Monday, October 24, 2016

The inescapable truth

Oh my god. It was all so inevitable. It's all failing me. And it was always due. I'm barely into it but I'm already feeling the effects. This is not real life. This is somewhere else entirely. Lost. Losing. Gone. My 30s are killing me. Life is the death sentence. Ouch.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

And Now, For the Coup De Grace

There will be words.  You can make a note of that.  Take a cheque and cash it in the bank.  Don't you worry.

More to come at a later time, at a later date.  This post almost seems like a chatbot wrote it, doesn't it?  But I don't think they could be this introspective.

We'll see, anyway.

That's it for now.

Joaquin out.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Is this the new fascism?

The fuck? Great post deleted! Why the hell doesn't the blogger app on android autosave? What is the point in having the app then? Jesus! What a waste of time. I might as well login via the website the long way around. Fuck shitty ill designed apps. I expected better from you google. But we all know you're a piece of shit.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Grades Or Lack Thereof

Just hanging back, waiting for something (or anything) to happen.

You know what I've been thinking lately?  This is all just a shared delusion.  Reality is hampered or interpreted by perception.  The human brain is amazing, but it is fundamentally flawed, and it can be tricked easily.  Therefore what we mean to be reality or truth is just the majority coming together to band around a shared delusion.  Anyone who doesn't believe that is treated as wrong or as an outsider, until they can convince others to entertain that same delusion.

I was going to say this extends to academia.  There is no true objective truth.  I was going to put a disclaimer about the hard sciences in there, but even that's not the case because of the above statement.  There's no 'inherent correctness' about it, just interpretation.  Everything comes down to how well you told the story.  It's about the winnable narratives.  Isn't that disturbing?

I wonder if humanity will ever venture into a black hole?  That'll be pretty cool.  Considering the difficulties of data, it'll be interesting to see what could ever come of it.

You know what I've realised?  Steam works like a gym.  They hope to sell you games but they hope you don't play.  Gyms actually sell a lot of memberships and some tiny places have memberships above 6000 or so, but you never see those people there.  Why?  People just buy the membership in hopes of getting fit but don't commit, or they lose their nerve eventually.  Therefore the gym profits and you lose out.  Most people I know buy a lot of Steam games, especially when they have their recurring sales, but they don't play them.  In fact most hardly ever play.  Therefore Steam and the people they have distribution deals with are making out like bandits, just like a gym!

And there you go.

Joaquin out.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Such A Waste

I'm so bored.

Like really really bored.

I've never been this bored before.

I'm bored of me.

I'm bored of you.

I'm bored of this.

I'm bored of that.

I'm bored of life.


Joaquin out.

Monday, January 04, 2016

The Autopilot Is My Copilot

Well 2015 was better than 2011 on this blog (if only ever so slightly).  Here's to hoping 2016 is somewhat better.  I've had some good ideas, just haven't really been assed to blog, which is a shame.

There's a weird scale of life isn't there?  Not just in terms of memories.  Remember when you were a kid and a few minutes felt like an eternity?  That's because you're young and you don't really have a scale of reference.  You haven't been around long enough to compare timeframes.

I remember when I was 6 and all the 12 year olds at school seemed so gigantic.  Then in high school at age 13, all the 16 year olds seemed so adult like.  Now, looking back, 12 year olds and 16 year olds are all so tiny and child like.  They're so young!  How could I ever think that they were the literal and figurative giants of my youth?  I used to fear them!  Hahaha.

What of life?  Experience scale.  Everyone is different.

I've been using a lot of adaptive cruise control - I love it because you can keep the car in cruise control and it will keep that speed up on hills (up and down), with automatic throttle and engine braking, and because you can adapt the control - like you can drive a bit faster if you need to overtake someone, but if you let go of the accelerator, it will calmly revert back to the original speed.  Really fancy, and I like how it's basically on every car these days.  How times change.

There's a warning, because the car keeps to that speed no matter what, regardless of road conditions.  The car doesn't know.  It will do what it can to maintain that speed, regardless at the cost of your life.  Isn't that what reality and time is?

I also wonder what's more efficient for fuel, cruise control on a cross country trip, or using your own wits?  I also what it does to your mind as a driver?  Are you still paying the same amount of attention to the road?  To passengers?  It'll be interesting to see the stats on fatal accidents where cruise control was involved.  But will we ever know?  Maybe it's not as safe as everyone assumes.

And more questions to go.

We are done here.

Joaquin out.