of the Spice Girls, known back then as Ginger Spice. Ever since she left, she has really become a sophisticated woman. She was elected as a UN Ambassador for something, she lost a lot of weight, reverted to her natural hair colour and then later embarked on a mediocre solo career. It didn't matter, I loved her in your face attitude and I think she was quite possibly the first girl I ever rated so here's to you Miss Halliwell!

Virginia Lette - Now nobody knows who this is. She was the host of FM 104.7's Hot 30 Countdown, and occasionally does the weather for Prime News Updates as well as hawking a lot of useless crap on tv, like Jim Murphy Wines as well as Apollo Blinds. She is sooooooooo pretty! Blonde hair, petite yet curvy, talkative (doesn't seem too bright though), her voice is so sweet she could sell me a punch in the face, but damn I must say she is probably the finest girl (that I am not in regular contact with) in my city and I would love to meet her.  But of course time moves on, and she's now moved to Sydney to work there!  That's life!

Kelly Clarkson - Winner of the first American Idol. I've had many a fight with friends over her worthiness to be a part of my list. She is quite frankly the usual pretty girl next door who is a great singer. My friends think she's chubby but I think they are a bit on the crazy side, she has curves! Girls are meant to have curves!! She looks amazing when she's casual and especially so when she's dolled up for formal occasions.  Well she did get pretty fat at one stage, but thankfully she's lost the weight.

Marla Sokoloff - Actress. She used to play the receptionist in The Practice before she was fired. I don't know if she can act decently but she has some amazing blue eyes. She has pale skin and dark hair so it just accentuates the features of her eyes that much more. And she's also dating James Franco, so of course she's gotta be attractive! She had a brief stint on Desperate Housewives as Lynette's nanny, and wow, she's actually looking a hell of a lot better (if that was even possible)!

Lara Flynn Boyle - Actress. Ok she may be freakishly skinny. But have you looked at those eyes?! As well as the fashion sense?! I also like the way she handles herself, she was on Punk'd recently and didn't flip out at all despite the crazy situation she was in.

Kate Beckinsale - Her performance in Serendipity clinched it for me. What is it about sexy dark haired British women?! I honestly do not know, but here's to her.  Thankfully she's been in a few more things since then, but I would like to see her ditch the action bullshit and get back to dramatic, hard-hitting roles.

Tracy Lynn Cruz - Alright, none of you will know this woman but she played the yellow ranger in Power Rangers in Space. Oh my god, she was so damn beautiful!! Why has she not picked up a decent acting gig yet?! Alright, she may not be that much of a good actress but sheeit, she was the only reason I watched PRiS (and considering I was about 15 at the time, it was quite a feat).

Salma Hayek - Actress. ABRES LOS OJOS! Hehe hok, so maybe I got open your eyes spelled wrong, and yesh she did not appear in the film but I just had to say the line. OH MY GOD, she is just so damn sexy and that Mexican accent, she could say something like "Joaquin, you are an ugly piece of shit and I don't want anything to do with you" and I could still be insanely aroused. Dark mysterious beauty with just a hint of allure. Aahhh, like a venus fly trap, I would like to just say hello to her!

Marissa Tomei - Actress. Oscar winner, so she has some talent but has not had any good roles since My Cousin Vinny. BUT DAMN, what a beautiful woman. I saw her in The Watcher just before (which was in a previous blog), which was 2000, and now she's 40 and it's starting to show, but she is still just absolutely stunning. Her lips are so pouty, I just wanna kiss them right now dammit!!! I guess I'm going to have to make it to Hollywood! Her voice is such a turn on!

Melanie Vallejo - Actress. She's Australian, but judging from that surname, she must have some Latin fire in her! Oh my god, almost pure perfection! Brunette, sultry just amazing. Others will remember her as a Power Ranger from the Time Force series (I believe). However, I am more familiar with her from her tampon and Dare milk ads. I had the pleasure of seeing her in a play she was in while I was in Sydney. Needless to say, I don't remember what happened in the play!

Shweta Gulati - Actress/Presenter. This one was a total fluke. I went down to fix my parents remote for their television. They were watching some show on the satellite which featured this amazing beauty. I don't know how to best describe her, just look her up, you will not be disappointed!! She is almost 30 but she looks like she could be a teenager, or in her early 20's, just freakin' AWESOME. I might just have to say best sub-continental beauty EVER.

Fely Irvine - Singer/Performer. To butcher a lyric from Rivers Cuomo - Goddamn you Eurasian girls, you do it to me every time! Former Hi-5 member, now free agent, Fely is a half filo/caucasian mixture that looks wonderfully exotic. Don't know what she's going to do now that she's no longer with Hi-5, but I hope it's something good! She can actually sing quite well, and I assure you that this woman is just another one of those 'no talent' ponies with a pretty face. I also usually don't like girls who are so rail-thin, but I think I can look the other way, just because she is a great dancer too, and I'm just a sucker for a woman who can dance.

Jill Wagner - Actress/Presenter. I do remember VAGUELY seeing this woman on Punk'd several years ago and she did pique my interest at that time. However, it was not until Wipeout started on tv that I realised how amazing this lady is. Impossibly tall, slender but curvy (how the hell is that possible), brunette, and just drop dead gorgeous looks - FIT AS HELL! Arghh! She is currently my flavour of the month. I'm loving it, da da da da daaaa!

Gabrielle Boyle - Reporter/Journalist. I think I'm the only one who notices this woman! She's a reporter for the only local tv news in my city and she is freakin' fine. I mentioned this in my critique of my fave reporter for my reporting class last semester and now tutor thought I was some freakin' ladies man playa pimp daddy or something and was always questioning me since I was always talking to girls! Every time she does a first person camera monologue, I have to drop everything and just stare at the tv. Then I realise when the story is over that I cannot remember what the hell the story was about! Dark hair, great use of makeup and hair, awesome wardrobe, acts like a real lady on camera. Deserves some of the harder hitting stories really.  Since then she's now a reporter in Sydney for a larger news outfit, so it's good to see.

Anne Hathaway - Actress. Best remembered for The Princess Diaries and starring in the new film Ella Enchanted. This one really pisses me off, this girl can ACTUALLY act, and on top of that she is one hell of a beautiful woman yet she's acting in all these crappy kiddy movies for peanuts. She has freakin' credentials!! Someone get her a better gig already, please! I actually watched those stupid kiddy movies to see her however, and I was not disappointed. I think she's the new wave of good looking. Medium height, slender yet toned, pretty face, long dark hair.  HAHAHA oh man, how times have changed since I updated this!  Now an Oscar winner, known for her dramatic and hard hitting roles!  Well deserved success I say, just please grow your hair out lady!

Patricia Heaton - Actress. She plays Deborah on Everybody Loves Raymond. So WHY is she on the list you ask?! I think that even despite her age, she still looks bloody amazing and has a body that makes 80% of 20 year old girls blush! Ahhhh if only we could allow The Graduate to happen, no I am not into MILFS, so let's just leave it right there!

Debra Messing - Actress. Plays Grace on hit show Will And Grace. I think this girl is just the tops. Despite her flaws (no breasts, too skinny), she is just ravishing to look at. Her red hair makes her eye catching at first and you cannot look away from her at all.

Jacinta Stapleton - Actress. Australian actress, formerly of Neighbours, a long time ago, now on the defunct show Stingers. She's basically the Australian version of Miss Messing. It annoys me that she has not had much of a career on-screen as I would have liked for a gorgeous Australian woman, but hey, the entertainment industry is crazy! Give this woman more roles, please! Amazing face, super smile. HIRE THIS WOMAN NOW!

Julie Gonzalo - Actress. YOWZA! I was watching STC one day, and I came across a promo for Christmas with the Cranks. Looked like a shite movie, and then something involved Tim Allen's on screen daughter! What the hell??! How hot is she??! She doesn't look Argentinian does she?! But alas she is, and she's going to be a big star I tell you. She's also been in A Cinderella Story and Freaky Friday. She is just an absolute babe I tell you!

Kaley Cuoco - Actress. Starred formerly in 8 Simple Rules and now The Big Bang Theory. Have you seen her body???!  Heard she used to be a pro tennis player, so I guess that's where the fitness comes in. But just by looking at her you can tell she's one of those "fit but don't you know it" kinda girls.  Now that's she's a lot more famous she's got some good exposure.

Erika Christensen - Actress. OH MY GOD! She is another one of the 1982 club. Starred in Traffic as the addict daughter of Michael Douglas' character. I think this girl is just one of those perfect all 'round packages in the world of entertainment. She can act, she's beautiful and she has some brains! This girl is going to be the next it girl if she makes some wise choices with her roles.

Brittany Snow - Actress. Plays Samantha on Our Generation/American Dreams. She is the stereotypical all American good girl, with that look the blonde hair, blue eyes sweetness thing. It's a fine look, and she's also got a bit of talent with the acting so hopefully she can become a bigger star.  I'm also loving her as a brunette, she's one of the few that can pull off both looks convincingly.

Maria Sharapova - Tennis Player. I saw her when she first became big in her first grand slam and won! OH MY GOD, HOW HOT IS THIS GIRL?!?! What makes it even better is the fact that she's also a damn good tennis player as well as being a hottie. Blonde, Russian, Tall, what ISN'T there to like?! I watch all her matches on tv even though I'm not really a big tennis fan. Then again she's a whole new reason to be interested!

Elizabeth Hurley - Actress/Model. CLASSIC BRITISH BEAUTY! She seems so debonair, and so classy. Even after she had her child she looks amazing. Hugh Grant should be shot. WHO WOULD CHEAT ON LIZ HURLEY?!?!  But now she's shacking up with Shane Warne?  Hmm not sure how to feel about that.

Maria Menuonos - Presenter/Model/Actress. Works primarily on Entertainment Tonight but she's on a myriad of other shows as well. I thought she was south american, but it turns out that she's actually Greek! If the ladies look like that, I want to visit! Tall, awesome body, long brunette hair and a face to die for! But what sets her apart is her personality, she's a very funny girl and I think she'd be awesome to hang out with. Must do something about that laugh though...

Monica Bellucci - Actress/Model. Most folk will know her from her role as the Frenchman's wife in The Matrix, the one who kisses Neo. Oh my god!! Even at her age she is just damn hot. You should check out her other roles, because she actually looks better in them. She's Italian, and has the darkish charm, black hair, soulful lusty eyes, it just ought to be illegal to look like that.

Eva Longoria - Actress. Plays Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives. Too hot to describe, you all really should watch the show or look her up on the web. You will NOT be disappointed. I'm having trouble breathing just thinking about her right now. 'Nuff said.

Catherine Davies - Presenter. I started watching Hot Source because of this woman. She's got weird brown hair which she never wears out or in conventional styles and she's just got the loveliest goofy smile you'll ever see. She's not the best looking lady ever, but her personality is so sparkly and bubbly, it really makes her shine as a whole and I'm just dying to meet her some day. Bit of a bohemian girl, but lately I am really not minding that whatsoever. She is just so damn cute I want to give her a hug right now dammit! In fact, she's inspired me to freestyle rap (gasp). Cat Davies, Cat Davies, please will you have my babies?!

Karen Tso - Business Analyst/Reporter. If anyone used to watch Lateline on the ABC or currently Nine News afternoon edition, you'll know this woman. She presents the Finance/Business news. I know this is sad, but instead of watching the news purely for the news, I wait to see if she's on! Another halfie this one!! Her hair is this weird shade of platinum blonde that she wears in my favourite style (which I don't know the name of, it's kinda like round the clock but not so bouffant like). My knowledge of Finance is limited to what I learned in Corporation Law, so I don't understand what the hell this woman is talking about most of the time, but dammit, I'll still watch and I'll still listen intently. Her voice is just so sexy, who would have thought that hearing the Dow Jones plunge 1000 points could get one's blood pumping? This woman's beauty also makes me feel like freestyle rapping again (baaah). Karen Tso, Karen Tso, will you please be my dirty hoe?

Jamie Lynn Siegler - Actress. She plays Meadow on The Sopranos. I'll admit that I originally started watching The Sopranos cause she was in it. Then I gradually weaned myself of it until a friend got me into it because of the superb acting and story-lines. However, whenever this woman comes on screen, I think back to the heady days of when it premiered and I smile a little mischievious smile. Dark and alluring, she seems a lot older than she is (but not in a bad way). Too bad she married her manager who is like 30 years her senior! However they are getting a divorce now so it's time for Joaquin to make his move!

Rachael Ray - Presenter/Cook. I happened upon this one by accident while watching the Late Show with David Letterman one night. I had no idea who this woman was and then out of nowhere, one of THE hottest women I've ever seen in my life takes to the stage and gets interviewed. It turns out that she's a cook and hosts a few shows on the cable channel "the food network". She's meant to be 40 years old, but I swear to you, she does not look a day over 23. PLEASE, if you are in any way attracted to women (actually, even if you're strictly attracted to men) LOOK HER UP RIGHT NOW! You will not be disappointed.

Zuleikha Robinson - Actress. Fans of cult comedy will remember this girl as Yves Adele Harlow from The Lone Gunmen and a few episodes of The X-Files. I belive she also had some role in that Viggo Mortensen horse racing flick that came out a little while ago. states that she's a rich mix of ethnicities and it shows when you see her face because you can easily see that she's of an exotic extract but you can't quite pin where exactly she's from. Free from that, she has the usual middle eastern mysterious look about her, while maintaining a British air of charm and wit about her mannerisms.  In good form she's been in a few more things (Lost, The Namesake, and now Homeland).  Go check her out.

Lena And Kristy - Regular people?? Please watch season 6 of The Amazing Race, or go to cbs' website and follow the links to the previous season of The Amazing Race in order to check out these women. They're sisters who hail from Salt Lake City, Utah. These two are just divinely attractive and they were absolutely robbed in that race I tell you! The other will testify as to my anger when they were eliminated! He's lucky he's still alive!! One was formerly a mormon, but has grown into a party animal while the other one is more strait-laced and is still a mormon. I know having a thing for sisters (and a religious one at that) is double taboo because I have some naughty ideas but I cannot help it! I'm human dagnabbit! Fight the temptation!!! I want to host TAR just so I can meet hot women just like Phil Keoghan, damn him!

Billie Piper - Actress. You may remember her from a long time ago as a teen popstar. But sheeit, ever since Doctor Who has come back, this woman is just a total vixen!! Not only that, she's quite the decent actress too. Also one of the few blondes that I fancy a hell of a lot. I lurrve her body, it's just gahh! Stop me because I am drooling right now!

Rhona Mitra - Actress/Model. She currently stars in Boston Legal, and I just have to say GAAH GAAH GOOO! I cannot think sane thoughts when she is on screen, she is just THAT hot. Then again she used to be a model so you can understand why that is. She's half indian and half british and she just looks smokingly exotic to the point of reducing me to curling into the foetal position.

Masiela Lusha - Actress. I was told about this one from a friend. I then watched an episode of George Lopez and I was pleasantly surprised. It is quite funny though, because the family is meant to be hispanic, and they all possess a lovely tanned skin tone, but Masiela being Albanian, is VERY white. That's ok though, because she is absolutely gorgeous. Look up her photo spread on to see WHY!  Looks absolutely amazing.

Ana Invanovic - Tennis Player. I've only seen a few shots of her, but I can tell you that she rivals even the good ol' Sharapova in the looks department, and she's also quite the good tennis player. She's tall, young, dark haired and very pale. My ultimate dream is to watch Sharapova and Ivanovic verse each other in the finals of a major tennis tournament. I don't know who I'd go for??!

Jaime Murray - Actress. Stars in brilliant British show Hustle, as a con artist. I wish every british woman was like her, because to me, she is the epitome of the ultimate British babe. Tall, shapely, classy and oh so very smouldering in the looks department. One lingering look from her, and I would be rendered useless for a good 2-3 years.

Kerry Washington - I first saw her in the previous season of Boston Legal and I must say WOW. She's become quite the star in film and tv, so I'd advise you to go watch her now!  Not just a beautiful face, she's immensely talented.

Navi Rawat - Actress. Some of you may remember her as Ryan's girlfriend on that horrible show The OC. However, she has also been on Numb3rs as the mathematician dudes girlfriend. She's SOOO hot. Half white half indian, does it get any better? I think not!

Nolwenn Leroy - Singer. She won the French version of Pop Idol a few years ago and she is just yowza! Black hair, bright eyes, what a combination. Not just that, she's also very bohemian and talented. Classically trained and just ahh beautiful!

Katheryn Winnick - Actress. She's been a bit part actor so far, I noticed her on an episode of CSI NY and I did a bit of research. Turns out she's an accomplished martial artist and an accredited Bodyguard. But best of all, she's freakishly attractive! I wonder how old she is, nobody knows! I guess I'll have to ask her in person some day.

Paula Garces - Actress. She was in some movie called Clockstoppers which I have yet to see. However she did have a nice stint on Law and Order SVU as a forensics cop. She has that south American charm and accent yikes, I am just breaking out in a sweat here.  Also fantastic in the Harold and Kumar series.

Sirusho - Singer. Armenia's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest for 2008. Goddamn, she is AWESOME!!!!!! That hair, that face, that body!!! I DEMAND that you watch her rendition of Qele Qele on youtube now, you'll see damn well what I'm talking about. PERHAPS, maybe just perhaps the best woman of all time?? Who knows! Ahh from Yerevan, I should have taken that town in M2TW much earlier!

Odette Yustman - Actress. Now, when the other came over a few months ago, we watched Cloverfield. It was an alright movie, but woooah, stop the presses! The main dude's girlfriend is insanely fine!! Tall, leggy, brunette, with a face to die for! And she can actually act too, which is a great bonus in this day and age. I can't believe she's younger than me! I can't believe you're still reading this instead of google imaging her right now!

Adrianne Palicki - Actress. She was in Supernatural as the annoying brothers girlfriend before she was killed. I didn't rate her until a few episodes later where he had a premonition where he saw her on a street in a white flowing dress walking around. She has that evil blonde combination of light hair and bright eyes which I find irresistable.

Rosamund Pike - Actress. You may remember her as the rogue MI6 agent in Die Another Day. But she fought Halle Berry with a Rapier. Yeah, now you know which one I mean! Wow, Oxford educated, and just yowza. Another one of those sophisticated British women. Why am I such a sucker for them? I don't know, but I'm not complaining.

Jessica Sutta & Melody Thornton - Singers. I put these two together because they're both in The Pussycat Dolls. Jessica is the tall pale skinned one with Black hair. Melody is the dark one with the blondish kinda brown hair. They're PCD, they're hot, WOW. 'Nuff said!

Jade McRae - Singer. I did not rate her at all until I saw her perform on Live At The Basement, and let me just say her legs may be the best in the business. I'm not a fan of her voice, but she has a gorgeous smile and has a bit of performer charisma, and let's not even get into those eyes!

Willa Holland - Actress. Due to her relatively young age I will not go further and will just leave this one on layby! Plays Mischa Barton's sister on The OC.  But she's legal now, ahh hahahaha!  Thank you ticking hands of time!

Katherine McPhee - Singer. Runner up on American Idol a while back, which was a shame cause she is just smoking hot. She's a different sort of attractiveness from Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson is more unique, McPhee is more girl next door gorgeous, but they are both just as good as each other looks wise. However, due to this being Australia, I haven't seen much of her, so I think I may have to hit the download train for some more info.  She even looks good as a blonde, oh come on!  That's just not fair!

Jenna Dewan - Actress. I remember my friend Anj showed me some shots from the film Tamara and upon seeing her gorgeousness, I HAD to scam the movie off him. I eventually did and even the B-C grade crapness was left out of my mind while I watched this woman's insane beauty. Her acting isn't bad, so she might get somewhere. She's so small and petite, yet curvy (read she used to be a dancer), with dark hair and bright eyes (yes I am a sucker). Look her up now, I command you.  Haha, damn I look stupid now!  Of course she's well known for Step Up, but also probably more famous for being Channing Tatum's wife.

Lisa Loeb - Singer. I know, before you start throwing your glasses at me and ask my why I would like a woman who is 13 years older than me. Frankly, I think she's very attractive, and she has a very unique personality. She has an interesting songwriting style and her vocal delivery is very soothing, I like to watch her video clips, even for songs I don't like. I think she's gorgeous!

Lizzy Lovette - Presenter. Is the host of this music program called Eclipse. However it's on weekend mornings so I've only seen it like twice in my entire life. I've had to live off those appearances, some tv promos and pics in tv mags. There's just something about this woman, she's drop dead stunning. Pics are hard to come by on the net, but if you're willing to put the effort in, you won't be disappointed, I promise! I hate to be cliched, but yes, I lovette!

Anna Coren - Newsreader. EXACT same entry as above applies here, but Seven Network and former Today Tonight Newsreader. Blonde, gorgeous face, but body always hidden behind hideously gigantic pantsuits, the wardrobe department needs to do her some justice, justice Today Tonight style (hahaha)!

Raquel Alessi - Actress. One word, Standoff. Look her up, she has an awesome pic on! She's awesome and deserves more screen time, or her own damn tv show! She's close to perfection looks wise (for me anyway).

America Ferrera - Actress. Some of you will soon know her as Ugly Betty. However in reality, she is anything but ugly. I had some idea of who she was from that sisterhood of travelling pants movie. She was a bit chubby back then but now she's slimmed down but for some stupid reason she cops a bit of flack about her weight which I find stupid and abhorrent. I think her body is delicious and she's utterly gorgeous. I can't wait for the show to start soon. I think I'm going to buy Cosmo Girl this month just to read her interview.

Suze Raymond - Presenter. One of the new hosts of Quizmania. She is just utterly awesome. She is tallish, dark haired, with dark eyes and her face is just all that. However she is a tad on the skinny model side, but it can be overlooked because her smile is just so charming. No pics on the net yet (that I've seen anyway) but there will be soon enough!  Thankfully that's changed!  Was on Hey Hey it's Saturday reboot for a while and finally has pics on the net, but she should be involved in more stuff!

NIKKI OSBORNE - Actress/Presenter/Singer. Host of Quizmania. She is just ahhhhhhh! I have to say the most desireable woman who has ever lived. Hands down #1 on the list. Look her up on or I promise you, it shall be glorious I tells you!! Everything about her is just the tops! Do it now, I command you!!! Joaquin's #1!

