Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Is YOUR brain working today?

Oh boi, coming back from morning classes has to be the worst. Hallucinations all over the place. I had to go and have a nap in the afternoon just so I could retain sanity for Girl Tv. Discovered this new children's show, Backyard Science. Amazing show, it's meant for primary school kids but even a science savvy mofo like me is still learning these cool new things.

Has anyone ever met someone whose smile just brightens up their day? There is a girl in my reporting tute who has this lovely smile who just makes me feel great even when I'm having a shite day. It's wonderful!

I got to watch my friends in broadcast journalism do their trial interviews in our studios and it was so tough. I don't know whether to take print or broadcast journalism next year. I guess we'll see how the end of this unit goes.

I like overcast humid windy weather!! It's like the world is coming apart! Lovely time to be outdoors. The outlook for the weather says it's going to be fine and sunny this weekend so hurrah!

Funniest dialogue occurred today. I have a friend that recently got a job in child care. He's 20 so he's a weird candidate. As a result of his job he must always be on his best behaviour. Hahaha a side effect of this is that when he's not working he's started swearing like a sailor or someone with tourettes syndrome. He says it's a good way of exorcising his swear demons before he goes into ear shot of the children. Today I said "remember to keep the profanity in check" and his swift reply was
"Fuck you" hahaha hilarious methinks!

I agree with the other, his take on Farenheit 9/11 was superb! I would have liked it more if I didn't come out of it feeling so pissed off. I'm hoping to go see The Corporation some time soon.
I heard today that Monday is a public holiday so I get a 4 day weekend thanks to having the luck to have Fridays off!

I dislike Avril Lavigne. I like some of her songs. I hate the "woman". She only sells records because try hard SCEGS are finally realising that all the time spent at the skate parks with their like minded bois has resulted in suppressed homosexual (although there's nothing wrong with that) feelings being able to be applied to Miss Lavigne. Let's face it, she looks like a guy (with long hair), acts like a guy, dresses like a guy. Basically something that is a guy in the guise of a girl so it's "alright" to think she's "hot"!

I've decided no more guitar till Fri so I can get my last assignment pretty much done before the weekend. Today discovered that I have garage rock band tone on my guitar so I'm happy! I can play for The Strokes or The Von Bondies, I feel so happy! Yee-haw!

Hok that's enough for tonight. Have a nice day folks!

Monday, September 27, 2004

What?? The land of the free???

Well, whoever told you that is you ememy. Fighting for freedom, blah thats all bullshit. Just finished whatching fahrenheit 9/11... Not that any of it suprised me, but still the reminder of the dumbasses of the world was one that infuriated me. to hell with these bastards. Lets make money of the poor why don't we?? I think I'll stop there on that topic, who knows whos reading this. But no matter who the hell you are,you'll agree that its sad that people are dying for the decisions of another. One thing though (this goes out to the Americans, don't vote if you have no goddamn clue, and if you want to figure out why and who.).

When did life become all about money. Have we lost all morality?? People live life these days with he sole intention to make money and it just makes me sick. The focus of the world seems to be going in the wrong direction, we will soon become the disese that distroys ourselves. I hope we can retrace our steps soon ang fix the mistakes we have made. Time for a second coming of christ?? I personally don't believe in a relegion, but the thought of a saviour sounds good.

Time to change the mood, so I'm off to watch Road trip...

Stupid weird weather!

One of the weird things about where I live is that it is renowned for being able to go through every season in a single day. It seems that we may have some rain due in the next few days, which is alright as long as it clears up before Friday!!!

I was astounded with the other's post about his exam blackout! Usually when I blackout in an exam all that's running through my head is "shit shit shit shit shit, you stuffed up, shit shit shit shit, shoulda paid more attention in class, shit shit, did we even cover this, shit shit shit".

So what is jack-ass in french? I've figured the best translation has to be Jacque Derriere! Hehehe hilarious methinks!

M-Biatch has become the self-proclaimed queen of Daytona. The last and only time we played, I was in a busted machine where 4th gear wouldn't engage and I couldn't get to top speed, yet I was able to hold her off up until the last turn!!! As a result, I have issued a re-match for this Saturday where I shall invoke my supreme driving skills (although virtually). When I'm in a car that works, I don't lose!!

I'm watching some ballet thing on tv, it's nuts! How the hell can anyone do stuff like that? So painful, such skill required!

So the plans for Saturday have been put in motion and all looks good. Les Femme Anomaly wants me to play something on guitar for her, which I am freaking out about! What makes it funny is that the song I've been attempting to write for the other is about Les Femme Anomaly! Hahaha, hopefully I can play it without choking. No singing required at least. Nice day people.

Damn early start with journalism today, damn it, damn it to hell!!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

"So you've read Karl Marx and you've taught yourself a dance?"

I've noticed a growing trend in rock music lately. A lot of guys tend to wear makeup. This does not bother me (after all I do plan to paint my left fingernails pink as well as putting diamantes on them spelling GTV). Oh yes, I did manage to catch Girl Tv this morning and it was a lovely episode, even though I had seen it before.

But how futile is that male practice of wearing makeup? If you're going to wear it, at least KNOW something about it! It's meant to be used to accentuate certain features or cover up blemishes. It's NOT just meant to be worn just to shock people with how crap your application job is!

Have you all heard the song "Look Good In Leather" by Cody Chestnutt? There's a girl in my Comm class who looks good in leather interestingly enough! Not many people can pull it off, but she does it while still maintaining integrity and class and looking oh so stylish. This brings me to another topic. With the warmer weather, the fashion statements are starting to come out of the woodwork. I am not just talking about being fashionable and trendy as much as a young adult can be, but it's like being in freakin' Milan or something like that! Where the hell are these people getting money for these clothes from (let alone the clothes)?! It's insanity to the supreme. We don't live in Orange County people!!

I decided to get the amp out today and just leave it under my work desk so I can play whenever with some headphones on. I can't get a clean sound running through it! The only thing that sounds decent is crap loads of distortion which changes everything. It covers up the mistakes in your playing which is lovely, but you can't play non-power chords on them besides A minor as the rest just lose their tone. Solos sound so good! I should probably learn some long stuff in its entirety, not just a few notes here and there and some dodgy improvisation.

Well I've been playing guitar pretty much all day, which has led to some procrastination on the study front but today's quota has been fulfilled so I'm happy. I should be able to finish my tute q's tomorrow.

I'm watching The Last Days Of Disco right now. I've noticed that the only difference between disco and lounging (my fave group chill out activity) is the music and the dancing space is much smaller! How scary is that? It's a very talky movie, I like it. Full of inane but BRILLIANT chatter, much like a conversation with me. It tries to be too Tarentino but without his weird charm. Alas, it still has Kate Beckinsale who is an absolute goddess!

