Friday, July 29, 2005

Special Edition - Monster Sized - For Your Viewing Pleasure!

I warned you! I would be back, and here it is. I'm aiming to make this a gigantic entry, maybe not the biggest of all time, but let's see where we end up shall we?

It is unfortunately the end of an era. This will be my last post...from this computer! Haha, almost had you going there. But we have procured ourselves a new computer which is an absolute beast and it shall be taking over primary computing duties from this one, tomorrow. This comp however, will still get plenty of use as we are networking it with the beast so all is good.

The other has hurt his back so my sympathy goes out to him. The injury occurred while at a pub, so one can only guess exactly what transpired that night! Hopefully he shall recover soon.

You know what I secretly get a kick out of? Catching guys checking girls out in really unsubtle ways. It's usually when I'm in a special 2-shot angle (for those not down with journalism or camera usage info, a two shot is like a T junction. I would be at the bottom vertical point and the two other people would be at opposite ends of the horizontal plane). Anyway, they usually walk towards each other and I'm out of the picture and then as they pass each other, the guy sneaks a big BIG BIG glance at her chest and her ass in one smooth motion! Then he thinks he's gotten away with it, smirks a little and keeps going! But I see all. What really gets to me is that even when they TRY to be smart about it, they just can't help it, the poor lads. Quite hell-arious methinks. Unfortunately I've been caught out in that situation myself various times, so have no fear, I'm not a hypocrite, I'm self-reflective!

Uni = crap! I hate walking around on days when I have nothing to do whatsoever! The tutes didn't help me feel any better either. Sure, I remain unchallenged and in my first week of tutes I kept my mouth shut so I could observe who I needed to destroy next week in front of everyone. I would gain so much satisfaction from just grabbing a sledgehammer and going to work on people's faces sometimes. Hopefully I'll feel better as the semester goes on.

Damn the Swiss!! My folks brought back kilos of chocolate and it's ALL good. Even their white chocolate is good! And that's saying something coming from me, cause I cannot stand white chocolate at all, but this stuff is pure gold.

I have a friend who I used to be close to many years back. But then we gradually drifted apart and I went a few years without seeing him. He's only come back to the outer fringes of my life in this past year and a few days ago I found out that he underwent surgery for testicular cancer. At first I was indifferent, but now I can't sleep.

I love it when people give directions to their place for the first time. This is mostly due to them being able to speak like a local from their area and give obscure clues. "Head left 30 paces, jump in the car, the white rabbit shall lead you 3km East of where the sun sets, a man shall stop you, the password is 'don't eat clear objects' and he shall pass you a note, you must then give this note to the Queen and she shall lead you the rest of the only have 2 hours". That's slightly exaggerated (operative word being SLIGHTLY)! So you can just imagine what I mean!

My parents also bought me the Amel cd!! WOOHOO! I still haven't had time to give it a proper listen as of yet, but I assure you, I will and I shall rip it in all it's 256k glory!

If people were allowed to live forever, and we could do whatever we want, do you think all people would eventually opt to die? The non-suicidal ones I mean. Surely a day would come where one would have accomplished all they wanted to accomplish, or even done everything there possibly is to do and in a spurious way it shows that death is a natural part of life?

I've reached a conclusion. Alonso is the Devil!! All Fernandos are! It's the only possible way he can be winning the season so far and Raikkonen is having such terrible luck! My goal is to destroy him and all Fernandos and peace can again reign! He cannot win this season!!! Schumacher is still in with a chance mind you, so let's not discount him just yet.

You may remember a reference to Lizzie McGuire girl in one of my classes last year who tripped over a chair in front of a lecture room full of people, in one of my entries. Well she's in a tute for one of my classes and she's just crazy. Quick talking, full of random pointless information. Fun and quirky. She's a self confessed geek! Even has a morbid sense of humour which she apologised for. I must talk to this woman and find out more! However, I did find out that she is from the second most pretentious private school in the city so I am slightly intimidated to say the least.

