Friday, December 28, 2007

Sometimes It's Over Quicker Than You Thought

I know I said I'd do a Christmas rant in this post but I have no time so I'll save that for the next one! I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I finally learned how to play poker! Not only that, I'm pretty damn decent, I'm so happy!! I'm getting obsessed, watching vids on youtube, constant playing online, it's highly addictive, even without the betting. There are so many psychological elements present and the strategy is so involving, I highly enjoy it.

My new years plans? Sit at home alone. Great. Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Feel The (Wii) Pain!

I played a Nintendo Wii for several hours yesterday, and right now I am in several worlds of pain. I'm just sore as hell, and I still have to keep guitar practice up so it's painful, but I love it, it brings me closer to my guitar.

As mentioned previously, I am now playing with Dunlop Jazz III picks and let me just say they are the best picks ever made, bar none! Nothing compares, they do anything with minimal effort, it's gorgeous.

I saw Enchanted today, which I thought was terrible, but then I realised maybe it was a parable, because maybe I was watching it with a "real world" mentality (those who have seen the movie will know what I mean), and in that way it may come off as being deeper upon further inspection. Amy Adams is also incredibly attractive, there's something else about her that just makes her so watchable but I have no idea what it is.

I hate our plumbing. Well upstairs at least. For a while know mould has been building up around the sinkholes, and today when I turned on the tap on the sink, water backed up through the shower sink. I won't even tell you what happened when I flushed the toilet! What's even worse is that since it happened at this time of year, it can't be fixed till the 2nd of Jan, which means I have to use the downstairs bathroom in the mean time, hooray! Heading interstate for a while on the 2nd too, which should be fun.

I'll have a spiel about christmas for my next post. It was something one of my friends said that got me hip to it. Anyhow, have fun folks!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Her Ugliness Was Flawless

Been a while I know! But I haven't been doing much. I hired 22 DVD's last week and I watched them ALL. I feel incredibly freaked out, cause some of that time I didn't have a decent amount of sleep and the movies sometimes took on a life of their own. During Apocalypse Now Redux I thought Marlon Brando was talking to me and not Martin Sheen. Freaked me out I tell you.

Pick of the bunch? 21 Grams, The Departed and Mystic River. All excellently acted dramas. Some of the other stuff was incredibly overrated.

I have some more movies to rent sometime soon, but you can bet it won't be as much as this time!

Went shopping today for some birthday presents and sale items for me. Bought 2 Dunlop Jazz III Picks. Feel so good, they're firm but light so that they cut through strings nicely. Unfortunately Mini Matons and my beloved Martin signature John Mayer guitar are sold. However, I did play a Mini Maton 12 string which felt and sounded AWESOME, and was rather cheap too. Bought some DVD's that I've been meaning to get for a while, but there are a few more to go.

Also bought a birthday present for a friend, which cost a fair bit of dosh but it's good so hopefully they'll like it. It was strange though, despite it being a weekday, there were a massive amount of people there and buying up like crazy, and I felt incredibly sick with all the capitalism and guilt free spending going on. Some people don't think. Then I realised I was a hypocrite, and that wasn't good.

I had a 25th hour moment. As those who have seen the movie know, Edward Norton's character goes on a massive 4-5 minute rant about the people of New York. At the end he realises that the kindness and friendliess of the people is going to help him survive prison. I live my rant everyday. Today I had good moments and it was odd but entertaining and exciting.

Next week should be interesting to say the least. I finally graduated, so I'm happy with that. Too bad my worries never stopped.

The other is still overseas and as such haven't heard much from him.

Think I'm going to get some practice in then play a game or something! Talk later folks.

Friday, December 07, 2007

I can't see which way I'm going

I'm in dire need of a shower and a shave. I look homeless. Haha pretty soon I will be come to think of it!

I also need to cut my nails!

Oh my chords are toooooo good! I don't know why I didn't update before, I learned James Morrison's You Give Me Something a long time ago now, and I still remember the Cornell goodness. I also picked up the annoying chorus part of Eric Clapton's Change The World.

Interstate on Sun or Mon but should be back soon after.

Oh how some things make sense to some to the point where it becomes second nature, but to others it is an entirely foreign concept. Right now I have a strong sense of the latter.

More on that later.

I'm going to play guitar and engage in more exercises to prove my own ineptitude. Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I've got nothing, and it's all looking downhill from here.

There are jellyfish prints on my toilet paper. How weird is that? I wonder what the hell the designers of that print were thinking when they came up with that?

Things don't make a lot of sense lately. I overslept like crazy today! Grand tales, grand tales I say.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The World Could Be Mine, But The Dark Clouds Are Gathering

Yay, I finally posted! It's about time too. I'm sure I had stuff to blog about previously, but alas I did not make any blog notes and again I'll have to wing it.

I feel bad turning down job offers, cause they were all places I really wanted to work and would have been comfortable with here. But all that's going to change though.

Got my letter of invitation to graduation today. It's over I guess. Nothing more of that life. Also got upgraded for my honours paper so that's all good. Results out in 2 days, I'm not looking forward to that cause it was honestly the craziest exam I've ever done in my life. Even though I was well studied up, it was just very strange cause everything could possibly apply.

I've not been doing a lot lately. I've been watching movies and tv shows off the external hard drive at night, as well as playing playstation and dreamcast in the day. I'm aiming to sell all that stuff cause I won't be needing it anymore. I might buy some DVD's, and get some dough together cause the Xbox360, Wii and PS3 all look fantastic.