F1 is on in the early arvo today so I should head to bed. Nice day folks!

Within The 30 Seconds Of A Blackout...

Tick tock, the mind is racing. Body static, as if it were bolted to the chair. Makes no difference the mind is miles away. Has it left? Left me here just an empty shell waiting to be tossed into the blazing heat. Will I be reshaped into your toilet seat? What will happen to me. Useless fantasies of what we want our bodies to be. A little thiner here and a maybe just a little fairer. Are we nothing more than skin and bones?? Take a machete and slit your throat if thats what you make of it. We are nothing without our minds. Empty vessels without the air. Vacuum, complete notingness. So as it ran away, I stood there, stupified, completely dumbfounded, watching it leave. No control, no movement except for a tear running down the side of my face. A tear of dispair, the story of our lives. Are we even the same oragnism?? Or did the white lab coat psychos make a mistake. The mind is a parasite, more like a virus, controlling our bodies. Thaughts spent without any real change. Completely mind fucked. Senarios thaught up within the 6x6 inch blob, are ones that tell a story crazier than the most absurd movies. Lunatic. And in this same mind we determine what real and whats not?? Preposterous. As I think up all this in a black out during an exam, I realise that I wont be able to do anything without this mind of mine. So I will my head back in my mind as the thaughts start flowing back in, back in control. Am I the mind or the body?? Am I in control...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I wanna be sedated!!!

I don't think I have anything of real merit for today. Then again when have I ever had anything of merit to say? I really enjoyed the other's post, it's an excellent snapshot of life in a third world country. It's like no other place on Earth; beggars, people being shot, riots, all taking place to the scenic backdrop of pollution and gigantic mansions that put most affluent western suburbs to shame.

I've noticed that KC Collections and Timberline is closing down. Is Canberra suffering from a lack of pure wood based furniture? Then again, if one heads to Fyshwick one would realise that our market is over-saturated and that's probably why they're all closing!

Damn the tennis, damn it to hell! Because of the freakin' Davis Cup (which nobody cares about mind you), Girl Tv was rescheduled from its normal time slot to 11am on Saturday morning. How the hell am I supposed to wake up in time for that?! I'll try my damn best though, even if I have to resort to taping it again.

I've just realised that since UC and ANU are both back after their break, all high schools and colleges are on holidays! It's a blessing and a curse at the same time. While the young people are all out on the streets causing a ruckus, I shall be at university studying away. The bad part: there going to be young people around town at all hours of the day! I can't look out my window during the day anymore without seeing a bunch of teenagers loitering!! I honestly think this city needs a curfew, I assure you that crime rates would drop by at least 15%. Damn the younger generation, I shudder just thinking about them. Hehe and to think that I'm separated from them by only 3 years minimum (not to mention a good 50 or so IQ points).

My folks car has broken down today which is terrible! Hopefully it'll be fixed by Monday so I don't have to catch a bus to uni. Ohh how much would that suck? After catching 4 buses pretty much every day in college, you come to hate public transport! The time, the people (especially in this area), you start to see the brilliance in justifiable homicide! Barring that, it should be done by next weekend, so I can have Madame N, M-Biatch and her amigo Les Femme Anomaly (shite, I really hope I remember who I actually mean) over for a movie night.

Watching The Glass House tonight and they said that babies are attracted to beauty in people's faces. Haha, sounds a lot like a bunch of high school jocks to me! Anyhow this is definitely due to evolution! Great looks = easy sex for you = ability to spread genes.
What I'd like to know is whether intelligence COULD possibly be a genetic trait. If that's the case, could humanity ever give rise to a perfect person? I'm talking in terms of strong genetic traits for the survival and evolution of ALL homo sapiens sapiens, not some crazy ass aryan thing!

Ahhh, gotta love Michelle Branch, that's why I'm listening to The Game Of Love, where she was guesting for Santana. Such a beautiful alluring voice, not to mention a good ol' fashioned pretty face!

To finish off, I'd like to link to this blog I found while just seeing what I'd come across from pressing the "next blog" button a few times. I like this guy, his writing style is fantastic and he's giving a point of view that should be shared more often ie the truth!
It's basically a list of political observations which (for once) rise above the individual to society at large. If you like that, you should also try out http://www.salon.com. Quite possibly the greatest news and current affairs site in the world.

Anyhow, I've got all my crap set up for a good weekend full of reading and studying so I should get a good night's rest. Have a nice day people!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Can't you see what's going on?

I should probably start off by quoting Madame N. In her sagacious way she has made me see the light about my previous post.

"you tend to fall for people who make you feel different to what u usually feel, therefore ur attracted to girls who make you feel dumb coz its something ur not used to".

Well said. See?! She is a genius!

Long day today, then as I'm at home and winding down by watching The Osbournes I receive a phone call at an odd hour when nobody is home. It's some guy working for some Greenhouse emissions monitoring agency and he wants to survey me for 10 MINS! In Comm we've learned this is absurd for a telephone interview so I tried to brush him off but it was so hard! He was also called Miguel and had this awesome accent.

Heheh unfortunately my brain wasn't wired and I haven't pulled the good ol' favourite "do you wanna talk to my parents" or the other trusty lie "sorry, I can't talk to you, I'm not 18". Then I realised what he was trying to do, he was trying to seduce me with his south american/spanish/portugese accent!!! Hahahah damn awesome accents, they're addictive. Anyhow I told him 10 mins was too long and to call back in the evening when I had more time (obviously my folks would be back by then and they would be able to send him on his way without any worries).

For some reason, as I was laying in bed last night I remembered an incident that occurred last semester for Media Industries. We were working in groups of three and then out of nowhere some girl in my group just went "you know, you're the most condescending person I've ever met"! I would have retaliated but I was in shock as I hadn't said much the whole time we were doing group work or up to that part of the semester! She didn't even know me, how dare she say that! Oh well, I'll take it as a compliment, as I do consider her inferior! You know as Cyndi Lauper (and occasionally I) say: Joaquin just wants to have fun!

Claire Fisher (played by Lauren Ambrose) in six feet under is my freaky tv clone. Not in terms of looks but attitude! Brilliant quote from her on Monday's ep "I hate everything and you know what, I'm tired of it, I don't want to hate everything anymore", amen sister!

I really like the other's use of lists. I also wish I had stuff to make lists about, as a result here is the top 5 things I wish I had a list of (OHH the irony)!

5. The wickedly fast flawless solos I can play on guitar
4. The exams I've never worried about
3. The hot ladies I've slept with
2. What I plan to do with the $10 billion British pounds I've just won in the lottery
1. The number of times I've been on Girl Tv (hmm I think now is a good time to watch it)!

