Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eating pies while shooting things at the sky aka The Blog Retro/Introspective 2009 (1 of 2)

Lead In

But you should also remember to shoot them in the head, shoot them in the back! As the other will remember, he improvised that song on his old acoustic when I was in the middle of an ambush in Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault and I was at the end of a bottle neck and I was just shooting people left right and centre like nobody's business. It was very apt and I like the darker message (not to mention the rhythm was pretty good too).

So what is it with girls at work and my attraction to them? Last job...well that was obviously a road to nowhere. But like a fly with half a brain, I knew it was a venus fly trap but I flew far too close anyway! Hahha I'm hoping that doesn't come around to bite my ass some time in the future. Now the new one, damn! She's just really interesting and different. I guess that's the killer, the new ones, people who don't remind me of anyone I've ever known previously.

Anyway it's NEVER good!

So I have gradually started getting back into the movies, and I watched Collateral recently, which I thought was fantastic! Absolutely gripping, and Tom Cruise really shone! I didn't think he had it in him, but he proved me wrong, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was aiming to get into Get Smart this weekend but alas, I did not bother, but I shall save it for maybe Wednesday night or something, I have a flex day on Thursday so I can stay up late that day.

I have my car back, so yay! I now have mobility, independence and privacy! And I also enjoy getting pwned now and then, it's good to stay humble.

I have been playing STACKS of Counter Strike Source lately, even more so than M2TW. I remember yonks ago at a LAN at my friend's, his brother and his friend absolutely pwned us! 2 of them vs 8 of us, and we just got hammered. They belonged to one of the best clans in Australia and they were just absolutely amazing. I just didn't have a knack for the game, I didn't understand it, and I have not played it much. But these days I have focused more and more on playing properly. Proper weapons selections, flanking tactics, firing while behind cover, working within the squad and I gotta say, I am loving it a LOT more. I gotta say, I really enjoy the tactical shooters, I might even plonk down some dollars with the next pay cheque on some more games. FPS I still enjoy now and then (ala Halo and UT), but tactics is an important aspect of gameplay that I am just a huge fan of.

I recently saw a play that the other was a part of, and I was thoroughly impressed!! Very well done, and I was hooked from the get go! So good that it made me miss acting very much.

On my way back into the city, I noticed that there was an absolute cavalcade of teens out (and a lot of girls wearing revealing dresses in the freezing freezing cold)! This was incredibly odd, as it was a Thursday night! I thought it was crazy, especially now that I'm a working person, and considering that I don't go out that often anyway, let alone on a Thursday night, and perish the thought! Then I realised that they were all uni students. And not along ago, I was among their number. Oh how the world is screwed if these people are our future leaders!

I've also been getting into some more music and I have been living it up. I should be accruing more flex soon, so I'm looking forward to having more time off. I shall aim to update the patented Joaquin Rate List (JRL) some time soon. Without further hoopla, here's what you've been waiting for:

Anarchy Inside My Mind - Retro/Introspective 2009

Introduction and General Comments

Well as I said, I had neglected to do the blog intro/retrospective for the last two weeks. Let me say that I have been working on it this whole time. It's not easy I tell you, there's a shitload more posts each time I do this. I have also realised that a lot of the posts seem familiar, and the early posts I am very familiar with, and don't need to be analysed. On this basis, I have decided not to do this annually from now on. I will now instead do it at other intervals, which I will decide at a later time. I had neglected how big this task can be, and I decided to actually do it properly this time around. In previous incarnations of this, I had skim read a few months there, but this time I had resolved to read all of my previous posts, word for word. Then I thought about them and made notes. I decided to make general comments on the years, or if something really stood out, make notes on individual posts. I did not make notes on every post, as that would be impossible, and would require a full on project management team to get sorted.

So to explain my method, I went back to the start and just read all my posts in chronological order up to the latest post. For part 2, I aim to read the other's (and his invited guests to our blog) posts and make comments on points of discussion the other and others have raised, provided I have not commented on them before, or if my opinion has changed since I made my original comments. I am quite looking forward to that, but that will probably be much longer to provide than this post.

Generally, it has evolved into a life retrospective. These weren't just thoughts of a fragmented mind, but it functioned like a diary, and I did put down a lot of important life events in here, or posted allegories when I needed to pick my words carefully. It's interesting to see where the other and I are now, compared to where we were when we started this thing. I still can't see where tomorrow is. I don't know what I will be doing in another 5 years. That will be a full decade of this blog, that is just amazing. Did I ever think I would end up here? The other has done well, and I am proud of him and his achievements and accomplishments, for which he should be congratulated.

What I've also come to realise is that this blog is ours, and it's our thoughts. It's not for the people (although it is nice to have people read and occasionally comment). I will post when I want, and I will say what I want. I don't have to apologise for anything on here. This isn't a chore, and I need to do this.

Reeling in the years


So this is where it all began for us. The other set up the blog and invited me to join and I was happy to learn what the blogging world was about and expost the world to my thoughts and the way I think. What was interesting is that the blogs from years ago seem more familiar to be than the more recent ones, which I guess goes to my state of mind at the moment. I guess I had more down time then, and had a LOT more time to think about what I wanted to blog about. I was more organised with how I got blog notes down and articulated myself in a clearer way back then (if not a bit verbose at times). It was also important for me to blog about what was on my mind at that particular time. Having read these posts, I do realise that I did whine a lot, so I'm sorry! Also, due to the obvious, it was incredibly uni-centric.

