Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Back to the drawing board to think up something new to add to the world. That seems to be my eternal mission for life, sad but true. I am sick and tired of people ripping of other people and making money of their ideas. Well even though if I make something new, it will be ripped off, I would rather be the person being ripped of rather than the person ripping off. I can't sink that low. If I am going to bother doing it then I will do it right. It is no surprise to me that society is going down the drain. People just rip people off left, right, and center. In the schools and universities they emphasise more on plagerism rather than actually stimulating our minds to learn more knowledge. Positive reenforcement is a thing of the past, its all about how to punish someone. It doesn't seem to be working, we see more emphasis on plagerism every year. Time for reform??

This is possibly due to another reason. The reason for education is a little different than what it was a few years ago. As the world is progressing, more jobs are found in the terciary sector, services. Inorder to be good at a job in this sector a form of formal education is required. As more people bother getting education, the bar is rising higher to excell rather than actually learn the information that is handed out to us. It is more about getting the higher grade, getting the degree, who cares how you land up getting that. I think this is the main reason for plagerism and copying to have risen to this extent. I guess the post mordernists are right, knowledge is only worth its utility, it has no emperical value. Sad world we live in. I also believe that teachers and professors have changed their emphasis and method of teaching due to this curcumstance. Is it right is it wrong?? Who am I to judge. Where will this degree of mine take me in life??!!?? I just find it helarious. Take a step back and ponder...

Its late at night, and I have a very early class. I swear classes this early need to be banned. If I am ever the president, I will make sure that classes start later on in the day, screw time for sports, our sleep is much more important. And on another note, stop blaming the fast food franchises for your obisity porblems!!! I will get into that in more detail later on, maybe tommo morning. And tommo night, the other and I plan on taking a short look at the Uni and surgicly disect it, as he will be at my place for the night. For now I am out, got to get some shut eye. Maybe I sould do my lecture from my room tommo, hmm, why bother going all the way there. Why haven't I thought of this before??!!?? Now i'm looking forward to this...

Don't you (forget about me)

I'm going to have to make this one lightning fast as the Turkish version of The Nanny is due to start in a quarter of an hour and blogging for me takes ages. I always have to think about what I'm going to say, so I can't type at maximum pace.

I should warn you right now that in several hours I shall be dead. Well not really, but it can happen. I have to be up at 7:15 because I have to be dropped at university early so that my sister can be picked up from the airport. Yes, she is visiting again, hooray... This means all my stuff has been thrown and it's just a bloody mess. And this will continue for a few more days! I'm always the one to suffer, but nobody seems to mind. Of course, I'll be in bed at 1:30 am, won't sleep till 3am and then it's just 4 and a quarter hours till I have to be awake again, hooray! Since I had 5 hours of sleep last night, things are just going from bad to worse.

Wow, F1 on the weekend was fantastic. It had to be the best race I've ever seen in my life. It seems like Ferrari is back and they're not happy!!! Renault and Alonso may have won, but with Schumacher returning to form, and looking like a speedy bastard despite the rule changes, their days will soon be numbered. But it wasn't just the racing that did it for me, it was the sheer tactics. Who the hell jumps 9 places ahead after a pit stop?! Then runs down the entire field, bar the winner?! Schumacher, that's who! It was crazy, it's like when I uesd to play the original F1 and F1'97 games on the Playstation on the Arcade mode, on the easiest level. That was the only time where I've seen that kind of mad racing attempted and carried out to perfection.

It seems that the other is becoming a violent protester (or protestor, damn journalism) and is against what the uni is teaching us. Granted, it's being taught poorly and we're being taught incorrect info, I hope he chucks a big spack and makes his voice heard because he's right.

I'll attempt to go into an even bigger speel about some of the good issues that the other has raised at another time, like when I'm fully in charge of my mental capabilities, cause right now I think I'm a lil loopy and irritated.

Wisdom teeth suck!! Mine are just starting to erupt and they are a major pain. Hopefully they won't need to be removed, cause I hear that it's just excruciating.

My broadcast journalism lecturer has to be the most boring person on the planet. I can assure you that I have not learnt a damn thing in that class. I'm not an idiot. The reason? WE'VE COVERED THE MATERIAL ALL BEFORE! Not just that, his teaching style makes me want to throw darts and various other sharp objects at him while he's speaking, cause he doesn't say a damn full sentence for 3 minutes. I, err, umm, you know...that thing..

Gaah! I sincerely hope that my Red Bull will stop me from keeling over today, we'll see how it goes. Have a nice day folks.

Sing for me Amel, sing!! Chanson!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bit my tongue, and swallowed the truth...

Popped my pill, went to classes, got tired, and ate a bunch. Looks like my day went as planned. Ahh tommo is the last day of my pill popping days, looks to me like my tonsillitis is far gone. And my meals are back on, so I have to work on putting on some of the weight that I lost back on. This should be fun!!! It’s almost 2 years since I graduated from High School, its weird to think about it, but oh well, it’s been fun.

