Sunday, October 31, 2010

Before You're Aware It's November

Yes, the entire month of October pretty much passed without a post. I have been insanely busy, but it looks like it's all about to ease off so I figured it's time for some blogging!

Yeah yeah, I know all of you want to know what happened with the Joaquin Rate List (JRL) - available from here. The numbers for the next update grew to an epic size, so I'm going to have to get to that some time in November.

As mentioned, the other and I have been getting in to Starcraft 2 in epic proportions, and goddamn, that game is addictive. It should be rated a class A drug. Haha yes, I will be playing some more tonight!

Work is just...I don't know. I think I'm at a crossroads. I was at my last job for a year and a half before I got bored, and I'm coming up to a year and a half on this job, and I am questioning my intentions. I guess what they said about Gen Y is true, we do have short attention spans. I guess I've just become disillusioned with the whole bureaucratic process, as well as other factors. I left my last job because I worked long hours for no recognition and pretty mediocre pay. When I left, I went to a job that paid a fair bit more than what I was getting before. I got promoted while in my new job and I'm earning substantially more than I was before. Then it came to my attention that all my former colleagues had been promoted. Going from what previous pay scales were, they would be earning a fair bit more than I am now. BUT that is all dependent on whether the pay rises were unfrozen. During the GFC they justified not giving people pay rises cause the firm was in dire straits. The typical order of things also meant that it wouldn't be possible to be promoted for at least 3 years. If they are being paid more, it would be a kick in the ass I tell you! Considering that I'm doing a lot more now than I was before, and doing so within a short staffed team. However, if I got another promotion, I'd outearn them, so I guess it's time to see what's out there!

I feel like I'm turning into a robot just doing the usual 9-5 thing, and it's drudgery, nothing but drudgery. It all seems like the same thing to me. Haha I guess before I was bored at work but stimulated, but now I'm not bored but definitely not stimulated. Guess I can't catch a break!

The thing about the public service is that it doesn't make sense, and it doesn't reward the right people. People who joined up straight out of college, with no tertiary qualifications are earning the same, if not more than me! I have a double tertiary degree with honours and a post-graduate qualification! What the fuck? You have to be kidding me, right?! Where's the justice in anything? Why the fuck did I waste my time with study?? Then I was reading in the paper the other day that folks on oil rigs can earn up to $2,000 a day, and people in mines are getting $200,000. Life, you are an unfair and interesting beast.

Daylight savings is killing me. When school was around it didn't seem to bother me so much, cause I had days that started early and others that started late, so I was able to re-adjust my sleeping pattern eventually. But it's really killing me now, because I have no time to adjust. When I get back from work I just pass out and 2 hours later I feel awful, and then I can't sleep at night and then up early in the morning for work. Abolish it I say! It serves no purpose.

Post-grad uni is so frustrating. With the specific course that I'm doing, a lot of it is team based. I have done a stack of work, while the others have not done very much, which is incredibly bad. This is due to me sacrificing a lot of stuff to meet my obligations. But that's the nature of group work, and it's dangerous to have an entire qualification revolve around that sort of dynamic. If group work is on offer, it should be in uni where you can see people face to face all the time, or just allow people to pick their own groups, because I know who I can work well with! Ahh uni now is just a pain in the ass. I knew I'd hate it, but not this much. I did learn a fair bit though. Then there's the personal stuff too! I'm sure that will come out in the future, but I guess life enters its next phase from here.

This talk of group work makes me recall this task from when I was attending graduate induction at my last job. We were trying to build a massive tower using these weird contraptions, and we were all split up into sub groups to work independently. We had strict rules about how we could interact and so on. However, my group was working really poorly, and I didn't know how we could make it through considering we were about to be humiliated. Then out of nowhere we won. We totally destroyed everyone else by at least half a metre, in a structure that was about 6 metres tall! Lesson learned? Sit back, relax, and it'll get done regardless. Not a good lesson to learn at all.

Joaquin out. Till next time folks!

Monday, October 04, 2010

And The Pawns Can Be Powerful

Yes they can. And on and on they march...