Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shocking Revelations

So sorry for the lack of posting activity yesterday, but as I told you earlier, I wasn't in the office, so it wasn't possible to get any blognotes together.  I was still working though, at a conference all day.  So no sitting at home on my laurels, even though I'm going to attempt that next week.  It'll be nice to have a day off to sit at home and do nothing.

Getting good news is always welcome.  Especially when there's not a whole lot going on with your life.  Things just move on and on, but there is no permanence in what we do.  There is just getting old, decaying, and eventually, death.  So you have to celebrate the small victories.  Because in the end, they're all just small gains. 

Body falling apart after eating too much yesterday.  Not good for me.  I'll have to get back into routine and what not.

Perhaps I should just leave things here until inspiration strikes?  Will it ever?  Or is it just all over?

Need to really get back into guitar properly!  No more games on weekdays, that's a rule!

I guess we could just wait until tomorrow.  Always waiting, waiting, waiting.  At least I'll have no work then.

Ohh maybe I'll get political tomorrow?  Sounds like a good idea.

But for now, I'm done.

Joaquin out.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taking Steps That Aren't There

And surely, soon enough, you will fall over.  Or it's just a weird feeling in the dark, when you think there is another step, and it's actually just flat ground.

I really need to take a more active approach to guitar.  But I have been getting some good times in there.  I've realised I've learned a lot of my own material, but it's just a matter of recalling it when I need to.  I can tell how the chords go what not, but I just have to see what title I have given the song.  If you asked me to play all the songs I've written, I'm sure I could only play a few.  Probably because hardly any of my ideas have full lyrics and melodies written.  They're probably even more important, and I should really just focus on getting through one song at a time.  Don't stop until they're all done!  They can be revised later, but I'm wasting time!  Will get on with it.  I should also make an effort not to play games during the week because they eat up loads of valuable time.

And now things settle into a rut.  Cursed missed opportunomons.  There are no words to express it!  Do things become complicated?  Well one could only assume so if there are unknowns.  If there are variables that have to be accounted for. 

The more I think about it, the less I have to blog.  I mean, haven't we really covered everything between the posts of the other and I?  What more is there?  What more can I say from here, really?  Maybe it should all just be stream of consciousness from now on?  Oh actually I do have ideas, but it'll take time.  Maybe this weekend?  I need some time off from work.  I just want to sit at home and do nothing.

Should make more out of my evenings at home.  Things fall into routine so easily, you don't know if you're actually living life anymore. 

Yeah, I've got nothing.  Nothing at all.  Hey, at least I don't have to be at work tomorrow.  But I'm still working.

Joaquin out.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Down To The Business End

Sorry, too busy today to blog.  Just didn't have the time.

But more to come tomorrow.

Wednesday might be out of the question too, just letting you all know in advance.

Joaquin out.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Technical Vagaries

Sorry about the weird formatting of that last post, something went haywire with my outlook and I had to rely on Gmail.

Obviously it didn't work as well as I was expecting.

Oh well, problems are resolved and I can get on with regular blogging.

But right now, it's for some guitar!

Joaquin out.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Point Is Taken

Taken and twisted and poked and prodded until it doesn't even resemble what it used to.  And then what?  It means nothing.  It's not even a point anymore.  So I ask you, what's the point in even being frustrated anymore?  There's just too much apathy in the world.  Make a big noise, so that everyone can hear it and know what you're doing. 

Had a weird morning.  Looked like it was going to be busy, but I only did a bit of work and then it was all over and then there was nothing!  What am I going to fill my day with now?  Haha, random blogging of course!  Should be getting into some decent gameage tonight and hopefully some movies over the weekend.  Looking to just relax and put this week behind me.  There's no partners in this thing, just yourself.

Ahh, it's all just frustrating, dealing with people who lie and don't know what they're talking about.  I really should be left to my own devices and this sort of thing wouldn't be happening. 

Having this major issue at the moment where I'm not proofing my own words as I type, and in the end I make redundant sentences.  I wonder why I keep doing that?  I'm sure it's happened in this blog a few times, and it shouldn't be hard to find examples.  One example that comes to mind is "if someone with a different title carried out the role, but had a different title.

See what I mean? Sigh!

Haha, I'd better leave it there for now.

And I was wrong, you can always have more!  Hahah, wouldn't be the first time!

