Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lost Souls Forever

Again I apologise for my lengthy absence, but I have now returned, so do not fear!

Haha once again it has happened. Just like 24, I have watched a show just because of an attractive female, only to discover that the show is actually pretty good in terms of story line and acting. The new example is Hustle on the ABC. It's a British show about con artists and it's brilliantly done (and yes, Jaime Murray is a FOX).

Woohoo! Only 1 more week of school and then a good 2 week break. Unfortunately I have an absolute SHITELOAD of work due afterwards so I'm going to be extremely busy. I attended a Law Revue last night (of course at our rival university), and it was an absolute riot! So much wit, law related in-jokes and politically incorrect humour, I loved it. It was also helped by the fact that there were some damn attractive women in the troupe, and now I'm cursing my luck for not having such sophisticated, good-looking women in our law program.

And had some scary shocks last week. I found out Missionary Girl is 24!! My entire class for that unit is at least 24!!! They're all final year freaks!! How could this be happening??! Why am I so young compared to everyone else? I'm doing my classes in the proper order, it makes no sense. I also sat next to her in that class and she ABSOLUTELY wreaked!! I am willing to attribute it to being an early morning class and she must have just ran up from her dorm at the last minute and wasn't able to get ready. But argh, I had to lean over to the other side of the desk in order to stop myself short of gasping for air. That's 2 girls within 6 years who I've had a minor thing for who have absolutely wreaked at the exact moment where I didn't want them to, but alas, I digress and must carry on!

There were also 2 rich boys in that class, and our teacher had recently become aware of that and has not ceased paying them out (pun intended). They're the type that don't bother to learn and just make things up when asked questions, and look incredibly stupid. You know the type, flash clothes, asymmetrical hair, it's gold. But to have the teacher lay into them is just pure gold.

What I really hate at uni is being kicked out of computer labs. We have really impoverished facilities at our university so there are never enough comps to go around. Anyway, school policy dictates that classes get preference over people on free time. So even when a class is like 5 people, the whole lab (20 or so computers) gets ordered to clear out. They say it's so classes don't get interrupted, but it's a load of crap, because nobody makes any noise in there anyway.

I had a 2 hour break (in which I had nothing to do) last week, as I couldn't use the computers, so I just walked around the campus outskirts out of sheer boredom, to places that are fenced off and people can't go and what not. Anyway, I covered the ENTIRE campus within 30 minutes, that's just embarrassing! How small is our campus??! The other university in our city is 4 suburbs big, whereas ours is just the size of one! I also took pictures on my phone to illustrate how much of a hole the campus is. However I have no idea how to transfer the stuff to my comp (if anyone has an LG camera phone without Wifi, infra red or blue tooth, please tell me a way that doesn't require a data cable).

That was also the same day that I had no sleep whatsoever before my earliest start, and my brain just died in the afternoon. I was selected to do a judgment on two opposing presentations in class, and I hadn't prepared any notes on the situation so I had to make it up on the fly. And boy, did I suck so very badly. I said all the stuff I needed to but I kept stumbling, backtracking, wasting time, flying off on tangents, it was humiliating. The class was congratulating me afterwards about how well I did, but it was all bittersweet, because I wanted to do really well according to my standards. And to think, I want to be a judge! Gahh! I seem to be having a lot of those moments lately.

If that wasn't the icing on the cake, I wrote a suggestive note to Lizzie McGuire girl and tomorrow will be the first time that I'll see her since then and I'm wondering about the possible consequences now (and knowing my mind, they're all negative). It'll be interesting to say the least.

Had a good convo with the other (don't worry, he'll blog soon, even if I have to poke his corpse with a stick to get him to do it), last week after his return from interstate. The thing about our city is that it's small and not much happens, however the city he went to is where all the people our age want to move to. I absolutely hate Sydney!! There's just too much hustle and bustle and there's just too much shit going on. Our youth pay out our city because nothing happens here, well I say go and fuck off to Sydney, we don't want you here, and we don't want things happening in our city!

Is it just me or did I just suddenly pick up a low opinion of women? I don't know. I'm out, have a nice day folks.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Bring back the porn!!!"

Haha I apologise if you found the title offensive, but I heard this phrase and it's context just a few weeks back and I think it's absolutely riotous.

