Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Murals With Metaphors

“What??? The land of the Free?? Whoever told you that is your Enemy!!”

- Rage Against The Machine

Firstly I have to apologize for the lack of blogs. My daily schedule needs reform, I think I’m gonna shift my blogging time ahead to right after I wake up, the late night thing isn’t happening anymore.

There is something so strangely satisfying about Rage against the machine. I don’t think there are any other bands with so much talent. Well yes, they broke up yet their music lives on. Each of the 4 musicians are playing solos through the whole song, put them together, and you get absolute bliss. And unlike most bands their lyrics are a bit more intellectual, mostly politics related. When I’m totally down and out, and need a little inspiration, guess who gets played on my media player?? It’s a shame a few years back Limpbizkit won the award for the best rock act over these magicians!! And alas that brought about the end of the band. Sure they have formed Audioslave, which isn’t bad, I like Chris Cornell, but it doesn’t compare to Rage. And my nomination for the best guitarist of this generation has to be Tom Morrello. He’ll make his guitar sound like anything, just tell him what you want it to sound like. Someday I would like to shake his hand, and say “Your genius made my life worth living!”

I hate posers. These days the world full of them!! A while back being punk meant something. Now is a fad, and dressing like a retard and pretending to be all in your face is punk for the. Being punk has nothing to do with how you dress, is all about the attitude. And now I look at people out there just pretending to be punk, I really fell like going up to them and saying, “Your transparent, I can see right through you.” Lets move on to punk music now, now they really need to stop calling pop bands punk. Take Simple Plan for instance. How is that even anything like punk??!!?? They are a bunch of 10 year olds running around a bed with pillows singing “One day we wont have to…” Bloody hell you guys are older than me, if you’re waiting for that one day to still come, that day will probably never come!!! I guess the warnings of Punk 101 was right….

Ok I woke up after the sun went down today, so I gotta go do something useful today, so I’ll leave this here…

Wield charm wisely, for it's powerful tool.

Please forgive my absence for the last couple of days. It's just been extremely hot these last few days and my monitor has been screwed up in the day, and at night I couldn't be stuffed getting on the net. But I am back now and better than ever! Tonight is going to be a mosnter as I have to include all the stuff in my blog notes for the last few days.

Let's go back a few days here. My writer's block WAS killing me! I couldn't think of a damn thing and I didn't have any ideas. But hopefully now it's abaited for a lil while as I've just finished two songs which I shall be sending to the other for his approval tonight. As I was playing some more Resident Evil 3, the other reminded me of our awesomeness when we stayed up all night at his place one time playing and finishing Resident Evil 2.

Hold on for a second, Jessica Biel is on Letterman and I must go and drool. Ahhh she looks amazing! Like a better looking version of the younger Mariah Carey.

Anyway, back to my RE 2 story. After perhaps one of the scariest nights of video game playing ever, we made it to the boss. That game is a little screwed up, as you have to play through the game with both characters, and how you play the game the first time through affects how the second character makes it through the game. Anyway, we had been pretty badly smashed with the first character so we had basically taken all the ammo and awesome guns the first time. So, there we were, up to the final boss with the second character and we were happily blasting away at him with our awesome sub machine gun and looking like we were going to slaughter him before the time limit had run out. Then, our ammo had run out and we were left with our floozy of a revolver and just a few bullets, and the time limit was going down fast. I realised our last save was a long way back and we wouldn't be able to recover. We were taking a beating, and it looked all over and in the last 10 seconds, we destroyed him with what I think was our last bullet, and we had beaten the game! One of the sweetest victories ever I tell you.

I must congratulate the other on his essay on love. I've never heard it put so well before. We do live in a selfish world where people want to enforce their thoughts and views on others.

I made it through the Seinfeld marathon unscathed but I think I went a little mental towards the end. I was sitting in complete darkness, bar the tv being on of course. I heard voices at around 3am and I looked out my window (my natural night vision is excellent...yesh children do eat your vegetables). Sure enough there were teens walking about in a drunken stupor causing a ruckus, heading to a party just a few streets down. Then I realised how easy it would have been to have just gone down there and knifed them all! No I am not going nuts (I hope)! But it is the school holidays unfortunately, and I must be vigilant. Ahhh where is my shotgun when I need it?!

It's going to be a good summer I hope, Channel 7 and 9 are going to put some good stuff on tv. That 70's Show, Arrested Development, Scrubs, Will and Grace and The Dead Zone!!

The heat is ridiculous here I tell you. It's going to be 38 c today and it's going to get hotter later next month so it cannot be good for anyone. However, I do like to just have my window open and stick my head out and just feel the warm breeze against my face, the sun reflecting off everything outside. It all looks truly beautiful and I'm mesmerised. Damn Ja Rule for taking that word and putting it in Hip Hop culture with his stupidity "I got a fetish for fucking you with your skirt on" - thoughtful, brilliant lyrics there Mister Rule.....

I was skimming through the paper the other day when I happened upon an article about some girl who had just been sentenced to four years in prison for repeated armed robbery. Imagine my surprise when I read further and found out that her name is Ashleigh Thompson, I went to High School with her!! I knew she was messed up on drugs back then, but I never knew it would have gotten that bad. Just a testament to how crap my high school was. I told a friend today that I need to get somewhere in life so I can constantly bad mouth that school.

I'm putting in an application to the Commonwealth Bank to see if I can land something in data processing and data input so let's see how that goes.

So I went to T-Man's yesterday, where I spent the whole day and had a grand day despite the ridiculous weather. Lotta time spent talking and watching films. Some good ones of note were The Passion Of The Christ, Long Time Dead and Tigerland. Long Time Dead was utterly crap, but we only watched it for the reference to Djinns, which the other guys and the other have fond memories of!
The Passion was great, I loved it. Very inspiring but the T-Man thought it wasn't that good as he said "it was 2 hours of him getting bashed". Tigerland....Tigerland, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME FILM! I think I need to add it to my fave film list. Brilliant acting performance from Colin Farrell. Great message, everyone should go see this film. I thought Joel Schumacher was a shite director, but this film is his saving grace.

I've realised that I need to stop paying stuff out before I have a real and active chance to understand it. What made me realise this? Hilary Duff! The girl can't act, that's a given. I like her songs though! Come Clean was brilliant but I really disliked Our Lips Are Sealed. Then...I watched the whole thing on STC, IT'S AN AWESOME SONG! Bad singing yes, but the delivery and the cheesy lyrics just make it all worthwhile!

I also recently got Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You. I think it's quite possibly THE best song I've ever heard. It's just so heartfelt, I shed a few tears each time I listen to that song. I'm in the process of getting John Mayer's Daughters (well not actually getting his daughters, but the song called Daughters). It's a good showcase of his songwriting talent, and I do look up to him in terms of that, and he's also a capital freak on the guitar. However I don't like the ideologies represented in it, where it's a perfect hetero world where guys cannot be anything unless they are loved by a good woman. What the hell?! Hehe I hope he's not a Republican!

Damn Kazaa, they have this system where a lot of the songs on the system aren't actually the songs you want. So I think I'm going to make the change to Bittorrent very soon and I shall be lighting it up with my super fast port exploitation hack which my friend taught me.

I think everyone should check out Alter Bridge. This band is Creed (literally), but with a better singer. Heavy, rocking, great music! Mark Tremonti is arguably the greatest guitarist of his generation.

Ahhh in this hot weather I am slightly perturbed. I am wearing boxers which are just the weirest. I'm normally a briefs boi, but I sleep commando. So of course, in the morning when certain male hormones are kicking in while I'm asleep, I can wake up and just find my penis hanging out of my boxer shorts! And it makes me so paranoid! If I'm just walking about the house, what if it just comes flying out for the world to see?! Haha damn boxers. They Need to seal the crotches in those damn shorts I tell you.

Why am I so stupid? Alas, I do not know. I am doing my best to get Les Femme Anomaly together with the guy she likes. It's not good for me, but I just am and I don't know why. I'm also going to see her this Fri for some clothes shopping which means I have to cut my nails and shave, which is a shame cause the facial hair looks pretty mad! I guess I'll have to let it grow after this outing to see how good it can get before uni opens!

That's enough for tonight, good day folks!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Losing My Senses!!!!

Ok firstly, something wierd just happned just now, so I'm gonna really keep this short, so forgive me. Just as soon as I opened the blogger website, I started seeing scanned lines burned into my vision. I swear right now I am seeing scaned lines on everything. I hope after I wake up it will alright. And yes I like scanned lines on my wallpapers but not on my vision. Also this isn't the only thing that I have lost today. I lost my ability to send messages on MSN messenger, and I swear that really irritated me. And they still haven't upgraded my account, now new users have more space than me!!!! I wish I could have a chat with them!!! Had a horrible day, struggled all day with this one song that I was writing, but I managed in the end. My voice now sounds like its gonna die as I have sung too much today. OK I really have to sleep before I puke, this vision is irritating me. More tommo folks.

Time...making a fool of you!

Ahhh it's good to be back in the blogger world after yesterday's absence.

So what have I been up to in the mean time? A fair bit actually. As I mentioned before, I went to a friend's place and I was able to watch Mean Girls! It wasn't GREAT, but it was still one of the better films that I have seen recently. Yesh, Lacey Chabert and Lindsay Lohan looked great! There were also some cracker lines delivered although in the hands of such inexperienced actors, the comedic timing was a little off with the exception of the Saturday Night Live crew of course!

Link for today:
Ahh Sinem Kobal!! Weird name, beautiful face!
She was the daughter off the Turkish version of The Nanny which I am always raving about. Absolutely stunning woman, who is now a popstar I believe. I'm not certain, the site is in Turkish and I do not understand a single freakin' word but I can make out a few things. Check it out for the pics of the lovely lady herself!