I've been practising solidly for 30 mins a day, and my guitaring is very happy. Picking up new modes and scales as I go.

Besides that it is really just slackness here. I might join a gym so I don't totally turn into a slug by the time holidays are over.

Wooo it's starting to rain!

What else is new with me? I don't know...nothing of value I think. I'm looking to buy a decent acoustic some time soon.

Got new ideas for lyrics finally, after practically a year of nothing! I think that's it for today. Until next time (which should be soon)! Even if it's not as full in content as it used to be! The other is around but haven't seen him much, I'll try to catch up with him before this week is out. Have a nice day folks!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Looks Familiar!

Yes it does, cause my last post wasn't all that long ago. In that time I have aged (duh), and can claim another increment of life on the belt.

So what's happened? I got my honours mark back and I did quite well so I'm very happy about that. Just studying for my exam, and I think I've got a good grasp on the concepts.

After that I don't know what I'll do. Met up with the other, things are going great for him and he shall be joining the ranks of honours people too.

Playing guitar, getting new melodies down and happy with them. A lot of my stuff seems to have a Bm7 in it though!

I really don't have much to add, I thought I did, but now I have forgotten, and I shall resort to using blognotes more!! Have a nice day people!

Friday, October 19, 2007

28 Days (or thereabouts) Later

Apologies!!!!! Yes I know there's really no point, since it's been over a month since the last post. I have handed in my thesis, and I was quite happy with the final product, so let's see how the grading goes! In the end the entire thing came to about 11 thousand words, and covers history, to war, to criminal law, to post-modern language games. But it's good to have it out of the way, that's a whole load off my back.

Other than that, I have just been studying for my only class. However, it has to be the most content heavy class I've ever done in my life. So that will make it quite tough. But that's alright, I have until the 8th (which is my exam date) to get a good summary going and understand a few more of the concepts that I didn't get before. Should be doable with the time I have remaining.

Haven't heard too much from the other, as he has been incredibly busy. I have been getting back into the swing of nightly practice/warm ups for guitar and it has been doing me wonders. Previously I had lost the ability to pick anything while standing, only chords. But my co-ordination and dexterity has improved a thousandfold with a few nights practice in a row. I feel good! I really should start writing down chords and progressions that I love, cause I record them and give them stupid names, and then I study and don't play guitar for a while and then I come back and I am unable to remember what chords they are and it sucks, cause it's good melodic playing. I've also been using new mu chords. They were made famous by Steely Dan (I haven't heard any of their songs) but I got a chord list of some open and moveable shapes, and they are gorgeous chords, they add a lot to a piece.

Troy is on tonight! It's not very good, but at least it's watchable, so here's to that. I'm quite close to finishing M2TW! After ages! Hooray! I think after that I might start up an Egyptian campaign while starting up my MTW game with the Moors.

What else is new with me? Not much actually. I think I'll leave it there for today. I'll try to keep updates coming as I get thoughts back into my head, instead of lost to the vast recesses of nothingness! Have a nice day folks.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pop like a robot from 1984!

Yes, God help me I have actually been listening to Arctic Monkeys and that stuff is addictive. I've realised that I have a liking for non-sequitirs, but I don't think I could ever use it in my own stuff. I really should write something in an odd key, like E flat minor or G Sharp Major! Good for the skills you know.

With all the work I've been doing on the thesis lately, I have lost a lot of guitar skills. It might be due to my long nails but that usually doesn't interfere with my picking skills, cause my ability to alternate pick fast has gone right out the window, or maybe I'm just losing fine motor skills! Lovely!

Death to Microsoft! They made all XP users update to Windows Live Messenger! We had no say in it at all, they said you had to update in order to sign in, those bastards! Nobody should be able to call the shots like that! I like to use classical stuff if it works! It's slow, cumbersome, but it does look good. The other uses it in his comp but his comp is very streamlined and able to run everything!

Windows live Hotmail is crap too, sure it looks flash and everything, but the change to my usual interface is just so ridiculous, I don't know where anything is anymore! Where is the CHOICE. In the rush to be new, it gets shoved down our throats and we have no choice but to adapt or be left behind.

I watched Kingdom of Heaven last night and may I say, WOW! It was a bloody spectacular movie, and now I must buy the Director's Cut DVD. I've had a hankering for Hollywood Dramas of the Medieval/Roman period, after all my doco watching of the same era. I also wanna watch Alexander, but I think I'll either download or hire that cause I've heard bad things!

My thesis is coming along, slowly but surelyyyy! I will just be SO happy when it's done. I thought it was all under control, then as I ventured further today, I realised I have a lot more to write and I think I might go over my word limit substantially, hopefully nobody will notice since it's meant to be a big piece anyway!

I'm out, have a nice day folks. Till next time! Johnny Marr's playing in This Charming Man is superbbbbbb! It's too good, I think I can listen to that on repeat forever.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where's all the confusion?

It's strange how I've noticed that as the older I get, I run into more people who have to take medication on a daily/weekly basis. How many sick people in the world are there? It's grose, watching people get ready at the start of the week sorting pills. People wonder why it's so easy to get addicted to things, where society sets us up from birth to pretty much be addicted to anything.

I have started to get really addicted to The Smiths - This Charming Man. I never would have guessed such a great melody could have come from an A major scale. I don't use it much, but after listening to this song (and learning it, which was a real bitch cause it's so hard to play well), I think I might have to use it for some things. Like seriously, I'm hooked on it (did someone say addict, haha) and I just listen to it on repeat over and over.

