Sunday, April 18, 2010

Am I Living It Right?

What is it with bands reforming without their original core members? I read the other day that Hole had reformed, but I looked at the band lineup. It's only Courtney Love who is back! I'm sorry, but that is not Hole! When it's only one person (granted, that person may be the most well known), I don't think that can count as having a band reform. Especially in that situation, as Courtney Love had just had a moderately successful solo career. Ditto for Guns 'N Roses! It's just Axl Rose!!! At least Izzy is in it from time to time. Yes, I know that Slash is everyone's fave, but Izzy was really the genius of the group, and I loved his guitar lines.

A scary realisation struck me the other day. As I've mentioned in a post several months ago, this city is having a lot of construction work done (in order to accommodate our ridiculously unneeded expansion). As a result, the majority of suits and so on that you typically see (from being the capital city) from public servants has given way to the bright fluoro green tops of construction workers and other laborers. I've been on the road at a lot of odd times while visiting friends, like 4am etc. You see these people all around the road flying to get to work while they're barely awake. Anyhow they're all my age or younger, driving around in expensive cars with arm candy when you see them about town. What the fuck?? Seriously, what the fuck?? These are guys who probably haven't finished college, who have just started working and have earning capacity greater than mine! What sort of reward is this? I finished college, I went to university for 5 years! I have a bloody honours degree in law! Where's the fucking fairness in that?? That got me questioning, am I living it right? I'm not sure, you may have to ask John Mayer. Thanks for rewarding me for following the "set path".

I am still yet to get the internet at home, so I am back at my folks to study and to get my weekly blog out of the way! However, that is all to be set up soon and I should be re-connected within the next 2 weeks. This is good, considering I have probably THE biggest update to the Joaquin Rate List (JRL) in the blog's history! I didn't think it was possible, but these hotties just keep coming out of nowhere!

I was shopping the other day at some store and I ran into one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life. Tall, brunette, curvy, she was just wowza. That got me thinking. What is it about large girls I like? No, not fat girls, not chubby girls. I'm just talking about girls who are structurally built large. Let's not get into a heightist discussion, as the other covered it very well in a post near the start of this blog's history. I'm about average height for a guy, with a regular build, so I guess most of the girls I would see out and about would be smaller than me. So when you have a girl who is taller and "larger" than you, it's just weird. It's probably some sort of complex! Haha, probably for my ego!

It also got me thinking that I talk about girls too much on this blog! I should return to some of the grand intellectual discussions that featured throughly in the early stages of this blog. Studying is a bitch. I don't know why I'm doing it again! If work wasn't paying for this, I would not have continued. Having my free time swallowed up to do something I don't particularly enjoy is not really a good motivating factor here.

The other raised some excellent points regarding the proposed internet censorship filter in Australia. I believe he was spot on. This USED to be an open minded country. However, that dark period where the conservative party ruled (with an iron fist) for over a decade has just totally fucked with people's heads. Now as a result, even the liberal party (not THE Liberal party) is not as progressive as people thought. It's just spouting horrible Orwellian rhetoric in order to appease to the population and keep their grip on power. What's worse is that the only people who seem to oppose these moves (as well as our current backwards policy on refugees) are not politicians! I won't go into a full on spiel about what's wrong with the system, as the other has already gone into sufficient detail.

The other day I noticed that there may be an undercurrent of young power hungry go getters at work. They're not in my division or anything, but they did look very young. Maybe I outrank them??

I walked to work the other day from my new place. This was pretty substantial, as it's a 40 minute walk at a fairly brisk pace. For some reason, I constantly had "Mother fucker on a motorcycle" pulsating in my head. This was odd, considering I've never actually heard the song in my life. As a result, I spent the 40 minutes with a firm grin on my face. It was a bloody long stretch, especially before work. Was it life changing? No, it was nothing like my "death trek" from the Eastern Suburbs to the North Shore of Sydney that I undertook just a few years ago, in order to save some money. Now that walk was brilliant!

I have been tired a lot as of late, so I have started sleeping earlier, and it's been good. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. In fact I got some good gameage and some movies in, around my studying.

Oh gosh, the other day at work I had to sit through this AWFUL presentation by some apparently famous and powerful fellow (who I don't remember the name of). The backbone of his presentation was a powerpoint talk. Failage x1000. I was FIGHTING the urge to just pass out from boredom and tiredness! Powerpoint is overused in the business (and academic) world. It adds nothing to your speech. I remember in first year uni (before I became jaded and cynical), one of my favourite lecturers said he was a complete hater of powerpoint (before I knew what it was), and not to use it, unless it adds something special to your speech. To date, I have not seen an example of PP adding something special to anyone's speech. Therefore, I agree with his thoughts! In fact I should do a powerpoint presentation on how shite these presentations are, just to revel in the irony! For a start, Visio is much better. However, I feel that these things are not needed if you're a good speaker and can engage well with an audience. What awesome famous speeches in history came accompanied with a bloody Powerpoint presentation? None! I'm sure the other will agree! Did Martin Luther King give his "I have a dream" speech with a projected image of some kid sleeping with a dream bubble over his head?? Did Henry V give his St. Crispin's Day Speech with with a projected image of the word "WIN OR DIE" in the background? I don't think so!