So here I am, early morning, in the library not doing anything. I had 4 hours sleep last night as I had to come up with and write out my presentation (which is due in 45 minutes). It's rumoured that Margaret Thatcher only slept 4 hours a night all the time. I think this is probably the reason why she looks the way she does, and why I currently resemble a craggy old hag.

I think my case is good, but what pisses me off is that since I was so damn tired when I finished the write up, I didn't proof it properly and now there's a grammatical error in my first bloody paragraph, for the whole class to see! I also must win at least 2 out of the 3 issues in my case, or it's all going to be pointless!! I could have just done no work, shown up and made a non legal argument and had the same result. I'm also really tired now so if something doesn't make any sense in this entry, you know what to blame it on.

But I'll be happy when it's over, because my partner and I have booked a camera for this weekend and we intend to do our interview then and edit it 2 days before it's due.

I haven't pulled an assessment related late night since college, because I wanted to get my act together in university, which I have done, but in instances where your work cannot go ahead until someone else finishes their piece, then you're pretty much guaranteed stress-town USA up until the last minute.

Why is the library so packed right now? I guess it is one of the great mysteries of life that will remain unsolved! HAHAH! I'm a little crazy right now so I don't exactly know if my ramblings will be coherent. Then again, doesn't a rambling imply lack of coherency? I don't knowwww!

However, with this thing being done today and my other thing not being done until the weekend, I think I can afford a gigantic sleep in tomorrow which I must say, I am looking forward to with extreme excitement (which hopefully won't keep me from going to sleep)!

I must say that until my new computer, I haven't really enjoyed online gaming in it's full capacity. However, with a broadband connection and good games, I am really enjoying pitting myself against other people from around the world. At the moment I have only been playing Battlefield 1942 and Swat 4 online and it's amazing. BF was insane as people were using advanced skills and I was getting the crap kicked through me every few minutes. But Swat 4 was awesome!! Since we were all human, the element of tactics and strategy went out the window, and it just became an insane typical first person shooter with advanced weaponry. I actually did quite well and made a mockery of even the old hands! I still should finish the single player mode before I adventure fully into what the online version has to offer.

I have also been thoroughly enjoying Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! What an amazing game, and it's not just because of the absolute stupidity of the situation of the main character, but it really does feel like one is living in "da hood" and instills a sense of actually being in a big city and being isolated. Hehe the extremely ludicrous amounts of violence and profanity also raise the enjoyment level for me somewhat, too! There's just so much to do, what an amazing effort on behalf of Rockstar Games, I'd hate to think of how long it took to conceive the game from planning to production.

I really need to pee, I know, highly irrelevant but information none the less.

Is the influence of the individual such that it can really change the lives of strangers? Many television shows and movies make examples of this and in my current case in point is that of what's occurring right now. On the computers in the library, on my right is genteman, mature age, and on my left is a woman mature age too.

A little while back she sneezed and he said "bless you" to which she smiled and they smiled at each other and it seemed that they made a connection. Then I noticed the guy staring at her a little while she was doing some of her work. Is it that my existence of actually physically being between them stopping them from getting together?? Interesting!

Anyway, I've had enough for one day. Have a nice day people!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

"I heard Dick Van Dyke is coming back from the dead to star in it"

Ahh only an hour to get this entry out of the way before Lizzie McGuire! We also had our first spam comment, so I'm happy! Unfortunately I deleted it cause it made absolutely no sense to me.

The juice is worth the squeeze. Haha, how absolutely stupid yet profound in it's own little way. Hehe for those in the know, it's from Girl Next Door, which I just realised had a bit of a moral underpinning towards the end (which didn't involve elements of pornography).

Had an absolutely random day I have to say. Firstly there was not much sleep had last night so I was a little out of it to say the least. My legal theory class turned violent when people supporting some rights and others who don't support the same rights were engaged in heated debate. It was a classic. I wanted to go for the underdogs (cause they're the smart freaky LAN boys), but alas I couldn't muster up enough energy to put together a coherent argument in their favour. Damn that class, it's turning into a freakin' philosophy outlet, but I don't mind. It's different to what we normally do in other classes.

That brings me to my next point of annoyance at people who don't think outside the box. What irks me is that while we are sometimes (rarely) shown what elements constitute thinking outside of the box, but not how to do it, and why this not regular practice. This way innovation is really a tough issue and we get stuck in a frame of mind of, we like the way things are, which we all know is incredibly dangerous. Nobody questions anything and people become stuck in their mindsets, and the longer this continues, the harder it is to go back.