Going back, I've also seen the absolute dump of spam comments we've had on here. I'm sorry I didn't set up the verification tool for the comments much earlier. Now I don't remember how to delete posts. However, I would like to thank the people behind the REAL comments, even the abusive ones. Time is a precious thing, and to have you use that time to read this means a lot. It's all good fun! A lot of the posts were pretty disturbing, I did come off as a bit violent and angry, but that has dissipated now. I guess now I'm just apathetic, which is probably worse!

Sometime in December, I started the Joaquin Rate List (JRL), which was a brilliant idea. I don't know what sparked it, and what was initially a tiny list has grown so large and definitive over the years. Remember folks, you can check it out here:


The posts from this era do tend to be a lot more self involved. I don't really remember what was going on in my life at this time. I did talk about myself more, compared to the thoughts I had, which was a feature of the 2004 posts. However, there was still good intellectual food for thought there. The year saw the other arrive on our shores, and hijinks ensued, and have ever since. There was a post somewhere about breast men vs ass men. I did say that I had turned into a breast man. Well I can say now that I am proudly an ass man, and it will always be that way thank you very much! I also realise that I used to binge drink a lot, which is not good. I don't drink anymore, except for soft drink (which is probably worse, considering the amount of sugar they have)!

Also, my apologies to Zoe (, who posted for us to attend something, however I did not read this comment till many months after the event. Haha I also remember my massive rant against blogger when I lost a rather large post. I apologise, this is a good system, and they have worked on their faults since those days. I'm glad we're still with them. I'm also in shock over how little sleep I got back then!! I can't believe I was able to function! I get more sleep now but I'm still more tired now! I think 2005 was also the year I started to grow weary of university, and I started to voice my opposition a lot more. Mitch made a comment in October, so props to him!


This year saw a decrease in the number of posts by me. I'm not quite sure why that was. I think I might have had a lot more classes. I also procured my MP3 player, which has changed my life so much! So good! I still remember the old days with my discman and just one disc, ahh so glad those days are over. There was also better intellectual stuff coming from this era, though I'm not sure how I was able to do this, considering I was posting a lot less. Based on some of the posts, I think this was the year I stopped looking young for my age! Was it stress? Or maybe people now think that I act mature so that they automatically think I'm older?

Wow, I had so much assessment, I don't know how I was able to get any of it done! I put it down to just doing the work. I went to my classes, I did my readings, and I put the hammer down when I needed to. But some of those deadlines were crazy. My work ethic now is much better, so it wouldn't be such a problem, but back then, yowza! I don't miss it at all. 2006 was also the year we welcomed our first guest blogger, Golfer_Shib aka Jester to our party. It also saw the start of my love affair with real time strategy warfare games, like Rome Total War, all because of watching too many documentaries! Classic posts included great moments in gaming history, and many others! Jester and the other had a few months there with uninterrupted blogging, which was fantastic. It also saw the first introspective that I undertook.


This was the year I broke my first guitar string. I don't know how they all lasted so long! I've broken stacks since then! I guess my style has become a little more heavy on the strings. The posts of this era were definitely a lot more guitar focused. I think this was probably due to my ability starting to go somewhere. Haha, there was a post in there about me thinking Webber made a huge mistake going to Red Bull instead of Renault. Haha in hindsight, boy was I wrong! I'm glad he is where he is, and he's an amazing driver. This year also saw even less posts from me. This was mostly due to my honours paper, which was an absolute killer, as well as job applications that I was doing. My guitaring skills were probably their best ever then, as I had a 5 day weekend, so I was playing heaps. The last part of the year devolved into a lot of rambling, disjointed nonsense with insane amounts of weirdness. I don't know what was going on, but it was probably stress induced from my honours paper. Marilyn wished us a happy new year, so now, 2 years later (and way out of date), I wish her a happy birthday too!


This year saw some of my biggest posts, as I knew I was leaving to go interstate to work. I was moving, on to a different life, to the so called "real world" and I guess I became a different person around then. We also got a new blogger in there (whose name I have forgotten, so I am incredibly sorry). There were many months in there without a single blog from me, but the other and his guest kept the world turning on here so I was very happy.


So this is where we are at now. I guess you can read the old posts and see if you agree with me. They're all good reads I must say. Since the year is still in progress, I can't really comment! I'm back home, the other and I have some major jam sessions in the works and I am just looking to live my life really. That's it for now folks! Have a nice day and I hope you've enjoyed this instalment! Until part 2 soon (hopefully)...Joaquin out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Full circle, several times

Oh my god! I had totally forgotten about the blog intro/retrospective! September just came around so quickly and now we're almost halfway through! Unfortunately I am rather busy this weekend, with various chores, so I shall start my introspective next weekend.

I also have nothing to report, so as promised, I shall update the Joaquin Rate List (JRL), and be on my way. Until good times next weekend, my friends!

Remember, the JRL can be found at: