Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are you afraid yet?

One thing I used to love about Australia was it's open mindedness. More and more, I think this is changing and the future freaks me out! At least the leaders of this country are more conservative than they need be. For example, we still don't have a 'R' ratings for games. So we can have 18+ movies, hell there are so many porn stores in this city, but we can't have 18+ games?? It really annoys me because of the number of times that a game has been refused classification and I just can't get my hands on it. Next is this ISP forced firewall that they want to enforce in Australia. Did I wake up in China somehow?? Sometime it feels like I am there judging by the people around me, but I'm still pretty sure that I'm not in China. That is one the one thing that freaks me out the most about this country. How can something like that be allowed to happen. We are hearing the fake sound of progress...

We are lead to believe that this is free democratic process and we actually have a say. But their propaganda is no different to a closed government. They are just smart enough to make you feel as though you are the ones that made the decision. Isn't that one of the first lessons people learn with their parents. If you really want to make something happen, make it so that they feel as though it was their idea in the first place. We are fed their cleverly guised propaganda in all forms of media that we consume on a regular basis. I consume enough of it, this is true; I'm not going to go back to the stoneage. But I am aware of what is happening around us. Its funny, we humans are all so power hungry, we like to get it in any way we can. We can't all possibly have the power - so lets call it power to the people - democracy - and then find a way to get what we want making them feel as though they wanted it. Kudos I say to them, truly genius. It saddens me.

And no, I don't have a better solution. Life everything else in this universe, everything ends. We will someday destroy this planet and that will be it. We are just working our way towards it. As they say in the Matrix, we are a disease, a cancer.

Fear is our greatest motivator. They have just found the perfect means of spreading the fear into everyones living room.

I'm afraid too... of oh so many damn things...

So Now It Has Come To This

So due to some unpleasantness with the folks I will be moving out. I'll be moving my heavy stuff tomorrow, and gradually moving the other items over time. I will probably need to spend one more week here in order to catch up on some study before I decide to finally hoof it. But it'll be grand! Well at least I'm hoping. Going there today after work I sort of felt a "leaser's remorse". The place was not as wonderful as it looked on first inspection. There doesn't seem to be a garbage chute (despite us being on the top floor of a 3 level place). The car space (and area) is bloody tiny! I don't know how I am going to drive my car around in there! It almost killed me in a friend's small car today, let alone a big sedan! It also took me 20 minutes to close the door which was a bitch, especially with 3 bloody keys!! However, the area is nice, and it's in a semi walking distance to work, and it comes with a gym so hopefully I can get fit again. I'll cope, I'll do what's needed to get on with it.

My other issue now seems to be my anal retentive housemate. He has been sick the last few days, and I am hoping that is the key reason he has been acting like a weirdo, but we'll see. He's worrying too much about things he can't control. As the other will attest to, once you've been on your own, you realise that there are just some things you cannot control and you learn to accept that.

The other has been working on improving himself, and has started learning code by himself. I would like to do the same thing. There are TONS of things I'd like to learn how to do in the near future. Preferably before I got married and time seems to drift away. I'd like to learn how to rollerblade! I remember one time the other and I were trying to get to the local shops from his old house. I was on a bike and the other was skitchin' on a pair of rollerblades. I don't remember why we were going, I think it was to hire some movies. However, there was a bump in the footpath and I actually got some air. This was fine for me, not for the other, who went flying, then landed straight on his unprotected knees. The force was enough to rip his pants open at the knee and he received a brutal cut across both knees.

Despite that, we were more than halfway there, and as a result we had to keep going to the shops in order to get bandages and antiseptic. Nasty as hell. But it showed what we were made of as a young age.

I could do with more sleep and less stress you know!

I have a feeling that my boss at work doesn't like me. Oh well, what are you gonna do?

I think I'm a grass is always greener person. I should have never left Sydney. Yes I know they were getting paid less and I was working way harder. However, I felt more professional, and outside of work I didn't really have to put up with any shit. I've become lazy. But I know if I never left I'd be thinking about how much money I earn now and whether I'd be happier here.

Damn, sucks to be me! Joaquin out.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm that guy

I quite a different person than I was a couple of years ago. Now if a stranger comes up to me all worried because his girlfriend was in a crash and needed some cash to get where she is, and he didn't have is wallet; I give them what I have on me. To his defense he did look like he was genuine, either way didn't really matter that much. I hope she's alright. So yes, now I am the guy who will help someone out when it is possible.

I've been thinking lately that Malaysia would be a perfect place to go and work. Guess what?? They don't give out working visas to foreigners very easily at all. What a shame, I think I would have really enjoyed working there. Hmm maybe I should hunt myself a Malaysian girl. No, I'm really someone who would do something like that. I am generally the soppy love story, and so I stay the hell away from love. Its more dangerous than drugs. I'm always attracted to women who are oh so wrong, so I'm going to wait for some day for one to come find me (will never happen you say? Well I'm quite happy on my own).

Man, its been a long day and my head isn't really working as well. I just got back from hour 2-3 hours ago, our server burnt up. Then for some reason I decided to park myself in a chair and then draw for the next 2 hours. Weird, but I'm drained. Time to watch some 24. Can't believe that its the last season of 24...

Monday, March 29, 2010

I just need an in

Sometimes I wonder if everyone in the world feels the same way. Do we all feel as though we haven't accomplished enough? Or that there is this mountain that we are always trying to climb. There is so much to see, so much to do. Is there anyone who is purely satisfied? I hope that someday this feeling will become less dominant, maybe something can take its place that makes it alright that all this other stuff is missing...

Some people say they are happy doing what they are doing. Is this because they are truly happy, or is that their excuse for not trying to achieve more? Do we all learn to settle in life? Sure, life is not that bad, it could be a whole lot worse. But on the same note, it could be so much better. I could be doing something that I would live to get up and do everyday. Everyday wouldn't be a struggle but a step closer to where I would like to be tomorrow? I hope someday that will be possible.

Someone said "sure, everyone wishes they were someone famous and had all the money in the world." I think they missed my point. I wasn't hoping for any of that. I just want to do something that I truly want to do. Not just get things for free, I want to make it happen. I just need an in...

About a year ago, there was a brief period where I considered moving to a Mac instead of a PC. Then I saw Windows 7 and didn't rethink that motion. From that point onwards, I've really started to dislike Apple as a company and the things they produce. My phone is still an iPhone though, but that will change when my contract runs out. What makes the iPhone awesome are the apps that people have developed for their platform and not the phone itself. The slow Wi-Fi is a real pain in the ass. Apple have become what Microsoft used to be in the 90s, except they are probably more shamelessly closed.

I read on another blog today that caught my attention. The ridiculously high price that Apple charge for their already outdated hardware just goes to show that they think their consumers are idiots. Which I guess they are. I'm sure the iPad will be a great success and they will sell a millions of them. But I think a lot of you will be wishing that you waited a while before you bought one, because I'm so sure that we are going to a lot of tablets come out that can all do a lot more than the iPad can...

I know how to do a lot of things on a computer, a lot of which a normal user would not be able to do. A lot of this is because of the "issues" that windows have had over the years. It got me digging into things that a typical Mac user would never try to mess with. And with every little bit, I learned a whole lot of other bits. This all adds up over the years. Sometimes, I'm glad that I've had so many issues in the past. They have taught me some really good lessons...


HORRIBLE day! Going from uni to work was terrifying! I was ridiculously tired all day. The work I had to do, which shouldn't have taken more than 3-4 hours took me all damn day! It was brutal I tell you!

Why is GTA4 so hard now? My car handling is terrible, and I'm too paranoid to get on the bike now cause it's just ASKING to be hurt! I can't turn the thing, and traffic comes out of nowhere and takes you out!

On that note, it's time for some GTA4, haha!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Hundred Pennies For Your Thoughts

I remembered the point I was trying to make earlier about being tired. My playing just gets absolutely fantastic when I'm tired! I don't know why this is, since I am unable to concentrate. I guess I stop using scales and using my ear a bit more. This culminated in a 30 minute impromptu jam (is it still a jam if it's just one person playing), over some of the tracks the other and I have been laying down lately.

The other is not well, so I wish him a speedy recovery. However, he is getting up in the latest Final Fantasy saga, so good on him. I still remember the OLD days when an old friend left us his games, and one of them was the 1st disc of FF7. Having not played ever before, the other and I were sucked in to the wonderful, rich world of RPGs.

I need to play some guitar. Back to work tomorrow. Then back to uni next week, it's hectic! Also moving this week! Might be a while since I'll be back in touch with the electronic world. All the best till then folks! Joaquin out.


Do guys get lonely? Yes, of course they do. But not like girls, I think it probably manifests in other ways, as a guy would never admit it.

I was going somewhere with this, but now I am tired and I forgot my point!