Joaquin out.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Awkward Happenings

And how to account for them.  Well you can't, really!  So there's half a game plan, but as game 6 of the Heat Spurs final showed, it's not over until it's over!  I wish I could have watched the game, it sounded exciting on paper.  Hopefully game 7 will be just as dramatic.  It's been a while since I've followed the NBA.

Thinking about it the other day, and realised that realised that I have no real friends. Well I have friends, and good ones too.  But not a real close friend that I trust with everything, or that I can freely depend on.  But when we get down to it, does anyone really have that sort of relationship with anyone?  I don't know.  Maybe it's all just an illusion as to how we conduct our lives, or how we're expected to conduct it.

There was a bit of an uproar a little while ago about a Cheerios ad in the United States.  For those that don't know, Cheerios is a pretty crappy cereal that's heavy on the sugar.  Big among kids and fat adults.  Go check the ad out here (LINK HERE).  What did you think?  I thought it was very cute.  But there was a massive uproar on youtube from a bunch of absolute idiots saying the ad was wrong because it presented an interracial couple (the man was black, and the woman white - not that it even matters).  People were saying they were sick of seeing interracial couples on tv, and that it's the start of a massive racial genocide against the white race, or to marginalise them.  The comments became so racist and overwhelming, the company had to close down all comments on youtube for the ad and then go into PR mode.  What the hell?!  It's just a cute ad!  It's the 21st century, and there are more interracial couples around - it's a slice of real life.  What about bi-racial kids who don't see people who look like them on tv?  I saw some of the reports on Yahoo and I was hopeful about the comments and that people will call out racist behaviour.  How wrong I was!  Yahoo news (especially the comments) is the toilet of the internet.  It's where the scum of society get together to unleash their hatred and vitriol against everyone else.  Essentially the comments were abusing the little girl in the ad, and basically agreeing with racist notions against the ad.  How disappointing.  The worst comments were the ones that had likes well into the thousands.  Ahh the internet, what anonymity will allow people to express.  You sick bastards.  Haha, then again, with Prism, I'm sure the American government knows exactly who you are, and what your thoughts are. 

If the internet was not anonymous, things would be much nicer.  Sure, I probably wouldn't blog anymore, but I think that's a small price to pay.  Though I know google knows who I am!

Had a weird night last night - there wasn't any time for proper guitaring.  And on top of that, I felt really sick just before bed time, to the point where I am still not feeling 100% now.  Blergh.  I should just stay home.

But hey, the end of the week is fast approaching!  It's still not over yet, though!  Gotta slog through it.

It sorta felt like my world was ending, you know?  And I guess for the characters in that film, it did.  And I was going through the same thing.

Everyone is driving Hyundai Velosters these days!  What a world.

Anyway, I've had enough for now.  I've got a lot to do tonight.

Joaquin out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Tell Me What You Want To Do

There's a lot more where that came from.  Well one can only hope, right?  It's all just going down, backwards.  Either way, it's all in the wrong direction.  Then what do you do?  Nothing, I suppose.  Edward De Bono, where art thou?  I could use a bit of perspective now!  Or at least different ways of solving problems.  But these are problems with no solution.  That's ok, we all just learn to carry on anyway.  I probably should have realised something.  It was all a bit excessive.  And unfortunately I don't think I will be able to shake that out of my mind.  I think Booley was on to something.  The fundamental law of the universe - the grand unifying theory is binary code.  It's either 0 or 1.  You are, or you aren't.  It's as simple and as abstract as that.

After that pointless diatribe, let's talk a bit about this whole car manufacturer issue.  In Australia, Ford have already shut up production and they're done, and now Holden has requested that workers take a pay cut, or else they will cease to operate within Australia.  Well people can't get upset about things like this.  Why?  Because this is the inevitable result of free market economics.  The consumers chose foreign made vehicles which suit their budget, and are better made.  When these car companies struggled, they accepted bailouts from the Government to keep them afloat, yet did not change their modes of business, and continued making the same ridiculously large, expensive vehicles.  They deserved to fail, because they don't know what the consumer wants.  So when people lose their jobs over stuff like that and you complain, you have no right - because you love rampant capitalism, baby.  It's all just silly, really.  And it's not just restricted to here, the same thing is happening in America to an even greater degree!

Social media has taken over my life with tumblr and instagram basically killing me because I follow too many damn people.  Looking forward to a weekend of unfollowing mofos who post stacks of inane shit. 

I'm exhausted and my legs still hurt, I don't know why they're taking so long to recover.  Could it be the extreme cold at the moment?  I don't know.  I remember that I was ridiculously sick last year, so that time of the year is particularly hazy.  Hopefully all will be well tomorrow.