I believe I am gradually falling to the dark side! As soon as promos for the show started I knew it would be an absolute turkey so I thought I would avoid The OC. I had been successful for most of the season, however in the last 2 weeks I have started to watch it as there is nothing else on (stupid holiday non-ratings period)! What's worse? I enjoy it! Despite the terribly unrealistic scenario, there are some genuinely witty banter between Seth and Ryan (I think that's his name)! Luckily it was only for the last 4 episodes of this first season so I am not totally gone.

Another weird ass dream last night! Why oh why can't I have normal dreams?! This one involved a strange moment parachuting off a bridge with Denzel Washington across Sydney Harbour trying to land on a boat then being attacked by devil children! The reason? I was in posession of a spiral shaped knife which was a gateway to hell and anyone that came into contact with me or it turned into a monster or was transported to hell! Not just that, later on I was being attacked by a horde of monsters from hell and I was armed with this awesome automatic rifle and I was just absolutely wasting all of them rather easily! It was an alright dream till I accidentally sent my father to hell after realising what the knife was capable of doing and I think it ended while I was trying to find a way to get into hell without the knife when my alarm went off.

I guess it was my fault! I shouldn't have stayed up till 4am the previous night playing Resident Evil 3! It's bloody hard and ridiculous so I have put it on hold while I continue playing some other games which I haven't played in a long time.

The plans have been set in motion and I am going to spend Sunday at T-Man's place so it should be good to catch up with him and get up to no-good as per usual. I shall not be blogging tomorrow as there is a Seinfeld marathon on from 7:30pm till 6am so I shall be living it up. Ahh it's just my third marathon! My first was a 24 hour Hilary Duff marathon which almost killed me! Then there was a 12 hour Even Stevens marathon which was quite good.

Funny moment happened today. I had to mind my 2 year old nephew for a few mins today so I thought I would entertain him with some music on tv from the Soundtrack Channel and MCM Tv. The first thing on MCM was some clip involving attractive young women in skimpy swimsuits so I thought it wouldn't be appropriate for such a lil boi like him so I switched to STC and Joss Stone's Super Dooper Love came on. I squealed and pointed at the TV and said "look, it's Joss Stone" and he instantly whirled around and was fixated for the entire clip! Just laying there looking at the incredibly beautiful girl and enjoying the music, nodding to the beat like a deranged Parkinsons Disease patient! I've turned him on to good music and good women! He's off to a good start already folks. Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Hand Up A Turkey....

Firstly it’s thanksgiving, so everyone have a very happy and delicious day!!! And if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving where you are, give thanks anyways, and it’s just another reason to pig out!!! Hmm I could do with a little something yummy for my tummy… will have to take care of that after this blog. Increase speed to 110%!!!! Why do people still stick to turkey?? I know it’s the whole tradition thing, but traditions change right??!!?? But then again Americans don’t have any culture, this is quite possible the only cultural thing that they have, and I should stop scrutinizing it. But all I’m trying to say is turkey is just very bland!!! How can something be delicious unless my taste buds are having a party??!!?? People spend so much time on something that doesn’t even taste that good… I guess it’s all about enjoying preparing and having the family together, that’s what it is. I wonder if the Cherokees celebrate thanksgiving?? Probably not, but then again they don’t really exist anymore…

You know what?? Dentists are funny people, really, their job requires it. They make you sit in that really comfy chair that does funky things, then they tell you to open up wide. Haha that one always gets me. Then they keep talking about crap, and sometimes I wonder how they hell they keep it up throughout the day coz his patients aren’t gonna say a word, he has his tools shoved in his mouth. I wonder what vets are like, hmmm. I’ll get back to you on that one, I think I might turn into an animal in my next life :P .

The worst thing that someone can tell you is “The day I met you was the worst day of my life.” I saw this on a TV show, and I was taken back. Really I think if someone told me that to my face, and meant it, I would run away, lock myself, and hide in shame. Damn I didn’t know that they repeat shows 3 times in the same day??!!?? Yeah and I’m counting from 12AM onwards. Well I guess there is only so much to show. And all the friends (yes the show) members get paid every time they rerun that show. Damn they are sitting on a fortune, and still more to come and they just have to do nothing!!!

With just a couple of hours of sleep, I don’t think I’m fit to write anymore. Forget the food, straight to bed for me. I hope the other is having a kick ass time with the three dimensional CGI’s.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This Could Be Love, Love For Fire…

Just finished download a 188MB file on a dial up, yes I consider that an accomplishment. What is it you ask?? Well it’s yet another Linux OS that I’m gonna test drive. To be honest I don’t like Microsoft one bit, and I swear one of these days I am gonna switch for good. So this is yet another distribution I’m gonna try in my quest for OS’s. Time to get rid of the red, blue, green, yellow flag!!! This ones called SLAX, I just hope its not as slack as me, coz that would just be useless!!! What’s interesting is this one can run completely off the RAM, yes if you have enough RAM that is (480MB or more) now that’s what I call speed!!! Ok enough IT blabbering, on to the more important crap!!!

As the other mentioned, we had a little discussion about music. And we realized that between the two of us, we play all the instruments we need to record some tracks!! Yes there are more instruments I’d like to learn. The violin and the trumpet or the sax would be a nice addition to my instrument playing abilities!! Oh and if you of you go to Turkey sometime soon, do let me know, I want an instrument from there called the Saans (I think that’s how it’s spelled). It’s a string instrument that just soothing to the ears!!! As I’m talking about instruments, I would like to say a bit about the eastern instruments. The sitar is something I’ve seen a lot of, but only recently did I notice the beauty of the instrument. There are 5 strings on the top portion of the instrument, quite like a guitar. Except they usually use the top 3 strings to strum and the bottom 2 to pick, and nothing is played with pure strums, the strums are more like fillers. What is completely breath taking is the 7 or 12 or something in-between strings that are strategically placed under the fret bars!!! These are all tuned in and as you play the top strings you get the harmonic sounds resonating from the strings from below the frets. Truly amazing, how did the people back then come up with that?? Check it out sometime!!!

There is one question I find really hard to answer, and that is “Have you ever been in love??” I’ve tried to analyze this answer in my head and took a full circle. Let me is if I can chalk out my thought process. Love is one of those things that cannot be explained, so everyone’s perception of love would be something else right?? But I guess there are enough similarities in that feeling that we humans get and there for we have generalized and come up with the word “love”. So knowledge by description cannot be adequate to know this phenomenon, so we can only know what love is once we have experienced it. Therefore only knowledge by experience can give you a true description of what love really is?? So when people answer that question, people relate to the generalized description and try to figure out if they have felt the same things or not. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you have to compare it with someone else description, then you’ve probably not been in it. I think once you are in love you would know it instantly. And as I’ve been told before, most people confuse love with infatuation and they are different things. Try looking infatuation in a thesaurus and you will see that most thesauruses have love as one of the words!!! Even the scholars have it mixed up!!! So then according to what I just painted, I could not have been in love. Then I think what if there was different stages of love and if it had gone on for a while longer I would have been in love *very confused face*. And then I just blank. I think it’s possible to fall in love with more than one person, and its very easy to fall out of love as well. But I think what most people ask is if you have met the one. Well so the answer is simple hell no. When the love is true love, then they can never fall out of love, just the passion level fluctuates (I had a discussion about this the other day, and thought this was an accurate description) but they will always be in love. And If I had met that person, then wouldn’t I still be with that person??!!??

By writing that last paragraph I think I just proved to myself that my head still works, and I think I need to use it a bit more!! But then again, I’ve been using it to write music…. Hmmm you decide whether or not that’s valid. For now I think I’ll get back to boredom, and not bore you anymore!!!

(And I quoted Alkaline Trio as my title, just though I'd let you know)

Burning desire?!

Yesh, yesh I am listening to Prince at the moment! Hehe there was a good quip today regarding musical talent between the other and I today and Prince came up hehe perfect!

I think I may not blog tomorrow so I can have a night time session of just playing some old school video games for no reason. After that should be a fairly interesting but rather self-indulgent blog so I shall apologise in advance.

Wooo I am racing against the clock here as I try to finish this blog off before the Turkish version of The Nanny is on! Hehehe, that show kicks ass. Going to a friend's place later today to watch Mean Girls. It should be good, I've been hanging out for that movie for a loooooong long time!
Hello Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Chabert! I'm drowning in my own drool as we speak.

Today's links:
Hahaha GO HERE NOW! Some of THE best celebrity news you'll ever read!

This is it! Controversy! A company has made a game out of JFK's assassination. The idea here is to follow the assassination out as closely as possible and kill the President. Give it a go if your conscience will allow you. But it looks VERY good from the screenshots I've seen. I think I may give it a go soon.

Damn nation! The show has started! Better start flying now. There is a sale on at the moment at the music store where I bought my first guitar from! I think I may buy an acoustic guitar or a bass as I am hanging out to learn the bass solo from The Who's My Generation. There are also drum kits from $469 AUD! How bloody awesome is that?! I'll look into it further.

Ahh good ol' guitar! My 10 min a day stand up sessions are great! I've gotten much much better! If only I'd cut my nails but I am too slack (I'm even to slack to shave, I look like a heathen)! I can now jump around, but not like a punk rocker, although I did have a shocking Pete Townshend moment! I was trying to do the reverse arm swing to strum but I missed completely the first time, then did it a second time and caught my fingers on the high E string which hurt like a bitch! At least I can forward swing!! I'm gonna have to work on that dears. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Palm mute ME!

"I'd like to thank the Freemasons of Weston" - HAHAHAHA! Note to self, use this as MSN nickname.

The weekend that just passed was rather good for me. I was able to see three of my all time fave movies in the space of three days, how good is that?!

