Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"I Don't See It That Way"

Oh my god, it has been 12 days since my last post!! I apologise whole heartedly. I have been meaning to post though, but with the 30+ (celsius) temperatures everyday, it seems like a bit of a hassle, that and the tv/movies/gaming that I have been carrying out for the vast majority of my waking hours.

Got myself a portable MP3 player. It's a Samsung YHJ-70L, so I have 30 gig to fill up with music, pics and movies and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it! Finally, I'll no longer have to keep switching CD's at uni or burning CD's for that purpose, yay!

I was going to talk a little bit more about the race riots in Sydney a few weeks ago, but I have decided to leave that one for a later post because I think it will take a while, and time is something I don't have a lot of right now.

I have finally finished GTA: San Andreas! About bloody time too, considering all the time I have put into it. But alas, even though all the missions are done, I am only about 70% done on my completion scale, so there's still a long, long way to go yet. However, that hasn't stopped me on my random killing sprees, where I just roam about town shooting anything that moves, so cathartic.

What's awful about these holidays is that I have no time!!! I haven't even read anything, and I feel so guilty about that. That's compounded by the fact that I still have a hell of a lot left to go in The Fountainhead, and I think it's been about 7 months since I last picked it up!! I don't even know what the book is about anymore! I'm not even writing songs!!! That's shocking I tell you, my holidays are being wasted so badly. I have some new rhythm parts done, and a few lines of lyrics here, but nothing substantial, and I think I got the wrong adapter, so I can't plug my guitar into my soundcard yet. But people, I am loving 5.1 surround sound!! Even at night, when I can't listen to music loudly, the new headphones are working just a treat!
Don't fret though, the other may be legally dead according to the lack of his blog entries, however, he is still writing songs and sending me his stuff now and then.

Gaah, that means that with this year coming to a close really fast, that I have to get so much done in January. That probably means I won't be able to go overseas in January, but that may be ok.

I have also finished Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth, for those not familiar with it, it's a strategy game, much in the same vein of Warcraft, C&C etc. but much simpler. The battles are on a massive scale, and there's barely any micromanagement, so it's easy for a beginner to pick up and play. I have played it almost solidly for the last 2 months, for about 4-5 hours a day, and it was a real treat. Even if you're not a fan of the movie, or strategy games, I think it is still worth a look in. So awesome, it almost killed me, but I did it!

Gabrielle Boyle is back from her holidays and is also doing weather duties on local news, so I am absolutely ecstatic!! She's even better looking than before, which I didn't think was possible. The rest did her a world of good!

So the wealthiest man in Australia died a few days ago. Kerry Packer was worth about 6-7 billion Australian dollars (personally) and now all the tributes are flowing in for him. I know there is a certain respect etc, with being dead and what not, but the guy was a tyrant! Most of the tributes regard charity and such, but when you're so rich that you can afford to give millions of dollars away, it really amounts to nothing percentage wise of his total income. On average, ordinary people give a lot more to charity than he does. He challenged regulations that were there to protect small media operators, and since he was friends with the Government (and not to mention contributed a hell of a lot to their campaign funds), got them changed to favour him, and in the process, drove a lot of other people out of business and also resulted in the dreaded convergent media effect, where one person owns a lot more of the media, which means that you will get less varied opinions on news and what not, and things become single sided. He also had the balls to challenge a Senate inquiry into his attempts to take over another company (when there were restrictions at the time stopping him from doing so). In a perfect world, he should have been held on parliamentary contempt. Not just that, he was also a nefarious tax dodger. He only paid about 15 cents to the dollar of any other person in the country. This is ridiculous. I don't care if he's dead, we should all dance on his grave and look forward to the day when James Packer runs the company into the ground (which we know he will), and the wealth can hopefully return to the people, where it belongs.

There have been 6-7 murders in our city this year. That is like a huge increase, since we're only used to 1, maybe 2 at the most in one year. What's happening, we're turning into LA! What's even worse is that most of them are unsolved. I don't think our local police force is equipped enough to handle these sort of investigations, especially since we're a town of only 350,000. I also know the son of one of the victims, this just adds a whole new dimension to everything. I hope there isn't a serial killer about, because the police are offering no clues as to anything.

