Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Attainable Variances Are Invariably Low

Season's greetings blog readers! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's and all that jazz (F#Maj9 - haha)! I hope everyone got what they wanted. That's a bit of a stupid comment to make isn't it? Ahh I meant for this to be short, but alas stream of consciousness kicks in and off I fly.

Anyway, it bothers me how the commercial sector has hijacked a religious holiday such as Christmas for their own ends. It's really sickening, it's all about spending in order to have a satisfactory christmas. If you don't get what you want, rebel. If you don't get what people want, you're a bad person. It's horrendous. I wonder why there isn't a bigger deal about this, such is the threat of capitalist consumerism.

After getting that out of the way, it was a pretty boring day for me at first, then there was a party, now I have a headache. 2 days after, crazy. Big props to the Anjmeister for the DVD - When A Stranger Calls. Apparently he saw the girl on the cover and thought I'd enjoy it. Damn him and his correctness! However he then spoiled it with a rather hell-arious comment which I shall not repeat (in reference to the most famous member of the Church Of Scientology in drag - if you've seen the movie you'll know what I mean). It was a pretty dodgy ending, and it didn't help that we had OD'd on Anj's special mixture and the dinner was no longer good to eat, luckily us having third world stomachs saved us from getting sick.

I was grossly ignorant about the rate list, and I have a monster update coming for that soon, so hang about for that one cause it's a goody! Again, have a good end of year people!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Your bones don't crack like they used to

It's a good thing I check this blog everyday as part of my netchecklist. Otherwise I would have totally forgotten about the hilarious story. I also apologise for last night's rushed post but I was tired and it had been a busy day.

Anyway, on to my story. There was this annoying guy in college (which would amount to High School for you Americans) who lived on my street. Anyway, nobody in my group liked him. In fact, nobody liked him. He was annoying and he'd always find a way to sidle us and get himself involved in everything when we didn't want him there. Never the less, he got involved with a girl who I was becoming close to at the time. This freaked me out and annoyed me to no end. He was everywhere!!! Then it turns out he knew a friend of mine outside of school and was at her birthday party and I had to put up with his antics there!

Time had passed and I hadn't heard from him because we were at different universities. Then I ran into him at another friend's birthday party and he was dating another girl who I rated!! Ahhhh, so not cool! He's become a nemesis of sorts, a "Newman" of my very own (Seinfeld for the uninitiated). I ran into this girl again last night, and after I remembered she dated this guy I was so disgusted because he's just such a pain in the ass, yet she seemed like a smart girl. However, I found they have broken up so that's quite excellent, excellent indeed. You know what? I think I'm going to watch Serendipity tonight, I'm in the mood for some, and some slushie too, but no shops are open!! Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Thank you Justin King. I have retuned my electric to DADGAD (open Dsus4) and it is bloody gorgeous. Starting to get into instrumental composition, cause it's just so easy in this tuning, so lively and interesting. Chords are so much better!! My note for note playing has suffered cause it doesn't sound too good but everything else does. Learned Beauty Bar and Something about Angels! Next step, learning Change and Untitled, then I shall be awesome!

Update for the Joaquin Rate List is coming soon. Ran into someone I haven't seen in a long time today, and damn, they have become mighty fine, it's not fair! Note to self, Puttz story for tomorrow. You'll enjoy it, trust me!

Have a nice day folks.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Revisionist Legacy

I am in such a good mood. Next year I have only three classes for the first semester and only two exams. Second semester I only have 2 classes and one exam, things are going to be sweet but oh so hard. They're my hardest classes, and on top of that I will be doing an Honours paper so things shall be interesting. But I'm still flying high, I can't wait!

Stupid cricket!! Because of it, tv gets screwed up on one channel and Quizmania gets delayed, which is not cool on a Nikki night!

So I was wrong, oh so very wrong. I thought I'd made my last update to the Joaquin Rate List for a while, but oh no! I have 5 more names to put in, but don't worry, the #1 will never be replaced (I don't think so anyway).