I saw Training Day, American Beauty and Vanilla Sky. Interesting observations about life, beauty, truth and existence. Cept for Training Day, no profound message there, just an absolutely awesome story. I need to get all my fave movies on DVD now that I have a cheap and nasty player upstairs. I also realised that 90% of my fave movies have breasts in them! It must have been in my subconscious and not realised it but go through my list and you'll see that there are naked breasts in all but two of the films! Haha how the hell did that happen?!

Speaking of Vanilla Sky, there was a good quote in the movie from Kurt Russell's character where he says "sometimes the mind can behave like a dream". This brings me to my next point about the dream I had last night which was one of the all time weirdest I've ever had (and I've had some absolutely messed up dreams).

My family and I were on the top level of a multi-storey carpark at our local shopping centre. Anyway, we were heading to our car when my father spotted a red Nissan 300zx and started trying to open it. We don't own a Nissan, although our car is red so I had figured my dad had just gotten the cars mixed up as he is rather absent minded. Anyway, the car somehow opened up! I asked what the hell was up with that and why we're trying to get into a car which isn't ours but then he said it was our other car which had been stolen. Then he said instead of calling the cops and waiting for them to show, we decided to take both cars home.

I offered to take the 300zx (as you do) and got in the car. Anyway, in my dreams for some messed up reason, whenever I am driving a car, the brakes are practically non functional and the car is extremely fast. I usually have to apply about 8 times the pressure that I normally do in order to get the car to slow down/stop. On top of that, the accelerator is like driving a freakin' F1 car, it just takes off. Well these two factors put together make cars extremely difficult to drive properly.

So there I was, scraping barriers and bumping into other cars in this carpark as I am trying to drive this freakin' uncontrollable car to the bottom level in order to get out on to the main road. Then as I am getting out, the car morphs into a small old model Ford Festiva, then into a bloody razor scooter, and I somehow ride it UP the stairs where it then morphs into a shoe and I am back on the bloody top level of the carpark! So I look around, put the shoe in my pocket and head back into the shopping centre! This is the part where the dream ended...WHAT THE HELL?! Don't ask me, I just dream the stuff, baby.

I saw something weird today as I looked out from my window in the afternoon. Out of nowhere, these early 20 somethings (or late teens) were in a freakin' BMW convertible heading up the street! What the fuck? It was like something out of The OC. Flashy car, pretty blonde people (2 guys 2 girls magically enough) cruising the streets! The weird part you ask? The answer is my suburb!!! My suburb is as middle class as middle class gets! What the hell is going on here?!

Something is up I tell you, and I'm determined to find out exactly what the fuck it is. Please forgive the profanity as of late, but at least it's only written, I don't speak like that anymore. But I've given up trying to curtail it in my written activities cause I just don't care anymore. I will find out what's going on dammit, even if it means prowling the streets at night with a shotgun!

Another thing of note. Where the hell are all of these P-Platers coming from? For those not in the know, they are people with provisional licences who can drive without anyone else in the car. They're all over my street!! I own it! It's MY neighbourhood! All these young people freaking me out, ahh!! I will get you!! Have a nice day people.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Automatic Satisfaction...

Today was a slow day!! Nothing seemed to be happening anywhere. Probably because today is Sunday and people decided to stay at home play with the kids instead of go to work, or do something interesting. There are two sites that I tune into every day because I get all my IT information there. Can you believe that nothing has happened in the IT world today? Damn, all I can say is the news didn’t spice up my life today!! Alright I’ll cut them some slack, lets move on to the next best thing to do. TV, that’s the answer to boredom right?? Wrong!!! When you need to watch something because you have nothing better to do, you could bet you bottom dollar that there isn’t going to be anything interesting there to watch!!! You’d expect with the 64 channels that I get, to have something worthwhile!! I guess people don’t watch TV on Sundays. I hate the weekends, that’s right you did hear me straight. For most people weekend is grand because they don’t get free time during the week, but for a bum like me who is just killing time till February, it’s the worst time of the week. Haha this reminds me of a NOFX song called “Thank god it’s Monday.” That song sums up my existence at the moment. Mondays are the best, you can go do what you want, because everyone else is in either school or at work, how perfect!!! Want to watch a movie?? Sure no problems, there’s bound to be a seat for you!!! Just avoid the rush hours, and your set for an entertaining day. But alas it’s a Sunday, I guess all I’ll do today is wait for tomorrow!! :D…

I live in a country full of idiots!!! The time zone here is +5:15GMT. What the Fu(k?? This is the only country in the world that has a 15 minute time difference. This makes my life a living hell. Channels that I get don’t follow the 15 min thing, because they are foreign channels, so the shows start at 15 and 45. This just ruins everything!!! I should be used to the difference, but I’m not and I hate it!! Secondly when I try and calculate what time it is another country, more often than not, I screw up somewhere. Sure It’s partly my fault, but who the hell remembers 15 mins??!!?? Someone really needs to address this issue, its screwing with my mind.

We take things for granted, only once they slip through our fingers do we realize their essence. Like electricity. All you folks sitting comfortably in your first world country have no clue what I am on about. Electricity is always there, right?? Wrong!! The electricity goes out here every now and then, haha in Bangladesh it goes out in regular intervals, at least its not like that here, but its still bad. When it goes out in the night, at least you can enjoy the tranquility, but in the day, you can see everything, but can’t really do anything at all. I guess I’m too dependant on technology, I need to derive satisfaction some other way. Well I think I’ll stop here.

I have been trying to put up this blog for the past hour, the server seems to be dead or something. And its still not going through arrrrrrggggghhhhh…..


Now that I've got your attention I can talk about...SEX!

It's a funny thing isn't it? I keep asking myself why the hell it's so important from an evolutionary standpoint! Well duh! It's reproduction of course. But why oh WHY that particular method? I guess it is for the best though. If sexual intercourse didn't result in offspring, the world would be less functional than it already is. Men become stupid at the thought of sex, even when we do our best not to let it invade our minds, it creeps in and takes over like a well formulated computer virus.

It is however very annoying! Isn't there anything which can kill your libido temporarily? And no, a kick in the genitals is not a good answer! I'm tired of having to sit through class trying to pay attention, turn around to see who is entering the door, see a girl and start thinking about screwing her brains out! It's not cool! Hello scientists! We don't need bloody viagra in the world, we need things to help the male population stop being so stupid and hedonistic! It's highly annoying, but alas at the moment we cannot help it.

Soooo is the act of sexual intercourse learned behaviour or is it ingrained? I think it would most likely have to be ingrained. If we use the example of strict religious societies where sex is NEVER talked about and there is no exposure to it, people are still having children!! How?! Sex is wired in all of us. Can you imagine back in cavemen days and monkeys and crazy ass sex positions and stuff like that?! Come to think of it, I've never seen a monkey have sex even with the crazy amount of nature docos that I watch. But surely the standard missionary position is not the way evolution had panned things out to be. For couples that are having trouble conceiving, I'd say go for doggy style, it seems to be natures way! Maybe missionary was the transformation from humans having sex for reproductive purposes to pleasure purposes.

You know dolphins and humans are the only animals in the world that have sex for pleasure? Is that because we're both the smartest things on the planet? Something in the brain which is helping us via evolution telling us to have more sex? Maybe that's why we're so good, the pleasure factor is there, therefore we have more sex, therefore we can multiply in good numbers and hence survive by being the fittest.

Ahhh just the other night I overheard a freakin' loud domestic while I was sending a birthday message to a friend via SMS. Where from? That goddamn teen bogan house! Damn them and their alcohol fuelled madness! I say it's time society stops treating the individual and does things for the favour of the group at large. In this instance, I say shoot everyone in that house in the head! Hopefully line them up and just shoot them in the head with one bullet as any more than that would just be a waste!

There is a considerable lack of excitement in my life at the moment. Not just that, a total lack of anything! So much so that I was watching the view outside my window and saw a guy on a bike drinking something while heading up around the bend. The right hand turn is a blinder and cars travelling in either direction cannot see the traffic coming in the opposite direction for about one full second at 50km/h. While this guy had his head up drinking the last bit from the can, I was just HOPING that a car would come from the other side and just totally take him out! How funny would it have been? Drinking a nice drink and riding a bike one second, roadkill the next!

OHHH dear, I am suffering THE most terrible case of writer's block at the moment. I just have no ideas whatsoever and I haven't written a damn thing in a few days.

What is it with video games these days? They're my only escape from boredom but it's so easy to get perplexed! Video games are not fun anymore! They've become too realistic, you do something, and continue with it, as you do with life, then work towards a goal and it's over! That's it! Even repetitive games were fun back in the day. I remember Streets Of Rage, what a fun series that was! Walking through the city beating up punks, it was awesome! Now the focus is on how many moves I can do, the kill count, unlocking the bonuses, graphics, story line, it's just become too much. Although in some circumstances it does add to the game, like in Doom 3 and Half-Life 2.

Do you know what's a fun combination? Listening to At The Drive-In and playing Need For Speed High Stakes! It just adds so much to the gameplay for me for some unknown reason. Another fave is to listen to Culture Club and play Driver 2! My usual thing is to listen to "Karma Chameleon" and drive in Cuba and obtain the Mr. Bean mini cooper and just drive like a maniac to the opposite side of Havana and drive off the dock into the abyss before the police can trash my car. Those sorts of games are helpful, I should get back into them as they do improve my real driving skills. Then again it is the hols so I don't think I'll be driving much.

I miss long involving RPG's. The hols would be a perfect time to re-start FF7 or 8 or even a new RPG. I remember I got involved in the long RPG totally by accident. The other and I had a friend while we were all still together, who had to go overseas permanently and left his games in a hurry with us. Anyway, he had a beat up version of FF7 (just one disc), and anyway, the other and I started playing it and got hooked! It was damn awesome. Ahh I remember the many sleepless nights with the other trying to finish games over the course of a sleepover. As well as the improvising tools to make things fit to the older model television which magically worked and didn't kill us all!

