Friday, September 29, 2006

In The Night, In My Dreams, I'm In Love With You

I must ask for forgiveness once again, as I have not been able to blog lately. However, my excuse was legitimate, as I have been incredibly busy with uni work, almost to the point of insane stress. But, luckily all my work is done, bar one oral and exams. But the oral is with a partner and it's about a topic which will be fairly easy to write about and keep the class entertained with, so yes I am sitting pretty for the next couple of weeks! But it's good to see that the others have been keeping the blog fires burning and there have been some good posts (and good pics, some of which were more legal than others, haha)!

I am impressed with my own focus in the last few weeks as I did have to push things to the limit many times in order to get things done. But it's all behind me now, so let's not talk about work!

How crazy has F1 been lately?! I am loving it so much! I surely hope Michael takes out the championship this year, it would be a brilliant swansong to his career. He throughtly deserves it. It's sad to see him go, as he really is one of the best drivers of all time. But I don't think F1 will suffer entertainment wise, with all the exciting shakeups which are taking place next season. It'll be good to see Raikkonen in a reliable car with some speed, because he is absolutely amazing. Alonson behind the wheel of a MacLaren will end his reign of terror because they haven't been too good as of late. Massa has come into his own though, so there should be some good comeptition at Ferrari. Looks like I won't get my Ferrari dream team of Macher and Raikkonen, but oh well!

There is a girl who works at the place where I get my hair cut. This woman is extremely attractive. Previously she has made me buy expensive clothes I have not needed, but I just wanted to talk to her. She's also a distraction, when you are having your hair cut, you don't want to be twisting your neck to perve on someone, while someone with scissors is trying to keep you still! Considering I like to stay home, it's crazy that I actually feel like going down to see her! Haha, I sound like a stalker don't I?

2 weeks ago, I managed to procure Rome: Total War Gold for myself from a fellow who works at a game store who I knew vaguely from college. Luckily a friend I was with knew him well and as a result I got it for DAMN cheap so I was over the moon. I installed it several days ago and I have just been loving the custom battle mode so much that I haven't even started the story campaign!! I played a few of the historical battles and I have just been getting slaughtered!!! These new ones are taken from the side that lost the battle, so we have to change the course of history, which is freakin' impossible because the odds against you ar just insane. I'm also procuring Medieval Total War from Utorrent, because I loved the demo. I think I may even purchase Medieval 2 Total War a bit after it comes out (cause seriously, who the hell would pay full price for anything? We're students after all!).

Finally bought a bloody 300 gig external hard drive!!! It took me most of the day, but I backed up everything!!! My holidays are going to be insane, I have games, movies, multiple series of tv shows to get through, I don't know how the hell I'm going to do it.

That's it for now, but since I mentioned my stuff is all done, expect some more posts from me! Have a nice day people!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blind Man's Trip...

Head thorbbing from another strange assault. Hope shattered, blind remourse. Petty thoughts and heartful desieres. Burning bright, burning till nothings left. Rotting courpse, filled with could have beens. Life on loop, a sad song on repeat. Never to find what you're sure is yours. Somethings there behind your back. Something ugly and cold. To hold you down as strugle to stand. Something strong and built with hate. "If I can't have it, none of you shall!" Sometimes we need it, others we plead for it. Bitter truth. It's not for you. Forbidden fruit, tastes so good, never yours, and never kind. If you want it, you must make it. Can't leave it in anothers hands. Butter fingeres, sure to squander it. Shattered dreams, and false hopes. Bitter truth, its never yours. Made to last, but sure to hurt. Over and over, the same report. "Captain, we're going down!" One salute, hold your ground. If this ship was made to sink, so be it. I was made to stand, on this rocking boat. Never clear, were it was ment to go. A blind mans trip, into an unknown abyss. Bitter end, its in your hands. One sad truth, it never stands. Hope was made to build you up. Up so hight, so you might believe, that this could be. I one sharp stab, the bitter truth. This is it, so hold your grip. But I'm sure you're gonna trip...

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Standing at a fork!!!

Trying to comprehend the verity of the moment, coerced to take a decision, aware of the "consequence monster" just waiting to eat me alive, but a decision must be taken. My journey into wonderland, or so i thought it was, has been a pleasurable one with some ups and downs. I thought i had it all figured out, but time had the better of me. Blindly being guided through by my own misconstrued apprehension, i ignored all the signs that had been put foroward. Through the middle of my journey, i knew what i had put myself into, trying to make things better, but the tools were just out of my reach. Floating down a river austere emotions, manipulating the tides, cheating my way through, barely missing the rocks and busting my head open. Hurting innocent souls in the process, i await the fall, which prepares to eat me alive.Thougts of past mistakes bogging me down, cannot help but realize, there isn't much left to do. Only the fall can make me come alive, and break into the unseen world never observed through the eyes of mine. Just riding out what the rapids have to offer, not looking out for branches to hold on to, saving myself the emberrasment in the eyes of the dogmatics.

The journey has almost come to an end, only the decision is left to be taken. Forced to choose between two paths, one which will lead me to cleopatra and the other which will embarass my mentor. I've chosen the path which will take me to my cleo, but calls for stealthy measures which must be overcome every step of the way, but at the end i know, the scars of guilt will heal. Now i wait for the gatekeeper to grant me my place next to cleo, (fingers crossed) and hopefully be happy for whatever time i have left, and also save the emberassment to my mentor.

Monday, September 25, 2006

So much for summer here!!

Well it looks like jester's having the time of his life down in Sydney, and quite frankly I'm a little jelous. Its still pretty cold, and when I went to sleep today at about 10am, it was crazy macbeth weather outside!!! Haha, I can't wait till its warm enough to wear whatever I want, sick and tired of all the winter clothes, and sick and tired of having the heater on...

What a few days the last few days, its been a real rolercoster, but I'm still standing strong, at least for now. It was my bday on the 20th, and though I decided nothing would happen, that surly wasnt the case. I bunch of my friends who happened to be free on that day, decided that doing nothing wasn't an option, and thank you to them, its was quite fun. Chippie was the first one I saw, and it was straight to the bar, where Norm, and a few other friends happend to show up, and all I remember is by 9 o clock I had passed out, and then woke up at about 12:30.. Hahaha what a night. Since most of my friends couldnt make it on wednesday as they were busy, they all decided that Thursday was the night we were going to get completley wasted, and yes, we made that happen. Thought the theme for the night was "White Trash" which was horrible I tells ya, it was pretty good night, though it wasn't the most visually appealing night. Had about 22 shots, and my friends made it a night to remember, well of what I do remember that is. Last thing I remeber is saying bye to Subhan - the green terrorist (affectionately named), and then its all blank. I was quite surprised when I woke up in my bed the next morning wondering how exactly I got there. Yes, I did actually manage to stumble back to my own room, it was great. The next morning, woke up with the taste of an ashtray in my throat, and hunger of a few people, and decided to go have lunch at Maccas, whats better when you have a hangover but to have some oily quarter pounder burgers, and yes I did have a few... After which Chay - Miss beach bum butterfly called me up, not being able to print her document that was due in 15 mins. After which headed down to the bar, but I definately couldn't stomach another drink at that point. Went over to her's and she was supposed to cook me dinner, but hahaha I cooked instead, and it was quite a good meal. Subhan called me a while later telling me that it was someone else birthday, and the night before I promised him that I would go to his house, so I had to go. After a few drinks and the birthday boy passing out, the rest of us headed down to the city for some night life, stayed till about 2:30 having a few quiet ones, and then deciding it was time to call it a night, and finally got back home, crazyness...

Unfortunately, the crazyness didnt stop there, since then I have barely slept a wink, and suffering from some severe insomnia, so I have decided to go down to the doctors and get some medical assistance... Its sad, I want time to pass by faster, but yet I just can't sleep, saddness that is called life... Murphy's law is stronger that any of us should have to know...

There are things we have control over, and there are things that we just dont have control over, yet sometimes we strive so hard to have control over those that we don't have any control over, and forget about those that we do. Realizing that sleep is something that seems to be out of control for me, I've rectified the situation and taken back the power to control the things that I do have contol over. After all the crazyness, hadn't done much over the last few days, and today rectified the situation, and I am back in control. Finished all the work for this week, and any other errands that I had to do, and so I'm sitting back relaxed, and planning on keeping ahead for the time being, at lest I sould make the best use of this lack of sleep. For now we just have to take the power. Rock on, true Rage agaist the machie style. Night folks...

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Summer Eye Candy!!!!!

Greetings. And the time has finally come, put on those sexy bathing suits ladies, that sunscreen lotion, slip into ur flip flops, we are headin to the beach!!!Yup, its finally summer time in Sydney, and man have i been waiting for a long time. I hated being bogged down by the cold everyday, and not goin outside.It was more the wind chill factor that i hated. I'm sure its a much worse scenario for The Others down in Canberra. Australians love their summer and everything that comes with it. The festivities are just endless, and what everybody looks foroward to most, is goin the beach.