What’s interesting is femininity and what it really is. Honestly I really don't know how to define it, its a lot of things. And honestly most of the people who bother to publish on the topic are just as confused as I am. They all have some other view to what it actually is. Is it male hate (some of the theorists will make it out to be), is it female supremacy, is it equality?? Now you be the judge of that, but I personally think that they way most of these people are going on about it is just not right. Alright, its true that women have been oppressed in the past, and I completely agree that thats not right. But there is no need for male hate. Firstly, by generalizing they are being no better than the oppressors themselves. Instead of being the victims your are forcing the opposite sex to become the victim, that hardly seems to me to be the way to go. Thats not progression, thats just reform, and a little bit of revenge. Both sexes need to realize that they are just as important in life continuing, and need to respect to each other. By bashing the other side completely all they are straying from what they were fighting for, and now looking at a new horizon, and in this path this will form a cycle of revolt that will never stop. Is it possible for a man to be a feminist?? According to a lot of the theorists its not possible, but I think if we look at femininity in its purest, then there should be no reason why men can't be feminists. Again I stress that feminists have strayed from what they were actually aiming at obtaining. Where this all went wrong is the name. Its not right to call this feminism, it automatically makes it sound as though they are trying to gain female supremacy, where as the whole point is to bring about an equality. They should have named this equalism, or something along that line. The name misguides most. I am completely for the idea that we should have equal rights, and I think we are progressing
close to it. But once someone starts arguing about how the toys we play with becomes the basis of what gender we are, then I say to them, gays and lesbians are not born gay or lesbian, but become that way due to the surrounding that live in (not that I have anything against gays or lesbians). More over, I think its the parents choice as to how they want
their children to turn out, cause as long as they are dependant on the parents, the parents make the decisions for them. What are they going to say next?? Children should not be forced the religious beliefs that the parents have, but asked which one they are more interested in?? Lets not become absurd with our opinions, remember what you have set out to accomplish. Don't distort it to fit you needs.

What even funnier is that I heard what John Howard, the Australian prime minister has as a new policy. They are handing out money to women who decide to stay at home and take care of the children instead of going to work. Even though it should crazy and basphemic in today’s world, I realized that there is not so much wrong with that policy. Yes, its true that it goes against the progress that we seem to have made over the last decade or so. But we need to realize that it is an option, and with it comes a reward. They are trying to encourage women to stay at home, and compensating them by giving them money. They are not force this, but rather influenced into doing so. I personally think that they should not have a policy like this, obviously they are going towards a more conservative approach, and I think that it will hinder our progress. But on the other hands, in a year or two we will see what the women really want, if they do stay at home then, hell whats wrong with this policy??!!?? So in other words, Howard’s government is saying that women should stay at home, and take care or the children who are going to become the labor force of tomorow. So what happenes when the mother is taking care of a girl?? Hehe this policy is just one big mistake!!!

Is everyone aware that there was once a female pope? I know that sounds absurd, but its true. There was a female pope that ruled between 855 to 858 named Pope John Anglicus. As the story goes, she pretended to be a man, and was elected the pope. One day as she was riding in a procession she suddenly went into labor and had a baby. She was stoned and killed on the spot. They later wrote her out of the list of popes and her name is not on the list anymore. Wow, now that is some heavy information, not only was she a woman, but she wasn't virgin as well??!!?? Firstly its not allowed for women to be the pope, its is strictly prohibited by the catholic church. Only now are women allowed to become archbishops. And secondly she was pregnant, so she was not a strict clergy as well. She went against all rules of the church, and yet made it to the top of the high achy. I knew that the Catholics were dumb, but this is just plain stupid ( No offence). How can one not tell a man from a woman, its not like they has plastic surgery then, and on top of that a pregnant one!! ROFL!! I hear the new pope is just too conservative in nature for the modern day. I realized something while reading angels and demons by Dan Brown. Why does the Catholic Church appoint old fossils as their top person, they have no connection with the world that we live in now. Maybe they should look at their laws and make some reform. Maybe the pope should be between 40-50, and after that they are not the pope anymore, I don't know. Or the camerlengo should have more power then they do today, and be more of an advisor rather than a servant.

I hope that was insightful for you people. Hopefully I will have some more interesting material for you people tommo, but for now I must get to the bottom of how to get my residencies office to change the bulb in my table lamp. Cheer, and don't buy into crap.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Born from an egg on a mountain top...

Haha if you know where I scammed the title for this entry, you are my hero!

First, I'd like to include the lyrics from a song that I heard recently which just absolutely blew me away. It's by a French singer Amel Bent and the song is called Ma Philosophie ('my philosophy'). Of course the lyrics are in French so I had to use babelfish to translate it and some of it came out extremely wrong and demented, but the meaning is still there and I absolutely adore this song. Copyright Bent 2005.

