Monday, February 28, 2005

Feeling fineeeee

It was 6pm today when I actually finished my lot of homework for last week and this week! I feel proud, now I'm one week ahead of everyone. Hell of a lot of boring stuff to go through though. But it's all done and I can relax...even though it's past midnight NOW!

At least I don't have a morning class and I can sleep in and feel good. It's nice to see that the other isn't dead and he can still blog without the network in his dorms!

Fingerpicking on guitar is fiendish. I'd better go and relax, monster blog from the other and I to follow some time soon! Have a nice day.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Phone... Check... Food... Check...

Firstly I would like to apoligize for the long absense that I have had. As the other has mentioned in the other blog, my network has been really stuffed and haven't been able to blog in quite a while. I am extremely sorry for that. And no my network hasn't been fixed yet, but they say it will be fixed by Monday (thats what they said last week!!). For now I had to come all the way to Madamn N's place to blog, see all you readers come first (Yeah right!!). So I'll make it up to you guys sometime. But I cant promise its going to be now.

My stomach is bloody wierd. Seriously, when there is more food around than I need I am not hungry at all, and when I have to bother making the food, I am starved. At home all I have to do is pick up the phone and place an order (yes I know, back at home I am spoiled, but are you spoiled if you done't avail the service??). I was never hungry then, eating felt like a waste of time, I'd rather just sit in my chair and kill some more time online. Those days are past, now everytime I feel the slightest urge to eat, I stuff myself silly, and its great I tells ya. There is a lot of food here that I like. Maybe its because the food that you get here is more my type of food. I just realised recently that I like very rich food, usually I dont eat a lot of food that is rich, but its true, slap more cheese on it, and damn I am happy. And on that note, I had the most amazing cheese cake the other day, it was to die for!!! I must go back there soon (Dammit I feel the urge for some more food!!!). Or maybe its because I am doing a lot more and burning a lot more calories?? I am going to class, walking a lot to get from one place to another (believe it or not, I am stepping out of my room a lot, I actually look forward to it, yes this is the same bum that had to be pushed out to get out of the room!!). Whatever the reason is, damn I have started to really enjoy food, my mum would be so proud!!! She always wanted a fat kid, I happen to skinnier than 93% of the people out there...

The net has become a key factor in my life, or so I thought!!! Yes it still has a big influence in my life, but not as much as it did back in Nepal. Yes I have to do lectures online, so I have to say its pretty important, but back at home I used to wake up for the internet. You don't see me jumping of the roof cause my nets not working at the moment. This got me thinking, why was the net so important back then??Two simple reasons. Firstly there wasnt much else to do there, limited friends who were all busy, and I was free like a bird. Its true, its hard to keep track of people who are working or studying, when you yourself don't do anything. Once you get back into a schedule, its easy to remember other peoples schedules aswell. This probably due to the fact that the weekdays and the dates mean something to you again. Like I could tell you now that tommo is the last day of the month, damn this month is short, and I could tell you that there isnt going to be much happening, because its a sunday... And secondly because I had people I wanted to talk to online. Yes I was an MSN junkie, and sat up till odd hours and would just chat with people. This doesn't happen now, because all the people that I talk to are in the same time zone, and hell they are in the same city. Picking up the phone is easier, more satisfying, and more efficient, and my phone doesnt go down (knock on wood "knock,knock")... Its funny how somethings seem more important at different times. Alright, the forces of nature are telling me that I sould stop blogging right now, else crazy wasps are going to come and attack... eeeekkkk...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Be good to the milko - she's a wannabe rapist

I have a hankering these days for John Mayer and Babylon Zoo. I know I know, Mayer's song writing style is absolutely trite and deserves to be kicked in the face but shite, that kid can really play his guitar. Damn, if I had the money to go to the Berklee school of music, I think I could outdo him! Until then, I'll stay self-taught. Everyone knows that the best guitarists have a background in and a fondness for the blues - Slash, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, SRV and good ol' Jimmy Page.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying his albums at the moment - very ethereal with a pitter patter of virtuoso playing and a good mixture of some wickedly queer chords and strumming patterns. Well that answers that, but what about Babylon Zoo? I've only heard one of their songs!! But ever since they've been showing the promos for Battlestar Galactica (I've decided that it's better than decent...but it still isn't good), they've re-used the song "Spaceman" each time! I've had it in my playlist for a long time, yet I've never listened to it in it's entirety until recently. Strange effects, a swagger of power chords and a solo which is just played across octaves - I think it may even be a freakin' precursor to good ol' garage music!

Why does Gwen Stefani overuse the japanese culture in her video clips? Sure, you can get away with it in one clip (this goes for any singular cultural reference), but to have it as a running theme just makes it terribly lame.

I've also got another hankering for Nina Sky!! Their voices are just divine!! I want to make a shiteload of money to fly them to my house and they can sing me to sleep. Just THE best melodic voices you'll ever hear. I'm also shocked by the fact that they are two years younger than I am! It also helps that they are Puerto Rican in origin and that just tra la la la la doo doo deee....!

My father wants me to have a party for my 21st this year, I told him to get stuffed. - Random Comment of the day.

I was just watching the netball (Australia butchered England) and I noticed that there are some really attractive women on that team! Same goes for the old school Opals in Basketball as well as some members of the Capitals. What is it with ball sports and attractive girls (oh the imagery and semi pun mixed with the irony should be slaying all of you right about now)?!

