Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Alright To Die

I just watched Final Destination. It was incredibly entertaining, I enjoyed it! And damn it, Devon Sawa is a competent actor. Never thought I'd be saying that. But there's a good lesson to be learned from it. We are going to die someday. Today, tomorrow, a few days, a few years. It's going to happen. So you should try to do something with your life, and make it worthwhile, cause you don't know when it's going to hit you. I'm ok with my mortality, once you accept it, it's ok because you feel a good degree better. So do something! Do something fun. Do something you've always wanted to do.

I hope I go out nicely. But who knows, it's not for us to decide!

Have a nice day folks!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some People I Know Think That I'm Rude And Abusive, I Think They Can Kiss My Ass

I have been absolutely obsessed with Daughtry's It's Not Over. I think it's the perfect blue print for a rock song by numbers. 3 Chord chorus progression, alternating riffs for verse, soaring vocals, the only let down is the solo. I learned the whole thing, I just had to, I really like it! I know it's half a step down, but with the exception of some of the open notes, I can play it damn it and sounds right (cause I play in standard)!

I have been incredibly slack and stressed yet busy at the same (good sense I Make yes).
I have to reiterate how crappy and incompetent my university is. They love putting students in catch 22 situations with no help.

Case in point? With Honours currently I have to do a proposal for my paper. Easy? You'd think so. Then I keep getting feedback saying it's too general, and that I have to narrow it down to chapters and how I'll conduct my argument. Well that would be easy, if I HAD A BLOODY TOPIC AND THEY TOLD ME HOW TO NARROW IT DOWN! On top of that, how am I meant to write about chapters I have not written or planned out, cause my proposal isn't done? It makes no sense and once again goes to show how fucking stupid they are. The thesis is due in week 13. Next week is week 5. It is meant to be 6-8 thousand words. I have done zero. Because this fucking proposal thing is taking so long to sort out.

I am really on edge about this, and frankly I'm starting to not care. Which is not good, because I am unable to withdraw, because I'm worried my future employment or pay is contingent on my Honours, and if I withdraw this late (even through no fault of my own), I will incur a HECS penalty. Thank you Government, for your blatant stupidity and lack of reasoning in policy for having the HECS cutoff date so early in the semester, and with no possible recourse for grievances. I may have to resort to chucking a psycho and yelling at people towards the end of semester.

On top of that, I have an assignment given out next week, hooray for crapness! It's for a subject I'm not really understanding, or maybe I'm overthinking it and it's incredibly easy.

Ahhh that's it for tonight folks! Have a nice day.