Oh well, that's enough food for thought for now. I'll update a bit more frequently hopefully!! Have a nice day folks!

Friday, December 16, 2005

"Who knows what we'll find?"

I apologise, time did not permit yesterday, and thus, this new post comes to you a day late.

The other has still YET to blog!! He better do it some time soon, but alas, he has a good excuse, so I shall carry on with this on my own in the mean time.

I've figured out the reason why I haven't posted periodically. It's due to a change in my blogging habits. I usually used to update after doing my daily netchecklist (I look up various news and current affairs sites every night at 12), but these days I do my checklist then watch something. This means that I didn't update, and for that I'm sorry, but I'll do my best to keep up with the hard work, and restore the blog to it's former glory with some magnificent posts, filled with many insights. The change to my habits will come some time soon.

I can finally chalk up another finished series, I'm finally done with Clone Wars, which I must say wasn't very good. It was geared towards a child audience, but what did I expect, given that it's a freakin' CARTOON, and is on the Cartoon Network for Heaven's sake, haha! Oh well, it gave me something to do at least.

Why is it that the rich and powerful always get free stuff?! It makes no logical sense! I'm not going to give Bill Gates a computer, nor am I going to give Tom Cruise a DVD of The War Of The Worlds. They go to awards and premieres and just get dumped with a crap load of free stuff that they can easily afford and have access to! Cars, music, gadgets!! Like what the hell?! That's how we can tell something is wrong with society!! When stuff goes to those who don't need it, yet those who need the most help get nothing. There are still poor people in the world, and I honestly think the problem could be easily fixed, but alas, everyone would need to contribute and we all know that's not going to happen. People are greedy at their very core, and I hope we all pay the price for it someday.

As mentioned, I went to a party the other night, but I forgot to mention that I came up with some absolutely golden lyrics (which usually happens at parties), but of course I eventually forgot them!! I need to take my notebook with me everyday! Ideas strike me at the most random of times I tell you. I still have not written a damn song in these holidays.

I think I have agoraphobia, I don't have a fear of crowds totally, but they make me uncomfortable and I really dislike it. I don't even know what it is about them. Women, what a strange bunch they are. I feel like I'm getting a low opinion of them, and once again I am totally clueless as to why that is. Interesting, don't you think? Hopefully the problem will soon be rectified.

My guitar playing has hit new heights, and I find that playing for like 30 mins each night is just doing wonders for building up new skills. I'm playing well above my level and I'm loving it to bits, my fingers are finely tuned machines!!! Speaking of which, tomorrow/today shall be the day to plug in the other's comp and start getting to work on some tracks.

Saw a strangely amusing thing on the way to dinner with a parental unit today. There was a car next to us that seemed to be following us from our side of town to the place we were having dinner. In the rear passenger seat was some girl, probably 16-17 who was utterly gorgeous, and she was just sitting there with her head against the window, as if being with her parents was like the most cruel of punishments. I was utterly fascinated, and she kept staring at me as if she was fascinated with me too. I was even more weirded out when I found that her car had parked near us at the place we were having dinner but alas, that was the last I saw of her. I wrote a song a while back (one that the other and I had actually finished in it's entirety), and it resembled moments like that, although slightly different. When we're famous, you'll get to know the story behind that!

Yes, Sydney did have race riots. They were labelled race riots, and people were demonstrating over the issue of race, yet the leaders of our country refuse to admit that race was a factor. How odd! Considering that it was this Government's policies and tactics of promoting fear which lead indirectly to the demonstration, what else could be expected. Some of the footage I saw was some of the craziest shite I had ever seen in my life, and I'm quite the jaded fellow, so you can just imagine!! For those who say that there isn't a race problem in Australia, I say take a walk in the shoes of a racial minority and we'll see how you feel then. The problem is not being addressed, and gahh! I'm actually quite tired, so I'll have to devote another post to this very soon! Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"I missed the last bus, I'll take the next train"

Yes! It hasn't been a full week since my last post, so there's no need to apologise, and hence this update is totally legitimate!

My holidays are absolutely shocking, parties, tv, movies, games, it's all impossible! I'm getting to sleep at around 6am and getting up at 1pm (thanks partly to getting hooked on vanilla coke again). I've finished Mythbusters Season 1, Chappelle's Show Season one, and I'm close to finishing season 2.