Had a scary moment in my Advanced R & R class the other day. I was complaining to the other how I didn't know anyone in that class and that they'd probably be older than I am and how I really dislike being alienated because of that, when I can't drive it to push me harder. I was waiting in the corridor when this lovely young woman was directed to the same room and we just started talking - until she found out she was in the wrong class!! So you can imagine me cursing my luck as she stepped down the hall. Then I was cracking the hell up again when another girl approached me and we started talking. Anyway, the class had the intro task of chatting to the person next to them and then getting up in front of the class to talk about what they discovered. I got paired with some dude but when that girl's partner spoke she said that the girl had a 2 year old daughter and I did a freakin' double take!!! I think half the classes jaws hit the table!! She doesn't look a day over 24 or thereabouts so she musta had the child when she was my age and that's just scary! Good luck to her though.

FUCK ME DEAD! They just played The Stone Roses on video hits (late night of course)! I'd like to thank that certain someone who got me into them!! You know who you are!! Damn John Squire - note to myself get a freakin' Wah pedal!!! Their drummer is a demon! I wish I was in a funk band, but I don't have the patience for playing that kinda stuff, I love listening to it though. They are a handsome bunch of lads, and this was a clip from the late late 80's!! They could pass for funky if we took them out on the town tonight. I bet they started the whole bohemian "heroin sheik" look.

Also met a friend of the other's who I was told was going to be hell-arious! He was right. I've never seen someone eat so much food before.

300 pages of reading to do for next week, at least there's only 1 set of tutorial questions to do so I think I should be able to get SOME rest in. Have a nice day folks.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Spectacular dusts of radiation kill...stuff..?

Firstly I apologise for not blogging in 8 days! I think that's probably been the longest I've ever gone without blogging. The other also has not blogged due to the network in his dorm room going down and his crazy partying ways. Don't worry, he has promised a blog as soon as everything is working again.

My reasons are damn good though, Friday I had my friend's party to go to and then a wedding on Saturday. Sunday I rested and Monday...FIRST WEEK BACK AT UNI!!! I feel so damn tired, at this time of night when school is back on I don't tend to type particularly well, so if it doesn't make sense I'll come back and edit it some time soon.

The wedding was fabulous!!! Classy to the max and it all just came off so well. Also full of attractive women!! The groom's side is from Portugal and I was just amazed at being in such close proximity to so many beautiful exotic women at once. I looked damn HOT in my new suit (if I do say so myself), I even had to admire myself in the mirror a few times before I left home. I got many an admiring glance which was good...if it wasn't for the fact that most of the attractive girls were in long term relationships!! I wish people got married more often. I don't care if the marriages don't last. If you're reading this, marry someone even if it's platonic and invite me! It's the best occasion just for looking good and having fun and getting to check out people.

I used to rag on a certain place in Woden right in the middle of the area between the IP Australia office, Canberra College and the bus interchange (it shall remain nameless) all the time. Prior to this occasion, I had only dined in the downstairs area where nearly 50% of the morons from my high school (who failed their first year of college and dropped out) work as waiters and waitresses. The reception for the wedding was held upstairs in one of the function rooms and it was just beautifully decorated and I was shocked!! Then there was also the new staff who I'd never seen before who were all just THE most attractive bunch of people who I'd ever been served by. "Why the hell is this fool serving me entree when his face belongs on the cover of Vogue or some shit like that?"

THENNN ahhhhh the best looking waitress I've ever seen in my life came into view and I was just floored!! I tried my best not to stare but it was fruitless as my eyes just stayed fixated on her. Her gaze eventually met mine and she smiled and then SHE started staring. Ahhh why did I not do something? If only I wasn't intoxicated for the second time in as many days. I should have remembered my promise! The last time I got wasted twice in a row, we had the bushfires and I took that as a bad omen and that I should never get trashed on consecutive days!!

Uni is terrible!! I want to quit already!!! Then I realise that I have 14 hour working days, 6 days a week to look forward to after graduation (which doesn't help), but then I also realise that there's a hell of a lot of money out there in law and I want to get my hands on it. I guess most of the negativity comes from being in the advanced units where everyone is older than me by at least 3 years and I don't know any of them and I just feel alienated. I need to re-awaken the fire. When I hate all of them and I feel better than them, I perform much better in class and I can show them up. But I just can't be bothered anymore.

Heading to the ANU tomorrow for some covert "assignment" work, but I think I may have to head to the National Library in order to get it done and hopefully it'll come up roses. I hate that saying. So why did I use it? I don't know. I'm tired. Fuck you. Don't talk to me like that. *Slap*. I'm calling the police.

I need to start writing some songs again!!! It's been too long!! Don't worry, I'll have something soon dammit. Ahhh a weekend full of homework to look forward to, lovely! I'm hitting the hay. Good night and I'll try to keep the blogging frequent - although I think I'll have to rethink the time to update at. Have a nice day folks.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The blog remix laughs while turning tricks

It turns out that I really don't underestimate my folks and that I'm never wrong (you'll have to refer to 2 or 3 blogs back to get the back story to this)! I bought a suit today for a wedding on Saturday that I must attend. We had to get the pants altered and the lady behind the counter goes "ahh so this is for all the ladies" to which I instantly crack up at. Then my father unit promptly replies "no, he's a good boy". I knew I had covered my tracks fairly well!

I wish my G'Ma would get here already! I want to see MIA girl already! Anticipation is building over this reunion.

While today showed that my folks can't put 2 and 2 together (thankfully), it also showed that they can humiliate me pretty damn well when the situation presents itself. Case in point? Going shopping for other clothes with my folks. There was this incredibly lovely looking girl (who I rather immaturely nicknamed 'nice ass girl' - in my head of course) working in one of the stores who helped us out. As I was trying on clothes, I could overhear my father telling this girl all this embarrassing shite about myself! Once I had vacated the change rooms, I made my way over to my father in the middle of another inappropriate anecdote when I decided to give him a taste of my nasty and cynical wit. The girl loved it and laughed like a maniac. Moral of the story? Always go shopping with friends (preferably members of the opposite sex who can offer decent advice).

