Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Something's Not Missing

JRL list updated...check - (it's at

New guitar strings put on...check - sounds like a dream!

This post over...check!

Have a nice day folks! Those of you how got the reference, kudos!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The String Incident of '07

I should have mentioned last time that I finished RTW! It was a bit of an anti-climax. I had made the last faction retreat to a small town at the edge of the South East part of the World Map and I just steam rolled them and that was the end of the game. I started up a campaign in the expansion pack, but not with the same zeal as I did with the original so I'm not getting much of that in.

Back to uni on the 19th, which is still a month away. I watched the entire season of Treasure Hunters in one day and it was awesome! I loved the puzzles, it was excellent! Very different to The Amazing Race. It has been absolutely frying lately so I've been sleeping in a lot. I'm going to get in Borat tonight as well as re-stringing my old guitar.

Taking off the old strings was an ordeal and a half. There was a lot of dirt in the saddles so the ball end of the strings would not pop out and I had to find a way to pry them loose but I got them all out, gave everything a clean and now I'm putting on some slightly heavier gauge coated strings so hopefully they will be durable. However, it still took a good 2 hours. I've never re-strung an electric before so it should be good to see what happens.

I've also changed my speaker settings to Stereo Surround, because the signal is just so much stronger, I'm just hoping that it doesn't effect 3d sound in my games, I'll have to give that a test soon enough. You know there are 14 additions to the JRL that are still yet to go up??! How shocking, I WILL GET TO IT, I SWEAR!

Had a massive slushie the other day and it was excellent, I'm craving another one already! I also finally bought a Stereo to Stereo socket plug so I can plug my guitar into the computer and play some great stuff. I'll get some audio editing stuff so I can dub some stuff, the sound is spectacular through my new guitar, with a dual humbucker set up.

Alright, next time the JRL update will come and you can all rejoice. I shall get to my game sound testing now. Have fun people!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All The Girls I Know Are Depressed

Well I think they are anyway.

Still practicing like a psycho maniac! My playing has improved to quite a scary level. Been messing about with other alternate tunings such as EBEF#BE and DADFCE. Interesting, I composed a song in the first tuning which I think kicks absolute ass, and I cannot wait to show the other. DADFCE is a bit of a thoughie, as I am a bit more used to DADGAD as I can use some Justin King like tapping when I need to get away in a tough spot. But there aren't the same harmonised strings, so you have to know precisely where you want to be at all times. I attempted Don Alder's DRDR, to horrible effect (without my high E I'm a bit lost), but I did manage to get some of the slow melodic bit down so I'm quite proud.

I have been alternating between the high action (it's got action like a bloody egg slicer) acoustic and the new electric, and that's going damn well. I'm sooo in the market for an Ovation or even a small model Martin (I can't get around dreadnaught bodies too well cause I'm not very tall).

Anyway, I know I still haven't updated the Joaquin Rate List, but I promise it will be done ASAP! We're having work done on power lines tomorrow so we're not going to have power throughout the day when it's going to be absolutely cooking so I don't know how the hell I'm going to survive.

The other has returned to Bangers from his mini trip and he mentioned something about blogging sometime soon so be on the lookout for that!
Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1st World Failings

Last night we had a blackout at 3:30 am! What the hell?! What's more, it was our side of the street, how strange? What pisses me off is that it's like the 3rd blackout we've had in the last 6 months. This is meant to be a first world country, feels like I'm bloody overseas in a third world country. It's messed up I tell you. This is the price we pay for quick expansion when the infrastucture can't handle it. The main arterial road in Canberra is having work and it's just a bloody maze. It's ridiculous. I thought the local Gov we have is the best we've had so far, but they're starting to fail miserably, and it's not cool, because the opposition are the conservatives. What a world, what do they say? Lesser of two evils? Yeah, that's it.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Whip Those Fingers, Whip Them Good!

So it finally happened, I broke a string. After 3 years of the same strings on the good ol' Jordin, the High E snapped on me while strumming some chords softly, and the whip smacked me on the left pinky and it was horrible! The fretboard feels all weird without it now. Since I have no idea how to re-string an electric guitar I'm gonna wait till a friend comes back from interstate to re-string the entire guitar. However the nightly practice sessions are going damn well, and have mastered 2 more complete scales. I'm also going to have to resort to the Yamaha for my playing now while I break in the new strings when I get them. Hopefully they don't snap, cause it'd be crap to break strings on a fairly new guitar, and especially on a floating bridge!!

I was wrong, and it seems the next installment of the Joaquin Rate List is probably the biggest addition ever!! It just grew so out of hand!! There will be a few surprises as well as shocks methinks.

Had some people over from interstate the other day who I haven't seen in about 7-8 years, and they absolutely loved the guitars. One had only played in High School for standard music classes and she hadn't forgotten a thing, her theory was absolutely superb. I told her to play a D Minor chord and she formed it and I asked how she knew that was the formation and she said "well it'd have a minor third in it" and I was floored, amazing stuff. I taught her Sixpence None The Richer's Kiss Me with no problems at all. Her older sis (a mean classical violinist in her own right) also took a big shine to it.

Well it's time for more practice, so have fun folks! JRL update soon!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Like Lightning I Say

Just a quick one this time around. Hope everyone had a good new years and didn't get up to too much mischief. My updates will be sparse for a while as I have been getting a crapload of practice in at the usual blog time. Picked up 2 complete scales in 2 days so I'm quite proud - I Rock!