Thursday, March 31, 2005

Five Fingers Short...

Well I am blogging as promised. Eventhough this might not seem like it, I did blog when I promised I would, its just that the blogger server was down, so I couldent blog when I wanted too. So I decided to use the good old note pad instead. Firstly I would like to wish Leon a happy birthday. Drink up DOG!!! And for everyone else dog is an inside joke between us, its not a bloody homie wanna be thing. Hes finally old enough to buy his own liquer, and to that I laugh. Here in Australia we are allowed to drink when we are 18, so much for the 21 requirement. I hope he has a blast, I just wish i could have a drink with him, instead I spent a good hour catching up with him. And this is a note to self, call more friends in the states, need to catch up...

I'm usually telling people about songs that they really sould listen to. After coming here I have kinda lost track of the whole music scene and I am not able to download a whole heep of songs, or watch Mtv. Madam N's younger sister (know in this blog as lil' N) has been showing me a whole lode of songs that have been up to the standards that I stick to. Two songs that stand out are "Passive - A Perfect Circle" and "Scars - Paparoach." The second song, scars, is absolute brilliant, I never though I would say a paparoach song was brilliant, but there you have it. The subject matter is intense and well put, I understand the situation of the narritive eventhough that is not my situation in the slightest.

My messenger has been completely crazy. I am logged in and then suddenly a while later I realise that I have been offline for a long time even though my messenger shows I am online. This makes me quite paranoid as I am not sure wether my messages are going thru or not. I am not sure wether this is a msn glitch or a uni one, but I am not happy. Neither would surprise me...

I surprised even myself today, I rewrote a whole assignment that I had done before. This is not something that I do often, but felt compelled to do so today. But I just feel like the whole time I spent on doing it the first time was a complete waste when I could have been doing so much more :P...

How did orange juice become the drink that is commonly associated with breakfast?? Why not cranberry juice or grape juice. I find it quite wierd, as I like most of the other juices more than orange juice. Don't get me wrong I like orange juice, but cranberry juice I seem to like more. Personally I think its to do with America as most things come out to be. All the tv show breakfasts seem to have the save things on the table. Ever notice a breakfast table without OJ???

Ok Blogger is working again and I am here promptly to put up my post. But I am annoyed at the time, its 7 in the morning and they think its a decent hour to have a bloody fire drill. I am not impressed. Note to self, next time take a thicker jacket, its getting cold in the mornings these days... I had added some more to the blog after this, but because of blogger, I lost it... Not a start of a good day.... Wish me luck...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Down With The Sickness

Well there we go, the easter weekend is all over. I can actually look back on this weekend and say that I have managed my time really well. Damn my mum would have been proud of me :D. Finished my work early by saturday, then spent the rest of the long weekend at madam N's place. But alas to end an absolutely brilliant weekend, I had to go and get sick :(. Oh well, don't cry for me Argentina...

Its a shame no one I know did anything for easter??!!?? It would have been fun to do something or another in the whole easter sprit. Again I had brilliant cake, and this time to add on top of that we had some sticky date pudding. As we all know by now, sticky date is the others favorite cake, and with good reason too. But a warning it gets really really sweet. And the cheese cake this week was better than usual for some strage reason. What is it with me and cake??!!??

Ok I am going to stop here, I really don't have the energy,and i feel sick suddenly, so I am going to stop, I'll do a big one tommo promise...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I really would like some barre chords with those fries.

Crap song of the moment? Maroon 5's 'She Will Be Loved'. Shame too, their other songs are so good and quite refreshing in the current stagnant musical climate. They finally showed the Grammys in Oz! I was pleasantly surprised. Ahhh Alicia Keys, damn her awesomeness and fineness and all round super goodness! Haha! How great did she look???! I was disappointed by Velvet Revolver's performance with the "all stars". What the hell is the point in having one of the world's greatest lead guitarists if you won't let him solo for at least 5 seconds?! So subdued and lacking energy. Granted, it was for a Tsunami benefit thing, but shite, there has to be some colour! Steve Tyler and Stevie Wonder went off! I am also amazed by Scott Weiland's singing technique. I didn't really listen to any Stone Temple Pilots stuff until the other told me to and was shocked to see that he used to sing with a tinge of southern drawl. Now he has this crazy, deep way of just delivering the lyrics in this "I know better than all of you" way! Another disappointment was John Mayer's performance of Daughters. Considering how much the other loves it, and how much praise it got from critics, he just didn't do it justice. Note to all, don't ever perform a strictly acoustic song on an electric guitar, we all remember what happened to Bob Dylan! Don't get me wrong, Mayer is one of the best guitar freaks around at the moment, but sometimes I think he doesn't try because he knows he is a freakin' genius.

So it's Easter, and it's a long weekend. So what do I find myself doing? Slacking to the extreme and homework! How sad?! Oh well, when all my stuff is done early, I can sit pretty and be glad. My car is back!! Hooray! I can finally get around without worrying when I need to! Good since it's a fast car and I can destroy any of those crazy rev head folk who drive like psychos during peak hour trying to kill everyone!