T & A. Tits and Ass. I believe the British coined the term. What is it about T & A? From my adolescence, even NOW, hotly contested debates arise between all of my friends over T & A. You're either a breast man or you're an ass man. There is no in-between allowed. In my younger days, I was an ass man. Now, through constant bickerings and the occasional threat of violence, I am now a breast man. What changed? Peer pressure! Sure, I can still appreciate a lovely ass now and then, but it must be exceptional in order to really grab my attention in the same way some nice supple breasts would. I think it could be linked to a man's intelligence. Oh I just realised that I was approaching this from a heterosexual ideology so I apologise to gays and lesbians everywhere (although I'm sure lesbians can see the merit in some of my points). I tend to find that ass men are on the whole, a hell of a lot brighter than their breast loving counterparts.

I really wish that one could turn off their primitive brain. I think it's located in the hypothallamus...or maybe it's the hippocampus...I'm not really sure anymore. It's basically the stuff that regulates hormones, base primal emotion (fear etc), breathing and the list goes on. So why would one want to turn that stuff off? It's the same crap that makes you inadvertently perve on women!! The unexplainable/inexplicable eerie 'Species' like skill where you stare at a woman and go "hmm I'd really like to share some genes with you". EVEN WHEN YOU MAKE IT A POINT TO NOT STARE AT SOMEONE YOU KEEP DOING IT, it's all so very annoying. However, fear is our oldest and most effective emotion, I would not like to turn that off! I think it goes beyond our senses.

Now, much like a horny teen, I shall turn the topic into MILFs. For the uninitiated, M.I.L.F. stands for Mum I'd Like To Fuck (s signifies a plural, duh)! Anyhow, I've noticed that all of my college friends, attached or not have developed a MILF fascination. I think I'm the only one that's not into that! I like my ladies remotely my age thank you! They've never explained their reasons of course, but it's obvious that it stems from some unnamed Oedipal complex. What about from an evolutionary point of view? There's proof that they're good wife material, so in a round about way owner of enviable genes? These are all the wrong reasons!!

Enough of this madness for tonight. Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Absense Implies Presence...

Well well well, the other wrote a very short blog, so this gives me the license to write a short one aswell. Well its just because its late in the morning, or well really early. I need to go to bed soon, I think I am going to wake up early so that I can go to the Commencement thats happning tommo, along with market day. I'm still wondering what the hell market day is (I do have an idea, but why is it called that??), so tommo I can find out. And if the other reads this, "you sould come to school tommo, at least in the evening!!" I wrote a decent tune today, I just like the way it sounds, its going to be called "the feeling" and it sould be finished tommo. I have the chorus done, and the basic ideas chalked out. Its been a while since I wrote a song, it's time for me to get back on the wagon. I did laundry today!!! I've never really done it before, and I must say there is something very pleasing about doing it. And even better, I love the way they smell!! Ok I am going to stop there, I promise a bigger one tommo. But for now I must say good bye. Cheers.


I'm going to make this one extremely quick before I get down to some decent tv.

First of all, I feel like Grampa Simpson! I gotta complain about everything. Whenever I look out my window there are all these fat teen skank hoes (can't fit enough negative adjectives in there)! What are all these fat kids doing here??! I oughta write a song "too many fat chicks".

My fingers hurt!! Going back to guitar is killing me as is my return to the exercise regime for the final holiday week.

I've had enough, tv for me! Fairly big entry tomorrow, I hope!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Monopoly, oligopoloy & crapopoly!

I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly blast MSN Messenger! I've been experiencing connectivity issues where things just drop out in the middle of conversations and what not and it's highly annoying!! You'd think the boffins there would have found a way to iron out all the flaws in the program by now!

HAHAHAHA, I listen to everything on my mp3 list on shuffle and Backstreet Boys just came on! What the hell am I doing with Backstreet Boys in my playlist?! What the hell am I doing with Backstreet Boys on my computer?!! WHY AM I NOT TURNING IT OFF?!?!?!?! Ahhh sometimes brainless bop is a good way to keep one amused enough to finish off a blog!

Why is everything skin related associated with milk?! I was looking through my new collection of stuff and there was a "facial cleansing milk" and a "body nourishing milk"! What next? Divine breast milk for my feet?

I need to play some guitar!! I haven't played in a fair while properly so I should get to some of that tonight. Big thanks to the other for shocking me and purchasing a capo for me! It makes so much more songs possible for me to play! I also need to justify letting the nails on my right hand grow so big! Luckily nobody has noticed and questioned me. Let's hope the fingerstyle playing goes well. Need to train those fingers dammit!

Why does Win Local News feel the need to broadcast a woman having an orgasm in it's segment on Valentine's Day while I'm having dinner with my father unit?! It was one of THE most uncomfortable experiences of my life!! It's dinner time!! Families are watching the news together!! The final segment should be humorous!! How did it get past the editors and censors??!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, the other and I had a few scary moments shopping for gifts...on the day!! However, it all came good (the other isn't even home yet!) and I was able to get Les Femme Anomaly's gift and card to her on time and she was very happy!