I was thinking about basic yet abstract concepts the other day. Numbers, the concept of more than one. How can children grasp this so easily? For very young children, they cannot see anything outside of the self. You are THEIR brother, THEIR sister, but they can't define what relation they are to you. It can't be visual, because blind people are aware of what the concept of 2 is. Why doesn't the concept of 2 get drawn into the self so that everything becomes 1 again? Interesting.

Fat women, what the hell is it about them that makes them so damn repulsive? Oh I know, it's the fat! Haha, no I don't mean to be terrible, but it's a law of sociology that people tend to hang out (or date) people that have roughly the same level of personal attractiveness. Attention is drawn to oneself when these norms are not adhered to. Case in point, there is this rather decent looking guy on campus who has this rather large girlfriend. And that's all cool and what not, I don't judge his taste in women. But EVERYONE (myself subconsciously included) just gives him looks of "what the hell are you doing" when they see them out together. Why is this? Attractive guys tend not to date fat girls. But we're trying to tear down these barriers of self image and all that, so why does such an example send the rest of us into a frenzy? Because we are all hypocrites.

Ahh my Legal Theory teacher caught me out terribly in the lecture today. As previously mentioned, I was a little zoned out today so of course my thoughts wondered from "notions of objectivity as defined by Critical Legal Theory scholars" to "I wonder how good that girl over there would be in bed?". Hahaha so there I was grinning like a goofy idiot, and my teacher kept giving me weird looks. This is disturbing as I sit in the back row in that lecture. Then later as I was in the Law School building she says "What's with all the little smiles and nods, are you off in your own little world or are you agreeing with what I'm saying?" so of course I lied and said it was about the content. Haha I hope she believed me or else she's going to think I have a thing for her and let's not go there.

Also managed to question my Torts teacher about my presentation and now the opposing counsel seems to have some idea of what she's going to do so I'm one stop closer to humiliating her in front of the whole class. I really shouldn't do that to a mature age student and mother who is a very nice person, but alas, "I will do what I must". Unfortunately I had to lie to her and say that I have no time spare on Wednesday to work together, as I spend a 4 HOUR BREAK with the other!

My journalism interview is going to go right down to the wire, it's going to be gold to see how it turns out!

Speaking of my other class for today, damn croatian women!! True, I only know 2 of them. But those 2 are drop dead sexy and it's just like the missionary girl effect!! Damn you Pavlov!

I also realised the importance of phrasing in that class when I said (about women's magazines) "that they prepare women for lives as housewives" to which the entire female class burst into riotous laughter, as I was meant to say "those magazines turn women into housewives via agenda setting", haha but alas it made me look like a bit of a mysoginist and I had to hang my head in shame. But 'twas also grand as I had amazing bouts of genius where even the teacher was saying "brilliantly put" about complex theoretical and practical concerns of the nature vs nurture debate. Also managed to shoot down someone's argument and her friends paid her out about it. Too bad she's a bit of a sexy one cause it doesn't make me look good!! Also discovered that Ass Boy actually has a brain!! He does all his work on time, and he has innovative discussion points in class. Haha, he'd be the perfect man bar the ass fetish thing! haha just a tiny minor imperfection that is! He also has really small feet for someone who is 6'4" or thereabouts and fairly muscular. My feet are bigger than his, and you know what that means!! Yesh, that my feet are bigger than his and thus, I require bigger shoes! Haha you sick minded people!

Ahh Lizzie McGuire girl, she's so damn different!! Today she showed up sporing corn-rows and usually stuff like that is an instant turn off, but I still wasn't deterred. I think I may have laughed at her for saying some thing like "that girl has a nose with hair in it" when she actually said "she has a nose and a head" and it wasn't very nice, but everyone else was laughing, I'm sorry! I'll make amends to her next time! I'm going to revert to the age old tradition of passing a note in class, how juvenile (yet awesome, cause I'm awesome)!

Have a nice day folks!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's syphilis for the eyes!

Oh dear! How could Vesna not win Big Brother?! 'Tis a shocking day for all concerned I tell you!