It was also in that same tute that I walked in and was surrounded by women! Unfortunately Lizzie McGuire was the only looker among them but (un)thankfully Mister Man Hoe showed up. I also referenced this guy a few blog entries back. He was the one affectionately labelled by me as "ass boy". He also happens to be the best looking guy of our particular age group. You should have seen my face when he sat right next to me!! I couldn't stop thinking of ass, and what the hell this guy has been up to. Don't worry, I kept my distance thank you!

Being a 3rd year, and most of the time being surrounded by 3rd years, we have devised a way of spotting the first years. They're the only ones who actually dress up for uni even though they should have realised after their first day that nobody gives a stuff what you wear. Most people don't even bother changing out of their sleeping clothes for some classes! Poor fools.

I must kill my rear neighbour. He put up a new fence which is this crazy colourbond steelish stuff. It's like bloody 10 feet high! No joke! It looks so out of place considering we still have a normal fence on the other 2 sides. It's a gigantic fortress wall I tell you! It would stop a tank. I will try to take a pic to post on here. The rear neighbour is a big guy so I must think about an ingenious way of killing him which won't result in him falling on top of me.

I'd like to debate the merits of Rob Thomas' Lonely No More! Does that backing even constitute music?! It's just random noises put together in a semi-coherent rhythm!

Last point to make. PLEASE listen to Brooke Fraser! I hadn't heard of her until I saw her on Spicks And Specks. She's a New Zealand singer song writer who plays guitar and piano and she's amazing. Just listen to Arithmetic, it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and also contains one of the best piano hooks of all time!

Alas, our time has come to an end and I must watch some tv. I hope you enjoyed this entry! Hopefully my next one won't be too far away. Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nobody can ever hear me call

I apologise for the lengthy delay of this post but I have been particularly busy with university matters (ie study). This post shall also be fairly short as I am at university after an early morning class and I have nothing to do until my next class. The library is empty on my level. It's quite scary. My blog notes are also on my comp at home, so I don't know what the hell to talk about. But I promise that my next post will be gigantic as I have a massive backlog of blog notes to get through and satisfaction is guaranteed (or your money back).

I'm paranoid!! Not in the delightful Ozzy Osbourne way (delicious pop culture reference for those in the know), but I honestly think that there is someone behind me watching me type and I keep turning around but there's no body there! I'm quite worried to say the least.

Hmm, law of obligations isn't actually a bad class. Dare I say that it's actually interesting me to the point of potentially wanting to take it up when I go into practice. But where would the fun be in that? Damned if I know!

Haha, some guy was coming down the hallway and he looked like he was coming in this direction then all of a sudden he just veered off the back end of this level. Am I that disagreeable?!

I am currently listening to Oasis' "What's The Story (Morning Glory)" and damn I just love this song. Low on skill yesh, but high on awesomeness. More bang for your buck I say.

The other has said he will blog but since becoming the insane gamer that he now is, I doubt that will ever come into fruition! One must see his room (now called Death Trap by Fire Version 2.0) in order to understand. There is room for the bed to actually live in. Everything else is gaming related. Power cables are the order of the day, as are extension wires and power outlets, it's awesome. It's also highly illegal at our university, but nobody knows which makes it so damn awesome as it means more gaming for him!

Must say that we're currently enjoying Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (I believe that's the title) as the realism is quite scary. FIFA was quite arcadish in approach, but this is sheer brilliance. Two awesome examples from yesterday: I took a potshot from outside the box and his keeper dove and deflected it to Ronaldo who was outside the box and he nailed a perfect shot. Then the other as the freakin Czech Republic (of all teams) beat Real Madrid 3-2 in stoppage time with a brilliant half field run and just chipping it over my keeper at the last possible second and just making it below the crossbar. It was ballet on cleats I tell you.