It also brought about an uncomfortable line of questioning from my Father, who wanted to know why I have been recently disappearing for small snippets of time (it's usually been to visit her), but I've usually been able to lie convincingly. But today sheeit! I think he may have put 2 and 2 together because I started blushing and smirking like an idiot when he asked. I really should stop underestimating my folks. It's disturbing! I can lie to them about absolutely anything else, no matter how grand, yet when women are involved it all comes undone! I used to act on an amateur level, and I'd like to think I am quite good at it, but damn, it all came to squat diddly today! Thankfully I was able to cover up once I had returned. I'm going to have to work on that!

Noticed a few things while driving today. Our car has a wheel alignment problem and the steering tends to pull to the left slightly. I KNEW IT!! A few weeks back I was driving along Nortbourne Avenue, where the lanes are slightly narrower than the rest of the city, but still at a decent size and I was having issues keeping it in a straight line and I was bumping those lane dividers!! I thought my skill had gone downhill but luckily it's just the car. Once I had identified the problem, I compensated and it was all good.

Speaking of Northbourne Avenue, I really hate the streets in the older suburbs of my city. The streets don't make any sense! I can navigate them with relative ease because I've lived here all my life, but the design is just freakin' ridiculous. There are roads which don't connect but they are the same road!!!!! There are 3 giveway signs and triangular turns with no slip lanes and it's just whacked. There are no straight lines!!

Why do I feel the need to look at every single P-Plate driver when I spot one? I think it can be taken to a simple law of averages/probability. Guys aren't particularly bright therefore a lot of them don't pass the theory test to get their L's. Then the reckless P platers, which tend to be guys lose their licences after being caught. This would make the majority of P platers out to be females roughly my age! Makes sense doesn't it?!

I'm out for tonight folks! O week this week, I can relax!! Have a nice day.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Five Fingered Freak

Alrighty this supposedly has to be a moster blog. Hehe the other is going to kill me first thing in the morning tommo if I don't, lets see how far this goes. I still have to do something extremly important tonight, and I want to finish all of that before 2:30 so I can sleep and wake up in time when the other gets here. Well it has been a very interesting day. And yes I stuck to my promise, I did have breakfast today. It was so good that I decided that I sould do that everyday (which I will do).

My folks just don't seem to trust me with anything. So my dad asked me to send him a summary of what i spent the cash on. Hehe so I decided to do it in a why that would be way over the top. So i pulled out all my receipts and wrote a monster email about all the crap that he didnt need to know along with the things that he did. Hehe, and then I got a reply that they really appriciated the detailed email. I seem to be doing things right for a change. No longer the black sheep!!!

On my way to the mall, which goes thru the bus interchange, I met an old firend today. It was great how I just found him sitting at the interchange, he looked up, saw me, and asked me where the fuck i'd been. Thats just gold. The other always says that you will never meet anyone who is up to anything good at the interchange, but i guess now he will have to eat his words!!! Went on to a bar. It was great to be back in a bar that was well stocked. Back in the third world you wouldn't find the good liquor, but thats not the case here. So had a good social drink there, and then went on to his house. His folks were extatic to see me, and insisted that I stay for dinner, so I did. Some of my dads old firends were there too and it was good that I saw them there, that means I won't have to go see them anytime soon. Damn that was two birds with the same stone. Whatched King Arthur while we were there.

Peoples grandparents seem to be getting into trouble these days. While I was in Dhaka, one of my friends grandmum passed away, and today my other friend tell me that her grandmum died today. I feel a little guilty that I am in such a good mood, and she is so upset, but I guess thats how life is. T-man (the friend whos house I was at today) is also about to go to Dhaka because his grandmum is terminally ill. So my advice is if your grandparents are still around, ask them a little bit about their lives, I assure you that there is a lot you can learn from them, they haven't gotten that old without having some kick ass experiences.

Well today is V day, and the start of our O week. But then again its O week without anything palnned out for today, not that I was gonna attend anything, I have better things to do. I will meet up with my girlfriend later on today (Madam N = girlfriend, but I will call her Madam N here to be consitant with the others blogs), and that sould be fun, then again when is it not. Can't wait, but I have to get a few things done before I go there, so I will leave this here for tonight. Cheers...

You've got yourself to blame!

Damn the sun to hell! Of course the Sun is hot and would probably not mind one bit. My arms are just NOW starting to peel after being burnt 2-3 weeks ago! What's up with that?! The skin on my forearms are just falling off, I look like a survivor from the Chernobyl disaster. I've moisturised and such and it's slightly better, but I think one is going to have to actually use the exfoliating bar in order to get rid of what remains. Sheeit, I'm practically a sex change away from being a woman (well isn't that the case with all guys)?!

I just finished watching Unfaithful and it was freakin' FANTASTIC! I love a good juxtaposition, and there were plenty of cuts like that. Suburban tales are what is lacking in modern cinema, but I think it's been making a comeback in recent years. Moral of that movie? Don't trust men with exotic accents with your loved one!!!! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE must see this movie.

The entertainment business is full of people with no talent these days. Case in point: Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson! One of my good friends who is currently in Europe came online to deliver a rant of epic proportions regarding Miss Simpson, then apologised and promptly disconnected. The other and I were actually able to watch the SNL incident a few nights ago and it was just absolutely shocking. Then there was her performance at a recent NFL game where she was booed for sounding crap. How did this girl become famous?! That's right, it's all her sister and her father. You know the ones, the blonde bimbo who only got somewhere due to her massive mammaries and the creepy minister...who doubles as both their agents...who obviously has some incestuous issues regarding his elder daughter. Jessica is already "famous" so of course Ashlee is famous by proxy. She's untalented and ugly, and Daddy Dear realised this, so he got her to "goth up" and capitalise on the hidden 'loser' market. In interviews she said she was tired of living in her glamorous sister's shadow and she had to try and do her own thing. This would have no doubt garnered full support from the countless number of teens/tweens who are sick of living in a siblings shadow and look to Ashlee as a kind of "rebel".