Thank technology for video tapes!
Good day people! Yesh Madame N, when I say that I mean for the next applicable full day to whoever is reading it!

Whats Left??!!??

Look outside of the the window and notice a frailed man limping to the end of his destination. All the obstacles that were put in his way has taken its tole on him. Shattered bones and a lacerated wrist, from the torure that his fellow me inficted upon him. Was it worth the fight. Lost everything, the truth of his feelings were long lost,even in his mind. The sheer dertrmination to finish what he started drives him to his oblivion. Will he find his solace there, or should he just swallow his pride and undertake a failed life that the rest of the world lives. The haunting screams of the people forgotten on his way still flashes under his eyelids as he makes room for rest. Insomnia has taken over his body, tireing slowly, will he make it?? There is a void where his heart once used to be, torn into fragments with the very same hand that fed his decrepid body. No one to trust, solitued is inevitable. Everyone he once knew, he put aside, "trust no one" were his words. Are we not social beings?? And is existentialism so desperate!! Unable to decide he hangs his head low in despair and continues on he neverending path. To get this far he axced everything behind, and infront all he sees is darkness. Can't go back now, he will be beheaded and hung by his toes till every drop of blood is expelled from his pale body. Kneeling down he begs for a sign. Help me someone I've lost myself in my own pride. Can't ask god, he stabbed him in the back years ago. No where to hide, no one to trust, and no where to die... All thats left is solitude...

Just something that went thru my head after reading a few chapters of "One hundred years of sloitude." Its got nothing to do with the book, well maybe it does a bit, but just a reflection on the word itself. Is there no compromise between our dreams and the people we trust?? Must we leave it all behind??

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Welcome to a fortress tall!

Good ol' Wednesdays. I only have two classes and finish at 12:30.

Women are safer drivers than men, correct statement? I don't believe so. Sure men have accidents but I have come to realise that women are crazier drivers. I also find that the hotter they are, the more reckless they are on the roads! Flying through peak hour traffic in the city in their tiny cars, it's a recipe for disaster but they never get into accidents! Do you know why? Because stupid guys are looking at these girls as they overtake, get distracted and hit other gentlemen, hence males obviously have more accidents!

Well I've got news for you hot girls, when you finally have your big accident and you cop a steering wheel and some crash debris to your face, nobody is gonna want you! No, people aren't shallow but they're going to realise when you're not beautiful on the inside that you're not worth anything!

Ahhh I should probably point out that I am not a misogynist and I do believe in true equality, I'm just calling it as I see it.

Unfortunately Madame N was right, it is adage and not addage, as I have believed it to be for the past several years. I have been schooled on my favourite topic of English, oh the humiliation! Oh the pain, oh the pain of it all! Kudos to her anyway.

Whoops, broken narrative, where was I? Ah yesh, I finished early and one of my parental units needed to pick up train tickets and I was taken from northside to central east to pick them up. We got to pass through the city and everything just looks so different when the weather is sunny! People are out and enjoying themselves and the sun shines off buildings in a magical way. I must say it was the most beautiful I've ever seen my city since I've been born.

Oh yesh, my folks are going away next weekend so I'm hoping to at least crank up my amp and plug it in and gets some tunes out of it!

Have you ever noticed the hotter the weather, the hotter the people tend to be (and yesh that is a vague metaphor, not a literal meaning)! You could say it's directly correlated, wow my Comm teachers would be proud.

We also went through the parliamentary triangle and I was astounded at the number of young people (early 20's I'd say) that were frequenting the area. One would have thought (and correctly presumed) that the area would be crawling with geriatric public servants but I guess the world is gradually changing.

Is that where I'll eventually find my hopeful solace? In the young urban professional world? I hope so, because the brochure looks nice. From the outside looking in, it seems like perfection, there ARE others like me out there! I know most others my age deem it as selling out, but it sure as hell beats the now.

As I look around my area from my trusty upstairs window I've noticed a proliferation in young hoodlums! I really wish young families would stop moving into this area, we oughta have some zoning restrictions I tell you.

I hope everyone has heard "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer. I consider this to be (at the moment) the best song ever written. I've heard some of the greatest composers on the planet, but this is just something else. Sure, it's not technically hard (I can play it with considerable ease), sure the lyrics are stupid, but damn it when it's put together, it's just beautiful (one could even say it's music to my ears hehe)!

I should indeed start regaining my driving skills. I have not driven in so long due to my car not being registered or roadworthy (the tyres on that car are evil, they slide in DRY weather)! At least I can still drive around in my folks car. So I propose this challenge to the other, for him to get his licence and I shall try to write a really good song! A trading of skills, oh how I like!

Hok, let's get this straight. I am smart. No, I am not blowing my own horn, I state the truth. The difference between a fool and I is that I am cocky, not arrogant. I know when to ease off. I detest stupidity of all kinds. That being said, why on Earth am I attracted to girls who make me feel so stupid? Or that my intelligence means nothing? I have no idea! Good day to you people!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Excuse my absense last night, but hey after a night like that you need to sleep for the next whole day!!! Woke up and scared myself!! My watch showed an obscene hour, which by the way died again!!! Oh well, who needs the time. Just makes you older by the second. Need to learn how to drive, its just I don't have a car so whats the use??

I hate working when the deadline is coming close. Unfortunately I work better that way, and is more common then the other!! But not like this!! I need to know when the deadline is!! This computer hangs from time to time without warning, so I'm sitting here typing like a man with a gun behind their head!!!

Speaking of gun. The police here has a rule that they can't have their guns loaded. So once a shoot out happens, they have to call their supervisors and then ask permission!! How the hell does that make any sense, they'll be dead before they know it!! Thats just too funy!! The other day we wanted to go out and buy some alcohol, and I realised what we were doing was illegal. Here in Bangladesh booze is illegal. Its not like people cant get it, its quite easy but it just is illegal. No wonder our black market is so big, ban everything why dont you.

Top Five Things I Miss About Home....

1) My bed
2) Staying online most of the day
3) My guitar
4) Fresh air
5) My timezone

Damn life there isn't that happening either, if the nets on my list then hot damn!! Gots ta move to Aus soon!!!

Let's throw love letters at her

Don't you just love the warmer weather?

It feels good yesh, but it also sparks weird feelings in my psyche!

I think I'm a closet agoraphobe. The warmer weather means more people are hanging around in the concourse at Uni and it freaks me out looking at them all and having to walk through them when I'm on my way to class. It can't be healthy.

Girls in denim ultra mini-skirts should not sit directly opposite the easily distracted (ie me). No! I was not perving! It was in my line of vision and I couldn't avoid it no matter what I tried! Tax Law is my hardest subject and I don't need distractions!! Hehehe much like the cleavage speech in Seinfeld, don't stare too long, but evolution dammit! You can't help it arghh!!

