Sunday, October 31, 2004

Come Dig Me Out

Tonight is the start of Daylight Saving on the East Coast so instead of it actually being 1:30, it's now 2:30. Damn farmers!

I'm rather happy though, as I have been able to revise two whole subjects within two days. This was all inbetween bouts of procrastination. Why oh why does procrastination strike at the times when you least want it to? I read a good quote about it though.
"Procrastination and masturbation are one and the same, in the end you're only fucking yourself".

Hehe how true! I am remembering most of the stuff I'm reading so that's a bonus. Already done on my revision checklist are Contract Law and Communication and Media Research. Tomorrow/Today sees the dastardly revision of Tax Law!!! *Insert old school villain music here*. I really do not have the confidence for that subject. I should have done the assignment, but it was optional and at that time it was given out when I had a lot of other compulsary assignments to do. There aren't that many notes, just gotta know which notes lead where, and what part of the legislation applies where. Now I have to contend with a 100% exam, as opposed to a 70% one. Sheeeit, I really hope I do not fail that class. I would just die if I had to do that class again.

I should probably lay off the Vanilla Coke. I drink it so I can stay up late to study, but I don't really study after midnight so there's basically no point in drinking it as it just keeps me up.

Hooray! The greatest Australian band of all time (Motor Ace) are in the studio working on their third album so I am jumping for joy! They are NOT licked yet folks!

Why am I addicted to paracetemol? I don't know! I had to take it when I was sick a couple of days ago with a really nasty cold, but I'm still taking two pills before bed for absolutely no reason. They don't help me sleep, they don't do anything. Ohh no I'm a pill-popper! No adverse reactions I hope. Too bad it's not Vicodin or something wicked like that.

Nothing does anything, anything does nothing, something is nothing! Why am I so cynical?! Why am I asking questions I do not know the answer to?! I don't know (wooo is that considered an answer)?!

Well because it's so "late" I'd better hit the hay! Good day folks!

"Soma Holiday"

Take A "Soma Holiday" today. Forget the pain, suffering and sorrow, forget that it exists. Blinded by the truth wispered in our ears, "We are nobody, one person can't make a difference." I think what you think, we think the same, in essence we are the same. How can this be that I've lost my mind, and handed it over on a silver plater, to take the wheel and drive?? Is it possible to have only happiness, bliss, and then rest in our euphoric demise?? Whats mine is yours, and yours in mine, tonight shes mine, tomorrow you decide. I can love my car, but not love a person, that would be unwise. What if she didn't love me, oh that would be unwise. Whats mine is yours, yours is mine. Take A "Soma Holiday" today. Lets forget the pain...

Don't mind that, just something I put down after watching "Brave New World." I have to say, that this is really one of the greatest ideas I've had the pleasure of hearing, along with 1984 by Orwell. Age old question, can our minds be programmed to think certain things, and block off what we don't want?? Is it possible to be content without the need for pain?? I personally think that one cannot exist without the other. For example, how would you know that you feel good, without the knowledge of what feeling unwell is?? Just like absence implies presence, unwell implies being well. One requires the other. The mind is stronger than we give it credit for. But every now and then I wouldn't mind a Soma Holiday...

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Music edition!

I thought that it would be good to have a special music edition of my part of the blog. As my profile will tell you, I like all genres of music except for hardcore yokel-like country music ("well everybody, grab your cousins and steal a kiss" hehe)! So my taste is pretty wide. I really enjoy virtuoso stuff but I can also appreciate simple melodies.

So my thoughts? The greatest band at the moment (in terms of sheer skill) has to be Dream Theater. My only gripe with them is that their songs drag on for ages, their keyboard player should play piano instead, and for a classically trained singer, their vocalist has such limited range. But other than that, the musicians in the band are easily on top of their respective fields at the moment.

I really love story telling in song writing. Just good every-man (Death of A Salesman-esque) type songs. The songwriters who apply this to their songs are Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp. Once you uncover the lyrical depth and hidden meanings in their songs, you realise that these guys are true poets (cept for Mellencamp, he just makes simple observations).

Best find for 2004? Alter Bridge and The Red Sun band. I'd advise you not to ask any questions and just go and check them out!

Biggest shock? Sum 41!!! I've only heard one song off their new album 'Chuck' but I've got to say that they have totally changed their sound into hardcore, with a good political message (it's borderline thrash metal)! I am just in awe at how the hell it was possible, they've earned my respect. Think of a band like Metallica all shirtless and dancing all poppy like to a Britney Spears song, that's the kind of turnaround I'm talking about here.

Biggest letdown? Jane's Addiction breaking up (again)! Dave Navarro deserves some effin' respect! He's the best new wave guitarist in the business. Also right up there with the let-downs is Kirk Hammet's solos being cut from the St. Anger album for Metallica. Don't get me wrong, I am one of the few that liked the album, but the guy is a legend when it comes to lead guitar. Why have him play the same stuff as the rhythm guitarist?

What made me happy? The formation of Velvet Revolver (Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and the musicicans from the original Guns N' Roses lineup)! Slash is back, children!!! Bow down to a masterful self taught guitarist!! He brought blues into hard rock (let's not think about Led Zeppelin and Mister Page).

What made me sad? Jet winning so many freakin' ARIA awards. They are sellouts and are being aptly rewarded for it. Well that's it for tonight folks, hope you enjoyed.

Friday, October 29, 2004

False Reality??

Another day down, better mark that day off the calender, but what day is it?? I lost count a long time ago. Its amazing how my days all kind of mesh together as one long streached out day. Damn thats one eventful day. Do we live different lives while we sleep? Or is it possible for us to be productive while we sleep. Had a wierd dream this morning about playing that "In the jungle song", I got up and then picked up the guitar and picked it up in a matter of seconds. I almost got a feeling that I played it before, strange. I better not be living a completely different life while I think I am sleeping. I don't like being kept in the dark. Hmmm but I seem to like the dark...

Why do people feel the need to bullshit. Yes, every now and then it can be over looked, but some people are just simply bullshit artists. I don't see the need to bullshit in the first place, if your not happy with what your doing, then go and do what you want to bullshit about. Well this friend of mine, he can't help himself. Hehe hes pretty bad at it as well, and whenever I point out a flaw in his story (you usually don't need to be a rocket scientist) he gets all pissed off. What?? I'm supposed to let him get away with crap like that?? People need to be more honest with themselves.

Is the world coming to an end?? What the hell is the "simple life"?? People don't have anything better to do than watch 2 stupid rich bitches act like the bimbos that they are?? I think all reality shows are just pathetic, but this is just nonsense, they need to be wacked with a baseball bat, and the producer needs one between the eyes. At least that might give them all a few ideas!!! Honestly I had no idea that its possible to be that stupid. Especially Paris Hilton, no not the hotel. I feel so much dumber after watching it. I need to read something smart, where is my bible??