Stephanie Bendixsen - TV Presenter. Ok, let's forget the controversy that saw her replace Jeremy "Junglist" Ray on Good Game (for our international readers, this is a gaming tv show, I'd highly advise you to check it out). Putting numerous slugs into the theory that gamer girls are either fat or ugly, or in not so rare circumstances, fat AND ugly, Stephanie or "Hex" is a blonde (but dyed black) haired beauty that just exhudes charm, despite retaining all those 'girl next door' qualities that make her relatable and easy on the eye. From reading her twitter feed, I think she is also carrying a lot of repressed anger at being the girl on the outer while growing up. I feel that she is probably getting used to the fact that her new exposure to will garner her some attention. That all being said, she is actually a real gamer, and a good one at that, not just a pretty face that other institutions like to place as a marketing gimmick. A woman for all seasons!

Olivia Thirlby - Actress. I first saw her on Juno, but did not pay her much attention due to my innate rage at wanting to punch Ellen Page in the face for the entire film. Did I mention I hate Ellen Page? Anyway, I next saw her on The Wackness, and yowza! Red hair and a very distinctive face. I was instantly enthralled and paid more attention whenever she was on the screen. I really hope she continues to act and pick challenging roles, because she is also quite a good actress. One to watch! Oh yeah, death to Ellen Page!

Nicole Chamoun - Actress. First saw her in Kick where she played a lebanese university student who was engaged to be married, but fell for a fencing competitor who was female. It was a very interesting role, and made all the better by the fact that this woman is a certified goddess. I'd hesitate to use the words typical middle eastern beauty, it's just that here we don't tend to get a lot of them on screen. Unfortunately I have not seen her since this show ended, so I assume she is in theatre. Google image search this woman. There isn't much, but what's there you will love. Yeah, yeah I know, you're thinking "Joaquin, you and these brunette women, they will be the death of you" - well I bloody well hope so! Let's not forget her gorgeous smile!

Dianna Agron - Actress. From reading the list, you'd be aware that I'm not so keen on blonde women. Well, goddamn, this woman does much to disprove that rule. What can I say? She has an amazing body, and an absolutely beautiful face. When I hear the term "a face that could launch a thousand ships" I instantly think of her. For those of you still living under a rock, Dianna plays a cheerleader on Glee. I don't really like glee, nor do I watch it, but yet I am still aware of this woman, due to her famous hotness. I really hope she branches out and becomes known for being a serious actress. Not just that, she's jewish! Yes! Please world, can we have some more attractive jewish women in entertainment? Joaquin is a big fan!

Kellyn Morris - TV Presenter. I have not watched morning tv in years, but due to using the gym in the mornings, people tend to leave the televisions on. One day, I noticed that Toasted TV was on, and this gorgeous, vivacious blonde babe was hosting the show. Yes, ok, there are now many more blondes on this list than there used to be! Think of it as Joaquin expanding his tastes! Petite blonde, who rumour has it, was born in Rhode Island, USA, but moved to Australia soon after, she actually looks like your all American good girl, but with the mannerisms of your surfer Queenslander girl, and it is wonderfully amazing. I'm sure the other people in the gym get a bit weirded out that I'm watching a children's show in the morning while running vigorously on the treadmill and staring intensely at this woman, haha!

Jessica Marais - Actress. Wow, another blonde Australian? Surely I must have fallen off the brunette bandwagon by now? Haha, never! First came to fame in the show Packed to the Rafters. Tall, fantastic face and a killer body. She is just one of those women that forces you to stand up and take notice.

Vanessa O'Hanlon - Weather lady. Ok, this is another morning tv treat. ABC News 24, thank you for including this woman on your broadcast, it is just a shame that you only have the weather report every 30 minutes! As such, I typically only get two glances at her at the most, but unfortunately this usually means only one per day for me. A bit of an older woman, she has a ridiculously fantastic body and wears all this glamorous (and somehow tight fitting) dresses. Blonde and just absolutely
statuesque, on screen she looks like she is over 6 feet tall. Do yourself a favour and media spy this woman right now!

Gia Farrell - Singer. This is an odd situation, as I have only really ever seen her on her video clip for Hit Me Up, as well as on Google Images. But that's all I need, I tells you! Red haired, and is also a very talented singer. Why did her label have to drop her?! Just invest some money in her and she will sells some records if you provide some decent material! Hell, I'll even write it! Youtube some of her live singing, she's a phenom. Anyway, she has an amazing body, and I think she has a gorgeous face. She also appears to be quite coy and playful - come on, just look at that wink at the end of Hit Me Up! That is enough to make me faint!

Christina Hendricks - Actress. Ok, I've never seen Mad Men, but I know that I must, as Christina Hendricks is hands down my number one fantasy woman. Ok, she is a natural blonde, but she's been dyeing it red for a long time now, let's just say red-haired? But that's not it, there are those impossible, insane curves that leave my mouth dry, but it's that beautiful face and her gentle manner of speaking. It's as close to angelic as I could put it. Yes, there are those dresses that just manage to show off her body, but let's just focus on the woman underneath the clothes! I've got nothing to say, wow. Just wow. Yowza!

Amanda Righetti - Actress. She plays Seth Cohen's Aunt in The OC. Sorry, I don't watch a lot of that show so I don't know what her name is. But it's slightly ridiculous, she barely looks older than Seth himself! She's your typical blonde bombshell, but unlike the usual skin and bones look that goes around on that show, she has curves and she shoulda stayed on the show dammit! I only today also found out that she's my age! How freakishly cool is that??

