Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby I Swear It's Deja Vu

I have been getting massive waves of Deja Vu lately. It's really scary, because as soon as it happens I know it's Deja Vu and I start freaking out. Luckily I haven't had a panic attack since university so I'm all good with it. But I do however get flashes of The Matrix in there (that one is for the other).

It's really cold here, and my hands are frozen. I can't even feel the keys on the keyboard here. I went shopping yesterday and I managed to procure myself at least a month's worth of dinners there, and all for relatively cheap, so I am incredibly happy!

Also did my tax return, should be getting about $4,000, which will be great. I hope I didn't mess up, cause I didn't know what I was doing!

I thought I had something interesting to say mid week, but when I got home I totally forgot about it. I might have to start writing my notes down via hand again!

I don't know if I've mentioned before, but I think my skills are back. However, despite possessing the same technical skills I had before, I can't remember a lot of the songs I used to be able to play! I might have to start concentrating on those again, and getting my retention skills back to where they used to be.

I also saw a second car accident in as many weeks here! Again, right in front of my place, I love it when it rains, people always drive terribly.

I honestly don't have time to update the Joaquin Rate List (JRL) as of yet, BUT I will aim to do that some time next weekend.

Ahhh time, it's too fleeting. I was talking to my friend the other day, and he said something I found hilarious. You're not really ready or prepared to do anything on the weekends until Sunday night, when it's time to get ready for work anyway. Ahh so true, the irony of it all, it made perfect sense.

Haha, just realised again that almost every paragraph starts with the word I! Sorry about that again, I will try not to be so self absorbed. But hey, it's a blog!

So what's left? Oh yes, an essay on the women of this town. Let's see how this pans out shall we?

I think I've been here long enough to notice the inherent differences between the areas here. There's a division (known to everyone), of geography, which lumps people into different categories. Anyway, sometimes an individual or two can be the exception to the rule, but so far I haven't noticed any exceptions while I've been here! So what do we have? The Eastern Suburbs (The Affluents), the North Shore (The Snobs), The Shire Girls (The Partiers), The South West Girls (The Bohemians) and finally, the Western Suburbs Girls (The Trash). The Affluents go out in style, no matter where the hell they go. To the shops to get bread, or to go to work or even when they're out doing nothing in particular. Consumed by consumerism I guess, all about what you're wearing. The thing about them is that they're functional, like they can function in any social setting and can mix with others. I don't know too many, but I guess they can be bitchy, because they think they have an entitlement to everything. I guess I'll have to meet more.

The Snobs are interesting. Despite heavy divisions between those that go to Private, Selective and Public schools, the common thread that binds them is their utter hubris to all others in the city. They honestly think they're better than all others, as if it were an unshakable truth. It's pretty disturbing, as they expect others to treat them like royalty, and even though they're from the same area, privates won't talk to publics and vice versa. I don't know why that is. I guess it's more of a mental thing, as the North Shore (as a whole), isn't as affluent compared to the East, so they've just got the mentality of snobbiness, while not having the money or class to fall back on.

The Shire Girls, ahh the shire girls. Towards Thursday and Friday, and all over the weekend, the city just becomes swamped with these types as they decide to get loose and just party like psychos. They're the ones you usually see on news reports about underage drinking, drugs etc. The Shire is referred to as God's Country (colloquially at least), so I guess they come to the City for the Devil's Playground. Just trolloping about in minimal clothing in the middle of winter, while their parents think they're the cream of the Earth. Gold.

The Bohemians scare me. You may meet a few here and there, and they just talk utter crap. I don't know what the hell it is. At least back home they were a minority, here they tend to be a huge mass. I don't know why they tend to talk about subjects they have no idea about. So you read a chapter on the subject for university, that doesn't make you an expert!

The Trash, hmm. I don't know what to say about these types because I don't think I've met any. Everything I've heard about this group has been from other sources. I guess I might have to make a trip there some time to get a better idea!