I had not played guitar in over a week, until last night, and I think I still have it! Chordal wise, maybe not so solo or technique wise. But I am taking some guitars with me to get back into it full steam! I have also been reviewing some guitarpro songs and now I am perplexed. What do you do when you've finished a song and you have a different version of the song which MAY have a superior melody in terms of chordal progression?? Ahh I'm stuck, cause it's one of the best songs I've composed!

Haha, I sent these blog notes on Wednesday from work. I feel like I'm in a time machine where I'm reviewing them now and trying to remember what I was talking about! Very trippy I gotta say!

The weather has been switching between warmth and bone chilling coldness. I don't know WHO the hell can stand that sort of weather? It's not natural, it has a bad effect on the body!! Some people are just nuts, especially those in less than warm clothing when it's cold! Teenage girls in short shorts outside won't be thinking they're so hot when they're hooked up to a breathing machine in the hospital with bloody pneumonia!

My life has become more complicated since moving back here. My problems were big before, but they did number lesser than the ones I currently encounter. I only hated work before, as well as not saving enough money. Now there's a myriad of things! I'm saving, but what am I saving for? Are these even things that I want? Just something to be considered I guess.

That's it for now folks! Till next week. Joaquin out. You've reached the end of the line!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have really been enjoying my time on the Xbox 360! Much like the other's PS3, the Xbox 360 runs on these "sign-in" profiles. This is incredibly handy, as you can save games and player info directly to the hard drive, as opposed to old school memory blocks and so on, that took up a finite amount of resources, for just ONE player. I particularly enjoy this, as I have my own profile on the other's PS3, and my housemate's Xbox, which means I can play my own games on them, at my own pace whenever. I don't have to worry about wiping over their games, and I can just carry on while autosave carries out my brilliant bidding in the background!

So while I've been newsless, I've discovered that Powderfinger are breaking up! Well I think they've had a good run, and they've made some spectacular music. I think the other is not happy, but I can live with this. Motor Ace breaking up was all too much to drive me to extreme cynicism!

I still don't have the internet at my new place, but this is something I hope to remedy quite shortly. I'll just have to wait on the connection and then I'll be set (and hopefully in faster connection speed).

Ahh I have a few more blog notes to get through, but I'm pressed for time as I'd like to go home and study now. Anyhow, I'll be back to blog in a week or so. See you then folks!

Joaquin out.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Leading Questions; Zero Answers

So back at uni for another week! At least it's only 4 days, as opposed to the 5 of the last time I was here. On top of that, I don't have to be at uni ever again after so I am waiting this out.

It's interesting, as it is an intensive class for criminal law. However, just like last time, people (despite being postgrads), are coming in to it with the undergrad mindset. It's not about technical knowledge of laws and rules, it's about operating with new principles to gain skills you didn't previously have. This does not stop smart asses from trying to stamp their authority all over the class with their supposed knowledge of things, but our teacher is a scary genius, and he will not hesitate to expose idiots for the morons that they are. This usually comes about in ritual abuse and humiliation in front of the entire class; a concept I am very down with! I don't understand the need to ask silly questions, questions that you KNOW are not relevant and are things that the teacher had just said NEVER to ask or act on!

Ah well, I can do it! It's just that the long days are getting to me, and I have to study at night again, so I will be tired tomorrow. But this time assessment is a lot more full on, in a shorter space of time. I'm prepped, my performance in the last class was stellar. I can do it again!

Today was good, I just got the strongest urge to blog while I was in class, so I just grabbed my pen and started scribbling on the back of my notes. It feels good to be inspired again!

One of the primary factors for this is the women! Goddamn, some new faces, and ones that I was very fond to see again. One girl was wearing a dancer's outfit, something you'd expect to see in a Lady Gaga clip. Bright fluro blue pants and a white low cut leotard top! What the hell? I didn't mind, cause she had a dancer's body and was sitting in front of me! However, it did get a tad grose when I was able to notice the bones in her back all moving around and just generally destroying the illusion of beauty that was going on there!

