Saturday, May 09, 2009

Do you know what I mean?

Cause sometimes I don't know.

It's starting to get cold here, so I'm back to my socks, trackies, t-shirt, long sleeve and hoodie and scarf and boy, I am feeling warm!

I like women with curves. And my oh my, since the near possibility of being able to leave this city has sort of started to hit home, I've realised (well I've always known this but it's become painfully apparent) that the women here are just WAY WAY WAY better than back home.

The asses, the breasts, it's all happening here. Such variety. I've discussed this with friends before and some have put it down to just the factor of probability. More people = more hotties. I disagree, I think it may be proportional. Back home has some absolute ugmos, but ugmos TEND to be in short supply here. Or at least the fatties have pretty faces, so a few weeks/months on a treadmill and all is good. Hell, I've even opened up my mind a bit and turned a bit to the ultra skinnies here and there (on the odd occasion). The quality is just here I'm afraid! It will certainly be one of the things (I hope) to miss about this place. I guess I've gone a little girl crazy as I'm awfully stressed and frustrated. The other and other readers of the blog may be familiar with what happened several years ago when that happened, but I shall not reiterate that here, hahaha!

Sorry if this is coming off as sexist so far, but I am leading to something, so please bear with me.

So the opportunity may have arisen for me to return home. It is almost a sure thing at this stage. But now I am in a stuck in a stage of shock and disbelief. Is this really happening? I sure hope it does! But what about all the stuff I wanted to do that I never got a chance to? Am I just giving myself false hope? Do I want to live back at home?? Who knows, I guess we'll see.

You know what I find strange about home now? I'm sure I've mentioned this previously, but it's the issue of it not feeling like home anymore. I have my memories. But now everytime I'm back there, it feels like I'm not ACTUALLY there. It's like a painting of itself. It may conjure up memories of things past, but it's not like it's like I'm actually in the moment, I'm not in the place, and everything is in a pasttense, with no regard to the future.

This could be an interesting goodbye.

Anyhow, I'm off for now, have a nice day folks!