Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm not worth the fuss

I really wish I had more common sense. That is to say I wish I was smart enough to realise that it's pointless to come to school on days where I start early cause I can just listen to the lecture online and just show up for my tute later in the day instead of rotting in the library with nothing to do. It's made worse when it's all rainy and cold in the morning and my bed is so warm.

Note to self, start bringing your crap to school so you can do work here like you used to in first year.

Whyyyyyyyyy oh whyyyyyyy are most people stupid? Do you have an answer for that? I don't, so that's why I'm asking you!

I really enjoy how our breaks usually don't coincide with secondary or other school breaks. This means that in our breaks we are free to roam around and not be hassled by mini gangsters and 10 year old crack hoes. It also means that when the previously mentioned people are strolling about like they own the place, we are too busy at uni to care.

Is the world in danger of becoming too politically correct? What in the hell is wrong with that? It's the path to tolerance. When you stop being mindful of such things, you start to offend people but I'm sure that's how some people would like it to be.

Why are PR students so freakishly attractive?! Do they have a criterion that one has to be hot in order to enrol in that course?! Highly dubious but alas, I am not complaining.

How come people never drive carefully in the wet? It's been my experience from watching people on the road on rainy days that people tend to drive faster and take a lot more risks in conditions where you sure as hell should not. I also saw 2 accidents the other day on my way to school which was absolutely priceless. One girl was speeding on the parkway (speed limit of 100km/h, 'twas raining heavily and she must have been going 130) and I knew she was in for some trouble and anyway a firetruck was on it's way to the scene of accident 1, then when the girl saw the fire truck she panicked, and just slammed on the anti lock brakes...straight line skid....for about 30m....straight into a light pole! FUCKING HELL-ARIOUS! What the hell?! The road was clear and she could have swerved to the right, hell she coulda pulled a rally turn and gone completely sideways and not hit anything but nope....straightttt into the pole and knocked it over. It was so low speed that I actually laughed instantly (don't worry, she was alright), but still giggle worthy none the less.

How am I supposed to waste the next hour of my life before my next class? How sad is that? Actually trying to find a way to waste time, that's not what life is about, but thus, that's what I'm reduced to. But whatever it is, it can't be blogged. Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So tell me why?

I'd like to know why I'm sitting in the computer lab in the law building with and hour and 20 minutes till my next class in a business suit! Oh that's right, I had to do an assignment and damn I was awesome. Hmm I could sure go for some food right about now.

My assignment was awesome, but they said I was a lil too aggressive with my questions but alas, which I feel bad about cause I've known my interviewee for 16 years and she's very nice. But I do have the highest mark in the class woohooo! It wasn't looking too good this morning though, the wrong foundation was applied and I looked like Krusty The Klown and I had to result to wiping that crap off on my way here. But it's allllll good!

I hope it doesn't rain on my way out of here tonight or else my suit is gonna be stuffed and that's not cool. I saw some girl do her interview after mine and her talent was HAWT, too bad she was really nervous and it came out really dodgy. Who cares?! She's hot! Sorry, that is to say she's HAWT. That's just a hotness all of it's own.

I'm just going to attempt to write in here until I'm bored and I can no longer take it. The nails on my right hand are growing quite nicely, it does help with the finger picking but it screws you up for other things such as scratching one's face or even typing on the keyboard or using a freakin' mobile phone.

Alright here's the deal, 4 weeks of uni left until exams. In 2 weeks I have an essay due (don't worry about this, this is all just for my memory). I've done 1200 words out of 2000 so it should be looking fine as long as I do lil bits of work here and there. In that same week I have a 15 minute speech to do which should be fine since that's almost done. A week after I have a 2000 word essay to do on that speech, which I am aiming to have done within that week so I should be sitting pretty. In that same week I have a 5 minute speech to do for another class but that should be ok since it's only worth 5% and I could probably just make it up on the spot and do well. Then in the final week I have a 2000 word report due, which I SHOULD be able to do within a week as long as I get my act together and start taping shows to compare.

I have an exam on my birthday, that's awful!

Ties are awful, they really do cut off the circulation to one's head and I think that it's VERY possible to die if one was too tight. I also don't like that discomfort, even if it's on very loosely, you can steel feel it around your neck and it's not very nice.

I have some notes at home, so this ends it for today and enjoy yourself people!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Am I Hiding In The Shadows?!?

I aplogize. There is nothing really more to say about it. The last few weeks has just been crazy. I'm just going thru one of those phases in my life that I can't avoid. Hehe lets leave that there, I don't want to get into details. On the flip side, its been a year since I started this blog, and it looks like over the year, my life has gone thru a full circle, and now I am almost getting back to where I started. At this point, I can't wait till this sememster is over, so I can just sit back and unwind.

Firstly, writing a long essay on 12 centuries of communication history was completely tiresome. I have come to a conclusion, I hate doing essay that don't allow me to express any of my opinions. How the hell an I supposed to get into someting in a lot of depth, without alizing anything. But hey what can I do. And on top of that, they have made letcures compulsury, they bloody take attendence. Thats just bullshit, and I feel like I am back in high school.