It took me 7 hours to do an assignment that the lecturer said would only take 20 mins!! That's how unmotivated I am! I was procrastinating at every corner!!

I'm too tired for this. Till next time!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"And I am high like a star that's flying; Cassiopeia"

I have not been THE biggest fan of Third Eye Blind. I tend to like their songs, but I have not extended myself to full albums as of yet. But upon reflection (and upon word of the other) I have listened to some tracks from Ursa Major. What a wonderful, well-written album. Stephan Jenkins is surely one of the master songwriters of his generation. Granted, the dude is almost 50 now, but he engages well with people our age. Bonfire has to be one of the best songs I've heard in a long time, and the guitar line is very interesting. 3eb will probably never hit the heights of the days of "Semi-Charmed Life", which probably cemented their place in, as well as sealed their downfall from, the mainstream. However, I do believe that Jenkins was never comfortable with that whole scene. He tends to write for himself, any success, financial or critical just seems to be coincidental to his whole mentality. However, this means that their music will be enjoyed only by hardcore fans, as well as those that will go out to seek good music, not just "flavour of the moment" sort of people. I'm sure the other will agree with this, as 3eb has been his favourite band for well over a decade now.

I am glad that we have beaten the "low point" of 2007, with our measly 39 posts for the year! Things are certainly looking up.

I don't know what it is, but life seems more complicated now. Before I could just study and focus on that. But now it seems that I have to juggle so much. This makes studying so much harder. However, I feel like I am bringing my A game. So much so, that I've finished everything early, and now I am blogging and I am looking forward to getting up in some guitar shortly.

Lust is a dangerous thing. Love will make you do spontaneous, amazing things. Lust will make you do things that will most likely get you killed. Love never resulted in some idiot walking blindly across a street and getting flattened by a bus. Lust can do that to you though! My point for this - being back at uni. At work everyone is older and not so attractive. Therefore, no distractions, I just work my 8:30am-5:15pm day and go home. Lectures at uni on the other hand, goddamn I had forgotten the insanity of the girls!!! It's such a large group, several hundred, and the ratio is like 5 girls to every guy. This is the craziest ratio I've ever had since year 12 drama. This obviously means more girls, new girls. Girls I've never seen before. Sitting in lectures all doing things provocatively! Damn you! I need to concentrate on my studies, not on imaginary dalliances or illicit rendezvous on the nearby oval! If only you would stop being so sexy, for just 8 freakin hours. Is that too much trouble?? YOU in particular, hahaha! Curvy to the point of ecstacy. I've never seen a girl with her body type before. She's tall, slender but somehow curvy in all the right places. I didn't think it was possible.

Another interesting observation is the law school female syndrome. Girls on the whole are typically not nice to each other. A whole alpha female thing happens when girls get together in large groups. The most critical voices against females tend to be their own. Law school grads on the whole tend to be type A alpha personalities - ultra-competitive, critical of others and typically arrogant. I've kept my mouth shut for most classes, unless called upon to answer questions, or take free kicks. This enables me to watch others and how they interact. The way these girls just SNIPE each other down when a (admittedly) stupid question is asked, but then two seconds later, the snipers will be the ones asking the questions and being castigated by their peers. The looks they give each other when asking questions is utterly horrible. It's like they all openly hate on each other. Some fat girl was asking a question, and the girl diagonally behind her just looked her up and down and gave a full on :S look. I don't understand this, but them's the breaks I guess.

I think there are cross sections in all of society. Lawyers are perceived to be smart. There's a whole system set up so that people cannot easily get into this field. University admissions, costs, vigorous assessment, professional accreditations and so on. However, from just observing these post-graduate students, it seems that it's made up of all walks of life, all persuasions and so on. There are nerds, jocks, fashionable mofos, idiots, pretty dumb things and so on. It's interesting isn't it?

Anyhow, I have a hankering for some guitar! Later on folks! Joaquin out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogger Song

VERY pleased to see the other blogging again! Hopefully it won't be sporadic.

As mentioned, I am doing some intensive post-grad study at a different uni and I am busy as all hell. I've been there 9-5 each day, then studying till about 10-11 each night! Crazy times. This means no guitar, no movies, no tv, no exercise. It's strange! Especially since when I was actually at uni, I was never there for that long each day, so I had time to get other things done. Not this!

Oh well, tomorrow I'll be over the halfway point, it'll be grand.

That's it for now folks!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am a learner...

One things that annoys me is people lack of respect for my time. True, what I do in my time might not be important to them, but they need to understand that it is quite important to me. I'm also annoyed by people's superiority complexes. What gives them the right to think that their hobby/work is so much more relevant.

It's not like I woke up one morning and knew how to do all the things that I know how to do today. I have spent countless hours learning and improving what I know how to do. Yes, I get off at learning how to do something new. If we are not working towards making ourselves better, then we are wasting our time.

I now understand something my cousin used to say, which at the time sounded quite ridiculous. He used to say that sleeping seemed so wasteful, and so he would only sleep 2 hours a day. Well the practice was wrong, as it got him quite sick with years of abusing his body. I think this comes with age, you realize that there just isn't enough time to do all the things that you'd love to be doing. I'm feeling more and more like that everyday. Maybe its because I'm in the wrong job (it doesn't help working in a dying industry, where everyone think that their work is so damn important), not doing all the things that really get me interested. Or maybe I wished I had studied to become a full graphic designer or a web programmer. We make choices and we live with them. Doesn't mean I can't do it, I just have to invest more time into it.

What gets me more annoyed is that any chance people get to use my skills, they don't think twice and come straight to me. But then they disregard my time spent learning new things as 'nothing important'.

I've come to realize one thing. I need to blog more because I often have thoughts that I'm not expressing anymore. I don't socialize with people who share the same thoughts or interests often, so they don't get voiced. My head needs an outlet and this is the place.

I have been coding a lot lately, and learning some fantastic things. Who knows, we might see some radical changes to this blog one of these days...

Uncomfortable Scenes From A Hair Salon

I was studying today in preparation for my intensive university post-graduate courses that begin next week. Now I remember what I hated about uni! The constant study in my own time! This also seems a LOT worse than undergrad stuff, a lot more stuff and a lot more assumed knowledge. This is bad as I cannot remember a goddamn thing. It sucks!! I have no motivation for this! That is why work is so good. It doesn't follow me home after 5:15 in the day!

I went to that Mexican food place "Zambreros" again on Friday. That girl the other raved to me about is truly alluring. No I'm not after her! The other has nothing to worry about. I admire his taste, she is just great to look at. But this is where things get difficult - she is very unique looking. She wouldn't fit traditional definitions of the word "beautiful". But I think that's what makes her so interesting, she seems like an enigma - not to mention she also is very kind with giving me my change, haha!

The other may not have been aware but R-Rated boy is getting married very soon. This was a major shock for some, as we had no idea. But that's life for you, sometimes people's priorities change, as do their friends.

There's a nice house near the end of the street - easily one of the best on the entire street. Because of the way it is situated (on the far side of a blind corner going uphill), it is incredibly difficult to spot in a car. You have to be moving slowly, or be actively LOOKING for it in order to catch a glimpse of it. It's also obscured by a wonderful hedge out the front. It's a really really classy looking house. Not something that fits within the middle of middle class suburbia. I wonder who lives there. Not many houses on my street are ever on sale as most are older people who have lived there for many decades. Except near the top of my street, which is all Government housing and poor folk.

I'm moving out very soon and I can't wait! Hopefully things should be back on track.

Joaquin out, peoples!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Quick one cause I wanna play some guitar!

I haven't played in a while and I'm worried it's going to appear all foreign again.

Just watched In Bruges. Bloody brilliant! Almost as good as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Black comedies are the best.

I drew her to me. I knew reading those old e-mails was a mistake. She was in my mind. And then I saw her. She saw me. I'd never felt so sick before. I just wanted to run over and just yell at her for being treated so poorly. But that was it, not a word, no acknowledgement. Just a quick glance, and hopefully I'll never see her again in my entire life. Those who talk of "The Gift" may have been on to something.

Those of you may be wondering from several posts what the JRL is. This is the Joaquin Rate List. Some time in December 2004, I decided to embark on a definitive list of all the women I find attractive. It wasn't about a "conquering" list or what not. My idea of beauty just seems to be very different to everyone else's so I thought my list would be a good indicator. The list shall be updated shortly, with links.

Uni starting next week and I am incredibly nervous now. I just had a look at the outline, and there is a lot of pre-course work to do. I WILL GET IT DONE! I will be the best. Just watch me.

Joaquin out.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Importance Of Being A Blogger

Papercuts are annoying as it is. However, when they are bloodless, they are a royal pain in the ass. Without the blood, it's difficult for the wound to cauterise naturally, and it just stays split and painful for a while.

