Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The World Could Be Mine, But The Dark Clouds Are Gathering

Yay, I finally posted! It's about time too. I'm sure I had stuff to blog about previously, but alas I did not make any blog notes and again I'll have to wing it.

I feel bad turning down job offers, cause they were all places I really wanted to work and would have been comfortable with here. But all that's going to change though.

Got my letter of invitation to graduation today. It's over I guess. Nothing more of that life. Also got upgraded for my honours paper so that's all good. Results out in 2 days, I'm not looking forward to that cause it was honestly the craziest exam I've ever done in my life. Even though I was well studied up, it was just very strange cause everything could possibly apply.

I've not been doing a lot lately. I've been watching movies and tv shows off the external hard drive at night, as well as playing playstation and dreamcast in the day. I'm aiming to sell all that stuff cause I won't be needing it anymore. I might buy some DVD's, and get some dough together cause the Xbox360, Wii and PS3 all look fantastic.

I've been practising solidly for 30 mins a day, and my guitaring is very happy. Picking up new modes and scales as I go.

Besides that it is really just slackness here. I might join a gym so I don't totally turn into a slug by the time holidays are over.

Wooo it's starting to rain!

What else is new with me? I don't know...nothing of value I think. I'm looking to buy a decent acoustic some time soon.

Got new ideas for lyrics finally, after practically a year of nothing! I think that's it for today. Until next time (which should be soon)! Even if it's not as full in content as it used to be! The other is around but haven't seen him much, I'll try to catch up with him before this week is out. Have a nice day folks!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Looks Familiar!

Yes it does, cause my last post wasn't all that long ago. In that time I have aged (duh), and can claim another increment of life on the belt.

So what's happened? I got my honours mark back and I did quite well so I'm very happy about that. Just studying for my exam, and I think I've got a good grasp on the concepts.

After that I don't know what I'll do. Met up with the other, things are going great for him and he shall be joining the ranks of honours people too.

Playing guitar, getting new melodies down and happy with them. A lot of my stuff seems to have a Bm7 in it though!

I really don't have much to add, I thought I did, but now I have forgotten, and I shall resort to using blognotes more!! Have a nice day people!