Monday, July 31, 2006

I thought i stopped smokin!!!!!!

Apolagies for my absense. Went away for a couple of days over the weekend...Where u ask? Well, went back to blacktown. Back to my former abode, back to old times. I'm sure knaves knows what i'm talking about. For reasons of anonymity, we'll call him Mr. HO. Anyways, went back to his place after a while.The minute u walk in to his house, the first thing that pops into ur mind - "BROTHEL"...Even tho the place is pretty plush laid and everything, every single light bulb in that house is RED. Its got that red furry carpet and a huge ass couche which makes u reminisce about the tera patrick porns. He's even got one of the neon lights......."WHERE THE BITCHES DAWG"????

Another thing that house had always been famous for, intoxicants. i mean, there's a limit to everything, but this guy just fuckin goes overboard every single time. We started with 4 or 5 shots of OZO(wrong spelling prolly). I hate that shit, but hey i get knocked the fuck out after 6 or 7. He then insisted on sipping on vodka sunrise as he prepared the HUKKHA. right about that time i knew it wasn't stopping there. After suckin on the smoke machine for a while, unfortunatly the light bulb turned on in his head and BANG!!!!!! I mean BONG!!!!!yup, it just had to come out. Can't ever say no to a good smoke...Punching cones after cones, couldn't even utter a single word properly. and trying to keep on the tradition, we turned on the ps2 after a few cones. FIGHT NIGHT 3 was the game. Decent. After all that much alchohol and chronic, what other better way to take out some rage. Throwing pucnhes left and right, blood spilling everywhere, Fraziers stamina and left hooks keep him in the match, and Ali, well his song says it all "float like butterfly, sting like a bee). Fraziers goes for Ali's gut, where he's most vulnerable, and completly debilitates him with his left hooks. First a left hook to the gut followed by a haymaker to the face and Ali goes down in the forth round. FRAZIER WINS!!!!!! It was fun.

After playing a few rounds, kept on with the cones...and the rest seemed very blurry. Did turn on a movie tho...UNDER SIEGE 2....good movie back in the days....steven siegal still can't act for shit....

Next moring comes. The feeling is horrible. and again i curse myself for doing all that...i try to ignite hopes of redeeming my self by thinking about studies(like that ever works), but it was all shattered when Mr.HO mentions.."WAKE AND BAKE"...

School!!!what about it...same shit different monday off this time around...long weekends!!!!!Right about now, thats the only positive thing i could think about school!!!


A little rant, before I sleep...

Alright, firstly, let me go have a smoke, when I get back I will continue this...

Back, and what a few days its been already. Got picked up by the cops last night, and now that I look back at it, its funny as hell. I was too drunk and passed out infront of a club, so they picked me up and put me in a drunk shelter. HAHAA they said they had to, so that I wouldnt get mugged, so I must thank them. If this were in Bangladesh, they would have mugged me instead. Had a few cups of coffee and a nice political discussion with the bloke there, guess being drunk has its advantages. My friends came and got me after a while, so thanks to them. It was a good night none the less.

Work has piled up as I was away for two weeks, but the good news is that I am working my way through it, and its not that bad at all. I did more than I thought I would, and I guess I have to hand it to the jetlag, I dont feel like sleeping till 3am, and I plan on keeping it that way!!! Live on Bangladeshi schedule and my long distance will be a lot easier. First day of classes for me tommo, and its good to know that a few of my friends are in my tutes, so its going to be a fun semester I guess, though I plan on living like a hermit...

Moved back on campus now, it has it ups and its downs. Firstly the net sucks, and there are too many restrictions, no bloody webcam, how am I gonna see that pretty face whenever I feel like it?? I guess pictures and words will have to do. Not like I dont know what that face looks like anyways!!! And what pisses me off the most is that the new version of yahoo messenger doesnt work on campus, not that it really makes a difference, but I like to be picky, because I can!!! My computer is a little fucked, and I will have to format it tommo, but thats nothing out of the ordinary. Old rez where i live is great, quiet as hell, just how I want it. Now I can really live like a hermit, it doesnt only have to be in my head. The other good thing is that I will be online a lot more, so you can expect a lot more post like this more often...