I need to buy another jacket that's warm that I can wear most days because my heavy jacket is made out of this funky material which traps in all heat and if you're wearing any alcohol based hygiene products, they just go all funky and you start wreaking up the place which is quite terrible to say the least.

Alas, I am tired so I'm going to stop this right here. But have no fear. My next entry shall be some time soon and you shall be pleased. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The sky is falling and the only way to go is up...

Ahhh first week of uni isn't so bad. With no tutorials this week, I have gigantic breaks today and tomorrow, which allows me time to come back home, eat and sleep and refreshed to make it back to my late afternoon class. Morning classes aren't actually that bad anymore since I'm trying to sleep at 11:30pm each night and get into a half decent routine.

It also looks like the Monday 4 hour break has now moved to Wednesday so the other and I will be making that our new day of reckoning. It turns out that my "flu" was actually considerably worse than originally thought, so now I am on some good ol' meds and I am getting better slowly.

Damn uni! That's the problem with first week, cause you know things are going to go downhill quite fast. I have 2 classes that have 2 lectures a week, so that means 6 lectures a week, not counting tutes so that's 10 classes as opposed to most other people's 8 classes.

So what's up for this semester? Continuation of Legal Theory (it's a year long), Journalism, Torts/Law of Obligations and Media Audiences. It's great to have a communications class again, I'd forgotten how slack that faculty is.

Stupid weather, it's cold in the morning and sunny in the afternoons! Of course, it's still cold but it's much too warm to wear warm clothing so it's just not nice!

Had a blast on Sunday afternoon with Les Femme Anomaly. Just hung out and shot the breeze. Almost had a Meet The Parents moment when her father almost directed me to drive over her mother's box of flowers which she had just collected from her garden. I was barely a mm from crushing the box underneath my tyres. Luckily tragedy was averted due to my reflexes and let's never speak of this again! Oh why can't this semester be over already?! Uni = crap! I think I'm gonna get a bit more sleep before Torts. It also looks like the computer purchase is going to be negotiated with an mp3 player too so I am sitting pretty.

Have a nice day folks!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

"The following takes place between 8am and 11am..."

Judging from the title of this entry, you can probably tell that I had my own 24/Jack Bauer moment today. It really was one of the craziest days of my life. Let me continue...

I was told that my parents had tentatively booked a flight back into town at 3:30pm. Knowing this, I had gone to sleep at 5am, but lo and behold, I was awoken by a call at 8am from my brother telling me that they got a morning flight and that I had to make my way to the airport ASAP.

After 3 hours of broken sleep, my brain was not functioning as it usually does, so I just decided to minimalise. I brushed my teeth, got changed and downed a can of Red Bull: MISTAKE! A can of Red Bull right after brushing one's teeth is something like drinking liquified rotting meat, if that's possible! However, the sheer disgust woke me up and I went out to the car. It was as soon as I let the car warm up that I realised that I needed petrol if I wanted to make it all the way out the airport and back. I headed down to the petrol station only to be confronted with a HUGE QUEUE! What the hell?! What are all these people doing up so early on a Saturday morning?! It took me 10 minutes to actually work my way over to the pump. After I paid I glanced at my watch and saw that I had 5 minutes until their plane arrived.

Ahh I should have taken some panadol for my flu symptoms in order to make it a true Jack Bauer moment.

Anyway, I got on to the main road and was then stuck behind slow moving traffic!! I live on the West side of town (big ups to mah Westsideeee peeps, haha I'm so sorry, I'll never do that again!), and the airport is on the absolute extreme East side. I did what I had to do. I drove like a man possessed. The roads were so bloody packed, it made no sense! I drove the way I do for things like video games, cutting off cars, reverse shunting, speeding UP blind hills. I figured that since I now have my full licence, that I can be given a bit more leeway if I get busted doing something highly illegal.