Anyway, I betrter finish this one up. Till next time. Have a nice day folks! Joaquin out!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's just till these tears have dried...

What a crappy day. It's not good feeling inadequate and just plain wrong. Stressed to the max. I wonder if I'll even sleep tonight.

Whenever I see that girl at the train station, I have a bad day. I think she's trying to kill me.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Even I know that...

Inspiration does not equate with motivation. I am inspired, but I'm not motivated to do anything, creatively or otherwise.

My guitaring is going good. My technical skills are back, although I have forgotten most of the songs I've ever learned (from other artists). So I want to get a lot of those back, then I can get cracking on my own stuff again. I've been looking into it, and I think it's very possible to take things further, but more on that later.

God bless Guitar Pro. I put the chords from Sara Bareilles - Love Song in it, and by switching the view (and instrument) to Piano, you can see how it's meant to be played on piano, which is wicked cause it's a song I'd love to be able to play. That and Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is. I think I'll buy a cheap keyboard soon.

This weekend was odd. I haven't had time to do the things I want, but I'm still going to do them!

Watched Braveheart (again), and Rob Roy, which was fantastic. I'm going to watch Excalibur and Alexander soon.

The new John Mayer DVD was disappointing, to say the least. Very average. I don't like his personality, just the music.

I think I'll play some M2TW, I feel reinvigorated. I know I had an essay to do and an update, but this was just a quick post to let you know that I wasn't dead. I'll have those for you soon. Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everyone's Stumbling

I stumbled this morning. I saw a guy stumble coming home today. Everyone is just stumbling.

I had the oddest feeling on the way to work, it was so disturbing. I felt like I was having some sort of out of body experience, and I wasn't really where I was standing. I was somewhere else, watching it all happening, but experiencing it first hand. O-D-D.

That financial plan of mine was insanely stupid. Looking back I realise I'd made a huge mistake somewhere along the line. It can still go ahead, but the rewards pale in comparison to what I thought the pay-off was going to be! Oh well, just have to keep saving, saving, saving I guess. At least I'm getting less tax withheld now, so I'm making a better saving, and it's all just lovely. Oh well, till the weekend! Have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Need To Hide Away

Just when I thought work was panning out and I'd be able to relax for a bit, I find myself smack bang in the middle of the biggest corporate deal in the commercial sector ever. Lovely...

Hopefully it should blow over soon and I can relax a bit.

I don't know whether I've mentioned it before, but people tend to sleep in 15 minute cycles. Yes, outside of those periods you have normal sleep, REM, deep sleep, etc, but these alternate in 15 minute cycles. Anyway, if you manage to wake up at the end of one of these cycles, you feel happy and refreshed. Any other time, you feel like death stirred up. This is why lunchtime naps or siestas do wonders for people. What sucks is that when I have a good night sleep and sleep early, I miss the window and I wake up and feel awful. When I sleep late, I always manage to hit the mark and feel fine, so what's the point?! It's very stupid!

Blood blisters are the worst! You usually get them from the most minor of injuries, but they are so annoying and painful later on, that you can't really do a lot. I'm having this with guitar at the moment.

I saw a HUGEEE accident yesterday. The biggest car accident I've ever seen, that's for sure. I was watching tv, when I heard two massive blasts. I walked to the window and saw that a car had swerved, hit another car and then crashed head on into a wall of the building right next to my apartment block. A nice silver car had just crumpled completely, half of the front was gone, as was the entire wall. It was sheer carnage, I loved every second of it! I wish I had taken a pic, but alas, not a camera nearby!

On my way to work, I can see this lovely apartment building with absolutely NOTHING in it. There are no curtains so you can see inside it. It's very nice, modern, and in a very exclusive area. Why is nobody living there? I also haven't seen any development signs there, so it's effectively just empty. Why don't I just move there for the rent I am paying now? Surely it's better than the nothing they currently have!!