Living in the heart of the city for the first time during summer, it just seems that summer has totally changed the colors of the whole city. No more gloomy, cold, windy days, hiding our hands inside our pockets, people being crushed just because of the weight of their warmers! Its totally a different story now... Its all about skin in this time of the year :)! The vibrancy of the people shine through, flauting whatever they have and the skirts just keep getting shorter and shorter.

Headed over to bondi on Firday. The weather was amazing. The beach was packed. It was nice getting some sand between my toes, and just lying around in the sand and doin jack. Sipping on a cold one, looking at gods beutifull creatures pass by, playing a bit of touch football, standing in awe of the skateboarders on the ramp and mostly basking in the sun. The day was good. Got tired as hell by the end of the day.

Thats all for now, not much to write. Cheers!!!

I'll prolly get thrown behind bars if i got cought takin picks like these at the beach, could'nt help myself!!!!hehehehe

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't cash out on that bet...

Its about that time of the night again, when I sit infront of the computer and blog my time away. Today's been a productive day, finished prepairing for the presentation that we have tommo, and by the looks of it, its going to be a good one at that. The slides are done, and they look very smooth and mordern, and definately good desing. After using Powerpoint 2007 for a while, I realized that it has some really simple ways of making your slides look good, and its definately a time saver for me, as I don't have to do it manually. If you don't have it, I guess you're missing out...

Sometimes there is no winning, no matter what you do someone is going to feel not cool about it, that the definition of life. If you accomodate one person, then you'll leave someone else out. There is just no way of fitting everyone in and to make everyone happy. So I guess either you pick the ones that are most important, and at least try to make them happy or simply be selfish and just make yourself happy. I guess thats not really the way to go either, you get what you give, and I'm a strong believer...

There is a lot of news that happens in the world, but I seem to be more focused on the virtual world, its more interesting, and its always evedent what has changed, you don't have to miss out on the action, its always there for you to check out and judge it for yourself. Maybe its easier to handle that than the real world. Its a big big world out there, a tangable one and one that isn't.

Now that the dates to the exams are out, I'm feeling a lot better, as now I have a goal to work towards, and it seems like everything that I have to get done before that is like a stepping stone, and one step closer to the other side of the river. I know its always been that way, but it just seems a bit more real now, and a lot easier to get by. I have one day left before I turn 22, hmmmm. Getting old now, and it still feels the same. Its funny when I was a kid I remember looking up to people my age, and thinking wow things are so different when you are their age. Now that I'm here, I feel exactly the way I think I always felt. Probably, yes there is a massive change within me, the way I think, the way I operate, but that is just not evident to myself. When you live with a person long enough, and everyday, you just dont notice the change, its like its always been there. The people who notice the difference are the poeple who just haven't been a part of your life that much as of late...

People are asking me why I don't want to be doing anything on my bday. Well there are lots of reasons, but not a single one that I can either single out or put my finger on. I have had it with all the other bdays getting trashed and doing the usual, I would like to take sometime to just get older by myself, not that I want to be by myself, but hopefully this is the last time I will be, so why not live the experience? I've never spent a bday just doing nothing and just having time to just talk and reflect on life or just enjoy the beauty of the day or who I am... And that is definately the goal of this bday, one last chance make the best of it... It would be good to just have some friendly conversations who mean a lot to me...

I've decided to take a more simplistic method to everything, not that I want to do the simplest easiest thing, but do the best with the least. Less is more is a theory that is often used in many spheres. Especially solos, a few notes can express a lot more than a fret busting solo, and I've always appriciate it, and will attempt that style of playing more into my music. Secondly, design, I think often I try to add everything I can do into one project, and tahts probably not the way to go. The simpler and more clear the design is, the more likely its going to be a good design, and this I will try to keep in mind...

On that note, I shall call it quits as it is my bed time now, and some shut eye is definately called for. Tommo is the last day I work, and I finish a presentation, so by the end of the day, I should be feeling pretty darn good...

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Monday, September 18, 2006

New Age Confusion...

Another day gone bye, and its getting a little warmer here in Australia, and damn, I'm thankful for that, had enough of winter for one year. Its time to get back into action with classes from tommo, and it should be an action packed second quarter, and all the way thru to the end of the semester, and damn I'm looking forward to that.

Today I realized that I love flickr but it also irritated me at the sametime. It looks like I'm either going to have to go pro and buy an account there or just move to some other site to store my pictures, because it only allows you to store 200 pictures, and aswell as the lack of sets, only 3 are allowed. But I like the service so much, and I actually might consider buying an account. Lets see, I'm checking out Bubbleshare for a while, and if that meets my expectations, then I guess I'll switch there for a while, till I get my credit card, and if I havn't changed my opinion by then.

Today, I decided that I'd had it with the old stupid signatures with only text, so I created a signature with tables, graphics and text, and it worked out to look pretty good. But alas it drove me crazy, it so happens that the yahoomail signature HTML section only works in IE, and I wish I knew that and hadden't tried to get it to work for 2 hours before figurign that out. There needs to be a cross platform integration happening there. About yahoo mail, finally they have released the Web 2.0 version of the email, and now I can live in peace, not having to switch to gmail, and to still have the web 2.0 available. Its great, with keyboard shortcuts and all. I swear the browser is becoming more and more important everyday. is a great site for music list sharing, meeting people with similar music tastes, and to actually find new music that you may actually like rather than listening to most of the crap that plays on the radio. It has a plugin for itunes, windows media player, and other media players, and as songs play they are uploaded to your portal on, and so you don't have to look thru their database and pick the song you like, the songs you hear are the ones that go there, and while you're listening to them, you can tag them, and rank them. Its a great site for all music entusiasts, and much more useful than myspace or other places. About myspace, it seems that more and more employers are going and visiting the applicants myspace to gain more insight into what type of a person the applicant is, and this is scary people. This maybe a good reason to get rid of that page of yours all together...

These are the things that confuse me, I went to the mall, and bought a frying pan as i need a new one. I looked at a few, and what didn't make any sense was that a 30cm pan cost more than a 40cm pan when they were from the same brand and the same product!! How does that make anysense?? Someone please explain that to me. And yes I did buy the bigger pan.

Music that I've been listing to today has to be "Fall out boy." Give them a listen if you get a chance, quite good music, and their lyrics are juxtaposed just in the correct manner. Anyways, I'm gonna head off to bed, have to meet joaquin in the morning tommo, so takecare folks...

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Better Than The Rest...

Well i'm back again for another post. Having a field day with all the scrubs episides that i've been watching, and I swear nothing makes me laugh more than the stupid jokes on that show. They are all a buch of really cool characters...

Insomnia is a killer when you have to wake up in 2 hours and then get to work for a 7 hour shift, and i'm happy to say that after another 7 hours of work in the next few days it shall be over for good. Thats it for me and subway! But I sure am going to miss those Saturday closing with Ghram.

The funniest thing happened. The other day I was checking out Pageflakes and YouOS. After checking both out for a while, I've decided that they are both quite good. YouOS is much more pleasing on the eyes, but the funcionality of pageflakes is much better. And have been using it quite a bit. But later that night I was talking to an old friend who is a programmer while I was at my cousins office doing work there. And he was like I was looking for pictures of Dhaka on flickr and came across your pictures, damn this is a small world. And that wasn't it at all, then he tells me to check out pageflakes as it has integration with flickr, and I told him that I already had seen it. He was like its built by us. Hahaha its great to see some buddies of mine doing some really awesome work. When I saw the page I was thinking that Omar Jabbar, another one of the programmers from there made something like that a few years ago before Web 2.0, and guess what, he was the mastermind behid the whole thing. So you all just have to go check out some web 2.0 action on pageflakes. And it will become one of the top 1000 pages within the next year....

I've been listining to this bush song on repeat "Machinehead." It has some really cool guitar riffs playing on it, but thats not what go my attention, its the whole dynamics of the song. And then the lyrics started playing in my head and i was wondering what it was about. After a lot of deliberation and looking up things, i came to a few possible meanings. Have a look at the lyrics first.


Breathe in breathe out
Tied to a wheel fingers got to feel
I spin on a whim I slide to the right
I felt you like electric light
For our love
For our fear
For our rise against the years and years and years

Got a machinehead better than the rest
Green to red machinehead
And I walk from my machine
I walk from my machine

Deaf dumb and thirty
Starting to deserve this
Leaning on my conscious wall
Blood is like wine
Unconscious all the time
If I had it all again
I'd change it all

The first possible conclusion is that its about a guy whos in a relationship where he always does as he is told, and like a machine, he does what he is told, green light he goes, and red light he stops. Unconcious all the time again refering to that.

Then there is the interpretation that he is talking about a car crash, and his machinehead is the engine, and he is talking about the car, and how he loves his car, its better than the rest, as its a status symbol in our lices. And he walks away from the machine after his crash. Interesting.

The third interpretation is that it is about a persons ego and trying to breakfree from that ego and the way he is used to doing things, and it becomes like the back of the hand almost machine like, and hence the machinehead.

The next interpretation is that its about drugs, just because most bush songs are about drugs. And how doing drugs is so mechanical, and its about moving away from the drugs.

The last interpretation is that its about his head of the amp, that has a blinker as the sound goes high it turns red, and green when under the threashold. I don't really think this really works, but its an interpretation none the less.