The news has been reporting that there's been a sharp increase in the numbers attending evangelical churches such as Hillsong! One of my friends attended a service of theirs a few weeks back and said it was just absolutely freaky. I don't think there's anything wrong with having some zeal when it comes to religion and what not. But there are some places which just shove their beliefs right into other people's faces and that's just too much. What's even worse is when they showed the people in there and interviewed a few of them, they were all young and attractive folks! Ahhhh fantastic, more great looking women I can't have, hehe!

Humans are stupid! We are the only species that uses the concept of currency! When you think about the concept of money from an objective standpoint it just seems utterly stupid. People work their entire lives for specially marked pieces of paper! These pieces of paper determine your place in society and what you can do with your life. It can crush dreams, it can make others. People kill for it. Wars have been fought over it. It's just nonsensical. Too bad we don't live in a world where people want to do their best to ensure the best for everyone. The problem is, people have different interests. Even worse, people feel the need to do better than other people, so the concept of money is needed.

Consumerism is screwed. It has led to the social decay of civilisation. Case in point? Mothers who shop with their pre-teen daughters for the sluttiest and skimpiest piece of clothing they can find! I sincerely hope you aren't living vicariously through your daughters! Just keep an eye out for Supre the next time you walk past there. Some girl in the dressing room and her mother going "oh I think this will look good for your binge drinking session this weekend" and point to a top with 'Yes boys, I do take it up the ass' on it. Responsible parenting is a pipe dream. Especially with this new 3 grand baby bonus. For our overseas guests, the government has announced that all families who have a baby will receive 3 thousand dollars, no questions asked. It sounds good for the legitimate families, but think about the possible repercussions it could have - young mothers, people having a baby just for the money etc. Then there was also the deal with universities being severely restricted financially and administratively. They're trying to ensure victory with the dumb vote for the next election already. They want people to leave High School and take up trades. Don't worry, I'm not coming down on school leavers, but sheeit, it is true that the uneducated will believe any bullshit scare tactics story when you are trying to win an election. You'll know what I'm alluding to (this being Australia, and the Liberal Gov. in power), but 'nuff said.

Woo, note to self: take pics of that park with the other and offer explanations on here. OHH and another note to self, post that school pic on here! You'll enjoy it, trust me!

That's it for tonight folks! Have a nice day.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Overdue through and throughhhhh!

Well here is my update! It comes at the request of Madam N who threatened to castrate me if the update wasn't done tonight so I shall begin.

I had an interesting moment the other day. I had to normalise one of my interviews and re-burn the unedited version. Oh quick side note, I'd like to once again thank the other for editing my interviews in record time and doing such a crash hot job of it! Also thanks for the USB thumb drive goodness! Saved my life baby! Anyway, I had to use another Mac lab than the one I am used to. So there I was happily editing away when a teacher walks in and starts his class! The policy at uni is if there is a class on in any of the computer labs, the teachers ask anyone who isn't in that class to get the hell out. But I had only just finished recording my stuff and I had to still burn it (and at 4x speed, that takes a hell of a long time for a 6 meg media file). Not having a drive to transfer my data and thus being able to leave the room, I just pretended to look busy. The teacher never asked anyone to leave, he just started talking about their tasks for that lesson. I think it was an imaging class or something, because they were looking at movie posters and discussing the semiotics behind them in relation to the movie itself. But anyway, it was a fantastic class and I actually sat there and engaged in discussion and answered questions and for once I was glad to be at university and I was having a great time! It struck a chord, because I have been so bored and disillusioned with everything right now, I just want to quit, and be a freakin' nomad. Hunter S Thompson and Gonzo journalism babyyy! Then of course, my CD finished burning and I sat there for a few more mins until they actually started creating their own movie posters and I was just sitting there scratching my head. So I picked up my stuff and walked to the door. The teacher goes "so where do you think you're headed?" and without stopping or looking at him or anyone else, I said "I'm not in this class" and he laughed as I walked out. But damn, I really wish I was in that class! Ahhh my crappy classes are so boringggg! Why is the world so unfair??

What the other and I have noticed in a fair few of our classes is the proliferation of stupid people who can't use or understand basic technology! "UMMM, what's this IN-TE-RRR-NET?" Life in 21st century western society revloves around technology! Have you been living under a rock?! Go back to the 1800's!! Its shite cause it holds the rest of the class back while the weak link needs everything explained to them like they are 6 years old.

I've come to a freaky realisation, Red Bull does NOT work if you're extremely tired. It just makes you want to pee within 20 mins of drinking it! Then it pretty much makes it bloody pointless doesn't it?! I ought to manufacture pure adrenaline that you can just inject into your body when you need a quick pick me up.

I know what my favourite video clip of all time is, finally! It's Nore's Oye Mi Canto. Of course I say that it's Nina Skyy's song even though they only sing the chorus but it's just phwoar! Yeah I know there's tons of South American scantily clad women dancing provocatively, but all I'm interested in is Nina Skyy! They barely have any screen time which sucks! Their voices are soooo smooth and they are so beautiful! I want to pay them to sing me to bed...and then climb in with me...huh what did I just say that? What me?? Never!! Nicole Albino is just (I can't believe I'm saying this) all that and so much more!! Note to self and the other: we MUST get famous so I can meet herrrrr!

It's finally happened! Nadiya's new video clip has come out!! It's called Signes and you can view it on her website. You'll have to check my rate list (the link will be in 2 posts time). But I can honestly say it kicks ass! It's got this Arabic feel to it and she's all dressed up in these fabulous Middle Eastern clothes and she has NEVER looked better. I have to download this clip some time.

Damn that man hands woman (refer to my previous post)!! She's the perfect physical prototype of what I want in a woman...cept for the man hands of course, duh!! Too bad she's a demented social butterfly with crazy friends (ie loser boi [shall be explained in a later post] and young mother [refer a few posts back])

Anyway that's it for tonight's post! Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Look At What I Can Do!!!

Another day, another place, another blog. Well I am back home, and at the comfort of my chair. Damn this chair just isn't as comfy as the one in Nepal. As Makster X always said, that chair is shaped so that its perfect for your butt. Actually I sat that for so long that it started taking my shape. The next person who sits on that seat wont appriciate my mold. A lot of people go crazy when they see custom made things for famous poeple, and they think they need it. Dude, it wasn't even costom made for you, how will that suit your needs?? Its just retarded...

Horror movies are just crap. I haven't seen one recently that has made me even feel slightly afraid, all I think these days is how pathetic the whole thing was. Watched one yesterday, it was so not scary that it was close to comedy. Gotta love it. Supposedly I will have to swallow my words once I see the ring. Which is hopefully going to happen sometime soon. I tried watching that a few months ago, and I slept after half of the movie, that just isnt supposed to happen with a horror movie. Damn lullaby is what it was hehe... No, I want to see what its about, I will give it another shot...

People on campus are screwed up (obviously excluding me). Some people managed to lodge 3 shopping carts up on a tree. Its not like it was just up in a tree, it was 40 feet in the air. Is that even possible. Why would a sober person do that, who is that bored. And how the hell would drunk people manage to get shopping carts that high up?? I think there are strange things happening ion this earth. People sleep with one eye open at all times!!! And there are stranger things that we found on campus, but I will let the other go into the details of that crap!!!

I am all stocked up now, like a well stocked bar. No alcohol in my stock though. For the week coming ahead of me. This is going to interesting. I miss the feeling of being under pressure. I know that how I like to work, where I literally have no time to do anything else but that thing that is infront of me. I can read faster, I can think straight, and most importantly forget every thing else. I have always wondered how people can do something over a few days, sometimes I wish I could. I feel like I am getting back to familiar territory with work comming up :D. So cheers to that.

With an early morning ahead of me, I must give my eyes an early rest. I am back to my blog a day schedule, so tune in again, I will have insights for you to read. My eyes are shut, ears plugged, oblivious to the world around me, I am asleep... Night people...

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Here we go again. Sorry about the absense for the last few days. Weekends are usually quite busy here, so I am a bit lazy when it comes to blogging on weekends. You will have to forgive me on that, its not the same as it used to be in Nepal where I had nothing better to do. No offence. This blog is happening in a different location, so expect it to be a little differernt than usual. I am sitting at the vast library of ANU. And I must say its quite overwhelming. The scilence is bothering me. Its been a while sice I spent more than 10 mins in a library, and its quite creepy :S ...

The other is going around being a complete reporter. Hehehe its funny being asked questions about things that you normally dont think about. And I have come to a conclusion that my head is back on track, I can finally think again. I am not completely useless. On this note I sould say, the other was right, I sould buy milk that lasts longer!!!

My stomach has been wierd todau. I suddenly got really really hungry. So some kabaabs down the line, and some more of that brilliant cheese cake I am finally full. Its a good feeling too to be completely full. A shower, a clean shave, and a cup of coffee and I would be sitting there like a million bucks.

It looks like Golfer Shib (My buddy, likes golf) is going to end up in Canberra as well. Now won't that be kick ass. If he actually does indeed come here, there wont be much else that I could ask for, I will have most of the things I want. And on that note, Makster X, if you read this, I HOPE YOU SENT YOUR APPLICATIONS, and if you haven't go do that now!!!

Its amazing how quickly we get accostomed to places. I already feel like this is my home, and am very used to everything. Maybe its because I lived here, but still its just odd how everything isn't as exciting anymore. I like the rush you get once you land up somewhere new. It doesn't last very long.

I hope the other wins that competition as I would like to go on that trip. So everyone keep your fingers crossed. Damn that reminds me I need to enter that competition too!!! Yo dude what was the number?? Have a good day, hang tight...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

"That's very nice, but I just smoked some crack a little while ago"

It's a day late, I know! I'm sorry!! But here's the good ol' update. I'm getting one of my assignments out of the way today. Just gotta edit my interviews down next week and I'll be sitting pretty.

Ahh, note to self: enter that Getaway competition! They're giving away a trip to all the destinations in The Da Vinci Code, and all this fancy accommodation and 2 grand spending money! So if I win, I'm taking the other with me. Hehe who cares about school?! It's The Da Vinci Code!! My fave book of all time. What's funny is that on Dan Brown's website, he's mentioned that even though some Christians have come down on the book, on the whole they know it's just a work of fiction and enjoy reading it. But now there's a big furore cause one of the Vatican's people has openly criticised the book, which is damn funny (pun intended), because the book is 2 years old! I thought I was late getting into it, where the hell (sorry, heck) were they??!