I have only one philosophy
To be accepted as I am
Despite everything that one says to me
I remain the raised fist
For best like the worst
I am mongrel but not martyrdom
I advance the light heart
But always the raised fist

To raise the head, to bend the chest
Unceasingly to redouble efforts
The life does not leave me the choice of them
I am the ace but not the king
In spite of our sorrows, our differences
And all these ceaseless insults
Me I will raise the fist
Still higher, even further

To aim at the Moon
That does not frighten me
Even with wear
I still believe in it and in heart
If it is needed I will make some
I already made some
But always the raised fist

I am not like all these girls
That one disfigures, that one strips
Me I have forms and roundnesses
That is used to heat the hearts
Girl district to populair
Who A learned how to be proud
Much more love than of misery
Much more heart than of stone

I have only one philosophy
To be accepted as I am
With the force and the smile
The fist raised towards the future
To raise the head, to raise the chest
Unceasingly to redouble efforts
The life does not leave me the choice of them
I am the ace but not the king

Ahh absolutely brilliant. I want to cover it someday.

I saw a Bob Dylan clip last night on tv and he absolutely went off. He was simultaneously playing guitar and a harmonica and it was freaky. How much skill would it take to do that??! It was insane.

I need to kill the workers behind my house. Our neighbours are constructing something in their backyard and the bastards woke me up at 10am. Some things are common sense, don't swim with sharks, don't poke a bear, don't stick your head in an untamed lion's mouth, don't flirt with a criminal's pretty girlfriend and DON'T EVER, EVER wake an insomniac. I will find a way to make them pay the price!! It was so loud that it felt like the construction was taking place right in my room and I was unable to go back to sleep. I know what I'll do, I'll crucify him on the freakin' fence that he is building! But that'd be tough to do since there is only one of me. I know, I'll grab his hammer and bash his skull in till it co-exists with his brain!! I wonder if there is such a thing as a perfect murder, I'm going to have to think about that one.

The other and I have engaged in many a debate over child actors. I say that none of them can act. The other says Dakota Fanning is a prodigy, to which I vehemently protest. HE SAID SHE WAS BETTER THAN DE NIRO!! The other is crazy. I don't think she can act at all. Everyone remembers Jake Lloyd's terrible performance in Episode 1. Haley Joel Osmet was regarded as the best, but now he's much too old, and I found that his earlier performances were all just the same load of expressions over and over again. The son in Ring 2 was good, but that was because he only had to be dry and emotionless, which isn't that hard to do. The problem with child actors is that they have the wrong emotional inflections and reactions to dialogue and it just comes off as so artificial and it can really ruin a film. However, this all changed in Thursday's episode of Medium. Allison Dubois (Patty Arquette's character) has a daughter (Ariel, played by Sofia something something) that really doesn't do much, but the episode in question revolved entirely around her and she was just bloody phenomenal. Perfect diction, emotional response and screen presence. I was shocked, she absolutely destroyed every single adult actor on that show. What's even scarier is that she's only 11 years old! She can only get better.

Ahh so they elected a new Pope (for those not in the know, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from Germany who is now known as Benedict XVI aka 16th). He's a conservative, which isn't a bad thing, but he's very hardline. He was against most of the stuff that John Paul II was for, such as open dialogue with other religions and what not. This is incredibly dangerous especially in these times. I don't want to see the catholic church lose numbers, but if it results in that instead of pseudo religo-centric thought, it may be the best option for people to turn their back on the church. By their nature and doctrine, Christians are meant to be humble and tolerant, for a conservative not to realise this is quite scary. The cardinals chose a good Pope for them, but they didn't choose a good Pope for the people. Let's just see what happens from here.

So my break is over and it's back to uni on Tuesday. What am I going to do for 5 weeks? That's how long it is till the rest of my assessment is due. Then again I guess I should probably actually DO the work! There's only a bit of minor work between now and then so I don't know what the hell I'm going to do. Note to self, send that letter!!!

Have a nice day folks.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Shortcut to bliss

Firstly, I'll apologise for the quality of my last blog as I realised that the last part of it made no sense but I cannot be bothered to fix it. You should be able to understand what I meant though.

Is it just me or was Ally Sheedy really hot back in the 80's? Especially in The Breakfast Club!

Has anyone caught the new Canberra Raiders ad? For those not in the know, they are our local Rugby League (football) team. Anyway the ad features 2 seconds of the actual players on the team and the remaining 20 seconds is devoted to the cheerleaders!! I'm not complaining but I think that's rather horrible! They are swaying side to side provacatively in their skimpy outfits, waving their pom poms about and it really has nothing to do with football, in fact I didn't know what the hell the ad was about when I first viewed it! Shocking, absolutely shocking I tell you.

I really need to finish The Fountainhead soon in order to read Angels and Demons right after the other and so he can read my book. In light of the other's comments, I feel that I should make a return to some mindful comments and criticism about wordly events and some intellectual discussion so I'll start with that in my next entry.

The other and I had a jam session today and actually finished a song in the whole freakin entirety for our parts! It's amazing. It all came together well, my fingers are dead and it's all wonderful.

Well it's taken 3 freakin' days but here it is, the update to the Joaquin rate list!! It's huge so make sure you have some time spare! I'm sure it'll probably be the last update for it cause there really cannot be any new faces! Have a nice day folks.

Remember, the list is located at

Thursday, April 21, 2005

And They Lied Their Face Off...