I just went downstairs to tape something and my house smells all weird and fresh like a mall, I am rather disturbed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

He did a good job getting there!

At the request of Madame N I watched Serendipity. It was an absolutely stunning movie. If you have not seen it, you MUST! I think I have to move it into my all time top 5 movie list. In my opinion, it has to be the best love story of all time! If it had the power to have me in tears and cringing at moments, it's GOTTA be good.

Had first day of uni today, was totally crap. I'm feeling extremely tired so I should probably go to bed right now.

I'd like to finish by slightly changing some Megadeth lyrics.

"Possibly I've seen too much, (Hanger 18) and already I know too much".

Amen Dave Mustaine, Amen!

Monday, September 20, 2004

When I turned 18, Allison made me listen to a song which was about being 18 and not knowing what to do. Two years later down the line, I have to say its not much different now!! But thats how i like it, being sontanious and doing things out of plane. But I do know the more important aspects to life, so that ok. Damn has it really been 2 decades?? I always pictured people beyond this point to be very old and sure of what they are doing. Or maybe its just me. Allison if you come across this Happy Birthday. Its great when people take the time to make something for you. It just means so much more. Where did you find that pic of the pop tarts. I want some pop tarts!!! I actually cut a cake after 5 years. So I guess I had the actual birthday experience!!! You know what, I sould go out, and not write this blog!!! Ciao.

$10 fare will only get you so far...

Drama strikes me on a Sunday night! My contract law essay is due in tomorrow and I go to print the thing out and my freakin' cartridge decides now is the time to tell me that it's out of ink!! It has ALWAYS happened like this for the last 4-5 assignments or so, usually there's been a spare, but not this time. As a result, I have to miss out on my journalism lecture (not complaining since it's on at 9:30am) and get a cartridge.

It's been brought to my attention that Hilary Duff is coming to Oz for a tour!!! Hooray, I should start getting some plans in motion to go see her.

Ahh yesh, with uni starting now I shall be returning to usual busy hermit status and I don't think I'll be able to update my part of the blog everyday but I'll try my damned hardest as this is addictive, whether people are reading it or not!

You know what I've noticed lately? That ALL children's shows have really attractive ladies on them! Girl Tv of course, Totally Wild (Jess Skarratt and Hayley Chapman), Hot Source (Asha and Miranda), Hi-5 (all 3), Babaloo (Sam) and Saturday Disney (Sara Groen)! What the hell is up with that?! Ahh well, I'm not complaining! It's an ingenius marketing ploy to get fools like me to watch...well I only watch one of them (GTV) as all it does is slightly lower my IQ, as opposed to the others which make me regress back to pre-school.

I shall bring you a truly terrifying tale of a curse! I had a crush on this girl at university and suffering from a touch of hubris as well as being recommended to me by a fashionable friend, I bought this very expensive and trendy outfit for just over $300AUD (remember ladies I am male, any outfit over 80 bucks for us is ridiculous). The idea was to wear the outfit on the first date when the girl said yes. Hahaha unfortunately things didn't work out so well and I'm left with these awesome clothes and no occasion. So I've worn it roughly 3 times since then and EVERY time I have been over-dressed like someone wearing a 3 piece Versace suit at a beach party! I need an occasion to make an impression dammit!! If I wear it too much for nothing, I'll get bored of it and there's my dosh down the drain!!

I shall finish this blog off tonight/this morning with kudos to the other for stating the truth about wielding power in that messed up country! Remember kiddies, knowledge is power, and when you lack the knowledge, act like you do and 9 out of 10 times you'll ALWAYS come out on top.

Also I wish a glorious 20th birthday to the other! Live it up boi!

Know you enemy!!!

Yes, sometimes the people who you expect to be your friends are the ones who stab you in the back. When you go to a foreign embassy for a visa you expect the foreigner to act pricey. Well guss what my own country woman is my enemy!! What makes her think that she is better than me. I'll show her. Also the people who tell me to fight me are my enemys...

Well another irritating day in an over crowded city, had to take a bus this time with double its capacity. yeah they pack those things up like no ones business!! Plus I had to get up in the moring. When the sun struck my skin, *shudder* I felt week. The day is not my friend!!

Today is a short one, so I leave you with my very own top 5 list!!!

Top Five Things That Irritate Me:

1. Smoke (its killing me)
2. Not having a proper bed
3. Lack of fresh air
4. Bus full of people (more than the seats!!)
5. Not having my guitar.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Hands off my teddy bear!

Wow, actually went out for a change!

I met up with a friend who I hadn't seen in years (approx. 4 and a bit)! We decided to go out and see Some Kind Of Monster, that Metallica documentary. It was interesting and I enjoyed it. Rather long, but all of it was needed to get a feel of what was happening. I'd advise you to go see it, even if you don't like Metallica or that kind of music. It's best described as a documentary in human relationships.

Anyway, my friend said I had become majorly cynical over the time we haven't seen each other. None of you know me but from my writings does that seem the case?!

I don't think there's a need for anything intellectual today. Well maybe, but that should probably go in my homework so I'll go and do that now. Have a nice day folks!

Losing grip??? I think not!!!

Feels good to be in the aircon. Its so hot here after you come from the peace and quiet of Nepal. Err well it wasn't quiet there either but at least it wasn't hot!! Things here in this country are different form rest of the world. In other places if you follow procedures then you get what you want done. No sir, thats not how its done here. You really have to act like you mean business. Once you send that message across then you are the king and can get anything done. Screw the procidure.

Ahhh playing pool with my friends on a good table after a long time, felt brilliant. Heheh what kicked ass more is that I won all my games!! I'm invinsible, well at least for now till I play some of the real players in this pool hall downtown. Gotta see if I still have what it takes. Been a while you know!!

Hmmm my birthday is coming up, need to plan someting out. No I will not get a cake!! I haven't had one in 5 years, unless it tastes like beer. I feel soo damn good. With a bit of will power anything can be done. I quit smoking 2 months back, and it never bothered me in Nepal. I though in Bangladesh I would have a bit of a prob as everyone here is constantly killing themselves. Do guess what, I do have what it takes, still off the stick of death!!! I don't feel the slightest urge!! *Pats himself on the back*

My bead calls to me, I can hear it say "You are tired, come lay your head!!" But damn my bed is a 1000 miles awaly, well I guess my make shift bed here will have to do. I wonder what number I'll reach on the sheep count tonight??

Saturday, September 18, 2004

What Am I Doing Here??!!??