I've noticed that near the Harbour Bridge, there's all these empty office spaces built into the structure that nobody uses anymore. These places would hands down be THE best for band practice and rehearsal!! You can be as loud as you want and it'd just get drowned out by car noise. But I wonder how those places are accessible.

I've been listening to Southern Sons. They're an early 90's Australian rock band. I can remember when I was a kid, I saw a promo on tv, and they had a song that I really liked, so I've effectively got the first song I've ever liked, and it's still good, even by today's standards!! Old school, baby!

I've switched to a new Deoderant. I'm using Lynx now, as opposed to Dove spray on. I used to use Dove Roll on, but I couldn't find it in the stores, so I bought the spray. That was ok, it was very fresh, but as it wore off, it didn't smell so nice anymore, and for the price, there wasn't a lot in the bottle! But this Lynx stuff is lovely, I smell like fruit, and it lasts for ages.

Yes, I know I promised an essay on the women in this city, as well as an update to the Joaquin Rate List, but they will have to wait until the weekend, when I have more time. I'm also keeping blognotes now, so you won't miss a thing. Have a nice day folks!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

You recognize this shape, its the back of your hand...

Alright, I've been AWOL for a while, but there is good reason to it all. I'd been really busy getting done with things, and after that all got done, I spent a lot of time lazing around and doing not much of importance, so I'd been recuperating and preparing myself for the rest of the year, and now I think I'm ready to tackle it head on. We are done with the first half of the year, and on to the next. I always seem to do better second half of the year rather than the first, so fingers crossed.

I went down to Sydney for a bit, and caught up with the other. It was good to finally get a chance to meet up with him, and also to get out of this city. I'd been waiting to get out of here for a little while. But when I did get out, I realized something strange, I've gotten quite accustomed to this quiet little city (well I've lived in quite a few quiet suburban cities) and I think I have a preference for this one, strange. Got some nice pictures in, and the weather was a little warmer.

Through out life, I've been quite reckless, and quite fearless when it comes to the thought of death. It never bothered me, I was always at peace with the thought of it. After all, its just life, it kills everyone. I remember a lot of events in my life that should have killed me, but here I am, still in one piece. I count my blessings. However, as I was walking down to work the other day, I a strange sense of fear had crept into my existence, one I had never experienced before. The fear that if I were to die in this instance, then I would have accomplished so little to what I can do, and should do. I don't know what to make of this. Am I simply getting older, or just more fearful??

I've now grown my hair for an entire year. This was the objective when I started growing it. Partially so simply not be recognizable. And on the other hand, as Jester and I came up with during some discussion, to hide behind. Its quite easy to hide behind a lot of hair, kinda like an ostrich complex. Either way, its something else I've managed to do, and now I might change things around, just to keep things fresh.

Alas, its time for me to stop doing nothing, and start being productive again, so I'd better start working on that for the time being. Until next time...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pippi Longstocking Is Coming Into Your World

I have a confession to make. I love long socks. Business socks to be precise. I'm telling you, in these winter mornings when you're freezing your ass off on the way to work, long socks are sheer awesomeness. They keep my legs so freaking warm and they feel so good! I'm telling you, if it wasn't weird for a guy to wear stockings, you can bet your ass I'd be wearing them on Monday morning! I wish they made thigh highs for guys (haha)!

Ahh socks. I only wore my first pair of ankle socks a few years ago, when Mini Moto bought me a pair for my birthday. They were an absolute blast!! I wore them as much as I could, but now I've realised I didn't bring them with me! But that's alright, cause I don't really get to wear casual shoes that often.

I've reminded the other to blog when he can, but he's getting caught up in Call of Duty 4, so his delay is understandable. I'm sure I've mentioned before how I played it at a LAN a while ago, and it was just superb!! I can't even explain it, please play it everyone!!