I also committed Chris Cornell's You Know My Name to memory, something I've been meaning to do for a while. I also need to do the same for James Morrison's You Give Me Something, then all shall be good with the world.

Haven't been up to much. Just meeting up with the other sporadically as we are both busy with work.

Evil? Thesis be thy name!

I have been SOOOOOO unmotivated this semester, it's almost sickening. Been doing practically 80-100 words a day in stupidity on assignments and a thesis. It's pretty messed up, I don't think it makes much sense. Let's see how the final product pans out.

That's it for now folks. No thoughts in my mind at all. Not even anarchy. Wow! Have a nice day!

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Alright To Die

I just watched Final Destination. It was incredibly entertaining, I enjoyed it! And damn it, Devon Sawa is a competent actor. Never thought I'd be saying that. But there's a good lesson to be learned from it. We are going to die someday. Today, tomorrow, a few days, a few years. It's going to happen. So you should try to do something with your life, and make it worthwhile, cause you don't know when it's going to hit you. I'm ok with my mortality, once you accept it, it's ok because you feel a good degree better. So do something! Do something fun. Do something you've always wanted to do.

I hope I go out nicely. But who knows, it's not for us to decide!

Have a nice day folks!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some People I Know Think That I'm Rude And Abusive, I Think They Can Kiss My Ass

I have been absolutely obsessed with Daughtry's It's Not Over. I think it's the perfect blue print for a rock song by numbers. 3 Chord chorus progression, alternating riffs for verse, soaring vocals, the only let down is the solo. I learned the whole thing, I just had to, I really like it! I know it's half a step down, but with the exception of some of the open notes, I can play it damn it and sounds right (cause I play in standard)!

I have been incredibly slack and stressed yet busy at the same (good sense I Make yes).
I have to reiterate how crappy and incompetent my university is. They love putting students in catch 22 situations with no help.

Case in point? With Honours currently I have to do a proposal for my paper. Easy? You'd think so. Then I keep getting feedback saying it's too general, and that I have to narrow it down to chapters and how I'll conduct my argument. Well that would be easy, if I HAD A BLOODY TOPIC AND THEY TOLD ME HOW TO NARROW IT DOWN! On top of that, how am I meant to write about chapters I have not written or planned out, cause my proposal isn't done? It makes no sense and once again goes to show how fucking stupid they are. The thesis is due in week 13. Next week is week 5. It is meant to be 6-8 thousand words. I have done zero. Because this fucking proposal thing is taking so long to sort out.

I am really on edge about this, and frankly I'm starting to not care. Which is not good, because I am unable to withdraw, because I'm worried my future employment or pay is contingent on my Honours, and if I withdraw this late (even through no fault of my own), I will incur a HECS penalty. Thank you Government, for your blatant stupidity and lack of reasoning in policy for having the HECS cutoff date so early in the semester, and with no possible recourse for grievances. I may have to resort to chucking a psycho and yelling at people towards the end of semester.

On top of that, I have an assignment given out next week, hooray for crapness! It's for a subject I'm not really understanding, or maybe I'm overthinking it and it's incredibly easy.

Ahhh that's it for tonight folks! Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I've Got A Feeling, I'm Not The Only One

Ever had one of those days where you stay in bed and you feel everything is going grand. Then no sooner do you get out of bed and it all goes downhill fast? Today was one of those days.

I hate my university. The admin, the teachers, everything about it is just awful. They can't do anything right really!

Been watching a lot of pay tv lately. It's quite good. I like educational stuff. Always learning something new.

Sometimes you just can't be tere for people, and it's not good.

My thoughts are becoming fragmented. My playing is getting better and better. Is that good? Are they linked? Who knows.

Some surprises can be shocking.

Have a nice day folks!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Things Get So Crazy

Indeed they do. Been slack in my hols. Just playing games and practicing guitar regularly! I feel good. Almost too slack, nope not almost, definitely true.

Why is Daniela on BB so hot? It's ridiculous.

I'm sick with some sort of shite infection that I'm taking meds for which don't seem to be working. What happens when you drop dead before you finish your degree? Or right after you graduate? I hope they drop your Higher Education Contribution Scheme Debt! I wouldn't be shocked if they didn't.

The other has been sorting his stuff out which is good, and is working on new stuff, which shall be good to hear. I've been working hard on melody. Cause that's where it's at.

But don't think I've forgotten any lightning fast scalar runs when I need them!

This should be a quick one I feel tired. Stay safe people. I really should start keeping blognotes again! I'm sure I've had stuff to talk about but now it all just escapes me.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Struggling Here

I have got the flu! Hooray, sick in the holidays, always the best way to go I say. I really love how randomly generated words in spam e-mail is. They tell the most interesting stories. My eyes are burning, my throat hurts, and I have an occasional chesty dry cough, boo hoo.

My guitaring is freakish now. For some reason right after I've cut my nails I've just been picking up all these songs I didn't know instantly. I don't know when my music retention became so good, considering my ears and general memory are pretty poor.

I was at the mall yesterday and I held a second hand bass, and despite the weight which I'm not used to, it's just so much damn fun to play. I would really like to play one, but I don't know if I have the patience to actually learn it properly, cause I would want to play it damn well straight away.

Well the reason I couldn't contact the other was because he had already gone overseas! Haha but I'll see him when he gets back, it's all good.

