Thursday, June 30, 2005

Faltering Mind

Blogger now doesn't require Hello to upload pictures, so guess what? You'll probably see a shitlode more images on this website. What the hell happened to the owner of this shoe?? The other and I found it in a flower bed on campus, if you ask me its a little dodgy... Either the person was so drunk that they lost their shoe and didnt notice, which i highly doubt as they are high heals!!! They way I'm looking at it, someone musta hit her over the head, and dragged her along the ground!!! Oh by the way, it could be a guys, there are quite a few high heal wearing fellas out there.

Ahh Batman Begins, I think my opinions are in order. Katie Holmes, she is hot yes, but for fucks sake, who the hell casted her in that movie. She can't act to save her life. Let me also ad, Tom Cruise is old enough to be her bloody dad!!! She had his bloody poster up in her room when she was a kid, does no one find this strange?? Ok enough with the tangent. Now about the "handsome" guy the other mentioned, forget about the person, hes glasses were kick ass!!! I want titanium framed glasses, thought I dont really seem to wear the these days. I wont wear them unless I get a mad surge of migranes.... Madam N, were your bloody glasses!!! The movie on the whole was really awesome. They did a much better job at explaining the biginings of batman. And though others criticize the batmobile, I think this one is cooler than the old aerodynamicly and structurally challenged blob. There were however 2 mistakes, one when he falls down and everyone starts attacking him (they are supposed to be scared of him, not beat the shit outa him), and casting Katie Holmes...

It's thursday I think, and that means that war of the world just got released, which also means that come tuesday I would have seen it :P. Damn can't wait.

The lack of people on campus is not a good thing. Especially not for me, or my liver!!! Since everyone is bored, there is only on thing to do, drink. I think I be alright come sunday, as I will be at the others place, and hopefully we don't drink every night. But this is insane, I have been drinking, everyday since last friday!! And this hangover that I have today is killing me. But i will survive.

I'm going to stop there for now, and see if I can eat something. Also message to the other, you don't have to type it in word, just before you publish it, select all of it and then copy it, incase it doesnt post, click back, and paste it in. Its not that bad..

"I ride in on a train, every day is the same. It's a 9 to 5, don't know if I'm dead or alive"

Saw Batman Begins the other night with the other! Bloody fantastic film! An excellent insight into the darker minds out there and an excellent escapade in brilliant cinematography of the duality of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Cillian Murphy as The Scarecrow was amazing! He's also insanely handsome (check out his page to see what I mean). He reminds me of a less muscular Tom Welling from Smallville. I'd advise you to go see it, regardless of whether or not you like Batman, cause it's a good standalone drama flick. Also must damn the other for pointing out Jessica Alba's fine form on the poster NEXT to a game I was playing which required me to concentrate and use my reflexes to win some cool prizes (needless to say I failed). But have no fear, those prizes will be ours! As soon as they move Jessica Alba's fine ass away from that machine!! Side note: sophisticated, gorgeous women should not date stupid creepy sleazy homie dudes, OR agree to go to the lake with him in an area where the crime rate is high, at 11pm!!!

Also discovered that my blood pressure must be low. Too much exercise and not enough food = bad. I stood up in the afternoon and everything went black and I almost fainted. So now I'm moving up to 2 proper meals a day and a sandwich at the end of the day, with some good portions of snacking in-between.

Using the best of my memory at almost 3am, I am going to attempt to re-type my bloody info that was lost in my last update. Once again, FUCK YOU BLOGGER!!! But I am from now on going to attempt to follow Madam N's advice of typing my blog entry up in word before I actually post it, so that if things don't go through, I'll have a backup which I can just edit. BUT IT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO COME DOWN TO THAT! ONLY BECAUSE BLOGGER IS SO BLOODY FUCKED UP! I swear, if we weren't so close to our 1 year blogging anniversary, I would have seriously contemplated switching to a better, more reliable blogging service. So here's the continuation...

I must also thank the other for being a damn genius and teaching me how to theoretically cook 2 minute noodles in under 2 minutes!