If anyone saw her two live performances, you'd wonder how she's still able to call herself a singer. Surely there would have been a gigantic backlash and what not but her sales in fact GREW. I think her fan base are more interested in the image, and even out of insane jealousy/envy, they will stop at nothing to keep Ashlee on top, even if she's a product of market and some studio savvy producers with their fingers on the auto voice tuner.

I saw Lindsay Lohan's clip "Rumours" a few weeks back courtesy of Azureus BitTorrent. How did this girl get anywhere?! She is terrible in her chosen field of acting, and must also mess up the world of music. What surprised me was that the song was decent in melody, however the video and lyrics were absolutely horrendous. I haven't had a chance to check out the charts (read: wake up in time to actually watch the countdown on tv), so I don't know how well it's been doing in Australia since it's realease. It will no doubt do extremely well, once again due to her fan base. This is despite also having an "Ashlee" moment, when she performed live on Good Morning America a few weeks back and the look on the audience's faces PERFECTLY told the story when she was singing at an extremely high pitch and out of tune. However, in this case I don't mind so much because Miss Lohan is rather foxy and the more media exposure she gets, the more I get to see her! What REALLY bugs me however is that the song is basically about how the media have unfairly portrayed her as a bitch and what not and how she hates people spreading rumours about her. WELL, in order to stop that from happening, one should stop assaulting the public's senses on various media as well as not date people practically a decade older than oneself and not have a messed up family and finally not have plastic surgery to alter one's bustline!!

Damn, this is turning into a monster blog so I must do my best to summarise my other points and save the rest for another night.

As the other and I were venturing around university last week in order for him to choose his classes, I was amazed at the sheer number of girls who have taken to wearing hot pants! HAHAHAHA excuse me, sorry but who the hell wears hot pants?! Why don't you just not wear any goddamn pants at all?! It's basically the same effect! I shouldn't complain though, I am guilty of a perve BUT I must also say that after the initial shock and fascination has passed, I am back into cynical mode and paying out said ladies almost instantly and the hormones are sent back home. I guess the only positive point I can drag out of this cesspool is that the ladies who I've seen so far have great bodies and are fairly decent looking, let's not talk about what could possibly happen if these two factors were not apparent!

I was discussing the hot pants issue with Les Femme Anomaly (hehe one could say it's a "hot" topic, oh me so lame)! And it was decided that it's not a practical issue with skimpy clothing such as the previously mentioned and ultra minis, it's more of a getting noticed issue. She said girls who wear that stuff don't deserve to be sexually harrassed, but they don't deserve to shout at guys when they get checked out. I am inclined to agree.

SUPERFINE HAS A CLONE!!! THE CLONE LIVES SOMEWHERE IN MY AREA!!! I saw her shopping with her mother when the other and I were there last week, but I declined to make a fuss. This is rather disturbing but good as it'll satisfy my superfine needs since the original is in Canada on exchange for this semester. Ahh next sem will be awesome, all the old crew will be back together for one of our Comm classes, it'll be grand.

That's it for tonight folks, have a nice day! Damn Valentine's Day, let's see how this goes...NOTE TO SELF: DON'T FORGET PRESENT AND CARD!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I wish I could show you how it ends...

I made it, finally finished packing and everything, and now its time to sit behind the pc that I am used to and do this blog. Alright fine, I finished packing a long time back, was busy doing other more important things. Yes, I have a life outside of this blog. Its amazing how a few things can make a difference. This room looked like crap and extrememly small just a few hours ago. After I moved in I feel a lot better. All the shelves are filled with something or another so it all looks good. The other reckons that I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but what the hell is he on about. I don't make him do anything about it, I just like my room to be in a certain way, and my table is always in a mess, so I dont want to hear any complaints.

My life is changing, well I'm not taking about the change we all know about. I am goning to be having breakfast everymorning from now on. Yeah its been out of my schedule for the last god knows how many years. I think its about time I start eating the meal that I love. And I have supposedly put on some weight, yay, its about time too. Been tring for a while, damn mums genes.

Actully the people who live around me arn't AS bad as the other says, but there is some honesty to what he said. But most of the time they are sweet, what the problem is that the people who just decided to drop into our floor. They are quite irritating, and need to be wacked up side the head from time to time. There is this one Korean girl who lives just on the otherside of my room. I wonder what the hell she does, because I never see her. Locked in her room planing evil evil deeds :S.

There are a lot of tv shows that I have to catch up on, living in a third world country doesn't give you an opportunity to do. On the network here they have all the seasons of most of the popular shows. Must spend sometime on doing that. Where do I start, where do I start.

I am here to study, but my weekdays are shorter than my weekend :S. This is not right. I have a 4 day weekend and a 3 day week. Hehe talk about enough time to study. I am surrounded my a whole lode of jocks. This is quite irritating for a person who plays no sports at all. Whats funny is that most of them are also studying how to become a PE teacher. I didnt know they had that many opeings for that job.

I am completely hooked on to this on "crystal baller - 3EB". Its just so insane, and the lyrics just take it over the top. But ofcourse its good, it steven jenkins when did his lyrics not kick ass?? Ok its 3:30 in the morning, and I really sould be getting to bed. I will write more tommo. Night all...

Fit but don't you know it....hoe!!!!