Young people freak me out. It doesn't matter if they're one year or five years younger, they just freak me out! Is it just me or they all growing bigger and older, faster and stronger than my generation?! I'm scared! They're superior in almost every way, except intelligence of course! They'll take over society and we'll just get bred out! I think there's something important about 1984, it's just such a marker in history and the other and I don't know why. It's just something special, and that's why we're all awesome.

OHHH I am soooo pissed off! Gabrielle Boyle has been doing so many stories at our uni that it's just not funny! I have missed her every time and it's terrible! I want to meet my favourite reporter damn it! It was also scary because in one of her stories a few weeks ago, she was doing some vox pops and one of the people she interviewed was leather girl! She has an Australian accent! So funny, cause I thought she had an American one. Win News has a thing about showing stock footage whenever they do a story on universities. Anyway, sometime last year, they managed to get footage of Superfine walking around and it was played on the story! So it was the beautiful power of three with that story! Miss Boyle, Leather Girl and Superfine! AHh, must contact Win news and get a copy of that story.

Good ol' long weekends. Too bad it infringes on one of my Monday lectures, so the bastard in charge decided to have that lecture moved to Wednesday afternoon!! Damn him.

Holy crap, it's up to week 5 already! Where the hell did the time go??!

Seinfeld's observations are so underrated! Case in point? MAN HANDS! You may remember that episode where he was dating that very attractive woman but she had masculine hands and it freaked him out. It was hilarious, as when they focused on the hands, they'd cut to an actual man's hands in the woman's clothes and it just came off so well. Anyway, there's this girl in one of my classes who has just shown up (who the hell misses a month of classes?) and she is absolutely striking. When I was sitting next to her I was just admiring her, when I noticed her hands!!! THEY WERE THICK, NAILS BITTEN, FINGERS ALL DEMENTED and I just wanted to scream and run the hell out of there! I'm used to guys having butchered hands, but on girls it's so disconcerting, and in this case it's compounded by her beauty! Don't worry, I'm not a hypocrite, my hands are lovely!

Well that's it for today's blog, have a nice day!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Shae's popular now!!!

I'd still like to say FUCK YOU BLOGGER for losing my last post!!! It was damn awesome and now it is lost for all eternity. I'm going to try to re-hash that post by piecing together my hard copy blog notes. However, it only has about 1/4 of what was in that post and Blogger are really just a bunch of sons of bitches!! At the request of the other, here is my voodoo child (slight return) heehee!

First thing's first, if your number plate is YBB 04P or B, please contact me so we can get it on!

I'm going to have to do my best to finish this entry off before they have a special Da Vinci Code episode of Getaway.

There was a funny debate last night between my friend and I. He said that there is no such thing as a blonde girl who is nice all the time. When I thought about it, it's true! I don't know anyone like that. But then again I think there is a blonde do-gooder type in one of my classes. I'd talk to her to actually find out what she's like, unfortunately I can't look at this girl without escaping into a world of lurid sexcapades in my head. What's up with that?! I've never had that happen before. I can't concentrate in any of my classes where she is sitting ahead of me. Hehe I also feel a tad guilty because she uses a laptop and she keeps looking through her photo albums and she had recently been overseas helping children in undeveloped countries. So she's either very generous or she's a missionary (pun intended)!

SOOO F1 was a major shock!!! It looks like Red Bull Jaguar are going to be a force to reckon with this season. Haha I bet Webber is angry as hell, I don't think he can save Williams. But what the hell?! Gian Carlo Fisichella won the race!! In a RENAULT! I used to love them, when they were with Williams (cause Damon Hill drove for them)! Where was Ferrari?! Hopefully they can recover. I remember playing on my old F1 sims a few years ago, Fisichella was always a back marker getting lapped by the likes of me, but now look at him! The rules this season are whacked but fair.

I was walking back from class one day to the other's dorm when I noticed some girls were choreographing some dancing moves in some isolated spot. What the hell?! Are we in high school, where all the girls were dancing for no reason? But I guess it'll serve those girls well for their lives ahead...of dancing on poles.

There is a funny thing at uni that I must take a pic of and post here (yesh, this is a note to self)!

Damn, the show is on so I must cut this one short! But to make up for it, I'll post tomorrow. Have a nice day folks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Shame, Shame, Shame...

Firstly I would really like to apologize for a long absense of any posts. To be honest don't blame me, blame my University, hell sue them even I don't care. The network connection had been down, and my connection the virtual world that I love so dearly was hacked into pieces. And on that note, the other is a little irritated with blogger who was resposible for a huge blog he lost. He is still getting over that, send him a get over it soon card :P. But as the net is back up I am back to post a blog that is quite over due. So again I apologize for that.

It been a very interesting last week and a half or so. Firstly my PC had crashed which was one of the reasons why my blog took so long to come by. The bastards on the network have way too many virues on their computers, I had to reformat my whole computer, and damn it was irrtating. On top of that one of my hard drives had crashed which ment that I lost 40GBs worth of files. Most of them I am quite happy to part with, but I alos lost 10GB of music that was quite dear to me. The ironic thing is that I found some of the music that I lost on the network that killed me in the first place. I am vindicated. But its always good to have a format, the PC feels all clean and fast, also tweaked up my security. Try breaking the security now, I dare you :P.

