Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do you even know what's going on??

Cause I sure as hell don't!!

Ahhh busy weekend!! Saw stupid girl, which was good (even if it was for only 4 mins)!!

Haha anyhow, I managed to get some Vanilla Coke from my folks which I have put in the fridge and am absolutely looking forward to on Friday! It's sad how that's going to be the highlight of my week, but I seriously think it's about the little things for me!

Just relaxing with a vanilla coke and watching good game before watching movies for a long time! I can't wait!

I saw Slumdog Millionaire a few weeks ago now, and I thought it was absolutely amazing!!! I might have to add it to my all time faves!! I can't wait for the DVD to come out, I COMMAND you to watch it now, cause I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. I was going to discuss at length, but that would ruin some of the plot and that's never good.

I have been using package cheese lately, and that stuff does not last very long at all!! What's up with that? Should I just put it in the top section of my fridge? Hopefully it'll keep longer.

Why is it that every time I go out for food at a restaurant, there's ALWAYS at least some form of eye candy? While the quality does vary, it is still candy none the less. Today was perhaps THE hottest waitress I've ever seen in my life!!

Ahhh, it was a crazy weekend, not much sleep had so I am aiming to sleep early tonight, since I am trying to restart the gym routine again. I have slacked off too much for the past month or so, and have eaten like a pig. I went to the gym today (cause if I started tomorrow I know I woulda slept in and put it off for another week), and I almost died. 30 mins on the Xtrainer and I thought I was about to die, I am wayyyy unfit!

I also had awesome topics to blog about, but unfortunately I have forgotten them (which is terrible cause I remember when I thought of the topic that I made a mental note to remember it for the blog)! Oh well! I'll try to return to the glory days soon!

Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today you'll see a smile.

Firstly, I'll share some more about the iPod. The keyboard has become
even more useful, but it's not that easy to type passwords. I think
they should have remotes on the headphones to control music mid motion.

There is never enough time in a day to get done, what you intended to
do. But at least these days I'm getting around to puting some words to
this blog.

It's funny that the other mentioned skins in his post, as we were
talking about it at work. I think it just got weird after a few
seasons, so I stopped watcing it. People usually get smarter, not
repeat the same mistake.

Alright, I aplogize, but it's late and I have to crash now...

Sent from my iPod

I've gone mobile...

Even though I've literally been living in a box for the last few years, my room has been wireless; with both with wi-fi and Bluetooth. But that just didn't feel enough.

The netbook that I got with my first 'real job' paycheck was the first step. Though Caberra barely has any free wi-fi hotspots, it was handy to have a laptop that was easy to carry to the next wi-fi zone. It was also handy coupled with my camera gear. Compared to the chunky laptop I drag to work everyday, I was more mobile.

Then came the PS3, and the media unleashed. I was now using up my bandwidth playing games, and psudo-socializing in playstation home. I was now able to stream media from my computer to my PS3. At this point my media goes mobile.

Then it was time to get a new cellophone, as I was moving onto a monthly plan. The one thing I realized I needed the most was email on the go. This was fully realized after a week at a conference, and been needind to communicate with work. I was going to get a blackberry, but the sales girl at 3 convinced me to get nokia's E71. The functionality was perfect, reviews were good, and the build quality was fantastic! I've grown to love the phone, and my data plan that came with it. Not only has it increased my productivity, I also have something to kill time on while I wait on things. The keyboard is fantastic, and I can type fast enoungh to reply to emails or whatever else I might need to. The GPS insures that I don't get lost in Sydney, and find my way back home in one piece. Thank god for google aswell, making it even easier. I've gotten very used to this mobility. I'm always connected.

Then I only missed one thing. A touch screen. I had a Sony Ericsson P990i, and an O2 before that; so I missed having a device with those unique functionalities that a touch screen brings. I was also thinkining of was time to replace my iPod mini. The touch and the classic were the contenders. I usually use my iPod as a selection of my library, rather than my entire library. I also really liked the wi-fi and touch functionality enough to warrant an iPod touch purchase. The iPod foundtions are as expected, and I got used to not having the scroll wheel. Web functions are great, and the facebook makes it all worth it. I was skeptical of the on screen keyboard, but I just typed this entire blog on the touch! It's correction system is intuitive, and makes it a pleasant typing experience. I can also use my E71 as a wi-fi hotspot using joikuspot lite. Coupled with my Touch, I am having a wonderful mobile experience. I am also able to spend more time online.

Now nobody can say that they couldn't get in touch with me, I'm on msn, skype, facebook, phone, text, gtalk, twitter, flickr, email - and enough times in a day...

This blog was written lounging infront of the TV on my iPod.

I'll specify my mode of blogging...

Sent from my iPod

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What ever happened to...?

So I bought Empire Total War. So I haven't finished the other game, so I haven't finished a lot of other stuff!!! Damn! I'm never going to finish anything!

Ahhh, it's good to have the other blogging again! It was also good to have him over for a late night jam session and a freakishly early morning exit. The other has informed me that he will aim to blog at least once a day, which I hope he does, as my blogging has been lacking as of late.

So what do I have to say? I had some stuff to report previously, but that was a few hours ago, and now I am fresh out of ideas.

I've probably mentioned that I like the show Skins (well I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned that). There seems to be an ongoing internal dialogue on the show about doing the wrong thing without regarding the consquences. Does that ever apply to real life? Or does it only apply to teens?

Then again I wouldn't know anymore, I certainly don't feel young.

Maybe it's time to turn my life around. But how? And what do I want to accomplish? I have no idea.

Anyhow, I look forward to reading the other's posts soon.

Have a nice day folks!

They all freak me out...

Some cheer, some wonder, some question, and some just take it as it comes...

Firstly, I've changed my blogger name from just Knaves to Deshi Knaves. I've used that name everywhere else, so I thought I'd unify all my screen names.

I know that my presence on this blog for the last year and half have been non existent, but its good to see that the other keeps this blog ticking over. There has been a lot of content generated on this blog over the last few years, and wow a record of so much that has happened in my life. Whats the point? Ask and I can find you the reason for anything!

There are a few sections of your life when things are really changing. I've just gone through one of those, and life is quite different than it used to be. I have things like home insurance and private health insurance?? When did I become of freaked out about life?? I guess it happened at the same time as my parents stopped paying all my bills. So yes, responsibilities are something I'm still getting used to. But I think I'm balancing it all out quite well.

Life is structured again, and I have a place that I call home. Now that those 2 factors are back in place, I can try and fit in all the things that I love doing back into my life.

Met the most amazing woman the other day. And they have to quite amazing for me to have to say that. I have an unbelievably high standard when it comes to women (at least these days), and its not based on pure looks. They have to be smart and some what intellectual. But the point is, that once you meet someone that amazing, you realize that they freak you out... (at least she freaks me out, but then everything freaks me out, the future freaks me out!)

Been listening to Motion City Soundtrack the last few days, and absolutely loving it. Its not only that the music is fun and light heated, but the words that accompany are always well thought out, and just a bit smart! So if you've never come across them, should check it out.

"You better open the door before I take a hammer to the walls around it" - From the song You better open the door"

I've also realized that in the last while, I haven't learned anything new. So I'm spending my free time from hence forward on self development. Starting with Flash CS4...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Are you going to finish the tale?

Cause I'd really like to know the ending.

My life is just getting all the more surreal. I don't know what's going on, I leave my apartment and everything just feels hyper-real. I can feel the air I breathe in once it's in my system, the wind blowing against my skin, it's just really strange. The sights I see look like they're straight out of some watercolour painting with a bit of rotoscoping effect.

I am hardly eating, but I just seem to be putting on weight like I'm pigging out like a mofo. I really have to start going to the gym again. I just have no motivation for anything anymore. Not just work, but life in general. Everything feels like a chore. I'd like to relax.

I don't feel suicidal, but if I died, I could not find a reason to complain.

What's new? Not much. I'm aiming to get Empire Total War tomorrow, but I still need to finish M2TW!!! Goddamn, I have accomplished NOTHING!

I'd like to go out and see a bit more of everything. Time, once again my friends, it all comes back to that lil thing called time.

The other should be coming to stay the night next week, so I'm looking forward to that. Unfortunately it will be a work day, so it won't be a late night for either of us, but hopefully there should be some good guitarage.

I thought I had a shitload to say, but once again, I'm lost for words. Pen and paper, pen and paper, pick, 6 strings. Let's have at it. I'm good, I'm worth it. I can do this.

Enough!!! CRAZY! Just flat out lunacy! I'm out, I need to sleep.

Have a nice day folks!