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The killer in me is the killer in you

When I log in to blogger each day, I get a list of recently updated blogs. I don't bother to look into anything that doesn't have a a catchy title. So I visited this site and was instantly amused. If you like cynicism with a good dose of wit, you will absolutely love this

Found out at uni today that practically everyone has a live journal and one person even updates his 3-4 times a day! How scary is that? Was cheated out of $200 today!! There was a footrace around the concourse which would have been about 800-900m. You could enter as an individual male, female or a team as well as best dressed. The winner of each category was to receive a prize of $50. So we tried to monopolise the event by putting in people we knew into every category and decided we'd split the dosh. I got to run in the teams event with Kevin. So we get the call to get ready and someone says go so we just take the hell off and we got off to a great start, there were only two people ahead of Kevin and I, who were both part of the individual race. As we come back for the end of the first lap, we get told that it was a false start and we have to try again!! What kinda crap is that?! Anyway, we only had enough for two laps and three would have been out of the question so we all left. Then I found out later that an old college friend and his friends won the team event because there were no other teams in the race!! Damn nation! We were caning them the first time around, so stupid!!

Exam time is approaching soon so I'll have to cut down on my net use as well as blogger until the 10th but I shall still post sporadically, when it suits me. Stonefest is on this Fri and Sat, but I cannot go. It's a big party held at UC, where one night is for live bands, and the other is for DJ's and electronica. It's supposedly the biggest party in Canberra and the best event to go to. Unfortunately I cannot make it as I have to study. The Von Bondies will be playing, I feel so cheated! I could have broken the singers arm and played guitar for them! Even for the songs I don't know, a few power chords here, a few string bends there, it's all good! Oh well.

I've said it once, I'll say it again, I REALLY HATE STUPID PEOPLE! My tutor for CMR graded my friends and I poorly for our major assignment as well as our class participation! Don't fret, we all still passed. But I went through my assignment and I had conflicting views on a research piece I was critiquing (which obviously meant that the research paper was dodgy as it tries to be objectivist and constructionist at the same time)! My tutor goes "but you said that there, and something else here", how the hell can you not put two and two together?! On a side note, my nose is running like a crackwhore's, but back to the story. It's insanely stupid. My friends and I are the only ones that KNOW what's going on in the class and we don't ask stupid questions like "what's a variable, I need it explained like I'm a 6 year old". When people in a position of authority are in power and it takes a whole fucking gigantic procedural handbook to get the situation rectified, it just pisses me off. She just sits through tutorials not knowing anything and I just want to grab a brick and club her freakin' skull in! There are no brains to protect so there would be some purpose to it. She also mentioned that she would have liked to have seen more references from the reading brick and not the lecture notes. Out of 17 (YESH, 17) references, only three were lecture notes! She even noted I had a good list of resources. What a biatch, I am just SOOO angry right now. Just because she cannot understand something, she comes down on it. It's not my problem. I don't write for fucking children do I? I shall still complain, don't you worry. We'll make it up on the exams anyway, and utterly destroy everyone else.

I found out that the girl I was rejected by has snagged herself a boyfriend so kudos to him and good luck to them for the future.

The song 'A Thousand Miles' by Vanessa Carlton is so awesome. I wish I had written something like that for Les Femme Anomaly! You know what's strange? 'Black Hole Sun' by Soundgarden. The delayed/phased setting on Kim Thayil's guitar and what he plays during the verse totally reminds me of her for some odd reason! I'll tell you all about the appeal soon. Hope everyone has a good day!

Tick Tock, Is My Mind Really Ticking??

How did I become one of those poeple whos lives revolve around their blogs. Well maybe I'm just bored. But damn its 4 in the morning yet I choose to do this... Well the other can't say I didn't stick to my promise. This is just gonna be a short one though. Disaster struck, for some strange reason everything on my computer was running differently, it was almost freaky. Yeah you got it right, another format for me, it almost becoming a habbit. I think I better go back to my linux os soon. And on the tech note, I decided that Firefox was the way to go, and I totally promote it!! So go get it, I hear a new release just came out...

Have you ever noticed that when you really need something, its never there? Well maybe its just me but everytime I get really hungry in the middle of the night, and go down to the fridge, its usually pretty empty, and whatever is in there is not what you really want that the time. Its quite depressing really, when I'm extremely hungry, I want something that tastes just perfect, but that doesn't seem to happen. Yeah I know if I bothered to go shopping then maybe there would be something interesting in the fridge. For now I'll settle for a can of tuna. I bet the other is gonna have tuna nightmares tonight!!!

There was a time when I could spend hour playing games, why can't I do that anymore?? Yeah odd lan parties can be quite fun, but to be honest, games have become boring, when you play against people you know then there is a challenge. Most of the games are based around the same thing, and its just getting a little boring. They need to make more games that are just fun, and not complex. Complexity doesn't make everything brilliant. Alright, Prez says to go to bed, and I think its about time, my head stopped working 10 mins back....

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Can't Make Up My Bloody Mind

I'm too dependant on technology, and theres no two ways about that. Last night my phone lines were out coz some jackass a couple of houses down the lane decided to throw some bricks at the phone box. He says it was an accedent, yeah, and the queens my grandmum! I was so bored that I bored myself to sleep. At least I caught up on the sleep, I see those dark circles going right away. Well to my defence there isn't much else to do here on this mountain top, and boy its getting cold up here, damn turn the ac of I swear!!!

I've noticed that most of us don't want to go thru the trouble of figuring something out for ourselves. People are constantly asking me to spoon feed them, and you know what, it would be good if they bothered to show some interest in learning what I am doing, instead of just calling on good old knaves. Yeah but thats not what got me thinging about that, its amazing how much we guitarists bank towards finding a tab rather than sitting down and figuring out the song for ourselves! Most of the tabs are wrong, but still it makes life that much easier. Last night (yes due to the fact that my lines were knocked out) I completely sat and figured out "When paula sparks - Copeland" and I felt good about it after I had done the job.

My year is finally ending, now that the formula one season is over. Its no surprise that the German won the championship, but I have to say that the season did end in a positve note. Next year may hold more surprises that you would think. Don't get me worng, I think Michael is a brilliant driver, and deserves the championship more than anyone else. But I would like to see him get it, but not with so much ease!!

