Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boisterous Musings

It is not quite a lull, no.  I don't know what it is.  But there is the sheer anger and fear that you know something happened, and you weren't there to prevent it.  I haven't played guitar in weeks.  Not just days, but weeks.  I'm starting to think I may never be able to play to my best ability ever again.  That's a terrifying thought.  Maybe it'll all be over soon.  Nothing is set in concrete.  Nothing is comfortable.  I'm not working towards anything.  There's no goals in mind.  Even existence is unnatural. 

There's too many flakey people out there.  They can't be real, they just can't deal.  I've aged overnight.  My youth is long behind me.  I just want to lie down and go away.  Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose?  No, it is Joaquin's.  I'm so weak.  Why do I even bother?  Will time move today?  Maybe, but it will still be me who suffers. 

I don't have anything important to say.  I'm done.  It's time to try and focus and do other things.  Well maybe try to focus.  Let's see what comes of it.

Joaquin out.

Monday, November 17, 2014

What Does It Take?

This and a million more questions that have no answers, on this update to Anarchy Inside My Mind!  Hahaha.  Ahh, things are just getting more difficult.  Day by day.  Minute by minute even.  There are just some places I can't even go.  It's not about what it takes, but what you know.  Things haven't quietened down yet.  Do I even have anything to say?  Probably not now, probably not for a while.  But that's okay.  It's all over, and nothing really lasts forever.  Not even us. 

Oh how things look up slowly but surely.  Removing time from actions or actions from time is the key thing.  It's a bit pointless, cause it's not like it is there anymore.  Regardless of the orientation or the setup. 

Well I suppose I better get some work done.  There are some weird people out there. 

Are you?

Joaquin out.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This Denial Of Reality

Is really just a dream.  Are we going politico?  Perhaps.  Just do it.  Just go ahead and do it.  A ridiculous wave of laziness has overtaken me.  I'm going to have to fight it.  Much like I fight everything.  I don't have too much today because it's just busy.  Being busy has overtaken my life.  I know what that feeling is.  It's not dread. 

There's a bit of an uproar about cheating in universities.  A lot of foreign students pay a service provider to undertake essays on their behalf and then submit it as their own work.  Normally, you would be required to undertake English language proficiency tests before you can be offered a university place (if you're an international student), but apparently a lot of people are getting these qualifications forged, or universities are ignoring the requirement.  Why?  Because of the ridiculous amounts of money being made from international students.  They pay about twice to three times more per degree than a domestic student, and that doesn't include accommodation costs and other costs of compliance.  So universities allow them to pass, without really having a good grasp of the language, or the principles they are supposed to know, according to the degree they've been awarded.  This is what happens when the business mentality takes over academia.  They are paying for passing, or paying to cheat to pass.  Dilution and stupidity has ruined degrees, and universities don't care, because they are making record profits and expanding on an unprecedented level.  So what can be done?  Fail these students!!  If they are not competent, then fail them.  This thing needs to be exposed for what it is.  But there's also anomalies.  The other was forced to sit through his IELTS exam, despite having a fluency in English that's better than most Australians.  It makes no sense.

Yikes!  I read that Fox News is the highest rated news source in America!  Oh my god!  Now everything makes sense!  Fox news is conservative opinion, nothing more.  There is no fact, there is no reporting, there is no real news.  No wonder so many Americans are misinformed about the world. 

I don't think I have anything else to say.  I still cannot believe it's only Thursday.  This week should be over already.

Why am I still here?

Joaquin out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lifting Skin

Without and within, everything else is a sin.  Things are just crazy hectic at the moment.  Not just at work, but at home too.  There's not really any respite.  I can't enjoy anything.  No rest, no relaxation.  I can't even enjoy sleep.  It's difficult.  I'm walking back to hell, and I have to write a 6,000 word essay in just over a month.  Luckily I've already done some work.  I'll be okay, I just need to make time to do it.  Just lock myself away and get it done.  Guitar has taken a horrendous back seat.  It's going to be well over 3 weeks, if not a complete month until I can play properly again.  Who knows how bad I'll be at that point?  Is it all worth anything anymore?

But at least I've made a return to the gym, it's been 2 weeks without any major physical activity and I'm seriously hurting.  I'm sore all over.  Decided to change things up a bit before I'm done living where I am.  Who knows what will happen after that?  I've got plenty of stuff to do, but I just feel like blogging.  Blogging will be tough over the coming periods, but who knows.  Maybe I'll be more prolific?  It'll be like a return to old times, it's a great procrastinatory tool.  And I hope I just coined a new term there, cause it sounds pretty cool.