Ahh, I have returned and it's time to get back to some regular blogging. Well then again I wasn't anywhere, it's just that the other and I have been having the most demented living ever! Sleeping at 3-4 am and then 9am starts (for the other) and up at 11am for me, which ought to be made illegal! I think it demented my mind. On a few occasions I found myself drooling out the side of my mouth WHEN I WAS WIDE AWAKE!!! Hahaha, it's comforting to know that my brain can turn off in certain circumstances.

I'm watching a clip for The Dresden Dolls. Who would have thought that you could have neo-classical punk with a manic drummer and a talented pianist?! It's quite good, but I do think that it's an acquired taste for most. Quite disturbing too, as if it were from the crazed mind of a certain manic-depressive college mate I had, who the other had the pleasure of seeing the other day.

The other's dorm-mates freak me out. I wouldn't be able to stand dorm life. I think it would most likely end in a bloodbath after a psychotic snap from me. Then again, I don't have to live with them! I think I'm going to buy a shotgun and some caffeine pills for the other this year. It's going to do a world of good since I do plan to spend a fair bit of time there.

Have no fear though, I've warned the other about all the ins and outs of Canberra life - where to go, where to avoid etc.

Had one of THEEEE most spacktacular days (no spelling mistake) the other day! First of all the mormon sisters came in last and were thus eliminated from The Amazing Race, then we found out that Gabrielle Boyle had been at our University to do a story, on a day we had been there!! Curse everyone!!

State of my (now our) city these days? Bogan couples swearing at their kids and threatening them with savage beatings in public areas!!! I told the other "beware of them" and he said "why, they don't bother me", then they got started and the other goes "ok, maybe they do"!

Let's not even talk about other incidents that occurred today, lest one of us be arrested, hahaha!!

Les Femme Anomaly has never had anything nice done for her on Valentine's Day so I think I'm going to have to do something about that, the poor gal!

Anyway, I'm off for tonight. Have a nice day folks!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Will They Be Charged With Murder??

Well well well, looks like I am the only one bloggin these days. Thats probably because whenever the other remebers to blog he makes me blog instead. Don't worry folks, come tommo things will be back to normal. Yep thats right, moving into dorm tommo. Wonder how thats gonna be. All I can say is with floormates geting drunk at 10 in the morning, its gonna be an interesting semester. Most of the folk in my dorm are jocks. And if there is anything in this world that irritates me, its them!! The world does not revolve around sports, or how much you can bench press. Well let me tell you a bit about my room. Its tiny!!! And no I'm not exagerating, it is really small, but I decided I won't complain about it, it is mine, and I will have a lode of fun in it!!! Finally got to see Madam N today, and her room is a bloody five star hotel!!! I mean really, my supposed five star hotel in malaysia wasnt as awesome as her room. Its bloody 4 times the size of my room, hehe oh well... enough about dorms...

If I get sick now folks, I am gonna die. Quite literally. I dont have my medical incurance. No I swear its not my fault, even though that wouldnt be unlikely, this time I am no the guilty one. The bloody uni forgot to get my card, so I have to wait a week before I get it, makes me kinda paranoid actually. Just like not having my ATM card yet and the bank being closed for the next two days. I know I have enough money, but still I feel insecure!!! I'll live, don't cry for me argentina. Ok I'm gonna stop here for now, got a lot to do tommo, and once all the crap is set up (hehe which will only take an hour) I will be back to write an intelectual blog thats a bit longer. Cheers for now!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Flattned Coin On A Train Track...

Hmmm fishing trip?? Why is it that I have never been on a fishing trip with my father. Wait, wait, I've never actually ever done anything with my father. What a damn boring parent. You are my witness, someday I'll be a good dad and bother to spend time with my son/daughter. Why did I suddenly think of this?? Well it was on the osbornes and realised that that drunk was a better father than what I had. Too harsh?? Maybe, maybe not.

Time has lost its value on me. I have no clue what time zone I am in, and what time it is in other parts of the world. With my folks living in one part of the world and my borther in another, I am just completely out of touch with what the hell they might be doing at this time. So with the fear of waking them up in the middle of the night, I haven't called them. Smart, maybe not!!!

What is it with people screwing up the important things?? Wouldnt it just be easier to just get it right the first time, then we dont have to spend a million more hours trying to fix it?? I guess if people actually thought about it, then they wouldnt make mistakes. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but then when I think it through I know that they really fucked up and its about time that they get their act together. Now I have to go back to uni sometime soon to figure out my courses. Damn bastards. Not a good first impression if you ask me!!!

Ok I was gonna write a ton more, but I had to tend to more important matters. So for today I'm out, have a good one...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Can We Please??

After a lot of poking from the other, I have finally gotten down to blogging. Yes, I know I've been slacking, but give me a break, at the moment I am doing more crap then I have been doing for the last couple of years!! I'm doing so much crap that I haven't met my girlfriend yet, and thats a little wrong, so don't feel left out :P. So what have I been up to?? Well I finally got my room, its a bit small, but it serves it perpose, and honestly I like rooms that are small and everything is within reach. I have met a million people, hehe I've forgotten most of their names, I am just pathetic with names, and on top of that I have been bombarded with names. Well I have figured out my way around campus and things close by to it. Hopefully I will get used to the other crap thats in this city, at least the civic area, which is the center of town. I have lived here before, so its not all new to me, but its been a while, and have to get back into gear. I can sense pleanty of hangovers coming my way over the next week or so. As the other says its better to kill the brain cells before you start studying, rather than when you are studying. Hehe you can have your pick...