The other day, I was being driven around to a place near my university, behind the shopping centre for that area, a place I have not visited since childhood. Anyway, immense change has occurred in the area. It actually looked a lot better than previously. I don't think it was a response to residential development, because the area is quite old and hasn't grown, but the commercial sector there has always been quite stable. Much better than the change in the city centre (which I have posted about previously). Makes me want to sing Justin King's Change actually. The lyrics are quite appropriate, but I suggest you get the song.

I was watching Nip/Tuck the other day (a show I realised is awesome, and thus must go back to the start and watch all the eps), and someone on the show mentioned that beauty exists to preserve the species.

I whole heartedly agree, it's the perfect concept of survival of the fittest in action. This concept is being pushed by the media inherently. What makes society civilised then? If we push magazines not to publish things alluding to that, then do we put our survival at risk? I think I had a lot more to write, but everything escapes me now so that's it for the day. Have a good one folks!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Covering Old Ground...

I am cravingggg a slushie!! Ahhh, do I dare go to my local shops to buy one?? I haven't been there in ages, I don't like the place. And I don't think that place that sold them is there anymore. The joys of small business I suppose. Scissor Sisters rock. Cold front coming in tomorrow so hopefully I'll string together a coherent post.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I Don't Feel Like Dancin', No Sir, No Dancin' Today

Kickbacks and slush(ie) funds. Ahh if only that was the way.

It's too hot for a proper post.

The other day I had a slushie for the first time in years. It was AWESOME! They are my favourite drink of all time. Especially lime!! I love everything lime, best citrus fruit out there. Damn Orange and Lemons getting all the props. The world isn't fair.

I think I need to buy another slushie sometime this week.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Strapless In Strapsville


Someone judged me.

It was awful.

As you would know (if you've been reading the Joaquin Rate List - JRL, which if you read my posts, you would be perusing on a regular basis), Nikki Osborne is the #1 reigning champion of the list. She recently posed for a men's magazine called Ralph. Don't worry, it's not pornography ala Playboy or something like that, but if you ask me, mags like Ralph are pretty lowbrow. Anyway, Nikki is Nikki and as such, I had to buy it. This posed a dilemma as all the newsagent staff are like teenage girls still in high school or college and it was just an absolute riot trying to decide which girl looked the least innocent so that she wouldn't be corrupted or I would feel the least guilty about.

Anyway, let me digress for a little while to talk about a friend of mine who is still in college. He was showing me a picture of someone he liked, and also in that picture was a very cute girl. I told him to set us up (jokingly), and anyway time passed.

Cut back to 2 days ago, and I was buying this magazine looking all shifty. Haha as a quick sidenote, why would they place the guy magazines next to the teen girl mags???! I took it up to the counter while it was packed, and I was being nice and letting everyone ahead of me, but it just made me look worse and the girl at the counter looked familiar. As you have guessed by now, my friend (who was with me coincidentally) pointed out (AFTER, mind you) that the girl was the same girl from the picture. This was horrifying as this other dude in line was eyeing me off like I was some dirty old man, even though I was like 20 years his juniour. And the girl at the counter just looked at me as if I was scum. Haha there goes that chance!

Haha it was just a comedy of errors, and my city effect comes back to bite me in the ass. It's all connected to me I just know it! Hopefully it won't ever happen again (I hope)! Anyway, have a nice day folks!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Thrown!

I apologise for my absence, but with my golden entries lately, I thought I would be forgiven. It's good to see the others are having fun while overseas (as long as they get back in one piece)!

So my dear bear is not able to be fixed!! The only place in my city that specialises in repairs says they are unable to do it out of fear of destroying it completely!! Damn them! Now I have to hope it holds together for the rest of my life. I don't know what their problem is, it only needs a re-stuffing and a re-stitching and everything will be peachy!! But they can't even do that! Talk about letting the consumer down, bad for economics I say!