Then there's the other girl. Ahhh the other girl. I never thought I was a fan of the blondes (at least that I knew anyway), but damn, she came back with a vengeance. I remember in the negotiation assessment last fortnight, I delegated myself to go talk to her so I could get the 411. I didn't learn anything about her personal life, but I was able to convince her team to vote with us on a proposal that saw my team land the highest score of the day and trounce the opposition. Ahh it felt good! She is tall, blonde very pale, with amazing legs, and has a penchant for wearing little black dresses. This wouldn't have been a killer if she wasn't smart and well spoken, which she is. Me = sucker. However, then she said something in class that alluded to her being married! I don't know if this was a calculated ruse on her part in order to get out of class early, or not. Cause she and a friend both did it, but they don't wear rings on ANY hand. Isn't that odd? Anyway, it made me feel a bit angry, and I don't know why. I guess I was feeling what the other had stated before in a post from many years ago, regarding the best girls being taken early. I may have to get to the bottom of this before the week is over.

Another interesting fact is that all these people who I knew in university (when I was an undergrad) were also there! These are annoying people! Not people I liked or anything like that.

The general demographics of the class are interesting. We have a lot of jocks (the jockocracy) and a lot of stupid skanky bitches. Where did they come from? How did they get into law?? I renew my plight to have law schools conduct interviews to let people in! Ohhh but then again, we'd probably get more of their type in the door that way. Where did all these trendoids come from?

Ahh fuck, time running out, I have to type quicker to get back to my studies and learn stuff!

I don't know why some people don't take care of their cars. There's one girl I knew who kept getting into minor accidents with her car. So much so that I was paranoid about getting into it cause I was shitscared that it was going to fall apart while I was in the passenger seat! Then again I guess it is my issue since it's up to me whether I want to get into the car.

What is it with bad parents? There's some old bitch in our class who has a toddler (ahh the wonders of IVF). Anyway, I was eating lunch on the cafe porch, while she let her kid run around with no pants. That I'm ok with, it's just a toddler, there's nothing offensive about that. But then her kid starts screaming "Wee wee" and starts jumping around. Anyhow, the woman comes up, grabs the child and runs to the bathroom. Ok, so I am HOPING that the kid did not go on the balcony. But then after that she brings the kid back out, and does not put the pants back on OR a nappy. So of course, 5 mins later, the kid pulls the same thing again and the mother has to run and grab her. For fuck sake, what is with parents these days?? Jeez! I was trying to eat goddamn it!

I don't know about you, or whether I've mentioned this before, but I am a firm believer in bitchfacedness. You know what the fuck I'm on about. Girls who just have BITCHY faces. The skinny hooked noses, the sharp, glaring eyes, scowling lips etc. I know phrenology was dismissed as a pseudoscience a long time ago. BUT GIVE IT A TRY! Talk to a girl with a bitchface and you won't be disappointed. It will be bitchtown south central. This has to be one thing that can't be disputed!

Haha this has been a fun post. Till next time folks. Have a nice day! Joaquin out.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Your Dreams May Vary From Ours

Ahhh feeling so tired today! I don't know why that is. I'm sleeping well and long hours. I guess I'm just overtired! I'll be alright though, uni starts up again next week and I'll be enjoying the insanity that is Criminal Law. One of my fave subjects. I am aiming to do well and show up other people!

I'm still enjoying my place, I have set up my computer in my room now. It's odd having it where I sleep, but since my room is much bigger now, it's pretty interesting. All I need is to have the internet and I'll be set! We'll have to see what comes of that though, as it has been complicated! I will blog on that matter another time.

I will be back here next week for uni so I will post more then. What I find strange is my new complex! Everyone is rich and old! It's hilarious! They probably think my housemate and I are gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. My only gripe is with the car parking space, which is ridiculously narrow! I'm a decent driver, but damn parking in there (and getting out) is a true test of my skills! Coping with barely centimetres from hitting the walls, or someone else's car, it's gold. But as my dad said, if you're going slow enough, you can get away with anything as long as you're going slow enough.

Speaking of my car, it's an interesting thing. It used to be a fantastic car, but after several years of no use whatsoever, it has crossed the threshold into old car. It's like an odd F1 car. The grip is very low at low speeds. It's noisy as hell! The guy who fixed the car last said there was a problem with the alternator, which now results in it sounding ridiculously loud, like inside a rally car. On top of that it is very difficult to see out of the windscreen, and when the car is stationary, the temperature gauge starts heating up! If I'm ever in a traffic jam, the car will just fry itself! Haha, wonderful!

Well I better get my stuff good to go for tonight! You'll be hearing from me soon. Joaquin out.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Weird Musings In A Capitalist Haven

I'm just weirded out over how comfortable my new bed is. I don't ever want to leave it in the morning (well the afternoon, since it's a break and I'm getting up past midday).

I've never had one so comfortable before! What a difference to your life it makes! I didn't like my old bed (the other's current bed) because it was so low to the ground, and I kept cutting my calves with the corners! It was brutal! But I did enjoy being in it.

