Monday, September 17, 2007

Pop like a robot from 1984!

Yes, God help me I have actually been listening to Arctic Monkeys and that stuff is addictive. I've realised that I have a liking for non-sequitirs, but I don't think I could ever use it in my own stuff. I really should write something in an odd key, like E flat minor or G Sharp Major! Good for the skills you know.

With all the work I've been doing on the thesis lately, I have lost a lot of guitar skills. It might be due to my long nails but that usually doesn't interfere with my picking skills, cause my ability to alternate pick fast has gone right out the window, or maybe I'm just losing fine motor skills! Lovely!

Death to Microsoft! They made all XP users update to Windows Live Messenger! We had no say in it at all, they said you had to update in order to sign in, those bastards! Nobody should be able to call the shots like that! I like to use classical stuff if it works! It's slow, cumbersome, but it does look good. The other uses it in his comp but his comp is very streamlined and able to run everything!

Windows live Hotmail is crap too, sure it looks flash and everything, but the change to my usual interface is just so ridiculous, I don't know where anything is anymore! Where is the CHOICE. In the rush to be new, it gets shoved down our throats and we have no choice but to adapt or be left behind.

I watched Kingdom of Heaven last night and may I say, WOW! It was a bloody spectacular movie, and now I must buy the Director's Cut DVD. I've had a hankering for Hollywood Dramas of the Medieval/Roman period, after all my doco watching of the same era. I also wanna watch Alexander, but I think I'll either download or hire that cause I've heard bad things!

My thesis is coming along, slowly but surelyyyy! I will just be SO happy when it's done. I thought it was all under control, then as I ventured further today, I realised I have a lot more to write and I think I might go over my word limit substantially, hopefully nobody will notice since it's meant to be a big piece anyway!

I'm out, have a nice day folks. Till next time! Johnny Marr's playing in This Charming Man is superbbbbbb! It's too good, I think I can listen to that on repeat forever.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where's all the confusion?

It's strange how I've noticed that as the older I get, I run into more people who have to take medication on a daily/weekly basis. How many sick people in the world are there? It's grose, watching people get ready at the start of the week sorting pills. People wonder why it's so easy to get addicted to things, where society sets us up from birth to pretty much be addicted to anything.

I have started to get really addicted to The Smiths - This Charming Man. I never would have guessed such a great melody could have come from an A major scale. I don't use it much, but after listening to this song (and learning it, which was a real bitch cause it's so hard to play well), I think I might have to use it for some things. Like seriously, I'm hooked on it (did someone say addict, haha) and I just listen to it on repeat over and over.

I also committed Chris Cornell's You Know My Name to memory, something I've been meaning to do for a while. I also need to do the same for James Morrison's You Give Me Something, then all shall be good with the world.

Haven't been up to much. Just meeting up with the other sporadically as we are both busy with work.

Evil? Thesis be thy name!

I have been SOOOOOO unmotivated this semester, it's almost sickening. Been doing practically 80-100 words a day in stupidity on assignments and a thesis. It's pretty messed up, I don't think it makes much sense. Let's see how the final product pans out.

That's it for now folks. No thoughts in my mind at all. Not even anarchy. Wow! Have a nice day!