Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Return of the Joaquin!

That's correct folks! I have returned from my five day holiday in Sydney and I had a lotta fun. Although it is scary how a lot of Sydneysiders have a strange attraction towards PDA (public displays of affection), as well as rampant public making out, and I'm not talking the innocent stuff either! Right in the middle of Darling Harbour, one of the busiest tourist hubs in the world, and it's like a freakin' R rated movie I tells ya! I had a grand old time, I visited various places such as Bondi Beach, and The Art Gallery of NSW was a big standout with awesome paintings, although some parts were closed for renovations, but I will see the rest next time. The house sized paintings were my immediate faves, but there was a lot we missed, that I must see next time! I also went to the Museum of Contemporary Art too, but I did not enjoy it very much, so much for being a post-modernist! My fave pieces were all at the Art Gallery, and were very much of the classical tradition!

Also had the best ice cream ever at Baskin Robbins at Circular Quay. The Citrus Twist is DEFINITELY THE BEST THING I'VE EVER TASTED! I have to try the new one that's opened in the city here, and if they don't have that flavour, all hell will break loose.

The John Mayer concert rocked! We were a fair bit back, but I could still make out the man himself. It was a highly enjoyable show, although the set was short (70 mins), and a lot of my fave songs were missed out. Ben Kweller sucked majorly. But I am in love with the Sydney Entertainment Centre, now I have a mission to play there someday, cause it just craps over everything we have in my city. Mayer's voice was in fine form, as was his playing, he is a delight live, as well as in albums. No mistakes at all, although he did a variation on the riff from Vultures which I did not enjoy as much as the proper riff. But it was great to be part of I suppose, since it was my first real concert (Hi-5 doesn't count)! Great energy in that place.

Right now I have an essay to do by the end of the week, even though I have been granted an extension, I don't want it hanging over me when uni starts up again. I also have an interview with a rather large world famous company on Monday which requires me to go to Sydney again, but that'll only be an overnighter. I'm a lil scared by it though, cause my application was so bad for that place, and I am also a lil sceptical as to having to move to an unfamiliar area. Anyway, this will just result in talk of my thoughts on the entire graduate recruitment process, which I have discussed in an earlier post, and need not be revisited. That's it for today folks, good to see everyone is alive and well, and posting! Have a nice day people!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stop that piss mid motion!

Whats happening people. I know I know, I won't even apologize anymore. There has just been so much happening at the moment. I can't wait till this bloody semester gets done, and guess what its only half way there. But as always the last few weeks fly by with all sorts of crap that you have to turn in. On top of all that I have a two week break, but I guess I can't really call it a break as I have more work to accomplish than what I have to do in the normal study period. I just can't wait till its over.

Life in general in Canberra is slow. The little random things that happen are what you hold on to, and damn there have been a lot of random things happening. Random drunken rants, and things said that no one should really know (This goes out to Mr. Big J, you know what I'm talking about, we take it to the grave, you said what you did, I said what I did). Haha its been a funny few days really. Emotional topsy tervy. I'm still trying to figure out how to over come gravity... It takes a while to master. Random phonecalls from somepeople who you thought you had left in the past, makes you think what the hell is going on. Poeple claim to have done something to you, that you could swear someone else had done. Thats the crazyness that is my life. If anymore random things happen I swear, I'm gonna go to Bermuda. Even bloody Bangladesh are winning a few matches in the world cup.

Had an interesting conversation after a massive night, down at manuka, when we went to see Kid Kenobi (which was great btw), J2 (as I shall call him) burst out talking all of a sudden. Asks Ratshit how long he had been with his girl, and he said 2 years. Asked me. The he goes on, yeah, I was with this girl for about a year, she cheated on me, so I smasshed the shit out of her. We were all like what the fuck?!? Then he goes just joking. See even my converstations that I have with people are completely random. I am random and I like it.

I have turned my whole schedule around by 12 hours. so I sleep during the day, and stay up and work all night long, till I attenmt to make a phone call to Europe, then pass the hell out. Its been working quite well for me. I wish I could stick on this schedule forever. People = shit, and they irritate the hell outta me. Its better to stay this way. The other thing is that everyone I end up spending time with follows the same pattern, and so it works out for all.

If I could go anywhere in the world where would I go right now??? I think the answer is LA. Why? Been watching entourage way too much. Why am I stuck in this crap hole??

Friday, April 13, 2007

Guess who

Greetings readers. How goes it. tis been a while. Well here i am, in Malaysia right now. Things have been goin pretty well i guess. its been a while since i've been here, about a couple of months, and still enjoying it. Still haven't dreaded about coming here, well atleast not yet. So lets start of with the bad things. MALAYSIA has the worst weather ever. it is freakin hot during most of the day, and in the afternoon, guess what? it fuckin pours n pours. its fuckin horrible the weather here. The PPL!!!well there r so many different species of them to start of with. first of all u have Brumiputra's who are the actually malays. nice ppl. then u have the chinese(still can't get them off my back, its like they'r destined to be where ever i go) who like other chinese ppl have moved to different countries, start taking over all the businesses and start calling it there home. then u have the INDIANS, like any other indian's just decided to move to malaysia one day and started calling it there home for no reason. more specifically its the south indians(the blacks).

Food is bloody cheap here, compared to where i used to live before(the others know what i'm talkin about it). but the food itself, not all that great, but decent. Woman u ask????hmmmmm some yea maybe......eeeeeeekkkkkkk to the rest!!!!Shopping id good fun here. Brands and everything are damn cheap, the best place for shopping i say....CLOTHES MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALCHAHOL...damn cheap and good local beer as well!!!!!!!!anyways thats all for now.......should get around to writting more since i got my internet now....LATER!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Countdown To Extinction: Over

I have done all my apps! Hooray! That's 40+ out of the way that I never have to worry about again! Just have an essay to do by the 23rd which I think I should be able to do. But for now I'm off to Sydney until Sunday. Some time away from stress and the computer should be good! I feel bad, I wanna get back to RTW BI, but I know that I won't get a chance for a longgggggggg time due to my Honours paper in mid year. However I will find a way, I only have one class next semester!! And ahh! All good, I'm going crazy. Enough for now. See you folks later. Have a nice day!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Countdown To Extinction: Countdown Aborted???

Well once again I wind up looking quite the fool. But before that I must digress or else I'll forget to post about it again.

I watched the search for the next pussycat doll and I was absolutely horrified! Mark McGrath has put on so much weight, I hope Sugar Ray never get back together! And that show is just terrible, I don't know how girls can put themselves up to so much scrutiny and blatant expoitation and not seriously go off the rails.

Anyway, back to my original comments. I screwed up in my calculations. I will be away from the 10th-15th as already mentioned, but I was informed today that this would only cover the first week of the holidays! I will still be around for the second week! Haha that means I don't need to finish off the essay in 8 days. I in fact have roughly 15 days! But that doesn't matter I'm actually getting a good write up on it now so it'll come through eventually. However, I also realised that it was bigger than I thought and it's actually 2500 words! Still, I think it's very doable.

However I still must get apps done within 8 days and I am FREAKING OUT! There are so many damn places to apply to and I still don't have an electronic copy of my transcript! There's also a crapload of places I'm going to apply to and a LOT have different processes for handling applications so you have to re do stuff for practically each one and it's just a real pain in the ass.

Haven't spoken to the other in a while either, I'm guessing the other is insanely busy with work before the mid sem hits us so he can actually enjoy his break! Anyway, here's to more work, and hopefully some semblence of a break! Have a nice day folks!