Why do we have cellphones?? The answer is quite simple so that we can be contacted where ever the hell we are, or so that we can contact people from where ever the hell we are. So why don't people who need me bother to call me on my cellphone, and instead leave 2 million messages on my home phone. So I changed my message so that it reminds people that we have cellphones so that we can be in touch. Haha in one instance, I had to send one of my friends over to my parents house to tell them to call my cellphone, I find this helarious...

I have been informed that Blink 182 has borken up. This is great news for anybody who is into proper music. Maybe now Tom can go and start a band with a better bassist and produce some music that it brilliant. Lets tune in an see what happens with that. Hehe I also wonder what the hell is going to happen to Michael Jackson. I was shocked in my Professional Communications tutorial today to find that most people in that class genuinely feel sorry for the bastard. He sould get whatever he deserves, and soon. I wonder if Pepsi revoked their sponsership for MJ??

There are two types of people that are common everywhere. The people that smile alot and say "Hello" to ever passes by, and the people who walk around with a smug look. I think that the people who go around with the big smiles and say their hellos are more likely to succed in life. But ofcourse once they get to that top post they become selfish and forget about the little people, and become smug. But the people who start out that way, I guess there is no hope for such people. And if someone manages to get up there and still stick to their good manners, then damn they must be brilliant.

Even if digital books are never going to really come about, as people prefer to have them in their hands, they sould make digital copies of all text books. They could supply them with the textbook itself. Because these books are bloody heavy!!! I would rather read them on my screen rather than have to carry them around, that it just too much of a pain in the ass.

What is it with people trying to switch their races?? There are white boys tring to become orientals, and then there is the oriental back wannabes, and how can we forget the likes of Michael Jackson?? The other day the other and I came across this girl who is oriental and looked like Jenifer Lopez, at least accessory wise. Otherwise she was nothing like her. Why can't people just stick to where ever the hell they are from. That your food for thought for this edition of Neo's post... Have a good day, I'll get back to this tommo again. And if the other reads this, "Get over it, its time you blogged!!!"

Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Sunday, March 06, 2005

"Get your ass out there and litigate, bitch!"

It's rather funny, in my last post I mentioned a pretty looking boy (not prettyboi) in my previous post. Well let's define our terms here, a prettyboi is just a good looking guy, this pretty looking boy has a girl's face. Well anyway, it turns out that the other and I both know him!! He lives on ressies!! How funny??! That's the Canberra Effect for you. There's a theory that in Canberra everyone knows everyone else by proxy. I think it's a viable theory.

Yesh, the other and I had a good time last week. I remember one instance where the other was going to find something in the uni cafe and he managed to send a whole pile of stacked tables crashing down! Then I made a joke and he managed to spit out the entire contents of his mouth while he laughed (which happened to be a lot of water)! Luckily nobody was looking and they didn't end up noticing the mess on the floor. The night was also good with many a fantastic time had. I really don't like having alcohol in my system though, I only ever end up getting an hour or so maximum of sleep. Also got to have grogbox! Absolutely fantastic. Alcohol really does dull the senses because grogbox was FANTASTIC! Like some of THE best stuff I've ever tasted, which I know can't be true given to what exactly was IN the freakin' trainwreck that is the grogbox. I'm no longer a grogbox virgin, and I hope to become a grogbox slut soon enough!

I don't understand the need for society to drink. People just go "lets get's knackered" for the point of getting knackered and not for the social surroundings or the company.

Got to see Van Wilder, which was pretty good for a teen flick. It was also funny to be awake when the other's floormates returned home from a night of partying at 5am or something. There is nothing funnier than hearing a bunch of guys yelling "man we didn't pick up, I feel like such a loser" in the wee hours of the morning. Insanely stupid I tells ya.

Note to fat girls: PLEASEEE do NOT, I repeat NOT wear belts on your top as it will make you look twice as fat when your big gut just hangs over your belt!

Speaking of fat girls, I ran into a girl who I went to Preschool, Primary and High school with. She was one of those super premo girls (blonde hair, blue eyes and smart to boot) and all the boys loved her, no matter which school she was at. She only went to the same High School as me for a few years before she went off to private school. Anyway, I viewed her as a disliked rival because she just seemed to have everything without working for it. She was like one of those typical cheerleader types, but actually had a brain which made things much worse. I remember one time in high school she got into an arguement with some poor kid and she called him a "fat shit". It was pretty harsh, granted the guy was overweight, but you can't say that to people's faces! Anyway, she spoke to me in class the other day and she has put on a TON of weight! I saw her and I just cracked a smile so wide, I could be Julia Roberts. It's weird, cause I've been in all her classes, but none of her tutes since my first year, and last year she looked her normal thin self but now it just looks like she's storing some fat for winter hibernation. I love the way life works such ironies.

I hate this cold weather. Hopefully we can have a warm spring this time around. I love seedless grapes. Formula 1 today, woohooo! I can't wait.

You know what'd be weird in the afterlife? That you get exactly what you're expecting. If you think you're going to hell, that's what you get. If you think nothing happens, that's what you get. If you want it all, you can have it.