Its the battle of the browsers for me, firefox or opera. Yeah IE doesn't even come close to either of the two. On one hand Opera is fast as hell, but inorder for gmail to work on that, I'm using a beta version and that has a few javascript glitches, it wouldn't bother me normally, but this page is rendering in a wierd state, I hope this post actually works!! Firefox is nice, but too resource hungry and too slow for my liking. Anyways, I gotta go mess with both of them for a while longer, so I'll stop there.

People go squish!

Before I get into the blog for today I'd just like to point out this AWESOME blog! After reading a few of his posts, I've realised that this guy could easily pass for one of my friends! Give it a read, witty observations about modern day life!

Hok now that the link is up, it's time to get to my blog. In fact I don't think I shall go back to my blog notes yet, I shall wing it for one more night at least. I was sitting in the library today (as I do in my lines off) to study in my fave seat. It's next to one of the windows on the top floor, where you can see off down the walking path that leads to the shopping centre. Anyhow, I noticed a spider was in the corner of the window (outside) making a web. Inside the safety of it's web it was so sure, so confident, so fleet of foot. Then as soon as it left the web, it slipped all over the window and fell right on its head on the pane. Is that nature's reward for stepping outside of your comfort zone? Or maybe it was a perfect way of showing how humans have messed up the environment (glass being artificial).

People have urges. Sometimes they're primitive, sometimes you just cannot explain them. I think about killing people a LOT. Just random strangers as I pass by them on the concourse. Ones I spot from a distance. Ones I can hear but can't see. I fantasise about killing each one in a myriad of ways. I like to analyse every detail of them, concoct a background and possible future and devise brilliant and ironic ways of just butchering them. Am I going to act on these urges? It's extremely doubtful. The worrysome part is basically the reason. I have no reason for thinking these thoughts! Is it because I can? Because I want to see if I can get away with it? Because it makes me happy? All of the above plus many more? My favourite would have to be a stab to the spine. Not a serious stab but enough to sever the spinal cord below the neck so the person is paralyzed. Then SLOWLY put deep cuts all over the body. Next all you have to do is just wait and watch them. The thrill wouldn't be in the kill, it'd be in seeing what the other person thought as they lay there dying, not being able to do a damn thing about it!

The other was making a good point about wanting to go out and take pics. We have both recently procured some portable digicams so I'll see if I can get into some of that stuff in my hols and post what I find on here. Good day folks!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

With whatever is in my pocket, I shall take on the world!

Shortest blog in the short history of this blog right now! Nothing to report for today. I don't feel like expanding on my notes and I feel so tired. I'll get to some good notes soon. I promise! Nice day folks!

Monday, October 25, 2004

It's like an episode of 24...without the action

If you would like to know how my life is right now, all you have to do is read the title just above this. I had absolutely NO sleep last night! I am an insomniac yesh, but at least some nights I get a few hours sleep and on other days I can sleep 12 hours without worry. But I had ZERO SECONDS asleep! Ahh!

How can Jack Bauer in 24 function after 24 hours awake? I don't know! It's not possible, the first series showed how fatigue affected him over a day but in the other two series, he was infallible. How can his aim be so perfect?! How can he think so quickly?! That's right, it's Tv, and it's not real!

I'd like to take this second to quote a fairly new song by Jebediah entitled 'No Sleep' .
"No Sleep, C'mon, C'mon"!

Ahh there we go. I can't even go to sleep now, I have to wait until 2 am until I can record the Brazilian F1. Then I have a bloody early morning class. How could things be so nasty?!

I'd advise everyone to listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan's cover of Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing'. Blues virtuoso playing simply does not get any better than that.

When I told my dad I hadn't slept he asked if I was worried about anything. Of course I said that I wasn't (when I was).

So what was I thinking about? Les Femme Anomaly! I just say her name over and over and over again in my head. I cannot stop thinking about her or how great it would be if we were together. I am not in love however! But ahhh, I just do not know. This is what gets to me however. Any other girl and I wouldn't mind so much if it was going to be negative. But if the same were to happen in this situation I would be utterly devastated. The words of Madame N have come back to haunt me, she was right! I guess in time we shall see.

On a side note, if you crush a spider, can it come back and bite you on the ass? Hehehe! Good day folks!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Insert Fast Solo Here---->

I'd like to take a moment to say that the system is screwed. What system you ask? The WHOLE system, you know which one I am talking about. I was thinking of how I've seen many a person from my High School still working in the same jobs in the same positions they had 5 years ago. I thought it was even funnier that most of them considered themselves part of the "cool/hip/popular" group and now look at them. Most of them failed college. I thought it was sweet irony that they'd now be pumping gas or doing menial tasks for the rest of their mediocre lives to make up for what they did to some poor children back in High School (if you saw what happened, you too would agree).

Then I realised, not everyone in life can succeed. As much as we want them to, someone is needed to pump our gas (if you can understand what I'm saying). Society needs failures in order to function properly. If society cannot function without failures, what hope is there for humanity and the pursuit of happiness?

World peace is not a possibility. In a world where violence exists, violence begets more violence and so it continues in a vicious circle until both sides are destroyed. We are a world that believes in an eye for an eye justice. In terms of "real" law (as in the courts and such) there is a doctrine that pure justice is not based on the tenent of an eye for an eye. However, when a child walks into a table or hurts themselves on an inanimate object, why do we hit the object to satisfy the crying child? This teaches children from a very young age about this warped sense of justice, it resides in their core beliefs so that it is unquestionable and paramount. Hence, we're screwed.

On Thursday as some friends and I were leaving class, we got into a discussion about who voted for who at the federal election. It turns out the people who we thought were the most left-wing among us actually voted for Liberals (in Oz this means they voted for the Conservatives, a rough translation of the American Republicans). They made the basis for their votes on the strength of the economy and safety from the threat of terrorism (whereas even the semi-intelligent realise that it is the current Government which has opened us up to more of a threat than ever). I love living in this world of fear! To quote the novel version of Men In Black, a crowd is only as smart as the dumbest person in it. How true! Maybe if this fear could be capitalised on, it could be for the benefit of all of humanity. Oh well, I can still dream can't I?

In a random blog search for people who shared the same interests as me I came across these two very good blogs.
A young girl who plays guitar. Full of the pre-requisite teen angst, it's good for a read to see how her daily events pan out and to be reminded of youthful carefree days.
Another one is
Some guy in the U.S. who plays guitar and has been on blogger for a fair while. Interesting site, got music, pics, and a good take on suburban life.

Something sad has dawned on me. I am going to die alone. Usually thoughts like that do not occur to one until 40-50 years of age. 2-3 decades early which is a big shame. I'd like to think that it doesn't bother me but unfortunately it's always there at the back of my mind.