Had the craziest drive of all time the other day. I remember talking about having to drive to school and back for a 9 and a half hour day. Well on my way home, I was so damn tired that I was starting to hallucinate and not just that, the inside of my car's windscreen is smudged for some reason so when lights hit the smudged bits, it just goes out of control. I was blinded for 95% of that entire drive. Yes, blinded by the light if you will. There were times I could not see a damn thing and I had to just guess where the road was and it was sheer insanity. Note to self, don't do that again. Hopefully the windscreen will be clean the next time I undertake a night drive.

Damn Journalism! Everything is meant to be written in one sentence paragraphs and now I can't stop doing them on MSN but in a much worse form.


How are you

this is really

not the best

way of


Is it?

Gotta sing the praises of our new cleaner. I have issues with having other people clean up the mess that we created, but this dude is awesome. He hails from Chile (where the women are Chilli...oh dear I need to stop this madness) and EVERYTHING is clean. And what's even better is that all my stuff is where I left it, instead of the last one who moved all my stuff. He's a more than competent genius!

Woohoo, Snickers and Mars are back on the shelves!!! But I still don't know if I'm going to buy one any time soon given the blackmail attempt.

Obese people should be banned from the movies. I forgot to mention this a while back, but the other and I were sitting next to a horribly obese family and the stench was just overwhelming. Yes, it did impact on my enjoyment of the movie, even the other was struggling to breathe through the horrible smell.

Also heard that Michelle Rodriguez is going to join the second season of Lost, and after seeing her in these last few eps of Lost this season, I am damn happy. HOW HOT DOES SHE LOOK THESE DAYS?! Insane I tell you. I'm also amazed cause I'd only seen her in her tough girl roles when she's all bulked up and no makeup and stuff and all trash talking, but yowza!

Damn the stress to hell. I have 2 assignments due in 2 weeks and both of them are highly suspect. My Obligations presentation could fall apart, and it all depends on what happens with my meeting tomorrow with opposing counsel. I can't really do anything till I meet her, so I am freaking out. Then there's my Journalism interview which is to be done next week. But my partner is an inept slacker and I can't do this on my own, it is physically impossible to do a camera interview with only 1 person!

Weirdness. I knew this guy in college (year above me) who I thought had it all together and was a high achiever. But this year I found out that he lost an awful lot of money in a failed business venture, he works 2 jobs and fits in 5 classes at university. He is so stressed all the time and I don't know how he copes. It's all going south for him and he has no idea what to do with his life and it paralyzes him. Strange.

Have a nice day folks. Yes there are still some blognotes in backlog!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Procrastination Files

I don't like morning classes!!!

It was absolutely freezing this morning (seriously, there was SNOW everywhere)! And I didn't want to go to class, and now the brain is working a little slowly cause alas, I did come to uni and now I am waiting in the library until my next class.

My eyes are burning and I keep muddling my words up. Hopefully I won't have to pass judgment in the tutorial today or else I am going to seriously botch it hardcore, and since the assignment of judging is done totally randomly, I don't like my chances.

Big props to the other for allowing me to scam a fair portion of his hard drive for my personal enjoyment (but as he knows, it's for the general love of the GAME)! Muhahaha, in-joke there, sorry.

So what am I doing currently? Absolutely nothing. Since I forgot to bring my textbook, which I passively read on the weekend, I can't revise on the chapters which I cannot remember right now. So I've just decided to look up cases online in the class I just had. How very boring. It's really pointless since usually they just teach you a basically one sentence summary of cases, and you can apply that wherever you want.

I am so spaced out today. I must end this here. Have a nice day folks. Yes, yesh, tomorrow is going to be a grand sleep in day.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Home Life

Oh won't you please take me home??

As mentioned, here is a quick post from me! Ahhh so what's new? Absolutely nothing really. My parents have things to do tomorrow so it turns out that I must drive to and from uni myself. Lovely, this task must be accomplished with barely any sleep and in freezing, wet temperatures! Tough, but we'll see how I go.

Ahh France, it's such an awesome country. As I always say to the other when something France related comes up - "France, it's been so good to us". Haha, I want to move there one day! Granted, I don't speak or understand much of the language anymore, but I'll learn dammit!