But what I think a better idea for judgement day would be to just get everyone ever born to watch every single person's life, all their moments, all their thoughts, all those embarrassing moments where you were happy nobody was around. Then they vote on whether or not you deserve to get to go to heaven.

There's this built like an axe dude in one of my classes. He is a pretty cool guy. I remember when I first met him in second year, all my female friends thought he was hot, and I questioned his sexuality. Then when I was in the library the other day, I looked out the window (I sit in the same spot everytime) and I saw him walking hand in hand with his girlfriend! It's funny how you see the unexpected when you glimpse at it just for a second.

Damn our library to hell! I usually sit in the area where the books on journalism are. I was trying to write a song (as per usual) when I looked in the other direction and I almost died. I've never actually lost my breath at the sight of a woman before, but there's always a first time for everything. She was just so damn beautiful!!! Tanned skin, brown hair, tall it was just yowzaaaa! She also had a sense of style too, sleeveless collared shirt and black fitted pants. And she's doing journalism too! Too bad she's not in the same class. I should have just gone up and said "excuse me, I'd like to stand next to you for a few mins" cause that would be all the chance I'd get with her! She looked older than me though, if she's a tutor I am going to scream. Needless to say, not much writing was done that day.

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen Duran Duran's "Girls On Film" video clip. How did the clip become so famous? You'd think that they'd never be able to show it considering there are naked in the women in the clip for like 70% of it! Hehe gotta love that bassline though.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I must say that the absolute worst combination to feel is sexually aroused and tired simultaneously.

Note to self: do your damn tute questions for Admin as well as the reading. That's it for tonight, have a nice day folks.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

And The Sailor Said Aye...

Now i know what I had been missing. Just had the most amazing cup of coffee ever, now wonder people are in love with starbucks. But I swear I have just eaten more than I should have, but I am still in my comfort zone. And a little note on cakes, yes as you all know I have found the next piece of heaven, its all sorts of cheese cake. Last time I had Blueberry cheese cake, and I swear it was great, but this time there was an even bigger surprise waiting for me. Mars bars molten on top of a cheese cake!!! Now whoever thought of that is a bloody genious...

People say that the weather in London is fucked up, I swear here in Canberra isn't any better either!! Today was the coldest summer day I have ever seen in my life. Bloody the winters in Dhaka are warmer than this, actually its a lot warmer than this. I saw the signs of my hands turning blue, which happens to me because of a slight defect that my veins in my hands have. So its finally good to be back indoors and the warmth is welcome...

The other and I had a brilliant night a few days ago, that was thursday night. There is a pub down the road from my dorm that all the University kids hang out at at night. On thursday its free keg night, which means free beer, why the hell sould we not go. So as we do, we went to the pub where we met up with a lot of friends, friends who I had not seen all week due to the ammout of work that I have been doing. Since its free beer for all the University kids, it runs out fast, so what we all did was go there and order beers for everyone on the table, and then someone else did the same, so at the end we all landed up with 4-5 beers, so that kicked ass. I have to say this bunch always has the smartest ideas!!! Mr. J is one that always has one smart trick up his sleeves. To finish the drinking saga we decided to polish ourselves off with a few taquilla shots, and damn that did the trick. Saw the wierdest thing while we were there, they put the shots in two different shot glasses, one looked considerably smaller than the other, but the bartender demostrated to us that the bigger glasses were just an optical illiusion, but damn I still felt cheated. Logic is not your friend when you are drunk!!! And two finish the night we went to checkers which is a hot dog stand that only opens after 12 at night. That place is catered to drunks who just need a bite to eat. I would talk about it, but the other was a grogbog virgin last time, so he has to tell you guys about it. All I will say is that it was heavenly. A night to remember, and I have pictures to remember what happened...

This weekend I am going to switch back to linux. Its been a while since I messed around with it and I think its about time that I give it a shot. Leon tells me that it maybe possible to bypass my proxyhost, which means that I wont have to have a quota anymore. Damn I love that kid. If there is a will there is always a way. And when it comes to tech, leon and I have taken everthing else out in the past, and a bloody proxy is not gonna stop me. Muhuhahahahahaha...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I Forgot The Title...

All thats going thru my head right now is how tired I am. Completely drained. It sould be illegal to have class at 8:30 in the morning. There is so much that just needs to be made illegal. Like those things that arab women wear, so that you cant see anything but their eyes, they need to banned. God that irritates the hell outta me. Why is it that there are so many things to do at the sametime. Hehe I remember a few months back when there was only onething to do at a time, that too if I was lucky.

Why is it that they cant make clothes that don't bleed?? It would make life so much easier if I could wash colored colthes and white clothes at the sametime. Course not, coz that would make our lives a lot simpler. And thats a major no no. Speaking of color, green has taken over my room. I look around and I see too much green. I don't even like green. It just so happens that I really like green apples and my shampoo bottles are all green, so there is just way too much green around. Normally anything blue just catches my eye. I was sitting with a friend of mind on campus this afternoon, and he says that everywhere he looks he just sees pink. That got me thinking. Its not that its everywhere, its just that it sticks out so much, that you seem to just focus on it for a few seconds. This is why so many people wear pink, just to grab your attention. And guys wearing pink, *shakes his head* is so wrong. Someday I will get the other a pink tank top...

