Monday, January 31, 2005

Invoke A Spirit

I'm so glad!!! Marat Safin won the Australian Open! Hewitt did not deserve to win and I hope he never wins again. Well I don't think that is a possibility, with Federer and Safin turning out to be absolutely awesome. It makes up for Sharapova losing earlier in the week.

I'm watching this movie, Stir Of Echoes and it's superb. I guess Kevin Bacon can actually carry a movie all by himself! It's so disturbing, it's almost as good as The Ring!

I think I'm going to be a terrible father. You can tell who is good with kids and who isn't when they have a baby in their arms. The good ones are willing to wipe up drool and do whatever it takes to entertain the baby. I'm not willing to do the nitty gritty stuff! It's just feral! But I guess that would all change if the baby was actually MINE! On top of that, one needs to be in a union of some sort in order to produce said offspring!

Most High Schools have a Peer Support program. Everyone underwent training and so on in year 10 (5 years ago), then later on some were picked by the staff to be peer support leaders to the year 7's. WELL, what a fantastic bunch they turned out to be! Most of the people chosen were drug addicts, drug sellers and various other criminals. Everyone else (including me), asked to take over, mid-semester but we were all denied (even with our excellent work at the training). The teachers thought it was good to teach these morons responsibility. Heeeheee, now our High School is officially ranked the worst school in the city. All that's missing is students and teachers in gunfights and so on. Oh well, the staff made their own beds, now they have to sleep in it. No skin off my back!

Have a nice day folks.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

"In amereeka furst you get te shugharr"

Sorry about the lack of posting last night but I could not be bothered because I came online a lot later than usual and on top of that, I don't think I had anything to say. Then again, when do I ever have anything to say? Hehe, that's not going to stop me though!

I've noticed that I've spent an absolute shiteload of money over the last few weeks and I dislike it thoroughly! I don't like spending money and I definitely do not like others spending money on me. I just feel incredibly guilty. Oh well, after next week the only thing I'll be spending my money on is textbooks and that's about it for the semester (till the next break anyway). I could be doing other worthy things with my money instead of buying clothes, seeing movies and going out! It's terrible.

I came across what is my favourite line ever. Of course it had to be from The Da Vinci Code. Copyright to Dan Brown and what not but here goes "Langdon decided not to say another word all evening. Sophie Neveu was clearly a hell of a lot smarter than he was". I love it! I really need to finish that book ASAP.

A good friend of mine is leaving town to attend university interstate so we had a farewell picnic for her and it was an alright affair. Right after that, I had to go to a cultural function with my folks. I talked to a friends sister who I had never spoken to in my life, which was good since I've known her for several years now. Met some visitor from Melbourne who R-Rated Boy and I took to the city to play some pool with. I hit some pretty flukey shots, but alas I was schooled in the end.

I'm doing way too much lately, it's not good for me. I also went to Les Femme Anomaly's place to drop off her hat and the dosh that I owed her for the ticket the other day. I probably won't see her until next holidays since she's back at college from this Monday.

There's no let up! I'm also seeing a movie with an old friend next week and then meeting up with another friend who I haven't seen since college (the biatch moved to England temporarily)! THEN, the other shall be joining me from Wednesday onwards.

I just discovered the magic of using this Hello! program for uploading pics on here and such. I've tested it out and it worked, so when the other gets here, we'll start taking pictures of random stuff to amuse you all. Have a nice day folks!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Hmm cook me rare please!

Went to uni today. Found out that they're no longer taking new pics for the ID cards, so they're just sending out the old pics on new cards! How terrible! I'll have a crappy uni ID card for the rest of my years there!

I think the other's antics are rubbing off on me! I lost the lens cover of my new digicam even though I knew the room I had lost it in. Then I spent about 3 hours looking for it all over upstairs. After that, I got a little annoyed and I gave up because I felt that I'd find it accidentally. A few more hours later, I rested my arm on top of the couch next to the computer, moved it and I felt something move and hit the floor. Before I even looked down, I called myself an idiot, and sure enough it was the lens cover!

Speaking of the digicam, I was lucky enough to make my way to the shopping centre and I got myself a media card and a card reader for the new/old digicam! Hooray! The quality of those pics are much better and I look forward to using that to put pics up on here soon enough.

Had some weird moments today. As we were driving out to the shopping centre in the West from the city, we were overtaken by a car, and I have a habit of being over-observant when in the car and I saw this really attractive girl was giving me the once over! That was lovely, but please keep your eyes on the road next time!! Ahh if only I was driving, I would have caught up to her for more hi-jinx. Then came the shopping centre where more girls were giving me looks. I think this is a relatively new phenomenon, or maybe I never have my eyes open when I'm walking about cause the first time I ever saw someone check me out (to my knowledge, mind you) was early last year and then to move from that to feeling like being at a meat market is slightly dodgy. What made it even more disturbing was that I wasn't even dolled up! I was just in regular clothes, and my hair was a bit out of place!! Please ladies, give me a chance to look good enough to warrant the looks!

Today was a shocking day, Sharapova lost and then Federer lost, it's not fair!! Have a nice day people.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

That cannot be right!

The guitar is whacked!! I shouldn't have gone to open tuning again, I went back to standard and it is sounding weird. I think I'm going to go for DropD half a step down later on.

First I'd just like to say damn you to that girl who works at Sanity!! My dad ordered the CD today thankfully enough. But he was served by this girl who I went to college (and have some classes at uni with)! That's crazy. She says she knows me well, that's not true! She also told other people my Dad was cute. That's crazy too. Doesn't matter, eagerly awaiting my CD. Damn it, they say it'll be a few weeks, those bastards! She could have done me a favour!!!

I'm pissed as I was tired last night and as a result was not able to read any of my lovely novel. I'm only up to chapter 20! I want to finish this by the week's end. I think I'm gonna go do a big chunk after I finish this blog and tune the guitar.