What I find puzzling is Lizzie McGuire (the television show). Those in the know can tell you that it was a Disney show and that the show spanned from the end of 2k to mid 2k2. At the start Lizzie McGuire was just an average teenage girl looking to just get through High School and carve out a unique niche for herself. But as the first series finished up and she entered grade 8, she had suddenly developed into the antithesis of everything she wanted to be just a year earlier. She had become shallow, fashion conscious and boy chasing and slightly stupid. What kind of message does this send out to the poor young girls who watch this show? To sell out on all that you hope to be, on all their ideals and hopes? Let me guess "be individual, be a typical cheerleader girl and snag yourself a boyfriend".

The other has a gripe with the current method of teaching, and just that - the whole education system as it currently stands. I must say that the more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to agree. He says that they never teach you anything outside of what they WANT you to know. It doesn't matter if it's helpful (which most of the time it isn't) or if it's not. This is holding us back, and the current education paradigms are stupid and need to be abolished and a new way of learnings needs to be established. Let's face it, the current system doesn't work, just take a look around the world. People aren't getting what they want from life. The few will always triumph over the many and that's not right at all.

I hate pretentious little shits, haha not literally, but you know what I mean, I hope. I met a friend of a friend last week who happens to be in one of my tutes and she was saying how she's such a nerd and she owns all the complete books from our readings (our readings are only a select few chapters from said books). These morons are like 20 something years old, working and attending uni and they think they are top shit and act like they're in their mid 30's or something like that. What pissed me off most about this girl was that despite all her claims, she turns out to be totally pretentious and nobody pays attention to what she says in class.

Yes, I am a nihilist.

Also had a terrible waking dream in that very class this week. Lizzie McGuire (the girl) was telling a story about her work (she works in some sort of food place) and the teacher asked where she worked and she was about to say, when the girls on the other side of class interrupted and the whole point was dropped!! SHIT! Like 1 second from sheer awesomeness, it's all over!!

What's wrong with the world?! Cat Davies left Hot Source!! NOO! Now I have nothing to watch in the afternoons, which I guess means more work, hooray!

Goddamn tech support!!! I was having a problem with my DVD Drive (which turned out to be related to the actual DVD, not even the drive), and the bloody moron (it should be called tech hinderance) instructed me to do something which messed up my bios!! She honestly had no idea what the hell she was doing. She sounded like an Indian woman (judging from the heavy accent), and I know I shouldn't rag on immigrants, but gahh, these call centres packed with ethnic people is a REALLY bad idea. I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to fix the problem!! In the end she gave me some spiel about the company not being liable and then it was over. 5 minutes after being left to my own devices, I fixed the problem, sheeeit. That's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back! And I was planning to study this afternoon too! What made it a crazy experience was that she was saying I sounded really mature on the phone and it made me feel really uncomfortable. Small talk should be banned.

Last night I devised a novel way of killing someone. If you've ever gone to take a McLeak at night and didn't want to turn the lights on for fear of blinding yourself and not being able to go back to sleep (don't worry, there's enough light reflecting off the moon to see), you'll notice that when you pull your pants down, there are a few sparks of static. So the plan is to pump the bathroom full of air freshener (it contains flammable material) or even just spray their pants with deoderant and then get then when they go to the bathroom, KABLAMO!!! Think about how awesome it would be (even if there isn't an explosion, the flame should burn quite nicely especially in areas that your pants cover hehe)

There is a band comp at uni and I'm wondering whether to watch it or not. The ex-hoe is going to be there and I really don't want to see her, but I want to see if those bands are any good. The other and I plan on winning that comp because we're damn awesome.

Damn, this was huge! I'm sorry.

Have a nice day folks!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Need a little time to wake up??!

Good to see that the other has returned to the blogging world in such scarily gigantic post fashion! How freaky it is that he mentioned Hendrix and I am currently listening to him (incidentally enough, covering Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower)!

Well due to the sparse times when I'm actually at home and in a lucid enough frame of mind, I have decided for those policy reasons to post more, but they are going to be much shorter entries. Hopefully this decision won't affect the "quality" of the blog! It also means that I'm going to posting random crap up here which has little or no bearing on anyone's life (not even my own)!

I found out that (im)mature student guy from my last entry is a father of 4! The kids age from 11-24!! HE BARELY LOOKS IN HIS 40'S! HE EVEN ADMITTED THAT HE'S SOMEWHERE IN HIS 40's!! WHAT THE HELL?! Even the teacher was freaked out and saying "I didn't expect you to be a father?!"

Then there was another instance where another mature age student who I thought would be a father turns out to have no children! It's an insane world folks, and it's getting crazier by the second.

What really puzzles me is when people get really personal in tutorials. They start rambling off personal info about themselves that nobody else really cares about it. Case in point: today some girl was talking about how her parents had no time for her as a child and she yearned to be normal. This drew cries of "awww" from my predominantly female classmates. Like seriously?! As if I'm about to get up and go "why I'd like to murder all of you, of course!"?!

Lizzie McGuire (the tv show) is back! Yay! Unfortunately I've seen every episode twice but that's not going to stop me from enjoying the good old days. Kyo are awesome. For those not in the know, they are a French rock group. I don't understand the lyrics but their songs on a visceral level sound absolutely awesome, even the other says they sound good.

I'll tell you what a massive pet peeve of mine is: teachers who don't put up lecture notes on the internet until 2 minutes before class, or not at all! In those instances one has to take down notes like a crazy bastard and not hear a damn word of what the hell the teacher has to say. Others just sit there and print the notes out later, but that also means you're just pointlessly sitting there. It also results in me having to use bloody uni print credit for those notes! Money which could be better spent on my own personal enjoyment!

I'm not a professional widow, but I'll learn...Have a nice day folks.

Getchoo Ah Ha!!

I am not even going to bother trying to excuse my absense, so here goes this one. I just read over my first post on this blog, and realised that a lot has changed, and some of it needs to come back. So I will try to change back some of the things that were right. On that note, I am going to blog more often, and also try to write more in the way I used to. Also it looks like I am going have a bit more time on my hands to do the things I need to do (Not like I didn't have the time, I just have more). Time changes everything, and nothing can change it. One movie that depicts this in the right way, it has to be Irreversable, its a French movie but I swear it shows it like it should be. So hold on to what you have now, and as long as you can, before the time ticks by, just like a bomb does, and changes everything you are acostomed to.

Is life fair?? Well almost anyone who has been around for a while knows the stark truth, its not and there is nothing we can do about it. As long as you accept the truth, you will not have a problem with it. Its a shame that most people who I consider to be the gods, have all died young, and for me way too young (But I am sure that they did everything that they intended to do, or atleast the main aspects, else they would not be my gods). Just watched the Jimi Hendrix autobiography, the man is a legend, and no man can deny that. My quote for the day is hence, "Who the fuck is Bob Dylan" (His manager asks him). Had an awesome time watching it with a few friends of mine (musically influenced, like yours truly). Sit back relax, make a big fuss about a method of playing a funky lick, and later pick up the guitars, and let the inner side out.

I also over the last period of time have not paid enough attention to "my piece of wood with those 6 strings" and I am sorry to it, and can't feel guilty enough. But the good news is that the tunes are starting to flow again. Two things I have realised in the last week. Firstly, I haven't been using my talents properly, been trying to write too many chord based very soft songs. That is not what I am about, but thats what I have been doing for the last while, and I apologize to myself, and the gods for that. And secondly, that I am able to do a lot more with this instrument, than I usually think I can. I have been practicing my stuff, and realised that there are complicated things that I usually chose not to play, but I can play them quite easily, and damn I plan to. Someday, I hope to give you all an insight on what I am talking about.

The key word is "weezer". Does it get any better than this?? Weezer IS my favorite band. I know I say different bands are my favorie, but make no mistake, this is absolutely my no 1 spot band, and they have been for a while, but now it is again amplified to the point, that I would rather listen to them than do anything else in the world. Angry nerd rock?? Call it what you will, but you will never convince me that it gets any better than this. At this point of the day I am thinking of 2 songs especially "The world has turned" and "Peace". The world has turned is exactly how I am feeling these days, and when i reherd it, I was blown away by the true emotions that pour out of the chords, and Rivers's voice. And "peace" is exactly what I am hoping that I will find some point of time. Give it a listen, and you will know what I am taking out. At 1:40 in the morning, Knaves was thinking exactly what Rivers was expressing. Also on that note, the new album "Make Believe" is truely awesome. I wasnt sure if it would as good as "Pinkerton" or "The Blue Album" (By the way, the blue album is actuall a self titled album, but its known as the bluw album, so live with it) but after putting it in the discman, it just simply hasn't come out.