I woke up with a graze on my knee. How does a graze just happen to come on your knee without your knowledge. Possibly because of the dunkeness last night. Thats usually accountable for most things that are unaccounted for. But then again I found a cut on one of my fingers a few days ago that completely freaked me out, it looks like a knife dug into it. How the hell does that happen??

Sanity, what is it?? The other says that he is so sane that other people consider him insane. That got me thinking. Sanity is basically what society thinks one should act in the society. Reguardless of wether they are right or wrong. Any action that is not with in the norm is automatically insane. So you may be correct and still be insane. And again the word insane automatically refers back to the paradigm of what sanity is. Like "absense" implies "presense" well "insanity" implies "sanity". A social construct. We are all institutionalized wether we like it or not. On this note, every one should read a short story called "Shooting an Elephant" by George Orwell. There is a lot to be learned from it.

People its true, Opera has released a new version, and it has fixed all the bugs that made it really irritating since last december. Don't get me wrong I have always loved the browser, but about a few months back it had security holes, and the lack of compatibility with gmail proved to be quite irrtating. So its all fixed now, and i can move back to what I like the most. But one problem, I have to use firefox when I blog as this website doesn't support Opera properly. Hmmm damn nation...

Dan Brown is absolutely brilliant. Obviously I turned to his writing cause of the Da Vinci Code, because lets face it, the book kicks ass, argueably one of the best books of this mellenium, and cause its full of controversey, lets face it, it just kicks. Now I am reading "Angels and Deamons" and I have to say this too kicks ass. Very, very similar, and it talks about a lot of things that we are not introduced to before. Thats what I like the most about his books, that they open my eyes to a lot of things. For instance, its popular belief that the internet was made by the americans first, where as CERN actually made the internet, which is in Geneva. I would recomend everyone to read into his work. If your not into it already. I am going to stop here, cause I just have to get back to reading my book. Have a good one...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've Seen Angels Without Wings...

Ahhh relief... I swear, modern medicine works wonders. I don't care about the natural medicationa and other crap like that. These anitbiotics work wonders. No, I'm not completely fixed yet, but at least I am in repair. At least I can talk normally these days. So here we go with the blog...

There are things that I am not bothered with what I buy, but then there are always shoes. When it comes to shoes, its then that I shell out a lot of money. It just so happens to be one of things that I really like to get the best. Is that wise, I don't know, but all I know is that I love em. Yep thats right I bought new shoes. On that note, I sould spend less cash buying things, I've spent too much this month...

Damn Australia!!! Their money is becoming more and more valuable by the day, and crap in this country costs a shit lode more than other countries!! The same thing that costs $200 in the states costs $400 here!!! What the hell is with that?? I am not happy, but then again there isn't much that I can do about that. Some monitory revaluation needs to be done!

Ok I gotta figure out why my messenger isnt working. I will blog again sometime soon, for now you will have to bare with me... Cheers.


Sorry about the lack of posting, but I'm back now, just so you know that I'm not dead. It is damn late, and I actually feel damn tired so I shall attempt to keep this shortish. What in the hell does this new recover post link do?! WILL IT BRING BACK MY BELOVED LOST POST FROM A FEW WEEKS BACK?! NO! Thanks for the false hope you bastard blogger (all rights reserved)!

I believe that I'll update my rate list (FINALLY) in the next post and I'll tell you right now that it's gonna be a rather large update, in fact it's the biggest addition so far. I'm sure you're all looking forward to it, heehee!

I've got this sick feeling that I'm meant to be doing something today but I can't remember what the hell it was. I hope I'm just being paranoid and no such thing exists.

Forgot to mention in my last post that I cut my nails and I can play proficient guitar again, hooray! Am back to writing songs, but it's so much harder for some reason, I just have no idea what it is. I'm also having a love hate relationship with my guitar right now. Some nights I can just play the damn frets off of that thing, and other nights I can't even play basic chords, let alone play at the level I'm at.

Girl Tv was back on last week for 5 days of repeats! I'm happy! I can't wait for series 2 to start. I really should also watch my Girl TV DVD, I still haven't gotten around to that, damn I've been slack! I hope everyone has been watching the new episodes of Law And Order SVU because they have just been absolutely dynamite. Kyle MacLachlan shot the kid!!! Holy crap!! Did anyone see that coming?! It was freakin' awesome. I cannot wait for Matthew Modine's performance tonight.

Had a grand time at Madame N's place the other night with the other and M-Biatch so I must think them for a good time. Note to you, I will destroy you at Taboo next time!! You know who you are!! Channel 10/Capital has been kind enough to do a lil Brat Pack 80's film festival and I am loving it. The last movie, The Breakfast Club was on tonight and it was brilliant. I think everyone should see it. I may even add it to my fave films list.

Had to go to uni a few days back in order to do a bit of assignment work with my group. I also ran into reject girl (you'll have to go right back to the start of the blog history) in the library! Gahh! Jeez, I don't need to see her in my break! Hehe is she reject girl cause she rejected me? Or should I be reject boy cause I'm the one who was rejected me? I really don't know what the protocol is. I think that's a good sign of how tired I am, so off to bed I go. Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No, I will not part with them!!!