What a weird world we live in.  The other day, some blonde haired blue eyed white teenager died from an apparent suicide, after being missing for the previous week.  And an older white teenage girl died after a toxic reaction to illicit drugs at a dance festival.  The issue?  News stories describing them as beautiful, even without quoting family members or people who knew the deceased.  It's not limited to these two situations, either.  Whenever a 'pretty' white girl goes missing or is found dead, they will describe her as beautiful, and will claim a lot of air time and resources from the authorities until they are found, or answers can be provided to their death.  If you are in any way, shape, or form, ethnic, then you will be lucky to get a quick line in before the sports section in the news.  All this focus on physical notions of beauty and societal expectations on what they consider beautiful.  Couple that with family members and friends only referring to these females as 'beautiful'.  That's always the first adjective they use!  It's like their only self worth was tied into their physical attractiveness.  What's up with that?  Then it's all about the loss of that 'beauty' in the world.  Wreaks of weird sexism.  Males don't get that kind of attention.  People from non-white ethnic backgrounds tend to be described as quiet, hard-working, or studious in similar reports.  That's just whacky.

Things are steadily getting worse for the youth.  The job market has just become impossible.  There are jobs here and there, but there are just absolutely hundreds of people applying for these roles.  So essentially employers can get their pick of the bunch, but I'm still convinced that it's random chance.  But having roles where hundreds of people apply does not tilt things in your favour.  On top of that, housing has become out of reach for the majority of the population.  Unless you want to live 1 hour away from the city and commute to work every day (and pay a 'going to work' tax in the form of exorbitant parking fees), then you are doomed to rent for the rest of your life, at ridiculously high prices.  Only a select few own the total number of residential properties in the Western world.  Property as an investment is something I don't agree with, and it's something I have harped on about many times so I won't go over it again.  So now we're going to get a lot of people, perhaps an entire generation who cannot get well paying jobs, or afford homes.  To me, a government is a failure if it cannot provide safety, housing, and jobs.  That's it.  Those are the 3 linchpins of good government right there.  And most governments fail at this.

Okay crap, time is getting away from me and I have not been productive on the work front at all.  Type faster!!

Have we all agreed that idiot conservatives and climate change deniers who say that global warming is a fallacy because it's getting colder in parts?  The key factor is that the climate is changing!  Some places are getting warmer, others are getting hotter.  And it's not normal.  So let's just call it climate change, there's no arguing with that.

The living, we are such a smug, sentimental bunch aren't we?  There's a lot of hoopla about mass graves.  People say it's a terrible thing to be buried in a mass grave, and great efforts are made (especially in a war context) to identify remains and give people individual graves.  Now, just moving away from the war context, I think the idea of grave sites are silly.  They only matter to the living because they like to go to these places and reminisce.  We're going to each a point, surely, where most of the surface of the planet is covered in grave sites, unless we're just burying people one on top of the other (not accounting for cremations here).  And then we tend to bury families in family plots, and couples next to each other.  Why?  Because it's for the benefit of the living.  The dead do not care.  You know what I want?  Just bury me in the ground, no gravestone or marker.  Those who want to come can remember where they buried me at my funeral.  That's it.  Once you're gone, you should only serve to be forgotten, as should everyone.  If everyone cannot be remembered, then everyone should be forgotten.  Even in death, apparently we still all have to be individuals, with a sense of identity.  It makes no sense to me.

Tumblr is an interesting place.  One one hand you realise that it's a great big world out there, with a lot of difference.  But you also realise that there are so many interest groups and special classes within subclasses and what not.  So what does that mean for representative democracy?  I don't know, but I'm asking some serious questions here.  I don't like typical partisan politics, because it's really more about getting a one up on the other party, and not about having good policies in place that actually benefit society as a whole.  Instead, you see pork barrelling, and certain benefits only going on to the people who vote for these parties.  Therefore you get lowest common denominator politics, where both major parties (whether Australia or American, or even British) start to meld into each other and you can't tell the difference.  Either way, the community as a whole is getting screwed, because the politicians are pandering to the vocal minority who indulge in ignorant and stupefying behaviour.  But if democracy was truly representative, wouldn't we have all these special interest groups?  If we dilute the pot, nothing will get done, because we can't please everyone.  So then where are you left?  Anarchy.  Sigh, it all comes back to that, doesn't it?

This is turning into a crazy day, at least I'm being semi productive?  But I feel like writing here a little more.  This is a crazy post isn't it?  I suppose this is what happens when you leave a bit of time, you actually filter out the crap, and the cream rises to the top.  Haha, that's what it's all about - crap and cream.  What's always surprised me is how little I've known about my own neighbourhood.  By that I mean the neighbourhood where I grew up.  I recall when we were in Primary School we went for a walk for an excursion, and I was shocked that there was a massive walking path right by my school.  I must have walked past there every day, but I did not know where the road went to.  Of course it went to a big mountain that I never knew about.  Then I went for a walk after school with a friend to go to his place.  He lived on the street directly adjacent to mine, but that street stretched for kilometres!  I had never known, because I had never ventured that way.  So after school we walked on the other side of the main road that divides our suburb, and I saw all these new parks, homes, and streets that I had never seen before.  It was a weird exploration, I'll give you that.  Even now, there's still heaps I don't know about the areas I have lived in.  Can you say the same?

Hold out for time until the next blog post?  Cause I don't know when the next one will be.  I'll see you when I see you.