Firstly I feel like I'm being pasturised. What the hell is wrong with this world. Its raining like anything is this part of the world, but it still hasn't cooled down at all!!! Easy things are complicated, and complicated things are 100% more complicated. At least the cars are actually rolling on the road. The bastard who was supposed to pick me up forgot where the airport was. Is that even possible?? What I would do for some fresh air now, oh well might as well hold my breath. I hate it!!!

Supposedly its not safe being in cybercafes these days in Dhaka. So what the hell is someone like me supposed to do?? Its clear now, this is what hell is like. Am I dead?? I think i'm still breathing.

At least now I can get some serious food in my stomach. This place has the, well good food. Lets see how many kilos I put on. I haven't eaten anything today and my stomach is screaching in pain, so I gotta go take care of that. BigMac and fires please... Damn there will be none of that...

Livewire...look out!

Hello folks!

Not much to report today. Just trying to kill off the last few days of hols before I head back to uni for another 6 weeks of hell. Hehe I love the other's adventures! It's not safe in that part of the world right now but I know he's having a great time. Stack on the kilos buddy!

Was bored out of my mind so I decided to watch Mission To Mars. I should have watched it when it first came out, not after I had seen 2001: A Space Odyssey because I realise what a second rate rip off it is! It wasn't THAT bad, it was an ok way to waste 2 and a half hours.

It however DOES bring up some excellent points about evolution. As you have probably learned in 3rd grade science, all of humanity has evolved from one life-form, one single cell, many many millions of years ago. What science cannot explain is WHERE this cell came from or how it came to be. This film gave us the theory that we are the product of alien DNA. I've heard that one before and it's an interesting concept!

I don't know what mainstream science's explanation is for this first cell. This is where I like to fit religion in to plug in all the gaps from science. Hehehe I like to do the same when religion fails to explain anything (which is the majority of the time)!

So let's go back (back to the begining, back to when the Earth, the Sun, the stars all alligned...oh stop quoting Hilary Duff) even further to the origins of the universe. Big bang theory!! All the signs are there, the evidence is there but HOW or WHAT could have caused it to take place? Ahhh I just don't know!! It's times like this I wish I was decent at maths and did Astrophysics. I can understand Hawking's theories from reading them in word format, not formulae and such. I don't think they'd let a typographer into something like physics would they?

I'll try to keep it concise for today. Last point, I started playing around with some weird chord combos in order to get my song writing task done before Monday. I think it's going to accidentally turn into progressive pop (if such a thing is possible)! Damn you Dream Theater! Then there's the freakin' task of putting words to fit in with the melody! It's open chord and some barres here and there so unfortunately I can't just resort to good ol' angry stuff so I think it has to be happy and lovely (aww how cute)!

Anyway I'd better be off to get lots and lots and lots of sleep. Holy crap, I hope I do something worthwhile tomorrow or else I'm going to have to resort to my thoughts on post-modernism and how much it sucks, yet how I came to accidentally be one!!

Be like the other! Safe + Adventures = good time, have a nice day folks.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Disconnected!!! Damn...

Now ain't that a bitch!! Only server that I can access from my computer right now is this website, how strange. Its irritating when there is a down time, its doublely more irritating when you were online talking to someone. Ahh well this is what happens when you are in a third world country. Well tonights the last night that I am here. I'm not quite sure if i'll find my solace in bangers either. A third world country with riots, or a third world country with floods. Damn not much of a difference there.

Number 11 has been haunting me for a while now. What does it mean?? The other seems to think that i've got the power, but has no clue what it is. Thats not much of a help is it. I swear, whenever I look at my clock at the bottom of my desktop, the time is someting eleven. Freaky stuffy. Twice its fine, few times its a coencidence, when it reaches the one month line then you start freaking out. I wonder what this sign means??

I have to hand it to the other, no matter what madam N says, Frued has some killer theories. How can you say he is wrong, the bastards got it spot on. Everything makes sense to a certain degree. Then again there is the other extent. Have any of you read the Ladder theory recently?? Go read it Click Here. It says that what women are after is MONEY. Everything they want has to do with money. Pretty psycho shit. All I have to say is some theory that has a valid point to a certain extent...

If you like something should you go about changing it?? So what if I get the same pair of shoes?? I just happen to like them. Yep thats right, I got the same pair of shoes again. Umbrellas are just such a pain in the ass. If its not raining cats and dog and elephants, you shouldn't be bothered about the ubrella, and if its pelting down stay at home its hard not getting wet even with an umbrella.

I read somewhere that you should vote even if you are unsure or don't care. How does that make any sense? I give you full credit for tying to get people involved, but they shouldent just use a randomize function, and then decide that yes! I'll vote for that person??!!?? They have to do their research and then vote. If they are just taking a name of the top of their heads then again you get a result thats not accurate. Yes everyone should vote, but not by being ignorant, they need to know what they are doing. I could/am be a citizen of two countries (US/bangers), I don't think i'd vote in any, I just have no clue when it comes to politics so why should I??!!??

This is the last day here in Nepal, better enjoy the dryness. I'm gonna be pretty saturated with water from tommo onwards. I'll find a boat there that has a computer on deck and try and update this log. Damn is this what my life has come down to?? I find it quite helarious. I'm gonna be a different person for the next one month, no guitar, no unlimited net. Will i survive?? Or will they recover me sitting in a corner biting on my nails out of my mind??!!?? Who knows? After all I am going back to the stone age. Whatever I do, I'll finish the Fountainhead - Ann Rand. So from Nepal its me signing off... Next stop water world....

Silent screams through paper walls...

Born again! I'd like to start off with a hearty message of wishing a safe trip to the other in order to undertake his pointless test!

I had a dentist checkup today, don't worry folks, all is good! Remember kiddies, brush at least twice a day and floss once a day for good oral hygiene!

I'm from a small town of approximately 350,000 people and I live in one of the older parts of the city. Not a literal meaning but my area has the oldest (in terms of age) population in the entire city and when you're 19, this is not a good thing. Let's just say it's like Florida without the beaches! Our local shopping centre is full of what we Australians term "bogans" (for our American fans, the loose equivalent is trailer trash). Now I don't mind trailer trash people cause most of the time they're well aware of it and don't conform to their stereotypes and attempt to better themselves in whatever field they desire. These bogans are different, they haven't obtained this same level of objectivity and are hence, lost in their ways. My favourite is the young mother (I'm talking 16-17 years old max) gallivanting around with a kid on each arm and another in the stroller! The kids are crying and chucking a mental and the mother is just ignoring them. Don't you just feel for the children? Anyway, yeah in my area they are common so when you actually do spot a young lady who isn't a bogan you notice each other and just stare at each other like idiots. No it's not a look of love (insert music here) but a mutual understanding of knowing what it's like to be relatively young and a bit of the "wow you're young, what the hell are you doing here?"