Canberra is cold, and it doesnt help that I shaved my head, now does it?? And my heater isnt working and I have no blankets. But oh well, one more day, then subhan will be back, and then I will have my crap back. Tommo will also be my last day back at my old house as I have to pick up the rest of my stuff. So its looking good right now. Oh and I have to find a job, and thats going to be a pain in the ass, I am hoping that the other is going to give me a hand with that (hint, hint). Alright, its getting late, and I should sleep if I am to wake up for a 9:30 class tommo, but guess what?? I dont have to wake up at 7 to get here, as I am already here!!! Lovin it.... Stay classy people, catch you soon...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Beggar Must Pay For Mercy, But What If Juliet Lives Behind Me?

I apologise profusely (that seems to be all I do in my entries) for the lack of updates from me lately. As you were informed in my last post, I returned from Melbourne after that legal competition and it was just bloody insane. It was a 6 day straight party and after I got home I had to detox for a few days before I could actually function and then school came and then guess what? I got sick! The other will remember how deathly ill I was last year at this time when he was staying here. I actually had the same thing and I am on the same medication but I'm feeling much better now.

I was going to write an entry about the "Sexual Assault" in Big Brother but the whole thing has blown over now and it would just be a waste of my awesome talent. I welcome Golfer Shib aka Jester to this wonderful blog.

Melbourne is nuts, I hate big cities. They're the best/worst places for feeling isolation head on. The city has no curves! It's all done in perfect squares and rectangles, every edge of the city looks the same no matter where you are! I had to take a grand tour at 2am one morning when we got lost on the wrong side of the river...The competition went well and although we didn't win (we lost to the eventual winners) we did do the best that our university has ever done so I'm happy with that. I'm just glad to be home, it was a long 6 days and I don't remember much of it.

My timetable this semester is a tad whacky, and I'm going to see if I can change some stuff around so I can get more sleep ins and spend less time at uni. Oh where are my manners?! I also welcome the other back to the country after his Magical Mystery Tour (haha I couldn't think of anything else to call it).

Will my love for you still be strong after the boys of summer have gone? Well I don't know, since that doesn't make any sense. Guitar wise I have been wising up to Eric Johnson's Desert Rose (learning the flowing bit in the first solo when he's spewing 16th notes at will) and I'm getting much better with co-ordination as in changing patterns with irregular time signatures and sight reading now. Also experimenting with Flamenco with some of Rodrigo y Gabriela's Tamacun, it's a very fun track to play but I need an acoustic to play the outro properly. I also need one so I can stop hurting myself myself doing triplet strums from the wrist (electric guitars aren't forgiving on contact with soft skin and bone).

It's an old song but I only just heard it for the first time the other day, but I really love Lisa Loeb's Stay. I even wasted 10 minutes in learning the song on guitar (which is sad I know considering I like to learn and play hard stuff just to show off) but there's just something addictive about that riff and the 3 chords that flow through that song. I also enjoy The Strokes new song "You Only Live Once". Addictive rhythm (the uglier guitarist plays a palm muted E5 throughout). On that note, Death Cab For Cutie have to be THE ugliest band ever. No wonder they're emo, they can't get any action with faces like THOSE.

That's it for now, I have some work to do throughout the weekend. But as the other is back on campus and I should be seeing him more you can look forward to more updates (yes the Joaquin rate list has an update due some time soon). Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quick Sand and a round of Golf

The harder u try and deeper u sink. Trying to fight to keep my head above water, but the harder i try, the anger within me defeats my goals. A bit hesitant to make my follow throughs, guess its just not my day. A lot on the line, but what to do. Sticking with the accord thats already been struck. Should've thought of consequences before i had sold my soul to the devil. Sinking putts after putts, numi, J and ryan pumble on me like a rabid wolverine on a battered toad. With their strong slender shafts and fiery hot blades cut into me like the knives of a slaughterer on a dead animal. I debilitate myself with frustration and anger...Not being able keep my emotions in control i turn to my torch bearer looking for support and help, but not even he can rescue me from the clutches of the stick masters. I arrive at the passage-way of LAST HOPE, again failing to reap benefits cause of misguided slashes...Even the bigginer seems to have mastered the art of regulations...I finally succumb to the greed of my adverseries, ending up paying to the face that i had planned to dismantle with my precise distance....(BTW, i had to pay that asshole 45 points). KEEP INSANE....PEACE

Golfer_shib in the house!!!