Cranberry juice = crantastic. 2nd best juice of all time. Of course, nothing will beat the classic; OJ.

What's funny about the public service is the need to change passwords all the time. I remember in my last job, I only changed it once. However, here it needs to be changed every quarter. This would not be an issue if I could keep changing between passwords. However, it won't let you use the same 5 passwords in the history. Therefore, you gotta keep thinking up new ones! It's impossible I tell you! I only use 2 passwords in my non working life, so to come up with all these is a bitch for the computer. Then there's the other stuff, credit card acquittals, travel etc, and it just becomes a riot.

There's a house for sale across the street. That house is for sale every few years! I wonder what the deal is with that? It was bad a few years ago (as I'm sure I've blogged), a rowdy young group was in there and they were partying almost every night and became a pain in the ass. Here's to some naive pensioners purchasing their dream home!

I am a big fan of our work intranet as it has a classifieds section in it. I am honestly amazed at the amount of shit that people can amass in a lifetime. This doesn't just mean people in the Department, it means everyone. I for one am sick to death of that shit, if it has no practical use to me for a very long time, I don't see the point in it. I would like to live my life as simple and as efficiently (and as cheaply as possible). How much money have these people wasted on these endeavours?

I saw on the news this morning that Queensland is thinking of reducing their blood alcohol limit to .02. On the face of it, it seems like a good idea - they have many road deaths. However, I think it is pointless. The .05 limit currently in place is a fair system, but the thing is, if people want to break the law, they will. They'll get drunk and they'll keep driving, it doesn't matter if the limit is .02 or .10, or even zero tolerance, there will still be tossers on the road killing people.

I just realised that I have not seen Desperate Housewives in years. How I have missed Eva Longoria! Oh well, I'll just download it.

I don't know why, but I believe I've been self-censoring myself on here. Enough of that bullshit. I'll say what I want. I don't care who you are.

The mornings are brutal. It is honestly just too cold for this shit. I don't mind getting out of bed, it's getting out of my toasty hot shower that is a pain in the ass. I'm tired too, which is strange, cause I get more sleep than I used to.

Despite all the hype, Formula 1 was quite lacklustre. However, it is good to have Schumacher back. He'll need a bit of time to get back on top of his game. We just need Kimi back and then all is well!

I am going back to University next week for Post-grad legal studies. This is going to be interesting. I'm sure everyone will look very young, and I'll look like a lecherous old bastard. Why the fuck am I doing this? I remember CLEARLY hating uni. Hopefully I can get my act together and start taking things in and just focusing!! I remember fighting the urge when I was bored at uni to just drift off. I had to force myself to concentrate and I understood things well. I was on top of my game damn it. Now I don't remember a damn thing!! Fuck it, I won't have any problems - I will succeed. Hey, I'm smarter than most people anyway!

Since this workplace is a lot more relaxed, I have not worn a tie in months. I only wear it when I have meetings. It's damn comfortable! I also feel like a CEO! Haha, but of course nobody else shares my sentiments, I just look like a young unkempt mofo!

Lately my mouth has been tasting like blood. What the hell is with that??

That's it, I resolve to get more sleep! No more post midnight days!! Only when 30 rock is on and Family Guy, shall I stay up. Lucky tonight is a 30 rock night right?

I remember many months ago blogging about a girl with the bluest eyes I've ever seen. I found her, I know who she is now. Goddamn, let's not mention her again!

Haha, I remember I used to have classic client meetings in my old job. Idiots, guys with hot wives. Hot clients. Taking notes. Getting asked random questions. Being put on the spot by Managers and Partners. Damn, those were the days! I don't get to talk to anyone anymore, which is kind of ok. It leaves me to my own devices. However, I keep my mouth shut for so long at work, it's difficult to talk when I have to or need to! Stumbelina!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Reading over these old e-mails is difficult. People, my friends. My good friends. My best friends. They trusted me with so much. I remember when I was just getting to know some of them, we just traded a few friendly e-mails here and there and then blam, out of nowhere, they would just bleed the contents of their private lives there for me. It was mutual. It was grand. These were the most sacred of secrets. I put this down to the frailty of youth, and striving to be accepted, and finding someone who was similar to you. That gets me thinking, was I ever like that? Was I emotionally fragile? Or was I always a thoughtless bastard?

Regardless, everyone grows up. You lose touch. Then you just stop giving a fuck about people once they stop giving a fuck about you.

Such is life.