Got into some grand scale guitar last night and it was spectacular!  Even with my monster claw like nails, I was still able to play well, and I even got a new track in the bag, with a chord progression I'm really proud of, as bits of it relate to a progression I kept hearing, but for the life of me I could never figure out the proper chord sequence.  But I'll cut my nails this weekend, and I'll be playing like a champion!  Was also playing my older stuff very well.  I'll make it a point to start playing earlier tonight, so I have more time to play.  Getting to sleep earlier is also making it easier for me to get up.  Instead of sleeping at 11:40, I'm now sleeping at 11:15-11:20 and it's making a world of difference.

Remember, you just need to be smarter than most people, not everyone.  That makes all the difference.

Ok, I'm going to leave it there for now.

Joaquin out.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fatigue In The Bay

Is quite dangerous, since if you fell into the water, you would drown.  Or would the water wake you up?  Surely the shock of the water would wake you up?  I don't know, I've never been tired near water.  Anyway, enough of that pointless rambling, we got some blogging to do!

What is it with Tuesday mornings at the gym?  Out of nowhere, a whole host of people just arrive out of nowhere - people I've never seen before and use the gym like they're regulars.  What a pain in the ass, especially as they get in the way of my routine.  I really hate the women who just get on the cardio equipment and just crawl along at a snail's pace for an hour.  Or the guys who get on the weights machines and do 3-4 movements and just sit there on their phones for 10 minutes until repeating it.  What the hell is with that?!  Or both sexes who come into the gym, use the equipment for 5 minutes and then go home??  Shit does not make sense, I tell you.  Then you get the weirdness like I saw today with a very petite and attractive young woman who was doing squats with weights right in front of me.  Yes, her butt was sticking out and she was doing her squats poorly - I'm sure she'll have back pain later, but whyyyyyy do that?  Crazy.  I hereby rename Tuesday gym day to be douchebag Tuesdays.  It's incredibly frustrating.

Things went ok, but I can tell that my body is failing me.  Had a strange day yesterday when I was super tired and I became clumsy and was dropping a lot of things.  My thighs are absolutely spent.  It's all downhill from here.  Probably not helped by the ridiculously cold weather we are getting at the moment.  I should go overseas, somewhere North and warm, to keep me nice and toasty.  I just feel weak.  Hopefully those afflictions are not rubbing off on me.

An interesting thing about the readership stats on this blog is that readership is low in the middle east - why?  Could it be due to lack of proper free internet there?  I've been to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and it was fantastic!  I want to see more of that part of the world.  Maybe get away a bit from South East Asia.

What else have I got to say today?  Nothing really, and I'm sorry.  Have I exhausted all my intellectually stimulating conversation?  Maybe I've peaked?  And god, that's a scary thought.  And that's it, it's just all really downhill from here. 

Great, and out of nowhere, it's just started raining and I'm still at work!!  Is this really happening?!  Bah, at least there's only 20 minutes to go before I'm out of here.

And with that, I realise I've got nothing.  Sigh.  Ah I'm just not feeling it.

Joaquin out.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What You Have This Week

Will be the most you ever have.  What if I told you that?  How would you react?  Would you adjust your life accordingly?  Would you measure your success on that?  I don't just mean it in the superficial sense, but I mean holistically.  This week would be the best you would ever be, and you could never ever claim it back?  Haha I bet there's a whole movie plot right there.

I was reading an interesting point about a hospice volunteer who said that when people die, their relatives or next of kin tend to throw out their photos first of all.  I wonder why that is?  We place such great emphasis on memories and preserving them - for example, when fleeing a fire in your home, most people would say that would save their photo albums if they could only save one thing.  So why would they throw them out?  The hospice worker was saying you should notate photos, so that there's context, people are identified and locations and situations explained, so that meanings can be passed on.  In which case, there is more justification in keeping the photos.  But what I'm interested in is that people don't look at photos.  I remember when we had photo albums, we didn't we never ever looked at them.  And even going from proper cameras to digital, nobody ever looks at photos.  New technology means that people have the capacity to take more photos, and in doing so, take a lot of poor quality ones and don't even sort them. 

Goddamn it, I am tired and horny!  And as I've mentioned before, those two are the worst combination of things to be!

Mannnnnnnn it's already been a shitty week, and it's just started!  I can just tell it's going to get worse.

I've got nothing for today.  Sorry about that!