Ahh I'm listening to a ballsy song at the moment. Morning Glory by Oasis. I just love that song. Easy to play, easy solo, spiteful lyrics, it's just awesome. Speaking of balls, I've continued with my strict regime of playing guitar standing up and I have started to get fairly comfortable with it even though I'm not playing that much because of my claws. So I thought I'd jump around a bit, and forgetting the laws of physics for one second, jumped up while not having the guitar completely secured in my hands and it swung around and collected me in the testicles! Haha how lovely!

This has been a long blog so I shall end it here! Ahh I told you the intellectual discussion would be back! Have a nice day folks.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I am NOT the reason Metallica have lost their way

Hehehe I'm sorry folks, but I must digress from my intellectual discussion today. Don't worry, I SWEARRRRRR it will be making a comeback tomorrow night.

Today was an interesting day none the less. I watched two amazing movies. One was an old favourite of mine - American Beauty and a new thing to put on my all time top fave movie list - Training Day! Perhaps one of the greatest character performances ever by Denzel Washington in his portrayal of a cop devoid of ethics. The interplay between characters and the way the storyline moved on was just amazing.

Ahh American Beauty, what an amazing film. It is so inspiring yet I never take one of the themes from it away with me after watching it. Life is beautiful, just sit and take stock of it one day. Just go out and observe, it truly is amazing. One of the few films that I'm ever in tears by at the end, even when I know the ending!

I've got another thing to add to the work of the devil list!
- Playing guitar standing up!

It is beyond comprehension just HOW it changes being able to play guitar. It makes it so much harder! Normal decent playing is hard enough without having to stand up, and then there's singing and also jumping around and solos! It's ridiculous. But now I have made a pact with myself to play standing up only from now on.

Just a quick bit of trivia before I'm off for the night - the first thing I ever learned to play by ear/sight was Hilary Duff's Come Clean. I was watching Hilary Duff's Birthday Bash a few months back and she did a live rendition of that song and her guitarist was playing that lovely lil intro riff and I had my guitar with me and I magically was able to play it right away! Too bad that's the only part of that song I can play (even though the rest is in power chords, there's just too much distortion to tell exactly what the hell is being played)!

So remember folks, check back tomorrow for some intellectual discussion on a topic which everybody is interested in! Hehe I can see those eyebrows raised already!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Win big!

I am incredibly tired today so I'll keep this short.

I just finished watching this show called Blokesworld, and as you can guess from the title, it is absolute trite. It celebrates this alpha male bogan type loutish behaviour of drinking heavily, slacking incredibly and objectifying women.

Too bad we don't have an FCC type thing here in Australia. Of course it is a little to involved in the US and is actually starting to limit free speech. But there are some definite limits, and that show breaks every single one of them.

"Ayyy blokes, here's a segment on how to drink heaps, and right after that, a couple a' sheilas taking their gear off yerrr".

The other was right, society is losing some values, and unfortunately sometimes it swings too far to under the influence of the religious right. I think it's hypocritical, they make some of fun cultures because of the "conservative" clothes that they wear, yet look at society at home. Yeah very funny.

I must apologise, as the other has rightly pointed out that I have gotten my strings mixed up on the added strings for basses. I was thinking about the 6th string (which I'm used to seeing on Primus clips) which is at the bottom of the bass, so good job to him in pointing it out. I feel like getting myself a 7-string guitar for some hard rock/metal! Everyone seems to crap on about how superior it is so I must check it out.

Whattaya know? Tomorrow is intellectual time! Then again, there was a bit of it in today so I can gradually ease you back into the swing of things! Nice day folks.

Friday, November 19, 2004

And Only Wrappers Were Left....

“This life’s not living baby, living ain’t free” – Fuel (Sunburn)

I think this fuel song is absolutely brilliant. Hell I spent the last 30 mins picking up all the parts of this song, if I played the drums I’d pick that up too. Not only is the verse very innovative, but the solo is just pure bliss. So I thought I’d share a kick ass line from the song.

People have auras. It quite a weird theory, but I think its true. When someone else is feeling really happy, then they can rub off on you and then you too feel better about the little things that are bothering you. I’m sure all of you’ve experienced this at some point in time. So I guess its possible to share the pain, just gotta tune in. But what I am getting at is, if were are really happy, and use our aura to make others feel a little better, does it reduce our happiness?? Is there actual transfer of energy, or does the happiness multiply. Well it definitely doesn’t multiply, else the world would be a very happy place. I think the world consists of more people who are unhappy, than happy. I think our materialist societies are to blame for quite a bit of this, but that will be tommos topic. “The things you own end up owning you” (Fight Club).

I just thought I’d talk a bit about bass guitarists as the other has mentioned it in his blog. Just to shed some light, I was a bass guitarist for about 2 and a half years before switching to playing the guitar, and to be honest they are different things. Sure they look the same, and follow the same scales, but both have a different purpose and application. The job of the bass is one that connects the drums to the guitar elements. This is quite important as give the sound an extra punch, without it it will sound a little bland. So even a simple bass line can be extremely effective. There is nothing wrong with simple baselines, but this is where the issue lies: why does everyone use a five string bass these days?? To be honest its just the “in thing” for bassists. I am completely against people using these thing, firstly because most people are lazy and don’t play well designed baselines an secondly there are enough notes on the 4 string to play anything. If its good enough for Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) none of you should have any issues!!! So I consider the nickleback bassist a poser, what’s he trying to prove. I would also like to clarify one thing, the other wrote that the top two strings on the 4 string and 5 string are the same, that is not the case. The top string on the 5 string is a lower “B” so it makes the whole guitar setup sound lower, and thus heavier. The bottom 4 strings are the same as the 4 string. So for really heavy band, the 5th string is important, but then again they don’t need the higher notes, so they could just remove the bottom string and use heavier strings on a 4 string. All they need to do is change the setup!!! So when ever you see a 5 string you know they just wanna look cool. I met a guy with a 6 string bass, but he used all of them and played some kick ass baselines. So it all depends on what your playing, pick the right setup, and keep things simple don’t add another string if your not gonna use it!! Well this is my opinion, and everyone’s entitled to theirs.

I did not do it, I swear!

I think the worst thing is hearing about something you never heard about but could have prevented if you had known! All you needed to prevent it from happening was someone to say it, and now you shoulder all the blame and guilt.

Religion is an interesting thing. However what I dislike about it is the group/herd mentality which surrounds it and how a simple message can be easily corrupted. I wish it was more personal and for the benefit of the individual for their own "spiritual journey".

It's funny, when I go to pray, my faith is actually at an all time low when I'm there hearing people talking about unity but then two seconds later coming down on a section of the community of interpreting something in a different way. So much for embracing differences. Anyway, it's funny, cause as soon as I'm out of there faith is back up to regular levels (well as much as can be for a post-modernist).

Another song bit here. I think the greatest bridge in a song HAS to be from "Bigger Than My Body" by John Mayer. It's like a totally different song, melody south central.

I really enjoy garage music like The Strokes, The White Stripes and The Von Bondies. What attracts me to it is the simplicity yet catchyness of it all. It also gives off the feeling that the musicians are lazy or lacking skill! It's awesome and it's absolutely rife in the garage industry but it's also in mainstream pop! Just keep an eye on the bass player in Nickelback. He plays a 5-string bass (which a very intermediate player would use) but he only uses the top two strings on his bass, which are also on 4-stringers! It's classic! He's barely doing anything, but it's there, and you know it and it sounds good.

That's it for tonight folks, have a nice day!
Tonight's thought is why the hell the details in my profile hardly ever update?!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Look I Can Write.... Alright FINE Type....

Alright I admit it, I've been slack, really slack. Sorry to disappoint the other, but last night I just lost track of time. So I studied my habits and realized that I should do this blog between 1-2 in the night coz that is when I'm doing the least on most nights. So I should be on top of things from now on. Hey I'm doing this right now :D.

I know I've spoken about this again, but I would like to highlight this. Why do people take my time for granted?? And who the hell are they to judge me?? Yes I'm on a year off, but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna waste it on these people. Some people I do waste it on, they should consider themselves lucky, hmmm, ok maybe even unlucky. I spend my time doing what I like, and wont get a chance to do once I get to Uni. Well I will get to do most of it, but not so much of it. So to everyone who won’t read this blog, stop wasting my time!!!

I had a weird passage over the last week or so. I when I put my pen to paper I couldn't get anything out of my mind, so I just stuck to composing music. Fortunately for me it gave me an opportunity to go over some scales that I never use, and I have to say added some more color to whatever I write. I am glad to announce that I have finally come out of it, and wrote a song. The music I wrote in that period, but the lyrics are brand new, so I feel like I accomplished something today. And my favorite show is back on the air so I’m ecstatic about that!! While we are on music, I would like to point out something that I realized recently. What really sound great is an acoustic song be it with piano or guitar, then about 75% of the way through the rest of the band kicks in, it really makes the whole song that much better. Its like painting a picture, you paint and you paint, just when everyone knows what it’s about, you add some more and make it brilliant!!! If you have no idea what I’m on about, try the My Immortal – Evanescence video (the album version doesn’t have the band playing except the limited edition I think).

I tried to do something I never do. I went to watch a flick with came out of a film industry that I don’t respect much (I prefer not to name it). Guess what I make all the effort and get there, with a lot of tension on the way coz I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it in time, and realize that the tickets are sold out for that show. Who the hell goes for a 3 o’ clock show on a week day? That’s one of the things that I love about not following the traditional weekday/weekend structure, I can do what I want on weekdays coz people have other things to do. I guess in Nepal that just doesn’t work!! They are taking my charms away!!! Noooooo. So Makster X (This is a/the friend of mine who lives here) and I decide to get tickets for another day. Go up to the counter and ask for tickets for that day, and they are like go to the counter on the other side of the building… Guess what?? That counter was non existent, so we have to use the phone or the net to get tickets when we were already at the theatre. The idiocy of these people really surprises me. I swear, they break the limits everyday!!! So hopefully day after tommo we will catch that flick. I can’t seem to remember the title of that movie so let’s leave it at that.