Whatever was running thru their heads, what a bloody awesome song, I encourage you all to give this a listen. Anyways, I'm off gotta do some more pointless things.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moving Into Year 2, Still In A Room Without A View...


Well its here, and its been 2 years already, it just seems like its was yesterday. Haha how time passes by when you dont even notice it. So there you go, its been 2 years, and theres more to come.

I've been thinking about time and the things that you have to do within that time, and its funny, it never feels like things are going the way it should. If you start thinking too much about what you have to do within that time, you'll be so worried about it, that it will seem like time is going by so slow, but if you don't care at all about it, the time sure flies. Highschool was a breeze, and it just few by so fast, and I realized that I didn't really care or give a shit about the things I had to do, I just did them because I had to, and time went out the window. Now, I'm thinking about everything that I have to do, and how things are going to happen, and time seems to stand still sometimes. I guess thats the fact of life, if you want to do something well, then you just have to take the hard road, and put in the extra effort, and suffer for a while while you're doing it, and in the end it'll be all worth it. Its not only about how fast you can get there, but to endure everything that needs to be done, and yet get there in the end. And in a more simple manner, make the most of the time thats here now, and do everything right.

There is this one friend of mine, who's always trying to prove that he knows more about everyone than you do. Thats fine, I never made it a point to know more about anynone than anyone else. But this is what irritates me, there are some people that I happen to know more about, and its no surprise, he shouldn't even try to prove that he knows more than me in those areas. Like my brother for instance, how does he get off thinking that he knows more about him that I would? Anything that he would have been told, I would obviously know, and probably know a hell of a lode more. For some people its always a competition, and I hate those! We are who we are, better or worse, nothing to compare about. Next time he'll probably come online and tell me he knows more about my girl than I do. Arrrrrgggghhhhh. As usual I'll just smile and nod, coz at the end of the day, hes the only idiot in the room...

Finished that god forsaken essay this afternoon, and I swear I haven't felt this good in a while, and I'm gonna cherish it for a while. I'd like to extend to Joaquin, thanks buddy, I wouldn't have figured that last bit out with actually discussing it with someone. It really helps to vocalize your thoughts from time to time, so that you hear yourself speak, and then it becomes clearer. I really appriciate the help...

Alright folks, I'm going to go off and watch some scrubs. Just can't get enough of it. Have a good one...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Denied By The Ignorant...

I hate cleaning my room, don't get me wrong I don't like living in a pig sty, but it doesn't mean that I like doing it. And when I do, the OCD side of me kicks in, and it just has to be perfect. Spend so much time cleaning, when a few days later the whole process starts all over. I guess its another one of those things, that just works on a cyclic fashion, and there is nothing one can do about it.

As predicted, I managed to get the 2nd part of my essay done today, and just one more part to go. That reminds me I have a presentation on Tuesday, and can't seen to get a hold of my group mates, haha its going to be another fun one. The way I look at it, presentations have to be done, and they will get done, reguardless of its done on the last day or a week before that, after all its only a reflection of a particular ad agency, how much work can we really do. Good firm at that. Hehe, for the first time in my life, I can actually say that I've done almost all the work for this presentation all by myself. As much as I like working in groups, I like to do the actual work by myself at my own time. But brainstorming that works best with a few other people around. I guess why this assignment is so pointless, there is no brainstorming. I feel like I'm in special school, and they are just giving us something retarted to do just so that we can say we did something. Looking forward to the next presentation though, as that entails coming up with an ad campaign for a company, and its goning to be good fun. And especially as I'm working with a group that I always seem to work with. It helps to know who is good at what before hand, that why less time is wasted.

Malls are places where you seem to see everything happen, its crazy. It good to see how somepeople are just so bloody stupid sometimes, makes you feel a little better about yourself. Hehe it was a fun day at the mall, and as always was only there for a few mins. There is just too much there, that you can spend your money on, and sometimes when you don't want to spend it, the best thing to do, is only go there when needed.

I just found out that Monday is a public holiday, and that means that boy this next week is going to be one short week. Oh wait this weeks not even close to being over, but I'm looking forward to classes starting again, and for people to be around again. Its a little depressing not to have many people around, solitude is inevitable, but right now its not what I want :P.

It looks like I'm well on my way on getting everything done that I intended to get done over the two week break, and that feels good, as I don't think I've ever been proactive about my school work in my life. If all goes to plan, I'll only have one graphic design project and one group assignment to do over the next 5 weeks, and then exams. I'm feeling good about myself. But in the meantime, I have to finish my essay tommo, that group assignment, and finally write another stupid presentation for media audiences. That one seems so pointless that I'm not even sure I'm actually doing the right thing. Take an article about the media and then just talk about it? That doesn't even seem in anyway important. Maybe I am doing something wrong, we'll see... Goodnight people...

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Bling Bling, Eye Candy...

Well, I thought it would only be appropriate to wrtie a few lines after taking this blogger up to version 2.0. The colors remain the same, but the graphics have changed. This was supposed to happen on the 14th of September for our 2nd year, but after I finished it, I could hardly resist :P. I hope that all of you like the new look. Its good to have a bit of a change from time to time, and now my desires are fulfilled, untill the next time I get an itch.

For those of you who have never heard of this band called Stroke 9, go give it a listen. First time I heard of them was on the "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" Soundtrack, with "Kick Some Ass," and what a kick ass song at that. From there got their 2 albums, and almost all the songs are worth the time, and you wont be disappointed. Extremely interesting stuff. Just got reminded today while watching Scrubs. Now who ever picks songs for that show really knows what he/shes doing...

Running out of tobacco is probably the worst feeling, especially here in the first world. In Dhaka, its never a problem, just go out to the road, and your hopes are satisfied. Those are the little things that make the third world worth it. The people who've never lived there will never know. And the other thing is that the third world really makes you lazy. No one walks anywhere, thats the first thing that takes time to get used to once you come to the first world, I'm sure that Jester will second that! Ok for now I am off to go smoke my last smoke, and wait till tommo. Have a good one folks...

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Feel this good again...

Somedays you wake up, and you feel like doing nothing, and that fustrates me more than anything. And i've realized that days like that aren't hopeless, you just have to go where the day takes you. This morning, was one of those, knowing I should do some work, but just not feeling like it. There was this tune playing in my head that I wrote last night, and then had to just record it, and so voilla, another song has been written. Then scrubs came along, after about the 4th episode I felt a sudden urge to get down to working, and guess what? I finished what I thought would be impossible a few hours ago. Turned out to be one of the most productive days. Slowly but surely, I'm coming up to the completion of this semester, and its starting to feel less overwhelming.

I hate it when people say they will do something by a particular day, and then never get down to it. The university was supposed to hand out our exam schedule today, and that would mean that I have a goal to work towards, but alas as slack as they are, there is no show of the schedule. You really piss me off University of Canberra!!!

What do you do, when you know that a friend of yours is going down the wrong path? This is just a recipie for disaster! Because of inflictions that hes gotten into, I have to avoid him, but then again hes one of my better friends, and its a shame that we don't spend as much time as we used to. You can't stop someone from doing what they want to, and in the same way being around can be a hazzard to your sanity, so do you just let it slide? Something to ponder upon.

I've realized that I am most productive when I have short bursts of intelectual work followed by long sections of gratification. That is what was missing for the last while, but I have to say I managed to keep going under the presure of being productive 24/7, but am definately liking the thought of sitting around and doing the things that I want to do from time to time, its good for my mental sanity.

Alight, today is going to be a short one, as there isn't much to report on, unless you want to hear about theoretical frameworks, hehe i'm sure that will bore you as much as it has bored me :P. Will get back to this tomorrow. For now, have a good one, and don't work too hard, just reduces your productivity!!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

For Once I'd Like To Be The Wiser...

What an album, one of the ones that has just made history, and without which life would just cease to exist. Yes, I'm taking about "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik - RHCP." Just saw a video of "Give it away," and what an awesome video that was. Just lovin it mate! What a day its been, completelyaction packed. One of my greatest fears in my life are confrontations, and thats exactly what I had planned for today even before I woke up to smell the coffee. Decided last night that it was time that I quit my job. Firstly, I miss having time to do things that are unimportant, and also trying to shuffle and do everything that I have to do was just becoming too intense, so I decided that it was time to quit. The other reason is that I have saved up enough for what I innitially started working for, and hence it was a success. What I hate again, is failing, I've never failed anything that just consisted on my effort when I actually wanted to get it done. So yet again, I am happy to have accomplish what I intended to do. But after the confrontation, my boss got me to do another week, and I think thats fair as he will need somtime to get someone else, and also coz its my two week break. Its finally becoming a break as I don't feel as much presure to get eveything done in these two weeks as I have time to do them now. Its hard to live wound up 24/7.

What makes life worth living? Thats quite simple, the people make this life worth it. Its not the things we own, as they always find a way to own us (Fightclub). People can make us happy, sad, angry, or feel completely defeated. They are the only ones who can insight all the possible emotions in the emotional spectrum. The best thing I guess is that these things can be so unpridictable. And thats what also seems to fustrate us more than anything, not knowing is fustration. And most of us hate not knowing, I know I hate it. But there is nothing we can do about it, so we have to embrace what is not know. And in a completely exestentialist point of view, only certainty in life is death. However morbid that may sound, its the only truth. The people I'm with or without makes a huge difference in how I think, I realized that. When I'm with my girlfriend, I feel like I can conquor the world, and as optimistic as I can possibly be, like I used to be when I was a kid, one of the most optimistic people alive. Now as life has drained most of my naievity, when I am without, I become a very determined rebel and an exestentialist. I guess this is temporary, so its alright to hate the world for a while...

I am seriously waiting for the day when I can walk around outside with just a tshirt on! I've had enough of the winter, I want to be a little warmer, the good news for me is that after a little while it should infact get a little warmer, and the winter in Dhaka that I am scheduled to go to, is hardly winter, I'd call it pleasant. I wonder sometimes if the weather has an effect on how we are feeling about things? If we like the weather do we become more happy. For now all I know is that when I see sunflowers I am a happy person. Smoking lounges are usually the worst place to be, but this one at Singapore airport is my salvation, it has both sunflowers and its outside, so I love it. Can't wait to have a smoke there again soon, once I'm there I know i'm that much closer to where I wanna be!

Sometimes I think I worry about things too much. For example, when I have a hard subject, I'm consumed by the thought of failure. Is this nessarily a bad thing? Maybe it is, and should take things less seriously, but if I didn't it would only mean that I'm losing the thought of how important that thing might be. The worrying is like a constant reminder that this is something to do right or hold on to. Interesting its all anxiouity, I hate it, but is always running on an overdose in me...

Alright, its time to hit the sack, being an insomniac is not fun, I used to be able to hit the hay and fall asleep almost instenatniouly. I hate the worries that my head starts rendering when I am just laying there. Haha sad but true, sometimes I would just rather not sleep at all! But for now I am tired after a long day, and its time to call it quits, can't do it all all the time. Night fellas. Btw, Jester's pic of his new phone is absolutely awesome!!! Hahaha what a cack!!

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pool with a Scottish!!!!

Greetings readers. Hope you have been enjoying the vids i have been puting up. There might be a lot of typos in this one, sipping on my fifith scooner of tooheys as i'm typing this out. So whats been up u ask? Not a whole alot, but alot. Have been bogged down with assignments and shit.

My visit to wollogong was quite interesting. Went over to my cousins girlfriends parents place. Quite a house they have. Situated right next the pacific ocean, just a road dividing in the middle. One of the most amazing backyard views i have ever seen. Anyways, reached the place around 10 at night. Her dad's scotish and mom's from fiji. Her dad, Bob, happened to have a pool table in the garage, so was looking foroward to playin pool all night. On the way over to their place, cousin and i thankfully deicided to roll up a couple of Js'. By the time we got there, we were pretty much flyin. After reaching, Bob offered us some beers, and what better way to cool down after firing up. Started play pool after that. Even tho i hadn't played for a while, tried to keep with them and even got close to beating them a few times. Listened to some good music while playing, bob marley, coldplay, Jim morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Elvis. Most of the old stuff. It was nice listening to some old tracks, playin pool, sippin on some beer. Neha's mom cooked up some fantastic italian dishes. For some reason, i couldn't stop munching on those breadsticks. It was 4 in the morning, still playin, we it decided it was time to revisit the green fairy. And this time BOB was there as well. Here is this 57 year old scottish guy who had never had a smoke in his life before, pissed drunk, and couldn't wait to smoke up. So we let him have a few puffs. He thought, well what the hell. After two minutes roughly, this guy started laughin his ass off. He started bumpin into walls, thought the green ball was the striker, ligting his ciggarettes backward. Pretty funny site. At around 5 in the morning, he decided he had enough and went back to sleep, but not before smacking his head into a few candle stands on the way to the bedroom. Me and cuz played till 6:30 in the morning and i did manage to wintwo or three games.

Knaves has been pretty much goin crazy bloggin by the looks of things. Not just that, he's come up with some awesome graphic work for the site. You guys just have to wait and see.

Can't wait to finish the semester and go back home. It's been almost over a year since i last went back. Hopefully me and knaves will be goin back on the same flight, so that should be fun. Getting pissed drunk and talkin shit all the way. Btw, whats the deal with not carrying any electronics shit on board. Not even ur iPods. How r u gonna manage to harm anybody with that, "THE POWER OF MUSIC....DIIIIIEEEEE MOTHERFUCKERS". Looking foroward to alot this time back home. Most importantly, meeting my precious, the apple of eyes and the girl i wanna spend the rest of my life with. Haven't seen her in a year now, and just dying to hold her in my arms. This time around, i won't have to say goodbye to her if things work out. I'll let u guys know what the thing is later on. Can't wait to meet my parents, especially mom. Spend all those times just talkin to her. She's prolly one of the best friends i have. Can talk to her about everything. If it wasn't for her, i don't think i would've come this far in life without her support. Dad's a different story. My mentor. Bad part is all those lectures i have to listen to from him. Neither is he big fan of my precious because of the conflict with her mom, but hopefully everything will be resolved in time.

Well thats about enough rambling for today. Cheers

P.S. Have a look at my new camera phone...

I'm Dressed All In Blue, And Remembering You...

Another day just pulled thru, and it looks like its been a pretty productive day. Worked for 7 hours, and that went altight, and after that managed to finish off all the Adobe Indesign lessons that I had to do for Graphic Design, and I feel like another weight has been lifted off my mind. Feeling pretty relaxed now, and plan on not doing much for the rest of the night. Waiting for a call from my brother, just to know when my nephew is born. They are stuck in the hospital at the moment.

Honestly, there is too much stuff on the internet, I don't know what I would do without it, life would be quite boring... There are so many sites that have so much to offer, I'm currently in the process of deciding which services to us and which not to, thats the key. I'd like to bring a few services to attention. YouOS, now here is something that is quite cool. Its a vertual destop completely built in AJAX, and can be viewed in your browser, and that can be quite useful if you move around a lot and like to have all your things there in one place. It has a pretty cool looking interface, but I don't really think that this is something that will be that useful to me. However it would be cool to have something like this on you're thumbdrive, that opens up in a browser, so that it can be used anywhere on any computer, even without the internet, this should be looked into, I'm sure someone has built one, and I will come across it sooner or later. The other service is 30boxes. 30 boxes is a calender service online, and is quite similar to google calendar or yahoo calendar. It can be quite useful, and has a few intuative functions that can be quite useful. I'd recomend a test run. The thing that irritates me is that we still don't have blogger beta, or do I have yahoo mail beta. I want my email to run on AJAX, but unfortunately they are just not giving it to me, and I want to use it, as I don't want to have to switch back to gmail just so I can use an AJAX interface, I quite like yahoo mail, but sick and tired of the traditional pages... I have moved up to Web 2.0 and I want all my things to move up to Web 2.0 with me.

So heres the deal, I decided to finally make another interface to this blog, in honor of our 2nd year. Hopefully this project will be finished by the 14th, which is the 2nd year, but no promises right now, as I have to base working on it with the amount of work that I have on my shoulders. As Jester says, its true over the last week or so we have just become geeks!! But i'm not complaining, I at least have a lot of things to do, and read about in my spare time. But alas, my net credits are just plumeting, and if it wern't for these two friends of mine who download everything for me, I don't know what I'd be doing!!

I was watching Scrubs, and then heard this song that had the coolest lyrics I've heard for a while "I'm dressed all in blue, and I'm remembering you, and the dress you wore when you broke my heart, I'm depressed upstairs, and I'm remembering when, where and why, you had to go so far." Haha caught my attention, and then had to find out what song it was, finaly got a listen to it, and its "Come Around - Rhett Miller." If you ever come across it, give it a listen...

I'm really starting to get bored without the company of my friends, I havn't really seen anyone I want to meet in a week or so, and its starting to get to me, but I'm sure I'll get through this, as I remember once doing this for a month when I was in Nepal, so that musta taught me some valuable lessons.

There are people out there who have so really irritating qualities, but I guess we have to live with it. Firstly, people who constantly have to find something wrong with you so that they can feel better about themselves. Its true, they just piss me off, why stick your nose where it doesn't belong?? Is you're life that boring that you have to bother about things in mine? People need to learn how to be more self contained. Secondly, people who assume things about you, who the hell gave them the right to do that? Poeple do that everywhere, generalize, decide who you are before they even bother to get to know you, and its just not right, and they need to do a self evaluation. And lastly for today, people who can't accept that they have made a mistake, and their normal defense mechanism is to either bring up things you've done wrong, or just get angry at you for no apprant reason, and thats quite irritating. You're wrong, deal with it!!!

Alright, thats going to be all for now, I have a few graphics to play around with, and I'm going to have a ball while doing that. Unfortunately I'm in two minds to watch a bit of scrubs, and my what a good show that is! But I really want to sit and do some graphics. Let me publish this, and then see where it takes me...

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Night, Another Dream

Wow, the last two days have probably been the busiest in this blog's history! I have seen some of the other's plans for the overhaul and may I say it's going to look bloody fantastic.

I have been listening to this crazy ass band called Dragonforce. Stupid name, stupid music. But goddamn, these guys are insanely talented. They have this ridiculous harmonised solo attack from a former classical guitarist and a self taught guitarist (my fave style and my own way)! But it's bloody ridiculous, this song "Through The Fire And Flames" is just insane, the first time I heard it I was just gobsmacked at the skill and ferocity - the solo rocks out and there are many references to Video Game noises and music throughout, it's bloody priceless. Herman Li is an awesome freak, reminds me of a young Malmsteen, before his ego decided to get in the way of good music.

Unfortunately, I missed a few references from last night's great moments in gaming history, so I shall close up that list tonight, so that my next update can be to Joaquin's rate list (I know, I've promised for so long, but damn it needs to be updated)!

So let's continue on to great moments in gaming history part 2 shall we?

Moment #9:
The other and I decided in one of our gigantic breaks last year to tackle Lego Star Wars before I had to go back to class. We set about our task fine enough, and despite some absolutely insane difficulty puzzles and stupid ass camera angles we prevailed (just barely, I was almost late to class) and we've never spoken about it since!

Moment #10:
In the last summer hols before exams, the other was staying at my place while my folks were overseas and we became truly nocturnal, with us getting up at roughly 2pm each day and sleeping at 7am. In that time, many a game of Fifa 05 was played (shite, that reminds me to install GTA Vice City and Fifa 06 soon), and on top of that, we finished Metal Gear Solid 2 in 2 days! It was sheer insanity, and the other showed signs of gaming immortality by surviving the boss battle with barely a scar on him! It was also an excellent exercise in logical thinking, as we made it without resorting to strategy guides (which I admit I had to for one point in MGS 1).

Moment #11:
Was a continuation of the events of Moment 11. We also got around to playing a crap load of Gran Turismo 3. We had a good Career mode going, with all licences acquired (in record time too might I add), and some races were close (yes we lost some). However, we decided one night to try out an endurance race in our beloved Dodge Viper Oreca race car and won. Enter the F1 car. We were untouchable from that point onwards! Nobody could catch us and we were bloody invincible!! It has to be the quickest progress made in that game of all time!

Moment #12:
Occurred today! I downloaded the demos of Shogun and Medieval Total War last night and played this this afternoon. Shogun was pretty bad, and Medieval was nothing to write home about (hence why I love Total War). But damn, the last tutorial on Medieval was the historical battle of Jaffa (third crusade). I was Richard Coeur De Lion, so it was 55 knights, plus 1000 archers, vs 7000 angry Saracens. The first time through I got butchered mercilessly by just trying to hold the line. Second attempt I decided to mix it up and just go straight out and attack. I lasted a bit longer but in the end I was routed. However, on the third attempt, I decided to be a sneaky bastard and just create an artificial wall using Richard and his bodyguards in the centre, surrounded by archers and a few spearmen around them for protection and just got them to hold the line. IT WAS SHEER BRILLIANCE! Everyone just bottlenecked straight into us and we came out very unscathed, it was like the actual battle of Jaffa itself (except that in real life the Crusaders were more attacking than defensive and they weren't as cool as me). So to sum up, in a feat of tactical brilliance, I have shown why I am the greatest general in history! Haha, I guess we'll have to see when I get Rome: Total War. I also can't wait until Medieval 2: Total War comes out because it looks bloody fantastic, siege battles are probably the best fun one could have with a game.

So that's it for tonight folks, have a nice day! I promise, my next update will be to the rate list, unless something REALLY awesome comes up (but as we know in the holidays that is not likely)!

Talk about drifting!!!!

People, u have to check this out. Pretty drifting. I'll post a blog soon..just been checkin out some vids.

And here's another one. i have never seen people drift like this before. These guys have skills man...DAMN!!!!!!

Pickle lightbulb

Hehe!!! thought this was pretty cool, so just wanted to share it. Starting to get some variation into this blog, so it won't just have to stuff to read!!!A big post from me is due soon. Things are starting to add up. Just been busy tryin to figure out some personal issues. Spending time on the internet as well. I've become a geek when it comes to facebook!!!hooked on it, joining groups and shit!!!Thats about it!!!THATS ALL FOLKS!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Witness To Another Slit Wrist!

Well its time to blog again, and its been a couple of days of doing nothing, and not happy about that. Well, I was supposed to get as much done as possible over the two week break, but it looks like the last two days, I've just been slacking. The good thing is that I've finished one of the essays that I was ment to finish, and now there is another one to go. So I guess I'm ahead of schedule, since I've finished one that was supposed to happen by the end of the week, but I still feel a bit useless. The other essay is going to be a lot of work, because firstly I have to understand all the concepts inorder to attemt to analyze the content. But that shall all happen in due time. As you can all see, a picture of "Jester" has now been put on on the sidebar, and now all that remains is a picture of "Joaquin," So here goes a reminder to him, send me a pic of some sort to represent your bloody face!!

Went out today to do a few things that needed to be done, and got most of it done so I'm pretty pleased with the progress. Went and finally got a proof of age card made, as I'm sick and tired of lugging around my passport when I need to get something that has an age qaulifier, so kudos to me, it only took 2 years to acomplish, hahaha. Other than that, I've been true to my aim and goals, and that is to take a few more pictures, and came out with some pretty fantasic shots if i may say so myself! I also think its coming to a time when I should get myself a new camera, this ones great, but i'd like a few more options...

I think my sleeping pattern needs to be adjusted in some manner, I love the way I live now, dont get me wrong, but its true, I get nothing productive done at night, I just sit around chatting or doing something of that sort. I guess if I were awake in the day a bit more, then I would have more time to study or other such things... Hmmm which way to live, its an interesting thing to ponder upon.

Today was prison break day, again got the new episode of the break, and it was god as usual. I thought at the end of last season that they would probably just drag on the show just so they could make a second season, but it looks like the writers have enough in store to have another season. I like the way the writer thinks, and its just so bloody dark at times, lovin it...

Should we treat the people the way they treat us?? Thats an intersting thought... Do we make up for their flaws and just make a little more effort, or just let it slide, and give them a taste of their own medicine? Either way its a lose lose situation, that is if you actually value the friendship, else just give them the cold shoulder and watch em drown waving your hands... One one side if you are always the one giving in, then at least you know that it will still hold together, and if you decide to let go aswell, then it just keeps sliding till that person is no where to be found in the rear view mirror... So what do you do? Trade in your desires and do as you're told, or just slide, an interesting thought none the less...

The other has been telling me for the longest time to write a song in Drop D, and finally I've done it! Wrote a nice tune out of the string tuning, and it sounds pretty bad ass. Unfortunately my drop d methods are very influenced by Rage Against The Machine, and so I feel like there should be someone rapping along with the tune, but alas I have no clue how the hell to rap. It is also as usual quite funky, and influenced by RHCP. That reminds me that RHCP are coming here in April, and I would like to get some tickets, so I should look into that...

Alight, I think its time that I put my head to rest, and hopefully I'll be a little more motivated when tommo clocks around, well for the first half I will have no choice, its all about work, but after I get back, I would like some productive stuff to be done... Anyways have a good one floks, don't stay up too late!!

half I will have no choice, its all about work, but after I get back, I would like some productive stuff to be done... Anyways have a good one floks, don't stay up too late!!

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Great Moments In Gaming History

As promised, tonight I bring you great moments in gaming history. This section shall cover a rather large period, since I don't remember when most of these events actually occurred. All I remember is that they happened, and they were grand.

So let's get on with it shall we?

Moment #1:
Many years ago, I stayed several nights at the other's house, and we engaged in a 3 day Playstation Royale. On the first night we made it a point to finish Resident Evil 2.

With me acting as the controller lackey and fire fighting monkey, and the other as the tactical officer, it was an interesting night.
Our first encounter with the licker had us freaked out and set the tone for the rest of the game. Our first run was with Claire, and as such we stacked up on all the best weapons and ammunition with her. Easy run none the less. However, our second run with Leon was much harder as Claire had flogged all the best stuff in the first run. Big mistake! We should have shared stuff across, cause this run was bloody insane. However, our prayers were answered with the heavy machine gun and we just wasted all the zombies. Enter the boss...Nemesis (well not really since he's in Res 3, but his clone thing that was in Res 2), we then went nuts...and since we had used our high powered weapon on many low rank zombies, we ran out of ammo. This left us with the pistol and several bullets (the second lowest weapon in the game above the knife). In a moment reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan's finale, I told the other it was an honour to work with him, and just proceeded to stay still and make the last stand with the last of the bullets. On THE last bullet, Nemesis fell! It was perhaps one of the greatest victories I've ever had! In fact, we were so consumed with joy, we wasted a good many seconds before we noticed there was a countdown in order to escape the underground base! Luckily we made it out and it was a good game.

Sorry to break with programming but I must say Jade McRae has the best legs in Australian show business. Too bad she isn't THAT good a singer. We now return to original programming...

Moment #2:
The next night we endeavoured to finish Driver 1 in one night. After many attempts on the mission Supafly, we eventually did it! I don't know how, but by mixing up the attempts between the other and I, it was incredibly easy! In fact the last mission was probably one of the easiest ones in the game.

Moment #3:
Several years later, after I was given an American version of Driver 2 and I had a relative stay the night. We endeavoured to finish it in one night. However, these missions were bloody ridiculous! This game made the second one look like a walk in the park. Unfortunately the final mission was beyond our grasp, and to this day I have been unable to finish it in the time limit. But for sheer attempt, and the brilliant novelty of some of the driving that occurred that night, it deserves a spot on this list.

Moment #4:
I am the greatest prodigy at fighting games. Any straight fighting game I can punish anyone, regardless of whether I have played the game before or not. It all began in the early days with such great games such as Street Fighter 2 and Art Of Fighting. However, my TRUE greatness was shown on the Virtua Fighter and Tekken series. I was definitely unbeatable, as I used to practice almost 8 hours a day on those games, with no break. I had mastered all the characters and every special move. However, a serious contender came in the form of my friend's younger brother who was hell bent on beating me. Haha with good reason too, since I was incredibly arrogant while playing, with taunts and jibes (much like my guitar playing) to my opponents as I was mopping the floor with them.

As Tekken Tag Tournament came out, we started to engage in Team Battles, where 8 fighters would take on 8. In a competition we were in, he brought out Kazuya first against my all time best (which among others included Paul, Law, Hwoarang, Nina and Jin). I was butchered even though I was using some of my best tactics. I was mostly caught up in that quick 1-2 punch of Kazuya's and his hip kick which is at mid level, which makes it incredibly difficult to block effectively or counter. I lost all my characters to none of his. It was a humiliating defeat. He then reigned for several months as Tekken champion.

Then many years passed and I had not played the game, while he had still played obsessively. I avoided playing anyone in this time but he eventually goaded me into a re-match to decide once and for all who was the true master of Tekken. Enter team battle mode. I picked the same team, with the inclusion of Kazuya as my final go to guy. He brought me down to my last guy, and with Kazuya using the VERY same tactics I butchered all of his 8 characters and I won in convincing fashion! He was shocked and I retired from competitive Tekken on the spot! I've never touched the game since!

Moment #5:
At a fighting game tournament (as I said above I was a master of fighting games), I played Kessen and I was doing well, however another friend of mine owned the game and was quite proficient. He took me to the third round, in which we proceeded to pound the crap out of each other, and we were both in danger zones and he came with a rushing attack, which looked like certain victory, until I countered at the last second and sent him flying, in perhaps one of the best moments of all time!

Moment #6:
Haha this one is a bit bittersweet. We were on a school trip for something in high school and we had a 2 hour unlimited session at an arcade. A friend and I decided we would try to finish Time Crisis 2 (which was relatively new at that point). We weren't very good, because we were sort of new to the game at that point and we lost many credits. But due to attrition we eventually made it to the boss and my friend got killed. Then I was left to fend for myself, but getting badly beaten. I was down to my last health bar and time was running out and another friend wanted to go before our 2 hours were up. So thinking it was all over, I gave him the gun. 2 shots later, seriously 2 shots later he killed the machine and had won the game!! I was shocked! But I was happy that I was integral to his name being on the bloody high score list!

Moment #7:
The other and I were wasting time at the same arcade last year while waiting for a movie. Since we're both poor students, we couldn't pay to play any of the games so we just sat on the Nintendo Gamecube system they have set up there and just had STACKS of fun playing Mario Tennis and Mario Party. It was a riot and it kept us entertained. Not bad for free!

Moment #8:
This one arose last night. As you can probably guess, after much trepidation and fear, I decided to face my demons as Attilla The Hun, and take on the Romans at the Battle of Chalon. This time, by using tactics I routed the enemy quickly, but right near the end, I accidentally sent a grouped unit to take on these long range horse drawn missile things and Attilla was killed. We still won, and I think Attilla's sacrifice was warranted. After my victory I had a re-match, and won in even more convincing fashion! However, my entire force was on lower ground, and in a rain of arrows, Attilla fell again! He was the only one that died in that wave! It was strange I tell you!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this installment of great moments in gaming history. My next update will probably be to the Joaquin rate list. Yes, I do think Jade McRae is sexy. Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

With Pointed Heels, Victorious Victorious Steel

Yes, I have returned! I thought I would have some leeway between my previous post and this one so that the others could have some uninterrupted posts and what excellence has arisen as a result! Some great insight and some awesome pics!

Oh and just a quick reminder about the long awaited update of the Joaquin rate list - I shall update it when I have no substantial blognotes left (which means it shouldn't be for a while because of my backlog and stuff to talk about in general).

First, let's clear some of the backlog shall we?

I enjoy wikipedia. In fact I think I am actually addicted to it. If anything crosses my mind, I instantly hit it up on wikipedia (and if it's a tv show, I look up too). Like seriously, ANYTHING, even a random thought, I will look it up there straight away. I've blown a good many hour just browsing randomly. What annoys me even more about the site is that you can be there to check one thing, but so many facts and interesting tidbits lead to other groups, which in themselves are subgroups of another subset and you just get lost for hours. Anyway, at university (well the other's and I at least) most faculties have banned the use of it because if it's peer mediated nature. I think this is a double edged sword. With peer review, you do get things such as immediacy, and the opportunity to get more than one point of view on a given topic. However, due to the lack of professionals, there are still many mistakes. This is compounded by the fact that one is required to cite by using any external website. As we know, many maniac can just go out and make a website saying whatever they want. This is enough for an accredited citation on wikipedia, and thus there are bound to be mistakes construed as fact.

I really hate the way Win has treated George Lopez. I LOVE that tv show. It is actually genuinely funny, and does not require slapstick to get laughs. They used to show it on Saturday afternoons. Then Saturday mornings. Then it got taken off air and put back at like 5am on Sunday mornings and then it disappeared again! Seriously, what the hell?! It is SO much better than all these other shite sitcoms which currently pollute our tv screens, it's just not fair. It's one of the VERY few shows that actually make me laugh out loud like a psycho. This isn't good for my family because I usually watch the taped eps at like 2am the next day. On top of that, there are no downloads or dvd's!! How am I meant to get my fix of Masiela Lusha?!

I am actually pretty proud of my break routine. So far I am getting up steadily at 1:45 pm and straight to work until the evening, where I watch tv till about 12, and then either a game, or quizmania or more study. I have finished a lot of assessment so far and I'm quite proud. As the other will attest, it is such a sense of relief and accomplishment to get work done early because the quality is always better and you have more time to do other stuff. However, I still have some more stuff to do and I probably will be tied up until the start of the next term.

What's scaring me lately is that Garfield (my favourite comic strip) has changed somewhat and Jon (his owner) actually has a girlfriend (Dr Liz, Garfield's vet). This has changed the dynamic of the story somewhat. I don't know how I feel about this because one of Jon's main quirks is that he is a bit of a loser and a lot of the better strips revolve around Jon's attempts at wooing women. This has introduced a bit more of a positive vibe to the strip, and also has started to introduce a chronological sequence of events which I think is a bit strange. The only thing which is continually brought back is usually Garfield's birthday (he actually does get older as the comics progress). But perhaps it's a good sign overall, because I think it would be a tad defeatist of Jon was to remain like that for the rest of the strip. Maybe I'm overanalysing it a bit!

In reply to some of the other's good statements: I have seen Hustle, approximately 2 series worth while it was on the ABC and yes, I loved every second of it. For a BBC series it was rare to see something so incredibly engaging and intelligently written (with the exception of Red Dwarf). It's just brilliantly acted and the script is sublime. I can't wait until the next series! In fact I must see the earlier episodes because I did miss them before I just decided to randomly start watching, and I'm glad I did!

Yes, the other did make a good point about journalists as gatekeepers who can determine the sphere of public knowledge without being questioned. However, I disagree with most of our communications teachers who state that this convergence in media ownership does not effect stories. Of course it does, even if it doesn't do it overtly, it is always in play behind the scenes, and that in itself brings the whole profession into question. We need more journalists, we need more media owners and we need better restraints on current media conglomerates who are running amok (crap, blogger is a google entity)! Journalism is a flawed field, yes, but not as much as law (hehehe), so I'm screwed either way!

As I have explained, I am hooked on Quizmania. It's this bloody awful show on Win from midnight till 3am with mundane "trivia" questions (I use the term loosely because it's just ridiculous some of the questions asked, as well as the nature of the main game which is just a form of gambling due to random probability). However, one of the hosts, Nikki Osborne is quite possibly the most desirable woman I have ever seen due to her bubbly nature, common sense, entertainment ability and yes, down right good looks. In fact she's earned a place as my display pic on MSN. Due to her, I now watch this show whenever she's hosting and I find myself unable to do anything else while she's on screen.

The other mentioned that he procured Rome:Total War for me but unfortunately due to a cd fault (on the final cd) I was unable to install it and must continue procuring it in the same manner I was using before. But it's all good because it means I am getting work done. However, I did download the original demo and the Barbarian Invasion expansion demo last night and I LOVED EVERY BLOODY SECOND OF IT. I cannot wait to play the full game. If my main method of procuring it fails, I think I may actually pay for the game, wow, yes pay, because it's that good!