Kristen Miller - Actress. I've only ever seen her on She Spies. The main emphasis would be on Natasha Henstridge cause she's the model, but Kristen owns her in every department. She just seemed so perky and versatile as an actor. Blonde SPUNK are the perfect adjectives to use here. If only the show didn't go downhill I could see more of her!

Asha Gill - Presenter. She presents the Lonely Planet 6 degrees show. Half Indian, half British, she's really not all that physically attractive (but not because of those two factors, don't get me wrong). But this is another case of personality really overshining looks and therefore making the person appear more attractive as a whole. She is a total bohemian chick which I think is a bit of a turn on, not to the extent of being a freakin' hippie, but just a bit on the alternative side.

Eka Sulistiowati - If you're Australian, you'll know about this case in Indonesia Schapelle Corby's drug smuggling. She may be put to death, so of course it is getting prominent screen time on the news. But holy crap, her court interpreter is a freaking babe! Phwoar! No need to worry about the culture problems, cause we know she can speak English. No wonder Corby keeps collapsing, she can't handle the hotness of this woman. Maybe I should smuggle something of my own in order to meet this woman. Hok that would be stupid so scrub that idea!

Noa Tishby - Actress. I saw her in an episode of Enterprise and she's meant to be starring in Lacey Chabert's new movie so I absolutely must see it. Her screen time was funny, since her breasts took up about 3/4 of the freakin' frame, which is a damn shame since she has a lovely face. Hails from Israel and has that Middle Eastern subtle Euro cross look going for her and I hope she gets more roles soon.

Rose Byrne - Actress. This woman should be a huge Hollywood star based on looks alone. Unfortunately, most of the big female names in acting really have no skill and only get somewhere because they look good. However she is the complete package, she is beautiful and she is actually a trained NIDA graduate. You may remember her from Troy has some slave girl that Brad Pitt sleeps with... Dark hair, big eyes, she's just extremely sexy.  Thankfully since the first update she's had a lot more american exposure.

Lindsey Shaw - Actress. Discovered while watching the Aliens in America, where she played the daughter. Haha yes, let's bring out the mother/daughter fantasies right now! All the promos talked about her body, then they showed it in all its glory. Goddamn! That sort of stuff should be illegal! I have to agree though, it's uber naughty naughty. I love her hair and her strong facial features, and that permanent look in her eye of umm yeah you know what! She strikes me as that girl from school that everyone has fantasies about. That body, yarrgh!!

Chloe Annett - Actress. British, brunette, sophisticated. Need I say more?? Haha she is absolutely amazing. I came across her while watching Red Dwarf, when they introduced her as the new actress playing Lister's love interest Kristine Kochanski. She possesses that old world British charm that is just hard to find these days. That accent and that hair, yowza. I also think she'd be a demon in the sack!

Sophie Winkleman - Actress. Again, another brunette sophisticated British type. I first noticed her when she played an older version of one of the teens on The Lion Witch And The Wardrobe. Even though she was on screen for like 10 seconds and had no lines, I took notice. She again came to my attention while watching the new Red Dwarf: Back To Earth series. One word - wow! Ridiculously petite but curvy body (I don't know how that's possible, google her now)! Pure class! No wonder she's engaged to marry some royalty type. She reminds me of a young Nigella Lawson.

Tina Fey - Actress/Comedian/Writer. Some may be tripped out by this, but I do find her attractive! Brunette, quirky, fun and she has a sense of humour! In a girl I find that such a fantastic quality, and it can rate (ALMOST) as highly as the looks department. Notwithstanding that, she is a looker. That body, hair and those glasses, hello! This probably ties into the Lisa Loeb effect though (see above)! Haha enjoy!  30 Rock, Mean Girls, what more can you want?

Demi Renee Harman - Actress.  Known to Australians for playing Sasha on Home and Away.  Now I don't know about the show, so I can't remember how I came to know about her.  But all I can say is that she's easily the best thing Australia has on tv!  She's amazing, I love her beautiful face, and that brunette (haha yes) hair!  Hopefully she doesn't fade away into soap show obscurity.  I don't know if she can act, but on the strength of looks alone, she can go far.

Alison Brie - Actress.  Best known for starring in Mad Men and Community as Annie.  Wow, just wow.  Hold on, wow again.  Pocket dynamo, and ANOTHER member of the 1982 club.  Brunette, flawless porcelain skin.  Amazing blue eyes, and she's got one hell of a brutal sense of humour.  If you haven't seen Community or you don't know who this woman is, please google image her.  Love the risque pics too!

Danielle Roulx - Model.  This is what you need to do right now - type her name into google images.  Yes, that's her.  How amazing is she?  Utterly beautiful, her face is pure perfection.  She's a plus sized model, which may bring up negative connotations, but I don't think there's anything wrong with her at all.  She has a lovely body, and I like her fashion sense.  If you're on tumblr, you should follow her.  LOOK AT THAT FACE, LOOK AT THAT BODY!  All other ladies, please emulate her!

Park Gyuri - Singer.  So in the past few months I have really gotten into korean pop (or k-pop).  Yes, laugh all you want, but I'm really liking what a lot of them are doing, and the women are ridiculously attractive.  Nothing to do about ethnic stereotyping or what not, because I think beauty isn't attached to race.  Anyway, this woman is ridiculously beautiful.  She doesn't look like anyone else in the world.  Nobody resembles her.  And I really treasure that uniqueness.  She's in Kara, a korean pop group that has crossed over well into the japanese scene.  I've gone with the korean naming convention, so Gyuri is actually her first name.  Look her up, she's all sorts of wow.  You'll be speechless!  In Korea she's known as a goddess because of her beauty, you'll soon see why.

