Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Is Wreck And Ruin?

I've finally done it!  After putting it off for many months, I have finally updated the Joaquin Rate List (JRL), so please check it out here -

Wow, thanks google, you've fixed up the bullshit old linking system, because you couldn't link things properly with other text as the hyperlink.  Looks like everything is working now.  That particular post now has over 1,000 hits on its own, so good on everyone for sharing my taste in women!  Haha!  So I've actually updated a few posts for some women, because I've realised that I first started it 9 years ago now, and a lot of the information I had included was now inaccurate.  So some new text, and some of the previous entries have been removed.

Oh the past.  Fuck the past, it's catching up with me and it's so brutal.  I hate it.  But something will be done about it, I should have just acted earlier, but I didn't and it was silly.

I'm just so angry and upset right now.

Growing the most ridiculous facial hair at the moment, but it didn't even out so I'll have to shave it before work starts.  Oh holy fuck!  It's Thursday, I'm back at work on Monday.  I really don't want to go back.  I wish I could just quit and lay around and waste my life.

5 weeks off was simply not long enough.

I'll post more stuff tomorrow.  But hopefully this was enough to get me over the line for today.

Joaquin out.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Feel Alive, Don't You?

Cause I hope you do.  There's no reason to be that upset.

Enjoying some guitaring at the moment, I'm playing well and I'm learning new stuff so that's always great.

Also been getting into the shows on my external, so that's been wonderful.

Umm, I'll try to update the JRL (joaquin rate list) when I get the chance.  Hopefully easier tomorrow onwards since I'll be less busy.

It really grates on me when people come and intrude on my daily routine, especially during holiday time because my timing just gets screwed up and it doesn't make me feel well.  Double espesh when it's unannounced.  There goes my day.

Anyway, I thought I had important stuff to say today, but I don't.

Joaquin out.

Monday, February 25, 2013

So What Of It?

This blog, I mean?

I'm back now, and I'm just still enjoying the time wiling away the hours for my last week before returning to work.  That's definitely something I'm not looking forward to.

How long?  I mean how long until there's any form of contact?  I don't even know, I don't even think I can force the point.  What is there?  Nothing good, I'm sure of that.

I don't blog much when I have a lot of down time because I tend to blog to keep my mind sharp and my writing skills sharper.  Especially when there's not a lot of work on in the office.  But it allows me the means to afford to live a very comfortable lifestyle and go on trips, so I can't tear down on it too much, or can I?  Isn't that the false imprisonment of life?  Of false virtues and uninteresting lives?  Mediocre, mundane, rah rah rah.

Getting back into guitar, and it's fun, although definitely a bit strange after 3 and a bit weeks away from any form of 6 string.

Also gyming quite regularly, adding in a weights routine and I think it's taking effect since I'm putting on a fair bit of muscle mass and I'm definitely getting stronger.

If there's time tomorrow, I'll aim to update the Joaquin Rate List (JRL).

So enjoy, folks!

Joaquin out.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Girls' Generation - Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)

Why?  Because in the space of one week (since I first heard it), it has now become my favourite song of all time.  It's perfect in everyway.  And no, I'm not korean, and I don't speak korean.  I've had to look up the lyrics to translate them and what not.


Joaquin out.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Going

Just enjoying the slack time on my holidays.

Should make some time to blog properly.  But I'll need to do it like I used to in my uni days by making specific time for blogging.

But I'll get on to it!  Nothing to worry about.

Joaquin out.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Where Have You Been?

Cause I don't know. Haven't blogged, haven't even logged on to the blog. Haven't guitared. It's been over 2 weeks. What can you do? That's life I guess. It gradually pulls you away from the things you actually want to be doing until finally in the end, you don't even get to live.

Been enjoying random Tumblr, especially since there is far so much to catch up on. I'll need a full day of like 8 hours just to get me up to speed on Tumblr. I'll be back home on wednesday at least.

Here I am, surrounded by rampant consumerism and it makes me ill. Even more so that I'm contributing to it.

I'm not a fan of exploitation tourism. By that I don't mean things like sex tourism etc. because that stuff is all inherently wrong anyway. What I mean is just general tourism to places that are poor, but set up like paradise if you have the money, and all the workers treat you like a king, while they work for a pittance. That kind of thing just makes me sick. I know people will say the foreign money helps stimulate the economy of the country, but I think all countries should be self sufficient and not reliant on visitors from other countries in order to stay financially viable.

Haven't really contemplated anything while I've been away, but I have had time to consider the world in macro and micro detail. You can always count on the idea that at any time in the world, there is absolutely anything happening. The mundane, the extraordinary, life. Life does not stop, for anything. The world does not come to a halt for anything really. Issues that may impact some don't really affect others and so on. And in a way that bums me out. Is there something wrong with me as a result?

I want to change it all. I want to change the way the world is. I want to make you see. Or am I just a hypocrite? And in that, you are just like me, aren't you? You are all just like me. As easy and as difficult as that is to comprehend.

Without looking at the blog, I'm secretly hoping the other has posted, but I know that cannot be the case.

To be a world changer, yeah. No contentment with the mundane. Don't accept this life. This is not for you, it's not for me.

Yet here I am, blogging in the ladies changing room in an uber hipster store, in a gigantic megamall in south east Asia. Will this always just be talk until its too late? What do I have to give up? What does sacrifice involve? Is it worth it?

Growing a sick ass beard here, I hope I can get it going well over this 5 week period. It will be the longest period I get that I can grow something like this. Then it all gets cut off and I return to work like a loser.

What is going on??

On to less serious matters, I am coming down with a serious case of yellow fever. Hahaha not the deadly mosquito-borne disease, but the love of Asian women! Yowza! From out of nowhere. Hit me like a ton of bricks, but I guess that's what happens when you spend about a week in a place like this, and especially over Chinese new year and all those split leg dresses. Just killing me. We don't get that back home, I can assure you, haha!

The voltage issue is a bit of a bitch though, because when you charge phones it will say its charged to 100% even though it will magically die after about a few hours of serious use, whereas the same sort of use back home would get you a day and a half of battery life.

What more can I say? I didn't do half of the things I was supposed to do or that I was intending to do before I left. Now I'm sure it's going to come and bite me on the ass when I return. Not looking forward to it. It would be nice to shirk responsibilities for a lot longer. Maybe I can.

I should go into a bit of detail about tourists from different countries and how much they suck. Then again sometimes it's the locals who are the toss bags (hello Dubai)! German tourists are so incredibly rude! Then again, it could be European tourists in general. Just so blunt and condescending to locals and poor people in general. American tourists are generally ok, but I don't understand the idea that they think that everyone speaks English, or at least they will understand it if you speak it slow enough.

Scarily, I think Australian tourists are the nicest, and it's more about common courtesy rather than the individual. How scary is that?! Places like Dubai and

Ok thats it for today. I'm not dead.

Joaquin out.