Has anyone heard that Hilary/Haylie Duff song "our lips are sealed"? Well you stupid fools, if your lips are sealed, why on Earth are you singing about it??! Flaw in your logic, haha that was so lame, forgive me!

Hooray, I did my tax law tutorial questions in 30 mins! Nope, I'm not a genius, I didn't know what I was doing so I just wrote notes and hope the teacher doesn't personally quiz me in class. I love half finished notes, although there is some merit to it, as if you are surprised in class you are able to think off the top of your head and if you fail miserably, you know you suck (it's happened to me already once in Tax Law)!

Well in the interest of public health and safety, the other and I have decided to make a pact. He shall learn to drive and I shall actually attempt to write a song. The other is a master guitarist and brilliant songwriter, hopefully I can live up to his crazy expectations.

Has anyone experienced the lovely "best friend syndrome"? In this you have a really good friend (gender is irrelevant) who has suddenly become a part of a "serious" *ahem cough* relationship and has ditched you to spend time with their significant other? The worst part is they don't even realise they've turned into a freakin' moron! If they were making a conscious effort to shut me out, I'd be happy cause that would lead to a clash of wills and I make it a point to take down all of those that cross me. Would it be wrong of me to wish for a prompt end to their relationship and not be there for them when they "need me most"? You be the judge!

I enjoyed the other's blog, there were good references to rampant misuse of reality tv so I don't think I shall comment there! Crapola, after my last blog which was 90% TV I shouldn't mention it for a long long time.

I believe in a nice mixture of evolution and religion but both are highly annoying. I won't go into religion as I believe in the addage (although Madame N would have me believe it's spelled 'adage') never to discuss politics or religion - insert caveat...unless it's with like minded people!

I think the concept of love is ridiculous and it pisses me off. Is it just a lovely sugar-coat for sex? I really do not know! It's a nice thing to have some faith in, but in all reality it's just a bunch of chemical reactions.

Damn you Charles Darwin!! He introduces the concept of evolution, leaves some important gaps and then goes off to marry his first cousin! Hehehe see he doesn't even follow his own theories!! If he supported evolution and the 'survival of the fittest' term, wouldn't you think he'd want to marry outside the family to increase his gene pool in order to give his offspring the best chance for survival and therefore thrive? It didn't happen because love got in the way (well love and some very backward feelings)!

Humanity has stopped evolving. We've hit an evolutionary deadlock folks, sorry! Your x-ray vision and spidey senses will never happen. It's funny, cause a product of the highest evolved creature (science and medicine) has enabled us to stop evolution dead in its tracks. The sick are healed, life has become easier. Doomsayers (eerily enough) say the end of the world is coming. Was it because evolution has stopped and we have nowhere to turn except to instigate our own twisted version of survival of the fittest?

Damn Freud too! Madame N doesn't like his theories (and with good reason) but I find the majority of his teachings to be true. Has anyone looked into this? If sexual urges are satisfied are you able to go on normally through life or do you just become enveloped in it and must pursue it further?

I majorly digress, forgive me! This is again a monster post and I should stop it here. Have a nice day people!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Chinese torture won't work on me!!

Is it true?? Our technology has trickled down to spiders?? They supposedly have genetic engeneering and the "angry spouse" is gonna get artificial insemination, then come with her whole family and pull out their can of whoop ass on me!! Its time for me to flee the country which I am, but which is better dying in the hands of the spiders or by the polluted flood waters of Dhaka. Can't make up my mind there. This my frieds is a lose/lose situation. I think its time to forget about taking the driving lessons (that I have been meaning to take for the last 2 years) and take boating lessons. The prices of boats in Bangladesh have sky rocketed. So all you folks out there who want to get rid of that canoe thats taking up all that space in you cupboard?? Well what are you waiting for?? Sell it to the dumb bongs (no offence, hey after all I am one too)!!

The world is really getting smaller (no not really!!), in a technological sense it is. I need to do an english test, so I am leaving the country and going to dhaka to do. This is brilliant!! I should be able to do it here, but still is brilliant. Ofcourse that only means that I get to the airport, who knows how i'm gonna make my way to my cousins place?? I don't want to swim in that filth!! You know what the US postal service just sux big time. My documents were supposed to come in today, but are they here?? What someone stole my papers and decided they wanted to go to a university all their life, so they'll fake it and be me?? Thats a crazy thought.

Tommo I become a lab rat! They are goning to poke me take samples and do god knows what. All this for a visa?? What am I an animal?? Don't answer that!

What is it with these reality shows?? Firstly no ones real life is like that so how is it real, and then as soon as you bring in the cameras it changes things. So all you people who are glued to you TV sreens watching whos gonna get fired or whos gonna win the heart of the bachelor, just remember its all bullshit. Its just like wrestling, how can you people watch that thing??!!?? Grown men/women pretending to beat the living day lights outta each other!! Its sad what people settle for.

My hair is pissing me off, its at this length that its constantly tickleing my ears!! Well I guess its good for something. If anyone decides to torture me with the old feather method, I won't have to tell them crap! Firstly coz I wont feel it, and also coz I just don't know a darn thing!

Damn my stomach is killing me, better get something into my stomach, and then try to go to sleep. Damn thats gonna be hard, trying to sleep this early!!

I watched you turn inside your mind...

Yes the other has returned with his blog for today. I believe I've hit the lowest of lowbrow: I have started to take notes to put in a blog log so at the end of the day I can write them up on here! Haha what a loser...oh you're so mean...I speak the truth...shhh people are watching! Perhaps it'll be good practice for my Journalism stuff. I think my lecturer would be proud, we were just discussing blogging as a source of news in the week before my break started! High Distinction anyone?

So to start off today, I have received word that friends of mine have broken up after a 3 and a bit year relationship. Absolutely lovely way to start your day off don't you think? Well I feel sympathy for both parties and I hope they can get on with their lives over time and best of luck to them.

Oh yesh! I received confirmation today that I have received a job with the AEC and I shall be working at the election this year. Hooray for my first job!! There was an absolute stack of paperwork I had to fill out in order to work out the payment details when something hit me. I'm a public servant already!!! At age 19, fantastic! I'm on the Federal Government shortlist as they have all my freakin' records and what not! Oh and how I did wish for a life outside the system. Oh well, I'll be leading this country someday...if not making an exceptional Attorney-General.