I watched Bryan Adams Live At Slane Castle last night. That guy writes some damn good ballads. I also didn't know he played bass live so muchas respectos to him! However, his voice is nowhere near as raspy as it used to be (even though the show was from 2000) so he's actually singing, and it sounds rather amateur like.

Damn sunburns! I have to go and get my ID card renewed for this year and I look like a freakin' tomato!! Sons of bitches. All of my friends look amazing in their cards! It's like they had a professional photo shoot cause they all come off looking like models! Then I come off looking like a complete scrub, it's not fair!

Insomnia is awesome. If it hadn't have been for good ol' insomnia I'd have never watched Star Trek due to the stigma of watching it. It all started some time in High School when they used to have eps at like 3 am in the holidays, I got started with The Next Generation and I was hooked. Then Deep Space 9 and Voyager sucked royally so I didn't bother watching those. The last ep of Voyager was decent but saving your best for the last ep was a stupid idea. But NOWWW, Enterprise is back on and I think that's probably the best series out of what I've seen. Then again I'm not really a big fan, I'll watch the show, but I wouldn't have a big fuss if I missed an ep. The first series was great, and I loved the intro music with the sweet guitar solo but now the second season is a bit dodgy (obvious parallels with real life, go figure), and they changed the damn intro music! It's a nice way to blow an hour off my schedule. Anyway, I'm off for now! Good day folks

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My eyes were dipped in acid

One pet peeve of mine is having the side of my nails rip and crack, then peel back so that when my fingers brush against something, the nail rips a bit more! I need to stop watching arty films on SBS because they makes no sense. I'm waiting for the Turkish version of The Nanny to start and some French film is on where the last scene was of two naked people in a nest, out of nowhere! It probably symbolises something but I am too tired to contemplate.

So the Girl TV CD/DVD combo would have come out on Monday, and they only had 20 copies in Sanity which they sold already!! STUPID FUCKS!!! I need to find whoever bought them and "give 'em a taste of the back o' me 'and" (say it in a cockney accent, it's brilliant)! I don't care if they're lil tweeny girls!! I want my damn CD! I hear it also comes with a poster so I am totally gunning for it. I'm getting my Dad to go to every place and order it so I can hopefully have it when the other gets here. It'll be a double whammy of goodness I tell you!

Went to the Prime Minister's 11 today (cricket). I think I'm sunburnt again!! The match sucked, Bevan sucked (surprisingly, what the hell happened to him?), the crowd sucked! I've noticed that Canberra crowds have become increasingly rowdy and it's really getting out of hand! We were in a tame bay, but some people were going nuts and giving some girls a really hard time and there was even some crazy brawl that spilled ON to the ground and some guy had to be tended to by the paramedics while play was still continuing!

Sigh, Canberra has gone downhill...

WOOO Sinem Kobal! I must go watch my Turkish Delight! Eww, this is bordering on erotomania!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I am freaking out!!!

Having a tuned guitar is scary.
Tuning it is scary.
I'm going to tune it some more.
I think I'm playing half a step down.
That is scary.
I am scared...

What scares me some more
Is that with the flat untuned thing it was in before
I was able to play open d, drop d, standard, half step down stuff
but it didn't sound so full and alive
Now I gotta tune for all the different songs
This is awesome
I am scared....

Monday, January 24, 2005

More Means Good, Or More Means Bad???!!!???

Well sorry folks, the last couple of days have been wierd!!! And extrememly bad for my eyes. Firstly the monitor I have here has the worst possible refresh rate ever, thank god I'm getting a new one soon. On top of that, all my waking hours have been spent on playing Need for speed Underground 2. Oooo what a rush!!! Yeah it was a lot of fun for a while, but I must admit its getting a bit boring at the moment, just the same crap over and over. Maybe I just over did it, guess we'll never know. I think I'll lay off it for a while. Ten days to go!!! Yay, I am quite excited. 3 days till I head back to Dhaka, and then I leave for Aus on the 1st, and finally get to the others place on the 2nd!! My days are numbered but in a different way!! Went and watched the Incredables today, it was technically the second time I watched it, but the first time I really didn't pay any attention. It was funny, damn it I think every movie Pixar makes is brilliant. I just like what they do...

This is whats irritating me, Exchange rates. Why can't all of the world have the same curriency??!!?? I swear I feel like I have no money when I look at the the money I have, but then when I put into context that the dollar is 70 to 1 here, I feel like I have a lot of money. Damn it, this is quite irritating. Its probably gonna take me sometime to put things into prespective. You know waht that and power outlets need to be the same world wide!! Oh yeah that reminds me, I need to get aussie wires for my pc, mumble grumble!!!

So I have 3 days to pack up everything that I own. This is gonna be hell. There are so many things that I truely like, and want to keep. But I know I cant haul everything I like!!! What to keep and what not too keep??!!?? Damn I need a hand at this, and my mum is no help, she just tells me to get rid of everything. Do I take the year book or do I take the fountain head??!!?? Yes, Madam N has got to me too, I got that book a while back. I shall finish reading that sometime, if its the last thing I do!!! And on that note, the da vinci code just kicks a whole lode of ass, so its good that the other is reading it, and any one who hasnt read it must!!! I wonder who was cast as the woman in that movie??!!??

I have this table lamp. I swear its the coolest thing ever!!! Do I drag this along with me?? Its not that important, but I really would like to have it with me. Damn decissions!!! I have to stuff my life into two suitcases, damn it this is completely unfair!!! Where are the teleporting devices?? Isn't it about time that we have that invented, it would make life a whole lode easier!! Someone call George W. Bush and make a request. Ok I'll leave it there, I've lost all my ability to corralate, so I just must stop. Night!

They're watching me!!