It almost killed me, but after many weeks of watching 2 (sometimes 3) movies a day, I have finally finished my movie block!! I had to watch Banlieue 13 (a french film) with no subtitles but I still understood a bit of what was going on, I also watched Tom Yoong Gong (a Thai film) with no subtitles, I had no idea what was going on but damn the action was sweet and Tony Jaa is a machine!!! So all that's really left now is to watch some of the tv shows I have stocked up (even though I've seen most of the eps) so that shouldn't take too long. I also have 3 various G3 concerts, as well as a crap load of instructional videos!! Speaking of, made up some new songs (instrumental wise), as well as finished up some old ones that I have been working on for yonks so I am very pleased.

I was informed by a friend who told me that he googled my name and found 2 items that are actually about me!! I was scared, even more so when I was told that my voice is online!!! How scary is that?? I even checked for myself and he was telling the truth! Damn internet.

Well it's early December which means High Schoolers and College kids have finished for the year and are out monopolising shopping centres, movie theatres, restaurants, nightclubs, bus interchanges, dark alleys and suburbs for the summer. That's so stupiddd! My friend suggested a friday no child policy or curfew, I thought this was a brilliant idea and should be enacted by the local legislature! Damn children!

Also damn Berri Pulp Free Orange Juice!! I am addicted!!! They make it taste sooo damn good. I wouldn't be surprised if it had MSG! The only other stuff I drink is the occasional glass of water, and on Fridays and Saturdays one 350ml bottle of Vanilla Coke. So this means in summer I am getting 7 hits of OJ a day, it's too much, but I can't get enough!

I have been reading through our old blog notes (there is a HELL of a lot of stuff I tell you), and it's interesting just to see how much I've changed, even in a short span of just two years. Still getting through stuff, I'm only a few months through.

So what's the good news you ask? I can't count! That's correct, I cannot! As a result of my foolishness, I realised I actually get to graduate at the end of 2007, so I am one happy person thank you very much!!! I get to graduate with all my friends and I even have a much more reduced workload over the year so I am sitting pretty thank you very much!! Muhaha, I feel good!! It also means I get to have 2 graduation ceremonies next year as I will have done both my degrees, yay!

Have a nice day folks! OH OH OH! I realised there is a few more additions to the patented Joaquin Rate List (JRL), and they shall be added as soon as humanly possible (since I'm on hols and oh so very lazy, this may be a while, but I'll try)! That's it for today.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Greetings readers. Man it's been a long time since i last posted anything. Enjoying myself back i the motherland, as is knaves. Visiting the green fairy often as we r on vacation, which i had badly needed, as in the vacation.LOL. Yea so been up to alot. Checking out a lot of the new places around Dhaka. Some decent, some abhorent and some just filthy. Shit load to do nowadays. On the other hand, its hard goin out without fearing for ur life. The political scene is just crazy, ppl trying to kill eachother over gaining THE POWER, so that they can steal more money, instill more corruption, kill more people, and steal some more money. Arrite lemme break B NP had served its tenure, there had been a smoothe transition of the handing of power from the ruliing party to the caretaker government. After the transition, the awami league suggested that BNP had put its own henchmen on the seat of the caretaker government, thus the CEC, according to the AL was a strong supporter of BNP. AL went on to protest, ordering for the resignation of the CEC, a change in the EC as well as recounting the voters list. They suggested that they would go on continuous strike, which they have, until their requirements were met.

In Bangladesh, ppl have a very acute sense of what a dialogue is. Their best remedy of political disagreement is violence, going on strike, and killing ppl left and right. For crying out loud, they were showing ppl being beaten to the death by police battons on TV. Blood spilling everywhere. Eat ur heart out "WORLDS MOST AMAZING VIDEOS".

Anyways, enough blabbering on about politics. Later ppl.