Joaquin out.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It Feels Like A Sunday

That's probably because it is a Sunday!  Well now at least, it felt like Sunday all day, despite it being Saturday.  That's good, I've got a day up my sleeve.

There's literally no food to eat in my house.  How did that happen?

Sometimes there's what you need.  Sometimes there's nothing.  And this is one of those times where there's nothing.

Everything is going backwards.  Just a stead course backwards, downhill.  Heading to zero.  Nothing.  Nadda.

I'm a compromiser.  And it occurs to me that everything in my life is outside of my control.  Everything.

And I realised that I hate my life.  I hate everything about it.  Absolutely everything.

Why is this all happening?

Is there any point questioning it?

Such potential.  Such greatness.

All for nothing.

All for nought.

And so, there goes my life.

Joaquin out.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Festering Wounds Can't Heal

They are just left to rot and spread and make you feel worse.

And the leaders of tomorrow filed into a hall and were made to feel like they were important for a day. That they mattered. But the truth is that the real world is still out there, with its all too real problems.

She didn't have to look like you. In fact I'm willing to bet that there are thousands of girls who look like you but they aren't you. That's the key thing. She looked too much like you and I spent the whole night looking at her. It's worse that she acted like you.

The other one. Wow, the other one. I didn't mind one bit. Yeah and I guess I could have said something but not today. Certainly not today. Just the wrong time, the wrong circumstances. It just wouldn't have been right.

And then it dawned on me. I'm in the wrong place. Mentally. Physically. Literally. Metaphorically. It's all just not coming together at the moment.

And then, how do you solve a problem like that? All a little bit too close for comfort I suppose?

Joaquin out.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Put That One In The Walk-In Humidore

Cause I'm smoked out!  Sitting at work and I've done everything I needed to do.  So what the hell am I supposed to do with the rest of my day?  Blog of course, and I'll probably hit up Ebay and Amazon to add to my wishlists, hahaah!  What a waste of time this is.  What the hell am I going to account my life for when I retire (if I ever live to retirement age)?  Just way too much down time and nothing to show for it.

But working on a paper at the moment and I'm thinking about how to find solutions to problems you've never encountered before?  You have to figure out a strategy, possible dillemmas for different working models and go with the path that makes the most sense.  Well hopefully that works.

I haven't played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare in a while, and I'm concerned because I'm quite proficient at it and I can win FFAs on a full map, using a knight loadout and brandishing a heavy dual handed sword, and a quick short sword.  To me, it's not so much about skill, but about timing.  If you run up to someone and swing, it'll usually be too late, because they can see you coming.  The idea is to time the apex of your swing before you reach an opponent so it connects just as you get within range.  That way, you can actually take on 2 opponents at once and come out on top.  So remember, it's all about timing and figuring out the perfect chance to strike!  Practice! 

Guitar is also not going so great!  I need to just get away from distractions and play.  Haven't had any new ideas in quite some time, and I think it's down to not learning a lot of new chords, or just jamming.  I'm just noodling away and not getting anything concrete.  I'll work on it though!

Heading off interstate again tonight so I will try to blog early.  Will be coming back relatively quickly, so I think I probably won't be able to blog while I'm gone, but as always, I'll have my phone, and I'll be making sure I get my money's worth out of Blogger+!

Read a really interesting news article on how Lego is making angrier faces on its lego characters, and researchers are concerned it's going to hurt children's development.  It's an interesting concept, and I guess they're right.  My lego toys always had the smiley faces, but with their newer concepts - Ninjago and other things - they involve fighting and villains and what not.  So of course there's going to be a lot of angry faces and what not.  Perhaps it's a sad commentary on the state of the world at the moment. 

Stupid weather!  Cold and raining outside and water got into my shoe on the way to work this morning so it's cold!  Fighting frostbite here!  Ahhh!  I'll be alright.

Ok, I've got nothing!  What am I going to do with the remaining 6 hours of the day? 

This is the place.  Right here.  This is where dreams come to die.

Are these all just stumbling blocks along the way?  I've been there.  Or at least I think so.  It was a long way to go.  Maybe I even saw it.  All hidden away in long forgotten memories.  Wouldn't it be great to remember absolutely everything you've ever seen or done?  In perfect, photographic detail?  Good and bad, I guess!

What the hell am I supposed to do with the 90 mins I have left until I can get out of here?  Gosh, at least the week has been short.