The battles were just gargantuan and it was everything I thought it would be. I easily made it through the tutorial battle and as Hannibal in the historical battle I easily butchered the Romans in the battle of trebia. However in the expansion I did lose the first battle as Arturious (only because they killed the other general while I was too busy chasing down spear mofos, I was still winning the battle), however I did rematch and win the battle decisively.

However, as Attila the Hun vs the Romans, I was absolutely routed in humiliating fashion. I lost ALL my men in a vicious battle and I took it personally because I did not use tactics, I just rushed headlong into battle and paid the price as Attila was one of the first to die! As such, I must have a re-match tonight (after Nikki of course). And I am determined to win damn it, it was humiliating!!! I must play the full version of this game! I just know I won't get any work done as a result!

Tomorrow will see us re-living some of the great moments in gaming history. Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Time In Exile

It a Tuesday morning, and what a Tuesday its made out to be... Plans for today is to get my writer side of me out of the box, and let it loose on this essay that I have to write, have a kick ass plan set out for me, all its going to take is a little bit of focus to send this out of the ball park. There is so much to do, not everything is important, but I want to do it all, and there just isn't enough time in a day. Haha I'm trying to get through these days as soon as possible, but I seem to make my days longer than they have to be by staying up as much as possible, but its all worth it. I've been getting so much more done than I usually do.

Waiting anxiously, as any day now, my sister in law is going to go into labor, well today is the due date, lets see what happens. The policy is if the Child is 2 weeks late, then they induce labor, so that its not too late. For me that would be awesome, as that would mean that he would be born as the same day as me, now that would be quite amazing. Haha, she wants it to happen as soon as possible, I can't imgine her wanting to wait another 2 weeks!!

Well, its coming awefully close to two years of our blog, and I think we should do something about it. When I started this blog, I didn't think it would last this long, but now it feels like a part of me, and I think this is made to last for a very very long time. The other I'm sure is just as extatic about the 2 years. A lot has happened, we have another blogger among us, had a layout change this year, and along with that a lot of posts. I guess it has to have been a good year.

These days I feel like I'm in a year spent in exile. Away from the life that matters, and I'm starting to feel like I've overstayed a while, in my time in exile. If you know the song, then you would know that this is a Third Eye Blind song called "My Time In Exile." There just seems to be a song written by them, that is for every single occation there is...

Vacations are funny, you think there is somuch time to do everything, but before you know it, days pass by withot much effort at all. Makster X is leaving or has left Canberra already, and it just feels like he came yesterday. I feel bad, because I've been so busy that I couldn't spend as much time as we usualy did when we were stuck in Kathmandu. Well life has changed since then, and there are actually things that are happening in my life, and things that need to be taken care of. Oh how life changes, and we don't even stop to think about it...

There is completely awesome TV show called Hustle. It is a show about a bunch of grifters, or also knwn as con artisits. But the coolest thing is that they are not the usual everyday con artists, the level of sophistication is completely mind blowing. Its one of the first BBC productions that I have come across that I like alot. The other just has to watch this. I guess he wont be showing his face for a while as he finally got Rome Total War, so he will be quite into it for a while.

Alright, now I feel awake enough, but need some food in my stomach to get this show on the road. Mind seems to be focused, and I feel pretty anxious to finish this essay, so I'm going to get started on that right away. Take care all...

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Lies get tossed, and truth is spoken...

Well I'm back again for another post. As you can see I'm back into my usual routein of posting. Well tired as hell after a long night of drinking, and now don't really feel like doing anything as I had only a couple of hours of sleep. But oh well, life goes on. Had a hell lode of fun last night though...

Sometimes you just wanna put your kids on leashes, but that doesn't mean that you actually do that!! Makster X and I were walking down that mall, and saw this mom who had their kid on an actual leash!! Believe it or not, she was holding her kid by a leash, I think that kid may grow up to become a maniac, especially the insecurities that the mom is inflicting upon her in her early childhood.

I am anxiously waiting for blogger to allow us to migrate to Blogger Beta, they'd be doing themselves a favor, we'd be a good bunch of beta tester *hint* *hint* It has a lot of features that I am just dying to get my hands on and try out. Why do you have to make me wait. So Jester, I can't really put up the element until we get Beta status, so keep your fingers crossed.

The mall on Mondays is a hilarious sight, there are mostly old people just hanging out, or a bunch of teenagers who obviously can't figure out what to do with their lives, and then there are the interesting sort. The sort that dresses up nicely, and walks really fast, and pretends that they have a shit lode of things to do and they are so busy. I ask you, why would a person who is busy be at the mall for hours on a bloody Monday?? I guess sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack and pretend you are someone else, its quite sad I tells ya...

Somethings just irritate me, for example, the university network. The proxy blocks so many things that I can't access everything I want, and its not things that eat up a lot of bandwidth, so it seems pointless. For example my messenger services on my pocket pc, its irritating as hell. For us resedencial students, we should at least have a little more access, and we need to keep in touch with other people. I wouldn't complain if I were allowed to at least get a net connection from the outside, but thats not allowed either, so its a little irritating...

Time marches on without stopping for us even for a second, sometimes thats a plus point when you're trying to kill time, but when you have things to do, and you haven't gotten around to it yet, thats the time when things get a little funny, I want the time, but I want the time to pass by too, its a fix I can't get out of.

Its almost the 5th, actually a day away, so what does that mean? It means that my brother is going to have a kid sometime soon, and that will be quite amazing really, to be an uncle. Any day now, so keep finger crossed that things go by as soon as possible.

You know whats funny it is quite easy to make a girl jealous. Sometimes even things that they do all the time, you do it, and bang, jealousy kicks in. Its quite funny sometimes. Haha I'm sorry if I'm offending you girls, but its true :P. I'm sure most guys know what I'm talking about.

Another thing that sucks is to have cigarettes but not have a lighter, you feel so venerable, you need something more!! Its never enough...

Makster X said something really funny last night but I can't seem to remember what it was, so when I do remember, I will let you all know...

One thing that most of you should check out is Rasterbator its truly an awesome thing. Its to take normal pictures and create posters for your wall, but it can be quite artistic, give it a shot. As Makster X said, its like a tattoo for your wall. I'm trying out my first project for it, haha another way to kill time when I'm supposed to be doing something else, hey its alright, I'm a bit dull today due to all the drinking, so I guess I'll cut myself some slack... Thats it for today, have a good one... And happy 9th Babe...

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sketches by a Buddy

Nothing much to write...will get to it soon, but for the time being, check out some of these sketches my friend drew up. Pretty neat!!!Enjoy!!!She's an art major btw!!!

Sleep Drifting Above You, Sweetly Complete...

Morning people, its another day and a lot of things that need to be done as usual... Finally on the two week break, and to think that for the next 3 days I have nothing else to do, but stuff from my own room, thats a good thought. Over the last few days, I've been getting back into the internet like I used to be a few years ago, and found a lot of useful things... I'll start by writing about a few of those that I found that I just have to share....

Flock, now here is something that has blown my mind after a lot of years of computer use... I have tried the whole plathora of web browsers that are out there. Firefox, Opera, etc. None of them compare to funcionality of flock. Flock has a very simple but stylish layout, easy to use, and quite visually pleasing. Along with the usual tab funcionalities, it has this awsome RSS reader, and if that is not enough, it has total integration with photobucket and flickr. And having these options for flickr saves me a whole lode of time. Along with these it has integration with a lot of blogging services, and things like that. They call it a social browser, and its got all the tools needed for todays Web 2.0 utilities... I highly recomend this browser, and you should all go check it out.

Other things that caught my attention is Netvibes, this is fully costomizable Ajax based homepage, where you can add all the widgets that you want, and the content is fully up to you. Its better than almost all the other homepages that I have come across, and its a must. So go check it out. There is ofcourse Flickr, this is one of the best Photography websites, owned by yahoo. Upload all your pictures, and then tag them edit them, and share them. The only downside I found to this is that they only allow you to creat 3 albums. There is another similar service called Bubbleshare, and there is a lot of Buzz about it, but I haven't gotten around to checking that out either. Flickr seems be more attractive because of the integration in Flock. And the last one is Digg, for those of you who dont know it yet, its a page where people write articles, and then people give it ratings or called diggs, so if you dig the ariticle, you add diggs, and then it is sorted by diggs. Its a really cool way to find out about things, its hard to sort through all the blog clutter that we have out there, and find what you are looking for, so this is where you go... Ok enough of all the techno crap, now to move on to other issues...

This topic came up last night, and I was wondering. Sex means different things to different people. For some its just an act, and has no value, and it seems to be heading in that direction more and more these days. For others it means a little more important, yes it an act, but its also a manner of showing your affection for someone else. Where do most of you stand?? Its also a reason for conflict with a lot of couples, ones that value it, and ones that don't and throw it around. Can be cause for quite a bit of havoc. Hmmm what a thought...

Going around again taking a lot of pictures, of the world that is around us. I seem to have stopped taking as much pictures, and its time to get my act straight, and start doing whats important again. Its easier to tell stories with pictures than it is with words... So from now on there will be a lot more snapping and flashing going on...