Well I am finally back to blog for you people. Firstly, every now and then I get kinda bored with the layout of the page, so I thought of changing the layout. So here you go, we are using the latest on webpage building, rounded edges done without images, now isnt that just brilliant. Kudos to the blogger people. Well the final destination is to make a layout for the blog by myself sometime, but I just dont have the time as of now. So we will stick to this for a few days.

Yes, I am sick, thats why I haven't blogged in ages. Tonsillitis can be a pain in the ass. Ok fine, I wont relocate my pain, its in my throat. This is something that cane be extrememly painful, avoid at all costs. And no, I dont have to get my tonsils removed. I am quite attached to them actually. On top of that I have to shell out cash for meds, damn nation, but thank god for the meds. I think I am becoming a pill popper. No I am not taking more than what I should be takeing. And no you cant have some, my meds are my meds...

Someone told me Oceans 12 sucked. How can that be?? They have an allstar cast, and even Bruce Willis makes an appearance in it. Honestly, I have not watch a crappier movie than that all of this year. Yeah it was even worse than Meet the Fockers. And that is saying something. I didnt even pay to watch that movie, and yet I want my money back, it was that bad. By money I mean compensation for wasting my precious time!!!

You know what life is about?? Life is about sacrifice. This applies to everything in life. Some people like to call it compromise, but I will just leave it as sacrifice. And if constantine was right, we are all going to heaven people, as we make sacrifices all the time. Everything we do for another person is automatically a sacrifice, a sacrifice made to make the other party feel better. Is that compromise?? Sometimes it is compromise, others its just plain sacrifice. Its no surprise that there are people who on either extreme of the spectrum. There are people who are always giving up what they would like so that the other party gets what they want, they dont compromise, they give in. They just make sacrifice after sacrifice. Is this wrong, No, not nessarily. They way I look at it they derive their compensation by know that the other is happy, and in turn they are happy. You make someone happy, they will obviously make you happy sometime. Yes, the sad truth is that there are people out there who are just thinking about themselves, but not to worry, people who make sacrifices know who to make them for, you people who want it all are so out of luck. The point of this rambeling?? Just appricate people who are giving up something for you, and hold on to them, they might be good to have around. And the way to keep them around, appriciate them too, work towards a compromise, cause this doesn't come naturally. There are givers and there are takers, which one are you??!!??

My room needs a major cleaning, there is stuff everywhere, what the hell am I going to do. Sleep. Thats what I will do. Honestly I dont have the energy to do any of this ar this point. So hopefully, tommo I will do my laundry, make my bed with the new sheets that I bought (which will make my room look so good), then fix up my room. It should be a good fun day, with a prospect of watching a movie on the silver screen. Take care people, and be happy that your throat feels normal... Cheers...

Monday, April 11, 2005

"Oi, they've got spoons for a buck!"

The title was overheard by the other and I at Cash Converters the other day and we had to stop ourselves from falling over from the laughter.

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for not posting in a while. I made a conscious effort (inspired by the other) to do a shiteload of work in the last two weeks of school aswell as the first weekend of my break. Guess what? Now I'm free!! Yeahh, two weeks of sheer slackness, it's gonna be great. (Un)fortunately, the other and I have planned a lot of leisure activities and now the killer is going to be actually getting around to doing it. But I feel glad, I usually have to work damn hard in my class free period, but it's all my assignments and readings and tute q's for my first week back are already done and I am just sitting pretty. I'm looking forward to watching my Girl Tv DVD as well as my Terminator 3 DVD which I got for Christmas, yet have still not watched!

I'm going to attempt to make this a monster post in order to make up for my absence these last few weeks (the other doesn't view my picture posting as an adequate entry). Luckily, I have a hell of a lot of blog notes backed up from practically half a month ago to be used for this post! Writing about them gives me a great sense of joy. It's like finally dispensing with all the heavy change that weighs down your wallet.

Let me give tell you a story about a university in our town. Last year, an international student was murdered in her flat and nobody discovered the body for 6 months. The only reason her body was located was because the stench had engulfed her entire building and people complained. The policy at any university is to pursue any international student who doesn't attend a certain amount of classes per month. So of course, the admin of that uni had failed horribly in this. To make matters even worse, nobody (not even the student's own family in her native country) reported her missing. The university is copping a lot of flack for not taking care of its international students and there are reports that they may be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for it. I don't think it's that harsh since I do consider the administration at that particular university to be horrible. But the other factor is International Students from a certain region in the East who shall remain nameless because I don't want to offend them. All the other international students have integrated well in their new surroundings and have made new friends and socialise freely. However, the students from that part of the world actively keep to themselves and don't get involved with anything or anyone outside of their own people. This goes for any other University I have ever visited, don't think it's just an isolated case. But sheeit, the world is turning into a nasty place and if you don't make an effort to reach out to others, nobody is going to care what happens to you.

When in the hell will the stats for blogger start to update in real time again?! It's been freakin' 6 or so months since they stopped working! Why don't the bastards at blogger get their acts together?!