My friend was late getting to my place today so instead of watching Ocean's 12, we went and saw A Very Long Engagement. What an absolutely beautiful movie. The cinematography was just stunning and the acting from the prodigal Audrey Tautou made it amazing. I had a tear rolling down my cheek for most of that film, awww how lovely! I need to see more foreign language films, I've been checking out too many brain dead Hollywood blockbusters for ages and it is probably leading to a slight dumbening (muhaha subtle pop culture reference there).

At the insistence of Madame N, I bought The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I'm reading The Da Vinci Code first as it's a few hundred pages shorter, which should make it easy to finish within this week, and I can finish The Fountainhead gradually over next month. What a fucking fantastic book! I haven't read anything in a long time outside of college prescribed novels and uni textbooks. I think it was leading to a cultural slowdown and vocabulary stunting on my behalf. Reading for recreation is the tops. I usually read freakishly fast and I do absorb most of the text, but some vital plot points usually seep out. But this book is just so detailed and rich with intrigue that I am reading slowly in order to make sure everything is kept in my head. I'm not that far through the book, I think I'm only up to chapter 6 but I am absolutely hooked. I love big books with short chapters as you can pick away at it in mini breaks because I used to just read massive chunks over many hours and try to finish novels in one or two nights but it just wasn't fulfilling, drawing it out can be fun sometimes.

I taped the last episode of Carnivale, so after The X-Files is up I'm gonna check out the goodness. Have a nice day folks!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

If the Ace is Motor, then it is Just!

Hehehe it seems that the other is addicted to NFS UG 2! With good reason too, I played it a few months back at a friends and it's really just a great get in there and do it kinda game. The customisation stuff is gold! Hehehe how humiliating it was for my friends to be thrashed by my hot pink girl mobile! It's great if you know how to drive in reality, as when you play games where the car doesn't handle realistically, you know exactly what you can do, do it and waste your opponents.

We had visitors today from Sydney today but luckily they did not stay the night so I was able to relax. I think I might catch a flick with a friend later tonight who is leaving soon to take up a Governess position in some remote part of Australia.

Quick side note, check out Le Tigre! The music is eclectic, enjoyable for a slight novelty thing. Even if you're not into the music, the ladies look VERY classy even for a freakin' pseudo garage rock band! I didn't know such a thing was possible.

Final episode of Carnivale tonight for the first series, hopefully it'll be good. Non rating periods can be good sometimes, as Prime has brought back Buffy and The X-Files right after each other and it's fantastic to re-live the goodness of both shows. I'd only watched Buffy once Dawn had been introduced but the early episodes are just as good so they are all new to me.

I'm out for now.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hard left, tightens over jump, caution!

I have returned from Sydney!!! It's good to see that the other has kept himself busy with regular good blogging.

The place I stayed at was quite good and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The first day my friend and I arrived, we went for a swim, played some tennis, had a spa and then had a look around Macquarie Shopping Centre which was freakin' huge!!! We also had a game of air hockey, which I love and I play all my games with extreme gusto. Even to such a point where my friend was trying to keep up with me and in the process smashed his mobile phone against the table while trying to hit a return serve. I'm happy though as I won the best out of 3 series!

On Thursday we got up early and just shopped from 9 am to 5pm! It was ridiculous!! We spent large amounts of money on clothes and books and we walked for 8 hours straight! Unfortunately we could not find the Girl TV Cd, which makes me certain that it does not come out until Monday. I also found out that Seven Studios was in the suburb we were staying in but of course I didn't find that out until I had returned home!

I'm glad I went though, it was a nice change. Unhappy about the amount of money spent though. I got down so many ideas for songs that I am just waiting for the other to arrive so we can finish them off! Have a nice day folks.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Quick Turn Right...

Morning folks. These days due to the wierd schedule in Dhaka, I seem to be getting up earlier in the morning. I don't see the light with those sleeping eyes anymore. Whats strange is that last night I actually found it hard to stay up any longer, and it was only 11 at night!!!! Well its only a few more days, after that I will have to adjust to a completely new time zone. But I am looking forward to that. Today is gonna be a test of my abilities to get things done. Usually I am a person who stays away from confontarions, but this time around I feel charged up to get my shit together. I have to go argue with my dad at his office. Usually I get my mum to argue on my behalf, but this time I need to get this done. This is possibly the last thing I have to do before I head off, so wish me luck!!! And this morning my RAM finally bloody worked, and I am enjoying a bit more power in my steel box!!! Talk about a good start to the day. But I think I just ate too much and I feel kinda sick!!! Whats up with that. Eversince I got back to Nepal I have been perpetually hungry. Maybe its the munchies and I am always high (get it?? I climbed up a mountain to Kathmandu, so I am high, stupid joke I know). Makster X was over last night, and watched a whole lode of South Park episodes, so that was fun, still got a few more to finish, so I better give him a call after I get back from the war zone.

Tommo is the disgusting festival that my folks celebrate. Its just wrong, and I dont want to go into the details as its quite nasty. So lets leave it at that, all you have to know is that I am not looking forward to it. Plus I have to wake up earlier than usual. But on the other hand, Makster and I have a tradition that we have to watch fight club on Eid day. So thats gonna happen tommo. Yep, I'm looking forward to that. Damn less than two weeks to go!!!! I cant believe it, and 4 more days till my dad leaves, this is happening all so fast!!! I am not really complaining. Ok i'm gonna stop here as I need to eat and get ready to go for the war!!! Hehehe so cheers, and have a good day. I hope the other is having a kick ass time in Sydney. SHit shit that reminds me i have to write to my cousin and ask him if i can stay at his place for a day. SHit shit. Hehehe ciao.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Thousand Apologies...