Maria Sharapova is hot! Yes I've already stated it a million times, but I thought one more time wouldn't hurt. She's into the finals stage at Wimbledon and I think she can go all the way again this year (unfortunately not with me...)! The Williams sisters have crumbled and I don't think they'll ever be as good as they were ever again.
Oh and a quick rhyme in her honour "I'd like to lick Pavlova off Maria Sharapova" ahhh, I should be a song writer for a rapper, haha, I'd be raking it in!

I've realised that my life is full of dodgy moments. Example? When I was overseas 5 years ago, I got hooked on cable tv, namely AXN. They had a lot of cool/dodgy Martial Arts movies. Anyway, I was watching one and there was a heated battle on screen when my (at the time) toddler cousin came into the room. I decided that he shouldn't be exposed to violence at his age so I decided to take him and go outside the room. Anyway, his mother had come down and asked me what I was doing, I said just watching a movie. So she came in and the fight scene had given way to a bloody steamy sex scene!!! HAHAHA I didn't know what to say. I said nothing, and she just walked off. I'd like my fighting movies without sex please! It also doesn't help that a week after that I was caught writing in my diary by my Uncle about how I'd like to get busy with my cousin's ridiculously sexy friends!! He smiled and walked off!!

These examples continue, but first a quick story. Damn people and not leaving me alone!! I would just like to sit at home and watch tv and eat. But my parents have told everyone they know that I am overseas so that means I am being bombarded with phone calls at the oddest times and people are offering to send food over or pick me up so I can have dinner at their place. I'm not down with that. I appreciate the gesture, but I can look after myself. Then there was another family who live one suburb away and they just would NOT take no for an answer. I didn't want to chuck a full on psycho on the phone as I'm sure news of it would make its way back to my parents and I'd be chewed out. So they decided to drop food off. I was watching the French music channel and decided to put it on mute when I answered the door. They asked what I was doing, to which I replied "nothing". They had brought stuff I couldn't and don't eat, but I pretended to be delighted. Anyway, I was heading back inside the house when they stopped and then asked me about helping their son with his college application! THOSE BASTARDS AND THEIR ULTERIOR MOTIVES! No wonder they didn't take no for an answer on the phone. This way I would feel obligated to help him out. Damn, I should probably mention that Madam N and I attended the best college in our city, and if one lives out of area (such as I) then it is difficult to get in without good reasons on your application. Now all my families' friends are bugging me for help all the time. Well I decided to be nice and help them out. Anyway, they came in and on tv was a freaking hip hop clip set on the beach with scantily clad women twisting and gyrating in slow motion in the rain!! Haha it surely didn't look like I was doing nothing. Oh life and it's dodgy moments. Where would I be without you?

It's late, bed time and sleep in south central for me.

Joaquin...out. Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fuck you blogger mach 2!!

Fuck you again blogger! Why the fuck are you so unreliable?! My last entry just stops halfway! I finished it and it should have sent! For fucks sake, this system sucks so badly. NOTHING EVER WORKS! They don't ever fix it either!
Alright I am back in the driving seat of this blog. Sorry for the absence, but had a lot of crap to do, then a lot of lazing around :P. I feel like I'm stranded on a deserted island, there is absolutely no one around. Its quite funny actually. I have a whole dorm to myself, but that doesnt help me in any way :P. By now I would have thought I would be used to the boredom, as I was in solitude for 1 and a half years.

But the good news is its about it end. My PS2 is on its way down here shortly, and I can't wait. That is the answer to all problems in life, retail therapy. Thats right I have been completely converted by this capitalist society, I feel the urge to buy buy buy. But thats not why I bought this machine, it a hell lode of fun. Metal gear solid 2 and Final fantasy X are in my grasps as we speak. Actually MGS2 is in the others grasp but thats just as good, as all my packages end up at his place :P. Ebay has the answers to everything I need, I swear I will buy everything from there, except for close contact things like clothes and underwear. That is just bloody nasty!!