The other brings up a good point. People who just buy into Apple products cause it's the "hip" thing, without really understanding the mechanics of anything, or shopping around for something that they might find easier to use, or more beneficial to their lifestyle, or cheaper and with more options! The other used the point of the iPad and I think it's quite apt. My housemate is of the same ilk, he'll buy it but only cause it's Apple. He doesn't really need one or anything like that. That's the problem, if people have the money, they'll spend it how they like.

Haha, the other's comments on my previous post were spot on. Those were some damn good days. We had the bottom of the house to ourselves and friends when needed. Or we would just be upstairs at one of the house so we wouldn't annoy the other's folks. Classic times! Playing cricket across 2 ends of the house - one game resulted in a smashed light fixture from T-Man's aggressive batting. Playing soccer on the grounds of the Lodge, waiting to be arrested by Security. Haha I even remember a week where we did not go to school, we just stayed up all night making Super Milo mixtures, and playing Syphon Filter. I remember the 2nd mission, in the park at night defusing chemical bombs. The other was phenomenal in guidance and in taking out those pesky bosses. Haha then there was the all night game sessions in the spare room, which I'm sure I've blogged about before and will not cover again.

I'd like to have those days back again please. The other was right, focusing too much on work, it's not good. You have to make time for others in order to enjoy your time with them!

Ahhh Final Fantasy, I'm glad the other is enjoying it. Square just know how to make bloody good games. This was in stark contrast to Uncharted (1 and 2). It was made by Naughty Dog! These are the same mofos who made Crash Bandicoot (fun but not really engrossing). I'm just amazed they were able to turn out such a fine piece of brilliance in Uncharted. FFs are an entirely wonderful experience. I remember putting in well over 100 hours for BOTH FF7 and FF8. Well worth it I say.

My housemate has an XBox 360, so I'm trying to get up in some of that gameage, as well as my original Xbox which I have setup. Ahh let's not forget the ridiculous amount of PC gaming I have to do too!

Easter, what an odd time. Shops closed yesterday. But today EXTREMELY busy. I really dislike the holiday atmosphere during these times. It's like people don't appreciate it - well that's odd reasoning coming from a Christian, and aimed at people who probably aren't religious. But it seems like capitalism strikes again. Sales all over the place, people spending money on things they don't really need.

Such is life I guess.

That's it for today folks!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Final that fantasy...

As a teenager there seemed to be so many rules. Rules that we created and rules that were created for us by our friends. So eager to box ourselves to some form of definition. I like 'rock' music and anything else is just crap. So damn close minded just so we can find unity in diversity. Everyone thinks that they are "individuals" but they are just like everyone else in their little niche. I remember those days and hell I'm glad I'm not that close minded, at least not anymore. I figured that most people grow out of this sort of behavior when they get older. Unfortunately there are people who in their older age never get over their insecurities and feel the need to still clutch this idea of who they are. Completely defined by someone elses definition. Like a horse with blinkers, they can only see one thing. Its a shame, because they are not willing to let themselves enjoy a whole lot of other stimuli that is oh so good! Its sad, but this is usually very true with most gamers. They are not willing to try out anything that might be slightly different.

Final Fantasy XIII is probably one of the most beautiful games that is out there at the moment. It is visually stunning and the story line doesn't disappoint. Its a massive game and who know how long it will take to finish it, but I'm going to enjoy it for every hour that I play it. There were a whole bunch of people who told me that I shouldn't play it because it is so "linear." These gamers are not willing to give the game a shot because it doesn't fit their idea of what a Final Fantasy game should be like. To be honest they have made a fantastic game that works perfectly and doesn't have to be exactly like its predecessors. Its better than several of the more recent releases. I'm not going to do a game review here, mainly because I can't wait to get back to the game at the moment. So if you can be a little bit open minded, give the game a go, you'll probably have more fun than is legal.

On another note, there are some idiots that work at Sony. Yesterday they released an update for the ps3 firmware. All it does is remove the other os option in the older ps3s. I have one of those, and it really annoyed me today. Not that I ever use the other os option, I have tried it once. I have it there in case I ever bother to use it for something. So they took it out, that's fine (though their rational is as bad as the Qualcomm's April Fools Joke ( ) (for some reason people think its really good, I think its a horrible effort and people must be bloody gullible). So this firmware removes the Other Os option but it doesn't revert space allocated for the system back to the ps3 through the update, this has to be done manually. What this meant for me was to format a partition on my external hard drive in Fat32, back up the PS3, format the entire hard drive, restore the files and then update the firmware. So I just had to do a whole lot of work to LOSE functionality of my ps3. This is just sad and pathetic. Next time Sony decide to release a new firmware, it better have something good in it. At the moment I'm feeling a lot of anger for my ps3. Its a good thing that I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII on it, otherwise I might have just defenestrated my ps3. Man at Sony, pull your finger out and do something worthwhile!