Sunday, March 26, 2006

Aerial Boundaries

Something I forgot to mention in my last post! The drum intro from U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday reminds me of Stevie Wonder's Superstition. I keep waiting for the awesome funk bass and keyboard melody line, but it never comes in!

I'm now a prisoner in my own home. Well not really, but we're getting our front entrance and upstairs bathroom re-tiled. This means I have to use the bathroom downstairs, and when one stays up freakishly late on weekends, this is indeed a scary predicament. We also can't use the front door, so nobody feels like leaving the house. Stupid tradesmen, they said it would be a one day job, and with 4 days of no bathroom, I am not enjoying this one bit!

Spent the last 3 days studying extremely hard and now I am as free as a bird so I'm feeling super happy. It's week 6, and there are two assessment pieces due in next week (one of which I am yet to start). But I'll get them done, so there's no need to fret.

Speaking of fret, I am loving Michael Hedges' music. For those of you not in the know, he's the greatest acoustic guitarist of all time. If you ever hear someone beating on the body of their guitar or using tapped harmonics or slapped chordal harmonics, you can credit that to him. I think I'm gonna go to CCDGAD soon, if not DADF#CE and experiment around. I've noticed that the other has gone back to the original template of the blog and I forgot how good it was! Variation is always nice.

Would it be mean if I was working on a plan to get two attractive sisters to make out for my own amusement? Ohh perish the thought, this isn't Cruel Intentions, although Ryan Phillipe is one handsome bastard!

Anyway, will keep the updates flowing thick and fast. Have a nice day folks!

Push, Scream, And Prod...

Kids, they grow up so bloody fast. Haha no hes not my kid, havent gone down that lane yet... My cousins kid, just had a chat with him today, hes getting older, and speaks a lot of crap. Hahah hes reaching that irritating stage when they are not as cute as they were, and always find a way to get on your nerves, but thats all good, hes just a kid. This is a picture when he came down to nepal and went everywhere on my shoulders. Hehe kids are entertainment on their own...

Had the laziest day, contemplating crap, and eating a lot of good meals, still have one more to go, ahhh that good old steak taste. I finally have all my clothes cleaned, as I was starting to run out, damn that took a lot of lodes. I dream that someday I will be able to wash my colored clothes and white clothes together and not worry about it. Simon, I here you completely, its a pain in the ass. And while I am on it, simon, drop me a bloody line, havent heard from you in quite a while!!! And thats just not right. Now that I dont have a dryer any more, its bloody irritating to hang clothes out on the line. Thats next on the list, get a bloody dryer!!!

Did something that I haven't done in a long time.. Rode the scooter down to the shops, with tomo, and then decided to grab a beer, and sat on the side of the street drinking and smoking. I must admit that I was reluctant to make the effort, but it was a lot of fun. Why is it that we never continue doing the things that we enjoyed when we where kids?? And when we do try them again we realize that we still enjoy it, yet we decide not to do it. Its a shame. I will make an effort to fulfill the dreams of my inner child more often. You know what shits me?? These 14 year old kids came up to use and asked us to go down to the store to buy some smokes for them. Smoking is just not good for health, and shit even though i smoke, I will definately discourage kids from smoking, especially ones who just need some guidance to get back on the right track. Haha tomo decided to give them a lecture and a smoke, and then offered a second one, but they said they didnt want another one. Sometimes you just have to talk to these kids...

Should people say whats on their minds?? Now this is something that I have thought about a lot in my life. When is it alright to say what you're thinking, and when is it not?? Most of the time truth hurts, or causes pain to yourself, but is it not better than to sit there pretending that everything is as it should be?? Sometimes people are too worried of consequences, eventhough the truth might actually help out with the particular situation. Now thats something to think about.

Things I dont like about living in a house... there are a lot of things that enjoy, and other that piss me off. People never call at random times asking if I'm willing to do soemthing, partly because getting from here to somewhere else takes some planning. I am pretty spontenious, yet they never seem to. Ostracize me will you??!!?? I'll bering on my can of whoop ass. But I do like the extra space, and the fact that I can have whoever I want, and throw out whoever I dont like. Incase of fire break the glass, and move on to your own.

Played guitar most of the day, how relaxing, and now I know a few more songs to play, yet, I didnt learn anything new, so that was kind of pointless, but still had a shit lode of fun sining at the top of my voice. Somethings can't be expressed on paper. As my nerves crave for the hit of nicotein I will be off to smoke one more of those cancer sticks. Remember kids, dont smoke, its bad for you. No really it is!!! Cheers, and happy independence day to all bangladeshi....

Scream, Shout, Throw Things Around

Life has a tendency to of taking a full circle every now and then, and when it does, leaves you completely confused as hell. The mind is evil, I tells you. I figured out last night. Puts things in there that you dont even want to think about! Oh well jump in for the ride, it could be a fun rollercoster ride!!

I hate technology, and I hate the people who see it aswell. Especially when there is some dodgy duded behind the counter who doesnt even speak english. Dude, if I were in your country, then yes, I would learn your language, but we're not there mate, learn some bloody english. Yeah, housemate tommo and I almost took these guys on, but they were smart enought to sort it out, after 30 mins of verbal abuse. I needed to get that furstration off my chest with a hell lode of yelling. I am sick and tired of technology, but love it at the sametime, there is no respite. Finally got the bloody router back, so you can expect the blogs to be here a bit more often. And on top of that, I get absolutely shitall network on my cell phone here at my house, hahah not that anyone every messages or calls me, but I still feel a comfort knowing that its turned on :P!!!!

Another day, and other plain, another song gets stuck in my head. Sometimes I think I think of songs just so I dont get bored during those boring times thru the day, but other times, they are the crappiest songs, and just cant get rid of them. Today its swing life away, if someone can find me a better sweeter song, then hit me up, coz i think that this song takes the cake. Lets hear that again. And everyone needs to go and play poem-taproot for themselves, this song is a poem to myself, it helps me to live, in case of fire, break the glass and move on to your own. Pure bliss...

Read something last night, that just confused the crap out of me. Whatever happened to people writing what they mean, rather than twisting ang turning it. Oh well, I guess something are better left confused. Time for me to get back to listening to some ataris, catch ya tommo. This song is a poem to myself...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who's To Say?

Yesh, it's actually a semi prompt post from me! I actually cannot be bothered going through all the steps required to update the Joaquin rate list (patent pending), but rest assured, that shall happen in due course.

I've updated my user info to include Signs as one of my favourite movies because I had just totally forgotten how freakishly good it is. M Night Shyamalan is the king of modern thriller/horror. The atmosphere of suspense is all craftily created in a Hitchcock way - being subtle. That's something that's missing in modern cinema, the audience is treated as morons and every minute detail has to be filled in for them, no matter how obvious. It is resulting in the death of imagination.

Two new (read: old) songs that I got the other day I am just in love with. U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday and Megadeth's Tornado Of Souls. The U2 song is brilliant. I think it is probably Bono's worst vocal performance (he sounds a lot like the guy from the cure). He only seems to engage on the part "we can be as one tonight". The guitar line is actually different to Edge's signature sound. There is no delay and there is actually barre chords. However, the instrumental is beautiful and fits the theme of the song perfectly.

Tornado of Souls is just sheer Megadeth brilliance it it's best. Marty Friedman did the solo in one take and was totally improvised. It harks back to his days with Cacophony, many sweep picked runs and economy picked lines but my favourite part is the triads played with a 16th note feel. It sounds great. Let's not forget Mustaine's brilliant and brutal riff in B, I don't know how he is able to sing and play such complicated lines simultaneously! Dare I say that I like it more than Hangar 18...even though it was the first sweep picked line I ever learned.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Have a nice day!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Last night, I had a dream, that we went to disneyland

After my long, silence, I am back. No, I was not dead, just did a lot of things, and never got around to this, but i am back, and intend to be back for a while :P. Good to see that the other has kept it going from his end.

I realized that the first thought you have in you head in the morning, is probably the most important one. If its something you can do to complete the desire, then you should go for it, you'll feel like a million bucks for the rest of the day. Ahh the first thought in my head was, I want to listen to San Dimas High School Football Rules- the ataris. And damn I have a smile on my face, that song kicks ass. Let me listen to that song one more time before I get on with this blog. I think i'll just keep playing it on repeat.

Finally, after being in this house for about a month now, decided to have a house warming party (without all the sofisticated bullshit). Had an awesome night, and it was good to most people who matter over. The other on the other hand, didn't show, and will be punished considerably. The next day is always funny, when people just sit around doing nothing, hehe lovin it. Haha my housemate came up to me this morning, and told me that I had awesome friends, hehe first time anyones ever told me that, it was good to hear it, cheers tomo.

Back to uni, and everything starts rolling again, not happy about the fact that I have classes on mondays, but this week is off on monday coz of canberra day, god bless you canberra!!! Its wierd that a few faces are missing on campus, and they are missed, on the other hand, some people are back, and its awesome to have them back.

Can't think of anything intelectual at the moment, mind is blank, and god damn this song kicks ass, I'm lovin every second!!

My guitar is missing a bloody string, and is pissing the crap outta me, coz now I cant even put my thought down on riffs or anything like that. And on top of that my right arm gave up on me, and cant seem to do anything. But still I think after I finish this blog, I will pick up that 5 stringer, and jump around, and sing as loud as i can, and play this brilliant piece by the ataris. Actually, I blog again tommo, I am off... Obsessed?? Quite possibly.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Return of The Joaquin

I apologise profusely for my month long absence from the blog. Interestingly enough, I do have an excuse. Uni is back and I have been busy with that and all those study sessions. It's not that bad though, I only have uni 3 days a week but they are very intensive.

I'm also about to be swamped with some heavy assessment so I won't have a lot of substantive entries for a while, but you can expect some good sporadic posting in the immediate near future (maybe even an update to the patented joaquin rate list)!

I attended a friend's birthday today and it was basically just a high school reunion. Much more so than the last party I went to! It was disturbing, it was as if nothing had changed. Different groups splintering off, little talks and what not. It was also good fun for a friend of mine as 4 of his old flames were there!

I also felt very old, someone had brought their younger siblings who when I last saw them, were all in primary school (six years ago). Now they were all grown up and looking spectacular!!! Talk about feeling like a dirty old man!

Anyway, the other is back and I will get him to blog about all his adventures ASAP! Have a nice day folks!