Sony is bloody brilliant. They make the coolest things. Ok, i'm not going on about the PS2 now, I am talking about my phone. The T610 and above phones are blilliant. I can controll my computer via my phone, now if thats not genius, then i dont know what the hell is. This is complete freedom. All of last night i was on msn, watching a movie, drinking wine, and eating cheese, and I didnt even have to move off the bed. I love it long time!!! So people with bluetooth enabled sony ericsson phones, find float's mobile agent, and knock yourself out!!

Cooking isn't the worst thing in the world, and I quite frankly do it alright, at least I can manage. But sometimes when you are really hungry, thats when it is irritating that you have to make lunch for yourself!! Thats right, I get the most hungry right after I wake up, as I stay up most of the night, then get up to find no food. There has got to be a better answer, even 2 min noodles sound too long!!

Ok again a song has mistified my musical mind. The song being "Let me go" band being "3 doors down". This is just brilliant. I first heard it on smallville, and I swear there isnt another song that fits in more perfectly with the show!! But what mistified me is that the song has a simple, but interesting riff, once the song hits the second stage of the song, it sounds great, i thought it was a chorus, but know there is a chorus after that, somthign that sounds that good diserves a notation.

Ok i just got buzzed, I need to go to the mall, I'll catch you guys later!!

I believe in the wonder

Sorry about the lack of updates. Exams were a real bitch. Not even with a week of hardcore prep did it come any easier to me. I don't think I did too badly though. Time will tell. Had a grand time at the other's, with lots of aimless wondering, and funny late night trips and some good gaming on the side. I've officially become the Fifa 2k5 champion of the world! I owe it all to Manchester United. I'd like to thank Ruud Van Nistelroy and Wayne Rooney, my excellent strikers who can just score off anything, even at the craziest of angles (much to the chagrin of the other). I'd also like to thank Paul Scholes and Mister Saha, my midfielders who make a mockery of the defence so that the strikers have an open net, and Mikael Silvestrem who has stopped fouling people every chance and plays a ridiculously good defence. Finally, I'd like to thank Ryan Giggs and Christiano Ronaldo, my corner and free kick takers, who NEVER miss, they're amazing in my hands!

The other has given me a promise that he will be blogging when he wakes up today, so you can look forward to that. I'm going to try to make this a semi-quick one with some decent info because I want to watch Minority Report.

I apologise to Madam N, Coldplay's Speed Of Sound is a good song. I love the piano and the atmosphere of the song, but I do feel that it is way too similar to clocks, but this is the superior song.

Guess what?! Unreal Tournament is back! Haha, yes the original version of the game. I had a problem with my initialisation engine, but deleting the file fixed it right up and now I'm happily fragging away till the early hours of the morning.

Bad news time. I've actually run out of everyday foods! I have to get up early today (which after Minority Report at soon after 1 am is going to be a hard task) in order to shop and do my bloody laundry. You know what's bad? I didn't do it today cause I thought it would rain, but it was sunny and my clothes would have been dry! But it'll probably rain tomorrow and then I'm going to have to use the bloody dryer!

I'm really enjoying the new NRMA ad at the moment. For those who don't know, it's just some guy in an NRMA van driving all over New South Wales observing people. I first saw it on mute and just loved the images. It really captured what it's like to live in Sydney (and makes me want to not live there cause big cities freak me out).

F1 was awesome!!!! Haha a 6 car race, it was sheer insanity. I'm loving it, Schumacher is back in it and hopefully he can come away with the championship from that bastard Alonso!! He'll win!! Alonso will be stopped. Magny Cours on Sunday should be extremely interesting.

Oh I was wrong, so very wrong. Kari is the name of the hot red headed girl on Mythbusters, my apologies! But let's not take anything away from Scottie since she's a damn genius.

Speaking of Mythbusters, the other and I had a brilliant myth of our own. Can you use a normal desktop fan to inflate an air-mattress? After thinking about how to do this, a reverse vacuum like device was concocted using a plastic bag and some cardboard and set about going to work. Eventually the resistance of the air inside the mattress was much too dense to get any new air in, but we didn't have the best materials (however it was brilliantly improvised with what we had) so the results weren't entirely conclusive. So what does the dodgy team of Mythbusters say? Myth = plausible! I'm still in shock over how we got it to work!