I think I'll spend tomorrow doing a bit of my honours proposal and just some general resting up. That's it for today folks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's A Far Cry From The World...

In one of those moods. One of those meh moods. And I hate those moods, I hate the word meh, and I hate people that use that word. It provokes an automatic punch in the face reaction.

I think I need to do something. What? I don't know. I've gone to standard tuning from half step, so I can continue with my chord vocabulary. I'm seeing La Femme Anomaly this Friday, which should be good, cause I don't even remember the last time I saw her.

Weird things going on as always. So disjointed. I'm not making any sense. Where is the other?? He hasn't been online in a month. I suppose I'll ring him and see what he's up to so we can do something. I'm out.

Damn I thought I had good stuff to say now I'm all out of ideas. So much for my "reliable" memory! Have a nice day folks!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Making Up For Lost Time, And Time Yet To Be Lost

Hello folks. I am done with the semester, exams over and I am sitting pretty. Just had two exams, I think I'm ok with how I went, but I guess I'll know more once results are out. For now I'm relaxing by catching up on all the episodes of Ugly Betty and Heroes that I've missed. Then I guess it's time to start the video games up, I have to finish Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion sometime soon and then start up with Medieval Total War 1 and 2!

Then I guess I should start getting my butt in gear for my literature review for my Honours paper. After all, my proposal is due in week 2 of next semester. Then I have to do between 6k-8k words before week 13. Should be interesting. I have not seen the other online in ages, I wonder what the hell he's up to!

That's it for today folks!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Now is the winter of our discontent...sort of

June is here, and so is winter. Hooray! Not really, it is damn damn damn freezing these days, and it's only going to get worse from here.

I was insanely sick yesterday with a good ol' bout of food poisoning, in which case I had to miss my first day of university ever! 1 day in 5 years isn't bad though. But I'm fine now. Stupid take out food, never getting stuff from that place again!

Met up with the other and T-Man day before yesterday and it was grand fun! Just need more time and no constraints and it'll be like the glory days again!

Studying for exams now, things should be fine, I should hope! Until next post, Joaquin out. Have a good one folks!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Woe Betide May

Is there even any point in apologising anymore? I seriously thought this would have gotten easier with only three classes, boy was I wrong. I think I've been busier this semester than I have any other semester. Include other things such as job hunting/preparation/interviews and things are just brutal.

However, I am now done. That's right, no more assignments! Only exams left now, which take place on the 12th and 13th, so I'm looking forward to some light study and seeing the other (cause I have not actually done anything with him in AGESSSS). Too long I say.

Next sem should be interesting. Only one class as well as my Honours paper to do. This means I have a 5 day weekend!

However, I do need to get my proposal done over the break, but that shouldn't be too tough, cause I have a rough idea of what I'm going to do. But specifics wise, that's where I have no idea. I also need to pick a supervisor. This is not good, since the better supervisors who had expertise in this area have all left. What am I to do?? I'm sure I can think of something.

So much has happened since the last post, but since I have been so damn busy with uni and other crap, I have not made any blog notes whatsoever, and my memory is in the same place it always is.

In several weeks I will have at least one degree, hooray! About bloody time I say, half a decade of my life, just gone! Validation is good I suppose.

Songs of the moment? Justin King - Change. Rush - Far Cry. Incubus - Dig. Absolutely great I say. I think I'd like to learn another instrument, but I want to totally master (well at least to me) guitar before I start that. Maybe piano? Maybe bass? Maybe drums (I have no space)?!

All things must come to an end, even Tears For Fears knew that - "nothing ever lasts forever".
Indeed, kudos.

I'll aim to re-start my regular posting cycle soon. Have a nice day folks.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Return of the Joaquin!

That's correct folks! I have returned from my five day holiday in Sydney and I had a lotta fun. Although it is scary how a lot of Sydneysiders have a strange attraction towards PDA (public displays of affection), as well as rampant public making out, and I'm not talking the innocent stuff either! Right in the middle of Darling Harbour, one of the busiest tourist hubs in the world, and it's like a freakin' R rated movie I tells ya! I had a grand old time, I visited various places such as Bondi Beach, and The Art Gallery of NSW was a big standout with awesome paintings, although some parts were closed for renovations, but I will see the rest next time. The house sized paintings were my immediate faves, but there was a lot we missed, that I must see next time! I also went to the Museum of Contemporary Art too, but I did not enjoy it very much, so much for being a post-modernist! My fave pieces were all at the Art Gallery, and were very much of the classical tradition!

Also had the best ice cream ever at Baskin Robbins at Circular Quay. The Citrus Twist is DEFINITELY THE BEST THING I'VE EVER TASTED! I have to try the new one that's opened in the city here, and if they don't have that flavour, all hell will break loose.

The John Mayer concert rocked! We were a fair bit back, but I could still make out the man himself. It was a highly enjoyable show, although the set was short (70 mins), and a lot of my fave songs were missed out. Ben Kweller sucked majorly. But I am in love with the Sydney Entertainment Centre, now I have a mission to play there someday, cause it just craps over everything we have in my city. Mayer's voice was in fine form, as was his playing, he is a delight live, as well as in albums. No mistakes at all, although he did a variation on the riff from Vultures which I did not enjoy as much as the proper riff. But it was great to be part of I suppose, since it was my first real concert (Hi-5 doesn't count)! Great energy in that place.

Right now I have an essay to do by the end of the week, even though I have been granted an extension, I don't want it hanging over me when uni starts up again. I also have an interview with a rather large world famous company on Monday which requires me to go to Sydney again, but that'll only be an overnighter. I'm a lil scared by it though, cause my application was so bad for that place, and I am also a lil sceptical as to having to move to an unfamiliar area. Anyway, this will just result in talk of my thoughts on the entire graduate recruitment process, which I have discussed in an earlier post, and need not be revisited. That's it for today folks, good to see everyone is alive and well, and posting! Have a nice day people!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stop that piss mid motion!

Whats happening people. I know I know, I won't even apologize anymore. There has just been so much happening at the moment. I can't wait till this bloody semester gets done, and guess what its only half way there. But as always the last few weeks fly by with all sorts of crap that you have to turn in. On top of all that I have a two week break, but I guess I can't really call it a break as I have more work to accomplish than what I have to do in the normal study period. I just can't wait till its over.

Life in general in Canberra is slow. The little random things that happen are what you hold on to, and damn there have been a lot of random things happening. Random drunken rants, and things said that no one should really know (This goes out to Mr. Big J, you know what I'm talking about, we take it to the grave, you said what you did, I said what I did). Haha its been a funny few days really. Emotional topsy tervy. I'm still trying to figure out how to over come gravity... It takes a while to master. Random phonecalls from somepeople who you thought you had left in the past, makes you think what the hell is going on. Poeple claim to have done something to you, that you could swear someone else had done. Thats the crazyness that is my life. If anymore random things happen I swear, I'm gonna go to Bermuda. Even bloody Bangladesh are winning a few matches in the world cup.

Had an interesting conversation after a massive night, down at manuka, when we went to see Kid Kenobi (which was great btw), J2 (as I shall call him) burst out talking all of a sudden. Asks Ratshit how long he had been with his girl, and he said 2 years. Asked me. The he goes on, yeah, I was with this girl for about a year, she cheated on me, so I smasshed the shit out of her. We were all like what the fuck?!? Then he goes just joking. See even my converstations that I have with people are completely random. I am random and I like it.

I have turned my whole schedule around by 12 hours. so I sleep during the day, and stay up and work all night long, till I attenmt to make a phone call to Europe, then pass the hell out. Its been working quite well for me. I wish I could stick on this schedule forever. People = shit, and they irritate the hell outta me. Its better to stay this way. The other thing is that everyone I end up spending time with follows the same pattern, and so it works out for all.

If I could go anywhere in the world where would I go right now??? I think the answer is LA. Why? Been watching entourage way too much. Why am I stuck in this crap hole??

Friday, April 13, 2007

Guess who

Greetings readers. How goes it. tis been a while. Well here i am, in Malaysia right now. Things have been goin pretty well i guess. its been a while since i've been here, about a couple of months, and still enjoying it. Still haven't dreaded about coming here, well atleast not yet. So lets start of with the bad things. MALAYSIA has the worst weather ever. it is freakin hot during most of the day, and in the afternoon, guess what? it fuckin pours n pours. its fuckin horrible the weather here. The PPL!!!well there r so many different species of them to start of with. first of all u have Brumiputra's who are the actually malays. nice ppl. then u have the chinese(still can't get them off my back, its like they'r destined to be where ever i go) who like other chinese ppl have moved to different countries, start taking over all the businesses and start calling it there home. then u have the INDIANS, like any other indian's just decided to move to malaysia one day and started calling it there home for no reason. more specifically its the south indians(the blacks).

Food is bloody cheap here, compared to where i used to live before(the others know what i'm talkin about it). but the food itself, not all that great, but decent. Woman u ask????hmmmmm some yea maybe......eeeeeeekkkkkkk to the rest!!!!Shopping id good fun here. Brands and everything are damn cheap, the best place for shopping i say....CLOTHES MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALCHAHOL...damn cheap and good local beer as well!!!!!!!!anyways thats all for now.......should get around to writting more since i got my internet now....LATER!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Countdown To Extinction: Over

I have done all my apps! Hooray! That's 40+ out of the way that I never have to worry about again! Just have an essay to do by the 23rd which I think I should be able to do. But for now I'm off to Sydney until Sunday. Some time away from stress and the computer should be good! I feel bad, I wanna get back to RTW BI, but I know that I won't get a chance for a longgggggggg time due to my Honours paper in mid year. However I will find a way, I only have one class next semester!! And ahh! All good, I'm going crazy. Enough for now. See you folks later. Have a nice day!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Countdown To Extinction: Countdown Aborted???

Well once again I wind up looking quite the fool. But before that I must digress or else I'll forget to post about it again.

I watched the search for the next pussycat doll and I was absolutely horrified! Mark McGrath has put on so much weight, I hope Sugar Ray never get back together! And that show is just terrible, I don't know how girls can put themselves up to so much scrutiny and blatant expoitation and not seriously go off the rails.

Anyway, back to my original comments. I screwed up in my calculations. I will be away from the 10th-15th as already mentioned, but I was informed today that this would only cover the first week of the holidays! I will still be around for the second week! Haha that means I don't need to finish off the essay in 8 days. I in fact have roughly 15 days! But that doesn't matter I'm actually getting a good write up on it now so it'll come through eventually. However, I also realised that it was bigger than I thought and it's actually 2500 words! Still, I think it's very doable.

However I still must get apps done within 8 days and I am FREAKING OUT! There are so many damn places to apply to and I still don't have an electronic copy of my transcript! There's also a crapload of places I'm going to apply to and a LOT have different processes for handling applications so you have to re do stuff for practically each one and it's just a real pain in the ass.

Haven't spoken to the other in a while either, I'm guessing the other is insanely busy with work before the mid sem hits us so he can actually enjoy his break! Anyway, here's to more work, and hopefully some semblence of a break! Have a nice day folks!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Countdown To Extinction: 11 Days To Go...

11 Days. It's hit me. I don't know if I can do this! I realised that ALL my job apps have to be in by then because most of the good places close while I'm away! That's more work than all my assignments put together! The assignment I have to do shouldn't be tough. I'm getting there!!! So close, so close. I need pep pills I swear.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saving Graces

I had an interesting dream the other night. For some reason I was going around with Dave Chappelle in some sort of candid camera show. Then suddenly everything morphed (as it tends to do in dreams) and I was watching a women's soccer match. All of a sudden I was playing on one of the teams! Somehow, I was playing a women's world cup match playing for Canada vs some East European country and the East Europeans weren't happy. Nope, I wasn't good, in fact I played poorly! Hahha, I just thought it was odd that's all.

In other "exciting" news, I discovered one of the major essays I thought I had to complete in (the now) 14 days is actually due in the second last week of school! That means 8 more weeks!! Haha, now I'm sitting pretty because that 400 word report is done and I'll have 14 (well really 13) days to get a 2000 word legal opinion done and that's much more manageable! I'm so happy! Freaking out for no reason! Oh well, I better get back to it. Have fun folks!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Little Lies

I didn't even realise that we've passed 365 posts! But that's a great effort, and props to the others!

After reading the other's brilliant post, I've realised that I too, am in the crap heap. I have exactly 15 days to finish 3 assignments. One is a 400 word report, easy enough. The other two are a 2000 word legal essay, and the other is a 2500 word legal opinion essay! That is not cool. So much like the other, I must also bunker down and get my butt in gear for the work ahead. Hopefully I can finish off that report tomorrow and get started on the other stuff. I usually do up templates and stuff whenever I get an assignment, it makes me feel better cause it feels like you've actually accomplished something, even if it is superficial.

I've also realised that within that 15 day period I must also send out job applications. This would be alright, since I spent the last few weeks doing up a very nice CV for myself. The problem is bloody cover letters and answering selection criteria, it's such a huge strain on time it's not funny. Coming in the middle of assessment period, it's seriously a kick to the head. Interesting really. It's like uni, I didn't know what I want to do, and I still don't, and here I am in my final year of studies. Now it's crunch time and we're sending out job apps to whoever the hell we can possibly try out for, since it's more about probability, if you keep sending out things, you're bound to get an interview sooner or later. However, that takes away even the mere possibility of getting something you actually want, since most of the time it always comes down to so many people wanting so few positions. And this is most likely to decide where we spend the next 40 years of our lives. It's pretty crap isn't it?

I've picked up a nasty habit. Nope, nothing contraband, but damn I went to a careers fair last week and a place gave out lip gloss. It's nothing too exciting, it's the usual vanilla flavour/smell but damn I am hooked!!! I keep sniffing it, I'm even too scared to use it for fear that it'll disappear eventually! I'm also smelling the lil tote bag the Attorney-General's Human Resources Department gave me, it's that highly processed plastic smell that too is also very addictive.

Ahh 15 days, crunch time. I can do this!!! However, it will also mean a lack of posts from me for a while, but don't worry, I'll be back with a vengeance soon enough! Stay out of trouble people, until next time!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is a nothing blog post...

Well its another day, and a new start. I know its been forever that I've blogged, but I'm back. Things are more or less back to their normal state. Its been a crazy semester and a lot has been happening, that has been keeping me away from this, but now I have worked things out, and its time to be back in full swing. The fact that the cricket has been on these days sure doesn't help things.

This uni is pissing me off. The internet has been down for so long, that I feel like I'm back in the third world, where this is merely a luxuary. I mean I would be fine if the phone lines where down, but the internet is just too important.

Been following the cricket recently, and its been a crazy cycle. The games have been good, and it seems like my home country is going to make it to the top eight countries of the world. Now thats quite inspiring knowing that they are a really young nation. But due to this cricket watching, there is a lot of work that is piling up and needs to be done in the next two weeks, so I gotta get cracking.

There is a lot I have to blog about, but I'm just not getting the time at the moment, so you're gonna have to forgive me, I'll get to it as soon as the work is out of the way. I just thought I'd write an update so that people don't think that I'm dead or something.

Alright, I know this is a nothing blog, but its just an update, I'll get back into it, but I just have to go and watch 300 now, been waiting to watch that for so long. Tommo I have to get cracking, and hopefully get one assignment out of the way, and once thats done, I'm almost there, one to go... So wish me luck, and I'll get back to you guys soon enough...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Far Away In The Next Room

The reign of terror is over! Hooray! Ferrari are again reigning supreme, and Kimi Raikkonen is in a car that can deliver the goods! Too bad for Alonso, it's all over and dare I say it's about bloody time! Mark Webber, Webber, Webber, how awful. His career is over dare I say. Made a stupid move, should have gone to Renault, Red Bull was only downwards. But props to Raikkonen, and a very curious eye on this Lewis Hamilton! What an excellent drive from a rookie, he has a bright future ahead of him. However, I am lamenting the brutal downfall in Williams, even though they can beat Toyota (their manufacturer), they are nowhere near their dominance of 10-12 years ago.

Week 5 coming up so I'll be getting into the swing of things assessment wise. Aiming to get all my stuff done before the mid semester break because I'll be in Sydney for a while and I won't be able to do any of my damn work for an entire week (which happens to be the week before everything is due)! I'll do my best though.

I had block cheese tonight for the first time in agesssss and I love it! Haha I remember the last time I did that, was like the 2nd last time my folks were overseas and I was watching Nigella Bites and I was feeling a bit peckish, so I was cutting bits of cheese and putting mustard on it! How student like! It was good.

I played Medieval 2 Total War last night (the gold demo) on it's lowest settings and it still looked amazing. Last time I only had the regular demo and played on the auto detect settings and it almost killed my computer. With the lowest settings however, it ran fine!!! I did all the historical battles and won them on the first try (Otumba, Pavia and Agincourt). However the first run on Agincourt had an issue where we were attacked from behind and I sallied Henry V backwards to face a cavalry charge head on (he was dismounted) and he was the first one killed! But I did do better the second time around. That's got me thinking, after RTW BI is over I think I may buy the second hand limited edition from the local games place of MTW2. I already have the first MTW downloaded, but we'll see what happens with that. This all of course has to happen during the midst of the assessment "goodness", not to mention trying to think of an Honours topic AND job applications. Crap, so much stuff to do, I better get around to it soon or I'll be screwed!! With more money I can buy more games! And better stuff in general!

Was at the other's on Thursday playing co-op Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and by god, it was truly awesome. Never before has co-op actually meant co-op. The linked team maneouvers were awesome, and many a "tomo-nagi" was had! I can't wait to play some more actually!

Went to Drop D for a bit to learn some Trivium songs, then I just had to go the whole nine yards and now I'm currently back in DADGAD, and I actually composed a proper piece in it! I feel so proud, it also sounds pretty damn good.

Well I'd better start making some headway on the assessment trail so I can post some more soon enough, however I will be busy for most of this week, but hopefully I'll be here. Have a nice day folks!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

No Power

I really should stop fingerpicking. I think I'm at the level of skill with hybrid picking that I shouldn't have to just use fingers anymore. But alas I still fingerpick, and as a result my overall fine picking skills diminish for a long time until I can re-start my practice regimen.

I managed to save my Rome Total War BI game by taking a city when the chips were down, so I think I'm on my way to winning (eventually).

Why is it that acoustic versions of songs I like are so far superior to the original?? It's interesting I think!

You know what I've noticed? The proliferation in chubby bunny-ness. No, I don't mean that cute game with marshmallows, but pretty girls who are chubby below or above the waist, never both. It's incredibly disturbing, how does such a thing happen?? I never noticed it before this year, but this semester I've noticed that they're everywhere. What the hell is going on??! It's not physically possible I say!

Haha another interesting point is that despite being away from the blog for so long, I still have no new updates for the Joaquin Rate List (JRL) which is pretty damn impressive I must say!

This is my first real weekend of being home since uni started and I am enjoying it. 2 days in and I've done all my work for next week, so I'm just going to play for the next 2 days! May even start some prelim assignment work. I've also recognised that most of my assessment is due in a 2 week period mideay through the sem, with only 2 things after that, barring exams. It's going to be a lovely semester!!

Until next time people, have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The State Of Things

Finally, everyone is back in the blog world and we can begin anew. I must apologise for the mystery missing month of February. I can't believe I let a month slip by without saying anything, then again I'm sure I didn't have much to say.

I have started the Expansion to Rome Total War, Barbarian Invasion and it's bloody tough! I started off as the Huns, and they aren't really good tech or econ builders, so fights need to be effective. They also lack decent infantry, and coming from RTW where I used Roman Specialised infantry all the time to crush everyone. Now I'm relying on a few infantry units in sieges to take walls so I can take a gate then send cavalry through to flood cities.

I used to build up cities then build a crapload of troops to send off, now I need to apply some brain power to my fights.

Uni is alright, these 4 day weekends are AWFUL! I'm always out or parting first 2 nights, which means I have to study the next 2 days and it really just feels like a normal week! I need to enjoy the time I say.

Good to see the others back in fine form and blogging. Ran into the original other yesterday and some fun was had with PS2 goodness. The good gaming times should be back as I'm going to see the other tomorrow, with a controller for some good 2 player and team goodness.

This new blogger layout is pretty crap I must say, they forced me to get a google account! Those bastardos! That's it for today folks! Have a nice day. Hopefully some good blogging action to come throughout the year!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


greetings readers, been way too long since te last time i blogged. basically been on holiday n just returned to uni. In a different country now, closer to home, Malaysia. i'll prolly take a few more days to settle down, get the internet at home, and then prolly start bloggin again. Thats all for now folks....ciao

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Return Of The King... Not!

Well, its about time that I blogged. I know its been too long, but what can I say I was on a vacation, and hence a vacation from everything. Na thats not it, the net is just so slow down there that I just havn't been online. Well I'm back now, and there will be blogs most days from now on. My classes just started, and after coming back 2 weeks late, there was a lot of catching up to do. Well this is blogger 2.0 we just updated to it today, and let me figure out what it can do. Its absolutely boiling down here, and its giving me a classic headache. So today, I must apologize that I can't write the massive blog that I promised to. I'll do that tomo, for now I'm off, a completely cooked knaves...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Something's Not Missing

JRL list updated...check - (it's at

New guitar strings put on...check - sounds like a dream!