Kang Ji Young - Singer.  Also a member of the k-pop group Kara.  This woman is something else.  I thought she was in her mid 20's, but it turns out that she's only in her late teens.  She has the body of a full figured woman and it's just yowza.  Nobody looks as good in short shorts as she does.  Look her up now!!!

Han Seungyeon - Singer.  Also a member of the k-pop group Kara.  She's typically known as the baby faced lead singer of the group.  Well yeah, she's a great singer, but she also has this penchant for raw and random displays of overt sexuality.  In video clips and live performances from out of nowhere she will just do crazy stuff like dance suggestively, or touch herself and holy crap, I don't know how she gets away with it.  Awesome stuff!

Emilia Clarke - Actress.  Well, was I blown away when watching Game of Thrones.  This gorgeous woman plays Danerys Targaeyen (I'm sure I'm butchered that spelling), or the 'Dragon lady'.  Unlike the show where she is platinum blonde, Emilia is actually brunette in real life and she looks like a real vision.  I like her accent, and she's got decent acting chops.  I hope she doesn't get type cast in the future, because I think she can make it.

Emma Watson - Actress.  Hands off!!  I had Hermione Granger pegged as a hottie from the start!  The first Harry Potter film I saw was The Goblet of Fire, when Emma Watson was already attractive.  Needless to say, I watched the rest of the series and then started from the beginning just before the last film so I could be caught up.  From hottie to world fashion icon, I knew she was going places!  Can't wait to see her in The Bling Ring.

Kim Hyoyeon - Singer/Dancer.  Another k-pop idol this one, but this time belonging to a group called Girls' Generation.  Go ask an Asian person if they have heard of this group.  If they say no, they can no longer be called Asian.  Girls' Generation are absolutely massive everywhere except the West.  Basically, it's a group of 9 (yes, NINE) girls who sing mostly pop songs.  They all have defined roles within the group and what not.  Hyoyeon is a featured dancer, and boy can she move!  I love her face, it's just so gorgeous and beaming.  She copped a lot of flack when the group was new because she didn't fit the typical pop star look, and she carries that burden still to this day, even though she is worshipped by so many, and it's sad.  Do yourself a favour, go to Youtube and look up Girls' Generation - Genie.  Look for the one in the red hat.  You can thank me later.

Stephanie/Miyoung Hwang (Tiffany) - Singer.  Also another feature from Girls' Generation, Tiffany is one of the talented singers on offer.  Tiffany is originally from America, and she moved to Korea to become a singer when she was very young.  She's a great vocalist, and I think she is insanely hot.  When there's a Girls' Gen clip on, I only watch Hyoyeon and Tiffany.  Tiffany has the most 'western' body out of the 9 (in my opinion), with crazy curves.  Factor in her talent and her incredible smile that just lights up the room, and you have yourself an easy recipe for the JRL!

Ellin/Kim Minyoung - Singer.  Member of a 5 girl k-pop group called Crayon Pop, they make really interesting and obscure music.  Ellin is one of their dancers/singers and she looks absolutely amazing.  Google image this woman!  She has a dynamite body, and her face is attractive enough to lead men to their dooms.  She's also got an awesome sense of humour, and what's more, despite being rail thin, she loves to eat.  Is that a perfect woman or what??

Karen Gillan - Actress.  Former companion to the Doctor on Doctor Who.  I stopped watching Doctor Who after Billie Piper left, but I saw enough promos and internet shots to realise that this companion was uber hot.  Pale skin, red hair, beautiful face.  What more do you need?  Haha, I haven't even seen her star in anything, but on the strenght of just her looks, I'm happy to add her to to the JRL.  I wonder what she'll be on next, maybe I'll catch her in that.  But damn, the three redheads on here are definitely high calibre!

Jenna Louise Coleman - Actress.  The latest companion to the Doctor on Doctor Who.  Again, I didn't know who this person was because I don't watch Doctor Who anymore, but I saw from pictures and the like that she was insanely hot.  British, sophisticated, lustrous eyes and a smouldering look.  I dare any man to look at her and not melt into the floor.  I know she's also dating Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, and damn, how good looking are their kids going to be?  It's unfair I tells ya!  Unfair for the rest of the world!

Vanessa Hudgens - Actress/Singer.  I put her in with a question mark, because I was fairly certain she was already in here, but I was wrong!  How is that the case?!  When I first saw High School Musical I was entranced by her character.  I was instantly taken and I had developed a serious crush on her.  I guess I preferred classic Vanessa over what she's turned into now.  Haha yes, I did scam on 'those' pics which should have destroyed her career.  But then I stop and think whether her place on here has been taken over by Selena Gomez?  But she dated Justin Bieber, so no.  Haha!  But Vanessa, she brings some good latina diversity to the mix, but she doesn't have quite the fire of your Salma Hayek types, she seems like more of the good girl who can go wild if she needs to.

Nora Danish - Model/Actress.  Randomly stumbled across her on Instagram when one of her photos made it to the popular page.  Well sheeeit, she is absolutely gorgeous.  A Malaysian beauty who just has an absolutely wicked smile.  She is incredibly fit, but still retains an air of feminine elegance about her.  Do yourself a favour and look this woman up, especially on Instagram.