The other and I also managed to carry a bloody fully loaded trolley from the shopping centre to his dorm. Carry you say? Surely trolleys are pushed...but not when there's freaking 2 gigantic sets of stairs to go DOWN! We almost died, but it was amazingly done!

I also must take the time to thank the other for giving me lodgings over my exam time and for making one hell of a damn good lunch and dinner on Friday!! He should be a chef!
I also must thank him for

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Burning eyes, lick my design

Ahh it's so late! I'm gonna have to try to wing this entry in before 2AM because I want to watch SVU and be in bed before 3AM cause I want to listen to some music before sleeping. Damn, I forgot how much of a bitch living on your own is in the first few days. That's because I have to do the combined chores that my parents left me as well as my own. This means I have no time for anything, and I'm always tired at the end of the day, but still with so much to do. How the hell am I going to be able to get 12 hours of study a day in for the next week?!

I had to do a full bloody load of washing today! 70% of the stuff wasn't even mine!! I almost died carrying the basket and it's soaked contents out to the line. It better not rain tomorrow or else I'm not going to have dry clothes for a while, cause the drying machine is the work of the Devil (shrink my clothes will you)!?!

I'm also cursing my parents for buying so much damn fresh food that's going to expire within 13 days, because I've realised how much bloody junk food is in the house, and I'm calculating that the combined eating of snacks and the stuff I have to eat before it turns will most likely result in a weight gain of 3kg which is a real bitch. Hopefully the exercise routine will negate it, but I guess we'll have to see. But the plan is to have several people stay the night and just gorge like pigs dammit. That way I can share the food so it doesn't go to waste and I won't have to walk around with my gut swollen up.

On the flipside, I'm getting the dishes done every night and damn if I do say so myself, that's my favourite domestic activity. My dishes shine!!! I should be a kitchen hand.

So what's random lately? Re-organised my clothes and I was looking at this Versace t-shirt that i was given by my relatives. It's a nice top and I'd like to wear it. Problem? IT WOULD BE TIGHT ON A 5 YEAR OLD! What the hell were they thinking?! They last saw me 5 years ago, and I was actually 25 kilos heavier than I am now, so I don't know what the hell they are on. I can wear it, but it's really tight and my nipples and ribs come poking through and it's just the funniest. It's like something you see Italian male tourists wear (hence the brand I guess). It's shame too, cause it's a nice top and now it's never going to be seen by the public.

I need to kill my rear neighbours. They have no bloody blinds or curtains on their rear windows (which faces the back of my house obviously) so at night time I can see them and it's quite disturbing cause that means they can see me in the kitchen cause we never close those blinds. What mofos?! I think they're exhibitionists. I wouldn't mind so much if they weren't ugly and trash like.

Just downloaded a p2p program called Limewire and it's bloody fantastic! It's like Kazaa but without the spyware and adware, and on top of that, it downloads using the maximum potential of my Cable connection! It feels like I've just re-discovered how good it is to be on broadband! It's just the best. But the problem is that I discovered this tonight and tomorrow is the day I start hardcore studying! Bloody hell, that's just my luck! My favourite bit is that it's like soulseek but without the queues, so I can download French music, huzzah!

Stupid exams. I'm so very tempted to just live it up now and just pass my exams without studying. It's quite possible that I can pass my classes without studying cause I've passed the classes already so the exam is just a chance to get a better mark. I really don't want to study! It's my holidays dammit! It's their own fault for giving me a month off before my exams are to be done. I've had enough. I was too late with this, dammit!! Probably will be my last post for a week and a bit, but have no fear. The other shall pick up the slack!! Have a nice day folks.

Another Sharp Knife Shattered!!!

Oh man thats been some evil few days before this. Finally got most of my exams out of the way, but feel really irritated that I have to wait another week before I do my last exam. And we all know whats going to happen after that, either I am going to have done alot to things, or need to get eye surgery. I wonder how much our eyes can actually take?? By the way, my exams till date went down well. I just dont feel like studying anymore :P

Golfer Shibs is in the country, and should be paying me a visit sometime soon. I sense some fun times down the road for me, lets see how that goes. But on the flip side, Madamn N is leaving town for a month, so I wont see her for a while. The other and I have a lot of things planned out. And I have a lot of TV shows to get through. Haha actually I have already started watching Smallville. I figure that the other has already seen the season, so I better just get on with it and watch it. At the moment I am having a lot of fun with this episode. One thing I have to say about that show, whoever chose the songs for that show kicks ass, and kudos to him/her.