Alright, I know its been a while, but its time make up for all the lost blogs. Hehe they were never really written/typed to be lost. Firstly I hope the other is having a blast at Sydney. I had no idea untill just now that the other had skipped cities!!! Well its back to the highness of Nepal for me. Its funny when I am here I want to be in Dhaka, and when I am there I want to be there. Actually I would have liked to be there for a while longer, I was really having a good time, but then again I am leaving home for good and need to pack my life up in two boxes!!! Is that all my life has come down to?? Boxes!!! You know what maybe the statement "Things you own end up owning you" has a valid point. We are what we wear, what we have. Quite sad if you ask me!!! Unfortunately that is reality and we choose to live by it...

Its cold, yes, I know its not as bad as half the other places in the world. Hell in aus its like 40 degrees (total opposite I know, but still unpleasant). But I still feel like complaining. In dhaka its pleasant (if you forget the stale.polluted air) not too cold, not too hot. Here its just freezing compared to there. The Dhaka weather has spoiled me completely!!! But my lungs are greatful for the fresh air that I can breath here...

I am literally counting days till I leave for aus. Its been a while since I have met the other, and its about time that I go back "home" as he puts it. I am looking forward to a lot of things, all sorts of things. But what I am most looking forward to is, having my own place. I know its just a small and crappy room, but its still mine!!! Even though this is probably this is as close to home as it has gotten in the last few years, in Nepal I an never really quite at home. This is where my folks live, and I feel like a guest who is overdeu to leave. Hehe they must be counting days too, when the hell is restitution gonna come...

The thought of a long flight alone irritates me. Even though I know that there will be good movies to watch and what not, it still is boring, and tiring. You do nothing, yet you are more tired than normal. I tell you its the presurised air that they have in the aircraft, with its high percentage of oxigen, they are just trying to get us high so we dont complain. I was looking forward to going to Malaysia, but I am only gonna be there for 5 hours, and that too the the oddest hour possible!!! I get there at 4 in the morning and leave by 9:30. I am still hoping i could take a cab, and just take a spin in town, at least I will have seen all the countries in that region.

Ok this is really getting long. I havent written in a while, so there is a lot I can wirte about, and I'm wating on Makster X getting here, so I could keep on going, but I might as well save up some of the material for later on. If I finish it all of now, what will we have left??!!?? Have a good one!!


Sydney for 3 days for me, so here's the update to the Joaquin rate list!!!

Have a nice day folks! Seeya soonish.

Remember the rate list is located at:

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Get the home game

The plan for tonight is to transcribe the songs I wrote at the coast on to the computer.

This is my last set of real blog notes before I'm off to Sydney for a couple of days. So what better way to finish off my last real blog for a few days than a rant?!

Back to Summernats and it's crapness!! Yesh, I do realise that it's now the biggest tourist event in Canberra. Yesh, I'm aware that it generates $20 Million AUD for the local economy. BUT WE NEED TO GET THIS CRAP OUT OF OUR CITY! Don't get me wrong, I like cars and I'd like to buy a fast and expensive as hell one at that, but the people out there are absolute freaks! It promotes loutish behaviour (brawls, drunken behaviour and sexual assault are common place), under the guise of a "family friendly" atmosphere. And what about the organiser?! This Chic Henry bastard has to be THE stupidest guy ever to walk the planet. Either that, or he feigns ignorance like a bloody politician. He just denies knowledge of what really goes on at Summernats even though most people are aware, and that's the primary reason they go!

Screw the cars! It's about females and alcohol and a return to the adage "a group is only as smart as the dumbest person in it". What makes me ill is that the idiots who attend such things make up a sizeable part of this city's population in terms of suffrage. This makes them a serious voting force, so if you screw them over, they'll screw you back! You have to keep them happy or resort to seriously underhanded tactics (which ACT politicans do not do anymore and they oughta be ashamed)!

The smart people among us make it a general rule not to go out when Summernats is on unless you happen to have a freakin' shotgun on hand or something! When M-Biatch and Les Femme Anomaly and I went to Civic in order to see what was going on, it was just a bloody ghost town bar the idiots that went to Summernats. It was such a meat market! Those poor friends of mine were being ogled by all the guys! Police presence needs to be concentrated in those areas! You could nab a good 3/4 of the guys there for being solicited by minors!

The kind of guys that attend these things are the usual brain dead slobs that don't get anywhere in life and they don't care! These people don't contribute anything to society and I think we should just shoot them down in cold blood. They're holding the rest of us back!

Have a nice day folks!!

Monday, January 17, 2005

I will do my best!!

After talking to the other today, I realised that it's practically two weeks till he hits our shores!! It's going to be spectacular! He can tune my guitar! I don't know what the hell it's in at the moment, I just know it's very flat.

Here's some (minor) intellectual discussion for once. Almost everyone I know has a certain preference in ethnic group for their crushes, significant others, sex partners etc. This could be deemed as racist (even if you don't have a penchant for your own race), as racism is just discriminating against members of a certain race, which in this case means any race that you aren't favouring. Then from an uber-liberal mindset, which one would think would allow interracial relationships, be inherently wrong if you date one ethnic group?? Think about it!!

I think this concept of monogamy at a base level could be holding humans back in terms of evolution. In the animal kingdom, monogomy is seldom practiced, so free breeding takes creedence in most situations, which allows for the best genetic dispersal of DNA. This leads to better overall genes for the species and hence, evolution!

Eww, I just realised that could be a justification for incest or stuff even worse, so don't misinterpret me, that stuff should be punished to the full extent of the law (which unfortunately hardly ever happens). Ahh, I should save my bashing of the law for my legal theory class. Anyway, I'm off. Have a nice day people!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

It burns!!! Quite literally!!

Sorry about the no post last night but I was just absolutely wasted after the coast trip. I had an absolute blast out there. Broulee is such an awesome beach. Got to meet the organisers friends who I'd never met before and they were top guys. Everyone headed into the water straight away, but I hung back and wrote down some ideas for a while.

