Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just Move It Up Two Frets

It has been an absolute madhouse with assessment, hence the lack of posts from me. The other is and has been sick, hence the lack of posts from him.

Only two pieces of assessment to go before exams, then I can sit pretty and you can expect more posts!

Besides work I really have not been doing much. Just tv and some Warcraft 3 Exansion (which is almost finished). I look forward to being a little more productive in my down time. That and catching up on more sleep, definitely.

Music wise I haven't been up to much, just working on some theory and key signatures at the moment. Haven't really worked on any techniques at the moment, and as such my playing level has suffered somewhat. I used a pick last night for the first time in ages and I was having some issues playing a harmonised descending lick (the bit at the end of Trivium's solo for Dying In Your Arms), and it's not even hard! Speaking of Trivium, what an utterly shit band. Their record label (Roadrunner) makes them out to be the next Metallica, but they sound like a god awful power metal band from the 80's. Heafy says he plays 8 hours a day to be as good as he is...however I hardly play anymore and I completely own him, and I have a feeling that the other guitarist is 10 times better than Heafy, so I don't know what the hell they're going on about. HOWEVER, the breakdown and solo for that song is pure genius. The lick before the solo starts and the triads in the final measure are devious and it is a crapload of fun to play!

I must also give props to Justin King. Imagine a virutoso player in the style of John Mayer. He utilises the rarely used Dsus4 (I THINK) tuning of DADGAD. He has perfect pitch and his multi fingered tapped harmonies are the stuff dreams are made of. In fact I have resolved to buy an acoustic in the holidays and try to learn one of his songs which I'm sure will be no easy feat. I need to buy his bloody EP...or better yet, release the damn record already Mister King!!!

I feared for the future of Australian music, but last night I heard some acceptable entries from The Casanovas - Born To Run and The Butterfly Effect - A Slow Descent and I am not so worried anymore.

Wow, this is turning into a biggish post, which I am grateful for! There hasn't been a decent post here in a long while (which is my fault, I know).

You want to know who my favourite guitarists are? Eric Johnson, Slash, Marty Friedman, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Kaki King and Justin King.

Eric Johnson is just a freak, and is truly one of the greatest guitarists in the history of the world. His phrasing is brilliant, and when you couple that with his technical skill, it's just pure bliss.

Slash is just a legend. He has this uncanny ability to mix feeling and blues into balls out rock, and for that he needs to be commended. He also has wicked ways of utilising his Dunlop Crybaby just for some extra oomph when it's needed.

Marty Friedman. What a damn genius. Who else could go from being a shredder in perhaps the most technically accomplished band of modern times, to being in one of the best metal bands of all time and then becoming a new age artist? Just freakish improvisation and a perfect ear for melody from this guy. I also love his use of Eastern tones/intervals in his music, and his style of playing has let me open my mind up to more music.

Rodrigo y Gabriela. Let me set the scene. 2 Mexican thrash metal guitarists move to Ireland and play acoustic jazz/flamenco/metal fusion. There you go, ABSOLUTE FREAKS. Rodrigo is the point man, with the rapid licks and devious phrases. However, I feel that with a fair bit of practice, I could be his equal as he is full of advanced techniques. However, Gabriela scares me. With that sexy Mexican accent and her EVIL EVIL EVIL staccato triplet strums and right hand techniques, she makes me look like a bloody emo punk rocker in comparison. I want to buy their new CD and see these two live.

Kaki King - 'Nuff said.

Justin King - I've already explained!

Ahh, so many great guitarists out there making awesome music. Makes me wonder why the music scene lately is so dull. But it'll pick up, just wait for the other and I (and that's a guarantee)! Have a nice day folks.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


The work has been absolutely insane lately. Let me break it down for you. On Thursday I stayed up till 7am finishing something. Then I slept for 3 hours, until I woke up to hand it in. Then I came home and slept until 7:30pm, classy.

At the end of this week I will receive a take home exam. The week after I have a 2k word academic report due. That same week I have a speech to give to class (that one is all written up at least). The week after that I have a journal to hand in. Then two exams in a short space of time, hooray! There's just way too much assessment at university I tell you.

After some return to near-normalcy you can expect some better posts! Have a nice day folks.

Friday, May 05, 2006

It Was Like That After I Got Here, I Swear

I apologise profusely for the lack of updates but it has been assessment madness south central at uni. I've had 1.5 pieces of assessment due for the last 2 weeks and it will continue till the end of semester. The last 4 days have been crazy, with post 5am sleep times and working a good 7 hours a day on essays and the like. However the heavy stuff is behind me so you can get used to some of the good stuff coming your way soon.

My external HD is almost full and I'm running out of DVD's, so I think I'm going to buy a 300 gig External and throw absolutely EVERYTHING I have on there so I can rest easy (and not have to syphon through all my damned burned DVD's for movies). It SHOULD last me a while, considering my old one was a paltry 80 gig and it lasted a respectable amount of time. I might have to buy a USB 2.0 controller, because my DVD burner on the old comp is only a 1.1 so it takes a good 45 mins to burn a DVD which is not cool!

I suspect the other may be dead, as I have not talked to him in a loooooong time! Hopefully the other shall blog soon. The last essay I handed in I think was a little dodgy, but let's see how that goes...Anyway, you know how it's been with my life, so there's really not much more to add. Have a nice day folks!