You know there are somethings that I take for granted, like food on the table. I have been quite spoiled for the last ummm, whole life, where I didnt have to prepair a meal, it just some how works its way up to the table. Unluckily for the next month I am going to have to cook for myself, and isnt that going to be a lot of fun. I think I will experiment with a range of variety!!

ALright, its late, and I need to watch a few more smallville episodes before I call it quits and go to sleep. Hmmm I dont think I will study tommo either, after tommo I will get to studying. Cheers folks!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Are those everywhere?!

Being on my own is crazy. I believe I've hit the first stage of paranoia and I'm no longer able to sleep. The other has had his catering stopped for the holidays so now we both have to cook and survive on a freakin' budget! Ahh, those pre-packaged noodles are a godsend I must say. However, it is good to have my parents gone, and after I take care of the truckload of chores that I have tomorrow, I can enjoy it for about one day before I start my week long hardcore study session. I feel great, I've re-started the holiday exercise program and I am totally knackered each afternoon.

I'm also loving the re-runs of Seinfeld in the afternoons. Of course I get up a bit too late to watch them, but that's what my good ol' VCR is for. There are even some eps that I haven't seen more than once, so I am loving them as much as I saw them the first time.

I don't like most Australian music. I'm sorry, but the vast majority of it is pretentious and enjoyable only for the artists and their direct fans. It's actually crap. It's mostly ambiguous and nonsensical and it shouldn't even rate as music. Obscure poetry layed over some weird time signatures and melodies and that's pretty much it. However, good Australian music is among the finest in the world. But what bothers me is that it's so rare to hear a good Australian song.

Been watching a lot of Mythbusters, and yes it is bloody awesome. Added bonus, Scottie the redhead from the build team is a total mega babe! Haha, just thought I'd get that out of the way.

Oh yeah, since folks are gone now, I have to rely on myself for transport. Driving after such a long time is so very strange. My skills have disappeared, but I can drive practically so that's all that's needed for now anyway. First thing I noticed after dropping my folks off at the airport (it was a public holiday) was that there are an awful lot of hot women driving, unfortunately they all seem to be driving in the opposite direction to me all the time! Story of my life, haha! Ahh, hopefully my month long self imposed exile won't result in insanity. Quick side note, the counter staff ladies at Qantas are HOT! Why are all the staff that are employed by Airline companies so ridiculously attractive? I'd like to know the reasoning behind that. Well of course, it's a nice thing to have to look at, but is there any practical purpose? I remember drinking a lot of soft drink on a flight once just so I could be served by the same flight attendant, heehee!

It was Queen's Birthday holiday the other day so of course there were fireworks. WHY ARE THEY NOT OUTLAWED?! I swear, some people have full on freakin' explosives! How are people able to get their hands on them? Police aren't doing enough with the problem. Hopefully with the appointment of a new police commissioner here, hopefully things will finally get done.

Not just that! An Adult Store was selling fireworks too! How the hell did they get a licence to do that?! Fan-bloody-tastic! That means that the idiots will also be breeding new generations of idiots to continue doing idiotic things and in turn also breed!

I apologise for my previous remarks somewhere. I went with the other and Madam N to see Mr & Mrs Smith tonight and it was AWESOME! I actually loved the flick. I thought it was going to be a brainless action romp, but it was cleverly written and peppered with witty dialogue. I'd advise you all to see it (especially if you're married). Not JUST because Miss Jolie and Mr Pitt are in it. Oh regarding my remarks, I apologise as Miss Jolie is HOTTTT, she looked damn sexy in this movie. Like a damn hot sex goddess, make love to me now now now, and we can be kinky and tra la la la, enough of that!

That's enough for tonight. I should watch some backlog of tv. Have a nice day folks.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eito, not eight hoes!