The last party I went to was crazy because of all the people who I hadn't seen since high school. There were plenty of shocks, it's been 5 years since high school and people have changed so much, not just aesthetically speaking, but psychologically and it's good to see people grown up now.

I forgot to mention last time that our grades came back ages ago and I did remarkably well, probably my best set of grades at uni so far, so I am sitting pretty.
It also means that I'm spending way too much money, DVD drive for old comp, sound system for new comp, , stereo headphones, soon to be sound card for new comp, soon to be presents for their birthdays and it's all just nuts! I also want to buy stuff for me too!

I saw Donnie Darko last week and it was absolutely DAMN SCARY! I was so disturbed, it was sheer brilliance. I couldn't sleep that night. Even though Jake Gyllenhaal looked like KD Lang when he was young, and in some parts his acting was sub-par, he did an all-round good job of carrying the film. I may even have to have to add it to my all time faves list.

I'm watching Growing Up Gotti and I'm absolutely disgusted with the judicial system. We all know where the money came from!! Money from illegal activities need to be seized and used to help alleviate the burden on the tax payer (the ordinary law abiding citizen), it's just not fair. Politicians say that they're the best citizens, and everything should be done in their favour, but nobody wants to help them or make things easier for them. One thing I really hate gangsters and gangster families who idly sit by. In equity there's a maxim "one cannot benefit from one's own crime", yeah I'd love to see it in practice some day. It's saying basically that mob people are cool and have free range to do whatever they like.

Once again, I'd like to express my disgust with uni admin. They've re-done the class enrollment system, and the system is SCREWED. You can't enrol in classes properly, and if there's a breach, you can't enrol in class. This is the stupid part, even if you've done the pre-requisite, the thing will say that you haven't done it, and you can't enrol in class!! You have to go into uni and fill in forms to enrol, and they still haven't told us what needs to be done then! Absolutely awful.

Eddie Van Halen, eat your heart out! I have mastered harmonics of all kind, natural, artificial, pinch and even tapped! I have tapped like a mofo, and now my nails are all cracked, shattered and falling apart and I love it!! I will plug the other's comp in and have a grand time recording some new tracks some time REAL soon, I promise!! Good post to come tomorrow if there's time.
Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Like a trip on the Mary Celeste, let's put it to the test"

It has been WAYYY too long since the last post! I apologise. But you also must blame the other, as he was meant to be blogging, but there's nothing, NOTHING I tells ya! Anyhow, I'm on holidays and I realised I have absolutely NO time for anything. I have so many things to do, but my time management is so shite, that it'd take me the best part of a year to get them all done at the rate I'm going at.

I'm usually getting to bed at 4am, and waking up at 1pm. Then in the day it's some afternoon tv, then evening tv. At night it's this awesomely superb Lord Of The Rings Battle For Middle Earth strategy game! It's so addictive. I've finished the good campaign and it was a delight, but it took WAYY too long, now I'm doing the evil campaign and those poor bastards have it tough.
My friend also gave me a shiteload of movies and complete tv series which I have to watch!!! Oh there's time for nothing I tell you!

Then there's the bloody music I have to make! I still haven't plugged in the other's comp! I was meant to plug in my guitar and record stuff so all our stuff would be semi complete, but I'm just too damn lazy. I bought a surround sound 5.1 system for the comp that I can plug my consoles, VCR, DVD player and TV into, but I need to buy a soundcard first in order to get it to work properly cause I'm only getting 2.1 out of it now, but still in awesome quality.

Refer to my notes in my last entry or recently anyway, about judgement day and so on. Considering some of the thoughts I've had, things are going to be hell-arious indeed. I can't wait to find out some of the other stuff that's going on from the complete realm of human existence. There's some messed up stuff going on, that's for sure.

I really don't get people who say that the world we live in is scary and nobody cares about anything. By using that kind of reasoning, we condone that kind of world, and things eventually get worse, and it's the fault of those kind of people. Things can be fixed. We do need optimists unfortunately! Hehe, that's it for today. Maybe an update for the Joaquin rate list next time eh? Have a nice day folks.