Well, we have a BBQ lunch at my sister's place tomorrow so I have to get up reasonably early to make it so I had better end the blog here. Have a nice day folks!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Its Like Scrambled Eggs!!!

Firstly I'd like to express my anger at the staff of hotmail. You guys just completely suck, you guys work for one of the biggest companies in the world, can't you do anything right?? What am I so irritated about?? Why do I not have 250mb in my inbox while most of the other people have it. Ok fine maybe they have a criteria for who gets it first, well then they should have it posted up somewhere so I can know why I don't have the much needed space??!!?? I think I'll stick to gmail for a while longer, at least it does what I say!!

Watched the whole friends season 10 episodes. I'm a little saddened that its over, but I'll probably get over it in a few hours. Its not like they are real people right??!!?? Hehe its quite funny, I think that is the only series that I have watched every single episode till date, I surprise myself. At the same time I realised that I haven't really watched TV in like 2 months, good thing maybe, but maybe I'm missing something??

There are somethings that really bother me. Especially when someone accuses someone of copying something off them. Well if you are sure then hell yes spot it out, but if your not, shove it!! Like today I read about this song that might have been copyed of another lesser known band. Well yeah to be honest it is similar, but copied?? Hell no. They are two completely different songs. There are only 12 notes in a scale, and if you have some music theory knowledge and follow a scale, there are chances that you'll end up with the same chords as someone else. So who ever said that the lifehouse song sounds like the bliss 66 song, your wrong!! And I would like to add, that the lifehouse song is much better than the bliss 66 song!! If Shakespere is considered a legend, then anyone should be able to copy others work and make it better. Coz Shakespere was a borrower and a betterer!!!

My days are always so wierd, sometimes I'm bored, and at other times I am overwhelmed. Like right now, I am tring to do this, but a million people are messaging me!! Why can't all this be spread out so that I can be entertained through out the day??? That would be just perfect, and we can't have that now can we??

Ok I've been reading a lot about Farenheight 9/11... To be honest, I thought it was worth watching. Hold it before you start throwing paper at me. Yeah I know about some of the deciets that were present in the movie. But at the sametime I think it served it perpose. Yeah Bush is no good!!! Don't get me wrong, he is the best comedian thats out there right now, but he is just so pathetic at what hes doing. Son you should just move to LA and get your own late night show, leave the presidency to someone who knows how to at least talk!!! So as the movie was out before the elections, at least the people are getting the other point of view. Ok I'm sure everyone knows how misleading the US media is, and how it influneces masses to make the wrong decession. So even if some of the facts in the movies are a little screwed, it served its perpose. Hopefully this will make people think twice about voting for Mr. G. W. Bush.

On that note, congrats to Madam N. who is Madam/Ms/Miss Prez now of the IISANU (I think I got it right??!!??). Hopefully the power doesn't get to her head. Fingers crossed people!!

This is the wierdest thing thats ever happened to me. I wrote the music for this song, and to me it sounds fantastic with a lot of potential. So I sit down to write the lyrics, and I just blank out. But since this evening, I've come up with many incohearant actually perfect lines, so the songs building up together in strange way. Different to my normal process, but i'm not complaining... My head feels like theirs a war in my head, so I gotta get some shut eye... Stay Classy Out There People!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Two peas in a pod...eaten separately

I'm not sure about making this a big one for today. I managed to sleep 12 hours last night. That's what University does throughout the week, sap your strength until you just give up! Don't worry though, I have amassed a fairly good lot of notes in my blog notes to expand on over tomorrow and the day after. I guess my lack of anything to report probably stems from not doing very much at all today. Got up, ate, watched tv, that's about it!

Classical guitarists scare me. People are all like "wow rock/metal guitar, they are awesome, they can't be beaten" and whatever. I'd like to point out that 99% of classical guitarists are probably better than the best 10% of any other genre of players. They are absolute freaks. I saw an infomercial (yesh I am a loser) and some guy called Esteban was peddling this acoustic he had designed. Anyhow, he did a demo and he was just freakin' amazing! Fingerstyle players are evil! If I had more co-ordination I would switch to pure fingerstyle so I could grow my right hand nails out and paint them all sorts of fabulous colours! In light of that, I would like to point out this link:
On the homepage there is a link for a video clip called Dr Dr. I'd advise you to go watch it if you want to see how good guitar can be in the hands of a master. That also reminds me, Tommy Emmanuel (arguably the greatest fingerstyle player in the world after Chet Atkins) is playing at the Royal Theatre very soon. I'd like to go see him but it would probably be very expensive and during my exam time so that's out of the question, oh well!

I know it's an old cliche, but don't ever judge a book by a cover. I think the biggest case in point I have experienced is in High School. When I was in year 8 (or 9), music was compulsary. The two instruments you had to take were keyboard and guitar. Of course this was a long time ago, before I even cared so needless to say, I was rather shite at guitar but decent at keyboard. Ohhhhhh, how I wish I could go back in time with my skills now! I'd blow them all out of the water I tell you. Anyhow, there was a girl in our class (who shall remain nameless) who had a very nasty reputation for being promiscuous (although, even in her own words they were warranted) and all the other presumptions which came with that tag. Anyway, some friends and I were just messing around with the whiteboard and trying to self-educate ourselves on some basic musical theory. Then all of a sudden, we heard an absolutely wonderful melody flowing out of the grand piano in the music room so we all turned around to see who it was. We expected to see our gifted musical teacher showing off once again, but it was indeed the girl I mentioned. Even then I knew how technically complex the music was and what degree of skill was required. An amazing classical piece, such beautiful execution. I was in shock after then. From then on I knew it was a bad idea to make presumptions ever, I still do it, but I am not so quick to do it without learning something myself.

Les Femme Anomaly!! Haunting my thoughts! I can't think properly in a normal way! Ahhh! Do I think I have a shot? I do not know! I just do not know how she feels. The good ol' pessimist in me is saying give it up and just enjoy what I have now cause I will be no doubt disappointed very soon.

My brother has come from interstate for the weekend to see my sister off who is going overseas again so I am in less than a neutral mood! That's it for tonight folks, have a nice day!

"We can be heroes" but I can't be bothered...

Hello folks!
Had a very interesting tutorial today for Communications and Media Research. We were doing an in class exercise on Discourse Analysis.
One text was from a Communications Journal where a Discourse Analysis had been done on the series 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', which was very interesting!

The other papers were based on works by Judith Levine as someone promoting sex education and opposing views that abstinence should be the only form of contraception.