Rachel Khoo - Chef/Author.  So while I was randomly watching tv one day, a promo came on for a cooking show called The Little Paris Kitchen.  Ok, so what?  The chef.  Oh man, the chef.  Rachel Khoo is perhaps the best Eurasian of all time, of ALL TIME!  She hails from the UK, but has a very soft and delicate, yet still sophisticated accent.  She has such a beautiful face, and an amazing body.  I love her fashion sense, and I love that she has lived in France and can speak French.  She's my perfect woman!  I have to say it, she's just that awesome!  Watch her show, buy her books, look her up online.  She is just divine!
Samantha Armytage - Journalist.  She has recently come to the spotlight as taking over Melissa Doyle's role on Sunrise, this otherwise atrocious excuse for morning breakast style news television show.  But I knew her back from a while ago when she used to present news segments on my local news.  A tall, curvy blonde, she really appears like she knows how to have fun, it's a wonder how she's still single.  She's got a lovely smile, and she's a journalist, so she has a brain too, it's just a shame to see her talents wasted on morning trashy tv, but I guess they are paying her a lot of money. 

Lauren Porter - Singer/Tv Presenter.  Every alternate day I do cardio work in the gym.  We have tvs in the gym and one of them is always turned on to Wurrawhy on channel 10.  For those not in the know, Wurrawhy is a kid's show which features a weird dude dressed as a mouse, assisted by his trusty friend, Lauren.  Lauren does a number of the segments and she also plays the guitar and sings.  I discovered the other day that she is a singer/guitarist in her own band (Say No Do), and they have a few good songs.  Anyway, check her out on youtube and google images.  Her face is just utterly gorgeous.  It gives me the strength to keep on going during my workouts, cause I'm usually running at that point (and quite hard, might I add), and I am usually able to find another gear just by looking at her and I can carry on.  Hopefully she has the same effect on you.

Victoria Justice - Actress.  So morning gym sessions also provide me with the opportunity to watch this interesting Disney show called Victorious.  I have no idea what the premise is, cause I've never watched it with the sound on, so I had to look things up on wiki and youtube.  Anyway, the main character is played by Victoria Justice.  Suffice to say, but that is the most boss name I've ever heard!  She's a dynamite latina with the standard long brunette hair and tanned skin that I just absolutely love.  She can sing (sorta), she can dance, she can act (sorta).  Is that a triple threat?  Sorta, haha!  She has everything I like!  Why can't she be the archetype for most of the population?  Haha, noo no, I do like my diversity when it comes to my taste in women, thank you very much.

Kelsey Chow - Actress.  The other day I was babysitting my niece and nephews when they were watching Disney.  Some awful show came on called Pair of Kings and I was about to die a slow death from brain atrophy when this beauty crossed the screen.  A gorgeous, skinny eurasian with an air of grace and sophistication about her.  She doesn't pull off the uptight psycho that she's meant to because I think she is just too warm, and that still translates on screen, so she isn't that great of an actress.  But who cares?  She's stupidly attractive.  I watched the rest of the episode with an open mouth like a slack jawed yokel. 

Gemma Arterton - Actress.  I can't believe I've never had this woman on the list before!!  She first came to my attention in St Trinian's.  Then again in Rocknrolla and Quantum of Solace.  I also watched The Disappearance of Alice Creed later on and I loved all her roles, she's a very good actress.  I'm also on the lookout for Tamara Drewe.  But you know the drill: classy, British, sophisticated, how could I say no?!  She ticks all the right boxes!

Celeste Buckingham - Singer.  Hailing from Switzerland, but is actually part American/Eastern European.  Wow, amazing looks.  She's like my definition of the perfect woman.  And she's only 19.  Sheesh!  Look her up on youtube now.  Great talent (in more ways than one)!  Haha!  She has an air of class and sophistication that just belies her youth.  I hope she makes it in the mainstream because she deserves a much bigger audience.

Aubrey Dollar - Actress.  You'll see her in a number of small television roles, but if you see her face just once, you'll definitely remember her.  Such gorgeous, sweet features.  She's like the all american girl next door type that you can take home to your folks.  Just amazing, I hope she can nail some more roles!  And she looks so young, she's older than me!  Nice!
Katrina Bowden - Actress.  Arguably most famous from 30 Rock where she played the airheaded personal assistant/receptionist/secretary.  But wow, I can't help but feel but Elisha Cuthbert and Katrina Bowden have been responsible for me totally coming around on the blonde women.  She is tall, slender and ultra feminine.  Check out some of her me in my place shots and you'll see what I'm on about.  She could be lacking a little in the talent department as an actress, but I'm sure she will be able to coast by on her looks for a long time.
Brit Marling - Actress/Writer.  Getting a little obscure here, but I first saw her in a film called Arbitrage where she played Richard Gere's daughter.  This woman is a powerhouse, she's a great actress, and I looked her up and discovered that she has directed and written a number of independent, well received films with her creative partners.  What an incredible young talent.  Not just that, she is absolutely stunning.  Tall, blonde, she has a graceful yet strong presence.  Do yourself a favour and google image some pictures, you won't be disappointed.  I guarantee it! 

Claire Aird - Journalist.  Damn, first it was Vanessa O'Hanlon bringing the style and presence to ABC morning news, and then a few times when I've been home in the week or during random weekend times, I've noticed Claire.  Usually heading up the news desk on ABC News 24, she is all that I loved about journalism when I did it in university.  She is attractive and smart and comes across as confident.  Her age is indeterminate, she could either be middle aged, or she could be young, she walks a very fine line between both.  Google image her, she pulls the librarian look off VERY well, and can also do casual.  This has definitely been a blonde update, not that there's anything wrong with that!
Rachel Weisz - Actress.  Yes, I know!  You're all like "Joaquin, what is it with you and your brunette sophisticated british types?"  I don't know, it's my weakness!  I swear to God, I have no control over it.  She's a good actress, and she is sooooooo pleasing on the eye.  Who doesn't like her?  Who seriously doesn't like her?  I'll show you someone who is very wrong or very blind.

To be continued....

Alright, that's it for NOW! But it'll be updated pretty much every day. I'm off to watch tv folks. Have a nice day!!