Well, its knaves here with golfer_shib who will from now on be known as Jester!!! He is the newest addition to this insane portal of fucked up people no offence other!!! Well what have we been up to?? Drinking our asses off, and recovering from a horrendous cold. Went around all over town looking for a SDIO wi-fi card, and I would like to inform you that, we have finally got one, but then again i dont get it till tommo. Had a bad batch of burgers from maccas and now we feel like shit. At least we dont have much to do. Optus is pissing me off again, I need to recharge my account, but cant as they have not aknowledged my account plan change!!! What a fucked up world. Atleast for now we got blogger to work, and now we can concentrate on the things that are not important. All right, for now we are off, will write some more soon...

From the airport

Well well well. Sitting at an airport, waiting for my flight to leave. Haha I left an hour early from home, so now I am stuck here for an extra hour. Atleast I have this PDA to keep me busy. Any other airport I wouldn't have complained, but this is dhaka so its kinda boring, at least the police are nice and they were keeping me company. I have Third Eye Blind with me so I can’t really complain. I have gotten quiet used to typing on this thing, and kind of enjoy it more. Right now, you gotta love technology!

Hopefully in a few hours I will have bought a wi-fi card from singapore, and then I can be online on this thing, and that will be mobile technology to the max. I'm lovin it. Had a fight with my dad, so I am happy to be out of the house. It is unfair to push people's ideologies on to other people. That will continue to happen till they realize that they are not always right. No one is always right.

Wasn't looking forward to getting back, but now I am, it'll be good to see makster_x when I get to caberra, and ofcourse the other. And in sydney there is golfer_shib who is always a lode of fun. Haha and to move houses and then get a job, those things I don't look forward to, but I know that they will get done, and can’t be that bad, right??

Bad politics is killing this country, and hopefully this can be rectfied sometime soon. There is a bloody strike on the roads for the next 6 days, and that is quite fucked up!! I don’t really care right now as I am leaving shortly, but the previous flight was delayed as people couldn't get here!! I better not get delayed, and then miss my next flight, I need to get a wi-fi card. Well I guess it didn't get delayed as I am on the flight, and just adding a bit more to the blog so its 100% up to date. Its pretty cold on the flight, and I already have a cold. Hey the other, if you read this, before I get back, can you get the new ambassador's phone number?? Makster_x is his son, and he is supposed to pick me up, but I couldn't get in touch with him before I left...

Wow, if I could write all of that in the last 10 mins, then I can write an essay on this thing. Thank you love, i've never enjoyed playing with something since I was a brainless kid.

Only thing I wish, was that I had been able to put xmen 3 on this, as I could have, but my computer at home kept crashing. But at least I got my music on it. Life is quite good right now, though the fights, at least they are not with the people that I would rather not fight with. I feel alright leaving, and I hope this feeling isn't fleeting. Haha now my own song started playing, I wrote this for sweetness's b'day. can’t wait to show the other. I actually recorded a solo!! Beat that!!

Alright, I should go for a smoke, and soon I will be in civilized world again, don't get me wrong I love this desolate wonderland...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Life Sometimes Just Sucks

Well, sorry about not being around. Had a lot going on, and now its time for me to get back to my posts. Two days till I am to fly out of Dhaka, and back to the land we call Canberra. My girlfriend is supposed to leave in about 2 hours, and I am sitting in her room, while she sleeps. What a bad day today, couldn't have ended in any worse way. Firstly, her visa application got rejected, and now she has to apply again, as some of the documents were not correct, so keep your fingers crossed on that one. I'm really bummed about that one. Secondly, her dog died infront of us, after battling for her life for the past week or so, so everyone in the household is quite upset about that. Finally, she had severe stomach pains, so we had to take her to the doctors at midnight. And now at 3 she just woke up, and shes not feeling any better, lets she how she does. One and a half hours to go. What sucks is that I didnt even get to talk to her before she leaves, and I wont see her for another 5 months. I haven't been home for the last god knows how long, and so as tommo and then the next day is my flight, I have to be home, so it would seriously suck even more if she were to stay back, and then I don't even get to say goodbye. Sometimes life just sucks, and I guess we just have to deal with it. Its been a good vacation, why wouldn't it be?? I got to spend a lot of time with my girl, but if she wasn't there and I didn't get to be with her, then on the whole, this vacation has been really bad, just way too much bad news and bad experiences. Car crashes, people dying, nothing just seems to go my way. I used to survive on luck, on everything I did, it usually had its own way of working itself out, but I feel now that my luck has run dry, and only bad karma to behold. This year infact has been bullshit.