I arrived at the airport 10 minutes late, but luckily my parents had only just gotten off the plane, and it was all good. And I mean ALL GOOD. I walked up to my parents and this HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT girl was eyeing me and smiling at me the whole time. How could this be happening? I looked like a crack whore reject with the lack of sleep, and my parents were there. Why does this always happen when they're around?! It's to ensure that I cannot reciprocate in any way, damn this planet! I brought the car around to make our way out of the airport and I saw her again going through the pedestrian crossing and she was checking me out again!! Ahhhh, crazy day I say.

We got home and I had breakfast and then I slept till 5:30pm! If only I was a clubber *sigh*!

So there was my insane 24 moment. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. (Even though the 24 clock is digital...).

If you'll excuse me, I have some time booked for les femme anomaly this afternoon and I must get my beauty sleep. I've been dying to wear my new winter outfit which I bought before my folks left, which I haven't worn at all, and I'll be damned if I'm going to waste 200 bucks on awesome clothes that don't get worn! Have a nice day folks.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Oh, it's on for REAL cause I'm Rick James, bitch!!

Hahaha sorry, in-joke referenced for the title of this blog! So yes, the other was at my house for the past 2 weeks and a great time was had. We watched many a movie courtesy of the other's huge hard drive and our university's network. My personal favourite was probably 28 Days Later. It was bloody brilliant. Cillian Murphy is actually a gifted actor, and I hope he makes it big in America now after Batman Begins. I thought it was a horror movie, but it actually turned out to be a very human drama and suspenseful thriller. A must see if you ask me.

We also managed to watch the entire latest series of 24 (which has only just begun in Australia), over the course of 3 calendar days and dare I say that it's the best television show I've ever watched. The last series was such a disappointment, but even with no Elisha Cuthbert this time around, the series was a sheer delight to watch. There were also many a hot woman in the series to keep me occupied. We've also reached the conclusion that Jack Bauer is insane and he knows too much. I'm telling you, nobody can function at such an elite level for more than 2 minutes, let alone 24 hours!

Best quotes for the entire time were from Chappelle's Show - "I'm Rick James, Bitch". Which led the other to say to me "do you know who you look like?" to which I replied "who" and he said "Rick James, Bitch" and we collapsed on the floor laughing. Come to think of it, a lot of the time was spent in spontaneous bouts of laughter! I'm putting it down to the long hours of movies, gaming and food consumption and hardcore sleep deprivation.

The other has decided to throw in his Need For Speed Underground 2 towel ever since he purchased Gran Turismo 3 and had to actually learn how to drive a car that behaves realistically (as opposed to NFS, where cars can turn 90 degrees going 240 kilometres an hour). But his progress came along quite nicely and was able to eventually handle the F1 car which we won (even though the F1 is the easiest car to drive). But kudos to him anyway!

It also resulted in the funniest quote from the other - "I like it when I brake and the car slows down"! Pure hilarity I tells you.

The late nights/early mornings (depending on the way you look at it) also resulted in watching obscure couple competitions on the E! channel and paying out Kimi Raikkonen by impersonating his accent and saying all sorts of weird things.

We also managed to see Fantastic Four and War Of The Worlds on the same day (thank God for cheap Tuesdays). I was quite pleased that they didn't manage to totally butcher WOTW, but it was a total rush job. The Devilishly Concocted team of Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise were probably the main factors in this movie being so very mediocre. Fantastic Four on the other hand was a delight to watch, and Jessica Alba in her underwear for 4 seconds was totally worth the price of the admission! Hahaha. The other and I then had to catch a bus using this new "flexibus" system at 11:30 at night from the biggest crime blackspot in our whole city. We didn't understand the new system, and if the bus didn't arrive, or if we went to the wrong platform, we'd have to walk home a good 12kms in below zero temperatures. Luckily the bus came, and since nobody else was on it, under the new system the bus stopped at my stop first, as opposed to it's usual last stop.

Ahhh so school next week! It should be good to see my old friends again. I shall blog again soon. Have a nice day folks.

Friday, July 15, 2005

How You Like Me Now!!!