I was able to get back into my holiday exercise regime after giving it a miss yesterday due to assignment work. Nasty stuff I tell you, even if you do it for 10 or so days straight, if you miss it for one day, you feel like you're doing it for the first time! It's good though, it ensures I don't fall into a freakin' coma while pigging out during the break when I have nothing else to do. Word to the wise, if you're exercising with music make sure it's not thrash metal and IF it is, make sure the songs are short. So I can sense you all asking "but why?". Well first exercise for the day is a stair climb (which consists of 20 mins flat out running up and down a staircase) and you find yourself running in time to the beat of the song you're listening to. When songs go in excess of 200bpm, you're cruising for a lovely cardiac arrest. At least the medicos can say "wow at least he died listening to some good music". I find it also differs depending on what genre of music you listen to. When I listen to pop, I find myself bopping side to side like a lovely lil' teenybopper and with dance music you find yourself nodding your head repetitively like some rave party whore.

I have a confession to make "I am an insomniac". That's right folks, you heard it here first! And due to this madness I am getting approximately 4-5 hours of sleep a night which is all broken!! Ahhh at least I can remember my dreams, cause most of them are occurring when my bloody alarm turns on. But my dreamscape is a weird weird place, I think last night I was trying to destroy some chip that was going to aid in the destruction of the world (very Terminator 2-esque) and I was with a bunch of old friends who I haven't seen in months and one of them betrays me and steals the chip and we beat the hell out of each other till he falls into some chasm/ravine and I could only assume the chip was destroyed in the fall.

Ahhh simulacrum my dear Watson. Hehe for the unintiated a simulacrum is something with passing semblence to something ala a representation of a person. It doesn't have to just revolve around art or anything like that. An example of one is Disneyland, it's a fantasy world cut off from reality and representative of Walt Disney and his imagination. Ummm I believe the Matrix trilogy also featured elements of this theory and I saw in an interview that Keanu Reeves was forced to read works by Boudrillard and Fouccault. Hehehe from his bland performance I don't think the research did him any good. Maybe it was the reason! Think about it, if you were trying to negotiate your way around a dream/fantasy world for the survival of the species with ideas like that in your head would YOU be able to articulate yourself properly or deliver YOUR lines with feeling?

I really hope dreams don't signify anything. Heard a good quote today though, "In your dreams you are never disappointed". Beautiful don't you think? Ohh I remember where it's from, the new series of The Practice. Besides Girl Tv and Six Feet Under, this is the only other show I never miss. The introduction of James Spader's character 'Alan Shore' was a stroke of brilliance on David E Kelley's part. So devoid of ethics, so brutally honest! To quote a poorly written Justin Timberlake song (please ladies don't hurt me) 'I'm lovin' it'! He has the greatest lines and his chemistry with the absolute goddess-like Rhona Mitra (Tara) is ridiculously good! After a heated encounter I realised I was sitting in front of the TV like a slack jawed yokel going "WOOO". He has the best lines too. After caught flirting with the lovely lady mentioned above and asked "what do you think you're doing?" his brilliant reply was
"I was only trying to bed Tara, I promise!"

After introducing a novel defence at a plea hearing, he was approached by an angry judge and let out a brilliant remark "Are you attracted to me judge?". Ahhhh soo funny! But I'm worried now, this character is starting to rub off on me. I hope I'm not like that when I'm a lawyer. Well maybe I will be if I get to flirt with attractive women and spout out gems like "I never make the first move, it's beneath me".

Ahhh I thought that show woulda gone down-hill after firing their major stars but I was wrong, it's still good, if not better (it was cancelled after this season folks)! Stupid ABC! Alright, one last thing about TV, has anyone ever seen the show Passions? Due to my break I'm waking up in time to see this show! The acting is freakin' atrocious!!! I can't handle it!!! I find myself repeating lines on the show in order to improve on my delivery!! Ahhh at least it's a good hour to exercise in.

The weather is getting hotter gradually so I won't have to keep up with these daggy tracksuit crap at home anymore. It's good cause I'm actually feeling better when I look outside my window. You actually stop and think for a second "wow today is a beautiful day". Not like when the REAL heat starts and you wake up covered in a cold sweat and you're stuck to your freakin' mattress!

I finally cut my claws off!! Yeaaaaah! It's amazing, my guitar playing has increased 1000 fold instantly! Quick chord changes, clean string resonance, blistering scale runs (hehe on the 2 scales that I've bothered to learn), they call me Joaquin Hendrix Navarro Van Halen Ray Vaughan Clapton Jr!

Damn nation! I wanted to get into a lovely discussion about evolution and apply it to daily events in people's lives (with a mixture of psychoanalysis thrown in for good measure) but this is way too big and I think there is way too much of a focus on television in this blog so I apologise...!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The return of the rat!!! Errr make that a SPIDER!!!

How many times have you played chess?? I've probably played it a million times (hehe I play it seriously for 10 minutes then seem to drift. Hmm nope can't remember the last time I won). Now this is what got me stumped, when a pawn reaches the other side of the board it becomes a queen. Well so I thought. It can become anything other than a kind (no it can't become a pawn again!!! How would it move??). Well I guess there are lots of things I don't know. But I do know this, take notes. Most men that I've met don't like muscular women. Why do all these women think they have to work out so much. Its not like they are gonna carry anything anywayz, duh thats why your there!! Personally whenever I work out, I keep thinking there is so much more I could be doing. Hell I'd go back to my 9th grade science class instead. No no, not to study!! That srudent teacher, damn she was hot! Oh yes the high school fantasies, these days they don't seem as much fun.

The spiders are out to get me!! Yesterday after a long game of hide and seek/catch me if you can, I managed a victory against the evil one cm spider. I tell you, it was putting up a good fight. Being small has its advantages. Hiding behind this, sneaking into there!! At one point it tried to climb up my leg and get into my pants. It got down after I reminded it that, "I'm just not interested!" These spiders just don't know how to take a hint! Go live in the other room, no one lives there, theres enough room there!! But no it insists on being in the same room as me. So I took the news paper and *whack* and that was the end of that. Or so I thought!! Ether this time it was his spouse (bent on revenge) or the same one respawned to jet my ass. I donno which ones better, your pick. Gave it a nice chase all around the room, till it disappeared. So if you don't see a blog tommo then, well, probably the electricity had gone and I coulden't get my comp back on!!

So my documents from my university come in to my brother in the states, and I happen to be in Nepal at this moment, and it needs to get here soon so he corriers it through US postal service. What do they do?? They give him a tracking number. So after a week of waiting, I get a bit curious. No, I'm not a cat, and nither did I die! So I go on their website and plug in the code. And voilla!! It says the parcell was taken in on the 7th and thats it!! What the hell kind of a tracking service is that?? So where is the package?? Sometimes I wonder why the hell some of these websites have these options if they are off no use!! I know the package was accepted by them on the 7th, how else do I have the code.

Anyone have an extra hand they don't want?? I might need a hand transplant soon, this is killing me. In return I will offer you a sptula that you can superglue to you nub!! Imagine the possibilities! Oh and if any one knows how to stunt finger nail growth, do let us know. As the other says, the claws are getting in the way...