The main ideologies which popped up were of course related to sexuality and morals. This sparked an interesting debate as well as cast an eerie atmosphere over my tute group of 20 people. A fair few people stayed quiet and I commented to my friend that it should be easy to tell who has had sex! Of course the liberal among us stayed quiet as not to have our teacher think less of them, but a fair few of the religious folk had plenty to say.

Of course I do have standards, and I don't think I'd be to have sex before marriage. But this is a serious grey area for me. It leaves me feeling angry a lot of the time. Some take sex as just a bodily reaction which needs to be satisfied (which it pretty much is), which makes it meaningless in a grander scale. Now I don't want to sound like a self-righteous Bill O'Reilly hoe, enforcing my beliefs on everyone etc. but I can totally see the opposing viewpoint for this. Maybe I'm a hopeless (heavily emphasised) romantic but arghh! Where is society heading, without morals and many a child? The facts are there, 80% of teen pregnancies occur in homes that are low income in scale (I'll source this when I find my paper). The world is overpopulated as it is and society's problems are just getting bigger. When people go through problems, they say "hok, I'm going to stop and think about this". This is the problem with the planet, we've put ourselves in a position where we are no longer able to stop, and thus, we will not be able to solve any problems. I don't care if you've had pre-marital teen sex! Do we need to live in a sex-obsessed society?! It's holding humanity back from achieving our full potential. Hopefully we'll learn before we drown in a sea of people (which is already happening in many third world countries).

Given that, if there's one thing I cannot stand, it's the religious right. I do not mind when folks are religious. But isn't religion there to teach people to be caring and tolerant? It seems that the over-religious seem to bash on every single minority available. What is up with that?

I don't like how religion conflicts with science/technology. In light of Christopher Reeves' passing last week, it's good to highlight the battle over stem-cell research. All they are requesting is the use of infant stem cells. For the uninitiated, these are cells which contain the base cell sequence to create any healthy cell contained in that body and these are contained in the blood cells in and around the umbilical cord at birth. Of course, the umbilical cord is cut at birth and the blood and remaining cord is discarded. If the stuff is being discarded, why the hell is there a fuss over it? Nobody is getting hurt and it can only produce good. I want to see the religious right having to suffer through a loved one undergoing serious illness or injury and requiring stem cells in order to recover. Humans are meant to be the only being which can feel empathy, so why the hell do we never use it? We have to actually BE in a position to know what it's like, and most of the time that's just unrealistic.
That being said, I don't agree with cloning. Sure, it could be used to clone organs and such to help humans, but you can rest assured that the rich and unethical would be cloning whole people to replace themselves or to use as organ/limb harvesters.

Hehe had a good thought today based on an old saying.
"Hey! Don't take the lord's name in vain"
"Of course it was in vain, I called out and he didn't show up".

I've ranted enough for today so I hope everyone has a nice day!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Exit On The Left Should Get Me Out Of This Thought..

When I clicked this song on windows media player, I didn't realise that I'd have it on repeat for so long. Just can't get it out of my head. Try it out, Ryan Cabrera - On the way down. But be warned, its extremely catchy!! How come everyone has important things to do, and everything that I do is considered unimportant. Talking to people and staying in touch is just as important to me as anything else. Hell all the people I talk to are my friends, and I sure as hell don't want to lose them coz I'm stuck on a hill. What else do I do, well I'm doing everything that I always wanted to do day in day out, just laze around and do what I enjoy doing. Haha maybe thats the reason non of my things to do are important, coz I enjoy doing it!! If a kid who doesn't want to play an istrument is forced into doing it, its ok, but when i spend hours writing a song, its a waste of time. To hell with them, I'll do what I want. Thats right I'll do something I enjoy for a living!!!

Why do all these chocloate companies make mixed bags of chocloate?? Sure it gives us a variety and we eat most of them, but everyone has a favorite right?? Actually its the consumers fault, why do they buy those when they can just buy what they like the most?? Whats irrtating me is the dark chocolates in my bag of chocolates. Finished the rest, now all i'm left with are all these milky way midnight, what am I supposed to do with them?? Another thing is photography, some places have better landscape so the pictures turn out better. So all those pictures of all those completely beautiful places has no merit. Take a picture of something boring and make it look good, and you'll be a hero in my books.

New York city is a city that never sleeps, I was born there, so I think subconciously I kinda like that atmosphere. Yeah I like people, and I need to burn that "people=shit" t-shirt, its jsut not me. Don't get me wrong China or Dhaka just give me headache, those arnt people, they are like ants marching. But what I'm getting at is that I am living in a place that is completely the opposite of that. And especially with a week and a half long break all the people have left the city, and I could probably hear the someone calling the Z's in the house next door!! To be honest I don't mind it too much, makes my guitar sound louder, and have the sarenity that people can only dream off, why would i complain...

Saw the most brilliant house today, something like what I would like to have sometime in my life. A friend of mine came across it, and I hope she gets enough people together so that I can go check it out from time to time. Absolutely lovely!!! When is one considered old?? Going in to freshman class older than most, I feel old. Though most of the people in that class would think I am one of the youngest in that class, but still I know how old I am. I know it doesn't matter, in the end we all reach the same goal. Yet its on my mind...

I have one advice, never go thru a woman's purse. And if you must, make sure there is nothing hard in it, coz even a slap wont hurt as much as if she decides to carry something heavy. Like may be an anvil?? Hehe no these cartoons are influencing me too much. Cheers people..

Tapping without taste

Ahhh, the meds seem to be working their magic. A lot of the side-effects have worn off so I'm feeling much better but I'm still far from 100%.

The contract law quiz was not bad at all. I actually thought it was much better than the week 7 quiz. I also took a lot longer to make sure there weren't any traps that I missed (which happened a lot last time). My tutorial group was made to do the test (which is online) in a computer lab in the Engineering/IT building which I have passed many a time but have never been in. It is absolutely stunning from the inside. You'd think the Law building would be the nicest building on campus but I was wrong! Such a shame they're axing Engineering in a few years to save on costs. Hopefully the building will still be around for student use.

I think I have to enjoy the coming weekend as much as possible. It's my last free weekend before I start hitting the books for exams (my exam study timetable consists of 12 hours study and 12 hours sleep). Considering the sheer amount of material in some of the classes (and the relative difficulty of the others) this is not going to be an easy task.

Interesting blog title for the other's post. Time travel. Is it possible? Of course, the key is travel at light speed. The question is can mass be moved that fast without something nasty happening to it? Can we harness the energy required to do this? In physics, the theories say the speed of light is the ultimate barrier to conquer, where nothing can be predicted and a lot of the laws of physics break down (don't even get me started on black holes). I remember in High School, a classmate of mine said that the light-speed barrier is only a minor obstacle and should be viewed like the sound barrier (which caused a lot of trouble for physicists before Chuck Yaeger broke the barrier), that there will be a collateral effect (IE sonic boom) but then everything else will be fine.

