Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Retail Therapy

Alright, I know its been a while since I have made a valuable contribution. Well now its time for one. Sorry about that, but we are back now. Spent the last couple of nights watching the first season of "Sex and the city" and now am released from its grasp. Hopefully for the next 3 weeks I will not get hooked on to anything, with exams coming up...

Yes, its that time again when teachers put on their bad cop mask (or in this case, bad teacher mask) and hand out a piece of paper intended to screw you over. When they say our intentions are not to fail anybody, they are chatting a lode of shit. Coz if that were the case, then they would ask questions like my senior year English teacher did. Since we had to do the IB exam anyways, he decided that everyone should not have to bother with the final school exams and study for those instead. So he cracked a joke about every person in the class, and then asked us to identify who the people were. Of course there were only 20 people in that class and everyone knew everyone well enough to answer them properly. So when teachers say they are not trying to fail us, I want to stand up and say "BULLSHIT!" I guess I should stop complaining this much, and instead use this time wisely to study for something, but for now I just don't want to.

I can almost smell it, the vacation is coming up. Is it going to be a good one or not, we shall find out shortly, but for now I can only drool about the free time that is about to come. Madam N is going back home for the time off, so its just going to be the other and me here in this big city (scrap that, small town). Have a lot of things planned. Have to get a lot of music down, play a shit lode of games, and watch everything that our eyes will allow before they pop out. This should be great. Only down side, I dont get any food, as my catering closes down. Hmmm, so it looks like either I have to get a job, or manage my funds very very carefully. At times like these I wonder why I am not a Jew (no offense, just a quote from the family guy). But don't cry for me Argentina, I will survive. Damn I got two songs in the same line, kick ass!!!

Ebay, Ebay, Ebay... Its got me bloody hooked. I spend a bit of time everyday to look at crap that I can buy. In order to get thru the next 2 months, it is going to be vital that I don't buy anything from there. And the other just has to make sure that I dont buy anything except for the bluetooth dongle that I am going to get tommo. He will make sure, unless he wants to see me horizontally disappear. recently bought a lode of things of ebay, and I swear its the greatest thing ever, just not good when I dont get catered!!

Golfer Sib is about to come to Australia, so kudos to him. He will be here in the next 10 days or so, so it will be good to have him in close proxcimity, but still is a while away. Better than not being here at all. So I also plan to go see him one weekend as well. It will be good to see him again after a while.

My parents just got their computer fixed, and so they will be able to track me down whenever they want :S... Hopefully they arent reading this, and if they are, Which one of you gave them this link. Comon stand up and confess, I promise I wont kill you, just whip you with a cat of nine tails!!! Alright its time for me to hit the sack, its late, and I have an early morning class, and an ebay item to bid on (rubbing hands together)....

Monday, May 30, 2005

I have just one thing to say...

Fuck you Alonso!!!
For Raikkonen to lose it on the last lap is just the worst of luck. Gahh!!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Break the faith, fall from grace

I'm a little weirded out. I have a 2ooo word essay due on Monday, of which I've only done 300 words. I'll get it done of course, but what annoys me is that I practically had no time before in order to get it done. I always finish my assignments at LEAST a week before they're due, in order to fine tune everything, because I do miss key points sometimes. What annoys me that little bit extra was that we were given our individual questions in week 3 (it's now week 15), but we didn't even cover anything in class about my topic until Wednesday! I guess I'm just going to have to write this and be a jammy bastard and dance around when it's done.

I'd better sing the praises of FIFA 2k5 as the other and I have an intense rivalry, which dates back to him arriving back in our fair country. Even if we play with the same teams, it's never boring, and the commentators always say something new every match. You can even tell the players apart from their faces! I also must mention Lego Star Wars! We plated a demo of it last week and we were just blown away. I own the original Episode 1 star wars game, and it was an utter piece of shite. This game is just so much damn fun!! You get to play the entire prequel trilogy in a lego world, and it's just so cute! However, some bits were damn hard, and 2 university going 20 year olds took almost 30 minutes on some sections!! The game was meant for children and there we were, getting our asses kicked by logical problem solving situations!! How embarrassing!

What a crazy day. Was at university doing some work that's due in 2 weeks time. As opposed to most other group related tasks, we were extremely productive and actually finished half the assignment in 4 hours! Also got to know a few other people in my class a little bit better. They're all 24!! I feel like a baby! But knowing I can hold my own against them, as well as school them often, makes me feel a lot better. We were in the law building comp labs doing our work and listening to the Schapelle Corby verdict being delivered (ninemsn.com.au had awesome coverage). I was actually surprised about some of the opinions that some people had about the case, considering they are law students! Without getting into a big spiel about the whole thing, I just want to say that I do feel for the girl, guilty or not.

Nice day folks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Feed Us Lies From The Table Cloth

Every now and then you find something that completely takes over, and you have no controll bit to give in. Its a great feeling, don't have to do anything, just let it take over and drive. Damn, now I know what Coke users feel. No, I am not on drugs, just System of a Down taking over with their absolutely fantastic music. Just listen to their first single B.Y.O.B. the sarcasm of the absolute poppy chorus shouts out their briliance...

