Sunday, June 27, 2010

So you think you can blog??

Not me!

Cause I tried to remember to blog this weekend, and I totally failed!

EPIC! Haha, I will continue this after the shame has worn off.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Time Music

Yes! Finally caught up with the other after far too long. Enter, the jam session! Worked on one idea of his which was scant previously, however we added some new dimensions to it, some drums, more guitars and bass and we have finished nearly 70% of the track! I even played bass! It was good times I tell you! Even a comical idea about playing two separate lead guitar parts (at the same time) paid off dividends, cause it's fantastic!

I've taken a day off just to re-set my sleeping times. Should all be good now. More posts to come shortly!

Joaquin out.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

There are some dummies in this world & Karma? Go to hell!

Interesting lunch today. While eating on a couch in the shopping centre, there was some guy reading one of those "books for dummies" just further down. Upon closer inspection (read: snooping), I discovered he was reading "Blogging for Dummies". Seriously. What the hell?! Why is there a book on blogging?! Why was it so thick?! Here's my tips (and they're for free):

  1. Join blogging service
  2. Type
  3. Click "post" or "publish"

Done. I just saved you some money there! What is there to learn that common sense can't dictate?!

Karma, why ist thou a harsh mistress? That beautiful girl from a little while back. Facebook, oh, mutual friends? OH GOD! That girl from my last work place. It just had to happen didn't it? Even nearly a year later, I am being kicked in the head (metaphorically, of course). Of course all the beautiful girls know each other!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Long weekend this weekend. I am going to relax and play some music, and hopefully meet up with the other.

That's it for now folks. Joaquin out!

Monday, June 07, 2010


A quick blog before bed, cause I wanna read a bit more before I sleep. That and I have to be up damn early to travel for work.

The other showed me some awesome stuff that the new Propellerheads Record program can do and damn, it is amazing. REAL sampled drums. The way it should be thank you.

I want to post a more in-depth analysis of my accident, which I will get to soon, cause I'm still annoyed damn it! I need a car!

My goal for this year is to have more posts than the next highest year, which was 75 posts for last year. Since we're already at 60 something, I think we're well on our way.

Interesting lunch today. Ate at some decent cafe that I go to every now and then. There's a waitress there who is just ridiculously beautiful. But something puzzled me about her. She looks white. But she could be eurasian. There's just something about her eyes that gives off the exotic look. This drove me absolutely crazy. Of course I could not just ask her such a loaded question like that. Then it dawned on me. Can I just not accept the fact that the girl was beautiful and leave it at that? Why did I need to label her? To make her easy to categorise? To compare her with other women of the same type? Pretty sad really.

Wrote one hell of a riff today. Hell yeah! Joaquin out folks!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Only Got 31 Minutes To Save The World!

Well just until 30 Rock starts! Therefore, I must blog hard and I must blog fast! Therefore, apologies in advance for the myriad of typos that are no doubt going to appear in this blog fest.

Yes, I know this is late, but I have been busying myself with movies and games. For some odd reason I've been playing LOTS of Road Rash 3 on the Mega Drive emulator. Don't ask me why, but that game is DAMN fun. It's BLOODY hard, but fun, and after my millions of re-attempts, 2 hours can go by in a heartbeat. I've also been getting back into Assassin's Creed 2, after my self-imposed exile from the Xbox due to studies. Classes are over, so I'm just enjoying my time. I had an online exam, which was interesting, cause I'd never sat one before, but I have to say I loved the experience! Since it was open time (the exam was open for a week), I sat it at like midnight, and finished at 3am. These times are the best for me because that's when my mind is the sharpest, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I didn't rush, I didn't stress, it was wonderful. Haha, when marks are out tomorrow, I probably MIGHT not be singing the same tune.

The Joaquin Rate List (JRL) has grown out of control! Haha, there are SO many updates, that I just have to hold off so I can just add them, without the need to put in a concurrent blog entry. Oh well, next weekend is a long weekend, so I will get stuck into it then.

I had a classic moment the other day on the work intranet - they were offering a course for "resilience'. I mean what the hell? How can someone teach that?! Is it due to the high staff turnover? Haha I don't understand it, the work is easy and sometimes it can be fun, so I don't understand why people don't enjoy it and leave in high numbers.

Umm, going back over my blog notes, I have NO idea what the hell I was talking about anymore! Haha my extreme shorthand is only valid for 3-4 days tops, not 2-3 weeks! I have to really try to blog more often, but guitar comes first. I hadn't played in a while, but I forced myself it pick it up after buying some new strings (for cheap), and I am enjoying it. Came up with 2 new and decent riffs. I need to start a new movement with the other - the riff a day movement for 30 days. Basically the idea would be to come up with original, enjoyable and good riffs every day for 30 days. No more, no less. It would be an interesting experiment. I got the chance to catch up with the other for some electronic jamming, and it was bloody interesting to say the least! His setup is just ridiculous and I am absolutely loving it! More on those in another post, as there's a lot more work to come.

I read an interesting story at work the other day, it was about people's peeves with hotels. Having read through them, I have to add my agreement (and two cents worth)! Why are walls in hotels (even the high end ones) so paper thin?! You can hear EVERYTHING in the next room, and god help you if your neighbours in the block above or below you keep their bathroom door open, because you can hear them through the ventilation shafts! On top of that, there was a time when I was at a training camp for my previous job, and I traded rooms with some douchebags so I could stay with a friend. I thought I got a bum deal, but the next day they showed up to the workshops with bleary bloodshot eyes. They told me that their next door neighbours were having extremely loud sex, and the girl sounded like a seagull! HAHA, hilarious I gotta say. Why are the corridors so noisy?

Also, what is the deal with check in and check out times?! Hotels are law unto themselves. I will show up when I show up, and I will leave when I am good and ready! As long as it happens before midnight, I have not stayed an additional day! What sort of service is that? Getting up at 10am to check out, or to get there by 2pm is a pain in the ass. Another thing is bloody do not disturb signs! CLEANERS DO NOT READ THEM! THEY IGNORE THEM. THEY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO READ ENGLISH! Haha, every single time I've had one up, I've been ignored by a cleaner just bursting in and just cleaning. Seriously! What the fuck is the point? God help me if I'd been the sleazy type! One last thing is the breakfast times! They're like 6am-9am! What is the point in going on holiday if I have to get up fucking early to eat breakfast that I HAVE PAID FOR?! Silly silly silly.

Haha I am reminded of a funny story from several Fridays ago. I walked home from work, and I kinda got lost and had to come down a massive hill to get on to a footpath to get home. I have a regular gait for someone my height, but I can walk pretty quickly, and that's how I typically tend to walk. However, there were also 2 girls who were out for their exercises after work walking around the lake. I TRIED so hard to get ahead of them going down the hill, but they just found an extra gear and I landed like 4 metres or so behind them. So then I had to spend about 30 minutes right behind them since we were walking at the same speed and with the same gait and it was frustrating! I could understand they were getting quite uncomfortable - they probably thought I meant them harm cause I was walking so fast, but I didn't want to slow down (cause I wanted to watch the Simpsons), and I didn't want to run (as that would have freaked them out further). There was also only one route to take! Therefore I was pretty damned. At this point I was all sweaty in my coat, and my legs were going numb. However, I gained respite from my knowledge of physics and basic geometry. Going around a curve and they were on the outside, I took the inside, and even though we were walking at the same speed, I managed to get ahead of them, and I was happy! Yes, I beat them across the next major bridge and I was home free. Shame, cause they had nice asses, hahaha!

Anyhow, that's it for tonight folks. Have a good one. Joaquin out.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I know! I said I'd blog on the weekend but I have not had a chance to as of yet!

It was uncharacteristically busy. So I do have a legitimate excuse!

Anyway, one for June. Many more to come.