I do think time travel is possible, but there are just so many theories which could apply that it would be ridiculous to just go into them all. Without getting into a discussion on black holes (and possible wormholes at the singularity which lead to other black holes or universal dead ends), if we made something move at light speed on this planet, time around them slows down (slows down but does not stop). Once that thing has slowed down, it is in actuality "younger" than the things around it. What happens at light speed? I don't know, but if it's nothing and we do eventually conquer this barrier, there is a potential fountain of youth (think of the possibilities).

With materials on the planet, sheesh I don't know. I think if there was a ScramJet type device which perpetually got faster (on a craft with basically no air resistance), there's a decent chance. But it would most likely need to carry a gigantic ass magnet to warp the temporal field around it so it could travel a lot faster.

Anyway I am feeling a tad sleepy so I shall hit the hay. And to the fans I say have a nice day (notice the rhyme)?!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Satriani did NOT teach me how to play guitar...

Ahhh the meds, the beautiful meds! I am extremely messed up because of them. I have a quiz for contract law later today which should be damn funny. After this blog is done with for tonight, I'll get back to some more revision.

What the hell is with the weather? Cold in the morning, heats up, then cold again! We just had boiling weather last week and now we're back to freakin' winter. The weather reports say it'll be rainy but the temps should dip to above 20 degrees later in the week so I'm hoping they come good for once. I blame it all on El Nino, I oughta kick his Mexican ass.

Friday will see the return of an old friend from the Phillipines. It'll be interesting to say the least.

1144 days age difference shouldn't be a problem at my age should it? I managed to get a few lyrics down! If only I could put them with some sort of melody. Anyhow, I'ma comin' revision!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Time Machine??

Take my advice, having a whole pound bag of skittles isn't good for you. Well who cares it was damn good while it lasted, bu now all I'm left with is a stomach ache. It should say "Warning to be take in small doses only", but then I should have known better. Oh!!! Maybe thats why they are in those small bags, and not in one huge bag. Hehe thats right I am feeling a bit stupid at the moment, and yes Madam N. you had warned me!!!

Its funny how fast our bodies get used to something. All my life I have had short hair, just about a few months ago I get a strange urge to grow my hair, and so I do it. As soon as I got it cut today, I got a strange feeling that I was missing something. If we can so quickly override our life long habits/senses then damn thats a bit freaky. No wonder people change. Time almost undoubtedly changes everything.

Speaking of time, whats so great about the time frame that we live in. All this damn technology is getting irritating. Things are updated almost every minute, and soon once I get to Uni, I won't have enough time to keep up to date and not to mention enough bandwidth. Sometimes I wish I were living in the stone age, life was definately a hell lode easier. Don't get me wrong, I love technology, but just think would it be so bad. Especially if you had no clue none of this existed??

Getting distracted too easily these days, have to work on my concentration level. I sat down an hour ago to write this blog, but got distracted by the beautiful melody of "strange - vonray" and just had to pick it up. I can't help myself when I hear a nice tune. And also, there were no tabs, so I wasted more time than I needed to. Can't really call it a waste can we??

This whole last year has been an experience for me. I don't think I'll ever has as much time as I have had and am having again in my life. Thats quite sad if you ask me, hopefully I'll be able to take a long vacation at some exotic place and forget about the materialistic worries that are cluttering my head. I think at any other stage in life it will be a lot harder to forget about the responsibilities and just unwind, so I better enjoy it!! I personally don't have any regrets on taking this time off (I've been able to do everything that I intended to do) but as I talk to more people I realise that ammount that they have accomplished already is so much greater than what I have so far. Well maybe who gets there first doesn't matter, but I'll always be behind. I can look at it in a positive way, send in the troops, observe what happens, then make wise decesions, hehe sorry folks seems like you are my human shields.

Ok I think thats about enough for now, no need to take away more time from your precious life!!! I think I'll get back to playing Strange (G,Dsus4,Em,Cadd9). Oh and keep you eyes pealed, only 2 weeks for the US elections to get over. Why do I care you ask?? Coz who ever wins in not only gonna rule the US, but will have the power to cause enough damage in our worlds, our worlds we'll never fix...


This is going to be tough! I have no blog notes for today so I'll have to go off my memory which is never reliable.

Got my haircut and I was able to get my nails cut so I'm sitting pretty right about now. I'm on meds for an undisclosed ailment (trust me it's disturbing and you don't want to know).

My freakin' morning class was cancelled so I got up early and went to the other side of the city for nothing so I was pissed off for most of today. Stress in my life is not good, considering the ailment which seems to be compounded by stress! Ahhh 'tis a terrible cycle.

If this keeps up I won't be able to sit for exams this year and that won't be good. At the Doctor's today there were two girls my age by themselves! Go independent women! Hehehe then me and my father, that's a whole other story. Shite, this blog is so sporadic it's not making much sense.

I need to stop sending out big e-mails to everyone. They're usually 3K+ in size and take me a few hours to type out! So time consuming. Tomorrow is sleep in so I'd better go make the best of it. Don't worry, I'll have notes tomorrow and it'll be grand, I swear! Nice day folks.

Monday, October 18, 2004

"Master of Puppets pulling your strings..."

Ahh! My barber was closed today so I couldn't get my hair cut so I have to live with the boofy hair for a few days more at least. I hate it cause it's all around my ears and it's just ahhh, so nutty.

Heheh I knew this girl who went to my Primary School and High School. She lives 2 streets down but since I live right at the intersection of a T Junction, I can see her house clearly. She always seemed so refined, not to the point of being snobby but just enough so you could tell just be looking at her and conversing with her. Anyway, you can imagine how shocked I was when I was looking out of my window on my regular afternoon stare to see her scratching her ass like a rabid monkey! I almost collapsed in a fit of tears and laughter!

There is going to be a war, no not a war on terror, this is called a neighbourhood war! We have young stupid neighbours who party all hours of the day/night who constantly have people over and keep making a ruckus. My High School friend who lives opposite me has decided to join me in our quest to drive them out of this side of town permanently. I would put down what exactly what we have planned but that would be rather stupid of me so I shall not.

Best line in this blog's history with the other's last post! So correct about his comment on the 4 cars (...and one for Sunday), absolutely brilliant social commentary at it's best.

There's this game on the Mega Drive called Shinobi. Simple side-scrolling madness ninja game. Anyway he had some special powers where he could explode himself to kill everything on screen then re-form himself (at the cost of a life of course). I think people feel like that when they're angry in public places! If only it could be so true.