I learned how to boogie board and it was the best!!! The swell was great, we were getting absolutely hammered in what we called "the washing machine". I managed to actually get sunburnt for the second time in my life! I took in way too much sea water though, and when I got home my eyes looked like I had just returned from a Beatles songwriting session circa 1970! It was an experience and a half, as I hadn't been to an actual beach for a decade or so!

The south coast area really freaks me out. We stopped in Bateman's Bay for a while so we went "shopping". The place is a freakin' meat market! EVERYONE is just checking everyone else out and it's quite disturbing. I'd really hate to live there, besides the beach there is absolutely nothing to do! I think I'd go crazy, well at least crazier!! Then again if it was like a meat market all year 'round, even in winter, I think I'd find a way to keep myself busy!

But I did have a scary moment. There was a girl there who I went to college with but had never spoken to. I discovered she's one of the coolest girls I've ever known! It was just one huge surprise! I even think she's a better driver than I am! She spends more time online than I do! Ahh I have a mini-crush! It's also sad though, as she's leaving town in a few weeks to attend another university and I was just thinking about all those wasted years. I don't even know why I never spoke to her in college, I knew everyone in her group and spoke to them often. It's just really stupid. But I'm glad I got to know her at least a little bit before she left.

Anyway, that's enough for tonight! Have a nice day folks!

Friday, January 14, 2005

This cannot be good for business

My parents had a dinner party tonight and I was forced to attend. It wasn't bad though as there was a girl there who I hadn't seen for a long time. She's the daughter of a family friend, but she's a few years older than I am. Actually, she even did one of the courses than I'm doing at the same university! I had never really talked to her in a real social situation before but she was extremely friendly. It also helps that she's a hottie pattotie! Haha, where was I going with this? That's right, she helped me with some advice related to my uni stuff and I was so happy! It's very re-assuring. Unfortunately she had a really demented laugh! I think it's referred to as the "copy machine". You know the sound a copying machine makes when it's doing a heavy load? A kind of whirring noise? Well the laugh was like that but at a much higher pitch.

Anyway, I'm heading to the coast today so I'd better head to bed. I think I may even get some songs done while I'm down there. This blog was crap wasn't it? Yesh it was, I apologise! The good stuff shall return when I do! Have a nice day!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hmmm, backwards!!

I am annoyed and perplexed!! I was at a friends place earlier today and we started off with some monopoly and another friend dropped by who has just started playing a guitar. I picked up the thing and almost dropped it straight away. IT WAS A NYLON STRING CLASSIC GUITAR! IT WAS SO LIGHT! It was so damn easy to play, it sounded so damn good! I loved it, I quit playing monopoly and played the guitar the whole time, before we started playing some basketball. The neck was so fat and the body joined the neck at the 10th fret so I couldn't play any awesome solos, but I didn't care.

What pisses me off though is that the guy, who has only been playing like a month is damn good!! He is as good as I was at 6 months and he has a lot more focus!! I'm hoping it's just the guitar which is giving him the extra break. Damn, I gotta buy an acoustic!

I gotta hurry this up because I recorded the second episode of The Corporation tonight and I am just dying to watch it. I think I'm gonna head to the coast with some friends on Friday for the day just to get out of the city...and to spend some time with some attractive girls, heehee!

Anyway, give this a go!! I loved it! Have a nice day peoples.

I am nerdier than 40% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Soreness = ouchness

I really need to stop exercising so damn fast. I am so sore right now. This is going to be completely random because I need to get off the comp and watch Freaky Friday as fast as possible. Note to others, never watch Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, it was shite. Even by Lindsay Lohan standards, and that's saying something! The non lead singer of The Waifs is an cinredibly attractive woman, I've never noticed that before!

Crap, time is running out!!! I better get off the comp! Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Do you know what's going on?!

Yesh I am back after my night at a friends place. It was the usual movie night thing where we just hire out stacks of vids, buy lots of food, eat, watch films, feel sick and pay everything out like we always do.

The entertainment was quite good. We had:

Interview With The Vampire - I thought this was rather good from a superficial point of view. But on a deeper level, you can't just look past the fact that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise cannot act for shite! The film has no heart, and the ending seemed rather contrived.

Desperado - I absolutely loved this flick! I WANT EL MARIACHI'S JACKET DAMMIT!! But I would rather have Salma Hayek! Hyuck hyuck. My favourite mix of a perennial hottie, ultra violence and some good humour thrown in.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - What the hell?!! They pulled a Matrix 3 with this one. 'Nuff said.

Blow - AMAZING FILM! Johnny Depp is unfortunately underrated by Hollywood and he's only a household name because so many women want to have sex with him. I just felt ambivalent to his character. It's not your usual drug rompage story (something akin to The Basketball Diaries), this one was on such a deeper level and I was touched at the end.

One of the people who was there (SexBomb), commented on the sex scene in Desperado. If you've seen the movie, you'll know that El Mariachi and Carolina are in bed and they play a few notes on guitar together and then they start getting hot and heavy. SexBomb used to do a bit of classical/flamenco guitar in college, although he wasn't terribly good. As soon as the scene happened he said "look, that's what a guitar can do, I need to start playing again!" Groupies who want you just because you can play an instrument are scary.

I CUT MY NAILS TODAY!!! YEAHH! I can play guitar like a KINGGGGG! That's if there are any kings who can play guitar like a pro! I did something a little different. I left my right hand nails un cut and I played a bit of flamenco and it was quite fun using a multi-syncopated strumming pattern and picking parts. Of course it was all random, and then I got worried that my nails would be a bitch to cut if I had to cut them at different intervals so they eventually were cut too. It makes sense when I think about it though, cause I have a freakin' electric guitar with heavy action so my nails were taking a caning. I think I'll try a bit of fingerstyle if I get a nylon acoustic someday.