There is a lot of work that has to be done, and I intend on getting started on those fairly soon. One thing is though that I am getting through my Indesign lessons quite quickly, and if I can finish them in the next few days, then I will be sitting pretty for the next while or so.

I have again been completely taken away with a song. "Completely pleased - Semisonic" its an old one from there album "Feeling strangely fine." This is one album that is always a pleasure to listen to, but this song just kicks ass, and I think all of you who can, should go give this a listen.

"Want to see you smile, weak in the knees, want to see you completly pleased, want to give you someting priceless and free." -Semisonic

Well that will be all for today, I might get back to another blog once I get back from my little trip with Makster X. He'll be leaving here shortly, and so it seems warrented that I stop studying and go spend sometime with him. Have a good one folks...

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

X marks the spot!

The long awaited post from is finally here. Yes, I know it has been quite a while since I have posted a blog entry, but the good news is that it should be a bit more frequent from now on. Last month or so has been my getting adjusted to the whole plethora of things that have changed in my life. As I have just resized, change is inevitable, I've changed so much since the days of high school and the few years following that. Most people would probably agree that these are good changes and one that should have changed a long time ago, but then again it all depends on who's perspective you look at it from. Work has taken some adjusting to, as 4 days in the week I bust my ass making sandwiches for people, and now you may call me "lord of the subs." But to be honest, I am loving having a job, if not for anything else, for the fact that time does go by a lot faster with work involved. But alas that also means with the addition of classes and work, there isn't much time left for other things. But I am on my two week break, which really isn't a break, but I get time off classes, and that means that I can finish off most of my work during this period, and then have a little more free time on my hands for the next portion of semester, so don't worry the usual rants about whats going on in my head will be back from now on.

The media pisses me off, and so do journalists, no offense to the other of course. But journalists sometimes so unethical about the stuff they write about. For example the other week there was a poll about who is the prefered political party in Australia, and the results were 51% to 49% and they went on in the article about how the party with 51% looks good, and that they are going to win. But to the normal man it looks accurate, but unfortunately there was a sampling error of + or - 3% so that means that none of the results where anywhere close to being accurate. So comes the question, what are journalists about?? The next story or what is actually happening?? That is a question that can never be answered. And what irrtates me about the media most is that, they construct what news is important and what is marginalized. Let me give you an example, there are hurricanes in the USA, and now its the end of the world, and its on the news all the time, but the hones truth is that more people die in the third world for many other reasons, lets not even get into natural disasters, but guess what?? Those are over looked. So I'm being told that news in the first world is more important than the new in other parts of the world. This is a power racism happening here. If you are not powerfull, you have no say. It no longer one person one vote, its one dollar one vote.

That brings me to the next topic. Political ideologies, all of the ideas that have been conceptualized in the past are in good in theory, be it Marxism, Democracy or any of the lot. What screws them up is the fact that humans are so flawed. If we were robots and never thought about ourselves before the state, then there would be no issues. But then there are human qualities like greed, jealousy, envy, conformity, etc, that just screw up every single one of these systems. We honestly are not capable of living in a civilization, we all need to be put in our own space never to leave, else there is always going to be conflict. We are just flawed... I guess its all of gods plans, put us in a situation that is flawed in the start and see which one of us learn how to be good human being, before the rest, and then rewarded. I'm becoming more and more cynical about humans, they are too flawed, and they never seem to be able to stick to their words or they just aren't dependable...

Excuses seem to always drive some peoples lives. As long as they don't take full responsibility for their own actions, excuses are always there to give them a sense of escapism. Its always the easy way out. And out of all the excuses that I have heard, "I was drunk is one of the most cowardly excuses." It says the most about a person, that they are unwilling to take any responsibility of their actions, just blame it on other things. I've been hearing that more and more often as an excuse, and if you ask me its sad. Everyone seems to be lacking a pair of balls, and admitting what they have done. People step up, stop hiding behind alcohol!

There are a lot of other issues that I want to write about, and just haven't gotten to it in a while, but I will slowly but surely, fill up my ideas over the next few days, so expect to hear a lot more from me... Irritated, pissed off on many occations, and really hating the world from time to time, haha expect some good posts in the next few weeks.... For now its time to take a pause, tune in again for some new action...

Friday, September 01, 2006

August Train Collides With September

Yes, the two week break has finally arrived!! Unfortunately I have a fair bit of work to do so I have resolved to put a little bit of effort in each day, as at the end it all goes a long way.

I was incredibly busy over the the last week, with a crazy essay which I did the readings for, but did not actually start writing up until 2 days before it was due. Luckily, I was quite prolific and my output was 1000 words a day and I got it done on time. It was an incredibly stupid thing to do, because it was hard none the less but I won't do something like that ever again. I like doing my stuff early, because it's always less stressful! Hence my resolve to work like a dog during the break, however, I will also see friends and relax a bit.

Thanks to the brilliance of the other, I received Battlefield 2 a longggggg time ago, but I haven't really been playing it very much up until this semester.
I love it so much! It's really rekindled my fondness for first person shooters, not since Doom or Wolf 3D have I been into these kinda games. I've just been getting an absolute load of it lately. I've also been making some insane missions for Swat 4, with millions of villains who are heavily armed. I enjoy the intensity and fear (especially with Stereo headphones through a Creative Soundcard) at night. But Battlefield 2 is just a rollicking good time! I've had some wonderful matches, such as winning an entire round under 4 minutes without even shooting a single bullet! I really should try the online games in my long holidays. I enjoyed the multiplayer Swat 4 and Unreal Tournament days!

However, I am missing strategy games. I have not played Warcraft 3, or Age of Empires 1 & 2 in agesss! But then again, I haven't had the time to really get into them since those games take a good 2-3 hours for a memorable round. I really like the skirmishes because it's just a full on battle royale.

Speaking of, I'm currently procuring for myself (cough cough) Rome Total War because I have been watching a crap load of those war documentaries on SBS and ABC lately and I am loving it. I think I need a deeper level understanding of tactics, and hearing about battles such as the one of Boudicca's defeat and the beat down of Vercengeterix (both at the hands of Rome, even when heavily outnumbered) but by sheer tactics and discipline they managed to commit some of the most outrageous victories in military history. Don't get me wrong, war is stupid and pointless! Hence why I play games! I also feel like re-playing LOTR Strategy, because I really loved the epic battles with just 1000's of guys going mental at each other, but I am needing a good dose of battle tactics. Example? Boudicca had a force well over 100 thousand, and the Romans had a few thousand at the most - Boudicca's forces were slaughtered due to a lack of tactics so that's what I'm after with Rome Total War.

Formula 1 is looking REALLY good. I still hate Alonso, but with the championship coming right down to the wire, I still have faith in Michael Schumacher because he's just a genius. Unfortunately Massa is starting to show form, which would mean he'd stay at Ferrari and I don't want that to happen because Raikkonen and Schumacher in the same team would be unstoppable, but I don't think Raikkonen would want to be #2, and Schumacher wouldn't be able to be in a team with someone who is technically a better driver. Let's see what happens. I also must voice my discontent with Mark Webber. His career in Formula 1 is over. He should have moved to Renault, it was a sure fire way of eventually becoming world champion, but I think he just went where the money was and now he has no chance at Red Bull.

Keane are a crap band. I don't like them. Then I heard Is It Any Wonder - a song which I liked INSTANTLY, which is a rarity for me. I'll usually have to listen to a song 5-6 times before I start to like it, but this was just instant liking. I still don't like the band, but that song rocks. I also must sing the praises of Beyonce's Deja Vu. The bassline is one of the best I've ever heard, even though the chorus is a little flat. I don't like the new trend of R&B with Rappers over the intro and bridge, but I like Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous. The instrumental is very ethereal and I think it evokes the emotion that the lyrics are about very well. I'm also getting into some Alice In Chains, their string arrangements are as sublime as Motor Ace's. I also heard the new song from The Panic Channel - Why Cry. If you don't know, The Panic Channel is the new band from the instrumental people from Jane's Addiction, but the new frontman is a guitarist and a good singer but this song was crap. I expected better from Dave Navarro, but this was sheer emo crappery and he should be castigated for being associated with it. I will listen to the whole album soon, hopefully it was just a bad song.

I am also hanging out for Richard Patrick's new band - Army Of Anyone. For those that don't know (and should be smacked around for such ignorance), Patrick is the former lead singer of Filter (one of Joaquin's favourite bands) and has hooked up with the Stone Temple Pilot instumentalists and they are meant to be amazing, but I have yet to hear a song.

My guitaring is progressing nicely, as I have been steadily playing, but nothing to actually improve, more just noodling to think. I have finally arranged some multi string flowing leads which are in the vein of Eric Johnson so I am happy (and it almost killed me, one phrase took me 3 days to compose and learn, whereas Johnson can improvise them at will). I've also been hard at work with some string skipping arpeggios and finishing a rhythm track I have been working on for a long time. I love Guitar Pro! Especially with arranging a song and then changing instruments to pianos and the like, as it just sounds wonderful.

Well this entry has been a monster, so I shall leave it here for tonight, but don't fret, I shall return with a post tomorrow (yes I actually do have blog notes for a change). Have a nice day people!