I have a confession to make. I like dance music. Yep, techno, yep trance. But not the mindless beats which seems to attract so many of today's young. I like music with a feeling and a vibe about it. I'm not a clubber and I'm not a subwoofer blasting idiot cruising your neighbourhood at ungodly hours. Music should make you feel something. And that's why electronic music (for me lately) is so good, it doesn't just stick to conventional instruments. There are noises which are unfamiliar which can ignite feelings and emotions.

I should have mentioned it a few months back but I got a new VCR upstairs. It's actually got a timer so I never miss a bloody show anymore and I don't have to get up early to record stuff anymore! I'm a very happy chappy indeed. But of course it also means that I'm watching a lot more tv. And with the other's plan to watch a gazillion hours of tv these hols, we are bound for certain death.

Damon from Blur made a good point about Live 8 being a farce. The money is to be used to help Africa and it's cause but there are hardly any black acts performing at the concerts!! A little dodgy? You tell me.

Leonardo Da Vinci and Keith Moon. Not so different you know. Both were eccentric geniuses of their field. You know what the common thread is? Da Vinci had a very limited formal education. He only learned how to count on an abacus and that was about as far as his schooling went. Moon never had a single music lesson. However, it was through experience and observation that they came to be at the top of their respective fields. Then this got me thinking. Education in it's current form is holding us back. The current contraints in place stop us from thinking "outside the box", and hence we accomplish nothing new. And the big problem is, that if you don't belong within the existing paradigm of education, you get denounced straight away. There are no good thinkers anymore and that's quite sad. We need to change this so each person can realise their full potential. That's what made those two so great, they didn't know what to actually think. They didn't know what was meant to be right or wrong. Imagine if it didn't turn out that way? Half of science wouldn't exist, no progressive art (no Da Vinci Code either hehe), and The Who would have folded with second rate drumming.

Note to other. Canadian Grand Prix on tonight/tomorrow morning at 2:30am so keep an eye out. Note to self: tape it.

Also another one for the other, I actually heard the full version of the music used in the Garner Fructis ads. It's called Diamonds and Guns by Transplants. Why would the other care, you may ask? Well the Fructis stuff is the preferred hair care product of the other, and I came to know this via hilarious circumstances when he arrived.

I probably can't post tonight as I need to sleep so I can drive my folks to the airport and make it back home alive. So the night after that you shall hear from me again!

Have a nice day folks.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Put yourself between a bullet and a target

Watching Rage at the moment and this amazing song (mentioned above) came on. It's amazing. It's like Everlast, it's that great! It's by Citizen Cope, can't tell if he's Australian or American but either way it's some good stuff. Woo, new Motor Ace clip is on, I shall return.

Hmm I've seen it a few times now and I am a little skeptical. Their last album was perhaps the best Australian album of all time, but this new stuff is just totally experimental. It's a good song, but it lacks heart. But on their site I heard samples of awesome orchestra samples and I'm hoping for a return to the Carry On days.

With nothing to do I decided to watch all the tv I taped when I went interstate last week. Damn, close to 6 hours of tv and I am feeling a little worse for wear. But got to see the end of that Da Vinci Code special and it was amazing. I really must read Holy Blood Holy Grail. BUTTT not before I finish The Fountainhead and Angels And Demons which I shall do soon. (The other is to borrow The Fountainhead).

Damn, I had some intellectual points to make but now I've forgotten all of them!! Haha, see that's what happens when I don't make blog notes! Bad Joaquin, bad Joaquin!!

Also looking to buy a new computer this weekend hopefully. It depends on how my folks feel about a purchase.

Oh dear, I've run out of things to say! Too bad! Have a nice day folks.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Big breasts kill concentration...I think..?

Wow! Two posts in a row, I am on fire! Haha, probably the wrong choice of words after watching Law & Order SVU, where a victim was killed and then set alight. The other has two exams today, the first starting in 8 hours! So I say good luck to the poor lad and I expect distinctions in both classes that you're being examined on today!

I'll try to keep this somewhat succinct because I am aiming to get rid of the entire backlog of blognotes that I have, but there are only a few so let's have at it.