Read today that there's been ANOTHER army scandal about people sending each other material that had demeaning stuff about women in it.  Go Figure!  The Australian Defence Force is a joke.  It's where we send all our uneducated morons to go and kill people so they can feel like they've accomplished something.  They revel in the fact that they go around killing people who don't really pose a threat to the country.  So these socially maladjusted people - these monsters (who we are forced to celebrate as 'heroes' - or else risk being called a traitor) are expected to behave normally?  Whatever.  I'm not surprised.  If the media had ANY idea of what these fuckwads actually got up to,

Might have to be an early blog tonight.  Hope you enjoyed it.

That's it for now, take care of yourselves!

Joaquin out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Question That Is Most Relevant Is

What don't you know?  Obviously for everyone, it's far more than what you actually know.  That's the constant, that's what's keeps us going.  That's why you got to school.  That's why you do the things you do.  Let's try to cut back, because it's all about the unknown now!

I was reading somewhere that a State in Australia is now fining parents for leaving children unattended.  Yeah, I guess that's ok.  But when you consider the issue of latchkey kids, I start to get a bit antsy.  I was one of them - I'd finish school and come home and just watch tv by myself in between doing homework.  Done it since I was 9 and I was fine.  In fact, my parents used to leave me at home unattended at night as well, and my siblings would also be out.  I saw no issue with it and I have turned out fine.  I'm self-reliant!  Just engage a bit of common sense and you'll be fine!  Child care is so ridiculously expensive ($50 per day for just a few hours of care), while both parents are expected to work to fund these costs (not to mention bills, mortgages and so on).  It's not right.  We used to be able to live on one income and have a bit to spare, now we've got double income families that are struggling to make it.  Where did things go wrong?  A market emerged, and the relative value for services and goods increased so much, yet salaries have not met that same benchmark.  And it's going to be families and children who suffer for it.

Been reading a fair bit into student debt in the US.  I do go on about how it sucks in Australia, but the US has it far worse.  It's essentially an upfront loan at inflated interest that you need to pay back essentially straight away.  But the job market in the US is so poor, all these students are essentially working menial jobs, just to lose most of it in interest payments on loans.  I think it's disgusting that there's a whole market that caters to and preys on students to loan them money to profit off them.  That is something no good government that supports education should be supporting.  There are some things that the grim spectre of free market capitalism should be kept away from. 

On a completely unrelated point, I'd like to raise the issue of bank interest on apparently high yield interest accounts!  How silly!  The interest rate when I first started work was staggering, and I was earning about $1 per day on measly savings.  Now that I've been in the work force for a few years, and with the subsequent drop in interest rates, I'm earning a lot more per day, but relatively it seems measly, especially compared to how much money I actually have in my account. 

It's been a fairly busy day today, but I've still made the time to blog, so I'm happy!  Haha, it's all down to the wire here!

That's it for today.

Joaquin out.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

She's Very Pretty

Looking forward to this very short week.  It's the only thing that's keeping me going, actually.  I thought I had all my stuff done relatively early last night, but that didn't stop me from staying up until 11:50 despite having work today.  I'm sure I'll be feeling the pain tomorrow, but then I only have one more day to go and I'll be outta here!  Another 3 day weekend, yes please!  Shame that one of those days will be taken up with social engagements, but hey, you take the good with the bad. 

Body is slowly recovering from this morning's gym session.  It's been a while since I went to the gym actually.  Couldn't go yesterday because I didn't have my house keys and I didn't want to get locked out, and I can't go on Friday cause I'm out of town again.  So it's a shortened week in that regard too, but that's ok.  I feel like I've gotten over the damage I did to myself while I was travelling for work and absolutely pigging out everyday.  And I did miss a gym day while I was gone.  But I think I'm back with it...or at least I hope!

Got in some good guitaring yesterday, which definitely helped with the withdrawals, since I haven't played in so long.  Haven't written anything new yet, but there's these 6 chords I've been playing around with now for quite some time and it's incredibly addictive.  I've really gotta turn that into something substantial.

Also been working my way through movies, and I have to say that Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It's a decent flick if you don't take it seriously.  The reviews were incredibly harsh, and I don't see why.  It's not a Shakespearian plot, but it gets the job done.

Just need to finish off a paper I'm working on and then it's going to be a relatively easy week.  Hell, there might be a fair bit of blogging from me!  Yee-haw!  Now that's all done, I've got nothing else to do so let's bring on the random, stream of consciousness blogging that you've all come to know and love!