You know what strikes me as interesting? Religion and war. From an objectivist standpoint, it is quite obvious to see that the concept of an after-life was created to stop people from doing nasty shite to each other in this life. But now people are fearless and willing to use it as an excuse to butcher each other. Well maybe not now, this has been happening for a few millenia. What's even FUNNIER is that athiests who believe in nothing, who seem like an existentialist lost bunch are the ONLY ones who understand the preciousness of life. They don't start wars to force their beliefs on others. What a tolerant bunch so kudos to them and my blog is over for today. Good day folks!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Back But Highly Drugged!!

Well I am back from the stoneage, and its a lot easier to blog from here... Thus I haven't updated this in a long time. Since I just spent the last month roaming around in total chaos, I think I will reflect on it.

The last month went by with some crazy events, but hey almost every week something crazy happens, life would be boring with out these events. To give you an idea of what goes on back in Bangladesh I will tell you about my bus journey with some people who have no clue what to do. Firstly there are about 30 seats, but obviously they are gonna fill it up untill your basically hugging the guy next to you (don't ask, thats how the system works, but then again Dhaka is one of the most crowded cities in the world, so maybe its justified) This guy gets on, but he can't show his ticket, but he wont get off either. Hes screaming at the driver and the driver is screaming at him. Soon enough the whole bus errupts as everyone shouting at each other. And then a full on brawl break out, inside the bus. After recieving a few jabs in my ribs, I got irritated, so squeezed my way out, gave my ticket to the guy who lost his ticket and went on the next bus. Bloody idiots these people are!!!

Some people just have too much money. Some families have around 4 cars, one for the dad, one for the mum, one for the kid, and one for sunday. No wonder there are so many trafic jams especially in the third world counties. When people have money they just have to try and show it, its no use in the bank account??!!?? I swear there are more cars then there is space on the roads. Either they need to invent cars that can fly, and create a fifth element senario, or they need to limit the number of cars one can have, something like in China with kids. But one thing is for sure, this provides job opportunities. People drive their own car??!!?? Thats like a foreign concept there, They just hire a driver who sits around all day waiting for the owner to run his errands. Damn what a boring job, someone give him a game boy!!

Actually to hell with reflecting on that, I can sumarize that in one sentence "people just don't have respect for one another!!!" On to more pressing matters.

How could those bastards see me half the 24 season saying that its the full thing. I spent 12 hours of my life watching a story that I will never see the end of. Ok maybe I will sometime, but I'm impatient and would rather have watched it now!!

My whole room is spining right now. I had taken this one antihistamine and it made me kinda sleepy,then my mum wanted me to take this more hi fi blue pill that was gonna cure me instantaiously, Man was she wrong. I can't even keep my eyes open. Reminds me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon ( I think ) where he uses match sticks to keep his eyes open. You know what I can't stay awake right now. I'll finish this later on when I make more sense.... ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz


I have returned!!! Assessment is over!! Just a stupid online quiz and exams then it's all over! Hallelujah! 2 weeks of normal uni to go so I am avidly looking forward to it. 4 months of holiday is not enough I tell you! I say we should move up to 6 months of holidays and 6 months of uni. It's the perfect balance.

I got my contract law assignment mark back today! I did pretty damn well but not as well as I was expecting! Damn, I should have done the theory essay questions and not the problem solving question knowing that my teacher is a hard marker! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to thrash everyone on the quiz and the exam. Contract law is sooo easy, gotta love it!

What is it about hot girls in sports cars that gets me all worked up to the point of wanting to race them? I honestly do not know! Luckily, 80% of the time I am not the one behind the wheel so everything passes by with incident and I am free to perve instead of putting all my senses towards concentrating on racing.

Came to a good conclusion the other day: if you want to make money, do law. If you want to understand the world, do communications.

Local elections today, I don't know the result because I haven't been home but I'm sure the same people are in so I am happy! They're doing a good job but I don't want a jail in Canberra. I got to vote at my primary school which is EXACTLY the same as it was when I left there 8 years ago! Except all the playground equipment and trees are gone and it looks all bare. My folks allowed me to walk home so I could see a bit of my own neighbourhood (which this hermit has not seen in many years mind you)! It was interesting. I saw all these houses that used to be in my dreams when I was young and I think it's odd how everything you see goes right into your subconscious and it comes back in your dreams whether you remember it or not.

Unfortunately I also saw many a young person!! Would these new freakin' baby boomers stop moving to the western part of Canberra?! Please! Head to the outskirts or at the very least south or north of the city! I can't stand the sight of their offspring knowing that they're not going to go anywhere in life and are just going to be such a huge problem for decent society later on. These lovely 2 feet tall hoodlums and let's not forget the 10 year old gals that dress up like hookers! I'm not a prude! I like fashionable clothes and a lot of things which are revealing can also be classy, but then there's the stuff that makes you question society's morals, and this is no different! Oh well, they're still young, maybe they can still turn their lives around soon.

Ahhh! My nails are huge, my hair is boofy! It's shocking! At least I can get a haircut later today and I'll most likely cut my nails then.
I'm so happy! Since I haven't been able to play guitar properly with the new claws, I've devoted the last few days to learning scales and improvisation and it's going extremely well! I've learned 7 scales in 2 days so I'm extremely happy! If only the other was here right now so we could be shredding it like madmen. Oh well not much longer to go on that front!

Just came back from babysitting! Was able to do all my readings and some revision for my quiz. Earned an absolute truckload of money so I am sitting pretty. I should be paid for federal election work some time this week so it's all happening folks, hooray! My sister let me drive her other car back home so it was interesting to see how I went. I did rather well! I'm still a lil jittery behind the wheel but I think it was most likely due to being in a car that's a lot higher off the road than usual and not having the same level of visibility that I'm used to. Doesn't matter anyway! Driving was top notch, some of my old skills have returned and I'm back to taking some more calculated risks and smooth manoeuvres so it's all coming back to me, slowly but surely. Well that's it for tonight so have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Why do we live, why do we die? I don't know the answer to this question. Was life THE biggest fluke ever? Is that why there is death, for "karma" to compensate for an anomaly? Interesting indeed.

I think this is going to be my last post until the end of the week. I'm going to devote myself entirely to this last assignment as it is proving to be a bit more than a bitch than originally thought.

I'm so tired that I'm on the borderline for sheer delirium. Oh well, better get a few hundred words more down, then I can hit the hay and look forward to my sleep in. Good day people!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Fakeness is realness and it runs both ways?!

Haha! After reading Saturday night/morning's post, I realised there could be a rather funny interpretation of the last part of the blog! Don't worry folks, I was rooted in the tiredness sense, not in the sexual intercourse sense (and definitely not with the lovely girl I met)!