This post over...check!

Have a nice day folks! Those of you how got the reference, kudos!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The String Incident of '07

I should have mentioned last time that I finished RTW! It was a bit of an anti-climax. I had made the last faction retreat to a small town at the edge of the South East part of the World Map and I just steam rolled them and that was the end of the game. I started up a campaign in the expansion pack, but not with the same zeal as I did with the original so I'm not getting much of that in.

Back to uni on the 19th, which is still a month away. I watched the entire season of Treasure Hunters in one day and it was awesome! I loved the puzzles, it was excellent! Very different to The Amazing Race. It has been absolutely frying lately so I've been sleeping in a lot. I'm going to get in Borat tonight as well as re-stringing my old guitar.

Taking off the old strings was an ordeal and a half. There was a lot of dirt in the saddles so the ball end of the strings would not pop out and I had to find a way to pry them loose but I got them all out, gave everything a clean and now I'm putting on some slightly heavier gauge coated strings so hopefully they will be durable. However, it still took a good 2 hours. I've never re-strung an electric before so it should be good to see what happens.

I've also changed my speaker settings to Stereo Surround, because the signal is just so much stronger, I'm just hoping that it doesn't effect 3d sound in my games, I'll have to give that a test soon enough. You know there are 14 additions to the JRL that are still yet to go up??! How shocking, I WILL GET TO IT, I SWEAR!

Had a massive slushie the other day and it was excellent, I'm craving another one already! I also finally bought a Stereo to Stereo socket plug so I can plug my guitar into the computer and play some great stuff. I'll get some audio editing stuff so I can dub some stuff, the sound is spectacular through my new guitar, with a dual humbucker set up.

Alright, next time the JRL update will come and you can all rejoice. I shall get to my game sound testing now. Have fun people!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All The Girls I Know Are Depressed

Well I think they are anyway.

Still practicing like a psycho maniac! My playing has improved to quite a scary level. Been messing about with other alternate tunings such as EBEF#BE and DADFCE. Interesting, I composed a song in the first tuning which I think kicks absolute ass, and I cannot wait to show the other. DADFCE is a bit of a thoughie, as I am a bit more used to DADGAD as I can use some Justin King like tapping when I need to get away in a tough spot. But there aren't the same harmonised strings, so you have to know precisely where you want to be at all times. I attempted Don Alder's DRDR, to horrible effect (without my high E I'm a bit lost), but I did manage to get some of the slow melodic bit down so I'm quite proud.

I have been alternating between the high action (it's got action like a bloody egg slicer) acoustic and the new electric, and that's going damn well. I'm sooo in the market for an Ovation or even a small model Martin (I can't get around dreadnaught bodies too well cause I'm not very tall).

Anyway, I know I still haven't updated the Joaquin Rate List, but I promise it will be done ASAP! We're having work done on power lines tomorrow so we're not going to have power throughout the day when it's going to be absolutely cooking so I don't know how the hell I'm going to survive.

The other has returned to Bangers from his mini trip and he mentioned something about blogging sometime soon so be on the lookout for that!
Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1st World Failings

Last night we had a blackout at 3:30 am! What the hell?! What's more, it was our side of the street, how strange? What pisses me off is that it's like the 3rd blackout we've had in the last 6 months. This is meant to be a first world country, feels like I'm bloody overseas in a third world country. It's messed up I tell you. This is the price we pay for quick expansion when the infrastucture can't handle it. The main arterial road in Canberra is having work and it's just a bloody maze. It's ridiculous. I thought the local Gov we have is the best we've had so far, but they're starting to fail miserably, and it's not cool, because the opposition are the conservatives. What a world, what do they say? Lesser of two evils? Yeah, that's it.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Whip Those Fingers, Whip Them Good!

So it finally happened, I broke a string. After 3 years of the same strings on the good ol' Jordin, the High E snapped on me while strumming some chords softly, and the whip smacked me on the left pinky and it was horrible! The fretboard feels all weird without it now. Since I have no idea how to re-string an electric guitar I'm gonna wait till a friend comes back from interstate to re-string the entire guitar. However the nightly practice sessions are going damn well, and have mastered 2 more complete scales. I'm also going to have to resort to the Yamaha for my playing now while I break in the new strings when I get them. Hopefully they don't snap, cause it'd be crap to break strings on a fairly new guitar, and especially on a floating bridge!!

I was wrong, and it seems the next installment of the Joaquin Rate List is probably the biggest addition ever!! It just grew so out of hand!! There will be a few surprises as well as shocks methinks.

Had some people over from interstate the other day who I haven't seen in about 7-8 years, and they absolutely loved the guitars. One had only played in High School for standard music classes and she hadn't forgotten a thing, her theory was absolutely superb. I told her to play a D Minor chord and she formed it and I asked how she knew that was the formation and she said "well it'd have a minor third in it" and I was floored, amazing stuff. I taught her Sixpence None The Richer's Kiss Me with no problems at all. Her older sis (a mean classical violinist in her own right) also took a big shine to it.

Well it's time for more practice, so have fun folks! JRL update soon!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Like Lightning I Say

Just a quick one this time around. Hope everyone had a good new years and didn't get up to too much mischief. My updates will be sparse for a while as I have been getting a crapload of practice in at the usual blog time. Picked up 2 complete scales in 2 days so I'm quite proud - I Rock!