I had to go to the National Library a few weeks back in order to research something for an assignment. Usually I'm in the newspaper reading room in the second basement with geriatrics just getting some info into my head. But this time my business was located in the main reading room. I had just walked into the room and went to a computer to search for my books, when I took a look around and almost freaked out. It was Wednesday morning (10:50 am) and the place was crawling with freakishly stylish and attractive early 20 somethings! Not just that, half of my bloody uni was there! That girl from Primary school I used to have a crush on! That girl from my English class in college who I kissed! Someone from college who I hadn't seen in years. Even my freakin' Tax Law Lecturer from last year! What the hell?! This was certainly not what I was expecting. I ought to do more of my work there I tell you.

There was even this evil guy there! First, let me explain the backstory to this. I mentioned in one of my blogs a few weeks back that the other helped my edit one of my assessment items on the computers at uni. Well there was a guy in the room who was annoyed with the noise we were making and left after a few mins. Now, whenever I have been wondering aimlessly at uni or just outside of campus grounds, I've seen him! Is he stalking me?! I've only got one goal now, to butcher him mercilessly when the chance arises!

I've noticed that there's a lot of stuff written on chalk on the concrete around campus. One particular one that caught my attention was "power is everything". How true (especially with Administrative Law...hehehe). I think it definitely applies in my life. Now I feel the need to buy some chalk and write some mad sayings around there myself.

What the hell is it with young people in fancy cars? You know that most middle class folk, even with combined salaries cannot afford these kinds of cars. And when a youth is driving around in said automobiles, it fills me with a sense of "what the hell is the world coming to?". Sometimes I just want to go "fuck capitalism, the system sucks" and then ten seconds later I feel the need to buy some nice clothes, ahh such is life. When it's a European car, you know that rich parents are behind that one. When it's a japanese sports car, you know it's been bought with drug money.

Finally got to drive the other day. I'm not rusty, but I feel like I'm not at my best. I guess I'll have to get back into it in the break. What the hell is going on?! Even after the HECS cutoff date, campus is still packed! Usually when people realise how much uni sucks, they pack up and leave before the HECS liability date crops up so that they don't have to pay anything. Stupid growing student population.

Damn this weather to hell! I don't care if it's hot OR cold, but can we please stop having BOTH on the same day!!

Had a demented time in the library at uni the other day. Someone was in my seat, which always pisses me off to no end so I had to sit a bit further down than I usually do. Then, as I'm trying to pen a song, I keep hearing voices giggling and chatting away. I look over and in my seat, some girl is talking to some guy who is sitting across the freakin' OTHER table! Judging from their body language, it was quite easy to decipher what was going on. Flirting in the library? You sick fucks!! Anywhere else but there!! People are trying to work!! Damn nation, it was so obvious it made me want to scream and chuck a 2 year old like tantrum (haha, use a condom - side joke, the other shall fill you in)! The girl was later joined by another girl who honestly dressed rather well. The guy noticed this and promptly turned his attentions to her, much to the chagrin of girl #1. Hahaha, guys are idiots. We will go after anything in a skirt.

So in my new seating position, I was at the end of the row which is adjacent to a huge corridor filled with single desks. I really hate being looked at so of course this made me paranoid to no end. I looked up and I noticed that some girl was looking at me, then quickly wrote something down. I thought it was just a coincidence, but as I observed further, it became more and more obvious that she was writing about me! That bitch!! So I did the only thing I could, I retaliated! I grabbed my notepad and wrote THIS! Haha, I'm so lame!

I've noticed a proliferation in a new type of girl. I think it's probably brought on by the first years and such. But anyway, this new girl wears fitted denims, and a singlet top but with a classy little sweater on top as to not show off too much skin. I realised this as I was staring at some girl who was doing her work and came to the conclusion that these girls are just as prevalent as the other type of girls I mentioned a few blogs back! Then after she was done, she got up and walked past me and I almost died! Her fragrance was just so damn awesome!! I was sitting there looking like some fool in a post-coital daze. I was actually intoxicated! My fave feminine fragrances are Chanel No5 aswell as Tommy Girl (with the latter, I used to borrow a female friends scarf who wore that particular brand, and just inhaled it every psyche class in college)! But I had no idea what this was and it's driving me wild. I need to find out.

Word to the wise ladies, hoop earrings died out in the mid 90's! Don't play God, don't try to bring them back!!!

"The bastard is a fucker". Hahaha! The other said this out of pure disdain for his economics lecturer the other day. After he realised the sheer lunacy of it, we laughed for a good 5 minutes straight. Afterwards, I mentioned that it bad to go in the blog, so here it is!

I finally got to watch all of Nadiya's new clip on tv today (Signes). Damn that woman is so beautiful. But I also found out something scary after using babelfish and translating her website (my French isn't so good these days). She's 32 years old!! How is that possible?! She doesn't look any older than I do and I'm a good decade or so younger than her! Not only that, she has a child! An 8 year old boy!! I love a good shock now and then!