Everybody Everybody Everybody Livin Now, Everybody Everybody Everybody Fucks
Everybody Everybody Everybody Livin Now, Everybody Everybody Everybody Sucks
Everybody Everybody Everybody Livin Now, Everybody Everybody Everybody Dies
Everybody Everybody Everybody Livin Now, Everybody Everybody Everybody Cries

Well anyways, sorry people, I have been... eerrrrrr....busy... Hey!! Don't question my authority!! As the other has pointed out, its almost the end of the semester, and so we have to bring in the big guns, and actually do a lot of studying. Haha but today I found out that I get one of my exam papers before hand. This is looking on the positive.

But everything is not like that!!! Fucking bastards took away the little gift that the monetary fairy had left me!!! Damn it now I will not get my new mp3 player. On top of that my CPU fan decides to just die on me this morning. Thankfully Ebay saves the day, a replacement is already on its way!!! Why is it so bloody hard to get a bloody job?? I just need something so I can eat during my break, is that too much to ask??!!?? Oh well i'll just ponder my thoughts here in my sorry. But thankfully System of a Down is here to cheer me up (thats kinda like an oxymoron)...


Why is it such an awesome movie?

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Buffalo Stance

Note to self: buy a cattle prod so I can force the other to start blogging!! He has promised a blog sometime soon so have no fear. Week 14 next week, so 2 weeks until you'll start seeing very regular posts from the both of us.

I haven't been doing very much, just school work and wishing for this semester to be over already. What have I been up to? I had one of the craziest experiences of my life the other night. My friend and I went to the midnight showing of Episode 3 of Star Wars, and as we know that the fans of said film are absolute psychos and line up early, we decided to go at 6pm in order to beat the crowd. We did the same for Ep 2 and we made it only cause my college friends were in line and we kinda cut into the line hehe. But this time people had been waiting like 14 hours and they were a lot more vigilant with crowd control and cutting in so we were forced...to wait....outside...in -2 c weather...for 6 hours!! I almost died! I couldn't feel my legs or anything. What makes it more disturbing was that I was wearing a t-shirt, jumper, denim jacket and a winter jacket over it!! Then the crazy fans who dress up were all excited and it wasn't affecting them in any way, it was all insane. My friend and I passed the time by playing games of Uno and Cards as well as pigging out on various sugary snacks. But it turned out that it was not in vain, as the movie was bloody awesome. Some of the finest moments in cinema took place in this film and for once the cinematography and music matched perfectly and the last 30 mins of this film as exciting as it gets. I won't even comment on the influence on pop culture that it's had, as we all know so just go and give it a look (but please avoid the fans, they seriously have no lives). Who would have thought that Anakin Skywalker was Darth Vader? Haha I kid! Have a nice day folks. I'll start with the good substantive stuff some time soon!

Monday, May 16, 2005


I am not dead! Looks like I'm the only one posting on here for now since the other is so very slack. I'd just like to say that the uni policy on returns sucks! Things have to be in at 9am, regardless of whether you have a class that day or not. So here I am at 9:30am and I don't have class till 11:30, and I have another class at 5:30-7:30! That's just ridiculous. No wonder there are so many youth related driving deaths, they're trying to wake up to return their bloody equipment. I'm tired! My eyes are burning! It's like ghonnorea for the corneas (now that's imagery if I've ever seen it). Why won't the blogger stats update? It's been more than 6 months since it's gone down! How slow are these people? Absolutely pathetic I tell you.

Had a grand time the other night at a formal dinner with M-Biatch, the other, Madame N and Mrs Osbourne (haha, if you can work that one out, you're a genius). Haven't been out in a while and I'll tell you that Chardonnay really packs a punch! I will have a gigantic blog soon enough. I have been busy with my heavy assessment period so I'm gradually sifting my way through the tons upon tons of crap that seem to have piled precariously on top of me. Alas, I shall now head off to do some homework so everyone have a nice day. I still care!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

First Things First!!!

Well firstly I would like to holla out to Golfer Shib as its his birthday. I hope that he has a good time, and hopefully I will be seeing him soon. Incidentally iys my mothers birthday aswell. Though there is no point wishing here here, as she doesn't read this, I'll still wish her. Happy birthday Mum.

I would like to bring to everyones attention that McLeak (TM) is indeed a trade mark of the other and I, so don't go using it without our permission!! Damn McDonnalds... Why does everyone think they can pick on them?? I think its completely worng that people blame the fastfood joints for their obesity problem. Are they shoving burgers in you hands and forcing you to eat it?? Well then they are not the cause of the obesity problem that society is facing. Poeple are always looking for a scapegoat these days, and its sad. First look at yourself, realize your fault, then point the fingers. Its seems like everyones point fingers these days, they all need to turn back and point the the origin. I think this movement of blaming somone else has spawned from the age long american policy to sue anyone and everyone. Its bloody disgusting. Some people sue doctors who were trying to help you, for some choice that they made while trying to save you. If your leg has to go, it has to go!! I read a story a few years ago where a man used a balloon as a condom, and the woman got pregnant because the balloon burst. So he sued the balloon company, and won the suit. Only in America I swear.

People I am tired, and have an early lecture tommo, so I am going to stop here, and prepare to hit the sack. So take care, and hopefully tommo I will have a longer blog...