Tommo my international orientation starts, they feel the need to give us two orientations, coz its soo bloody different here??!!?? For christ sake I've lived in this town. I would rather be able to go around town meeting up with people that I know, and enjoying what this city has to offer, but now I have to go listen to boring people trying to sound interesting. Oh well this too shall pass. Hehe I heard the best pick up line ever today "Does your dad own a kodak store, (they repley Why?) cause you are so well developed." Hahaha cracks me up everytime I hear it. Yeah I'm surrounded by a bunch of idiots that are a lode of fun in dorm, but I get a feeling that most of them need to grow up just a little bit. Soon hopefully they will.

Well I was wondering if my parents were extremely happy to have me gone out of the house, or if they ran into some trouble. Hehe I would have thought the first one was more likely. But it just so happens that things are completely screwed in Nepal. All the phonelines and and all the companies have been shut down, which is insane!!! So they can't call me and I can't either, its quite crazy if you ask me. But it souldnt be much of a problem (as long as that draft I have is cashed tommo, else I dont quite know what the fuck I will do :S). Time will tell all. What exactly happened there is the the king decided he didn't have enough power so he decided to close everthing down and house arrest all the politicians. If you ask me hes got a lot of power, but hes an idiot at the sametime.

I got a cellphone again, I dont feel naked anymore. This is an invention that helps us out in a million ways, and then again is a pain in the ass. Well I guess everyone knows the advantages of a cellphone, but I swear its irritating sometimes. Anyone can get a hold of you whenever they want. What a pain. Sometimes I just dont want to be found, but then again I cant turn it off what if its an emergency call. Whats worse is when my folks and my brother calls their id's are hidden, so I can't tell them apart. I allways answer my borthers calls, but my folks... well that one I don't always want to pick up. Yeah, I know I'm a shitty son, but thats what you get.

I am anxiously wating to see the OC. Back in Nepal it is not aired, and here all everyone seems to be able to talk about is the OC. Damn it was even on my form for dorms :S. Why the hell is it that important?? Must find out, thats on tommo, may the water quench my thirst.

As the other said, we have been having long nights and early mornings. To think During school I kept that act up almost every night is insane. Here at least when classes start, I wont have to wake up that early. Yeah I know, they are making us work twice as hard before the classes actually start. And the constant parties can help in that process, even though I have not been attending them. We finished medal of honor!!!!! Beat that, all right fine we cheated right at the end for like 1% of the game, but thats only coz there wern't enough explosives to finish the mission!!! That was just wrong, and I needed to know what happend at the end of the game. Did they make it, was Wally alright??!!?? No by Wally, I don't mean me. Wait but you people don't know that nickname of mine!!!

Ok i think this is where I shall stop for today. Need to get to sleep and then get up earlier tommo, for the bloody parade. Hehe and I know I won't sleep for the next 4 hours hehe but I still must stop. Have a good one!!!

"It's A Girl's Life!"

Everyone can just kiss my ass!! The reason? I FINALLY received the Girl Tv Cd/DVD combo today!!!!! The music is dodgy as is to be expected, but the DVD stuff was pretty good. I still have a while to go, and I think I'll save it for later on in the holidays when I am totally bored. I no longer have Girl Tv withdrawal, woohooo!! I gotta hang up the poster some time soon.

Do you know what I've noticed lately? That there are a lot of new people in the neighbourhood and they're exercising constantly in the evenings! They're running up and down the street, chatting and carrying on and it's quite weird. What's going on? I'd like to know!!!

My G-Ma (it's quick and easy to type, don't think I'm on a homie trip), will be coming later this month so that means I will not be comfortable for the next few months, but that's ok because school will be back on and I'll be doing 3 law subjects as opposed to my regular healthy 50 50 mix of law and journalism units. It'll mean more studying for me as well as meeting up with the girl I mentioned in my previous blog as her G-Ma and my G-Ma are very good friends. Ahhh, the anticipation of it all!

If anyone is from Canberra, they'll see these ads for Adult World at 1am or so on channel ten. The new ones involve this claymation couple and in one of them, the guy gives his wife slippers and she looks rather pissed off, then the box next to him starts buzzing and it's obvious what it is, then she looks pleased and he says "that one is also from me"! Wouldn't that imply that the guy is unable to satisfy his wife?!

There is also a new one for a chat line that the other and I spotted last night while watching The Replacement Killers. It seemed all innocent enough, two girls talking and acting "lonely" and it was building to something, then they have the ad for the actual number and you think the ad is over, but NOOOO, in the next scene the two girls are making out!!!! I was shocked by the craziness of it!!! Hahaha I think I was in shock (happy shock) for the next 10 minutes.

Ahhh, the other and I have been having plenty of long nights and early starts. Lots of guitar and Medal Of Honour being played. There is something so satisfying about blowing people away from large distances! The residents on campus this year seem like a rather motley bunch, but the other is loving it and it's good! Anyway, I grow weary, so this is it for today. Have a nice day! Pics (and rather hilarious ones at that) are coming soon!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Don't Bully The Kids!!!

Allrighty. I am half way across the world and finally reached my destination. Allright maybe I got here a day earlier, but give me a break I just got here and the other and I were playing the guitar like a maniac. Alfter a long nights rest and managing to completely screw up my body clock I am up and ready to blog. Hehe yeah I know I haevn't been bloggin for a while, but I was under a lot of stress and had a bunch of crap to do (thats a lie, just too damn lazy). Travelled halfway across the world with a stop in KL, malaysia. I have to say, I wasted the whole day there sleeping, I sould have gone out to the city and checked it out, oh well I guess the next time I leave aus I can check it out. And there was this dude that was following me everwhere. Quite irritating i tells ya. The guy had no idea what to do at airports so he dicided to stick with me, that'll get you thru. Well I had to get away so it was safer to lock myself up in my hotel room, where the aircon was blowing and the food was rollin.