What the hell am I going to do with the rest of my day?  It's only 11am and I've done everything I needed to do!  Damn nation.  Wish I was at home so I could at least watch some movies or play some games.  Damn, I have so much to catch up on.  I need to think of a way to optimise my life!  More efficiencies and what not.  There should be a career for people who can meddle in people's lives like that and (hopefully) improve it!

All just a little bit further out than what you think.  But there's still a hint of familiarity about it all.  What skills do I have?  What more will I need in the future?  We can always learn.  Perhaps we should just never stop.

Putting off things until tomorrow, but I'll get around to them, just minor work stuff.

Today I wanted to talk about Ed Snowden and his whistleblowing of the US Government's PRISM program.  For those that have been living under a rock for the past few days, PRISM is basically data surveillance and interception on a massive scale by the American Government, with collaboration from technology companies.  All those dreams about whacky conspiracy theories and what not turn out to be true.  Apparently Edward Snowden has revealed that the NSA (National Security Agency) has a way of accessing all user data from willing companies, and this is not just restricted to American citizens.  They can gather data on you even if you live outside the US, and with things like rendition, I'm sure you wouldn't be safe anywhere in the world.  It's not just restricted to website views, it goes to phone data (messages, phone calls), voice over IP (skype etc), instant messaging, social networking and so on.  What a massive invasion of privacy!  This is absolutely disgusting!  George Orwell was right.  Sometimes the Government goes too far and has to be stopped.  What I don't understand is if they are able to access this ort of information, why haven't they been able to stop terrorism, or even major crimes from occurring?  It's a silly system, which just serves to further erode our rights as human beings.  Ahh, technology.  We became too reliant on it, and now it's more of a hindrance and a distraction, rather than a help.  It alienates us from responsibilities and obligations and even real human relationships. 

We've become more selfish as a result, and more focused on individualistic needs.  And yes, I do realise the ultimate irony in blogging about all of this!  Ed Snowden is apparently on the run, and rightfully so, especially after seeing how the US Government has reacted to Private Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.  They have been found out, and now they will be quick to denounce him as a traitor and lock him up, or decry him as a mentally ill person with no credibility.  Things really need to change, and I can't believe that this is really happening in this day and age.  And the troubling thing?  We wouldn't know about it if he hadn't blown the whistle and taken up the struggle with great risk to his own safety.  God speed, Snowden, you'll need it. 

What a world?  What's this place coming to? 

And just what are you looking at?

That's enough for today.

Joaquin out.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Makes Me Wanna Dance

Who would have guessed I'd have an aptitude for something?

Maybe my mind is great at adapting to adversity.

Moving forward at the speed of light - hell, maybe that isn't even fast enough.

Distance can be too great.  But the world is not that large.  It gets smaller each day.

And there I am.

Here I am.

It's all in the eyes, it's all about what you know.

And I know plenty.  Yes sir, yes I do.

Onwards and upwards, as I say.

Maybe I'll go watch a flick, it's been a while.

Joaquin out.

Hipster Crush!

Not another one?

Yes, another one.

Maybe something is wrong with me.

Wow, and all this time?

Just no idea what's going on.

More time, more research.

Tomorrow should be a nice relaxing day.

Alright I'm out of here for now.

Joaquin out.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Sometimes, Just Sometimes

I am too smart for my own good.



Dig a little deeper. You'll find what you're looking for.

On a related note, I need to go to the bathroom!

Joaquin out.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Games, Foreplay & Rationalism

Or at least it should be!  Economists and wannabe smarties out there, I need some help.  In any situation of 3, one would think that if they paid for a group item, you would split the costs 33%, or 1/3, right?  Does that sort of split still make sense when 2 of those parties are closely related?  So that their share would have been 100% anyway, so therefore going back to the 3 person situation, shouldn't the split payment be 50/50?  That makes MUCH more sense in my books.  I hope someone out there can confirm that sort of thinking, cause I hope I'm not insane!

Was damn tired this morning.  So much so, that I almost didn't make it to the gym, but I forced myself and I'm feeling all the better for it.  It's good to be active!

Hmm I should probably stop procrastinating and get a fair chunk of work done.  Especially since I realised I'll be working a VERY short week next week.  Just 3 days!  Yeahh!  That's a bit more like it!  If only every week was like that!

I'll see if I can come up with something a bit more substantive after I've completed some work.