Food!!! Some people live to eat, others eat to live. I fall under the eat to live people, but I do understand how the others function as well. I guess that’s probably the reason why I’m this thin, it’s because I only eat when I really need to, and don’t like to eat when I’m full. I have realized that people from where I come from eat the weirdest crap!! And I am not joking. Yes, there are things that they don’t eat, but outta the things they do eat, they don’t leave any part of it out. Yes, they eat those too. Some of the things they eat just amuse me, and the others just simply disgust me. I don’t eat giblets, so I don’t like the idea of any of that, but they don’t stop there. No sir, they would eat the hide if they could. Or do they now *scratches head*. Weird eating habits. The thing that irritates me the most is “Shutki” or in English fish jerky (dried fish). The smell is so pretty, they should make some perfume outta that, NOT. It’s funny Madam N. has a friend called “Mota Shutki” which translated is Fat dry fish. Talk about an oxymoron. No that’s not her real name. I forgot what it was, and that’s all that comes to my mind right now.

How can coffee put you to sleep?? We went to this place where they had some funky coffee, I ordered a cappuccino, and I thought I’d stick to what I know. Last time I ordered some funky coffee that just made me sick after I heard the process of making it. Supposedly that type of coffee is first fed to a cat, after they defecate it out, you clean it off, and then roast it and grind it and make coffee. Yuck!! Coffee doesn’t really keep me up any longer, but this one had a funny effect it put both Makster X and me to sleep. I think the people there deliberately put sleeping pills in our coffee coz he didn’t pay his bill last time. It wasn’t his fault, and I wasn’t part of it, so I am just guilty by association. Why do people judge you by who you are with?? Bastards need a slap!!

Why am I writing an extended essay?? Ok I think I’ll stop there, Will do this again tommo, gotta go work a little on this thing I’m trying to do….

My arms are shrinking!!

Ahhh! Lack of sleep, it's the worst!!!!! But it's helping me out that I am in the process of writing a song about it. Unfortunately that stopped as I have now hit a terrible wall of writer's block. Nothing is flowing properly. I think I'm just going to write some absolute genius lines that are good on their own and tie them together for a non-sensical narrative.

Went to a friend's place today. It was good fun, played some Need For Speed Underground 2 and some Half-Life 2. You don't know how therapeutic shooting life-like characters can be!

I'll keep this short as I am going to put up a short story I wrote in 2002 about my ex who I had just broken up. Hope you enjoy folks. Don't worry, intellectual stuff coming REALLY soon.

"The Last Goodbye" (Or Happiness..?).

The tears you cause me stream down my cheeks. Your new lies won't work, I'm immune to the disease known as you. I say "I loved you" and you reply the exact same way. The rage...can't fight it anymore. You'll pay for what you did. I put my hands around your neck, and look in your eyes. Blue, the prettiest blue I had ever seen in my life. Blue wasn't a favourite of mine, that is, until I saw it in you. Your eyes are wide open now, you're trying to say something but the words aren't coming out. Maybe they are, I don't really care what you say anymore. Your feet, they're leaving the ground, I didn't know I was this strong. Or maybe it's because you're so small. Back in the happier times, times so long ago, you and I would just stand there holding each other. Your small body was a perfect fit in my arms. I used to say your beauty was so radiant that it would outshine us all, but now it all seems trapped in those eyes of yours. Your body, it's struggling now. You're getting higher and higher. Is it the lack of oxygen to your brain? You want me to let go? The same way you let me go? No, this is much easier, this is the preferred way I would have rather had you go about things. You never listened, even when I tried to help you, you never listened. Even now as you struggle, you are not listening. Your feet, they're dangling over the edge now.

Look down, there are cars and concrete and tarmac at the bottom. Do you remember when we used to say that together we could do anything? Together we could fly, soar above it all and grow to become bigger then what life had us down for, do you remember that? No, I'm sure you don't. You chucked it away, like a piece of rubbish, like it was worth nothing. Your nails, digging into my left arm, what the hell are you doing? Pain? You try to stop me physically with pain? Let me tell you something, pain is nothing, thanks to you, pain is no longer something I fear. It is now something I crave like a drug. My blood, on your fingers. Do you remember those tough times we both went through? When we thought we couldn't take it anymore and we agreed to spill each others blood and just leave it all behind? Bounded by something that goes beyond this life? Beyond our bodies? It was a lie wasn't it? Fine, I'll just use my right hand. My eyes, still gazing into yours. Your eyes, they're as beautiful as ever. It seems like they are shining, or is that just the reflection of light in the tears you cry? Guilt??! HA! I know Guilt, we're good bedfellows Guilt and I.

You accused me so many times of not caring for you. I showed you but still no matter how hard I tried you always made me pay. The guilt you made me feel was like dying a thousand deaths and having Hell creep up into my bedroom as I lay awake all night being tormented by the demons you gave birth to in my head. Your mouth, it's moving. If I were still human, if I were still sane, this could have been the point where I stopped and changed things around. But you, YOU did this to me. You made me what I am today and I would just like to say thank you. I pull my pinkie finger back, your eyes grow wider. My ring finger is now letting go, you brought this on yourself. My middle finger now. You and your fucking lies, wrapped up in the beautiful package of your body, your mind, your soul. There were times I thought we shared the same soul but how wrong, how wrong I was. Only my thumb and index finger hold you now. A lot more secure then the puppet strings you manipulated me with for 2 years. But now, finally, the 2 years that I lost to you, the feelings inside that I had for you, they're all gone, gone. Wow, I must be pretty strong if I can hold you with two fingers. Yeah, I guess I would have to be strong to do what I'm doing. I separate my fingers, slowly. You hold on to me but you are weak. It has been such an ordeal. I feel your soft skin against mine and for a moment I've lost myself to you again. But no, my spirit, my strength, my soul, every goddamn fibre of my being wants this.

My hands are open now. Your body, falling through the sky. Wait, for a second it looks as if you're flying. Flying just like you always said we would some day. Your scream fills my ears. To me it sounds like a wonderful orchestra. To me it seems like you're falling for an eternity but I bet for you it would have passed in an instant. Your eyes never leave mine the whole way down. They seem to ask "why?", you know damn well why. You had your chance and you didn't take it and now you'll regret it for...not very long. Your bones, they break and shatter. Crack, rip and pop. You've landed. The crystal clear tears you cried are now mixed with a lovely crimson tide that has washed over most of your good looks. Your wonderful straight, long brown hair is now matted and twisted. Your eyes, they still move. You're still breathing. You always were a strong girl, you were much stronger then I was. You taught me things about myself that I could never learn from anywhere or from anyone else. I come closer. You're looking at me...no you're looking past me. You never cease to amaze me. You're a miracle. We shared the same birth but we shall not share the same death. Your lips, against mine. For the last time I taste you but yet this time it's different. Your blood is all I can taste. You don't have to worry though, I enjoy the taste. Your breaths are now few and far between. I brush aside a strand of your hair from your eyes. I want to see your face and take a mental image for later. What you once were and what you've now become (or even what you've ceased to be). My fingers, on your eyelids. I shut them gently, you were a sweet girl, you were precious I always handled you with a gentle touch. Your face, it's all twisted and mangled now. It doesn't matter to me though. You'd always be beautiful to me, no matter what. Your eyes, they aren't open. Your body, it's not moving. YOU, have died for what YOU have done.

The dark red that forms an ocean underneath you, it reminds me of your blue eyes and how I just wished I could drown in them. The red also reminds me of that brutal stop sign near your house that I never followed and you said would wind up one day getting me killed. Maybe it shall happen some day, but if so, then so be it. It was probably a sin for us to be together, to enjoy the emotions that we had, to make ourselves better then just being you and I. Or perhaps that is what made it so wonderful, you and I. Those people that turned you against me, don't worry, I'll make them pay. I'll make them all pay, even if they had nothing to with us. They'll feel my rage. The rage...you...and...I...created. Maybe we were both too young, too immature, too foolish to realise that life would crush us as if we were nothing. As if we were never here. That's why we have to make our mark on people, and make it so strong that they'll never forget who we are....

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Here's a bit of a fill

Ergh!! I think I quite possibly had the worst night of my life last night, and I've spent a few whole nights of my life in hospital (in excruciating pain) so you can imagine!

I was unable to close my eyes at all in order to sleep. Just haunted by the messed up thoughts and knowledge of the preceeding day. So there I was in bed for 12 hours hoping for someone to just shoot me in the head! Weirdly enough, I didn't feel tired the whole day and I still do not feel tired. It's going to be a bad night tonight too, I can just tell. Damn stress induced insomnia.

You know I have to find meaning in everything and anything! I just have to know, I have this thirst for knowledge. But then again what is life for?!

I am pissed off with song-writing! I'm not comfortable with most of the structure as I find myself rhyming too much. It results in stuff being cliched. It's limiting my expression. I want TOTAL freedom, to express myself using poetic devices like strong imagery and narrative.

Going to a friend's place tomorrow/today in order to take my mind of stuff so I'd better hit the hay soon.

I think for my next blog, I am going to put in a short story that I wrote about my ex-girlfriend. Hehe I can hear the gasps already. The other should be blogging tonight so I look forward to it. Nice day folks!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Everything you have can be taken away - and it will

You know what's an underrated song? Jimi Hendrix's cover of All Along The Watchtower. The beautiful lyrics of Bob Dylan combined with the beautiful playing of Jimi Hendrix. It's the best of both worlds! It's like it's actually dragging me back in time when I'm listening to it.