We can watch the world die. After all, with the place so full of decay, it's not hard to see it in front of your eyes everyday. I remember seeing a rat at the train station the other day, on the tracks. I feel bad that I didn't have a camera on me, because it would have been so apt.

I can type with gloves on, woohoo! They're pretty thick ones too, so I think that's an admirable feat.

As you've probably gathered, it's started getting cold around here lately, and as a result I've started wearing a second jumper when I'm sleeping and I say, WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! I am soo warm, it's freaky. It's great, cause it has stopped my cold morning starts (where you wake up and you're shivering), or the "unable to sleep cause it's so cold".

I realise that I was meant to write an essay on women in this city, but I shall get to that another time. I'll also update the patented "Joaquin Rate List" (JRL).

Big note to the other, for the love of god, please listen to "The Getaway Plan - Where The City Meets The Sea". I honestly thought an Australian band couldn't do what they did, but they did, and it's fantastic! Anyhow, we'll see if plans come into fruition. I love meaningful gifts. Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Prime Is Divisible Only By One & Itself...

What an oddly amazing concept. Anyway, I am eating a HUGE meal for dinner today that I cooked, and I'm thinking how the hell I'm going to cope. I eat small meals for everything, so I can't really cope with huge meals without a massive stomach ache. This also means I can't really do hot lunches anymore, without feeling ranky for the rest of the day.

How did this happen? Mofos don't tell you how accurate their serving sizes are! 5 servings per pack my ass. I put in enough to fill my bowl, and then I cooked it, and now it's practically overflowing. Why? Because they don't factor in the water increasing the size of everything!! Water gets absorbed by wheat based products moron!!

Trains are so interesting. I've noticed that it's school holidays so I don't get a lot of the kids that used to be on the train. This is good because I can finally sit down. It also means no more stinky kids on the bus. Not even private schoolers and their snooty ways are not immune from smelling like CRAP in the mornings. They can wreak out an entire carriage without any trouble. It doesn't discriminate either, the girls smell as equally bad as the boys.

There's also theeee angriest looking heffer I've ever seen who has started catching the train. She's just hilarious to look at, she reminds me of a bull in a wig on its hind legs. Speaking of, there's a lot of new faces on the train. I wonder why that is. I've gotten used to the faces of people (even if I don't know them), the red haired young professional, the chubby schoolgirl who sleeps on her boyfriends shoulder on the way to school, the angry old guy who pushes his way to the front of the line, no matter how late he is, the stinky private school boys who listen to ipods on the way to school. I haven't seen any of them in a long time. It's just the angry heffer and some middle aged business dude who seems to like staring at schoolgirls. Weird I guess, but that's a big city for you, I shouldn't really be surprised. I remember at uni, you could go the entire year without ever seeing the same faces again (even everyday...outside of class of course)!

I have had the weirdest feeling for the past several months! Like there's some sort of pressure on the back or the front of my head. Just a slight pressing. It's like foreboding to some sort of blunt force trauma to the head. What a way to go out. The split second between knowing you're in danger and knowing there's nothing you can do because it's all over. That, or being shot in the head, ouchies!

World Youth Day is coming soon. For those not in the know, it's a Catholic get together aimed at teens and young adults. Problem? Approximately 250,000-300,000 more people to the middle of the city, in an already congested city! Whose brilliant idea was it to host the event here?? Peak hour on public transport, bloody hell, I can picture it now. Not only that, the police have been given extra powers to fine and arrest people who are a nuisance to any of the so called "pilgrims" who are attending the event. That is hands down one of the worst violations of rights in this country. Now there's (rightly) a backlash against it, and it's going to be interesting to see what happens when the event actually happens. If I get a whole conversion speech, I will be super pissed. If I see some hot catholic girls, I will say a prayer and forget the whole thing ever happened (haha)!