And its been a while, I know. Its been a crazy 2 weeks at the others house, days turned into night, lunches into dinners, and a whole lode of game play. Must say I have had a really god time over the last two weeks, but now the next semester is coming by way too fast. I don't want to go to class, I was still enjoying my grades from last semester. But I guess everything has to come to an end, and when you are having a lot of fun, haha thats when it ends the fastest aswell. Everything seems to have an inverse relationship...

There is no other movie(s) that has such crap dialogue as starwars!!! Its true lets face it, yeah the movies kick ass, hell its the bible for most geeks, but for chirsts sake, can't he come up with better bloody lyrics. It was made clear to me that dialogue was not his forte, we'll just watch them for the special effects. On the same note, I am scared to watch episode 4,5,6 as I think the experience of the new ones will ruin the charm of the old movie. I keep puting them off, and I hope i watch it soon, before the special effects used in the old ones become obsolete.

Damn this!!! There is no end to buying anything. I finished getting my ps2 and everything, and just when I think I am doing well finantially, I realise that my TV card on my computer is not adequate to play games on, so tommo I must venture out and see if I can get myself a TV. I promise I will not buy anything like this anytime soon, as technology has no limits, once you dwelve in its world, you want everything.

Things have a way of working themselves out. I know, the men who live on the streets would not appriciate my comment, but I'm still going to make it. A couple of years ago, I bought a maxtor hard drive. At the time I was not happy with it, as I didnt think that maxtor was a really good company, but unfortunately at the time I needed a hard drive, and didnt have enough money. A year later I accedentally broken a pin on the IDE cable interface, so I went out and bought a better hard drive. To my surprise, the hard drive worked even without that pin!!! So now once I get my PS2 I realise that the hard drive slot is perfect for a Maxtor hard drive. Hehe I must say that hard drive has given me solid performance, and damn amazing reliability. Maxtor sould make a formula one car.

Speaking of formula one, it finally looks like the reign of the big micheal is over, and Alonzo is going to go all the way with the title. Its a funny world, a couple of years ago, alonzo was one of my liked drivers, now that he is top of the charts, the mclaren boys dont look as bad as they did when hakenen was in the driving seat!!!

Ok, I am going to stop there for now, I have a long day tommo with some hunting to do, and a lot of bills to pay off, damn I can see a hole forming in the middle of my bank statement!!! Ciao...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

It makes perfect nonsense!

Ahhh I feel so very ill. Had a big banquet for a friend's 21st last night. It was at a Turkish restaurant (my fave food), and there was about 50-60 of us just pigging out. It was delightful to see most of my college friends there. I haven't seen any of them in such a long time. Then today I was invited to my sister's in-laws house to have a big dinner and I pigged out again. Needless to say, I am feeling rather bloated and slow after 2 gigantic meals in 2 days. Those meals are more than I would have over the course of an entire day on a normal holiday!

Got my marks back today, and I am slightly disappointed. Well I did do better than most people, I didn't do as well as I was hoping considering I thought some of the subjects this time around were a bit easier than the other stuff I've had before. Oh well, my folks will be happy, and I'll aim for some of the higher marks next sem onwards. I'll get my honours dammit!!

I am absolutely loving the re-runs of the X-Files on Wednesday night. I forgot how awesome this show was in it's very early stages. The episode that just passed was the one where Deep Throat was murdered after saving Mulder. So that's right, we're at the end of season 1! That's practically 12 years ago!

Also forgot to mention the brilliance of the other and I while we were waiting for our movie to start on Tuesday. Since we were hungry we went to the shopping centre 2 and a half hours before the movie started so we could have dinner. Then we decided to just sit in the Arcade the whole time. Since we're trying to survive the holidays on little money (in order to survive) we didn't want to play anything so we went to a Nintendo Gamecube machine and played Mario Party and Mario Tennis for almost the entire time! We're such children! Freeloaders extraordinnaire, I love it!

Have a nice day folks.