The worst thing has happened! Madame N has beaten my penguin game score! If you don't know what I'm talking about, just go a few blogs back and you'll see the link for it. She scored a huge 1300 something and my new top score is only 1130.9!!! Ohhh I feel humiliated!

I read a good line today, while watching an ad for something while waiting for Salon.com to load.
"The closer you are to death, the harder you cling to life". Absolutely brilliant, I love it!

Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderamma broke up. Boo hoo! Hehe on imdb.com I found out that his representative said that they had split but still remain friends. OH COME ON! Hardly ANYONE remains friends with their exes unless sex is still involved. For once, I want the truth to come out and have the rep say "yes they broke up, it wasn't amicable, they fucking hate each other, in fact they want to kill each other, please don't ever put them together!"

Link for today:
This is probably my favourite link. The title really says it all. She tells it like it is and just breaks down every conceivable barrier you can think of. I admire this woman, and from what I can tell of her pic (if it is her), she's a bit of a looker too hehe!

I have to commend the other on his absolutely golden blog last night! Good ol' halfbreeds. Everything he stated about them has been true in my experience with them! What I'd like to understand why people are so opposed to interracial marriages?! They say it'll destroy the culture and that the children won't be accepted by either side! NICE ideological assumption fuckers! So that's a good source of unintentional discrimination! You gotta BE from a culture in order to be accepted? Not even if you're interested and willing to make a change. It's messed up. It's rewarding for a child to experience two cultures! Maybe everyone knows that the kid is going to be attractive and get all the members of the opposite sex (if they are straight) and their kids will die alone and their name will not be carried on!! It's a global conspiracy I tells ya!

I particularly enjoyed a comment he made along the lines of "beautiful girls lack what matters most" and my cynical mind instantly kicked in with the rebuttal "except beauty of course". Hehe what a typical stupid guy thing to say!

I'd like to digress for a bit and talk a bit about songs. I think I'll narrow it down to my favourite things from songs.
Fave Riff - Megadeth, Holy Wars. If that riff was any cheekier, it would not be wearing underwear in church!
Fave solo - I can't honestly narrow this down, but I'd have to say Master Of Puppets by Metallica, or maybe One by the same band. Many a solo there, some slow, some fast, all with feeling.
Fave drum beat - The Four Horsemen by Metallica. Classical thrash, it's addictive.
Fave bassline - The mid solo one by Dream Theater in Under A Glass Moon or maybe ArcArsenal by At The Drive-In.
Fave rhythm - At The Drive-In, Cosmonaut. JUST LISTEN TO IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!
Fave lyrics - Bruce Springsteen, Dancing In The Dark.

Now back to my prepared statement, the other thought girls who knew they were good looking were bad, I think guys who know they are good looking are 10 times worse! They tend to be arrogant, self-serving and tend to treat girls badly. What's EVEN worse is that girls LIKE this, or tend to IGNORE it in the hopes of changing them. YOU CANNOT CHANGE PEOPLE, NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY. Stop complaining, you are self destructive, stop it and stop dating bastards!

Have these themes been on a previous blog? The other and I have been blogging for a quite a while now and I can't even remember what the hell I've posted about. Oh well, if I can't remember it, the readers won't be able to so it all seems fresh!

I had an argument with Madame N the other day. I was saying girls do not ever date guys that they are friends with. Her argument was that girls want a friendship first before a relationship. I said it was the other way around as I think it's impossible for me to date someone I don't know and hence am friends with, as I like to think that everything is working against me.

Anyhow, after thinking about it for a while, she said it was true that girls never dated friends and I proceeded to gloat over my victory. THEN, later on tonight, I found out the TRUTH. Les Femme Anomaly likes a friend of hers and he likes her and she wants to start something with him. HAHAHA, if only you could see the reaction on my face when she told me! I've never had the feeling of wanting to simultaneously vomit and not being able to breathe at the same time. Hahaha, priceless! Oh Madame N! You are a genius! Hehe it certainly came back to bite me in the ass. Ahh fucking irony, to the point of driving me to orgasm! I cannot stop laughing.

People, if there is EVER any doubt, RELY on it. IT is your best friend cause it's most likely true.

Ahh dear, my blogs of late have been gradually moving away from intellectual discussion into rampant spilling of the contents of my personal life so I shall turn that around very soon, I promise.

Hmm, I think 20 years is far too long to live. Back in uncivilised days, the average life expectancy was 36 years. Why couldn't that have remained the case?! I'd be entering my twilight years now. But noooooo, life just has to be unfair. Anyway, that's enough of a rant for now, good day folks!

Monday, November 15, 2004

"Dating a mixed breed Valedictorian"

After a short discussion with the other, I came to a decession that this is something I sould write about. Don't think I have really thought about this much. But with all the hype that the other has created, I'm not sure this will meet his expectations. Yet I shall make an effort. Have you ever noticed that most (Madam N had spoil it and point out that some mixed breeds just arn't good looking, and also I would like to acknowledge the fact that some full breeds are totally beautiful, but thats now what I am writing about) mixed breeds are just "Eye Candy"?? I think thats the best description I have for them. Everyone is imperfect, and thats what makes them human. And don't get me wrong, mixed breeds rule I'm not dissing them out, I thought about writing about writing about an experience that I had dating one...

Well firstly I'll tell you about the good sides to person. I wont mention her name so I'll just stick to her innitial "N" (Madam N and N are two seperate people, just to clarify). And I can't believe I'm writing about this. Well she definately held up to my theory that all mixed breeds are lookers. If there was one thing she was she was beautiful, and she knew it!! Big mistake don't date anyone who actively thinks that they are beautiful. She was half Indian and half Dutch. Oh at this point I would like to bring up another theory that I have, "Most younger sibling (if there are just two) are more spontaneous, rebelious, and tend to focus on having fun." Where as most older ones are more calm and composed, but usually more indicisive. Shes definately the exception that changes my theroy from all to most. She was humorous, yet I have to say that damnit she has the be the most corny person I know, and yes she beats David Stengele my English teacher. At least that included some wit!!! Damnit I was supposed to talk about her qualities, drag that and drop it in the next paragrah. But the one thing I have to point out is (one thing you don't see in women all the time, and its a shame) that she is was willing to take the inniciative. If it wern't for her inniciative, I would have written her off (most people in my class though of her as a bad catch, maybe they were right, hmmm). I think you learn from experiences and its probably a good thing...

She was stupid!!! Its true, for the first time in my life, I'll admit that. Yes, Simon you can come argue with me about it, but its true!! (I really hope she doesn't read this, shes still a friend, and I would like to leave it as it is). See thats whats funny shes was also the Valedictorian of my class *shakes his head*!!! She was definately a ditz, and yes everytime she asked me wether I though she was one, I was delegent in changing the subject. The fact is that she was beautiful (it pains me to admit that, but at least thats not a reason to go for a girl anymore, see one valuable lesson learned, most beautiful women lack the things that matter the most!!)!!!! Its hard to have have an intelligent conversation with dense people. People would usually give up an arguement with her just so she would shut up, she just wouldn't get it. Haha this one is a wierd one, this girl in my class once asked later on how the hell I put up with her squealing. Damn it she was so damn tickleish, you put you hand on her, and she'll probably tear you ear drum!!! Damn that was really irritating. Ok now I will come to the valedictorian part. Its true when she was announced as the valedictorian, 101 jaws just fell to the ground, she was the only one whos didn't. Yes she didn't deserve it!!! Everyone knew it. It was based on the wrong reasons. Sure you take the courses she took, and slave like she did, you would probably achive the GPA she did. Mixed breeds have less baggage, and parents are usually more lenient they are down with whatever they want to do. She was going to a arts college, so she didn't have to take shit!! But again I have to give her credit for taking the same Math class I did (:P I'm probablly trying to justify why I found that class hard, maybe it wasn't all that hard). But she didn't even have the heighest GPA either. The people who deserved it had higher GPAs and took much harder courses!! So what was it?? Her sycophant nature, no I wont let myself believe that school would base a decission on that!! It was just because the rest of the kids liked to have fun from time to time. Go out for a drink, party with their friends. Shame on you school!! I think she remineded the school that she was not the person they should have picked, after her speach about how losing a few kilos and getting contact, and being curvy made her a better person!!! Come on give me a break!!! Don't believe me, come here, we some smart ass decided to tape the grad, and I have proof!! So I am not just letting my feeling get in the way (well maybe a little) but she was just really dense!!!

Damn I really make her sound like a bitch, but she wasn't all that bad, she was caring. But Arjun, I wasn't wrong was I?? She was bad news, haha I'm sure you'll listen to me more often now :P . But she taught me some important lessons, and I am greatful for that. 1) Most beautiful women are just "Eye Candy" usually lack most of what matters. Sure there are lost of exceptions, but when people are on one extreme they arn't usually much on the other extreme!!! And be scared of people who can act really well (oh i forgot to mention she was a brilliant actress)!!!

Damn it I can't believe I just wrote that much!!! Well I guess that was on very overdue long blog. I have some festivities to attend to in the morning tommo, so I should hit the sac before it gets too late. But how am I gonna fall asleep??? Where are the sleeping pills when you need them??

Dead in sillicon valley

Ahh! I hardly had any sleep last night, then I had to be up early in the morning to pray. Got home afterwards and then I tried to sleep but I couldn't! Then came some exercise and I was practically dead! Hehe and it's the weekend, so it's light exercise. Tomorrow is going to absolutely destroy me with the heavier regime!

The other's blog is going to be an absolute cracker tonight and I look forward to reading it tomorrow.

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME ALBUM THAT EVERYONE MUST HEAR RIGHT NOW is Relationship of Command by At The Drive-In. One of THE greatest albums I've ever heard. Stunning imagery used in the lyrics, sung with pure balls out emotion. Good use of multi-layered guitars. An absolute treat to listen to over and over. Anyhow, in anticipation of the other's blog, I'll keep this short. Enjoy, people!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Vinegar in Milk Moment....