Hot weather is really becoming a bitch and I am no longer able to sleep in a jumper. After 12 hours sleep I awoke to a brilliant idea for a short film. It involves a murder (of course), a shocking twist (that makes The Usual Suspects twist look like a Disney production) as well as an ode to Mariah Carey as a key theme plot!

I just noticed that I had notes in my blog journal for Thursday afternoon which I neglected to post so I shall do that now. Afternoon classes were cancelled so I was able to go to lunch with friends in Civic. It was also school holiday time for high schools and colleges around then so the shopping centre was absolutely packed with young people ("hooray")! The sheer volume of young skank hoes was enough to make me want to regurgitate my lunch before I'd even had something to eat! But it was a good time with friends and I saw an absolute stack of clothes that I'd love to buy when I finally get payment for my electoral work. Also saw an IRIVER mp3 player which puts the I-Pod to shame, and would also lead to a terrible hole in my bank account. There was also a brilliant combination mp3 player/camera which I would just DIE to have but unfortunately only has the memory capacity of about 512mb. This would be horrendous as my current library is just a tad over 7 gig.

The title of one of my previous posts was called "Et C'Est Parti". I should probably attribute that right now. It belongs to a French song of the same name by Nadiya. Yesh, the song is in French and it's been so long since I've done French that I cannot remember most of it but when a song is really good, it doesn't matter what language it is in or whether it has lyrics or not. If it sounds good to you, you'll like it regardless! It also helps when the artist is incredibly, incredibly beautiful!

Ahhh practically 2 weeks of university left, I look forward to it! Crapola, I should do my readings and head to bed. Crappy ol' journalism in the morning, huzzah! Nice day people. Oh and the other shall be returning with his blogging prowess on the 13th, when he finally returns from his journey.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

My butt hurts!

Hello folks! Just returned from 16 hour working day! Election was nuts. 2520 people just in our building, we were covering 200 people every 30 mins at the start of the day right when I was told to be a ballot issuing officer right off the bat! Freaking out but I got all my stuff done and all I am is just sore and very tired. A lot of hard work goes into it and look at the result we got! The bad guys are still in power by a greater majority in both houses! Same will happen in the mother land and the "we no like you if you're not white, rich and christian" land. But all in all it was a good experience. Met an absolutely lovely girl who was working as the same designation as me and it turns out she lives just 2 streets down from me! How scary! Alas, I am rooted and must go to bed! Nice day folks!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Na na na!

I was going to make this a gigantic rant about how much I hate blogger and how unreliable it is. This came about after I had a mini post on Monday and I tried to post and the effin' site wouldn't work at that particular moment. Luckily when I came on today my post was in the directory and all I had to do was re-post it so I am happy with them! Well done guys.

My nails are back already! Damn it!! Back to crappy playing and dodgy chords, but I guess if I learn to play decently while my nails are out, I'll be awesome when I cut them next time. Congrats to the other on passing his useless test! Now it's a definite that he'll be hitting our shores some time soon. As for now, I am severely tired and am off to rest! Nice day folks.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lucky Man

I don't think I have very much to say today!

Umm I went to uni for a bit of assignment discussion with Timmeh. All is good on that front, all that's left to do is ACTUALLY DO my write-up! Why oh why is that so very hard to do? Damn procrastination! The end of my 4 day weekend, how terrible. Back to schoolies tomorrow (well later today literally) and first up is Tax Law, huzzah! Actually it's not so bad cause Capital Gains Tax is easy to understand compared to ordinary income.

Next week is going to be superb! The return of The Dead Zone and The Amazing Race!!! But before then I have to work at the freakin' Federal Election (remember fellow skips, October 9th) so hopefully I can just get it over and done with and do a good job with it. Then 2 weeks after that is the local election! It just never ends does it? Ahh well, that's all for now.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Et C'est Parti!

Feeling a lil googly at 2:18 AM so hopefully I'll make some sense on here and it doesn't resort to demented ramblings.

Last night was good, watched some extremely dodgy films! Although Thirteen was quite good. I won the Daytona rematch, just pure skill!! I've realised since it's been so long since I've driven, being behind the wheel again is freaking me out. So much so that I've forgotten how to drive decently. After Daytona I was driving M Biatch and Les Femme Anomaly to my place (Madame N was sick and unfortunately couldn't make it) and for some absurd reason I took the roundabout near the Convention Centre at an odd angle (I was barely turning into the roundabout) and the road was slightly wet and I had trouble seeing and I was thinking "hmm the road looks REALLY dry over there for some reason" and before I knew it we had mounted the corner of the roundabout!! Hahaha, utterly humiliating for the former greatest driver on the planet! But hopefully I'm going to try not to let my skills slip any further and get it back to the greatness that it once was at.

Les Femme Anomaly? *Sigh* I just don't know what to do!! M-Biatch clued herself in as to what is going on with that situation so now it seems things are going to be slightly more complicated.
Meeting Timmeh later this arvo to get a good grip on this final assignment.

Just finished watching Taxi Driver! Absolutely awesome film but the ending was a lil whacko! What worries me is that I can totally see myself becoming like Travis (Robert DeNiro's character) when I get older!

I'll get the other to post soon! But for now I am going to bed.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Sunshine on my not happening!

Wow! Sorry about the lengthy period between the last post and now. I've been absolutely wasted with stacks of school work and early nights and I've had to avoid the net to get some work done.

Caught up with a friend I haven't seen in ages today for lunch. Good ol' $15 dollar lunch at Bellucci's (Italian). Well when it's the namesake of the beautiful Monica Bellucci, you know it has to be good! I didn't even get to eat all my food cause I thought I was going to explode.

I HAD AN UNWITTING TOBACCO ADDICTION! There's this kinda sweet, weird herby substance consumed on the sub-continent called Pan/Supari and I used to chow down on it once in a while when I was a child. The other day I found out that they key ingredient is bloody tobacco!! Haha no wonder it was so addictive!

I earned myself $80 AUD yesterday in order to spend on provisions for the good ol' video night tomorrow. Ahhh I've recently been re-initiated to the world of driving with some night jaunts and daytime heavy rain weather. I can still drive smoothly, but all my extra skills have disappeared and I am no longer able to think 3 steps ahead, I'm only driving at an unconscious level and taking it as it comes. Hopefully I'll be able to bring it all together for a lovely display on the real road and some Daytona tomorrow.

4 day weekend, hooray! I should finish my last assignment up. The other should be posting his events sometime soon so I'm looking forward to that! Girl TV is about to start so all I have to say now is good day people!