Check out this site www.limpfish.com. This has got to be the most interesting thing that I have seen all day!! Yes, I know I have a very interesting life. From the thumbnails, they look ordinary, but wait for the enlargement. WHOA!!!

Am I Hallucinating?

Well hello there folks! I am the other part of this gestalt entity which shall remain nameless. I HAVE FINISHED MY CONTRACT LAW ASSIGNMENT!! YEAHHH! Just some minor editing to go and I can just leave it till the last day to print out. Shame too, I should have started it when uni was on, because then I could do something in my holidays. Oh well, I think I can do something with the 5 odd days I have left. Just gotta make sure I at least make a half assed effort at starting my Communication and Media Research Assignment as well as my freakin' Taxation Law question. Tax Law?! What the fuck?! I'm studying to be a lawyer, not a freakin' accountant so why the hell is it a compulsary class?! I can't add without looking at my fingers, how the hell can I be a tax lawyer? At least we've learned how to dodge tax...

Hehehe so this is a blog eh? I've never had one before but I've read others to great amusement. It's interesting to get a whole new insight into people you thought you knew well.

My claws/fingernails have stopped me from playing proficient guitar for now but I can still play half competently so I'm gonna have to look into cutting those. Stupid fool! I had good ideas to put on here in the arvo when I was in a thinking mood but now that it's close to 1am, I just have no idea where to go.

I agree with the other, why the hell did Oprah spring for a new car for her guests?! They said on the news that the guests were in financial trouble, so what the hell kinda good will a car do? You can sell it sure, but not for as much money as the car is really worth! And did you see the guests? How can you be in financial trouble when you're wearing a Gucci pantsuit combination?

I think tomorrow after I've gotten over my post work "blues" if one can call them that, I will have AWESOME ideas to put on here, interesting intellectual stuff for you all, I swear!! Don't hurt me! "I tried oh lord how I did try!"

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I guess it has to start somewhere!!!

This is gonna be a long one, well I had a lot on my mind!!

Well this world we live in is one screwed up place!!! Can we make it any more complicated. Personally (most of you probably noticed or know that goddamn I can't spell, well to a certain extent I can, but) I hate spelling. Why are some words spelled in one way and another similar one in a completely different way?? I was doing my usual nothing and came across this:

"Acocdrnig to an elgnsih unviesitry sutdy the oredr of letetrs in a wrod dosen't mttaer, the olny thnig thta's iopmrantt is that the frsit and lsat ltteer of eevry word is in the crcreot ptoision. The rset can be jmbueld and one is stlil able to raed the txet wiohtut dclftfuiiy."

What the hell is that supposed to be?? A new way of spelling?? Sure I can read that without much problem, but try spelling like that. You'll spending more time trying to figure new ways to spell a goddamn word than trying to figure out the RIGHT spelling. Lets add some more chao is the world, why dont we. Try being one of those "I dona ta speaka de english" people and try to decypher what the hell that is supposed to be. Hehe actually I would like to see their face trying to read that!!!

I can't keep my hands off my guitar ( Is this what love is?? I guess not this is just merely physical imfatuation). I can barely do anything else with my left hand, but when it comes to the guitar its going at those frets. But I swear that guitar needs to be locked up inorder for my hand to get back into shape. Yeah, its morphed into the simpsons hands. You know whay they have 3 fingers and not (how many do we have?? Thats right) five fingers (The thumb is a finger you people!!!!). Its coz its cheaper to produce the cartoon if there is 3 fingers. I bet there are some kids out there who are wondering why bart has 3 fingers and they have to more??!!?? I would have thought its coz its just less to draw, guess I'm wrong. On that note, I wish I had another finger!! Imagine the possibilities of playing an instrument, you could fret another note there somewhere. Crazy.

Damn my watched died a week ago, and time stood still for me there?? Well it stopped on the 8th, and that application was dude on the 9th, hurrah, I still have time!!! I wish that worked, I'd never have a battery in my watch. EVER. You know what all you people who say that bangers (bong, whatever you call that small country in Asia) is perpetually underwater, your right it is. Unfortunately I have to go and do a goddamn IELTS exam there :(. I wonder if they'll mind if i spell everything on it like that (reference to above point). I hope they have water proof paper and underwater pens there, seems like that place is flooded again. If I go to Dhaka, with the pollution mixed with the dirty water, you know what I may grow an extra finger... That'll make my whole trip worth while.

Have you ever wanted to go to Cuba or Jamica?? Well this is just a thought, make plans to go there right after the storm, you might save a whole heap of cash. Don't like the broken trees and the debris on the beach do we?? Well its a trade off.

Have you ever liked Oprah to go watch her show?? Its time you do!!! I think shes been doing some investment in the black markets!! She just gave away cars to the viewers (276 of them!!). Hot damn, I'm going to her next show, someone give me the ticketmaster phone number!! Now I know all her talk is just talk (*sneezes* I'm alergic to bullshit) if she was the careing person that she claims to be she would hand out the $28000 x 276 = (lot of money) to the kids in Russia who could use a little bit of joy in their lives. Ok ok, I won't go into that issue!!

Bangladesh is the worst place for a guy like me to be in. The girls are quite frankly intimidating. No, I'm not just making excuses for my self. Every girl you meet at a party, they will all give you that look. Um, stay away (with the bimbo hand thing) coz um you know I have a boyfriend already, and um hes got a rope around them. Darn to be honest these girls arnt worth it anyways, but the girls that are, will probably get engaged before you could even ask for her number. I reall pitty those girls, they just sit around while their boyfrieds smoke dope all day. Do they even remember their own names?? There needs to be like social reform there or someting.

What is it with people going off to exclusive colleges/unis (yes I've started calling it uni, coz i'll be going to a uni and not a college) and then think that they are better than everyone else. Just wait till you leave college and then become one of us again, you still gotta work to get the doe people!!! Hehe I find these people quite funny, sitting in their own fish bowl all day long!!

I've got to do someting about what i'm listing to!!! Have I really become this soft?? Damn I think I need to listen to some Metalica or Korn in my sleep or something. Actually now I'll wake up trying to beat the living shit outta myself. Hey all you depressed idiots tring to sell agro music theres an idea for you next single. Todays band and track is "Inside Out - Vonray" these people use a good combination of acoustic and electric instuments. I cant get this song out of my head. Nither can I get justincase out, but that I'll talk about tommo. Tommo, dosen't it sound like a jamican person asking a person for the price of a tomato?? "Hey mon, how much for them tommos??" He he but I like it!!

Ok enough for now, damn time for me to pass out. I need to find less boring ways to fall asleep. Any suggestions??