"Flustered" that would be the best word to describe me at the moment. Any more tention and I think I'll have be slapped a few times to get the feeling back in my tortured body. I feel like either going and piercing my tongue, or strategically place a knife, so everytime I say the wrong thing it would bleed a little and stop me from saying it. As Incubus puts it "Blood in my mouth beats blood on the ground." How true that statement is. Plus we can drink i litre of blood before getting sick (courtesy of fight club). I hate pissing people off, unfortunately I'm there right now, and I feel so guily. Haha and they're playing Guilty - The Rasmus on TV right now. So guilty, so empty *sigh*. Right now my thinking capacity is down to -1, if I had a buffer, then I would have a "Buffer Overflow Error" about now... At least I know I'm still human, there are still some emotions in there. If you hit me, I swear I would bleed...

Spent my whole day watching a sport, quite unlike me, but do it from time to time. And that game just did not help me out in any way, just got me more flustered. I think my claws are down to the length that I require them to be, yep my teeth did the honours. In the end the game closed with my team winning so that just eased some of that tention. I have just witnessed a man fight a battle, get hit by a very hard ball many time, swing and miss many times, but faught and faught and didnt turn in the towel, in the end did the job. I truely feel inspired, my hats off to Mr. Haq...

Wrote a rock melody, heavier than what I normally stick to... I guess my anxiety just need an exit. Sorry I just had to watch the Our Lady Peace video (Innocent). Haha but you didn't know I went off!!! Well another song to the collection, and giving it a wide sprectrum of color.

I wish I could feel numb, without the pins and needles after the feeling less state. I want to feel so damn numb....

(After reading the Others blog: I guess there is no hope for me then...)

Beware the heightists!

Spent an enjoyable day with Madame N talking about all sorts of stuff and eating like pigs!

She's on holiday for a few months so this is our farewell to her! But don't worry, she'll be back bigger and better than ever, next year in her awesome new dorm where many a party shall be had! Took my guitar over and she was actually pretty decent for her first time. Good day for all.

Anyway, there are some religious observances to be made today and they are early in the morning so I better head to bed.

Oh and if you're a female and you're reading this, ask out a guy that's less than 6 feet tall, come on, I dare you!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Insane gaze?!

The second upstairs tv is up and running again so I am happy! This means I can be on the comp, watch tv and play on my consoles or watch a DVD simultaneously! Who says males can't multi-task?! Hehe it's like I've reverted to a child-like status by playing as many games as I can for as long as I can. Ahhh holidays are grand! And it's only the second day! I usually don't realise how good they are till the day before I have to head back to uni!

Visiting Madame N tomorrow/today for the last time before she heads back overseas for her holidays. Hopefully I can get some good sticky date pudding!

Wooo, I'm listening to "Better Off Alone" by Grinspoon! It's quite good. They were a softcore punk band, but now they've mellowed into radio friendly rock. If you have an opportunity to get the song, do so!

Believe it or not, I have started to write songs!! Yeee-haw! No melodies though. Just words, however it is troublesome as with my flippant mind, I can be in the middle of writing something and then I'll get another idea and start writing another one! Then my pet-peeve, I'm in bed and I come up with an awesome line and I can't write it down! I'm gonna take a notepad and pen everywhere with me these holidays for some ideas. Most of my stuff seems to be in the writing style of a chiasmus.

So here it is! The "attributable to Satan" list!
Basically I have a theory that for the lil, unexplainable, annoying things in life, that Satan is responsible for it! When one occurs or one is added to the list I usually go "that's the work of the Devil"!

-Hot girls in sports cars
-Weird chord progressions
-Solos which go on forever
-Irregular time signature patterns on drums
-Exams which are worth more than 30%
-Expensive, awesome clothes
-Homework/Assignments over the holidays
-Early starts due to school
-The unknowingness (hehehe in-joke)
-When there's more than 2 good things on tv at the same time
-Mentors who mentor proteges just to be exactly the same (goes for anything in life but I'll make an example out of Ben Harper/Jack Johnson/Donovan Frankenreiter)
-Sequels being better than the original
-Getting a good mark on something and your parents going "how come you didn't get 100%"
-Running out of things to snack on
-Not being able to sleep when you have to be up early, or have something important to do the next day
-Dazed and confused states which are not drug induced
-The way the world is

Damn, I've run out of things to say! Anyway, you folks stay safe and have a nice day!

Friday, November 12, 2004


If you read the title of today's blog, you'd see that it is going to be a short one today. I am actually rather tired today, so that's my excuse!

Tomorrow's blog is going to be an absolutely brilliant and highly original blog from me, you'll all love it, I swear (or double your money back)!

It's been raining like crazy here and I think it is amazing! For some reason I have been feeling these bouts of semi-contained euphoria and I just want to go out in the rain and play some guitar or even some romantic kissing (awww)!

I actually had a decent amount of sleep last night, about 11 hours! Woke up refreshed and happy.

Links for today?
Well first, I think you should go to Salon.com and search for a recent article on short men (no, not a metaphor, but in terms of actual height) and read it! It's absolutely priceless and it says a lot about our fucked up gender roles in society. I'll attempt to find the link tomorrow as it's a good read for guys and girls alike. And rather a good confidence booster for me as I'm only 5'9", which is tiny compared to most of my other friends who stand 6 feet plus (not to mention Les Femme Anomaly is 6'4".

Observations on EVERYTHING. Very funny stuff. Great points of thought too.

This is basically 'politics from a black perspective'. It's good for gaining an insight into politics from a different point of view (as opposed to what most right wing media corporations are shoving down your throat).

This is a prime example of a classic juvenile blog. Written by a 14-year-old girl, who is MUCH smarter than most of her contemporaries so I find this an interesting read and I think people of all ages will be able to understand it so give it at least a ONCE over!

It feels so weird to blog 'regularly' after so long, but don't worry, I'm slowly easing myself back into this wonderful way of life.

I'd better celebrate my birthday and finishing university for the year soon dammit! OR else it'll all be in vain. Anyway, this nonsensical, narrative lacking blog is done for today. Have a nice one folks!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

It has begun!!!

Hello folks! I am back! I am OUT for the year! That's right people! 4 months of sweet holidays to follow. I look forward to some gentle exercise and some good guitar progress.

So here's a breakdown of the exams I had to do.

Contract Law
Nicely done, two questions to do in two hours. My first answer was brilliant, sheer textbook worthy in approach. Second one was dodgy, a lotta things could applied so I mentioned them all, but had to rush to include it all before time ran out before going in-depth.

Communication and Media Research
Waste of my time! Nice and easy. It's an easy HD on that exam for me, but since my stupid tutor was so harsh in her marking I'll probably only wind up with a Credit overall for the subject. This two hour exam only took me 45 mins. Don't worry, it wasn't anything crazy, just 50 short answer questions which I had studied profusely for.

Tax Law!
AHHHH! This coulda been the great undo-er of my studying and brilliance. The test was worth 100% so everything came down to that. Three problem solving questions in three hours. I didn't fail (I think and hope), I got down everything I needed to get done in order to satisfy the general requirements in answering a legal problem (under the IRACS system) and I was happy with my answers so I'm glad to have that out of the way.

Waste of one hour of my life! 100 Multiple choice and True Or False questions. It took me only 30 mins, but for some reason they wouldn't let us out so I was just sitting there for 30 mins idly looking around. I'd studied fairly hard for it, so I'm sure I did well.

It's time for my links and this time around I have some absolute gems for you.
This guy is an absolute genius. How come all these freakin' law people look so much older than I do?

Next up is
Basically a commentary on the 2004 US presidential elections. Extremely left wing. Good read, but will take a fair while to get through, but it's enjoyable.

Finally is
This was referred to me by Madame N. This is basically a shockwave/flash game where you get to be a Yeti with a huge club, smacking a decapitated penguins head to see how far you can hit it. It's simple yet extremely addictive. The goal is to get the head to land on as many mines as you can for maximum distance. My best distance is the absolutely awesome. If anyone can beat my world record of 1088.6, my hat goes off to you!

I've got another song to add to my 'most melodic song' of all time list. Of course it only comprises 2 songs so far.
Pets, by Porno for Pyros & an absolutely wonderful ditty concocted by the other.
The next song to join the list is There By The Grace Of God, by the Manic Street Preachers. Absolutely lovely, go listen to it NOW!

I had a talk with a friend I have known since pre-school but don't really talk to that much for the first time in ages today. He's a regular guy, but he's become a punk now. Totally influenced by the music and the message. He's become very opinionated and left wing which is good to see. I think that democracy is flawed. True freedom is flawed, it's a messed up concept. I can't remember the philosopher who thought of it, but he said to imagine democracy in a zoo. No cages. In the end, the lions kill everything. Is that fair for the other animals? No!

I feel good about finishing though. I wanna see some sights, maybe go on a trip! Who knows. But there'll be plenty of time for Les Femme Anomaly!

I wish the concept of religion was changed totally. I think for a pure test of soul, God should not have revealed "its" existence until you had died. Hehe reminds me of finding out the answers to the exam after you've done the test. But it'd be a PURE test of whether someone was good or bad, without throwing in the complexities that religion brings in. They'd be doing it for themselves, not a third party.

I'll let you in on a lil secret. After Lizzie McGuire finished on the ABC the week, they replaced it with a show called Girls In Love. It's a British show, aimed at teenage girls of course. But it just kicks the crap through Lizzie McGuire. It's because it's REALISTIC! The girls on the show are 15. They talk about kissing, sex, relationships, broken homes. It's THE perfect mix between hard hitting reality and absolutely cunning commentary on the state of being a teenager in today's world. It's bold. Let me give you an example of this week's ep. The main girl's best friend had an overbearing boyfriend who wanted to have sex. So they went to the shops and decided to test her by saying "if you can handle the responsibility, then you are ready". Basically, they wanted her to buy a pack of condoms. Of course, she couldn't go through with it. But it was a funny thing with serious undertones.