Ahhh I hate dinner parties. Well not when I attend them, but when my parents host them. Usually I have to unenviable position of having to babysit THE worst behaved children you'll ever come across. Having no human contact outside of Uni for most weeks and going to this, it certainly frazzles ones nerves. My entire routine just gets interrupted and I am just so damn annoyed! I think I'm going to lose it next time and grab my sword and impale all the little terrors to the wall!! Honestly, I don't know how I lasted through my two siblings without cracking their skulls open!!

We have a cleaner who comes every fortnight to clean the entire house. I returned home the other day and all my stuff upstairs had been moved! My tv, my blank CD's (which aren't labelled) were all thrown together and everything was just a massacre! I have an eccentric yet awesome way of having everything right where I need it, even if it looks chaotic (all geniuses do) but damn it, it's where I like it! I hate having my stuff touched! After moving my tv back, it's now getting shitty reception! Damn it, it makes me want to gut people randomly!!!

Oportos is a sweet sweet addiction of the other's and I. We have to eat it at least once a week in our massive 4 hour break. For those of you that don't know, it's grilled chicken fast food. I noticed last week that the manager who works there is a very gorgeous girl named Clare. Usually managers at fast food joints are twice the age of the counter staff and half as attractive but in this case it was just wow! She was wearing non fitted black work pants!! She still looked good! NOBODY looks good in those pants I tell you! I should stop talking about that place, I feel like going for some right now and it's bloody 2 am!

Damn you missionary girl! I had my legal theory tute last week and we were talking about natural law. Of course, the discussion harked back to religion and we all got chatty. Then the funny stuff, I was answering all the questions on Christianity and then she was answering all the questions on my religion! It was hell-arious. But wow, she's quite the knowledgeable one and she's surprised me. She even tried to school the class on my own religion! I haven't met someone that bright in a tute for a long time. The other's post about fools who don't shutup in tutes even when they have no idea rings true for practically every class. Of course it's our job to shoot people down with sound knowledge and divine debating skills! But garrgh! Beware the heightists! I just discovered that she's a good 6 inches taller than I am!

New eps of Law And Order SVU! It's been moved to after Medium now, so it's no longer in competition with The Amazing Race so I'm very happy. But wow, the MA episodes of SVU are just so much better than the other eps. They can make the tone of the show so much darker, but the level of secondary actors that they use in those eps are just phenomenal! They really make the show shine.

Ahhh, as the other mentioned, he was unaware that the Pope had died until I had told him. Being a young person, he's the only Pope I've ever known but wow. What an amazing person. I'm not a Christian and I tend to dislike most of the hardline Christians that I've met (mostly because of their patronising yet simultaneous judging nature which is just thinly veiled intolerance), but I respect and love him! He had a tolerance and love for humanity which is just sorely lacking in society these days. It's sad that he had to die, but it's natural part of life. Hopefully he can get all the answers he was seeking in life. If the next Pope is even half the man that John Paul II was, then Christianity has a bright future.

The other mentioned that function in his post. I don't really know what else he wanted me to go into since he covered all the interesting points! Functions are gold. It's the perfect opportunity for random parents to corner you and then interrogate you about every facet of your life. Besides that, I really don't have anything more to add about that event!

I just finished watching an old episode of the Sydney Piano Competition and I was just blown away. The piece performed tonight was Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #3 in D minor, which earned the performer a third place. Shite, if he was so freakin' awesome and only got third, I'd hate to see what the others are like! I really enjoy seeing virtuoso performances of any instrument. Instruments are a difficult thing to master, and I have a respect for anyone who can express themselves flawlessly through them.

Ahh, it's late and I have yet to e-mail Les Femme Anomaly so I shall get to that!

Yesh, it has been the biggest post in the history of this blog so you can all kiss my ass and take that to the bank and put a long term deposit with interest on it, bitches! Haha, just kidding! Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Anarchy Inside My Mind...And Uni!

This pic was taken by the other at Uni a few weeks back. I don't know how the people were able to do such a good job at making it come up so clear. It's been there ever since I've been a student at uni (2003), and despite numerous attempts to clean it up, it still remains! So to honour the theme of our blog, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Yesh, you can click on it for a bigger view. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Don't Justify Justification...

What is the GDP of Australia?? Honestly, who gives a shit??!!?? Yeah it maybe importatant for people doing economics as a major, and decide to study here. They sould not make this material importatant for an introductory calss to economics, where there are different people doing different majors. How does it matter to me what the GDP of Australia is if I am going to be sitting and making ADs?? Quite frankly its bullshit, as is the professor making us read his crappy book instead of one that is a million times better?? Hehe why I'm getting into this?? Because tommo morning I have an exam that I am just absolutely irrtated to have to take. Firstly I know the material, and have studied the subject before, and secondly that there is a possiblility that there are going to be questions on the economy of Australia. Darn bastard, he sould learn how to talk first before he starts lecturing. But the good news is folks that it is a multiple guess paper, and hopefully it wont be brain surgery.

Today has been completely screwed. I have been studying since the time I have been up to this point. If I hear any more talk about either economics or semiotics I am going to explode. But I had a lot of fun with the semiotics essay. Oh well hopefully this day goes down as a useful day rather than one that I compltely wasted my time.