The other made a brilliant point about sanity being totally subjective, and hence not being able to be ascertained objectively. This is quite true. What is the existing paradigm of sanity in the current Western tradition? Every person will have a different answer. So why do we have Psyche institutions, why is insanity a defence at trial? Wow, I sound like a post-modernist, but why should the people who determine what sanity is be able to subject everyone else to that meaning? It's inherently wrong, but that's how these things work.

Truth is like that too. There is no such thing as objective truth. As anything knowledge related is done via language and language is an imperfect tool for communicating notions of truth. What the truth is to me isn't necessarily the truth to you.

But changing the status quo is impossible my friends.

Heard a novel idea in legal theory, concerning John Rawls and his notion of the 'veil of ignorance'. In it people are taught to make decisions concerning rights and what not as if they are not aware of anything - sex, race, age, species etc. It's believed that once this veil is removed, we can achieve true happiness as things will be fair, since the current notion of rights and happiness cannot be separated from those factors which the veil of ignorance hopes to negate.

With the heady stuff out of the way, I think I may get into some trite! There was a guy in some of my comm classes last year who all the females fancied. Typical jock mofo from the looks of him - 6 foot muscly, lacking fashion sense, had surfer/footy boy leanings, aloof! Anyway, one of my friends said she'd eventually get him and when I saw her this year she said she met him at a party and that they swapped numbers and she was hoping to start something. Then another friend laughed and upon further inquiry she divulged that this jock boy was a notorious playboy (well duh) and that one of her other friends was getting hot and heavy with him when he attempted to bend her over and stick his fingers up her rectum. This instantly illicited riotous fits of laughter from yours truly, and a look of shock from the first girl. Strange as it was, I should have mentioned that he was probably unaware of where the female genitals are located (and considering the number of stories that I've heard about this phenomenon, I am actually quite shocked)!

But then it dawned on me. Ridiculously attractive people who are held up on pedestals by the rest of us are somewhat isolated from general society and not treated normally. Of course I want to kick them in the face when they say it's a curse being beautiful and what not. But that's not the point I'm trying to make! My point? All insanely hot people are severely messed up in the head. This could make them dangerous to the rest of us, and we should consider the greatest happiness for the greatest number so we should shoot them. It's the only logical explanation. Then it got me thinking, who the hell would we perve on? Would society re-think beauty paradigms and new people would be received as the beautiful and would eventually become the messed up ones? Who knows?! I don't wanna find out. I like my hot women thank you very much, regardless of mental state!

Have a nice day folks.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's these things that keep on bringing me back to you

Indeed it does. Or it could be that my assessment is over and I am off until exams (23rd and 24th)! Of course I'll have to start the hardcore studying sometime late next week, but I'll still find time to post even in the middle of my 12 hour a day study sessions. It's good to be back though let me say!

This last month was evil, the other and I have been imprisoned by uni work out of nowhere and we have worked hard to get it all done. So what have I been up to over the last few weeks?

Not a lot really...

I saw Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy and it was just a riot of a film. I haven't read the books so I didn't know what to expect, but it was still great none the less. How awesome is Marvin?! I want to get a little stuffed toy of him, he's so cute!!

Had to visit Sydney the other day for a family thingy and it was nuts. We were meant to go by train but there were mechanical faults so we had to take the bus for a bloody 4 hour drive there AND back the next day! I only took one CD with me! I swear I can play John Mayer's entire catalogue by ear now! Stayed in a 5 star hotel right on Bondi beach and it was fabulous. What is it about Sydney? Everyone is just a hell of a lot better looking! Even the sluts and hoes are a lot better looking than they are here!

I'd just like to say that my uni admin sucks. It's the worst in the world I tell you! One teacher lost my essay so I had to resubmit it and then another teacher wouldn't reply to my e-mails so I had to go and see him in order to do my oral exam! Luckily it was all taken care of in less than 20 mins today.