That's what I need to do for my next post! An essay on the women in this town. "This town is too big for the both of is". Indeed. Until next time, have a nice day folks!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sometimes Questions Can Only Be Asked, Not Answered

Indeed. One of my pet hates HAS to be fuckwits who carry transport into other modes of transport! Case in point? Stupid kids who put their skateboards or rollerblades in the car to be driven to where they want to rollerblade or skateboard! Or even bigger morons, those who carry bikes on to buses or trains! Do you not know what the hell you're bringing on board?? If you're not willing to use it for the majority of your journey, don't bring it! If you're on the transport for a minor time, you might as well just go the whole way on your own transport! They're so large and cumbersome, they take up a whole door carriage on their own.

I've just been feeling weird at work lately. Like I'm stuck in some sort of haze. I feel like just running and jumping through one of our full length windows. Now THAT would be a sight! No siree, I am not enjoying it at all.

This place is just trash city. People leave their shit out on the sidewalk. I love the abandonment and lack of responsibility in picking up after yourself. There's monitors, tvs, couches, cupboards, full on built ins, mattresses and whatever just out on the streets. Oh how we masquerade as civilised people, the truth is just crazy. This city is already dirty enough with the sort of people that live here, let alone the goddamn trash they create.

I always hear sirens at my place, there must be a hospital nearby, but I look out and most of the time it's the police, haha oh how lovely!

I've been looking for new places to live, as my lease shall be up soon. I think I'll move closer to the city in to a newer place. It'll be more expensive I know, but I can have some real privacy and can just shut myself off to more. To shut yourself off in a small town is nothing, to do it in a city like this is something admirable. Some of these places look fantastic, I can't wait, and I'm going to harangue the person till I get a place and just lie my ass off as needed.

Once again, may I say God bless interest. I should have a nice healthy sum soon, which should be able to take care of some transport costs for a few weeks. But I'm not touching that, because I'm going to start my insane financial plan soon. If you see me in rags soon begging on the streets, you'll know it didn't work. Haha but have no fear, there's no real risk.

I think I'm starting to get sick, but that's alright, since it's only a cold. A few more hot showers and I'll be sitting pretty soon enough.

I've realised that too much time is taken up by tv! Monday nights especially! I have no time for anything else! Awful I say.

Props to the other for his huge list of music. I'm gradually getting through it! I'll have to add them to my proper folder, as well as to my mp3 player!

I'm thinking of getting an iPhone, but only when I can afford one on interest! Hahaha, what a loser I am. Ahh financial planning, it's an addictive bitch, kind of like a dog on heroin (oh the hilarity)!

I finally downloaded UTorrent. But I still have nothing to download!!! My accrued month is almost over! What the hell am I going to do? I need tv shows and movies, oh god, I still need to watch the old stuff I still have and haven't watched, gaah! No time for anything I swear.

I should hopefully be getting my guitars back soon! Yes, I shall be good again. Till next time folks. Insane news just has ways of throwing a spanner into the works doesn't it?

Shit, just as another thought came to add something in here, but then I changed song and now I'm perplexed! Ahh that's how life is, it's only going to get worse with time.

There's this woman at my train station who I find incredibly attractive. But it's been a while since I've seen her. I don't know why, but whenever I see her, I feel better about my day (even though it's only the start, and the inevitable shitness (!) that I will feel later on at work has not hit) instantly. Even when I've had bad days later, I've just always felt better compared to days where I don't. I wonder who she is. I wonder if I'm tied to her in any way. I hope this isn't a tenuous destiny thing.

Anyway, GODDAMN, it just happened again, I forgot what I was going to say, ah there we go! The curse of the 11. The other had it (if you've read several entries in the past), and now I have it. It's just always XX:11 for me. Don't ask me why. I think it has to do with the moods. When you're feeling like this, you don't find the 11's, they come and find you. For those of you who don't know, when you get stuck in one of these "things", you just find that the time is ALWAYS ending on 11 past. Sometimes I've even had the dreaded 11:11!

After numerous false starts, I shall actually end it here. Have a nice day folks!