You know what's strange? Society! Duh! Haha, think about it in just an abstract way. The word is focus. Focus on a task. You focus too much, you're obsessive. Don't focus enough and you're lazy. Just WHERE is this perfect point of pure focus? It differs depending on the individual doesn't it?

Damn! Argh..erghh! I CAN FEEL IT COMING ON! YESH?!! IS IT?! YESH, it's a rant!! I would just like to say a big "fuck you" to SonyBMG Australia! On their site they say that the Girl TV CD/DVD will be released on the 24th, yet they also say it's instores from the 10th!! THOSE IDIOTS! I couldn't find the CD anywhere today and I am rather pissed off! As long as it's in my hands sometime soon, I shall be fine. FUCK THE TENNIS TOO! Because of it, Girl TV has been moved to 10am! WHAT THE FUCK?! Who can wake up that early in the holidays?! I think I'll have to get up early everyday so I can tape the thing and go back to bloody bed!! Those bastards, ah!!!

Anyway, I have some DVD's to get through, I think I'll watch Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen so have a nice day folks!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Never Been So Alone, Never Felt So Alive, And So Disgusted...

Ok I was write all a long. Sleeping pills are not good for you. Coz of some crap that happned to me, I just cant sleep. Took 2 didnt work, after I the third I passed out and almost slept the whole day through. I think I really needed that sleep, but now I feel like I need more. How blissful it would be if I could sleep my life away, not a care in the world. Oh yeah, I would like to aplogize about the blog the other day. I felt like I got hit by a train, actually that would have been better. At this moment my insides feel like its burning up, it probably is screaming in pain. I'm taking it for a ride. I just feel sick. Haha had the most wierdest experience ever. I went to this new shop, and the owner started taking pictures of me for their ad that they are gonna put up. Hehe I sould have asked for some money for the job, but it would be pretty cool to see myself up on a billboard. Even though I'll probably not be able to see it myself as I will be out of time by the time that happens.

I am not in the mood to do anything. I feel a little numb, so if anyone wants to slap me across the face, heres your chance, I wont do anything back. I need some feeling back in my body. I am being hung upside down by my big toe, and I wish I were shot instead. There are somethings that feel like crap, this is one of them. Its like being in a freak accident and still live after that. Why is the world so cruel?? Whats worse is the no one is around. Its like the whole world has turned its back on me. My cousins are out of town, cant talk to them. All my friends are out and I cant find them. Only person thats there is the other, and he is half way around the world. Talk about solitued. Where am I going from here?? I wish I knew. Whats worse is that its probably just me, i'm here feeling like shit, where as she is out there having the time of her life. So for now I have cigarettes to kiss. Yeah I know, I quit 5 months ago, and I am back on it. But I promise that I will be right off it as soon as possible, it just happens to be the only company that i have right now. Ok I'm off, I am not fit to write about anything intelectual. Have a brilliant day, and make up for the shittiest time of my life. Cheers.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Burning flesh, like a pudding...on fire!

My other blog is freaking me out! The hit counter has doubled everyday for the past few days and I am scared! It kinda makes me glad that the other never got around to putting a counter on this blog. It's been around for a hell of a long time, and it would weird me out knowing how many people were coming here.

A high school friend and I were talking last night and he has come up with a rather brilliant game. It's based all around the law of probability and a win-win situation. He has aptly titled it "the rejection game". So basically what happens is that the group (all males) go out for a night on the town. They then attempt to "pick up" (forgive the lack of poetic metaphors) as many women as possible. If you get rejected, you log it (under the watchful supervision of the group, who votes on whether it was a rejection or your own stupidity), and at the end of the night, whoever has had the most rejections gets a free drink from everyone the next week. I love it! You get rejected? You may get some drinks! Don't get rejected? Woo-hoo! I've never been out with him and his group of friends but with this game in place I must get a piece of the action. There are also some little finer rules, like what counts as a rejection and what counts as an acceptance but my favourite is if you get slapped, you get to pick who gets to go next and you ALSO get to pick who they have to ask! Comedy gold I tells you.

Had an interesting night to say the least, was out for 7 hours with M-Biatch and Les Femme Anomaly. Many a secret was shared and we just laughed for ages. We even went to the City and paid everything out!! It was really a great time and I found out that Les Femme's boi is moving overseas, and even with that, she realised she didn't really like him and was gonna dump him anyway. I don't know how I can use this to my advantage but we'll see what happens. It's both good and bad when you realise how amazing someone is but you can't have them.

My guitar skills are at an absolute shite level now, and on top of that, I can't even pick up objects properly the way my nails are at the moment so I'm gonna cut them on Monday (WHEN I PICK UP THE GIRL TV CD, YEAHHH)! I will have my skills back and I shall be awesome by the time the other gets here I tell you! I'd really better start putting the intellectual stuff back into these blogs cause now this is just ridiculous!! I gotta burn a few CD's for a friend and I got a movie night at his place tonight so I don't know if I'll blog. Good day anyway folks!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Opportunity, hope, and a little thing I call misery.

Wow! I am shocked! The party was actually quite good. It wasn't one of the usual college parties, where there is free flowing alcohol, ugly people making out with ugly people, hot people making out with hot people and the such, that kind of stuff ended in college really! This was more of a good old fashioned get together (the way I like it), with people talking and eating. It was interesting, cause there were some people who I had known in college but had never talked to until tonight. It was fun however, I think the key is to look really good, and with the clothes I have procured as of late, I'm looking awesome (wow I do like to toot my own horn)! There were people there who I had never liked before, but realised they are good people. It's even better that some of them watched Girl Tv too!

Shout out to the host of the party who is now 20! She was kind enough to lend me Freaky Friday, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen and A Cinderella Story on DVD, so I'm gonna be busy for the next few days!!