My father schooled me the other day. After a Wednesday in class we were driving somewhere and he was explaining something about economics and I tuned out cause I don't understand a damn thing about the subject and he asked me if I knew who a famous economist was and I didn't. So I thought I'd nail him and ask him who HLA Hart was...and he knew!!!! Ouch! Haha my mouth was actually wide open in disbelief at being schooled in such a humiliating fashion.

You know what I believe? That 1982 was the year of the hotties (just check out the rate list and see how many of them were born in that year)! And 1984 was the year of the greats. The other and I are prime examples thank you very much! George Orwell knew he was on to a good thing.

In light of that Sydney escapade I had to get a haircut and also cut my nails. My guitar work is fabulous, thank you very much! And I also look presentable to boot. But why does my hair have to look so awesome fresh out of the shower and then go back to being dodgy right after?! My hair is too short to gel or style properly! But out of the shower I look quite delish, if only there was something that could be done.

Dr Who!!! I never watched a single ep and then I saw a promo of the new series and was just totally blown away by Billie Piper! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD! Too bad she leaves after season 2!! That really sucks cause I think the show is awesome, but I don't know if I'll watch it sans Miss Piper. Here's a quick rhyme, Billie Piper Billie Piper, oh how I really like ya. Haha me so lame.

I also bought a new mobile phone in light of my old Nokia's death (RIP buddy). I've switched to an LG of some sort and I am still trying to figure out how to do everything. It's so bloody complicated! Life ain't Good, life is COMPLICATED! I thought I was with it, but kids these days sheesh, I feel like an elderly person every time I try to operate my phone, it's not cool!

I have something to admit. I'm an addict. Nope, not illicit drugs. TINY TEDDYS! The chocolate ones! Damn them to hell. I sometimes eat half a pack out of nowhere for no good reason! Damn I also feel like some right now but I shall hold off.

Parental units are leaving for a month long overseas trip in a few days. My plans are to dance around to 80's Madonna songs (Get Into The Groove is currently the fave), eat a lot, play some games, see a LOT of les femme anomaly, watch a LOT of tv programs and also exercise so I am not a total couch potato.

Not exercising is bad, because you lose some muscle tone and what's left becomes wiry and you get a lil flexible, in fact the other day I was flinging about a soccer ball and I managed to heel myself in the testicles! I didn't know it was possible!

My wisdom teeth are sprouting now and it's not cool! They hurt so much, but they aren't coming in crooked so it's all good.

How good are these Prime shows?! Lost and Desperate Housewives are just the shite I tells you! AND HOW AWESOME WAS IT TO HAVE MARLA SOKOLOFF GUEST STARRING FOR A FEW EPISODES?! OH MAN! Unfortunately she left, but damn she is HOT. Too bad that it didn't live up to expectations, there should have been a threesome with her, Eva Longoria and I! That's where the ratings are my friends.

I always have these problems with essays at university. Luckily I was doing 3 law units this semester and my journo class was a practical one. So I only had to write one essay and the rest were problem solving questions or litigant advice. But damn, plagiarism is a big issue at university and they say you should cite everything. But when you make a statement, you could NOT have possibly gotten to it without citing another book! Therefore in a 2000 word essay, I had 40 separate citations! It's ridiculous. That brings me to my next topic of semester 2's timetable!! IT SUCKS! 2 morning classes in 2 days!! AND A BLOODY 8:30 CLASS AGAIN! I would be so very pissed off if I wasn't being reunited with my old Communications buddies!

There is a college residence on campus that has a reputation for being full of party animals, and in light of recent events, I can say that those claims are factual. Why? The other and I were walking back from our weekly Oportos goodness last week and this girl was getting changed with her bloody window open on STREET level, right next to a public walkway!!! In hindsight I should have just gone up to the window and screamed "what the hell are you doing" or propositioned her! But shite, this world is insane! Well it's going to get more insane with my post for tomorrow, but for now I'm breaking here! Good day folks!

OH OH OH! Boston Legal is on now!! HOW GOOD IS IT TO SEE JAMES SPADER/ALAN SHORE BACK ON OUR SCREENS?! And Monica Potter is also on!! AND SO IS RHONA MITRA! Excuse me while I go and drool..or tape The X-Files. One or the other...hehe!