And a general note, people need to be less self centered. Everyone is just way to wrapped up in their own things, and often forget about the rest. Hello, we live in the same society and we just have to learn to get along. No aparent reason for this outbreak, just a thought...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Excuse me, do you love the girl on girl action?

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I have just been utterly wasted from the commencement of tutorials this week. Luckily all my readings for this week were done a fair while back and now I'm working ahead and I feel like a grandmaster nerd. It's all good though, at least I can answer questions in tutes without having to think about it anymore and I can shoot down anyone that tries to debate me on the fly (poor girl in Admin Law, she just had to learn the hard way).

I have a good 30 mins to go before I'm going to start with my next reading so I shall attempt to make this one a Godzilla like blog. I was impressed with the huge blog of the other!! I bet all of you were thinking that this blog was starting to grow stale, well it looks like someone just pumped it full of Ritalin and we are good to go again my friends.
I'm glad that they've also started to cart away the trolleys that litter our university campus! Near the bottom, where the dorms are, trolleys are just everywhere due to people dragging their entire weeks groceries up from the shops and it looks like a metal graveyard. Of course there's also a few trolleys left there from when people have ridden down the hill in them. I'll admit that I'm contemplating it the next time nobody is there. How juvenile!

Has anyone seen soulwax's e talking video clip? It's crazy! It's basically a full A-Z of party/club drugs and the images that go with it are just hell-arious. I just realised that I haven't updated my rate list in a long time and now I have 17 new additions which shall be tended to in a few posts time, don't you worry!

Why is it that expensive clothes just seem to be so much better fitting than decently priced stuff?! I am well aware that a shopper with a keen eye can usually obtain a cheaper item that is quite comparable to the expensive stuff, but lately it's just been the expensive gear that have fit perfect and that I've looked fantastic in. The world is unfair!

I really hate the start of semesters at uni. There just seems to be an endless supply of people on campus at all hours of the day. It doesn't get so bad later on, after the HECS cutoff dates, but before then it's just a madhouse. Our campus isn't that big, so when people mill around it all tends to be in one centralised area.

What I've also noticed is the proliferation of brunette trendoids who have just invaded the place! You know the type, 3/4 fitted jeans (capris style) with a mini dress over the top, chunky ass belt, light makeup, sandals, handbag and let's not forget the sunglasses which ALWAYS have the Gucci frames (they look a lil 80's but are big at the moment among young ladies). Human cloning has gone too far!! I like some variety in my women thank you very much.

"It's A Girl's Life, and we like ittttt" - damn it, I am just hooked on dodgy pop songs at the moment! I should just be a songwriter and write crappy pop songs and grow fat from the copyright/performance royalties. I have started taking my notepad all over the place with me, which is good for taking down notes for this blog, but when I attempt to write songs at school, nothing happens. I get a few random lines, but I just can't complete anything and it's highly frustrating.

I also never realised the sheer number of international students we have from the America and Canada region! Every third voice you (over)hear at university has an American accent attached to it! I don't mind, I think the accent is very sexy. The other and I went to the shopping centre on Monday afternoon in order to see Meet The Fockers (it sucked royally), and we were amazed at the sheer number of scum that inhabit these places on early Monday afternoon. I've always said that the only people that hang out at the shops at those times are the unemployed, the elderly and the unemployABLE.

The trip also yielded one of THE funniest things I've ever heard.

We were heading up the escalators and the other points to a video clip playing on some tv in a store

K: Who is that? She looks familiar
J: Who? Her? Oh that's just JoJo
K: Wow, she's pretty hot
J: do know that she's 13 right?
K: Yep! *Winks* and *smiles*!

Hahaha he was joking of course but damn, I was almost in tears over how brilliantly he delivered the line.

We have a cafe on campus which is on a different level to the rest of campus and a staircase goes through the outside eating area. The other was enjoying a meal with me in toe a few days back when I looked up at the staircase and I was just flooded with about 10 million panties in my line of vision. Our stairs aren't covered at the back, so if you look up from underneath, you can see everything. Anyway, I thought one accidental perve was enough and decided not to mention anything. I saw a fair few guys opposite us who were talking quietly but kept looking over in our direction. I wasn't perturbed and just went about our conversation. About an hour later, the other goes "did you see all those guys lining up in front of us on that side of the cafe so they could look up the staircase?" and I told him of what happened and we just laughed till we cried. You'd think someone would tell the student association to rectify the freakin' situation but I think it's a closely guarded male secret!

I've noticed that there are some good community walks nearby and I want to actually follow the signs and see where I end up! I'll also take the digicam to try and get some good pics of the area.

AHh things are too hectic. In between homework and classes I just have no time! It's also freaky because there may be an outing tomorrow night and I know it's going to be an insane night if I go. How am I gonna get anything done this weekend?! I have F1 to watch!!
The other has a roomate who seems a lil too fixated on rap music which is funny, because he's the quintessential typical Australian guy. He gets a female friend of his to make his bed and it's just damn funny. The blaring of the loud beats is constant, I feel like I'm living in East Compton (inside joke)!

Haha, there's a guy in one of my tutes who is pretty! I know that's a feminine term but yesh, he has a girl's face!!! I was just amazed!! I didn't know such a thing was possible. He looks a little bit like leather girl from last semester. Damn, I wonder what she's up to these days. I haven't seen anyone from last year on campus actually! Where are all these people??!