Well looks like I got a year older, and joined another generation, not a kid anymore. Though I would like to convince you that I am still a kid. That day went by just how I would want it. All over in a cloud of smoke. I would like to thank Army Boi for making it all happen. It was awesome. But I am still waiting for two boxes from my brother, hopefully should be at the others place in a week or so. Hehe who doesn't like presents.

Alright, I am just going to stop here for today, gotta get something into this small stomach of mine. Seems to be growling. Till next time.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Don't seduce prisoners, they'll hurt you

Not very much to say this time around, unfortunately. My life has just been about studying, even over the break but that's alright.

Soon all my assessment will be done and I can rest easy!! I've finally done it! I've finished Swat 4! And what insanity it was. The realism factor is just ridiculous. The last level is pure evil, the place is swarming with armoured well armed people in a gigantic map. We'd cleared all rooms, and after various injuries my team of 5 had been reduced to just me and a heavily injured non lethal specialist. After making him go into a room we'd already cleared, some dude with a shotgun took care of him right next to the doorway and then I charged in and shot him in the head. Unfortunately the mission had not ended! I then decided to walk around cautiously in my injured state. And after searching for about 20 minutes (real time) I found the guy crouched and hiding in a corner at the end of a hallway...looking in totally the opposite direction from which I was approaching. Instead of risking moving closer and making him submit, I just clocked him with a headshot from 30 m out. Mission over, I'm awesome!

We've been researching the effects of porn in one of my comm classes and in our tute, some girl was talking about anal sex and ass boy stared at his shoes looking very guilty, I almost erupted in laughter!

I was with a friend the other day and we visited one of her friends in a jewellery store and she was checking me out! In less than subtle ways, it was grand. Oh there's no importance in that, I just thought I'd mention it so I wouldn't forget!

I'm really enjoying the Lonely Planet: Six Degrees series. It's an interesting way at looking at and experiencing other countries. I must visit France!!!!

How good is The Associates??! Canadian shows are so underrated. The law is realistically portrayed and the characters don't all get along, it's like a real office setting. Then there's shows like Ally McBeal, where everyone loves each other and it's all happy! We need more shows like this! That's it for today folks. Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

He never woke up!!!

Well, it's been WAY too long since my last post, forgive me as I have been slack. But not TOO slack though. I have been doing plenty of uni work over the break, but unfortunately rather slowly. Striking up that fine balance between work and play is tough, cause I have been about 30% work, 70% play. Hopefully I'll get my act back together when uni is back on this week. One would hope so especially since all that work is due quite soon, but no need to fuss since the tough parts have all been done.

The other may be dead! I have told him to blog but alas, to no avail! Hopefully he'll start again once he's back to work too.

I also blame my skewed holiday work ethic towards ROM games and emulators!! I recently discovered the goodness of the GENS emulator and a different Master System one and I have about 140 games all up and I have just been enjoying the sheer brilliance of nostalgia. I also love being able to save a game at any point!! Really great just before boss battles or entering new territory. Ahh, how I miss old games! They required balls to complete. Games these days are too realistic, and bogged down in graphics and such. What happened to the good ol fun factor? Who remembers the insanity of MK2 and fighting the monstrosity that was Kintaro, only to get the crapped kicked out of you by Shao Kahn?! And Sonic!! Some of those Robotnik battles require you to think like a mathematician, no child could figure that stuff out. Also brings back memories of the other and I playing Lego Star Wars!!

I really hate hypocrites. The kind that lash out at you for something, and then you find out that they're guilty of the exact same thing. It's even worse when you're completely an innocent party. Ahh, but it also does bring with it the possibility of sweet revenge, and the savouring that shall follow after a plan is well executed.

You know what's strange? That all major religions presuppose the existence of money (or any form of currency). There are citations such as having to donate to charity or to take care of the "lesser" members of society. Why is there that assumption that poor people will always exist? With religion, isn't it a primary directive not to fear anything because we're heading somewhere good when we die? So why look after poor people? The quicker they're dead, the quicker they can be happy. Does religion assume that there'll never ever be an ideal world? If that's the case, why bother with religion in the first place? We SHOULD steal, we SHOULD kill and so on and so forth.

There's also a point of the pre-existence of a money/power relationship. Obviously those that have the money have the power. If poverty is wiped out, does religion get contradicted? Will poverty always need to exist in order to keep it sensical? Haha, I sound like a freakin' Republican! "Ending poverty is the path to communism!!" haha!

That's it for today folks. Have a nice day!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

But Before Tomorrow

What's up!! This is my last day of university for 2 weeks, woohooo!! Of course I have a mountain of work to do over the break so it's not going to be smooth sailing. Damn, I just realised that I don't have anything to say and my blognotes are at home!! Haha, ahh what to do with my 4 hour break now? I don't know, but I'm off! Have a nice day folks.