A couple of weeks ago, I read of the wall of my friends place, that when success comes, there is always more to follow. And this got me thinking, its true, when your lucks good things do seem to work out the way you expected it to, or hoped to. Unfortunately, it looks like my luck is gone, its no where to be found. Firstly, I land up single again (Very possible all my fault, i've just been in limbo for a while (as you can see from my long absense) and just quite simple let it slide), and secondly all the little things doesnt seem to be coming together like I think they will (For example, I get an xbox game in the mail, insted of a ps2 one, or the fact that my headphones, just snapped in the middle, by mistake, or the ball of my earing falling off, take your pick). I hope my bad luck doesn't stick around for a while, but hey what happens happens, lets make the most of it. (Excuse me, while I kiss the sky. In other words, I'll be back and finish this). Haha I just had company while I was outside, and they were all kangaroos, sometimes they can be the best company. Back to matters.

Its funny, how one choice, or mistake can change life upside down. And guess what else, I make a mistake, and then go on to make more mistakes on that, that really didnt help thigs out, but what can one do? Everyones heard of guilty of association, but what is more sad is that poeple stop speaking to you, because you dont associate with the people they know the same way. I have been blocked by a person I used to talk to often on msn recently, and that put things into perspective. Am I happy with the changes, no, but we all deal with that. As I said time changes everything.

I was talking to my x girlfriend 3 or so weeks ago, and she had two interesting things to say. Firstly she said that my spelling had gotten a lot better, which I laughed at. I am a person that never cared too much about spelling, but I guess uni did some good for me I guess. And secondly she was un happy with me growing my hair, at which I laughed a bit louder (She reckons that I look sexier with my shorter hair, now 2 other people have told me that, so I will take their word of it)! I was loving the long hair, untill about a week and a half ago when it was getting in my eyes. Now I guess she will be happier that its back to its normal spikey hair. Its good to have it back to how I like it. Haha except my firend Jay, is irritated with my hair cut, haha (I look more punk than rock he says).

There is so much more that I planed on talking about, but I think I will stop here. I am extremely tired, and the comfort of my bed sounds good as of now. So I will leave you with a few lyrics, and remember, enjoy what you have for as long as you got.

Perfect Situation - Weezer (Make Believe)

What's the deal with my brain?
Why am I so obviously insane?
In a perfect situation
I led love down the drain

There's the pitch, slow and straight
All I have to do is swing and I'm a hero
But I'm a zero

Hungry nights once again
Now it's getting unbelievable
Cause I could not have it better
But I just can't get no play

From the girls all around
As they search the night
For someone to hold on to
And just pass through


Get your hands off the girl
Can't you see that she belongs to me?
And I don't appreciate this
Excess company

Though I can't satisfy
All the needs she has
And so she starts to wander
Can you blame her?


Tell me there's a logic out there
Leading me to better prepare
For the day that something really special might come

Tell me there's some hope for me
I don't want to be lonely
For the rest of my days on the earth



Saturday, August 06, 2005

4 to the floor, I was sure...

I apologise that it's been so long since my last past, but I have been terribly lazy, there's no other reason so again, I am so very sorry! Have no fear, I shall also be getting the other to blog ASAP.

Not a lot has been going on, but luckily I have compiled a few blog notes when things have happened in order to keep the rest of you entertained.

I must again sing the praises (delicious pun) of Brooke Fraser! She's just a phenomenon. I wish more people had heard of her but it doesn't matter because she's going to be the next big thing in music.

I have also come to a discovery. That Missionary Girl is the spitting image of television presenter and former model Erika Heynatz! No wonder she's so damn sexy in a totally immoral way! There was also a rather funny moment when she walked into a class and all the guys stopped talking for a slight fraction of a second and all looked at her. Then one of the mature age students commented "she's quite the salacious one" and I just burst into a fit of laughter. I also came to realise that this same dude is so very jaded and cynical. He pays out EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, and it's highly disturbing. Some girl coughed softly and he said "what a pathetic cough" and it just descended into primary school immaturity and I was shocked that this could come from a mature age student who was married! What kind of woman could put up with that?!

I don't know if anyone has seen the new Continental food ads with Mena Suvari but they are absolutely priceless! The ad consists of Mena Suvari all dolled up having dinner with this rather unattractive, overweight Australian guy and he's proceeding to dump her over this meal. The next cut is of her crying hysterically and I just thought the whole idea was damn hell-arious.