Guess what?? After I finish my exam tommo I will be free for 2 weeks and 2 days!!! Oooo what a rush!!! Its going to absolutely fabulous. I have a ton of games that I have to get down to playing, and then I also have to do some photoshop work that I have been meaning to do over the last few weeks. There are a lot of tunes that I have written, but haven't had the time to write lyrics to. This is a promise to the other that by the time this 2 weeks are through, we will have at least 2 new songs ready to hit the virtual canvas that I will use to produce the music. And this is a reminder to the other that we have to jam during this time.

Saw the wierdest sight that I have seen for a while. I just woke up and headed out to my tutorial for the day. As I was walking up I relized that the others dad was walking towards me. It was just wierd to see him there as he doesn't study at this university??!!?? He told me that he had to take his walk. I donno, but the whole story of the others younger brother freaked me out. Hehehe about that, I have just realized that I have not shared the funniest story of this month. We were at a typical bangladeshi function. Lots of kids making a lot of noise, people talking, people sleeping, people writing smses to each other, and a bit of pakistani bashing (you didn't hear me say that). So we hear this kid repeting "baba" which means dad, and then runs towards the others dad, and embraces him from his back. The other and I look at each other, and start laughing our heads off. I even laughed till I started crying. After that the other had a staring competition with the kid, and I just couldent stop laughing. I think it took me 20 efforts to get the reason I was laughing through to Madam N. Helarious. I hope the other goes into a bit more about that function. Thats it for today, cheers...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ruby, Barbie, The Body Shop, and Semiotics...

Its late in the night and my head is working a little slow after a long day. Tuesdays are definately the most screwed up day in my week. I have 2 lectures and 2 tutorials which gives me 5 hours of classes, and thats not all, I usually have tons to in the evening and day aswell. So by the time this part of the night comes along I am as dead as a rhino without its horn. So this is going to be a short one.

Two to three more days to go before my short vacation starts. Yeah I know the day is still vague as it all depends on when I finish of this essay I have to write, hehe the title of the essay happens to be the same as the title of this blog. I was going to do half the essay today, but I feel drained, but with the introduction out of the way I feel confident that I will finish of the rest of it tommo, and study for my exam aswell. I will have to manage my time well, since I have most of thursday to finsih of the essay. Hmmmm...

Ever had one of those people in your class that always feel the need to ask a question of state their opinion. It gets really annoying, I swear, and every rolls their eyes whenever that happens. Heehee I swear the next time she opens her mout to say something stupid, I will teach her a lesson. What will I do, heehee answer the question in such a way that she ends up with rosy cheeks. Just you wait girl who thinks shes soo sweet...

There needs to be more photographs on this blog, I have realised. I end up taking a lot of pictures, and I think some pictures say more than a whole blog in itself. So tommo I will try to put up some pictures, spice things up if you will. So look forward to that, for now its me going to bed...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Take A Brush And Paint A Picture...

Another weekend gone by and guess what I've been slack, what a surprise huh??!!?? Well all I can say is that it was worth it. Now all I have to do is be focused for the next 3 days and then I will be free as a bird for the next two weeks. Now wont that be grand. I can almost smell it, and damn I am seeing it in my dreams (well, day dreams). And for those of you who don't have breaks now, just remember that you have breaks at different times, and you too will enjoy yourself...

I always pick coke over pepsi, this is the only place where I am brand loyal. Why, quite simple, in my head I relate this back colored drink to the coca-cola brand. I think of the drink and thats the image I see. They have definately marketed their good the proper way. Most people tend to say one or the other, I guess depending on which one has made a bigger influence on their lives. And for people who say they can tell the difference in taste, well I think they are talking out of their asses. In Bangladesh however the new generation scares me :S. Really kids say different things like I want a virgin or I want an RC. The first time I heard a kid say "I want a virgin" I was like WHAT!!! Then quickly realised that it was the drink the kid was talking about. Its funny you would expect the multimillion dollar companies to have a hold of the market, but I think the situation is quite different out there. Its a bit scary I tells ya. Imagine a world without Microsoft... Wait thats a good thing!!!

The pope is dead. The strange thing is that I had no idea that that even happned!!! I have been wondering when that was going to happen, and remember thinking that that will be one sad day. Not that I am a Christian or I like the pope, but honestly he has become a symbol for everyone. Like mother Terisa when these symbols die, its just a little sad for everyone involved. Honestly I think he was waiting for the day he was going to die, he just got sooo darn old. I guess working for the man above has its merits, but who wants to live that long??!!?? Now the dude who has an issue with The Da Vinci Code is going to take over from the pope, I see the direction of the Chatholic chrch changing, and I swear its not going to be a pretty picture. Every new person wants to show what they are capable of, and I think as the new pope comes in to being, he will take his followers in the wrong direction. So must for understanding and acceptance. The lesson learned from this exercise is that read the headlines at least every other day, there is a world outside the room, and once you come out if you dont know whats happeing you may look like a complete retard...

Its getting a bit late, and tommo is an extremely important and busy day, it will shape how the rest of the week goes down, and I hope it goes down smoothly. Cheers folks, I'll be back tommo for another posting.