Speaking of Girl Tv, I have discovered that Chrissie is now 18!!! That is so awesome! All of a sudden she seems a lot more appealling and I'll get back to that later on. Only 2 days till their CD/DVD is out, yeeesh!

With my new haircut, I think I have to buy some more clothes cause all the sales are on and everything is pretty much half price! I am salivating in anticipation.

I need to buy a freakin' memory card for my new digicam, so I can finally put some pics up around here and spruce the place up a bit.

I'm going to be busy this month! Here is just a quick update of what I'll be up to!
Tomorrow night I'm heading out to dinner with M-Biatch and Les Femme Anomaly, so many a good time shall be had.

I think around the 17th my good friend from High School and I will be venturing to Sydney for three days, just to go clothes shopping and to track down the members of Girl Tv!! Hehe, it should be good, we're gonna be staying at a four and a half star place.

THE OTHER is coming in Feb!! And he shall be staying a few days at my place before moving on campus. Ahh many a good time will also be had around then!

My parents will also be going to Sydney for a week later this month, so I have the place to myself. I'm thinking of having some people over for a nice lil get together as well as some movies. I'm out for now. Have a nice day people!

Point It At Me...

And I wish I were dead. Feeling I seem to know all two well. I guess I was just blind or just arrogant. Is it wrong for one to think that maybe just maybe things might go right for a change?? I guess it is wrong for me to think that way. Just when things were going so well and I was living a dream, I pinch myself and realise that is all a dream. If I'm not making any sense, then I am sorry, but I just have to write about whats on my head. A little velnarable right now. Did I miss the bigger picture, did I screw up something that was gold. I guess it is true, all that shimmers in the world is sure to fade. I have never felt so alone, never felt so alive, I wish this were a dream. Its wrost when you have a problem, and there is no one to talk about it with. Yes, I know no one can solve them for me, but yet it is good to let it all out. I can't do this right now, I can't even think my thoughts through. I feel numb, I am stunned, I am lost, and now I shall shut up.

Friday, January 07, 2005


I did nothing today!! I think I'm gonna cut my nails this weekend. Gonna keep it short. I have a party to go to tomorrow night so I'll give you an update then. Good day!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Path of anew.

My nails are freakin' huuuuuuuge! I don't think I've ever had them this big before. I can still kinda play guitar but not very well. I don't think I'll cut them till the end of this month. However, I am getting my hair cut tomorrow morning, hopefully it'll be good.

You know what a guilty pleasure of mine is? I'm listening to Cher...a LOT! She's not the greatest vocalist, but her songs are fun and I enjoy listening to them.

They're showing The Corporation on SBS at the moment. I'm glad, as I missed it while it was at the movies. But the bad thing is that it's been broken up into 3 parts, but so far it is damn good. What I learned when we did Corporations Law was that the law is set up to let these artificial entities get away with as much as possible. The world is a crappy place!

I think music as an artform has gone a bit too far! I remember reading an article a while back about a track Sonic Youth had released which was just 3 minutes of silence. On ITunes or something, you actually had to PAY for the track!! What is up with that?! It's stupid, and it leads other artists to think that any crap can be justified for the sake of art, as opposed to the joy of good music. Have a nice day people.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

That guy just (tremolo) picked his nose!

HAHAHA if you are a guitarist you are laughing hard at the title, if not, learn what the term means and then think about the imagery that it conjures! Classy baby!

So I made the move, I've switched to Broadcast Journalism, and now I've figured out all my classes and tutorials. It's just a matter of seeing which ones I get after the preferences have been given out. Let's see how the class goes, if it's dodgy, I'll switch to print soon enough.

There's a Ronan Keating special on tv that I'm taping which I'm going to watch soon so I better keep this short. I'd advise everyone to go and buy his greatest hits album. It's a true classic. I must say that his band is awesome and the bass player has THE best basslines ever, not just for pop, but all genres!! It's truly a treat. Have a nice day people.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


YESHHH! Only 6 days until Girl TV releases their CD/DVD! I am soo happy!! It's a coming peoples!!

I watched Stigmata last night and dare I say what a bloody good flick it was! It brings up many an interesting point about the role of the church, and what exactly is wrong with organised religion. I won't give too much away so go and see it yourselves.

I also had the pleasure of watching The Great Natural Wonders of the World, narrated by David Attenborough and it was absolutely stunning. The world is a beautiful place! I wanna scrape some dosh together and visit these places myself.

There was also another good show on called Prophecy: Into The Future. It was Australian and obviously made in 2k2, but it is only being shown now for some reason. It gave some interesting insights into where humanity is going and was highly thought provoking.

The blood noses have returned!! Damn this summer! Damn it to hell!! Cause when I bleed, I bleed like there's no tomorrow, oh well. I also watched the World Music Awards (damn I watch a lot of TV) and now I am in despair! Avril Lavigne looked hot!!!! She was all wonderful and ahhh...I'll just hang my head in shame right here.

The other mentioned that show about the guy who got tomorrow's newspaper today, it was called Early Edition. Absolutely AWESOME show, and terribly underrated, much like Now & Again. It's terrible, shows like 2 and a half men are popular while interesting character driven stories are tossed in the bin. People are stupid. Have a nice day!

Monday, January 03, 2005

No Clue...

Yeah I am back into the groove, I have time again to do this everyday again. Haha yeah I know, I was busy for a change. Just got up and I know this is gonna be a wierd day. Doesnt nessarily have to be a bad day, just wierd. Again I got kicked out of the house early, but maybe thats good for me in a way, the air is slightly less poluted at this time of day. Damn didnt even get my cup of coffee. How do I know its gonna be wierd?? I picked up the newspaper and I swear I had seen everything on this paper before!!! Yes, I did check the date, it is todays paper. Oh well I guess these things happen, hopefully this doesnt happen everyday like that 11 thing. That is just freaky. And if this continue I will be like that guy from that TV show, I will go around and prevent things that are gonna happen, but hasnt. Hehe imagine the possiblilities!!! And I am gonna stop there, I am starved, need food...

