Sunday, February 22, 2009

You're gonna pay tomorrow...

World Party - Ship of Fools is AWESOME. I love that song. I've only remembered the title (and the way he sings it in a falsetto during the chorus) for 10 years. I didn't know the title, I didn't know the name of the band. Then at work one day the chorus came back in (well just that line), I typed the lyrics in google, then hit up youtube and yep, that was the song. IT'S AWESOME!!! Blues, jazz, funk, rock, politically aware lyrics, I LOVE it.

It's almost eerily prophetic. I want to sing this song in Martin Place, wearing normal clothes, during Monday morning rush hour while all the fake people in overpriced suits are on their way to work. With all this global financial crisis crap and people losing their jobs, this song predicted it almost 20 years ago.

Where have I been? Nowhere really. Up too late, getting up too late. Not sleeping well. This shit happens when I don't go the gym. My body just shuts down. I put on weight like no tomorrow, I don't sleep. I don't feel well. It's not depression, I just feel flat, no highs, no lows. That and very irritable.

So I should start again tomorrow and hope it all just falls into place.

Empire Total War soon!! I can't wait! I better finish my Egyptian campaign soon. But things just got nuts, as the Mongols are in flight, next to my poorly guarded towns, and the Danish in Northern Europe, and Portugese in the UK are proving to be tougher than I thought (I'm sending generally undermanned armies out there). But goddamn, I have fought among the 2 best battles I've ever fought in the last 2 days. Here's the scene:

Small/mid sized army, shitty infantry, but a fair few cavalry. Numbers about 300-400. Their army with 3 reinforcements was 2000. Armed to the teeth, well armoured, well experienced. BUT they came in waves, I thought well before hand, attacked their infantry for the first wave, then as I attacked their second wave, their third and largest force attacked my infantry and just decimated them. As they were being massacred, I used my Mongolian driven tactics (from watching stacks of docos and reading Wiki), I attacked their general first, and he died and then the rest just fell like dominos. Pure brilliance!! Then today there was a massive army, with 3 of my smaller armies. I surrounded them, and in a move inspired by Cannae, it was a double envelopment and they had nowhere to go, just squeezed the bastards and victory was mine with minimal casualties.

My other 2 best were in RTW where I took on a FULL rebel force with elephants with my crappy infantry and I WON! By the skin of my teeth! Only one horse and one infantry survived!! Best ever win! Then in another I had a few cavalry up on the hill and they had a full army below and they rushed me with spearmen, but using 2 on one tactics, I took them down easily!! I'm too good at this!! I haven't even started my expansion back yet and this game is coming out in a few weeks!! What do I do??!

I've written a few more ideas down guitar wise, it's nice. Should try to expand when I get the chance. Alright I better sleep, I'm starting to feel tired. An update (one almost 3 years in the making) to the JRL coming soon!!

Have a nice day folks.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

These wounds never seem to heal

With a thunderous nothing, I return to where I belong.

I miss blogging. It's not a chore, but there are times in my life where I feel like it is. When everything else in my life is getting me down I guess it turns out to be like that.

You know I'd really like to get to a stage where I can throw my watch away. I don't want to be aware of time at all. Just no idea, no concept, no worries. Just do things at my own pace in my own time. I know as things stand, I am going to die without accomplishing a lot of what I wanted to get done in this life.

Things are so surreal when I return home. Everything feels like it's out of a dream, and I'm not actually there. I guess the magic is gone. I like where I am though, you can do a lot if you have time and money (hence the first comment I suppose).

I probably should have been keeping blognotes this whole time as I don't know what the hell I wanted to blog about (although I do know that I wanted to blog about a LOT of things). Oh well, such is life.

I have not been to the gym in so long. I guess it has impacted me. Without the gym I stay up later and get up later and I just feel rank throughout the day and I don't drink as much water. I heard it staves off depression (hence all the above, haha)! I will start again damn it!!

My father has downloaded at least 4 different viruses and trojans onto my old comp at home which sucks, cause I paid over half for that machine (which was bloody expensive considering I didn't work back then)! I couldn't fix it either, damn it! Oh man, this computer is just so wicked, I love ittt!!

I'm going to play some Call of Duty 4, then I'm going to bed. Enjoy. Hpoefully a substantive post some time later.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

500th post!

Wow! 500! And it's going to be a shit post, I'm sorry!

This weekend is quite hectic so I don't know if I can have a proper post, but I'll see what I can do.

Till then.