Now that I stop to think about it, its all bad Karma, for all the bad things that I have done, and for all the pain and suffering that I have caused. I probably deserve the punishment, but I feel that its unfair that the other people in my life have to suffer the concequences aswell. So its probably a good idea to just stay away from me, everything that I touch seems to just go to the shits. Hey, the other, has anything bad happened to you recently?? How long can this go on for?? I think its time that this came to an end, and restore my happiness?? If anyone has any remedies, let me know...

Not looking forward to going back to canberra, eventhough I didn't have a great time here. Yeah, life is much better when I am with my better half, and that is probably the only reason I want to stay here, but that is not the reason why I don't want to go back to Canberra. There are parts of my life that I am ashamed of, and definately not proud of. I have left all of that behind, and will be out of my life, but as soon as I get back, I have to just for a short time step back into that world, and it is going to be painful to be reminded of those times, and all the pain that it has caused. On top of that, I have 2 weeks of work to catch up on, find a job, and do a mountain of crap that I do not want to have to deal with. Life has just gotten too hard, yeah yeah, welcome to the real world you would say, but its just gotten to hard to handle. There is only so much one can take. But it brings me back to a quote that I have been quoting for the last 6-8 weeks from the author of the alchemist, "when there is no way of changing the past, we should only concern ourselves on how to move forward." Yet it seems like a hard task at hand. I want to lock myself in my newly aquired mental institute dorm room (this dorm in the past used to be a mental pententiary). Solitude is probably the best thing to do, why cause anyone else any pain, or make my self available to any more bad times?? I am safe with me for the time being. There are things to look forward to in Canberra however, I get to meet, and stay with a really good fried of mine makster X, as his parents just moved into Canberra, and god damn it will be good to see him. I get to meet the other, and this time around hopefully meet up more often then not, and have our old gaming sessions, jams, and the routein lunch at oportos... These are the things that make me feel like life is worth living, without the people in it, the peoples lives that I affect, I would have called it quits a long time ago, life is just not as grand as it used to be, and I hope I feel like it is again sometime soon. For now the blame lies on me, and I deserve the bad karma.

Finally, I have so much stuff to take back with me, that I am seriously just have no idea how that is going to happen, so I am probably going to have to leave a lot of things behind, and I guess thats ok, as long as I take back the things that other people have requested me to bring for them or take for other people. Once a word has been given, its a crime to break that trust... On that note I will end this for now, why stay up anymore, I am just going to sleep, it hurts a lot less when I am asleep, at least there I get what I want, at least I think so...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I put my back into my living

I have returned! Then again I did return a few days ago but I have been sick and recovering from the insanity that was my trip. I'll have a more detailed update next, but sheesh I had to say something so you knew I was still alive.

Monday, July 03, 2006

My Little Pretty One

Note to self, need to make a post about the Big Brother "sexual assualt" thing when I return.

Why you ask? Because I am off for a week for a legal competition tomorrow morning. So no posts from me for a while but the other shall still be around for good thoughts and good entertainment.

You know what I really hate? Exams that leave you blitzing the paper and finishing just as time is up. You have no real time to digest the question or think critically. Usually the first answer that pops into your head is the one that you choose to write about. It's frustrating, there's no time for anything! The real world does not have such time constraints. How stupid and pointless.

Speaking of, my grades came back and I'm incredibly happy! Hopefully I shall be able to make a purchase soon as a result.

Joaquin hates: Rogue Traders, no talent fucks they are.

Joaquin loves: Vanessa Anne Hudgens (the female lead from High School Musical), check it out, she's 18, it's ok!

Haha, have a nice day folks!