Change my world

I'm going to make this a quick one so I can watch the World Music Awards and get to bed so I can actually SLEEP for a change!!!

I've reached a crossroad. Will I do Print Or Broadcast Journalism this year? I better make up my mind soon or I'm screwed. I am a great writer, but in journalism they want you to write like a 3rd grader so that everyone can understand what you're saying and you just write what you see. I always seem to get my butt kicked in marking when it comes to print but my old teacher was a geriatric idiot who didn't know what he was talking about. Broadcast saw all of my highest marks (perfect ones at that), and it does have all the attractive women (although that's not the reason I'm going in to it). With broadcast it would just be a gateway to so much more, I could intern at Win and get to ride around with Gabrielle Boyle! I could interview Girl TV for a project! How awesome?!?! But if I got a new teacher in print, would it be that my writing would finally be recognised for the genius that it is? I guess we'll see.

I lost the kilo that I gained!!! I am happy!!! All it took was one week, so let's see how the rest of this month fairs up. After that it's back to school (well not for a month, but there'll be stuff to do with the other instead of exercising)! Anyway, I'm off! Have a nice day people.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Don't You Dare Hit Me....

Well here it is another new year. Half way through the decade, damn it feels like the mellenium was just yesterday... Can't really say that last years was a bad year, just a very free year. But all in all it was a good year, and hopefully this ones gonna be good as well. Allright what did I end up doing on the 31st. Haha all I can say about that night is that it was good and I will never forget that night ever. Action packed is what it was. I did end up going to that party. It was better than I expected to be, as I usually find Bangladeshi partys to be kinda boring. Well this one was far from that. A lot of people, and a lot of people I knew, thats what was strange. I met a few friends that I havent seen in 7-8 years. Strange, but I guess an ocation like that gets people together. And other than that I can't really complain, I had the best company ever. Then the shit hit the fan. HAHA whats new years without a bit of action. Some reporter jumped the wall and started taking pics, and then some dudes broke his cam, and then the cops came in. Damn Pigs!!! Started beating the shit outta two guys. And yes I saw the whole event from a birds eye view. After a while we were let out of the place, and the party was officially over. Done by two, who would have guesses. After that we went back to Madam N's cousins house and sat around for a while. Hehe it was fun, never seen anything like that. Finally Makster X is here, well he is on his way here, but he is in town. The only person missing here is the other. But its not very far from when I get back home (as the other puts it). What am I doing up so early??!!?? Its 9 in the morning and I am writing a blog, haha this has got to be a joke. Anyways I'm gonna stop here as Makster X is bound to drop in through that glass door any second. Happy New Year folks@!!!!

Hyuck hyuck

I have heard that the other has had an absolute blast at his NYE shindig!! Hehehe there isn't much to report today and I think I'm gonna download Pearl Jam's RearViewMirror (their greatest hits), so I'm gonna end it here today but as a treat I am updating the Joaquin rate list so head down there to check it out!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Clean progression = meek profession

Before I start, let me just say Happy New Year!!!

What we have in Australia for certain major brand products is ads directly from America, just dubbed using Australian actors. So I'm quite certain that our friends have seen the new Glade Airwick Fresh ads. In them, there is a family who are shown the good before and after (the variable being the airwick fresh system of course). In one of the shots, the mother of the household is seen inviting another lady into the house and they share a little greeting kiss. The first time I saw this ad, that was where I had first came in. So what's so bad about that? LOOK AT THE KISS! That is not some hello "between friends" kisses! That is a full on "i want sex right now" kinda kiss! Haha so I was cheering that there were some non stereotypical lesbians being represented as a family unit for a while. But then of course I saw the full ad and realised she was a family friend...who is HAVING A LESBIAN AFFAIR WITH THE MOTHER OF THE HOUSEHOLD! Hahahaha.

"Don't you hate it when you have something important to say and then you forget it straight away?". (Note to self, use this later). I digress as I am listening to Gwen Stefani, I love the lyrics "take a chance you stupid hoe"! That line is just golden but I have some scary feeling that I've mentioned it just a few blogs ago. But yesh, I hate it when I forget things as soon as I think of them, it's the worst. At the request of the other, I procured myself the track of "Four To The Floor" by Starsailor (both the original and dance remix) and I am really liking this song.

So you're probably wondering why I am putting this blog up right after midnight. Well I didn't do anything on New Years Eve. I never do. Not because I want to, it just ends up being that way. I just don't feel like going to the city because I know I'll just want to kill 99% of the people there so it's best that I just stay at home. I also noticed around my street that ALL the lights were out, I WAS THE ONLY PERSON IN THIS VICINTY AT HOME! Hahaha! Even my parents went to a party! Well to tell you the truth, they are party animals and they go out a hell of a lot more than I do and even more than some party animals my age. It doesn't matter though, as the other is partying away, enough for the both of us!

The worst thing has happened!!! I have injured myself!!! PLAYING GUITAR!! GODDAMN IT! I should NEVER play fingerstyle again...well at least not in the improper fashion that I do it. It's pick south central for me again, oh why oh why did I forsake thee? So how did it happen? Playing "C'mon C'mon" by The Von Bondies and I was getting into it, and as most guitar folk will know, it's just a series of nice and easy power chords, so I was fully strumming the hell out of my guitar with the side of my thumb and lo and behold, it's developed into a semi burn semi callous so now I can't hold anything properly, and I sure as hell cannot play guitar and I don't know how long it's gonna take. So no more guitar for at least a week. Oh well, I should probably write some damn songs anyway! Have a good year and nice day folks!