In fact, it reminds me of an incident last year! I used to get massive breaks at uni so I'd hang out with two female friends of mine at the shopping centre. Anyway, a friend of ours was having her 21st birthday and since we're students, we decided we'd throw in for a lot of tacky cheap stuff. Anyway, our friend is rather promiscuous, so we thought we'd also buy a pack of condoms to add to the basket. So we were at the register at Woolworths (Safeway for our American friends) and me being too shy, and one of the girls being a good lil catholic, couldn't bear to walk through the register without cracking up. So the other girl decided to take it upon herself to go through with the purchase. So there we were, a guy and two girls buying a pack of condoms, and drawing on my acting skills, tried to keep a straight face. The lady (middle aged) behind the counter gave us some 'check out' (no pun intended) looks and after the transaction was completed she goes "Enjoy yourselves!!!" in THEEEEE most patronizing tone ever! I just wanted to laugh like a maniac! I think I can put that down as one of the most embarrassing moments in my life and will most likely come back to haunt me some day!

Anyway, that's enough for today folks. It's good to be back and getting some much needed sleep! Have a nice day!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Another One Hits The Dust...

People have no morals these days. Anything can be justified, and I am not one to judge, but some people really need to review what they base their lives upon. This just suddenly started playing in my mind, and I started think about what people consider crossing the line. Making fun of peoples phobias can be quite uncalled for and quite unnessesary. Yet most of us find it an extremely funny thing to act upon. There is a reason why its called a phobia, its because they are mortally afraid of whatever it is, and we should just lay off. Ok this blog is gonna be all about what I like and what I dislike. I admire and respect people who have principals, and most people don't, at lest not ones they actually stick to. Its probably because most people these days don't have a spine, let do what everyone else is doing!! Yay I have no mind!! Bloody idiots. Originality is something that is very important to me, and most people lack it and its a shame. Doing what every one else is doing is not gonna get you anywhere in life... Especially all the bands back in Dhaka, what is it with you people playing only cover, have some balls, and play something that you wrote, or I would just have to say you must really suck!! Back to the point I was gonna make. So when a person violates someones trust, in making them do what ever they would not like to do, its just simply a situation where i just look down and shake my head. What did they really acomplish by doing that?? Simply nothing!!! Unless that person is some concience less bastard, it will bother him later, like most things do. And the person will just feel bad they did that, even though they had no clue. Its just extremely sad what people find funny these day. Oh look that guy doesn't have a leg, haha. How is that even funny, I wish i could slap people upside the head everytime they make a comment like that.

Well my mind is on a strike, so i cant think of anything today. Sure its all my fault, i should be asleep. But there are so many fun things to do!!! Alright I better get to sleeping today, damn its already tommo...

Sunday, November 07, 2004

First We Upload, Then Download....

One of the greatest feelings in life has to be when your place something extremely tasty in your mouth. Its like there a party happening in your mouth. Woohoo, but that too can be spoilt. The horror, the horror!!! And quite frankly this is why I don't leave this room of mine. You think tigers and lions are unhappy in their zoo cages, I think not!! Who want deal with all those monkeys out there, i swear its a jungle out there. Decided to make an attepmt to interact with the world that I live in, and it was a bumpy ride. I don't think I have ever seem as many people as there were there today at the Hyatt!!! People say love drives the world, apparently not!! Food makes the world go around, and Fred, you were wrong, a drummer doesn't make the world go around. Actually come to think of it Fred you don't know a single thing!!! Everyone who lives in this city turned up in at the lawns of the Hyatt for the annual food festival. I swear normally you would need a nuclear warhead to kill that many people, but today they could have done it with just one well guided missile. Damn it Bush, you missed another opportunity!!! The worst part was trying to find the one person I knew inbetween all those bodies. I take back everything I said about cellphones, I wish I were carrying one today. Yes, I think I'll pick mine up again tommo. After luckly bumping into my buddy, we were on the second hardest thing to do on the agenda for today... Get to the front of the line :D ... I don't like making generlizations, but people in this part of the world don't have very good manners, its considered a norm to cut in line (and for some strange reason they HAVE to put their hands on you :S)... But today it was just anarchy people who normally would respect the line decided the food wasn't worth the wait, they needed it just then. After finally getting the food, and some good red wine, it was time to dine, and the party had started in my mouth. Apart of the absolutely pathetic music in the background, it was actually quite nice... Someone should tell that band that they should all be playing in same key, and not be trying to make a chord with their keys!!! Alright fine I admit it, I was actually quite wonderfull out there, and might go out there from time to time. Just being a DK (Drama King) :P ...

Arrrrggghhh I swear these Mp3 tags are just not getting done!!! I guess, with a few more weeks of daily work should do the job, yet for some reason I want it done now. Anyone who wants to give me a hand give me a buzz on 1-800-IWANTNUBS... Coz I'm not giving your hands back, there are bound to be more projects after this one!!! So can I have your hand??

Friday, November 05, 2004

"It's the end of the world as we know it"

I had my first exam today, for contract law. It's over and done with! Hooray! It was a two hour exam, two questions. Part A was nuts, so I skipped ahead to part B and wrote THE greatest answer to the question. It was pure textbook style, I was so proud! Then after an hour, I went to Part A, and it took me 15 mins just to make sense of the facts! 45 mins is barely any time to write a complete well rounded answer, so I just flew through it and it got really in-depth in parts and dodgy in some others. It doesn't matter, everyone else had the same problem and I think I'm all set for that class.

Next up is CMR on Monday!! I'm all ready for that. Appeal went ahead, I got my mark put up by half a mark (yee-haw...). My tutor handed it to the hardest marker in the faculty, so I was basically screwed from the outset. I found out that everyone else in my class (who asked stupid questions and said nothing) kicked my ass on the class participation mark!! It was worth 30% of the overall grade! What the fuck is wrong with my tutor? Did she tune out every time I opened my goddamn mouth? Fuck her! I'm going to devote my life to actually getting into a position of power to make her life hell. As you can tell, I am extremely vengeful and have a short fuse.

If anyone out there knows the name of that Live song, where in the video clip they all have long hair and the drummer is wearing a cap backwards (very old song), please tell me!!!

There's this show from 2001, called Manhunt which is on here Thursday nights/Friday mornings. It's never showed on here before but basically the premise is people on an island (surprise) who are stalked by 3 wierdos wielding paintball guns. If they get shot 3 times, they get kicked off. The contestants are in search of $250,000 US so it's pretty good. It's EXTREMELY dodgy viewing yet it is so addictive. I wonder why it never had any publicity!! It's rather funny, if you have time, I suggest you watch it!

Yeah so it's three exams in a row next week, so this will be my last blog for a lil while but have no fear! The other will return with his blog insights tonight and he'll keep the candle burning while I am gone.

In return, I think I had better make this an awesome rant. So Bush won re-election!!! Yeee-haw!!! Cue your guns, your sensible looking spouse, busty mistress on the side, slutty daughters, rich powerful daddy and let's have ourselves hoe-down!! How did this happen? Kerry was a crappy candidate, let's face it. Point two, the American electoral system is screwed. It needs to be conducted on individual votes, not this shitty electoral college system. It was put there by the forefathers to ensure that equal voicing was given in the heartland, which is less populous than the outskirts. It's technically true, your vote may not count. The power of democracy should be bestowed on the individual, not an arbitrary barrier. If you choose not to live in a populous area, that's your fucking problem, but your vote in reality counts for much more under that revised system.

I think secret ballots need to be eliminated and an independent third party (most likely the highest court) to check for cheating or discrepancies. Of course the judges and officers of the court would not be selected by election or installed by Government each time, but stay on in the position until a certain age, infirmity of mind, retirement or misconduct. Deep down, I know something dodgy has happened.

This religious conservative right movement in the US has too much power. I gotta hand it to them though, they know how to wield power like geniuses. I wish I was working as a spin doctor for their side! When you have a catastrophic event, a collective that is largely uneducated and insecure, get them believing in the power of the church, and you have WON my friends! It's the best way to retain power. The US constitution needs to be amended, there should not be a two term limit, Clinton should be allowed to return.

I think the rest of the world should offer an amnesty to American "refugees" who want to live somewhere else where they can be free and liberal without extreme prejudice from the Government and their stupid followers. Then the rest of the world gets on with their lives and moves forward towards a better and brighter future while the remaining (stupid) America gradually dies off without it's brain and creativity. The rest of the world doesn't like America because of that vocal minority who think that the world revolves around them and anything else is inferior. They think the French are bad for being snooty, well these fucks are guilty of hubris (which is a sin under their religion when they select to follow it and contort the rules to fit their agenda).

Governments the world over have lost the plot. They are not pragmatic and only serve one sector of the community (which isn't yours) and by the time elections come by, they make the other party look worse, not make themselves look good. That's it, I've had enough. Something must be done about it. The world is ready for change. We want change, we crave it. But we're paralyzed with fear. This is going to sound cliched, but it takes courage to instigate change and the world needs to be made a better place, for EVERYONE.

Sorry to digress from my rant, but some dude just got shot in the head on the show! It was crazy!!! Very nice shot though! It's true, girls do make better snipers than guys.

Back to my earlier statements...and I can't remember what I was gonna say! Haha, lack of sleep has gotten to me. I'm gradually learning Kirk's part to Fade To Black by Metallica! I'm scared, it's like it's only taking me a few minutes to pick up each part as I learn it but I had to stop out of fear of forgetting school related stuff for my non open book exams!

The world may be fucked for now, but it doesn't have to be that way forever! Go live happy lives folks!