Went to the National Library today in order to carry out my covert assignment work and was pissed off!! I went through about 2 months worth of a certain paper!!! About 2-3 hours later, I still hadn't found what I was looking for until my father came in and told me what I needed to know! One of the first papers that I went through was the one that I was looking for!! Goddamn, so much time wasted and by then I was so freakin' hungry and tired, I just wanted to go the hell home. I'll have to go back there and get what I need so I can work out a COA for the future.

"Wow it's so big" heheh! Have a nice day folks.

Shopping Carts Get Picked Up...

Its true, they told the truth for a change. My network did start working on monday which was last night, or well day before now... I was going to blog last night, but the big chunk of readings that I had to coplete before classes today kept me from it. Blame it all on Flew... Its funny how things change. I remember how in high school there were odd classes where I would completely tune out because of the utter lack of intrest in the subject matter. All the courses that I have to do now are all things that interest me, damn even some of the text books are interesting... You didn't hear me say that. What changed?? Direction... We all need direction in our lives, I finally feel that I have stepped on the right path, and I may traverse down this lane till it reaches the road, and then the highway to follow. had to read 60 pages or so about the internet, hehe just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about it. To be honest there isnt much that I learned, but its actually nice to know some of the theories behind how things work...

I have the wierdest weekly schedule ever. I am a fulltime student who has a 3 day week and a 4 day weekend. Strange I tells ya, it almost sounds like I am doing a partime study, and a full time chillout. I would like to tell you that with all the readings that I have to do, its no joke, and I can finally understand what the other has been cribbing about all this time. Today was Tuesday my nightmare day. Firstly I had to wake up at 6 in the morning, just so that I could finish my reading for that course. And another thing I realised is that I can't seem to stay up late these days. Damn it must be Madam N's influence!! So from 6 in the morning till 5:30 in the afternoon I have been studying continuously. I cant believe that my brain cooperated with me till then. Kudos to my brain. Its strange, but big classes don't overwhelm me, but smaller classes do... Yes, I am a strange man...

My guitar playing has taken a turn. Yes, I haven't been plaing as much as I used to, firstly cause I still getting used to things, and secondly because I dont sit around aimlessly these days. But when I have been plaing I have noticed that i am working more on writing more creative things. Thats possibly why I haven't written much lately, I haven't been plaing many chords, and therefore no songs. Just been creating little licks that I can put together and make a kick as song sometime. I don't know if this is for that better or worse, but I must get back to the chords, and use my twisted little brain to write down some lyrics. There is a lot to be said, and it must be expressed...

I tell you it's never enough. Nothing ever seems to be enough. We humans tend to have an innate characteristic that we are never happy with what we have. Yes, I have been told that there are people who are satisfied with what thay have, but how can I be sure that they are happy with what they are or have?? We will never really know if they are happy or not. For now I will be honest and admit that most of the time, it never feels enough. There is always more to be desired. It is partially due to the materialistic world that we live in, and partially because we humans are never happy. We tend to express our wants as needs. We need everything... There is a law in economics called the law of marginal diminishing utility. Which states that an additional consumption of something will derrive a higher satisfaction for a while, after which the satisfation will slowly reduce, till it starts sloping again. This is a valid statement, but this would mean that we would get sick of it and not want anymore righ?? Wrong, we just put that good down, move on and find somthing else that we want and need. Its quite sad I tell you. We no longer work to earn money and survive, we earn money to satisfy our wants. I had it so many times, but I still want more, its true... I admit it, and live by it, at least I am being honest...

Why is it that white clothes and colored clothes have to be washed seperately?? Why can't they make colored clothes that don't bleed?? No my clothes havn't come out multicolored yet. Its just it irritates me that I have to do my laundy 2 times. That means that I have to spend two valuable hours doing my laundy. But I must say that that is one of that best times to study. The repetitive sounds of the tumbling of clothes, really gets my mind focused on whatever it is I study.

The other and I watched meet that Fockes (I dont know how to spell it and I simply am too lazy now to find out) and I must say that it sucked. The first movie was funny, and I enjoyed every bit of it. But this one was just carried on a bit too far, it jsut wasnt funny anymore. Why does de niero have to act in such a crap movie. He is a damn good actor wasted in a shitty role. The other and I have argued countless times that Fanning is better or worse than De Niero, hehe after this effort there sould be no question that the child prodigy is whooping on De Niero. That reminds me that I have to see Hide and Seek. I have also realised that I don't like movies alone, it seems a bit boring that way. Eventhough both people would be just watching the screen, its still better to have someone along side. But then again there are quite a few movies that I have seen, but not seen in the recent past because I was with someone. Hmmm I'd still take another person.

Well I hope that this was Godzilla enough for the other and Madam N. I know I have been slack over that last bit of time, but I promise to be more on time, and bit more intelectual discussion aswell. My mind seems to have opened the flood gates, and I can finally think again. I tells ya its a good feeling. Have an early morning class tommo, and a flat party at my place tommo night, along with a lot of Economics readings. I think sleep is what I really need right now, even though there are a million other things I want right about now :P ... Night, have a good one...