Better keep it there for now, gotta get back to work. 90 minutes to go?!  Sheesh.  For once I'm ambivalent.  Is it long enough to get everything I want done?  Or do I just want time to fly so I can just go home?

Joaquin out.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Copacetic or Copathetic?

Something or nothing?  That's what it all boils down to.  These are questions we are left with in the end.

Couldn't even think about blogging yesterday because I was late to work, and was under the pump the entire day.  Had to leave very late.  Got nothing done at home, of course.  Just put my entire day off kilter.  Buy I did get into some guitar, and boy I played really well.  I'm shocked!  After so much time away from the instrument, I still have the means to come back and play brilliantly.  I had so much to say before, and now it's all just eroding away.  Maybe this blog will die?  It will just slip away from my grasp, much like this existence.  Oh well.  That's just how it is.  It is what it is. 

I've told myself that I won't buy any more books until I've finished all the tasks ahead of me for the next couple of weeks.  It'll be my reward, or my consolation prize. 

It felt for a moment that I wasn't even breathing.  I could just sit and stare all day.

As a matter of fact...

Joaquin out.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Unlimited Pigeon Stock

What am I even talking about?  I'm losing the plot very slowly.  Don't worry, it's not a spammy post.  There's not enough information to fill the gaps.  Do you ever stare for so long at your reflection in the mirror that you start to disassociate yourself from who you are?  You start to look like a stranger, and you go "that's not what I look like, who is this person".  And things just escalate from that point?  It's like hearing your voice on tape.  It's all about externalities and internalities.  We experience life internally, we never really see what we look like most of the time.  But we see how others live, and we put them into pigeon-holes, which may not line up exactly with how those people see themselves.  The same thing happens to us.  Only we can externalise others, and I guess that's the tragedy of it all.  We need to learn how people internalise.  We should understand how people see themselves.

Guitar has not been going well.  After not playing for well over a week and a bit, I played a little last night and I was horrible.  Where did all my skills go?  I used to be excellent, now I'm kinda middle of the road.  Some chords, melodies, some leads, but there's nothing that really sets me apart.  Damn, that's such a fail.  I used to be really good.  Will I ever be that good again?  I guess I'll never really have the opportunity to play 12 hours a day ever again. 

Another thing that bugs me is the absolute explosion of just good tv and movies that I've missed over the past few years.  I haven't seen anything in a while, and now my hard drive is just brimming with things I need to watch.  And my download list is even bigger!  I'll never have the chance to watch this stuff. 

Got a fair bit of work to do today, so I'd better hop to it.  However, I think I have enough time to finish everything I need eventually. 

I don't know.  Nothing feels right.  Do I have an opening now?  There's doubt behind everything now.  But there was doubt before then, too.  And I'm sure there will be doubt forever.  I'm getting things done.  Slowly but surely.  It's all progress.

Oh lordy.  I'm 30!?  I've got another 50 years of this to look forward to, if I'm lucky?  And it's all just downhill from here?  That's lovely.

What I don't understand is people who question things.  They want to know a simple fact, and they bother other people to get it.  But we live in an age of google, and wikipedia.  They can easily look something up without bothering anyone.  It's even quicker than asking someone, so why not do things that way?  It's the 21st century!  You don't have to live in ignorance!

It's a shame I don't game anymore.  There's a lot of second hand games on consoles that are so cheap that I want to play.  It'd be easy to spend a couple of bucks, play them, and sell them back to second hand stores.  All the fun, a fraction of the cost.

What happens to all that time and all that youth?  What is our existence predicated on?  Is this all just a fluke? 

Blah.  Randomness and meaningless.

Joaquin out.

Monday, November 03, 2014

4More Years

I like the ambiguity of that statement.  Four more years?  Or for more years?  You can't stop time.  It will always win in the end, no matter how much you think you are winning, time has patience, and time is constant.  It will get to you, and there's nothing you can do.  Maybe after death, if we are still around in some form, maybe then we can overcome time.  Maybe time has an impact on all matter?

It's good to get back into the habit.  I'm with the program now.  I'm older.  I feel older.  I look older.  It's all just gotten to me. 

The UN and Council on Climate Change have announced that greenhouse gases are at their highest levels in nearly 800,000 years.  That's insane.  Obviously it's all as a result of human intervention, and the rate of increasing industrialisation around the world.  Maybe the damage is already done, and everything is now irreversible.  We should have known better.  We've known about the dangers of greenhouse gases for a long time, but nobody has done anything about it, due to the lobby of mining and other massive global corporations that make massive profits from destroying the ecosystem. 

I've got a lot of work to do, yet here I am just writing away.  I'm not bothered though.  But I am bored.  I suppose I had better do some work.

I hate having cash in my wallet.  It's just weird feeling. 

Life is just strange.  Everything about it is just strange.  Don't you think so?

Alright, my work is done.  Still got an hour to go before I'm done, though. 

Let's just call it here.

Joaquin out.