One of the FUNNIEST episodes of my life occurred last week. The other was having lunch with a friend when I happened upon them. We started talking about Oportos and I eventually managed to change the subject to the absolutely gorgeous manager who works there (who also probably thinks that I only go there to perve rather than to eat). Then the friend goes "Is her name by chance Clare Metcalf?" and my mouth just dropped open and I laughed like a maniac. This is indeed her name and it turns out that a lot of guys on campus know of her and engage in the same umm "spectator/consumer" activity when they go there. So she's a cult hero and doesn't even know it, absolutely golden. What were the odds of such a coincidence coming into fruition?!

There was also another freaky coincidence on Thursday when I found out some interesting info. A few weeks back, after learning Lizzie McGuire girl's real name, I decided to google her (yes I know, I have no life) and I came across some X-Files fanfics. I just thought that it was a coincidence but then in the lecture on Thursday she admitted to being a gigantic fan of the X-Files when it hit me that it was HER that had written the fan fics (the name on the page wasn't just a first name match, it was a full name match). Her writing style is dodgy, and highly juvenile (well then again it was from her early high school days) but her personal stuff on the page was very eccentric and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Being a big fan of the show myself, I think I may have something to break the ice with, especially since we have some group activities in class next week.

I've also noticed that I'm getting a lot of bad moods at uni for no particular reason. They just come and go and I cannot explain it which is very weird.

Roundabouts at peak hour are actually quite fun. The general rule of course is to give way to your right. So all you have to do is look in that direction and when there's an opening in the traffic, you just fly. You also can't go slowly, lest the traffic behind you catches up, but nothing beats the feeling of the G Forces going around them!

And finally! Yesh, I got the internet connection sharing working on the network!! Huzzah!!! I am a genius! I also discovered that for some reason my net is working faster on the older computer now than it ever did even though it has to go through the gateway of the new comp! How strange. What a strange world we live in after all.

Have a nice day folks.

Monday, August 01, 2005

It's so big!!!

Haha, just referring to my new monitor which is scaring me cause everything is so damn huge. It's not bad because some readings are now exclusively online for university and it doesn't hurt so much to read small text off a screen. It's a 17" flatscreen and now going to the damn uni monitors which are 14-15" is just a terrible pain in the ass.

"Well it depends on whether the person is getting any oral stimulation...OH OH I meant Aural, sorry that was a big mistake" - Tutor of one of my classes. Absolutely hell-arious methinks.

Had an interesting day to say the least. Now have a morning class on Mondays. It's a tute for Legal Theory and I was dreading it as soon as I showed up because everyone seemed to be mature age and that they were all going to crap on like many of them do. However, our tutor was brilliant and actually engaged the class on the topic of Marxism and it inspired healthy debate, and free ideas and I was so damn happy. That's the way tutorials should be, a free discussion on a given topic. I've never been so interested in a topic before, and for it to be about such a gigantic concept like Marxism, it's just amazing.

Then a tutorial for another class. The Lizzie McGuire tute as I call it. The class is bearable for 2 reasons. 1) Lizzie McGuire girl is utterly entertaining. 2) There is also a ridiculously attractive girl in the class. Other than that it is utterly infuriating because there are several dominant personalities who ABSOLUTELY have to argue about every point with a distinct lack of empricism in their remarks and also think they are right just because it is them saying it. I decided to not annihilate them because I don't want to come off looking like a total bastard in front of Lizzie McGuire, who I must find a way to woo even though there may be extenuating circumstances which shall not be discussed in any detail....!

Teachers. They're not supposed to be hot. The closest I've ever come was a decent looking tutor last year. While waiting for a class, I peered into the room to find an absolute BABE teaching Japanese. This got me thinking. Does having an attractive teacher make learning easier or is it a distraction? I can't answer this question because I've never been able to procure myself a hot teacher (in a class that I was actually apart of). I'm guessing here, but I don't think we can oversimplify this. It depends on the nature of the subject being taught. Let's say it was French, I'd like to learn it again and if I had a hot teacher, I would probably be able to pick it up much faster and make an effort to learn it. However, if it was something like Chinese (which is an impossible language for a native English speaker of 20 years, and I have no reason for wanting to learn it), then I think I would find the teacher's attractiveness a distraction to justify not learning. Think about it!

That's it for today folks. Have a nice day.