That's it for today folks. Have a nice day! Joaquin out! I think we're closing in on the 2007 lowest post record! I can't wait to hit that baby out of the park (well in reality leave it where it is)!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

These Are Broken Streets, Broken Dreams

I keep seeing flashing shadows. Moving quickly, almost imperceptible. But always catch the end of it. Shades of shapes I can't discern. It's really quite worrying.

Oh man, SO MANY IDEAS! At least 120 different ideas. The other and I must have a jam as soon as possible!! Just killing it here.

A feeling of unease as just washed over me.

6 Strings, 21 frets, You Choose.

I'm still so shocked! I haven't played guitar in about 3 days. I can't believe it. I cut my nails today and I'm getting into it but it feels totally new to me. However, I am clearing out my personal folder of other ideas to put in dropbox and I am happy! There are some damn brilliant ideas that I am synergising into others for some truly spectacular results.

Also still getting up into those movies. Death at a funeral = fantastic.

That's it for now folks, back to guitar for me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How do I get myself back there??

I've been feeling nostalgic as of late. I've been reading the old e-mails in my inbox and coming across some classics from old friends who are no longer friends. None of that had anything to do with me, they just decided to cut the chord I guess. Oh well. Still good to go back and have a read and a chuckle. Were we so petty before? Yes I guess I was.

I also managed to find heaps of old ideas from the other that I managed to get up into dropbox. You should have a look in your own stuff, you never know what you'll find!

I've been busy at work, and I'm loving it! The day just flies by so quickly! I want to work more! It's just brilliant.

Anyhow, that's it folks. Have a nice day. Joaquin out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swirly Things

Sorry, it has been a while since I've blogged. Not that I've been lazy. I have been browsing my old music folder to go scrumping for ideas. I have uploaded most to dropbox, but there are still a number to go. I really am excited! There are at least 90 ideas in there! 90 solid ideas! I can't wait for the next jam session with the other. I have also been on a mad movie watching binge lately. A few gems and a few misses too (ahem, DOA anyone?) :|

Further, I will be moving out soon, and I will be very glad when this happens! Things should be grand.

I thought it wouldn't happen, but it did - the JRL has expanded! I will have to update that shortly.
That's it for now folks! Have a good one.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Compton State Of Mind

More lyrical work? Yes.

Guitar work? Yes.

Let's do it.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Destroyed In A Volley Of Return-Fire

Non-slip surfaces my ass!! It was pouring rain today, and I was wearing my sneakers and I almost slipped over 3 times on tiles! Why do businesses (including my own work) continue to use them? Especially on non flat foundations!! I only managed to survive due to my impeccable balance, as well as treading around like someone who had forgotten he wasn't on an ice skating rink!

I found a place to live! I'll be moving in with a friend towards the end of the month. It should be interesting. Will it be restrained freedom? Hopefully I can get more things done now. I might buy a new i-7 enabled comp to celebrate. It's very different, it's an older suburb, and very affluent and exclusive. It should be an interesting change of pace for me and my middle class ways.

Driving Tip #123024:
On humid days you may be tempted to use the heater when things get foggy inside the car. This is not what you want to do. Engage the rear demister, the front demister, blast the air on cold as high it will go, and turn on the AC! It should be gone within 60 seconds!

Enjoy folks. Have a nice day!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I Am Still Dreaming Of Your Face

On the inspiration of the other's newfound outlook on life, I have taken to guitar en masse. I have been putting more ideas up in the dropbox and fiddling with some others. We have a massive jam session coming up and I am trying to learn my entire catalogue of songs or at least put them up so I need to make this entry quick damn it!

What's bad however, is that I swear I had finished some songs and put those ideas somewhere. Unfortunately it seems that I was very wrong. Now all those ideas are missing damn it! I'll probably never think of them again. Hopefully I can think of better things. It sucks cause you need to work backwards, cause you remember bits and pieces of songs and you need to try and fill in the gaps. It's happened with a song that the other and I had completed totally! I lost the piece of paper that we wrote everything on!! Now all I have is just lyrics and a solo!!!

Mobile phones. What weird things. I use mine to contact people if I need to in a rush or if I'm lost. I don't like being contacted on it however! I leave it off at work, so I don't get bothered. If only I could do the same thing with other things in my life!

You know what I find weird? People who go to the toilet and don't flush. You don't know if they're doing anything in there, but going to the toilet and not flushing is TRULY suspicious and disturbing behaviour! Flush even if you are doing drugs!! Just stop freaking me out, please!

Enough. Guitar time. My 6 strings are better than yours!