The world is concerned with how people are sort of 'suspending' or 'delaying' their lives to get married.  Previously, people would marry in their 20s and so on; however, we're now seeing a move to people marrying in their 30's.  Why is this?  I think times have changed in terms of education.  People are now expected to attend institutions for higher learning before they can seek appropriate work.  So essentially the first quarter (if not third) if your life is devoted solely to educational pursuits before you can think about getting a job, let alone supporting yourself and someone else.  People were into the workforce in their early 20's and having families up to the mid 20th century, and then it all changed.  I guess another factor is extended life expectancy.  People are now living longer, and this has unintentionally affected society by making people waste their time pursuing things they don't really care about, just to work!  It makes no sense, really. 

Oh it's coming.  Believe me, it's coming.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Erghhh I really don't want to write this paper, but I'm soldiering through it.  The end of the day will come around.  Much like the end of my life.  It'll get here, eventually.  Sooner or later, haha!

The data reception in my building is crap!  It's surrounded by concrete, which means I can get call reception easily, but data (or 3G) reception is a joke!  Makes simple tasks like checking twitter an absolute pain to do.  Sometimes I'll get moments of fleeting reception, but I'm usually reduced to putting my phone on the desk and working out a direction to point it in so I can slowly get some data through.  Feels like I'm doing phone gymnastics or something like that!  What a pain!  Can't wait to get a new phone. 

Goddamn it!  I've really gotta stop procrastinating, but this tiredness is not helping me.  Neither is the thought of having to drive 3 hours after work.  Blergh!  I guess I do work better when there's pressure.  But this is really a no-pressure environment!  Not good for me!  Just sitting here staring at my screen when I'm not writing my blognotes, haha terrible!

Decided to be a bit more quiet on other social media for now.  Tumblr and twitter are good for a read, but I don't necessarily need to interact to change the experience.  This is the place I really care about and have to contribute to.

Hmm, well as you may have gathered, I'm not in town this weekend, but I'll try to blog from my phone if I get the chance.  But otherwise, you'll get something from me next week.  Wow, look at the certainty of that remark!

Anyway, take care of yourself.

Joaquin out.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Parting Remarks

And flaming piles of crap.  It's almost a whole day gone and I haven't blogged.  Then again, I don't think I had anything to blog about today.  Maybe today I've got nothing.  Yeah, actually nothing.  What do you know?  Crazy world, haha!

Oh don't fret, I'm not going anywhere.  Just one of the many random blog titles we've got going here.

Joaquin out.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

This Morning Is Too Perky

And it's really gotten on my nerves.  I can't believe it's only Wednesday!  It feels like it should be the end of the week already.  Well at least there's a public holiday next week, which means a short week!  Yeah, I can live with that!  Most of my time is going to be taken up though, since I'm interstate, and then interstate AGAIN next weekend, and have to take a day off work for it (not that I'm complaining).

Getting back into the swing of things with guitar, which is good, but I need some new ideas!  Should start getting back into theory on that point.

What I really love is all these right wing and conservative idiots who keep harping on about how they hate the 'gay agenda' being shoved down their throats all the time, with the media reporting on stories of LBGT interest and what not.  It's a matter of equality, and it has to be recognised.  It hurts nobody!  Don't start on this whole thing about how it defeats the purpose of marriage and the fabric of society will crumble as a result!  Or that you feel uncomfortable having to explain homosexuality to your kids.  Enough!  Your kids don't get a crap (they're much more resilient than you think), and you only dislike it because you're making it your business to impact you.  The world won't be destroyed overnight by recognising gay marriage or anything like that.  What I find utterly hilarious (and hypocritical) is that these are the same people who are so blase about  things like racism and sexism because they laugh off those sort of jokes and tell people to harden up and to stop being so politically correct when people take offence.  Yet they take offence to the 'gay agenda' and refuse to harden up and what not!  What a bunch of douchebags!

Oh mannnn, I have a fair bit of work that I just HAVE to get through, but I don't feel like doing anything.  Hmmmmm, dillemma!  Ahh my knees are severely fucked!  This morning's gym session was harder than it usually is.  I don't know why.  I don't know what's going on, but I think it's just a peril of just getting older

Alright, I'm just going to write a little bit more and then I'll get back to work.  I found it hilarious that some feminist blog (I forgot which one) applauded  Kim Kardashian's answer when asked as to why she filmed her now infamous sex tape with Ray-J.  She answered "I was horny and felt like it".  Fair enough, but the blog went on to say that she had become a feminist icon for taking charge of her sexuality and not being subject to 'slut shaming' and what not.  Excuse me, but I think the last person you want to have as a champion of your cause is Kim Kardashian.  Everything she does is ruled by fame and money.  She knew from the start she could make money from the tape, as Paris Hilton had also from her earlier sex tape.  Positive comparisons like this only serve to hurt the feminist cause.