I've gone all the way from extreme winter, to mild winter, to hot summer, to pleasant weather, then to canberra where its cold now??!!?? Its supposed to be freakin summer here??!!?? Hopefully the warm weather will prevail again soon. Not that I like the summer, to be honest probably like it the least out of the the seasons, bu I want it here so I know I wasnt screwed in the head, and it actually is supposed to be summer. Its raining, or all the mosquitoes decided to take a leak at the same time, your pick. I guess this means another day at home :P, and that suites me quite allright. HAHA. Madam N gets here tommo so hopefully I'll meet her soon.

School starts soon. Yeah I want to call it school, so leave me be. I know this sounds scary, but I am actually looking forward to that starting. Hopfully that feeling lasts, but after a whole year and a half of doing nothing, its a welcome change. Time to start using the head that I have on my sloulders. If its still there??!!??

The other and I will get some pictures on this blog sometime, after we get to taking some pictures. For now I will stop here, the action on Need for speed underground 2 looks interesting :P. Have a good day,...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Was it different?

I watched Joss Stone's live performance on tv last night and it was fantastic! She's one of the few people who can actually replicate her voice/talent live, as opposed to others who are all just manufactured. I also got to hear her speak!! I love her quaint British accent! It's just so prim and proper, and when she breaks into song it's just amazing!

Woo, only 16 hours till the other arrives! It should be grand.

You know what's a rather disturbing predicament? Knowing someone for a long time, thinking you have them all pegged, then some time is spent apart and then they're brought back into your life and they've changed totally.

There's a usual fairytale in American entertainment that two children (a boy and girl), will know each other from a very young age, and then over time they'll become friends and then a more serious relationship will develop until they get married.

I've known a girl for an incredibly long time. I think I first came into contact with her when she was an infant and I was just a few years older. She lives in the next suburb so our families saw each other quite regularly. So this went on for several years and I formed the opinion that she was a bright and wonderful little girl. As the line in the Tears For Fears Song "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" will tell you, nothing lasts for ever. Eventually we saw each other less and less and I entered a good ol' recluse phase where I didn't go anywhere with my folks. I don't know, maybe a decade later my family had a dinner party and out of nowhere this incredibly beautiful woman came upstairs and we started talking. I was impressed at how graceful she seemed but something was troubling me. Sure enough, it turned out to be that girl who I hadn't seen in years.

That was a few years back, and for some strange reason I'm having dreams about her, like she really needs to talk to me or something. I'm not a psychic, nor do I believe in that stuff, but I do have some freaky coincidences and some foresight when it comes to dreams and random intuition. Or maybe my mind has worked it out that way so I could manipulate her. I don't know why, but sometimes I hurt people out of a force of habit. I think I need to see her again. Who knows?

I'm watching this weird Austrian movie on SBS, it makes no sense! WHERE'S THE NARRATIVE?! It's just a collection of random events, I'm certain it's not a montage either, how scary!

Have a nice day people.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I power blogger, not you!

Today was evil!!!! It was so humid and so hot upstairs, I had actual sweat glistening off every part of my body. Wooo, charming! Even worse, I felt really lethargic and as a result I had to sleep in a WARM bed throughout the day. The daily exercise regime was made 10 times worse because of this. Argh, I think I'm gonna pass out! I'll end it here for today. I'm sorry. Woo Joss Stone is on tv, I'm outtahere!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Exposing the expose for exposure

I must sing the praises of Desperate Housewives. Channel 7 have been hyping this show for months. Then again, it's with good reason, their season is looking up and there is going to be a lot of TV watching from me this month. I have Desperate Housewives, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, The Amazing Race, it's all good! This show is fantastic, it's something akin to Six Feet Under in terms of black comedy, but it also has it's moments of drama and a good ol' fashioned soapie.

I've totally run out of things to say! I'm so close to finishing The Da Vinci Code! Only 30 or so pages to go, it's freaking me out!!! Just like comic book guy, let me say "best book ever"!

So what else can I say? Let's re-visit High School again (ahh I'm feeling nostalgic). Let me paint the picture for you. It's the year 2000, year 10, I'm about 15 (I have a lateeeeee birthday) and it's about 2 months into the first semester. I had just been overseas for several months and I was getting used to having my time wasted by the crap that was known as my school. Anyway, I was with friends at recess catching up when I noticed a new girl who just looked absolutely amazing!!! She was immaculately dressed and just had this whole aura of grace about her. I was about to go up to her and flirt when I decided to do some recon and ask my friends about her to try and find some common ground. It was then I found out that she was...A NEW TEACHER!!! OH....MY....GOD!

This woman could easily pass for a 16 year old (she was 24) and damn, I know it sounds so juvenile and sexist but I can't help myself, she has THE best ass I've ever seen in my life, regardless of age! I had a gigantic schoolboy crush on her, which was fantastic because until then there had been no attractive teachers in my life (and I think you haven't REALLY had the full schooling experience until you've actually had a crush on a teacher). So of course I tried to see her whenever possible because I couldn't get into any of her classes since she taught all the normal level maths and science classes (damn being gifted)!! Well being a student, it would have been rather terrible for anything to happen. The closest I ever got was a 4 hour flirting session on a trip to Wonderland. Hehehe it took sex education a few steps too far. Ever since I've graduated, I've wondered what's happened to her. Of course it's been 5 years, I don't even know if she still works there. Haha, she's probably married or something. But damn, it would be nice to see her again. I'll try to gain an interview someday for uni. It wouldn't be so unethical this time around...heeehee!

This was rather pointless. I apologise but I also don't think it's going to get any better tomorrow! Have a nice day people.