Shite!  Hit the 3pm crash.  How am I going to make it until I get out of here?  Can't really do work because I'm starting to feel a little bit out of it. 

What a lost week.  None of this feels right.  Let me just stay in bed and not deal with anything.  Perhaps routine is the only thing keeping me from apathetic depression?  None of this is really happening.  It's all just simulated reality.  And here I find myself, just procrastinating the day away.  Hmm I could do with a change.  Hell, I made my own change, and through no fault of my own (or is it...?) I am unable to have my change.  What of promises, what of obligations?  What of responsibility?  No wonder, just no wonder. 

Goddamn, it's getting harder and harder each day to make it through to 7:30pm without falling asleep.  I'm getting old :(

Anyway, I'd better stop there.  I've done no work this afternoon, and it's less than hour to go before I need to get out of here!  Haha, not good!!  The light certainly died over this past hour.

Joaquin out.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Only Fear

Is that which we have created. 

Goddamn, it's only June, for fucks sake!  It's absolutely freezing!  As soon as June rolled around (the official start of winter), the temperature dropped basically overnight. That really sucks!  Where is the time going?  I need more time to do the things I want to do.  So much was due to happen.  There's still time.  Just make things happen.

Guitar playing last night was alright, but it could have been better.  I really need to set more time aside to actually practice some more advanced techniques.  I guess you could say that I'm stuck in a rut.  Need a fresh approach to things.  Maybe I'll just jam, with no concept in mind.

Got a fair bit of work to get through, so I'll do my best to get something substantive up here. 

Just a strange set of circumstances at play.  What's going on?  I think I need to stop asking that question.  Gotta make my own way.

Isn't it interesting how language is so organic?  I can't comment about other languages, but English is organic, it constantly evolves and words change meaning and spelling.  Some words drop out of use, and new ones into play.  It's an interesting world.  But language has no meaning without people to give it meaning. 

Well shit, things got busy!  Hopefully it'll iron itself out tomorrow so I'll have more time to blog.

I'm getting on top of it all, don't worry!

Joaquin out.

Monday, June 03, 2013

It's All Small Fry

That's not necessarily true, because it all adds up, and then it becomes a very big fish indeed.

I really hate spending money on frivolous things.  I've got what I need really, and anything else is just superfluous.  It actually just makes me feel physically ill.  There are so many people in the world who get by on almost nothing, and yet here I am just blowing it all away.

Getting back into the swing of things on a Monday is tough, even at the best of times, but even more so when you've been out of the office for so long, and doing your own thing most of the time.  Today has been extra brutal.  Weirdly enough, the return to the gym was not as hard as I was expecting it to be. 

Also got back into guitar last night and it was surprisingly easy.  I wonder why my body does that?  Sometimes dexterity just comes to me at the most random of times, even if I'm out of practice.  I guess that's just another 'bonus' part of getting older.  Wonderful!

Resolved my DNS issues because I'm awesome!  Now everything is working fine.  I'm great.

That's it for now.

Joaquin out.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Marking The Day, Loving The Fall

What a horrible week of excess and pain and exhaustion.  Became everything I hated.

I'll get over it though.

Just a week of a return to routine and I'll be good to go again.

We're marking this day because we have to.

So out of practice on guitar, but I'll get back to it.  I'll be fine.

Might be hard to blog this week because I imagine I'll be busy for the first part of the week, so we'll see what happens.  I'll try my best.

Joaquin out.

Crushing On Someone You Just Met

Is never good.

No, it's never good.

Keep your diamonds.

I'm after something else.

Joaquin out.

Old Age Has Caught Up With Me

It just hit me today.

I've totally lost some of my skills and ability.

I'm just living a life of perpetual fail right now, and all these younger people are just taking it away from me.

And it's just like that.  It's all over.

Wasted opportunities.  Wasted life.


Fuck it all.

Oh god, what I would give for a life of no consequences.  Don't get me wrong, it's entirely different to a life of no meaning.  Because that's where things are headed now.

And so it is, just like that.

I've done so much damage to my body over the past few days.  It'll probably take a week to recover.

So out of practice on guitar, but I'll get back into it.

But I'm back, and I'm blogging.

And it's June, goddamn it, it's June.

Joaquin out.